OITNB Episode 19: "Finley Market"


welcome to Orange is the new black Bengals podcast for diehard fans. I'm your host as Boogie. I've got my co-host Zen Buddhism. What's going on? Not The mets on this fine day just trying to make a make all says the Bengal nation mania that we're living in right now definitely so many that were living in I I definitely be sure to subscribe to our podcast because If you're listening to this on Youtube definitely be sure to find a podcast Anywhere that's get your podcast from under the name since he jungle Be Be sure to subscribe. So you automatically get these episodes and it helps us out and also we're going to be dropping it their first so if you're listening to this on youtube you're probably getting a a day or two later but if you WANNA be a part of the WHO they latian part of the diehards that are fans of the show. Be Sure to subscribe to the PODCAST Some other news is chase young. It was just announced hours ago. Today is Friday It was just announced hours ago that tastes young has been suspended indefinitely. Louis from the Ohio State University is things as if It's something pretending to improper benefits where he received a loan from a friend of the family. I'm really not sure how that really affects his dress socks. I'm sure we'll touch on that We also Last talked to you. You said that we would touch on Oren Ryan Finley and what are thought of him as well as some of the comments Carson Palmer so kicking things off. I guess we can start with Ryan Finley Listeners listeners. Of the show. We appreciate your comments. You can follow us on twitter. I'm at New Stripe City on twitter at Zim Day on twitter. You can also follow them on on Instagram at zoom underscore they. You can follow me on Youtube at New Stripe city But let's get into Ryan Finley. You guys know that we haven't I haven't been the biggest Ryan Finley fans But you know. He is the starting quarterback he did have a decent preseason. And the reason why we don't feel like Well I'll speak for myself the reason why I don't feel like Ryan Finley is the guy is because he's very similar to Andy Dalton he's a guy that's very accurate In the short in in inner intermediate field but he struggles with the deep pass He lacks that aspect of his game. He's more of a game manager. In my opinion he's not going to be a game changer. That the bengals desperately need at the quarterback position but with that being said he still does worry me because he did seem to illustrate some skill within the preseason after having kind of a strange training camp where there were people saying that Jacob Gala would you know essentially unseat him as the backup and then he kinda turned it on during the preseason Another thing that kind of scares me about him as well as that. He was one of the only only quarterbacks that came to visit the bengals was interested in so he also has got going in his favor and that he was handpicked by Zack Taylor and essentially early quote unquote kind of his guy. to be able to take over the reins act quarterback so With eight games that go this does does present us with having the talk about Ryan family And how we see I kind of gave a little bit of an explanation of how I kinda see him. UH-HUH ZIM had A. You've you Ryan family. I remember you I'm sorry I've you pretty much in the same light as Eddie like you we're saying I'm a NC state alumni so. I've Seen Ryan friendly ally college a lot of questions that were posed to me Pretending around family that I get it a lot and I want to enter in now is that people are saying well. What if what if? He's a diamond in the rough. And he's the next drew brees and I know he doesn't have the strongest armaments all these different things. Here's my answer to that. I am fairly is twenty four years old. so He's already behind the eight ball in the history of the NFL. There have been very a few quarterbacks that our four year starter or whatever and it goes to the. NFL came in and see more upside. Pretty much what Ryan Finish to me is. What did you see is what you get? I think he has Kinda hone in on his craft. It'd be a lot better maybe an NFL who knows. But you pretty much have seen at that age EH agencies that I like what I think. He's it would it would. His range really is furthermore upside of quarterback coming in twenty twenty one years. Oh Oh out of the out of college breaking that has a lot more upsize. More mobile has a stronger on just as a better game for me. None nothing is sure so a lot of people. They would've would've boroughs the bus. Would you know the same thing that they were saying. Well Baker Mayfield. Yeah he could be a bus but I like my is if I'm a betting man I'm GonNa take data. I'm doing really really really well at a very young age and I can grow a lot more versus a twenty four year old that That I feel like is pretty much I would say pete reached a lot of his already potential. Also think about this if this is another angle that I just love to Iran Finley is good. Like your Sania Amiens or whatever the guys that once as young because what you were talking about earlier which says yeah Him taking money. It's not gonNA hurt. His his draft stock have meat when he comes to the draft coming up this year. But say he he's not GonNa get past number three The Israeli let's say four games. You're already Out of the position of taking chase young so the number one argument that we get After we posted our last podcast number eighteen is that orange is the new back podcast thank you for listening his that. Okay well if Ryan feeling good that we can go gets as young and we got a quarterback you won't even have the ability it takes so would should be looking at as possibly another tackle but the one tackled hasn't really really hit the gas in Georgia. I think he might be gone too. I like that five range range four or five days or whatever. So you're playing yourself out of elites and you're taking something unless you're doing it with a twenty four year old quarterback so that's the perspective on or ramping defending. I don't know if you guys gamble is just not a good bet. Even if he does play well I feel like food. Goal is mentioned two point. Oh Yeah I oh I think You hit on a number of topics there. I think that there's a ceiling when it comes to Ryan Finley Is he an adequate quarterback Yeah but he's not not going to be a guy that raises the level of play Around him similar to Andy Dalton. Now one thing that I did notice during the preseason in regards to a comparison between family and dealt with it is one thing I noticed that he moved to better In the pocket then Andy Dalton then which was was kind of weird to me because Kinda played with the ones with that same bad offense of line and seemed to evade the pressure in a better in a better manner manner. So I think those are things that I'm GonNa be looking at going into the Ravens game Seeing what he can do there and I think that it it bodes rose welfare for him from a pass rush standpoint because the ravens although they were to Tom Brady and stuff like that. I don't think that they're the best pass rushing doing team in the. NFL has been one of their biggest weaknesses for them. This season. So I think that that bodes well for them but like them says they will send the bliss at him and we'll have to see how you think about it. You just hit on it. If they're bliss and Tom Brady over fifty six percent extended snap. What do you think they're going to rant Philly but I like the fact that you say that wine finished pocket awareness? Good coming out of college. Dalton was about the same too to but what happens when you have a bad line and all these other things and the guy gets done Shell shocked when I call then then then awareness kind of like drift away like throughout the year so I feel like they're almost like the same guy is just like earlier on Ryan Philly might come in their super fillers. Because he ain't been get hit for I used to write yes In terms of family I just hope that he doesn't do enough up to and say I don't want I don't want him to jeopardize that number one pay because at the end of the day. I don't think that he can give us that arm. That we so so desperately need especially when you WanNa pair that arm with the weapons of John Ross. Like let's go. Let's go and get a guy that actually has arm lacking utilized. Jon Robson Austin some of our deep threats in that nature so W I just WANNA say one more than a lot of people. I made a joke and I made a post on my instagram. To and take eastern and I just feel like there's a lot of people that are gonNA enthusiasts or lovers deals annals They're pretty much trying to grab onto this change young Trained because they really don't like the fact that is not the starter anymore so they're gravitate and say anything that they can think of even if it sounds so silly. It's still a a gifted green like don't get a quarterback that no more than that sounds silly but let's say you're thinking I want to chase young like I just said say that Fairly does really well anyways. Four Games four out of Eight. You're we're not going to get chased him and I think that's very important to know so you're really putting your friends behind the eight ball. You're relying on older rookie coming into take a week arm and being you're placing your stuff out of the league like there's no reason is I'm never England how to be a fan right I I love you for being a fan of the bengals you can share for them to win every game. I'm not going to cheer for them with every game right now from my perspective is does it make any sense why you would even want him to win. Gave him looking good shore but if he went down and it takes you out of this elite thing you know you're a real bengals fan. Did you notice the front office isn't going to spend any money a free agency at all so you absolutely are relying on address to do everything the reason why I mean. It's just so adamant about being a number one number two pick is because we lost all hope in the front office and Iran. Philly does well. You're not gonNA get the the defense the guy that you think you're GonNa get you love it. That are trying to clean on the deepest specialist to say that that Guy's GonNa win the Super Bowl so you lose me in that argument. And then you're relying on this guy that just say like that's the quarterback now and then you're gonNA draft somebody randomly. That's not elite. And that's like they're just doesn't people lose me with that argument so why not. They'll get the very best quarterback have Ryan Finley as a legit backup for the next three years to come. That's the perfect scenario you to me. I feel like aggressive. The Front Office is thinking that Ryan Finley is GonNa read Redo with dull day. They are like even crazier the other one. I thought right I I agree with you there. I think that's your theory is true. I think that there's a lot of people who are adulting enthusiasts studious. They are simply pushing for chase young simply because they don't want a quarterback that it's going to prove them wrong and they. I think that's really what it is. They're looking for any kind of way. That would leave a crack open. Andy Dalton still remain in the quarterback and just wake up people. That's good what somebody asks me that as and I wanNA actually that if the the bengals were too easy for extension would you still be bengals fan. Oh my God I still bengals fan but I would. I would be pissed. I think I think I'd be Denver like I love. They're like like I. I thought about that a lot. I say that's maddening me like that but I can't get behind that like you are like but then there's still a little weird. It feels a little weird to me. All right let's. I'm sorry we've got next time. I just feel like it's so weird around him a little bit like I'm not hearing love. Yeah we're moving on to like the draft from the bengals like I wanna hit a bengals. Stay that I had heard that apparently says that anti he does. That's what he said that adult but ain't come out in a statement saying hey we're looking forward or and do token is not available during the season which is stupid. I I've never heard of it. it's just crazy to me but they wanNA bliss the heck out around family. There's a and and and and I want people to understand this. I want. Let me to do well because I need to know that. He's going to be ready to go. Say We have two thousand fifteen coming like a reincarnation. It seems thousand fifteen coming up. I WanNa know the last step in the shoes behind two or borough like I need to know what he's got right now and that's again represents to me. It doesn't represent a new hope. A quarterback in that guy is and people were like well. Why wouldn't you into being? There's guys we dragged into like. I just told you I like so I'm not going to go back over there So for me I guess the next topic would be Carson Palmer and Carson Palmer came out and was on a podcast itself With some choice words I for the Bengals Front Office that we kind of already already know but he fills that As a young quarterback he was naive in thinking that the organization did it matter and teams that don't make moves In terms of free agency and teams that weight I starting players to fall to them in the draft versus versus trading. Up Don't put quarterbacks in a good situation to have success and he seemed to make it he basically said that the Bengals does put a lot of pressure on him or extra pressure Being that they wouldn't do anything he would go to the front office and say. Hey we're pretty. We're pretty good this year. Here we just need a couple of pieces here and they're going get some of these guys and nothing what happened. He was also critical of Duke. Tobin he kinda called Tobin Idiot Saying that he doesn't know what he really is doing for lack of a better word And he also kind of stated that Ownership in general does not prioritise winning that. Really just prioritize You know making money and just hoping and getting lucky enough to to end up having a successful season and the championship And he said that you know. Basically everyone told him when he was going through the draft a process not to go to the Cincinnati. Cincinnati is a quarterback graveyard. Don't go there He thought that you know just being there as a player he'd be ever to change it But he said he also said that the bengals organization views eight eight as like a super bowl What are your thoughts on what what Carson Palmer said? Why do you think that he's choosing to say them now is it because he's You know trying to sympathize. Any don't is is that he sees that the bengals right now or for you know picking number one in drafts. What do you think is is the logic behind it and what do you think is the reason for and what do you think about what he said? First of all we're thinking about what he says. I can't really argue that somebody. That's inside the building that has the first hand perspective. So I'm I'm I'm kind of You know he he could be better. It can be mad relationships throughout the the front office that we don't even know all the intricacies and all the deals too two but for the most part run outside looking at it sounds about right. It sounds like they're not. They're not upset based on the mood. I'm saying I'M MAKING THEY STILL I. It looks like they're trying to go eight and eight next year like I really think they're banking on that. I don't think Dave are you know I disagree with any of that stuff because I don't have the inside stuff definitely For but for the most part I just feel like Carson Palmer to me although has the talent and everything that ah I would love to have if I could redo it all over again. I draft all over again. I just don't feel like just from even just those comments and his perspective active on it in the way he handled it ourselves headed out of town that he's not strong minded enough. I me personally. Those are my personal feelings. That is this not strong minded as a person and he could've went through hell. I don't know what he went through like with his family. Involved with the host was and everything like that I just feel like the Gamers Aamer. The railroad like they figure out strategic ways to get away out of town and that's what he did and This episode is sponsored. Good bye stash. A SMARTER SIMPLER WAY TO START. Investing with Sash you can begin. 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I'm not playing this debate. WHO's anymore but he's just not? He's not wired up that way and I've seen as a fan. I'm going to go towards the guy. I like Asia Green because I feel like even if I lose fan even we lose games you know. At least I got guys that I can identify with the and and it should've saint beliefs as me and he I feel like he's a game or like you know we did we. I guess we'll talk about. Aj Greens related. But I I just don't really have too much sympathy for Carson Palmer. I think like you pay a lot of money. You get drafted to that. You get drafted for him to say that. Ah I think is a little weak because somebody like Lamar Jackson came to the Ravens. The you know like he had the mindset of like I'm going to okay marine and I don't think anything will change his mind set on that they put no one around him. I don't feel like they don't have enough around amount. I don't think they'll ever give them enough pieces around. Yeah no but I don't think he's GonNa be one of those guys that just say I'm okay with sitting out you know Carson Palmer. They got money like his family has money. They have huge investment. That's missing in In stuff out in silicon valley and all that stuff. He's a California boy like you know. He took a smarter approach to it. Yeah I guess but you know that's not a Cincinnati I natty mindset to me like that's what you know passion and Heart. I still fans although I hate them. I think is more like a hard hat type of town like all. These cities have their own identities. He's in cal- in Carson California boys he he wants To stocks where extra cotton and the guys that I know we just taking whatever on my back. I might do a crack in the light today. If you got an eight-pack it'd be if he got some good soccer they look decent and I'm like yeah I feel bad phone. You know like in running around in any somebody gets you know like people just with the passion trying to better their lives and stuff. Those are the people identify the bat with Carson. Prominent isn't embody day with me. Right that I'm glad you hit all of that man I have to tend to agree agree with you like like you said we had an inside track on what's going on. Inside of those buildings we heard from agents and heard from a bunch of sources. Who Have you know interacted? Active with the bengals. I've also heard from other sources in the past agents They have an agent at least dealt with the bengals use a play for the bengals and had good things to to say about them. So like staying. We'd never know the absolute truth I think what Carson was saying was right in terms of when you have. I have A window that you're in such as Twenty fifteen twenty thirteen two thousand five two thousand nine. That does seem to be a time. Where the bengals was have lacked when it comes to make extra move or getting that extra guy to Kinda push them over the top and I also kind of agree with him saying that sometimes they just wait for certain guys to fall to them in the draft and then they kind of punt if they don't get that guy and then you end up with another guy One example of that could be really price. Yes I really think that they wanna Frank Rag now Moved Up to get him. They did it And then that happened. Evan Bush another one like there's so many players That's you sit around and see like Oh this guy's GonNa be Bingo and then they won't move on So I do agree with that. I also agree with you saying from a personality. Standpoint Carson has never been accountable and all of these interviews that I've heard from him and regards to the bengals. Nothing about it it has to do with his play. Ain't nothing is a him. Nothing is taking any accountability and I think as a leader for so very very weak. You know you know. Yeah you're the quarterback. Yeah you have to deal with a lot. But you're expected to be a leader of the team and you know with all the turmoil and stuff going on. I think when you look around the league. There are a bunch of quarterbacks backpacker complain but they never really do you talk about Aaron Rodgers. He's been in a similar situation to He's been in a similar front office situation. At least he's In terms of the packers and not once has he really complained and they just recently. I've started making moves but just as a leader. You just have to take accountability for yourself instead of just pointing fingers at People Which I didn't like I don't see how any of those trays or any of those moves that he made stops in from? I'm throwing twenty interceptions in a season so That for me was my only issue with is I would like to have seen him. Take some accountability rather than pointing fingers and they also another thing that I get in why he was here with that. He led Chad. Basically take all of the scrutiny for Everything Cincinnati. You know. He didn't say anything he didn't say anything For years for years after that wasn't the issue during the time you know he said nothing and the media piled on Chad and everyone knows Jose wide receiver can only do so much they can't they. Don't have that much power to make things happen on the stature of a quarterback and you know for me it just like it just was like he kinda used head as the sacrificial lamb printed media and never took any of that accountability so those are my thoughts on that But I also agree with you shifting gears To Chase Young. I also agree. I don't think that it's going to hurt. His draft stock The bengals draft at Aj Green Green and AJ Green That season had got suspended for some improper benefits. Four Games as well so I agree with you there but that brings us to probably the number one one topic which is Aj Green. I mean obviously Nj Green now had suffer a setback at practice with his ankle. He's out for this game possibly out for for the foreseeable future Seems like he's somewhat getting frustrated Just reading between the lines if the bengals really don't want him then you know thirty one other teams that will to me. I kind of feel like why do you need to see that. Aj Green is healthy. Right like I understand that But you know by the time the next season rolls around. I'm pretty sure that he's going to be happy. And I mean there's any day green so For me I think it's just going. Oh and a proves how valuable Blake Green is. I don't think if a green is in there I don't think we are onate at this point But then what are your thoughts on that and How do you feel about? Aj's injury You know I walk around with a AJ Green Jersey diming degree Jersey crazy so I might not be the best guy at age. Whatever if you ever see me you know like I'm pretty much my heart automatically? If I'm I'm agreeing to the day I die like He. I mean unless he does something really really bad like I don't know I'm. Aj agree to the to the wheels all and I just feel as though like Asia. Green is just making sure I feel like last year and the years before he tried to come come back to early and now he's at this point where he's done with thinking I mean like say where play. Okay 'cause anything I think he's agreeing agree. We'll play this week right but but they're not a it's not a quasi Glenn somebody say. Oh he's pulling the regular it's not according to Glenn that's just doesn't in care and just wants to take a check period says are go. Boy was the same way but I'm just saying. Aj Green is just for the first time. I say if I go out there and hurt myself ourselves not only are the the bengals cheap. They're gonNA pigeonhole me and trying to put meanest category that says that I can only get X. amount of money with a franchise tag or I'm GonNa get low ball by them because nobody else is going to have any value on me because I keep getting hurt so I need to make sure that one hundred percent no swell. LS normally on an ankle surgery. You're going to get swelling. I've hey it is just part of it but I think for the first time he's just saying look I like what are we really plan for war. We're still assessing on. We were still assessing these guys In at the end of the day we WANNA get better. But I'm not going to jeopardize everything everything I got. Because if he gets hurt the eighteen twenty million and I think he weren't because I thought he'd probably be around seventeen with the whole time discount when once Dalton is off the thing now more money is going to be allocated to Asia agree. 'cause now he's got the levers in that's a whole nother topic but as Asia Green is is taking control of the situation for one and I think he's very smart about it because there's any he gets hurt his value like I mean he. He would probably be taking a one year here if he wants to get that type of money. It's like a one year with somebody like the redskins. There might have got the cash and then they get hurt again. You mean your your career could could be over so it's over but you know like your last big contract. He's trying to get the contract that he wants and he needs to be healthy. Willie played this year. I believe so and I think he'll he just needs to play at least two or three games on tape the show I am as green. I don't Care Ryan Three Games on the ball. Just get open. Had that on tape be able to show other teams like look. This is what I can do I still I need my three year contract. I mean my four year contract to be the the rest of the and the bengals and smart they just paying what he's talking about like they need to get him in a blank. Check at this point right. Yeah I grew. I'm also huge Green Fan my favorite Bingo of all time by far You know just from that. That was like A draft dream come true for me 'cause because I follow him and I was like man I have been watching So many highlights players for years and it was like man. This is the best thing that I've seen based off college film since is Calvin Johnson Stuff for me like I totally agree with you in terms of AJ I think the bingles really playing with fire here with Aj a situation. Like I mean honestly waiting until he's fully healthy is pretty stupid at this point. So it's so it's very soon and I don't think that it's really about money with Asia like I think what he seems to kind of be talking about vocally and I have not heard this from my inside source next to Hayes air anything. But I'm just basically this off of the media From what I I've heard it just seems that he wants a multi year deal and I don't understand why the bengals would not that want to give him a multi year deal. I mean it makes no sense for him to play under a one year contract. This is the guy that's Stuff through from thick and thin He's still here for you at eight Even with The quarterback future being uncertain. He's still willing to sign up and stay here for multiple years like like them. Say Give the guy a black contract. Let him decide how long he wants to play. Let him retire Bingo and start to start to change as the narrative between older players that play for the bengals and how bitter things ended and start to have some guys that want to be here. And that's what kind of tried to hit on When me as I'm Kinda debated about Gino and Dunlap it's like you hear the guys like Carson Palmer come out and that just was so much of a reminder uh of our former players and like how they trashes like in the media like just based on how things are going if you've got a guy like as as green as putting his neck out for you that wants to be Bingol get the deal done like what is there really to think about honestly like it's not like playing? Yeah they're playing like you said they just playing with fire and in a stupid because at the end of the day I mean if he walks you're going to be looking at it like westward and and it's so it's so crazy eighteen twenty million. That's probably what he wants. And it's probably a little overpaying right now but next year when when when the new the new cars I forgot who they got coming up those guys get paid they get closer to twenty six twenty eight if they're look like pennies bro. It's so silly that they're doing this all over there and the crazy thing is and that's why I say can't be about money because Aj says he doesn't WanNa get franchise like he doesn't want to get the twenty million or whatever kind of tacking would have to get next year so stop playing this stupid game and just give the man where he's old like majority of your net revenue. That's you're earning right now is probably based on from. Aj Green so just style and please just make sure he's there because if you move on from AJ Graham. Ron Oh my goodness if you fan base was upset now and things were bad now do that and see what happens to not only the locker room but your fan base is as well the bengals front office. Pretty much played the hand when they've been in this like now they're saying okay A.. J. Green is GONNA be. They got us on different to the Knicks Realm Elma this whole thing if they think they're going to go into this thing and get a rookie quarterback coming out and they don't have any leadership at all on it. I'm beating a dead horse for our final topic today when the age is there anything that she'll be looking at I hit on it a little bit as far as the Rangers game. We got coming coming up. This Sunday is that I think from a decent standpoint for RASA phillies first test. He will be going up against a defense. That list is like crazy. I've seen someplace where they had. Two different Alignment at the at the the line and everybody else just standing up and it and this guy brings. I forgot coordinator but he brings as a he. He's GonNa be blitzing over fifty percent of the time and that's more than any other thing that NFL. I'm very interested to see how around family I guess all is is being here. I'm also all cordy Glenn was a full participant in practice. I'm all this week as well. So no word if he's starting if he's playing or what but but I also want to know. Is there anyone else that you'd be looking for any notes that you have. For the raiders game in the final prediction. Yeah Ravens Game. I'm looking and let's see what Ryan family does Also looking to see How the defense plays with guys like Carlos and Carlos don't let back? I think that that will help them against against the Ravens. I I still feel like their Achilles. Heel is Lamar Jackson and I think that they really struggled with the strategy that they use like that strategy needs just to get thrown away unless they really WanNa take playing defense and having Gino basically jog in front of Guard and wait to see whether or not Lamar. It's GONNA take off. It's not the answer So that really For me is one of the indications to me that that will probably lose this game also Hollywood Brown I see him giving us some Issues there But I look for. I didn't take to kind of be a stand up this game and let him Mariah findlay played well together in the preseason collar. Boy I I hope that he doesn't get shut down in this game. I'd like to see some more for my boys Holler boy Outside of that Not much for me to really see in terms The defense I do want to see like you say cordy Glenn Back in the phone. I think that the line will actually play a lot. Better Interesting that he's deciding to also make his debut you after Andy Dalton was benched but I think at this point. It's really wasn't a choice for him whether he plays or not. I'm so I'd like to see that And then I think in terms of a score prediction. I'm GonNa go with the Ravens. I'M GONNA say thirty four to twenty Ravens I think that the Ravens they're gonNA take it and that's my prediction. Then you have prediction for the game. I'm about twenty seven to nine. Okay coast so those are I if you if you remember the first Game that Brian Wilson Dangles Him. Pretty much this point score ten points a game if it wasn't for I say buying wasn't Brandon Wilson. Kickoff return they wouldn't scored seventeen in that game because somebody say well we only lost by six. Yeah young off. 'cause Esso's return aside from that I just. I just think it's going to be as tall task for a rookie. Anybody there I started going up against that defense away to Blissett is GonNa come one guy that I am eating crow on that I absolutely slept on was The cornerback Humphry coming out of college. I had very little radar and I thought he. I thought he'd like a lot of people want us to drive them. I was like no way I'd take him early on I was I may they watch. Aj Greenfield has got. This guy's held his own. That had them in the slot earlier in the year. I think they've been put in the morning outside now but he's absolutely a Pro bowl at this point though the plays that he's making every week I mean the the kid is going. He's balling out. So that's the one guy I just don't think there's anybody from a wide receiver reposition if he gives lined up with him Earl Thomas back there. It's just it that's not a good match up with this now for these young Bengal these right here right. I think the only hope is that talent I for ten can provide somewhat of a safety blanket Four outside of that could good live really saying much there so In retrospect we thank you guys for joining the Orange is the new black pies has Appreciate the comments Definitely definitely keep sending them art ways that makes day I love the tweets in in the love that we get So I

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