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Senior Life Journeys Presents Carol Hells let's talk dementia a podcast designed to help caregivers find knowledge power hope and miles in their dementia caregiving journey welcome to let's talk dementia here's your host bestselling author. Carol Sunday at now my mother lived off of Food Lion Orange Soda for the last twenty four days of her life I hate sodas there's just nothing about sodas sweetly stadia told you guys about this sweetener many times just don't ever in your life even touch artificial sweeteners muchly systems do their thing and as the brain becomes more damage those bodily systems start having issues they don't receive signals that they should so the brain does bathing eating amputating dressing toilet eating they'll tolerating pooping right so we think about pooping pretty much when we has consumed them we know that artificial sweeteners in folks who are diabetic makes their sugar levels worse it doesn't help Finna understand I'm just going to stop right there not go further but it's good thing when it works right right well we know that the brain controls everything don't in if you've ever spent much of your time dealing with constipation as an adult then you understand how important it is to be able to use the bathroom regularly water in that they wouldn't drink the water will I am all for drinking water I consume about a gallon of water a day three quarters of that gallon is water and the other remakes you you the brain makes your loved one your loved one they are unique being there person but the brain also makes all the bodily quarter of it which would be a court is sparkling water that has no artificial sweetener in it at all it's just flavored sparkling water to which I add liquid in lots of good smells there so it is a problem we end we know that folks we demand you'll become constipated quicker than the average senior citizen but sweet leaf Stevia comes in powder and liquid is not artificial so that's what I add to it so I tell my folks what is it your loved one likes to drink will offer them because they are not drinking enough again the Brian's not sending the signal you're thirsty you need to drink something and then sometimes it's caregivers way made we don't offer as much liquid edge which should was at a meeting last week I believe they were talking about in this particular memory care making sure their residents got enough bray a bunch of some dough tear oil don't spray that nasty stuff that you buy anywhere and everywhere that comes in a bottle like this or pump they're better off with sugar than with artificial sweeteners there so bad for your brain they're bad for your gut microbiome stay away from them they don't worry about it in new poop on yourself so it's a real problem so don't be upset with your loved one when it happens you might WanNa get a mask on Carr's skull smell pretty bad that fully chemicals the chemicals are bad for your body in more ways than you wanna know about get some dough tear oil sprinkl it around it works very well don't but boy I don't know that's not good well it is one of the activities of daily living that we talk about their five activities of daily living return hand this way can't tell the body you need to PP and so therefore we appeal themselves because they didn't know they needed to go and then the brain will tell the body you don't need to prove it's okay good for you but it was what we could get mom to drink and she would drink it so you have to weigh that what I recommend is if your loved one is hung up on coke or Pepsi or unless you haven't been to the potty in a month or something or your loved one hasn't but you need to be more aware of what's going on with your body and when you're with your loved ones drink whatever maybe see if you can water it Dan will they take it half water half soda whatever you need to do to get that into their body but my process I think we used to keep a little note pad moms potty when she had earlier stages of Alzheimer's lived in assisted living in its moms poop pad simply didn't say poop the taste at all squash Zucchini does not change the taste. I just cannot say that now you add cauliflower or Broccoli that it dipped in keeping that bowel system running good in one of the ways we're GonNa do it's water another way we're going to do it is lots of green food green green good my husband on the other hand he picks it up by accident what Song Goes Oh. I can't stand that while we don't WanNa use our laxatives don't go to straight latsis the which is not going to change there's the word the taste of that smooth one bit add some sweetly add some ice to bees. Liam husk caps can you see they are five hundred milligrams by company called now we ordered off the Internet and I say to in fruits will help you go to the bathroom you can make a smooth smoothly with specially frozen banana throwing some blueberry throwing some Kale which is not gonNA taste the the Kale spinach anything that's grain all that Greenstock Collard Greens like could could caller good stuff and in in the vitamix in it's very good way to have a meal and be loaded up on the vegetables that you put in but carrot in carrot does not change the tank the in Green Think Green Green means go ingrains gone 'cause you to go Broccoli Kale Star say scale I hate the scales broad and so I've been some medication for that will if you read about those medications not such good news in fact one of the medical gone sticking your teeth well I'm gonNA show you Two products that I use every day to help keep things happy for caroline the bathroom this is silly more likely you are to be constipated I feel a sneeze coming you know it's going to happen right in the middle of this recording I apologize in advance take this in the mornings and then at night I take trips la the light sitting that funny triple A. T. R. I p. h. e. worn behind why haven't tried it try earlier got no idea but I have totally gone off of renovating obviously I substituted pep sit for that diet that will help now another change in life that will help excuse me with constipation is moving about more sedentary you are the whichever way and I can tell you the bathroom about same time every morning it's pretty wonderful I go to bathroom about the same time you're evening it's pretty wonderful if you're going to the bathroom or your Oakland's going to the bathroom and they're struggling they're straining they're pushing that is just so not good for you on lots of levels in it's not necessary let's make changes in the the Toda a news go happen things like that only happen when recording Arctic did okay but I have gone totally off of pips it I don't have heartburn I don't wake up with the awful belch I told my friend it starts in do I think I used to take three of these day now I take two day you can play within see what you need and maybe they recommend three start with three see how you do in Zametica heartburn relief okay now this particular product says to take two tablets well keep talking about another supplement supplement an issue that I also deal with that I am working very hard to change I haven't ulcer nations were knitting believe it Zantac was taken off the market because it had a component in it that was not supposed to be there that caused cancer expected and so because of that I have heartburn I've dealt with heartburn ever since I got pregnant thirty five years ago however my daughter is thirty three years ago Jackie Jalen in my belly feel ultra might be starting to hurt it's been wonderful just order it off the Internet there have been two days since I started your belly button comes all the way up and it hurts don't have that anymore in it's called the light right here the air that's better maybe it's not I just wanted to know it is not so a began researching and talk to my daughter about a natural product that she has just com there will be a drop down of charities place choose senior life journeys that's us that's our legal name and every time you order anything off it's called acid soothe I cannot figure out the light there we go acid say this is the equivalent of rolaids. Tom's but it's all natural it's not that's my disclaimer but you can order them all off Amazon if you would be so inclined go to smile smile dot Amazon dot but getting up and moving will help aid in digestion and we'll help you need to go to the bathroom readily make it easier for it to happen suit and having answers not fun it is one of the most painful things I've experienced in a long time and it will flare up when you least the gut the things in it that are so bad for your system going to tell you about those four products now I'm not a doctor as told you before I've been to medical school twice I had lunch both a good day y'all see you tomorrow let's talk dementia would like to thank our sponsors National Association of Veterans and families you can reach them editor Beth Dot com she is amazing looking at what you've written in making sure it represents you will find her at www dot editor Ben la is his planetary herbals order it off the Internet also and this is two tablets and I take Tudoz at night when doing the morning one I do at the at eight hundred three five to to nine one nine on the Internet at www dot n. a. v. f. Dot Org they speak veterans so you don't have to dot com and HD imports located on Flint Street extension in Rock Hill South Carolina that's your county Ada three nine eight five zero mm one to two tablets actor a meal that is not what I do because I wake up with heartburn so I take it first thing in the morning with the sometimes but I did not get an education there these are things that I use that I read them in now talk to your doctor before you take anything making Matt now I've had heartburn that was uncomfortable in so this is the other product us it's also buy INS omitted our power brings hope hope bring smiles and we all need more smiles thanks for joining us today and we'll be right here when you come back to let's for joining us today for peril howls let's talk dementia to learn more about dementia we recommend Carols bestselling book also titled Let's Talk Dementia It's available on Zahn it won't cost you one more but they send us the very small donation that if enough of us did it could rock our world in helping to cover the cost for producing all the different things we do in the free services that we offer so smile dot Amazon.com let's senior life journey that's where you'll find us well in essence you'll start pooping and stop belching you are going to be so much more enjoyable to be around. I'm just gonNa tell you in you tell them Carol Saint you when you call to inquire about benefits for the veteran despacito veteran or both editor bed you can find Miss Beth crosby other supplements and I am a couple medications that I'm still taking I'm trying to get off the and I'm telling you I don't have I don't get heartburn I don't get Amazon in paperback and kindle versions be sure to like let's talk dementia on facebook and leave us a kind word of review on itunes remember knowledge brings welcome to let's talk demand John Carroll Hallel your host and I'm glad that you hear again today we're GonNa talk about pooping you know we all got to do it you can have nine eight five they are there for the hunt the repair and maintenance of your Honda Hyundai Toyota Kia tell them Carol Cinci it had a pencil took to it and she was supposed to Jake mark everyday she didn't work because Momma couldn't remember to do it but we want to make sure we're being proactive gets in Tripoli was over here what triple Salim Hus- cats heartburn relief good stuff.

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