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WCW Thunder Debuts!


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Hey tops at a near list thing to eighty three weeks with Eric. Bischoff Eric how are you man. I'm doing well happy New Year to you too Megan to all of our listeners on all four corners owners of the globe happy New Year Man. I'm excited about the New Year and I'm excited about today's episode because this is one of the most critical moments in the history and a story of WCW and we get some make you relive it and pain staking agony. Of course we're talking about the debut edition of Thunder and this went down on January sixteenth in Daytona Beach Florida at the Ocean Center. And what a cool little twist is that you know where wwe. I got hot and really turn everything around. And the and professional wrestling was forever changed. Hulk Hogan became a bad guy in the same building of the debut. A thunder bookings on. WCW SORTA is it. Not It is in you know off air as were prep into lost the show. We both pulled it up and realize that this marker father is two hours and twenty twenty one minutes long no wonder this thing crash and burn. Who the hell would start off a show when you didn't have to and over two hours? Yeah it's funny because we're taping this very very early in the morning and I said you know Erica. I regret my decision here and he said let that lasts. I thought hey. We'll watch the first thunder. This'll be like punishment for this'll be fun. And then I realized it's two and a half hours even without commercials and I realize the fucking rib is on me. This is this is brutal and then immediately. It's no wonder dodd and it just but you know what is not going to die. Well your love of it is the announcement. You've been waiting for Stephen. Singer is releasing a brand new color of his famous twenty four carat gold-dipped roses for Valentine's Day. The new color has been the most requested color passionate rose collectors and fans. So you ready. 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MJ sit prominently on the mantle in their home. So it's it's a big damn deal if you WANNA get over if you want to put yourself over. Don't wait for somebody else to do it for view. Nobody's ever going to put you over like you can put yourself over but you have to take the bull by the horns or the rose by the seven as the case may be and in this case. Ace if you're going to grab the rose by the stem do it at. I Hate Stephen Dot Com. You're GONNA love it. I Hate Stephen Singer. Dot Com can't say enough cool stuff about OUGHTA and Without further ado I really get this torture underway. We're doing this watson long style boys and girls pull up. WCW Thunder on your wwe. Are we w network. This show went down on January eighth nineteen ninety eight such a big moment and in wrestling history. Here I'm really excited did for us to Dig into this one without further. Ado Fire Up Your wwe network get this show on the road. Two hours twenty one minutes minutes nineteen seconds. We're going to do are quick down. When I say play you'll press play Eric? Are you ready. I am so ready ready. It hurts we go three two one play. I gotTa give you credit for the open. I've always been a big fan of the thunder. Open the way this is put together. It's very very well done. This is going to be one of I think three different different opens But I really enjoy this look and I love the logo. The thunder opened with Goto is probably even more well done in this one but the graphics package and all of that you guys should be congratulated and there we go daytona were Hulk Hogan I became came a bad guy and now look at this. Set this at sucks this is the aggro crag is nicknamed. Wh what was the What's the thinking here? We're we're going back to the stone age where we need some hieroglyphics and what what. What's the look? What are we going for? I have no fucking Clue Zero Nada. That was horrible that it looks like something that was left over what the Disney Mgm Studios for Jurassic Park Ride theme or something. That was his horrible about who should I do. Should I have fired that Conrad I. I would think that you'd probably based on one of her over the years. I would think that you would have fired. Fired David Crockett. But they are. Not David wasn't David was David. Crockett was really responsible for the the logistics. Getting everything moved in making sure that we had the right freelance crews on board. He was a logistics guy. He wasn't a creative guy guy. That was a that was a colossal creative catastrophe the three cs we checked all of them. Okay well no I think I think honestly and I'm GonNa have because I'm GONNA be in Qatar next month. Qatar like guitar cutter. I've been I've been reprimanded on twitter for Pronouncing it wrong. It's not Qatar like guitar. It's cutter cutter so I'm going to be an cutter with Craig leathers others. Who was our director at this point in time and I would? I'm GonNa Talk to Craig about this because I let it slide back in nineteen ninety eight. I don't think I can let it slide time just in case I say if you go back you should just fire Mike Weber just in case probably his well no Shit Shit. I should have done that in the half a dozen times. So as we see the The announced desk here by the way this is going to be filled with clips And and for very good reason you know January nineteen ninety eight is such a big time in. WCW This show the first thunder sold out capacity crowd or on the heels of stark eight nine thousand nine hundred seven the biggest WCW pay per view. Ever there you see ravishing Rick Rude. He's recently jumped ship after the whole braveheart debacle the survivor series. Just about six weeks prior to this and this is a clip from nitro. And I gotTa tell you to me. Starting this this show with a clip of Nitro set the stage for what under was going to be. Because it's been my experience that the I show doesn't usually show clips. The be show does so the show. I guess what I'm saying is this is here to complement the main course. This is our baked potato. You came here for the steak but hey we've also got this too and just the the positioning of we're going to open this very first episode not with a hot match like we would on thunder but instead with a video recap of what happened with our quote unquote steak just a few days ago. You right but I think. In retrospect respect that was the wrong was wrong. Move you know I in this is again. This is why so much fun doing these things and especially now that it's twenty twenty so when I say you you know with twenty twenty hindsight people go. Wow is he talking about the fact that it's twenty twenty or are we talking about the you know the saying twenty twenty hindsight but back here in two thousand twenty with twenty twenty hindsight. I wouldn't have done it that way I would've I would've endeavored to keep the shows as separate and must see the type of thing where you've got to tune into C- because you're not gonna get a chance to see the replay or the recap I I would have made a bigger commitment to keeping NITRO NITRO and thunder thunder and not cross pollinating too often. Because that's what kills the brand separation. Asian that's what. It is not obvious to people when they're sitting at home watching they don't say themselves womb. Well if they're just going to bring up to date on what happened on Monday nitro. I don't have to watch Monday nitro. I could just watch the clips on Thursday on thunder. They don't say that to themselves but you're conditioning them. You're training them subconsciously. They be into realized that it's it's no longer that important to tune into the show because you're going to get an update on the beach show and the minute you take that that need the Certainly in the morning and my my mouth is quite keeping up with my brain or vice versa but once you establish to the audience that it's really not just important you lose that kind of tune necessity that makes television work. And that's why I say I if I had to do it all over and done it here yet. We're looking at NITRO. Yes we're like six minutes in and we're still watching recap videos by the way. We see all three announcers here. We've got bobby the brain Heenan left Lee Marshall the right Tony Shivani Vanni right in the middle driving again. If you had to do over again you know these days when we see the two shows like this we have to separate a NASCAR's this was this too much. Tony Shirvani there is such thing you can never have too much Tony. Shabani in my opinion. you disagree unless unless Louis then maybe the maidment just maybe there could be too much till the Chevanton your life the blue but yes to be honest in that. Try to be funny here this early in the morning I think it is. It's it again. That's part of the problem that thunder created kind of a macro level It was too much overexposure of every. I've only talent but announcers as well see Dave Panzer. They're getting his seat. Stolen by the Macho Man. Randy Savage Davis David Guy. I have to say this. I didn't get to know very well in. WCW while we were working together. I mean He. He did his thing. I did my thing and our paths only cross. You know a couple of hours a day if that nailed by Macho man right there. He related in here muckraker father could lay. Am in he just did have he had no mercy on me. What's up with that? It was awesome. It was how about the area from the back with Kevin Nash. This is good stuff. I'm glad you're showing these recaps visa. Fuck Outta what'd you gotTa Watch during the show probably but yeah now this is good stuff. It's great storytelling here. It's it's great action and it's over exposing the hello nitro but anyway Dave pens or my apologies. No I was GONNA say I didn't get a chance really to know day very well. I mean we worked together. We communicated but that's that's not the same thing as getting to know somebody right and it wasn't until really the last couple of years what I've crossed paths with the answer whether it's at a a star cast sure another event After having sat down with them and talk to him he's a super nice guy. I didn't realize what a good guy was until the most recently by the way to if you are buying or selling real estate and Tampa area do with the stars do because see Dave Pincer Dave of Believe helped Chris Jericho and his wife find their new home and sell their old home and he'd be glad to help us with exit realty in Tampa so look they probably got some old WCW Stories which is more than we can save for gentleman. Chris Adams he is the first wrestler that we're going to see in the ring here on thunder and of course Chris. Chris is no longer with us. What a tragic into his life just a few years after this by this point though if you're a longtime wrestling fan in nineteen ninety eight you were keenly aware of who gentleman Chris Adams is credited with really bringing the The super kick to popularity. How was how is Chris Adams to work with breath problem with most famous for his work in world class but here he is in the big time in nineteen ninety eight on? WCW hundred percent pro a gentleman's gentleman. I'm easy to work with those other things that stand out the most. When I think about Chris Adams I never I never had a negotiated deal with them? We never really got into the trenches sub. Speak when it came to negotiating or dealmaking or anything like that so You know my my communication with him and my relationship with him was superficial Just based on everything that was going on at the time but what I did know of him been seeing him backstage and working with others. And that's really how you can tell with. Somebody is all about. Is You know how when you see a couple of guys in a back Lane Ella match talking about what they need to do or want to do. You know what's what's the tone what's tenor. How generous are they? How how concerned that that they WanNa make your opponent look as good as they wanNA look you know? Sometimes that's obvious sometimes. It's not so obvious you know watching people like things out but general you gentleman. Chris Adams he was always E- e- came by the name honestly. Let's put it that way. He was that you gentlemen Macho Man Randy savage clearly one of the big stars around We've told lots so great macho man stories here At least onscreen. He's paired with Elizabeth here by Nineteen Ninety Eight House their relationship privacy. At this point they've been divorced for a long time. They're both sort of doing their own thing. And once upon a time randy was love sick about Miss Elizabeth he think that will still will you know bubbling up in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight or was there a real life relationship like here. You know yeah I think Randy Load Miss Elizabeth until he died. I I really do now. I think he loved in different way. I think he and I didn't know Randy unless you know when they first got together and they were first married obviously they weren't wwf. And I wasn doesn't so I. I had no idea what that relationship was about. I've heard and read the same things that everybody else has an in that regard but in watching randy with Liz and even in the beginning of my negotiations with Liz about coming into. WB ready was very protective. Not An the jealous spouse kind of way but in a big brother away he. He was very very protective of her and again not a jealous way. It was clear that their emotional relationship with their their their husband and wife relationship had sailed but they were very very close friends in Randy. He treated her like a little sister. I forgot that the The ring skirt for these very first thunders has the same sort of look and feel as the terrible terrible thunder. Set that you guys what enough. What in the name of fuck is that ring then is also ugly? Well it just looks like it's horrible. There's IT belongs at Disney like if this was for worldwide tapings I mean that's it it's very reminiscent of the old. WCW Saturday night set where it was the robotic arm and it's the spaceship and we can rebuild but that was futuristic. That was like you know into the future. This is like going back to fuck doc and Medieval Times. I mean this looks like a ring. Looks like a giant buff. Eight able at the Medieval Castle. Outside of Orlando where you take your family you eat cheap roast beef and watch fake debt. What do they call those gestures? Those guys at nights shit jousting. This is horrible. What a great story line? Now we start the first episode with lex Luger and the Macho man. Not Get necessarily saying I but it unlock the Macho man is saying I'm out anybody. He does run in nails him with a chair roles of men and won no gentleman. Chris Adams gets the win so your very first match and thunder history gentleman. Chris Adams beats the Macho Man Randy savage that outstanding in in a great way to start a night for young gentleman. Chris Adams what day for him to make a debut thunder by the way. Have you ever heard burst. Pritchard's Gentlemen Chris Item Story. No I never have. You've got to obviously. He's as you in our typing this. He's busy today but he'll have some time this weekend weekend. Just Ping him when he's got a free minute. Hey Love to hear your battles story when you get a chance. Because you got to talk to Bruce. I haven't talked to him John. I mean we've shared shared texts and I've had one or two short conversations with them but I haven't really had a chance to catch up with Bruce he He called me last night when he was getting ready for bed and he was so sleepy the by the end of the conversation I thought he was literally asleep. So as say goodbye. Well I can only these two clowns. Yeah we're looking. Oh my God give it to describe what we're looking at here. Well you're coming out serving your kingdom reluctantly. You know what I'm on top of the world selling out everything thing including this building even though I didn't want to be here I don't want to do this show but look at me. I sold out everything. I T shirts you yes right and I. It didn't work belt. You absolutely were reading my mind. I did not want to show. I did not want to do this. Show I'm probably the only person in history in particularly in the professional wrestling sports entertainment industry that had the owner the CEO of a network. Reach out to me and say hey I want you to do a two hour show for me every Thursday night on. TBS and I didn't WanNa do it. Nobody wanted to do it. I this it says bring back. I mean it brings back a lot of good memories in some respects because the reason we ended up here quite honestly is just to be clear about it. We ended we ended up with thunder because Nitra was such a huge success at Ted Turner wanted a property on thunder TBS That was just as successful as Nitra was on. TNT So we got here by virtue of our success but we became victim of that success and this is just the first of many steps along the way but yeah we we were here. GotTa make the most of it and by the way sold out hanging from the rafters and in this era the rumor and Innuendo everywhere even in mainstream media that Hulk Hogan was leaving and he had in fact signed a deal with the WWF. Of course we now now. That's not true. And he's roughly going to reference that here on the show saying here in. WCW In the end of you for life. That's his way to at least address. Pass it and even though people will be critical over the years about Ho- coke and has positioning on the card. Chris Jericho and others have been pretty public about you. Know he was holding down the young guys or whatever. He's drawing the big ratings and by the way he looks like a million bucks and As you would say it's one town motherfucker. He is. I mean that is an exceptional Tan. I mean if you google exceptional tans. It'll take you this clip that we're watching right now on under in what do that just because exceptional towns and see what comes up. I'm GONNA hit Google Images Asian. Just see what happens by the way speaking of all Cogan Tans. I'm still here Florida by the way Mississippi United cited to extend our stay here in Florida Florida mostly. Because I have a weather app you know so I checked the weather and cody every day. It's like you know it's it's ass ugly in Wyoming so we're going to extend her stay here for a little while because I need to come up and see you maybe took a trip to Atlanta and I pick his long. I'm here in the southeast. It'll be a hell of a a lot easier to get back and forth and driving all the way back to Wyoming and then turning around jumping out a plane and coming back here so sure we're going to be here for a little while and I'm I'm heading over to Hawks Alexa this afternoon to catch up with him as he always doing. I haven't seen him in about two weeks. He was looking great rehabbing off that amazingly intense back surgery that he had but he was up and around and look great. Cy makes us to see how well he's doing. Today I'm going to be Four hundred eighty six miles from me this this weekend. We'll where's that in the panhandle near Pensacola The Wax Birthday as you're listening to this is today January six so so Rented a cool spot down there we're going to Have some fun and and watch the waves roll in wait a minute. The Pensacola four hundred. Eighty six miles from Tampa or this head to look that up. I would have thought it was closer. I was GonNa say as Mrs Denial drive up. We'll bring the dog dog well. No that's what I was GonNa say I was GonNa say you guys are welcome and then I pulled it up and I was like hey driving five hundred miles for shit. Oh fuck up to I. Five hundred miles for a good burger. I don't mind driving Dr Driving. I ate flying driving to look when when you drive and you don't have to be somewhere right you can just you know. Let's go up and see Conrad and Megan up in Pensacola this weekend. What do you WANNA leave? You believe it or not too late. Let's leave him a little bit eleven. I like that Kinda Anna Staff but when you've got your flight leaves at at nine. Oh three and you've got to be there two hours early and you're going to fight through holiday crowds people nonsense to get your flight and then you're GonNa Connecticut. It's a pain in the ass but a five hundred mile drive. Shit Colbert a burger. And I'm there will come on. You're welcome it's a five bedroom joint and I've only got two other couples coming so you got your pick two other rooms. I was Mike Flood. We'll come on. Here's what's actually address. Here's what's fun to me. I'm I mean. I'm almost touching Tennessee. Here in Huntsville Alabama. I'm at the tippy top top of Alabama. But when I can drive all the way through the state and into Florida and for me it's only three hundred sixty two miles. How is that like art hundred miles closer? The new and you're already in Florida. I don't get it and I'm going to have I'm not doubting you because I've learned over the last last two years never dealt coverage I've got my ass kicked enough so I'm down to you but I'm I'm just going to reconfirm that it is indeed that far away I'm GonNa go to my little ways APP. You have ways to as e you have that APP. Everybody I know dies but I've never used it so me on what it's awesome. Here's why I love it and I I got it when I was in L. A. and I know we're supposed to be talking about thunder and right now we got jj Dylan flapping flapping his jowls and Mike Today. I'm I don't know what he's saying because I got the audio turn down but back to ways I got it when I was us about five or six years ago when I was basically living in Los Angeles and had meetings every day in and around the Angeles area. And if you've ever tried to drive around in Los Angeles is a pain in the ass. You know mostly because of traffic but this this APP ways you put in a destination in in real time it really routes you around heavy traffic like it. Reads it instantaneously. If I was going up the four zero five zero. It was done in Marina. Del arrate I needed to get up into wherever north Hollywood and I'm on the four zero five and all of a sudden for five jams up. It tells you immediately watch exits I take it at winds you through like the back neighborhoods and all the little side streets off the main drag so you can get around this stuff so I I love it. It's it's a great APP but I'm GonNa put in Pensacola just to see what it says. I'm I'm loaded up right now so I'll be ready for my trip today because I've got I've got to drive today myself. And so we see LEX Luger here by the way. Jj Dylan is out here to reverse the decision from earlier saying Nick Lambros rose is Is Not going to allow shenanigans like this to happen He had no reason to interfere in that randy savage match so so before. We get into fines and suspensions. We're going to start by reversing that decision. So Chris Adams win will not be on the record books. Yeah that's that's not fair. That is not fair at all. Somebody should have protested by the way. I've got three hundred and twenty miles to Pensacola gotta get that way that baby. I'm telling Ya I'm telling Ya three hundred twenty miles. I I do that without a hamburger. Sure so here we go. We've We've got some some more. Storyline pieces. A little leftover from riding the wrong so stark aid course. Nick Lambros Wink Wink. WBZ Attorney who's. I'm GonNa make sure that he writes the wrongs of WCW and the questionable officiating and We got a little carry over here about Louis. Macaulay recently talked about Louis on W. H. W. Tarnish Avantis podcast. Because he and I or tasked with doing a thunder which was a bonus episode for patriotic over there and it was the episode. That was unfortunately Louis colleagues. Well he's very last he would Step in and do a little commentary and as we remember just a couple of days later he was no longer with us and that was I don't know probably a month and change before this and it just felt like Louis who had been most recently in e C. W and that's Stephen. What the shirt that he's wearing is about? He had a little bit of a feud with Tommy Dreamer who called himself the innovator of violence well he's wearing a shirt that says the real innovator but but he started his career as Rad Radford over the wwf you probably saw at the AAA when worlds collide pay per view happened but a very young prospect that a lot of people had a lot of time for and thought he had a big future in wrestling. He'd been a little bit everywhere But this this would be his last. Stop any memories of working with Louis at all. Yeah a little bit. You Know Louis was a very very outgoing guy. When he got his view W he didn't come in and kind of quietly workers way into the locker room or anything or backstage? I mean he was a very forward guy in a positive way. You know he'd come up and he greeted crack a joke and he was. He was very lighthearted guy and I get. I pretend I knew him really well. I didn't but the time that I spent around him backstage and working with them. A little bit creatively. He was very high energy positive. Kind of kind of like Chris Farley character that you would see on Saturday night live. He was always always kind of cracking jokes and had that kind of demeanor about him he was always light. If that makes sense he was never crabby her in a dark mood or pissing on Moaner bitching about his money or any of that other kind of Shit anyways highlights so that by the had something to do with it but he was he was an easy guy I had to work with. It's it's interesting to see all this new influx of talent you know. We saw gentleman Chris Adams in the first match now in the second Lewis Coli and both Rick Martel relative new editions. That W I guess you know on the heels of learning I have got to put together another show for TVs. I'm going to get busy. Sonnen dudes that was the big issue you know and again. I know we've probably talked talked about this and it might have been a long time ago. Now we've been doing podcasts. Were closing in on two years now. So I'm sure some of this. I've covered before but again I think for people who are new listeners. There's or even people. Perhaps that have heard discussed this not really paid too much attention to it because of being out of context. But here as we're looking at this show. I think it's important for people to understand that I didn't want to do this. Show Harvey Schiller. Didn't WanNa do this show. Brad Siegel didn't WanNa do this. Show the only people that wanted the only person that wanted to do this. Show while say people the would would be Ted Turner. He was determined to put it on. And Burke was the Sieber Bilberg thing it was billboard. Movers Yeah Bill Burke. Well bill wanted to do to show because in Bill Burr came out and said look. TBS cannot pay for it. We should keep in mind. This is the perfect storm. This period of time January nineteen thousand nine hundred. Were coming off. One thousand nine hundred seventy nine hundred. Ninety seven was a blowout without success. Huge success for WCW and for Turner Broadcasting and for TNT. I mean the Wall Street Journal write about this. Time took out a full-page age at not the Wall Street Journal. ABC Network took out a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal. Basically trying to convince advertisers is not to spend their money in professional wrestling because WCW had probably five of the top ten hours. You know we were were either number one number number two number three number four number five hundred probably down to number eight W W had a huge footprint at that time so things were going so well for us but but at the same time you had the AOL. Time Warner. And I can't remember the the the timing of that but you had the time Warner and the AOL merger larger or acquisition kind of on the horizon and there was this huge internal commitment to improve everybody's buddies bottom line AKA EBA earnings before interest taxes depreciation and whenever and everybody was kind of costs. Yeah because every every business unit no no matter what it was it was turn home video or WCW or CNN or the Atlanta braves whatever. It was us every part of Turner. Broadcasting was micromanaging their budgets and re allocating budgets slashing budgets in order to reach what what I believe was a the the goal of a of an eighteen percent eba to the bottom line so each business unit had to to achieve that while at the same time you know everybody across the board and Turner not just WCW. Everybody's gutting their cost tried to to to reduce your expenses is it's low as they could possibly be to show the largest even though they could in their business units Ted comes along and says no I want you to do this to our show on. TBS Well Bill Burke Smart Mark I immediately cynical. We can't afford it. Our budgets are set. You know this is where we're at. We can't afford it you know. Nobody wanted to pay for it. Turner Broadcasting Broadcast did not want to allocate additional revenue to us to help offset the cost of producing the show in in many cases. And this is what people just didn't understand. It wasn't just the cost of producing the show which was significant probably in the area of three hundred fifty two four hundred and fifty thousand dollars an episode just hard class. What's that didn't include talent allocations and things like that that's just travel production freelancers lights insurance? That Kinda Shit. Nobody wanted to pay for it and ultimately WCW had to pay for the show to put on Turner Broadcasting and. That's what really really really gutted us more than anything else more than bad booking More than finger Polka fucking doom. More than You know guaranteed contract all the all the nonsense. That people who weren't a part of the decision making process have talked about. `Bout you know the guys who you know they'd show up doing nitro and they go to somehow shows all of a sudden they're experts on the business of the wrestling business particularly at this time. They you weren't there. They had no idea what was happening. And why it was happening and how it was happening but we did and we knew we were in trouble and everybody myself now. I wasn't his. I have to take responsibility for this. Brad Siegel was very vocal about it. Brad was pissed because Brad was smart. Brand had a lot more experience than I. I did When it came to network television bread knew that if we put on a two hour show on Thursday it was going going to dilute the NITRO? Show you're just going to split the audience. Maybe another one hundred percent. Maybe it won't be fifty fifty but you're going to hurt your Monday night. Audience spy allegations second. Primetime show later in the week. And that's exactly what happened so there you go do you think that's still exists with. WBZ think you you know if if we're all didn't exist for smackdown didn't exists. Whatever remained would have a bigger rating? Yep I do I mean I'm not GonNa say they WanNa comment a lot on. WWe because they're hugely successful right now in many respects but if you look at their television ratings they're flat lining if you look at their house how show business. It's pretty abysmal. If in you have to look at a lot of the other parts of the business that goes along with you don't low attendance and low ratings that being licensing and merchandising all those things suffer when people don't come to your events and don't watch your shows we talked about that last week I think they've reached kind of their peak. They're GONNA do their two point one to point. Two two point three million viewers on Monday. They're going to do. They're two point three two point. Four two point five million viewers on Friday. That's going to fluctuate throughout the year based on the time of year Right now is going to be a good time of year for for both of those Brands on wwe both Ryan smackdown. Because there's not really a lot of sports competition going on right now that'll change once the the NBA playoffs kick into gear. The weather starts getting warmer. The Sun stays out later and fewer and fewer people are watching television. I think the summertime is going to be tough On smackdown more than RAW. But they'll they'll they'll hold steady in that two point one to let me go back and look at their ratings for over the last five years they've been steadily declining but in a pretty slow rate. They're losing five percent eight percent ten percent year of their audience. which sounds horrible in? It's preferable it's not something anybody wants to have happen. But when you compare that kind of attrition in your numbers to the attrition in that people normally see across the boards on Cable and Network television. It's still pretty healthy. So they're they're they're not. They're not in triage but I think the fact that they've got so much content out there you've forgot about annex t now. You've got three hours of Monday night. Raw Two hours of Annex T in two you hours of of smackdown seven hours of content in. It's really hard to make it feel unique unique. What drives you have to watch any one of those shows in you know? They haven't really built they meaning. WWe Hasn't really build a John. CENA Iraq a Steve Austin you know a Hulk Hogan a rick flair there. There isn't that you know one big draw that you have to tune in to see for any of the brands. There was a lot of amazing talent. But they're all for support. You know the top top talent any W we are all kind of equal in many respects. They're not necessarily position that way but I think the WWE has done a great job over the last fifteen years twenty years of making WWe star in the talent. What is a supporting cast member? And I think now that you've got seven hours of content out there you don't have a huge star like you did in the past you don't have your stone cold. Let's see was it just went through you. Don't have any of those guys that are really driving it because they have captured the imagination of the audience. You've got a lot of people that everybody likes. Nobody it's really a standout star and I think because of the number of hours of content that they have on the air it now they they are suffering. I mean I lived through it. I watched it happen with under under I really. I didn't I didn't I didn't believe it was going to happen. I will say I didn't believe it. I didn't understand the the impact and just how badly it would affect nitro. I knew it would just didn't understand the magnitude of it and but after you know three or four months of thunder believe me. I'm an expert should mention. We're seeing yet to more new talent to the. WCW WE CW show here. We've got tens on Hora. Both of these are new. Japan talents of course tens on one of the original members of interview Japan. I think Masahiro Shona joined in December of Ninety. Six and ten Zahn will join a few weeks later. January February nineteen ninety seven. So He's been running roughshod over. New Japan is interview Japan for a while and Here's tens on Taken on a Hora to New Japan talents are Third Matt here on the show. I think so we've had really savage asylums mortell Lewis Cola and to new talent here the only sort of carryover talent from WCW the past several years randy savage and the other five performers brand new the show. Yep We're we're trying and in there again is Sonny on on. I didn't realize just how much time that we gave. Sonny Bono over this this period of time and sunny his Delo such a fantastic job of making the most also. I think he's more popular today out there in in in the world when it comes wrestled any was even when he was on television. He's all over the place he. I just got back from Japan. This goes over to Japan. To be a part of a Fuji TV special kind of highlighting or honoring honoring. Akira Hokuto at her retirement professional wrestling as well as your timing. WCW In the actually the Fuji who came over and didn't interview with me earlier Mid Mid December sunny flies back over there does this big special over and Fuji TV flies home in has triple bypass surgery. We like two days later. He's he's just going nonstop and here. We are thirty seven minutes into the show without commercials. Or course our saying another Nacho clip business feels like WCW Saturday night part do Yup Yup Trying to especially again. You know if this would have been a one hour show right which you know. It's funny. We've been watching two and three our shows now for so long and wrestling really since nitro started it back in whatever it was ninety. Five ninety. Six is when the whole two hour three hour formats. I rear their ugly head but we become so accustomed to it. That the idea of what our show is. Well how could you do a wrestling show in an hour. Yeah Okay Okay that even work but had this show been a one hour show and had it felt decidedly different than nitro in by doing it. It is a one hour show we could have done for for cost efficiencies of we we could have done probably three hours at a TV. The first hour live two hours tape. So that we could have reduced our clawson and not overexposed so much talent in not have been Reso- reliant nitro clips and cross promoting. Because I know I've had a lot of coffee here Conrad so I hope you can bear with me in the listeners. I apologize when I get up early in the morning and I found a pot of coffee I just my mouth starts flap at. I can't keep up with it. But if we would have format eh the show to be a one hour instead of three hours thinking the amount of money that we would have saved on production thinking the amount of money that we would have been able to say. I'm talent I may not have been forced to bring in a Bret Hart or spend some of the huge amounts of money that we spent to get some of the top talent. A one hour format could've made all the difference in the world and WCW. Now that I think about it but everybody wanted the nitro success I think you started the The the two hour thing probably in like May or June of ninety six and then it's probably when do you think is the guys are doing the third hours at ninety seven. I think it was and that was again. That was that was handed down to me from Turner. I didn't WanNa do a third third hour. Believe me I didn't WanNa do with our As we watch Chris Jericho coming through the man cave. Whatever the hell it is and then we've met the flock flock just always depressed looking miserable? Somebody's shitting coffee. Actually liked that I. I liked the flock out Chris. Jericho here showing up with a little drop claiming by the way he must have had his. He must've had his ticky with them and taking a laundry Bravo because he got his sticky. He had his ticky. Chris had his titty with Shirt over at Eric Bischoff DOT COM says a ticky. The back story. What areas referring to there is a famously aimlessly? Wouldn't and Eric Jerko were at odds at the end of his. WCW Ryan about you know. Would he resign or what. He not resigned. And bischoff said something like no ticky new laundry about dropping the title the to Conan so. Yeah Nice Nice. Little pull around there by the way Air BISCHOFF DOT com so many shirts over there We do have a new. One that says make wrestling unpredictable again in the word unpredictable Looks like it's Cut out letters using a ransom. No but my favorite is bish pleased. which has your cartoon face straight straight out of catering that's hilarious especially for a fat guy like me but the one I think you're most embarrassed about is It looks like a hand-drawn sign and it says Tehrik Donkey show where the big boys play. Because you introduced a whole new generation folks to Tijuana Donkey show and people were googling Matt in droves by the way do not Google that if you haven't already but do go check out Eric. BISCHOFF DOT COM. See some of those new shirts Chris. Great Air I have to hand it to looking at I I had really great air still do as a matter of fact just shorter but Chris no I like to say. I had the best hair in professional wrestling throughout the late nineties. I honestly I think I'd have to tip my hat Chris. Jericho that pains me to say. The words were getting stuck in my throat as I was trying to form them but I do you think it's probably true. God Damn I hate to admit that. What a fun match? This is going to be Chris Jericho in the ring. Of course he was bringing the jacket Out to apologize to Dave Pincer ripping his jacket when he flipped out. So we're going to see sort of a new version of Chris Jericho here in nineteen ninety eight when it really comes into his own and here he's taken on the thirteen time world champion the nature boy ric flair himself Years later these guys will. I have a pretty high profile match at a summer slam. It's kind of cool to see them here on thunder. Where is that robe as we speak today? Where does that robe hang on a barber shop in New York really a barber in New York has any thinks it's worth fifty grand and he's going to die with it? What do you think it's worth that's worth about fifteen thousand fifteen I mean? There's there's a guy in Virginia Ed pay twenty four but it's worth fifteen might be a guy and South Carolina. He'd pay seventeen for it but it's worth fifteen. Is there like a blue book of wrestling. Memorabilia I mean how do you know the stuff I mean. Obviously I mean I'm not not questioning questioning you but I'm like off the top of your fucking head. You know what this thing is or how do you know all that. I've bought and sold more of those than anybody. I mean I would've belts to I mean a lot of wrestling memorabilia or just like the high end stuff there's about five collectors in America who will buy the high end stuff whether it's rick flair robe or some other piece of renews you know Gear And then there's there's about five guys who will buy the belts you know. There's is one in New York. There's one in Louisiana. There's me there's a guy in Florida so wouldn't you sort of get in those little underground collector realms even if if you don't know who those guys are because some people don't want their name out there you certainly know You know where they are those. Oh It's a New Yorker your hero. It's in Boston or oh it's in Louisiana. Oh it's an Alabama are. Oh It's in Florida. There's a handful of high end collectors who will say. Hey It's worth this and those this guy sort of dictate the price and really. I'm one of the biggest SORTA influencers of what a ric flair row was worth this because of south so many. I want to ask you more about that. But as we're watching this song by the way if you're out there listening audience you know if you have a chance if you're driving driving you can't do it but if you get home get to your office. Whatever over your lunch break you should really go to? WWE DOT COM. No I'm not schilling but just go to. WWE W. E. NETWORK DOT com. Because it's the only place you could get some of this great footage and see what you know. The mid to late nineties was all about go back and watch his masters so far. This is is the first time I've seen this since we shot it back in nineteen ninety eight. So it's been it's been a minute. This is a great match if this is a great match. So there's it's kind of like a a collector cartel like you're all kinda underground is like is there a. Is there a collector dirty now like zero. Dave meltzer serve collecting ship. That were on line two people and making shit up and raising the prices of things and I mean is there some kind of underground dirt cheap there is not but you do have is The same network of guys will buy sell and trade with each other a lot. What so nobody gets something new? I'll I'll routinely once a month. Just get a random text us. Hey got anything new. Because they've got something the new and they want me to ask them are. Do you have anything. And then when they do the show me the new thing and once the show their thing they may or may not have bought it with me in mind thinking thinking. I don't want this but I know he will. And if I get this maybe he'll give me that other thing that he said he would never trade and that. That's pretty common. Why why don't you buy Hulk Hogan's Viper? I saw that and I think that would be awesome. I don't know what the fuck out I'll do with it because I was like man. You drive it. We could like recreate the ticker tape a parade with you in that thing and Mrs B. and B. We have Casio address apply Mangino. He's got the hair for now. It'll be great but then I'm like I don't really you know what I would do with that but I did see. It's going to auction soon. No you should buy that. You can have a blast with that and it would be a great investment. Investment is down the road. I mean that's that's a hell of an investment. I was surprised when he took my ric. flair's is chopping the hell on Jericho. I was surprised when told me he was going to put that up for auction. Wow that's I mean he donated. I can't remember what the charity is. Charity for sure He donated. It's a charity and their action. There the charity is the one that's actually auctioning it off not hulk Hogan but yeah I think that thing look good on you see you had Meghan cruising around L. Hudsonville. You know what I just realized smart tax. Move by Mr Belyaev because If you do it by the end of the year you get to count on your taxes squat the donation there. It must have had a good year. Yeah you could say that if you're looking to have a good year in twenty twenty I got an idea for you. You know New Year new me. New Ball Smitten. Listen Up Harry. Bush is twenty. Nineteen if you're going to pick any new year's is resolution this year let it be to take better care of your junk. MANSCAPING is making it easy with their grooming products and support for eighty. Three weeks comes for manscaping. Who everybody everybody knows is the best man's below the bill grooming see manscaping offers precision engineered tools for your family jewels? 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Can we reinvest a decent Jason fucking set. That says horrible. That looks like India. Show stuff that you're not familiar with it. But some of them are younger. Listeners will eh it looks like the Aggro Crag it was a nickelodeon show called guts and the kids would have to scale this mountain at the end it it was like the big thing the aggro crag and eventually they would replace it with the Mega Crag and then the Super Aggro crag but the original Aggro Crag is what this looks like. The main reminds me of and it's just this weird mountain looking thing and I don't know that's probably that's probably where whoever designed this is. Probably I'll be where they sold stole that from so we were spending a lot of time with the Disney Mgm Studios and that's where they filmed a lot of the nickelodeon stuff and we were spending a lot of time with the Universal Studios. I think a Universal Studios is where they filmed The nickelodeon stuff that's right but I'm I bet you that's where the look of that standing side kick by the giant pretty decent for giant. I'll say he was so athletic. We've talked about that before as big as he is and of course you know. He had people in his ear like they call and others who had worked with Andrei and remembered Andrea including ric flair and others. Were giving Paul light giant tips and how to work like giant not sell and not go down easily. We're seeing with Mingming says chopping them. He's Chapman alternatively from his kingdom and legs chopping him in the chest trying to get him office feet. He's probably late about fifteen or twenty blows into him so far finally giant goes down on his knees and takes kick to the head but it took a long time to get them down so us whenever you would see especially the beginning. He wanted to do a lot more athletic stuff. I mean his instinct and his desire is green. Performer was succumbing to showcase. All the amazing things is that he can do athletically especially for being such a big guy but for the most part he was convinced not to do that. So you have a tendency to see upon his early career doing the big man giant Gimmick which obviously was a big man wasn't a guilty but he was so much more capable of doing doing so many more things that that when you do see something like him just standing there and picking up and throwing out a sidekick. It's really impressive. He was so athletic. Yeah we should mention the old They'll phrases be a giant giant giant. And you know don't do moon salts and all that that he could definitely do and talk pro drop kicks but he can do a kip up. He could lay flat on his back and without using his hands to to push himself up off the mat he could lay flat on his back and just using you know his his legs Kip himself up into an upright position without using using his hands. Unless you're a gymnast or an amateur wrestler whose probably under one hundred forty five pounds. I challenge anybody ready to do that. Send me a video said to me on twitter if you can do a kip up without using your hands Senate to me now. Imagine a guy. That's over four hundred pounds doing it. It's freaky up next. Steve Mongo McMichael. I do want to mention that You guys were in Huntsville tool to weeks after this I was at that show. Maybe we'll get to watch that sometime in here Kevin Sullivan in the background. I knew that was your dog dog. Yeah that's my joke. Though on Tony. Any show whenever his dogs are barking in the background or mind. We just say that about Kevin Sullivan Yell. And he's got a number on the socks or something in very very inside baseball for people who listen mush it. Hey let me talk about Jimmy Hart ferment. Jimmy just had a birthday I can't believe this is a real number but this the past week on January first Jimmy turns seventy seven years old amazing and he's still working. He's still working at a high level. He still mentally sharp as ever You you could tell that this person seventy years old and it came up at my house on New Year so I showed me a picture of him when he was sort of in his prime with the that'd be F- probably eighty six eighty seven and she said what does that picture from and I said thirty five years ago and she said okay. What's he look like now? An an opportunity to pull up another picture I said here he is now he said Oh my God he looks execs in real life. He does the same like you cannot tell that. It's been thirty five years when you when you say Jimmy Hart no and this is kind of a big move here. To have Steve Mongo McMichael bailing out of the array and in Hidden Bilberg. Deal Bill Goldberg was he was on his his his ascension at this point still very very green they were supposed to have a mass stark eight of course and He debuted in September of ninety. Seven destroying Hugh Morris here. We are January very so very very early Goldberg here but this matches got to be a little bit like the blonde leading the blonde. It is but it's not that bad for what it is again. It's not a classic. You know five star Tokyo Dome match or anything like that. But you're talking about your. You've got Steve McMichael Michael Super Bowl champion. One of the best in his position at that time you got Bill Goldberg. You know former Atlanta planted falcon not a big name in the NFL but still very very credible very green and these are two big powerful guys. These guys should not happy happy. Look at this. What the hell was that? That was a pretty sweet move by Bill. Goldberg going in for submission on Steve Mongo McMichael Michael and this is back when bill was beginning to to dabble in a and tie so he incorporated that into his match. I thought that was pretty good so no it was. It's is not like a five star match. It's a technically classic match but I find to be very entertaining. I think this is a good match. Especially on television. Doesn't Look Green Seabrook's actually pretty good here service bill. Charles Robson absolutely fantastic about a guy that never ages. Yeah Benjamin Button a wrestling right there. recapping here Chris Adams uh-huh over randy savage Rick Martel over Lewis MacAulay tins on over our our Hara ric flair over Chris. Jericho the the giant overwhelming and now Goldberg and Mongo. So even though we've had a lot of clips of nightshirt we've still had so far one two three four five. This says math number six on the show six matches in less than fifty nine minutes. That's pretty good brother. That's a lot. The action eleven matches in total on this show. And by the way the the rating would build from our one hour to as we're cruising over there into it you you know so far if you're watching we're fifty eight minutes and twenty six seconds in But with commercials were definitely in the second hour the first hour that a three point seven five rating the second hour is GonNa do a four point two five. A third hour is going to do a four point oh three the overall rating is a four point. Oh two rating with a five nine nine share but how about this. It's head to head with NBC's unbelievable lineup. In this era it really was unbelievable. They would start the night with friends and then go into Seinfeld and then e R One a fucking lineup they had I mean Thursdays. NBC dominated aided. And now you're trying to go head to head with them and held her own man or four point not writing how many wrestling companies will kill for that writing today. All of them and and let's put that four point zero two in perspective now again. This is one thousand nine hundred. I'm not gonNA pretend I remember. Exactly how many households solds one rating point represented. I M guessing. It was just under a million at that point and by the way that that number fluctuates over. Time are has fluctuated over time. It's getting bigger and bigger. Various cable has gotten more and more has gotten broader in his and more homes. The numbers cable reflects have changed. So I'm guessing that there was about nine hundred. Eighty thousand viewers parading point Yeah I'd say just a hell you watch you can watch raw smackdown down and next in barely be able to beat that number combined so yeah it was. A big number is over close. To four million viewers. Wrestling is high here by the way we sort of freestyle earlier and I thought I mean they went and late ninety seven to three hours. Three three hours on nitro became a regular every week thing on January twenty sixth that just a couple of weeks after this as when it would become a regular deal to have three hour show and mental side. The decision was made largely because the ratings were showing significant growth. Soon as Nitro went off the air over the last several weeks it used to be that no significant percentage of nitro viewers switched her all natural. Go off the air but that seems to be no longer the a case of Mike Tyson coming regular on raw and no doubt. His appearance being held last quarter hour of the show raw at least at first would be expected to do some strong numbers I if left unopposed. Of course doing five hours every week could probably at some point will lead to overexposure other. Ob in a few months earlier years. Overexposure is very much a humid thing. Not something immediate in wrestling very hot right now but this is no different than a dozen other times at wrestling and no more over now than at any point in those times. It's a cyclical business. And this is an upcycle. Overexposure has killed many of the biggest up cycles cycles of the past. And the problem is if when we see the slide beginning of time we recognize it. It'll already be too late because the snowball going downward doesn't reverse so once again. Mr Mouths are trying to make himself sound so smart opens up that diarrhea by saying saying the decision to move three hours nitro. Two three hours was made because of WWe's increase in ratings. Like Dave Meltzer was in the room with Ted Turner when Ted Turner in the people within. You know the executive committee were discussing this. That's how Dave got that inside information he knew specifically typically that the only reason according to him his own words the reason why nitro expanded to three hours was because of the success assess the WWF was beginning to have their right there. Those are Daves words I paraphrase some of them. I'm sure those were Dave words. Dave's words is not mine his ship and anybody that reads him and believes him in doesn't recognize just how full of shit he is is only wasting twelve bucks a month doing themselves a disservice walking around with a head full of bullshit that they think is inside information that had nothing to do do with white nitro was expanded to three hours. It had everything to do with wait a minute. We're spending close to five hundred grand in episode for two hours. We we can get three hours for the same amount of money. Let's do three hours. It was simply a matter of maximizing the the the expats and getting the most out of the expense that we had it had absolutely nothing to do with what was going on the WWF. Just one more example of the nonsense that is now. Is Dave Meltzer. We'll see the Steiner brothers in here right now. Taking second on buff Bagwell and buff teaming with Conan. That's built like a weird pairing should mention because I know you're gonNA love this. You Wanna I guess with the highest rated segment of this entire show what piqued the rating during gas No L. But please tell me I can't believe this is real it's the replay of Eric. Bischoff and Larry's Bisco from stark eight. Well Fuck lucky. Of course I didn't. I didn't know that that was one of the choices I would have picked that instantly. Come on what killed called the show. The main event domino's page and Kevin Nash people left in droves and apparently Hogan thought that my happen because it's written in the Observer Hogan did nixed. The idea of working dark matches Thursday shows against page and had this match. Switch to sting so Do you guys are promoting and selling out arenas promising dark match rematch. which makes sense all cogan sting but Yeah Hogan had the opportunity or was presented. The idea of just got hot mandy. Savage made a made man last year. And it doesn't work for me brother. According to The Observer I'll COGAN didn't work dark matches never was going to work matches occasionally would if he was in the right mood but again it had nothing to do with hope. Nixing the idea. It's just he was never part of his deal to work dark. Matches Steiner's do not look good in white. I have to say I normally don't like to comment too much unregister. It's all subjective. But I'm I'm looking at the Steiner's in these white singlets and I'm just not quite understanding why they would do that not into it now that at all we should mention you guys are on the march to the sold out pay per view which I think most if people remember for Kevin Nash and the giants and Ric flair Bret. Hart lots of fun stuff on this. Nineteen Ninety version of sold out compared to nineteen ninety seven which was just brutal odd ought it was different. Come on I'll go. Listen to it. In the archives she making out checks come on dude that was fun new. Imagine now mentioned. Imagine how much fun we'd have with that now. Oh God we'd be slipping him like Blue Shoe. They be slipping to me. I should say they'd need to there. You go much Snapping was slim. Jim Brother was the last time you saw slim Jim and a gas station. Have you paid any attention to them. And while I have not the they got randy savage all over again do they really. It's a cartoon like a little station on it. They just this out standing. They have like they've even got like A. I guess that's a bigger would spicy. I don't know I don't need slim jims very often but it says this is the savage Slim Jim and on the box. It's got him with the big glasses. And the whole it's fantastic and you know it's funny is bring food products addicts and talents on this. Show we're looking at Lee Marshall Right. Now he's sitting there with Tony. Shabani and bobby the brain Heenan. I'm sure you know this. I am probably most most people who are listening to this. But for those of you that don't do you know that Lee Marshall was for decades and possibly still is the voice of Tony. Tony The tiger. He dare write. That was that was Lee Marshall who did not say Lee Marshall was great. Dave Meltzer a won the the According to the readers of the Wrestling Observer They they would do a poll every year and year end awards and worst wrestling announcer for like I. I don't know half a dozen years in a row Marshall. Well I and I heard that a Meltzer was nominated for the person most likely to be accused of sniffing bicycle seats. What what town? What difference does it make? What's the matter out your tongue? Who's WHO's bicycle seat wasn't just is it? Stacy he works hypothetically because I can't even be man. Oh grabbed so again. This is the first I episode of thunder we started with. I don't know ten minutes worth of clips from nitro now or an hour and eight minutes and of course without the commercials you know. We're we're misleading a little bit. We're probably more than an hour and a half in. But now we're GONNA show a full match from pay per view if you're caught that is there bischoff and Larry's the Bisco stark aid ninety seven. You know this to me is just very apparent. This is the B- show now what's clips. It was certainly positioned that way and it shouldn't have been but it was. Ah Again I looked back and all kidding aside. I'm trying to be entertaining and have some fun with this and be as outrageous as I can be at seven o'clock in the morning but looking back at this now. There were so many things we did wrong. Strategically not creatively strategically with regard to thunder that. I hate to keep beating it up now. It was what it was like. I said none of us really supporting portia. None of us wanted to do it. We all knew it was going to probably tips over and it did but we we put our best foot forward. Did the best we could with what we had. Now this is this is a replay from the pay per view right. Yes yes. This is what we're watching star ninety seven. This is not new live content. I can't believe it but you're even though you charge people for this a few weeks prior maybe maybe ten days prior in fact you go. We're going to Give it to you boys and girls. Yeah not a smart move not a smart move the twenty twenty twenty twenty hindsight. That's like forty forty hindsight for those of you. Don't have a calculator handy fuck. I'm getting Vertigo. Looking at these shots of the lights. What do you think of Larry's Bisco and his performance? Let's hear stark eight ninety seven. I think he did fantastic for what he had to work with. For God's sake I mean number one. I wasn't a wrestler. This is like the first time I think I'd ever been in the ring to any other than getting picked up in throwing and shit like that And I had a fractured assured Neath my left my left knee I fractured when Larry and I were working out about ten days before this maybe less maybe a week before we were working out at the power plant plant one night and Larry was an amateur wrestler. I was an amateur wrestler so well we were kind of laying out the match and kind of rehearsing what we were going to be doing. If things like that intermittently throughout the evening we would be fucking around with each other trying to take each other down and shit like that and Larry did a leg dive on me single leg and On my left leg and just kind of locked in a position and drove in. It ended up fractured my kneecaps. So my left knee and this match was truly heavily overly taped. And I didn't have a lot of my balance. Wasn't that great so we had to work around that. I think Larry did a great a great job to make me look even even non vomit. Inducing in terms of the match is a credit to Larry because I had no experience at the time I had Scott Hall. Tell me you WANNA get your keep stepping out of the Ring Stall Stall Stall they'll get the people pissed off any did it's so weird to go back and look at this. I'm sure it's it's got to be surreal from your perspective to see the nineteen ninety-seven version of you at the biggest pay per view. Ever like I don't know if it was is like It'll be out of body experience. Bizarre it didn't feel that bizarre. I mean I was pretty comfortable doing it. With the exception of you know the fact. They didn't know what the Hell I was doing. Aside from that it was it. It was quite a lot of fun. Actually see the speed on that left. Hand mine that left the left one. It Ah Beautiful Front Front leg round kick on a gin left leg bad knee and all this is I look fantastic in here but look at my hair check out the hair boom throw a punch the hair just flat bom makes it look even faster than it really wasn't it was fast. It was the right now. Larry Sorry knows he is in deep shit he he's too old he's too slow. I've got the distinct advantage being far better martial artists than Lurs fiscal. Ever thought body could be although Larry has experience in terms of you know ring time in a wrestling. I've got the experience in the upper hand when it comes to kick boxing. The second time in the ring is a fighter. So this is this is going to be an interesting match up here though big. Oh yes right. Off The side of Larry's abyss viscous noggin dig out. I'm feeling so you can see in my eyes up to so proud of that right at the left one is deadly but the right ones scares the fuck Outta me. It's so fast it's hit so hard it scares even me though I'm serious. It's just fun to say you get excited. What about boom boom into the kitchen? The face Larry's Bisco frustrated. He doesn't know what to do now here. I'm I'm to to the point now where I said the Scott Scott I set out of the ring I gotta confer with Scott. I said it's got. This is too easy these people are going to be pissed off if I just go out and continue to beat the hell alert Bisco. Their way. I'm doing it right now. They're going to get bored and Scott says do the do the karate kid. kung-fu think that'll make them laugh. They'll like that. That was Scott's advice to me right there. Okay I'll do that. I'm here to entertain the audience. Want to give them their money's worth so I got Brent heart and here is the referee if anybody knows about Crook referees. That'd be bread. Oh what is leary's fiscal slapping me like a bitch. What is that is that complained to Bret Hart art for her go? Rhino slept in the head. What he's supposed to get your bitch and I'm thinking Brett? I just gave you a hell of a check. You could do a little better than this right Brad. Right come on okay now. I'm stalking. ooh Did you see see that kick back leg route. Kick right to the side of the had tastes Larry's of Bisco completely office feet. He I had no idea that kick was coming. No idea at all a demo was good. Oh Oh this is bullshit is pulling my hair wrath got GAM Bret Hart Damn You Bret Hart. He can obviously see Lurie's abyss goes pulling my hair grinding. My face into the mat is not even giving them account attend now. He's choking me for crying out loud. Choke that's illegal. That is illegal in any wrestling ring anywhere in the world. You know this is going to be hot now. I'm looking at this another takedown head scissors by Larry Bisco. This is so unfair. This is really really unfair. The deck is stacked against me. Bret Hart is not doing his job as a referee is not calling it down the middle. Clearly he saw not one but now we're to jokes in after spending fifteen minutes dragging me around the ring by my air. Okay now now now Larry imbredded getting into a little bit. Brett Brett started himself as as a referee as he should. Larry almost busted a nut trying to pick me up the body slamming. And now he's going forward. I'm stiffening up everything I can to avoid it. I know oh it's coming. I don't Oh my God. Here goes my left leg the fractured knee of my left leg. Look what he's doing is I put myself to the part forced to break the hold Scott Hall on the edge of the ring trying to give me some insight here helping me out. Oh I left leg dead. Got Gentler I might Larry's Bisco you are a bitch. I can't wait to see Larry again after watching this. That was bullshit. That left leg is taken some abuse. I'm telling you my hair though fucking here. Looks great doesn't it Larry's PISCOPO comes from around the ring is that was a horrible bump BISCHOFF. You did not take that post well since he should hit that boasts a lot harder than that bullshit. But I'm tired I'm guest. This is the best part of doing a watchdog. You get fired up doing commentary and you should be behind the desk they I am. I can only get excited about my own matches. I only WANNA put me over Miami. I gotta let everybody else know how good I am. Oh no I'm going to take this opportunity because 'cause I don't get it very often now obviously. I'm looking a little tired here. I've been taking a lot of abuse. I'm outside rolling around the ring. Mat trying to get my shit back together together. Again after Larry's a Bisco pulling my air choking me not wants but twice attacking that needed. He nose was fractured. I try to make my way up staggering. I'm starting on Bret Hart's Company out. Okay now I got all smart smarten me up here again. I'm getting this strategy from the bad guy. Did I say that I'm going to get sued. Probably Lurs Bisco again pulling the hair pulling the hair Bret Hart a wider breadth. Stop throwing that punch. Oh did you see that. Another another beautiful effortless fluid incredibly accurate kick to the side of the head in a big right hand and those right answer devastating and now a kick to the head that missed the target and a stop and another kick to the ribs section. Another kick to the ribs. Bischoff is going to town down on Larry's of Bisco who is wishing. At this moment. He was back in Shea stadium with Bruno. San Martino San Martino. Because this is beginning to hurt I am putting the hurt on one Larry's Bisco foul sidekick right to the floating rib area where the most vulnerable part of the ribcages ages that floating rib easy to break another big right hand. Working Larry's Bisco over on the ropes. Larry is lost. He does not know what to do. He doesn't know what hit him. Those kicks to the face driving him crazy. He can't see him come and he can't stop them. The right hand is devastating. The left working the body working the top of the head now to the RIB section to get beautiful kick another beautiful. Oh my Conrad. Are you noticing the accuracy and the speed of these kicks its unmatched matched. It's unparalleled sucking candy. It's just amazing. How good I really was needed? The top of the head. That was a beautiful knee. And those right hander. Sir I mean those are world class right hands and now I'm bloated up. I'm about ready to fall over the only thing. That's not looking horrible on me right now is my hair. Everything else is exhausted. I look like a tree hugger. Fall Down House Bisco. He's got his wind. He was rope-a-dope open dopamine big right hand again lands those bullshit kick. Try to kick me to ballsy missed for now. I'm in trouble. Vertical Down Goes Bischoff down. Goes Bishop this is crazy or as they say now cray cray. Ah This is fun gun. Read a blast swinging necker now. I'm in deep shit Larry's Bisco has to be in the center of the ring. I'm staring at the lights. Once again goes for the hair as Bret Hart stander with his hands on his hips. Like it's no big deal now. I'm hanging upside down. The Corner Scott Hall jumps in and takes a right end of the chops. Bret Hart now trying to get control of the right bret. Hart's got his hands full and now Scott Hall's reaching his pants pulled on his junk. No it's a foreign object. It's a foreign object. He's loading the boot. The boot route is loaded. The boot is loaded and now as I make my way up. Foam Goddamn thing flew out of my foot before make contact fucking crazy right and I still knocked him out. That's the kind of speed and power that I possessed in that left leg. That not only did Scott Hall load the boot. But it wasn't necessary evidence by the fact that the Gimmick flew out of my boot before I even make contact. Therefore I didn't cheat I won this thing fair square Larry's a Bisco is out cold and he's not counting damming or anything it's just there you go. What Dow Brad Hart sucker searches? We right in the chops. What the hell down goes hall coming in to try to to try to make some sense of this chaos? Bret Hart is out of Control. He is out of control. That's what happens when you bring a Canadian to Florida. They just go nuts. I'm down here in Tampa driver on the beach and clearwater these Canadians down. Air are crazy this this time of year. So there you go. There's the finish I gotTa tell you this was the The highlight of the show. So for me so far you know fired up washing your old stuff. And this was the highlight of most people watching home. This is the highest rating of the night. Or we're watching right now as it should have been mon you eric. Bischoff in the rain with Bret. Hart Larry's Bisco Scott Hall. Come on wait a minute. How did he give him the match? How did how did Bernhardt give him that match? You were disqualified for what kicked him in the head with a gimmick the gimmick never never make contact with them. The Gimmick flew out on my foot long before the foot made contact with the head. That was bullshit it was script brother. That was bullshit. I should have won that match. I did win that match. I don't care what Bernard says hypothetically what it was the gimmick did he put in my boat. Yeah I was just. I don't know what the material was inside but it was wrapped in gaff tape duct tape delay silver to kind of look if the camera coated metal but it clearly wasn't heavy enough because it went it rocketed out of my boot minute. I got my foot about three inches up off the ground buying shouted the twelfth twelfth row. Ever Seen Mike Today. WHOA front of the agro cracks? What color did you say the chemicals? whose like gaff tape silver or something in Pharma? Maha that sucks. The the GIMMICKS should've been rose gold. Here's the announcement we've been waiting for. Stephen Singer is releasing a brand new color of his famous twenty four carat gold-dipped roses for Valentine's Day and the new curler is the most request to color by passionate rose collectors and fans. Are you ready a brand new car for twenty twenty twenty is rose try to rose. Rose a rose gold gold rose. Rose rose is popular fully dipped classic. 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Rose Gold no take gold and they put a little bit of copper in there and that brings the red ten out and and Rolex in their watches says hey we don't. We don't WanNa do that. So so they put a little bit of platinum in there and they call their rose. Gold ever rose gold but literally everybody has been on this res- go kick for the last ten years it's taken over you know jewelry and watches and fashion rose. Gold is where at that and a a rose. Gold rose never goes out of fashion. I I hate Stephen Singer dot com has your hookup. Just sixty nine bucks free shipping. How do you beat this just in time for Valentine's Day check it out? I Hate Stephen Singer. Dot Com Larry's obviously pissed off about something here. Well he's talking about how he beats you from Hiller posted. You had all this other all these other shenanigans. Is that what he's saying he didn't have to put up with this shit. He's wrestled in front of the Japan and the President United States and the Kings of Samoa real royalty and he got to put up with this kind of Shit from you Scott Hall. You're still in school picking your nose when I was selling out arenas and I changed wrestling history. Did you hear that. I once wrestled Bruno Sammartino not know in August over and over and over and over again I heard it once or twice. So he's going to change Pangea the new world odor for life at sold out. So we've transferred the heat off of you and on Scott Hall and that'll be they are sold out. Ranch should mission this This sold out show which I actually thought it was pretty good. And there's a lot of matches on it. But the main event as lex Luger and Randy savage the real main event at least for my money was hard ric flair but underneath that Kevin Nash. Giant can't raise trailer and the Steiner brothers taken on Conan Scott Norton and buff Bagwell Larry's abyss go in there with Scott Hall Booker. T. in there with Rick Martel. Oh Chris Jericho and Ramos Stereo for the cruiserweight title Chris. Benoit and Raven Raven's rules match. And then we start the show with an eight man tag with the A whole host of Lucia doors including La Barca psychosis and even to all your favorites. I think we've done a whole show on that in the archives. Check that out out if you haven't already. I encourage you to subscribe to our Youtube Channel. There's lots of full episodes on there but great clips as well. So if you're looking thing for a specific moment from the show that you wanNA share with a friend or family member of the wrestling person in your life it's probably owner. U2 So just look for eighty three weeks on youtube hit the subscribe button. And if you don't mind hit the little bell they'll give you a notification whenever we post a new video was going to be Lots of new content coming on Youtube this year. AIRCON are fiddling around with the idea of doing more video components with our show and I'm actually in the process. Excessive doing a bit of a remodel here at the Conrad Som Just to get ready for that so stay tuned you want to be an early adopter you wanna go ahead and hit. Hit the subscribe button on our Youtube Channel. Scott Hall coming out now rock in the world tag team title. I don't care how many times house we watch him. I'M GONNA say it every time if you drew a professional wrestler this is what you hope. He looks like he was so good. She was so oh talented. Still doesn't get the credit he deserves in a lot of that is his own fault but when Scott was on his game there was nobody. Nobody close all around. I'm talking about not only what he could do in the ring but his character is promos the way he carried himself the way a psychology the way he could read in audience I mean he was he was fantastic. I'm not saying he. He was better than a rick flair or anything like that but he was in his own way he was just what I think one of the best all time at his demons at a difficult time still is dealing with him. But if you get to know Scott deep down inside you know or or I shouldn't even say deep down inside because he Scott Scott wears his emotions on his sleeve a lot of the Times. But if you get to know Scott even a little bit you so you can see in him that he is really one of the nicest guys you'd ever WanNa meet. Unfortunately his is deemed sometimes. Get it away. And that's become an issue firm over the past but he's certainly better now and I see him out at conventions and events and he loves loves signing for the people he's he does a great job could Guy Tuck it on. Ray Traylor here Scott Hall in the Black Tights I remember. How are the red tights? I remember him wearing the black tights with the red letters a lot. But I don't remember these red with black. These must not have made it very long ray. TRAYLOR fired up Barlett. We'll give a hands on you. Knock the Shit Outta tell you a really good southern impression. I'm done spend a little time in the south. Now come on no it. Well if you start saying things like fixing to I'll believe you that's the that's the southern issue. You know we say no. It's not I I never say fixing to but I do say I'm making a making some fixes for salvage art noise I'd like this. Come on. We gotta go to the store. We need some fixes for some sanches. Have you Did you ever watch eastbound and down. I have the with the potato bar and the very last season. They've got the CBS for. I don't know what what it is like taught some tips or tails or whatever and whenever they would just say. This is where the potatoes will be. This is where the figues thin will be. Well that has megan had never seen it so this past year I made her watch it now. Now whenever you know we if we're making steaks or whatever and there's some potatoes in the oven she'll say hey. I've got all the potatoes in the oven and I made sure we have plenty. A few weeks of Megan is really from Minneapolis right. I mean that's where she spent. Yeah I mean you and her Lori off from the same area I know. Oh isn't that funny. It's funny how this happens. But yeah she so for her some of these southern things even though she spent time at Charlotte and has lived in the south. But these are all all still. It's all still new. Yeah she she didn't learn how to Cook Project until She moved down here but she did an air fryer now. Are you in Mississippi and on air. Frosh you know we got Garrett in. MJ want our son and daughter-in-law we got one for Christmas and they're going to fire it up this weekend and we're going to try it out. It could happen by the time we get back back to the ranch and cody. We could have. We could have a brand new air fryer in the trunk of the car. We related after but She's got wings things on that thing down Pat now speaking down Pat. That's a quick. What Oh kicked out these got hall to adjusted trunks here? I'm seeing more him than I need into a thing. Maybe that's why those trucks as law. They did make it clear. Cut a little high. Hey Hey you know we were talking earlier about you. Know the impact of of the show being over exposed. And you know you adding all these extra hours here with under. I thought of that recently. When you got this group Chadema wrestling friends and there are some guys on there saying that? They didn't see enough of of this guy or that guy on the w program and everyone well. The discussion became well. They've got so many wrestlers that he showcase. Okay some all in a two hour show and other guys would say oh no they don't have their Rosser is not big enough. They don't have enough guys and so then the the group started to say. Oh well they I should add a second show in God some folks that should just be an hour and I remember thinking Warfare Bischoff in this group he would just go slap the fuck out of everybody everybody in the group for suggesting a second show because as it is. AWS still feels like appointment television for a lot of the viewers But if there's two shows but becomes less of a priority as I'll just catch them next time absolutely absolutely and again that's and again I I don't mean to you know I'm not making fun of anybody and I don't WanNa talk down about people that have opinions but those are opinions and those observations observations and perspectives from people. That have never been in the television business now. Look I fly an airplane. I'm a pilot. I was a pilot. I haven't flown out in quite a few years. Right trailer victory. He beat Scott Hall here on thunder acid brass. I love it Georgia coming home to you with the victory victory under my belt but just because I can fly an airplane at one point I could fly play and just because I fly commercially a lot and I've flown all over the world. I probably got million miles status on three different airlines. That doesn't make me inexperienced pilot. You know what it doesn't. It doesn't mean that I should have an opinion about the aeronautical industry. or I should be telling Boeing how they should be making their planes. Although maybe that should should happen. But you know what I'm saying and I think people who tend to watch wrestling in our fans of wrestling to them. The answer seem very simple. But they're often I'm not and and I think you pointed out very succinctly and accurately if a e W my opinion free advice here not that anybody's listening and I don't really care if they do or or not but if I was a w and I doubt that they are contemplating a second show they got their hands full with one but nothing would kill that brand faster faster than adding another episode. I feel pretty good about the fact that more than one. AVP listen to this show. Well that's good getting a lot of free advice for sure. Maybe I should stop that Sir. Charging him dude you don't. It's actually pretty good idea. Maybe that's something to think about for twenty twenty that you could you know. Listen that's a real thing in sales ever talked about this. Coaching is like the new hot thing thing. For the last five six seven years where sales professionals will pay hundreds and most of the time thousands of dollars per month month just to have someone that they can call and bounce ideas off of. They'll schedule a call or to a week and a lot of just about accountability. Where Hey we're gonNA make a plan? Dan and I'm going to ask you three days later. Did you do it. But then they're also going to talk about you know what your mental blocks are. What you're thinking is what your strategies are and then they give you advice as someone who's done it? I mean I know guys who pay thirty grand a year. Coaching like every year for the last five years. There's probably glibly some wrestling ilk out there. It'd be better it'd be good well-served just ride easy. Check us to mend his ear with some ideas here and there who good idea. I don't know I could handle it. Probably it would be fun for about a week to and and be like. Oh my God are you kidding me. You're GonNa do what over wrestling you think. No no no no I love I mean like I'm I'm I'm digging this. I love good wrestling right. I Love I love great stories. I Love Greg Characters But the idea of wrestling fans calling me up and I am going to start arresting promotion but you know what should I do. I assume that that's that's that I could possibly wrap my head around but I don't think it it'd be that I think it would probably be guys who are already in the business right well and then I do sometimes with. Oh my friends people that I you know. Check in every once. I'M NOT GONNA name any names but I'll check in every once in a while with people are in different companies and say he got God. That was really cool. What you did maybe think about doing this next time and that type of thing so I do it for fun? Never thought about doing it for money. It's an interesting thought. We should get sober on that door. Asking get going by the way we're watching a hell of cheer altamont Dragon. And who've until Guerrero two of my all time favorites they're in here for the cruiserweight championship and Ultimate Dragon. Of course is your champ as a recap so far. Chris Adams over randy savage. Rick Martel over Lewis. Coli Tins on overthrow Hara ric flair over Jericho giant overwhelming Goldberg over Michael Steiner's over buff and Conan and then Ray traylor believe it or not beat Scott Hall and now it's even to ultimate dragon two matches remain after this. Yes it feels like. We started the show last year. And we're still. There are eleven matches on the car but we also saw the full replay. Oh what a what a moon Saul didn't connect all the way but it sure did look pretty But we got Eric Bischoff Larry's Bisco in here too so twelve matches in their the entirety plus lots of clips proving once again. That three hours is just too damn long man. Is it ever what what a mistake it was to put on a three hour. Show coming out of this shoot. You know what I appreciate about. I don't know you said earlier. You don't usually like to comment on guys gear. Altima dragon needs to be commended for his gear. Because it's so outside of the box not just a a mask tights but the the and and those are all very cool by the way lots of little innovations in and of themselves but this shoulder pad piece that he wears. I know some people may not have liked it but but it really makes them stand out from everybody else. I think it's a nice touch. It is very very smart businessman a great performer and a real gentleman in and out of the ring Love spending time with Ultimo Dragon got to hang with him in Tokyo a little bit a couple of months ago and have blasted acities. He's still performing. He's he's great. I met him for the first time around. wrestlemainia this past year in New York and I didn't that knows him at first but I'm at the hotel bar and I see our our great close personal friends Sonny. Oh no come in and with him. Is this good looking. well-dressed dude carrying Louis Vuitton bags and has gone on some Gucci loafers. And I mean he looks like he's just fresh off of a shoot somewhere and it took me the candle three three to realize. Oh that's all twin dragon. Because he doesn't like a huge movie star doesn't he carries himself a celebrity in a fucking hotel bar. Where as you as you look around? And you're like okay that guy's been on you know t t t and T for two decades and that guy was on USA for two decades of. Hey I know that guy. He's he's in life fourteen hall of fame but this guy you don't know who it is because he doesn't have his mask on it. Looks like the biggest start bar got. He does by the way. If you're ever ever in the market for some outstanding Cuban cigars like the real deal. He's your guy put put a word into sunny. You'll make the arrangements. This guy to get his hands on some incredible Cuban cigars Nice sponsored element here the picture picture-perfect of course this is your instant replay sponsored by one. Eight hundred collect and they knew where to put it because it's a title change who've been to guerrero has just beat the model himself ultimate dragon and Bam who even to your new cruiserweight champion right after that. Beautiful Four Fifty Splash Charles Robinson cancelled down. What do you think a A sponsored element like this would cost the ninety eight. I realize twenty one twenty two years ago. There's no way to know for sure liquor stab I would say in the Ballpark of twenty five to thirty five grand. It's actually a pretty good value. Artists say it depends on you know the by itself you know by twenty six weeks thirteen weeks to buy one But I would say probably twenty five thirty five grand. You consider its four million people and it wasn't was it just ran the stop set where people are running to the bathroom. It's inside the show. That's a different deal. Mike as the middle of the ring and Bret Hart's it's a little surprised he got some pyro there. It's caught him off guard here. He comes stratton and asked to the ring jeans and the leather jacket very signature. Look look for braveheart still live for me. Same Leather Jacket. I word of the rain. Here's the thing that's a little different about Brat and you suit check these boots out. He's talking his jeans and boots. He's like the old Austin hall dusty Rusty Road style wrestling but these are just traditional cowboy boots. And he's in Florida and he's got his jeans tucked in news boots. What do you think it would be easy to poke fun at that? But that was kind of a look back that especially with with wrestlers especially in Florida. I'm not kidding about that when I first came to. W W you know we had a lot of our events. Were obviously in Georgia. North Carolina South Carolina Florida Louisiana Alabama. And just like Barry Windham and dusty Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes so many guys you know all walk around with jeans tucked. Tuck into the cowboy boots. I never did it because I I have cowboy boots. I have a really super selection of really high quality boots but I hardly early ever wear them. Because I've got a really wide foot with a real high arch in. It's hard for me to find a comfortable boot that I can wear for more than an hour to But I I I could never see myself cooking genes into my cup. Would we spent a lot of guys did it look Brett. He well he could get away with it. Now you're getting close captioning on this. Can you tell what he's talking about. It says she he said to prove himself are any choice. W W but first of all over again and with all due respect the ric flair and everybody everybody else I'm not GonNa Stop Proving Myself Until approve that I'm the best. There is the best there was the best there ever will be. Of course I were setting up the sold-out match and here comes and this is going to be highly rated segment to I think this is the second highest rated segment and a lot of longtime on fans remember that Ric flair dropped the world title to Bret Hart allowing his first opportunity to be world champion back in Nineteen ninety-two two and six years later. Here we are but now said of. We're big we're in player country. WCW with the big boys. Play that in there. What did you say to be a good Promo? The great thing about two guys like this S.. Three guys like this. You don't have to script this no absolutely not. As a matter of fact you couldn't if you wanted to with wreck but now no you didn't have to and you know kidding aside with a guy like rick flair. It was almost. Oh how do I say it was almost insulting. I think to go to reconcile. Okay Rick. This is what I want you to say your Promo and I want you to do it like this. And here's the verbiage. Urban I want you to use and right here about a third of the way through the Promo. I want you to make this point main for a guy like Rick Flair who is so good at cutting promos The thought wouldn't across my mind. Really Need Sal you talk about the basics of a promo where it's going and maybe you'd like to talk about the finish of that Promo and how you're GonNa leave it and you needed that primarily for timing and for the truck for the director but aside from that you know these promos were great. Let's like doing an aws attempting to do more more of the less scripted. A Promo is so much better. That's one of the things that I think is that I really enjoy about. E W over the wwe product is the interviews tend to just feel so much more organic in real jolts me and it's the favorite part of. It's not just because you know I was just for thirty years for me. The best part of wrestling. There's a fan was always the promos. Always those are the things that I remember. We know when I think back to when I was a kid you know even growing up in Detroit but I was really young. You know seven eight nine years old watching wrestling certainly by the time I got to Minneapolis. You know I I remember some some of the matches but I remember a lot. More of the promos mad dog was shot. I've talked about him Ad Nauseam. Nick Nick Baquedano Ray Stevens Wahoo mcdaniel's meals Larry. The axe handing. You know all of those guys. Could you know Ivan. PUTT ski for crying. Out Loud. In the AWA is a so many any great interviews and those those are the things that I remember so and when you get a guy like Rick Flair Arn Anderson now you know in their others Chris Jericho certainly at that level. You could go out there. And they know the point that they're going to make but they don't know exactly how they're gonNA make it till they're in the moment those are the those are the interviews that really you don't make me love the product and I think that's what's missing for me and again this is not a bash wwe. Because there's people there that I love in in that I will always support. I enjoyed working for the company of a ton of respect for everybody from. Vince McMahon on down so this is not a bash. WWe thing but this is just me me talking about what I like and I think one of the things that makes it hard for me to watch. WWe Is the quality of the PROMOS are so flat searching for a word. They're just not real very few of them not all of them but the vast majority of them are so heavily scripted. So not the person that's trying to perform it. There's nothing organic about it. There's nothing that feels real is nothing. That's remotely believable. And so many of those does promise that it actually takes me out of my joint of the match if you don't care about the talent or you're not buying into the talent or you're not buying into the talents emotion ocean they're trying to convey. It's really hard to get excited about the match and that's unfortunately one of the things that I run into in the. WWe Is so sanitized so filtered the hard to get excited about it for me other people love it and God bless them all but just When you see a guy like rick? Flared aren't Anderson. Steve Austin's the Gaza could really go up. Mick Foley another one Guy Isaac go out and just wing it Chris. Jericho as I mentioned and deliver a great Promo Create emotion that didn't exist before the Promo. That's the fun part of this business for me. Next up Scott Norton coming to the ring here and he's going to be Take on LEX. Luger courses. Smashed was put together after the first segment here on the show as we know lex Luger and randy savage or about the main event sold out so oh makes sense that we were trying to get that one ready in this match this this event was in Daytona tone a beach right. That's right the Luger at the top of his game here every every talk Alexa lately. Nothing's November yeah. That was less masseuse Greg. I really really admire him for by the way he's handled. You know what happened to him over the last couple years and and his outlook on life. I never thought I'd hear myself say that I a A friend of Luger's but just a ton of respect for him. I never thought that they would come. But I do. Respect for LEX Luger. It's really unbelievable. We'll because you would hear all these stories of really a different guy than the one you meet and you know the flexibility you meet now could not be more polite more accommodating. I mean he's just salt of the earth food. Greg you WANNA be in a room with them you know. I saw him. I was in the hotel and Baltimore for star cast and he was just arriving as I was as I was leaving for something and just you know Matama lobby and hung out. He's just always so cheerful. So up you know and I guess after going through what he's gone through and the challenges of it all he he's gotten to that point in life where he just happy to be alive every day in shows like being around people like that He. He's a great guy. Scott Norton dressed like brick looks like a brick wall there got the kind of brick wall brick wall. He's another. Do you know Scott. Have you gotten to know Scott. I've met him a few times but I mean I've never liked beers with anything. We're going to fix that. We're GonNa fix that and what we need what we really need to fix what I really want you to. Experience is Scott in his wife. Tammy when you get those two together throw about a dozen beers maybe more in the middle of it all God damn. That's funny afternoon. They they are hilarious together. They should be doing stand up in Vegas. And she's she's tougher that he is may she's a bad ass. Tastes snowshoes from anybody. She's awesome Tammy. I hope you heard that. So she beat my ass. She sees me UPI goes. Sign up the rack now. That's a lot of beef up their brother. That's right holy smokes. I gotTa tell you a lot of our listeners. Who are my age? Put their friends in the rack when they were kids really really. I can't tell you how many times my friends and I would. I mean while the Parker getting racked. There's nobody racket you know. Oh you'd be surprised. Get Fuck Outta here. We're talking about high school brother. Now what is your way at high school not to get personal but what is your way probably To Ninety maybe two seventy five. Am but the London you know we had one can. It was a halse man. He got a scholarship and He was he was the giant of the tape left. Tackle big ASS. It's up there. He didn't care to ninety in high school. I weighed in high school one twenty-five well no more. I my senior year. You're I russell that one hundred and fifty five but only two hundred forty two hundred forty three. It's kind of hard to imagine that now my left leg was one hundred and forty to what we got Hogan and sting outside of the ring being here with you. Know this is a reply from stockade ninety seventy now so just giving away the thing you just two days ago convince the audience that you don't need to pay the pay. Lucas will give you the finish for free on TV. Yeah since is Great Formula Really Smart Formula. Well somebody in the back was like Jesus Christ we gotTA official three hours but just did too well. And that's that's the real answer right there we just. We didn't have the talent. We didn't have the creative. The place we just yeah. That's the real reason we did it. I mean because as we're talking right now twenty five minutes left in the show without commercials. There's twenty five minutes of on air content. We've got one mass left and Osama Dallas page and Kevin Nash and realistically you know we're not getting a twenty five minute Kevin Nash Match. I hope not hate us too by the way. Yeah no Kevin was one of those guys. Come on I need a little more time. Just give me a minutes. Just give just give me thirty minutes. That was never conversation with Kevin by the way away. This entire show has been built around how you know there was some collusion and that's the reason the WW Nick Lambros says involved because the referee here fast counted staying but we show the replay. And it's very much not a fast count and of course Brad sock. It was a fast count. Nick Says No. It's not and then he punches him so if you watch this under the context of you you know now what was supposed to happen but what did happen you boy this bret. Hart's a real dickhead. He's beat them forever for doing his job. And Yeah that was some horrible communications. Put it that way. We'll let it go at that. There's fired up right now. He's about but wants himself into the front row. Vanilla Vanilla splashes at what you call because you said he's not paying good one also Burgas Kogo the ropes senior with another vanilla splash in the corner. Home it goes down. I what is the way you seamlessly another Manila's blast take it. The next time Steve Board and sees us what's up with the Vanilla Splash. Umbrellas Taylor's radio. I'm sure the next time I see him. It'll my conversations with him. Always thought like this. I can't believe he talked me into doing this again. He says that he loves it. He's I've heard him say the same type of thing but once he gets to where he's going and once he gets out there with the audience he has blessed. You see the locker room empty out. Everybody coming in to celebrate people that don't recognize get a better get some of them. Don't at least me show has for this Winnie here come on by Clark Good Guy. I didn't realize this but one of the first guys out I think was the renegade in street clothes and that's I was trying to make that August caught a glimpse of them. But I think you're right. No Gimmick other. I've got three percent battery battery left on my laptop here. Conrad and we've got twenty one minutes to go so hopefully hopefully we'll we'll be able to get through the show without me having to go get my charger. Well here's the deal. If you have to go get your charger. I can tell everybody how they can upgrade their style because because he thinks that. I'M GONNA get my chargers so we don't miss anything. I'm with it by the way while they're doing that. Let me tell you. Eric is having a dictator a lot of cool new stuff off because we he and I are big fans of bespoke post and this winter you can start a new routine upgrade your everyday life with a monthly box awesome awesome from spoke post a spoke post. Sins guys only the best stuff every month. 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This time of Hogan instinct but from NITRO WPRO says the rematch the day after stockade so there was no reason to Door to the pay per view. No reason to watch nicer either you you can just get caught up right here who you're so right so so wrong. This is such a bad ed way to launch the show. I want to mention you know one of the things that was in the newsletters around this time is the Deborah was essentially dismissed from WCW. After I guess flare nixed the idea of her being his manager. What was up with With Deborah and her time and W W coming to an end here here on seemingly Steve Michael still here. Yeah I'm not. I don't really remember aid to say that because Geno people like to bust my balls and social media whenever I say I'm sorry I don't recall but you know the details of their relationship. Who needed that? It was Kinda Fun. I got divorced in Ninety Eight. So is it fair to say that this is probably when that all started to become an issue to me. Yeah I would say. Probably based on that personal relationship. Look Debra was never she was never originally supposed to be on camera just happened to be showing up and she kind kind of found herself on camera so she was not the the a piece of talent in that relationship. Steve was and then when the relationship started deteriorate began to be an issue and there was no other thing nothing else. We're really to do that. Made sense of of trying to find her spot which we weren't really interested in doing We decided to let go. I liked ever. She was fun. There's a period of time for her about a year or two when Deborah and Steve and my wife Laurie and I Ryan Janey Angolan you know a bunch of us would Al- always hang out after the show's They were always heroes. Great Time St was a little. We'll see if you can never read you know I don't. I don't know if you've ever talked to see Michael. Yeah he taught me the phrase scholarship. He's he's got a dry dry sense of humor. You know what I mean. Sometimes you don't know what he's rid or not and I remember one night we were. I don't remember where we were somewhere. We're saying at A. Ah at a nice. Mary downtown somewhere in Stephen. I had been. We've been pounded a few and ric flair and arn was there and everybody was in a really really good mood and went to bed and about three o'clock in the morning. Someone pounding on my door. I'm GonNa who the hell could this possibly be so I get up ago out. Look through the little people in the door and I see see McMichael standing there in the thing but a towel God now what and I opened the door and as I opened the door he holds up this big forty four magnum and now. Now I'm going okay. This this could get seriously ugly running through my mind. What's an possibly due to this up? Steve McMichael that he bring a gun to my room and goes here brother. My gift to you has me a forty four. Magnum wasn't loaded a Smith and Wesson forty four. My hand to me at three o'clock in the morning turns around and walks away. Okay thank you really need it right now but not you're gonNA get at home but thank you my God. I am all over this show as I'm walking out with. Okay I am all over this show. Check out there. Yeah you are all over the show. Kevin Nash in the back here. He's going to taken on Domino's page but why was Kevin in the front of this procession. The he's the match things that make you go coon. Somebody was trying to get himself self over just too much. Love you for that much less your less surrogate self-aware how about these days rumors to the contrary injury. I like the little skit there. Kevin ask pretending blossom buggies on Jayjay. I was just GonNa ask you. Did I see that right. And it looks like given. Nash was attempting a Nostril Jj's Ed kind of look. School would have deserved it. I love that you're not the biggest. Jj Fan. I'm not I'm not at all I I'll leave it alone enough enough. Water the pass under the bridge. No need to pull the scab off. That wouldn't again. I just don't like dishonest people. That's all I can take assholes I could take. I think people that are I can put up with a lot liars. Not so much you can put up last put up with me for nearly two years here on the show and loving every minute of it. Well maybe not every minute but I'm beginning to the beginning was tough. I'm going to be honest. It was like this motherfuckers trying to Piss me off. I have good take blood pressure medicine and all kinds of should after I was done doing a show with you but now I'm embracing it. I enjoy enjoy it. I look forward to at each and every week and that's a stretch but most for the most part I do enjoy doing that. Listen every renown again because of our schedules. I'll be like can you type at six. Am You don't love that. Do though I'd much rather tape at six o'clock good morning at six o'clock at night by the end of the day I'm Kinda just. It's hard to get excited. I'm just GONNA beat by the end of the day But you get me first thing in the morning with a pot of coffee in me hold on brother. I'm good with that anytime what's going on here I can tell it. Looks like they're making sting forfeit the world title. No so just to catch you up. We had oh looks thing is talking. You got no guts says in fact and you. You're a dead man tells cogan there we go we go to the break when we come back. It's time to do a little wrassling. But the maximum here of course is Hulk Hogan beat staying for the world title at Stargate or I guess. Sting beat Talk Hogan for the world title of Stark Eight after the referees reversal and then the next night on Nitro they do a rematch. And staying is is your world champ and now fast forward here here. And they've stripped him. It looks like they're going to try to set up some sort of a tournament. But our last batch our main event here on thunder as Domino's page. Who is your United States champion? He's going to be wrestling Kevin Nash so Nash is GonNa come back out again. I guess Mike's coming out a minute ago. kind of weird but wanted to make sure staying didn't pull the nation mannequins. How young does they've pins are look here? Holy Shit. It looks like he's sixteen. Yeah I will. GDP look there DP has always looked fifty. Even when he wasn't he's like Arn Anderson and tailwind by he looked fifty when he was twenty five and he looks fifty when he's sixty four exactly although I page. GDP continues to deny this. I think he's older than me. I think he's Somali Gimmick his birth certificate. Yeah you know I 'cause he keeps telling me he's younger than I am and I'm just not buying it just not buying it but what like a year right. Yeah but he looks you know well. He's a better shape than me now up in the bars though you know so running bars you know are the first part of his life. You know In Florida there's no doubt that he He had some hard living in. Some of those years takes its toll. Is it David Flair. I'm just kidding. Kind of look like David was he'd be in the middle of the ring carrying the US championship true. Hey by the way how. `Bout that say flair famous tradition now Andrade and Charlotte getting engaged over New Year's and I read about congratulations to try to ensure up so happy for them at smackdown Los Angeles Premiere Show. I had a chance to spend some time with Andre in In Charlotte just My daughter Montana was there. She lives in in Los Angeles and she came to event. My my daughter Montana hadn't seen Ashley Slash Charlotte since they were little kids and my daughter if if you were to meet her she's kind of lower she's like five foot three or five foot two and tiny little thing and Charlotte's not and had my daughter went up since Charlotte was at the end of the bar with Johnny and my daughter Montana went up to to say hello. She went up by herself. I was busy talking to Bruce or somebody and and Catanha went up and said Hello and Charlotte can look at it like hell are you. Who are you an wants Montana introduce yourself. Obviously you big hugs. All around on and you know hadn't seen each other for a long time caught up but it was really great and on Charlotte really seem to I saw him together. Obviously that night after the show but I also saw together where I was coming down escalator and I saw him elevator and I saw him together. They to where I was I was anywhere in the vicinity so I got got the kind of see him on their own so to speak and you can tell. They're very very much in love and Giddy with each other says very cool to see wish him the best it is cool. You know on all the time I've known her. This is by far the happiest. She's ever been congrats to them down. Spades taken to the Kevin of an sheet. Expect this to be a good match. Both these guys have a tremendous amount of chemistry with each other respect for each other. You know inside outside of the Ring Domino's in fact one of the reasons that Cam Nash ended up coming back to work for. WCW So a lot of chemistry here. This is one of those matches where you know going in that. They're both GONNA go well out of their way and give more than one hundred percent trying to make each other look good. It's exactly the kind of chemistry you hope to get as often as you can get it but you knew you were getting here. And we're seeing kind of tough to have a match though with the guys biggest Kevin Nash. You know he's got his. He has a speed. He's big powerful guy been attended to slow things down a lot. Page was the type of Guy He'd love to sell sell his ass off here in the corner as we watched this match now he's going into the robes that takes a big forum to the back pages selling like a superstar here but his his instinct is to speed this up about two to the third times faster than it is right now so he's fine. I think pages probably fighting his instincts because he's in here with Kevin he knows he has to slow it down and that was a challenge. Eligible sure for for Diamond Dallas page. We never talked about it but just knowing him now he's now he's going into his comeback and he's firing this is where pages is at his best that's this is where his comfort zone is making that comeback and in a fast paced fast paced kind of way but he gets cut off Kevin on the other end done like workers such a fast pace. Who calls him is like this? Kevin Oh well Kevin Technically Kevin but page would be in his ear probably a week before this match took place pages one of those guys. Great savage he'd like to have every single beat of a match laid out on paper before he got to the ring. Kevin not so much wasn't Kevin Style that I remember but page literally every beat every bump nope every spot had to be laid out on paper so I'm sure they age was petitioning on a pretty consistent base basis to to get the match that he was hoping to get out of Kevin. But it would have been Evans call ultimately. We should mention next week here on the show. We won't be doing watch long. We'll be talking about January. Pay Per view from January Seventeenth Nineteen Ninety nine sold out ninety nine from the Charleston Civic Center in Charleston West Virginia which actually went to watch wrestling last year The main event is is a very interesting one to say the least. It's Goldberg and Scott Hall in a stun gun ladder match underneath will also have Rick and David flair teaming up to take jake on Kurt and Barry Windham. We'll have a fatal four way for the cruiserweight title with Kidman Ramos. Stereo who've into psychosis houses for an interesting stipulation violation Chris. Jericho and Perry Saturn in a loser must wear address match also GonNa have lex Luger and Conan in singles action. Bam Bam bigelow taking checking on wrath fit Finlay in there with Van Hammer Norman Smiley in there with travel garrote junior and Crispin Wall and my Hino's opened the show Some interesting matches on the undercard but a loser must wear dress Mass Rick and David teaming up stun gun ladder match interesting time to say the least. NWC The crazy just simply or cray cray unbelievable. I'm looking forward to that Stein. Ladder match what the Fuck Doc. A son gun ladder match snake. This come on cool move. That was it is a cool movement based took it really well to people. Forget ed how big page was at this point. He's he's a relatively big guy. But you know compared to Kevin. You don't really get that impression but he's bouncing. He's bouncing around pretty well for a big man. He's probably what six five six six. Yeah Six Five O.. Six four six five probably at this point he was to fifty D to sixty maybe big dude and we should remind you that you know they help make daily P a year prior to this. That's what I mean about the chemistry. I mean these guys were tight. I'm sorry I cut you off. What were you about this in the in the In the superdome in New Orleans when they offered him the shirt. Join the W. O. and He Diamond Cut Scott Hall. And then when Kevin Nash saw and he gave Chase Dedi pages docked and he took a big tumble and oh speaking of a big thing about the giant coming down right now. He's on a collision course with Kevin. Nash he's coming to Rescue Diamond Dallas page from Jack Knife all GonNa Course Secondhand Kevin Nash. Well they depend as little backup to. Even the odds sequoia matchup. Is You know you see Bala White Celo even slower the Kevin Nash entering the Ring square-off Rof Paul White with little bit of a fake last spread going on there completely unnecessary. Have you met Paul White a have the size of his hands. Can you imagine getting like shoot punch interface with a big fucker. I cannot you know. Listen we we had fun beating up this first episode of Thunder Way too many clips and lots of relatively unknown wrestlers. But it wasn't a bad show ended really nicely. It goes off the air with a lot of action and it had a hot finish like so many nightmares did so it wasn't that bad but certainly a a big moment in time for WCW. That'll do it for this. Debut episode of Thunder Watch along next week sold out ninety nine. Mark Your Calendars Anders on the twentieth. It'll be all about staying finally debuted on raw. That happened on January nineteenth. Two Thousand Fifteen. Then we'll go revisit clash of the champions thirty dirty which went down in one thousand nine hundred five in Las Vegas and we'll get your new February started right around Super Bowl Tom with Hashtag. Ask Eric anything if you haven't already go follow us on social media. Eighty three weeks at the subscribe button. Leave us a five star review and don't forget to hit the subscribe button on our Youtube Channel. All lots of fun. Stuff to dig into the archives there especially if you're looking for one little fight one little argument one little discussion little topic and you WANNA share it with a friend. Hit the subscribe. Uh on our youtube but don't forget to hit that bell get notified when new stuff gets uploaded until next time he is at embiid off. I am at Hey. Hey it's Conrad and we are out of time. We'll see you next week right here on Westwood one each and every Monday on eighty three weeks with their bischoff.

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