Yankees Add Bruce, Wilson and Chirinos & Andrew Had A Kid!


Did you know that with naps. Added in lebron. James gets an average of twelve hours of sleep a day. I'm vanfleet an emmy award winning tv host. And i'm obsessed with these kinds of stories of how people are wired to achieve greatness my show insight with chris van vliet. We'll take you into the minds of these top performers with in-depth conversations. Join me as we were verse. Engineer their habits and techniques so you can apply them to your own life inside is available right now on all podcast platforms. We are breaking down all aspects of yankee. Baseball this is the bronx pinstriped. Show with your host angel. Rotundi and scott ryan. Let's go what's up guys. Welcome to the bronx pinstripe. Show episode five hundred and fourteen today. We have pitchers and catchers baby grown ass men throwing baseballs back in forth together in their younis in shorts probably in shorts but first and foremost we new kid in the world andrew. We had a baby didn't we. Yeah we just get another co host after a host. Now i was joking with is like how soon can i hand the podcast. Because this at this point but Yeah after i saw what leeann went through during in the hospital to say we had a baby seems kinda had a baby we end. I was there. I did my part. I tried to be supportive. But i guess some stories there. But yeah if you're if you guys are wondering why scott's dealing in show and i'm just sitting here as co-pilot because my brain is not working fully right now and My my son harrison was born last thursday evening so it's almost a week ago and the these last six days i don't know i i don't know what up is down down is up. You know bizarro world shit is going on because i am on a two and a half to three hour. Life cycle basically the cycle of harrison. Who eats sleeps in shifts every three hours. So you gotta you gotta kind of do that. But it's been it's been amazing and few people have reached out saying congratulations. I i definitely appreciate that. But yeah i guess the yankees have done stuff. I didn't really wasn't able to follow. It's kind of weird when it's been the busiest week of your life but only focused on one thing is. It's a very. It's kind of a bizarre. Yeah everything else gets. Shut out you have blinders on because you're in three our cycles like you were saying you have to have to you have to basically attend All of your attention to two one thing you got him first of all. Make sure that like this is new. You can make sure that the kid is fed. The kid is cleaned. The kid is not crying all the time. So there's a lot of lot of lot of responsibilities now. How how is the ride home. The ride home was fighting slept. He's been in the car twice and he's just immediately passed out. I was driving like fifteen miles an hour because i was scared shitless but otherwise He was calm lands in the backseat with them. But yeah there's just so much information and If anyone has had a baby or recently. I guess since cova like the nurseries in the hospitals are closed unless it's like a situation where the mother is in in serious condition and cannot care for him or or the baby is in serious condition and needs to go to the nursery so he was with us every night in the hospital which which is great but he was born at like five o'clock on thursday and we get to our hospital room at like nine thirty ten o'clock and they're just like here you go. Here's a baby. No you have any in twenty four hours. I you haven't slept at twenty four hours have fun and we're just lands bedridden because she had to have a cease. I don't want to call it emergency c. section but it felt like an emergency to me because as she's pushing. The doctors decide rightfully so because of slight complications we need to have a c. section and i'm not joking from that moment five minutes later she is in the. Or being cut over so like so in five minutes. They like unplug her from everything in the delivery room. Start wheeling her off and they're like one of the nurses turns to me and she's like you got a pack up all your stuff and bring it over to coding doing while you following us go get the stuff like what are you kidding. Me like our bags searches thrown about. Because we've been in this room for the last eight hours so i'm just like growing. I'm literally stomping on the suitcase to fit it in there and then like i'm like dragging stuff down the hallway to this room that we're going to be in just for temporary after the baby's born and then they push me into the into the The or and she's already being cut open so of course you're saying so so eloquently then that it's yeah no it's that's a crazy crazy experience especially when you don't when you're not expecting it going in and then all of a sudden it's like oh reverse course changes change plans. Let's do this. Yeah so so that had pursuit expectations on this podcast and when your expectations or something different in that moment it's a bit jarred. That's a chart. But so she's on on pain medications and bedridden for the for the twelve hours post delivery so just like try to change his diaper and try to figure out all the stuff like trying to hand him over so he can eat something so that i. It's just scary because you're now responsible for this human life and of course. The nurses are there to help. But he's not in the nursery. There's there for if it goes wrong when when keeping it real goes wrong when the nurses when the nurses papa that's when you hit the red button and so i told you in texas like i have a piece story And so apparently newborns. Don't pay a lot when they're first born in the first twenty four hours. They're looking for like one one good p. They said and the recovery room nurse told us oh. He peed a little so like within the first hour after he was born. Apparently he paid a little. But we had no proof that 'cause she didn't like documented anywhere so the nurses like the next twenty four hours like he needs to. He needs to look out for p. lookout for and we're like okay. Well we were told. He peed already so at the not. I'm not joking. Not twenty four hour mark. Changing his diaper he had pooped. Thank you all of a sudden then. All of a sudden leeann leeann looks over at his face. She's like is that are those tears on his face. And i'm like tears talking about. He's not crying. And then i put my face over. And i'm just i'm just drilled with piss in the cheek and then it starts going like a waterfall. She's she's like trying to cover it with with her and it's just spraying everywhere so we were initiated into the diaper changing club with just an absolute piss shower. Nice i love. I was hoping i was hoping for the other. End the other initiation. But i'm still confident that will come. You still have. There's still plenty of time for that to come to. So do you have a thing called the pptp. I i sure don't apparently that's something that parents of the need to invest in if if they're if they find themselves getting peed on award. Is that like one of those shark. Tank dad dad. Inventions i did. Pptp don't pissed in the face probably. Yeah we'll see we'll see about that but that's three hour sleep cycles right there to get the so. I do appreciate everyone who has reached out I'll i'll tweet out picture of them. maybe later today but Yeah otherwise it's other. Everything's been good Liens doing well You know all things considered the meds or helping and harrison is is healthy. And that's the most important thing so it's been great awesome animal. You know i know it's We've all been waiting to hear the updates so it's great to hear it's funny because the everybody who's been listening to this show for a long time and there's a lot there's a lot of a lot of people who've been listening for years and years and years. They've pretty much gone through. You know major life events with us obviously Kemp was kemp was born His all all of his Stuff they've everybody's been along for the journey. I was already married by the time we started this. But you got married. Now you having a kid so it's It's just kinda funny everybody's come along this entire ride with us Through life through the lens of the new york yankees. i guess. It's pretty pretty cool so glad to see everybody's doing well Harrison's adorable some pictures later but get some baseball man. Let's this is. Is the healthy distraction that we that we rely on now. And and now that your dad to You're going to be looking forward to this for for like a different moment. Like what is that other moment. Oh it's baseball okay. And today pitchers and catchers baby so. A lot of things happened this past week while you were in the hospital while you were in your days. A lot of minor league signings minor. You know not. Huge huge deals obviously for the yankees but felt a lot a whole lot of things that we have. Some good impact could have some major impact. We said last couple episodes like is this. Is this the roster that they're going to go in with and we mentioned sort of that list of unsigned players in quality. Names on there. That could help. The you think about you. Think about championship teams and they have these. These quality maybe veteran players that do something over the course of the season over the course of the playoffs that make a positive impact like you can find it on every championship roster. I go back to that two thousand seventeen team. Where were you look at the construction and the makeup of that team and yes. We thought it was early at that point. But they've really had that they had even more so than than now but they had a very healthy mix of veterans who either hadn't won or some that had and we're hungry and then also you're you're young guys and that blend when you find that right blend it becomes. It's just a very positive thing to have in the clubhouse and for leadership reasons you know in the in the dugout and as you get into the postseason so jay. Bruce davis is a guy that we mentioned was one of the outfielders is still available Looking at the signing was a minor league signing one point three million guaranteed. He's got bonuses. Starting i think after four hundred plate appearances fifty thousand dollar bonuses just tears up from four hundred four four fifty and five hundred. I don't expect him to get the four fifty five hundred probably not even four hundred but what happens if judge goes down if there's an injury then then yes that's a that's a guy that we're going there if we're talking about the perfect world situation and i mean i don't even know if he's getting the fourth outfield spot. He's probably fifth outfield. At this point maybe depends on who knows how he plays. He may not even make the major league. Roster there's a lot of things still open year which bruce He's got a show it. He didn't have a great year last year. But when you look at it not great since two thousand big good for for a while but when you look at his skin splits are to me. The the reason why I'm looking at him and not looking at his history as A major league players thirty-three-year-old feels a hell of a lot older than thirty. Three definitely thought he was older than thirty three. It seems like jay. Bruce has been around for a long time. Oh eight was his first year so but six thirty nine forty one against handed pitching in two thousand twenty. That's really the big thing i'm looking at. I'm looking at. What have you done against right. Handed pitching what have you done. have you done damage. Are you able to be slaughtered in on on days. Where we're going up against tough right into pitching and you know a tough out from the left side. That is a necessity as a team. Need in the lineup. Some balance against the tough ryan patrick. So if you can be that guy you know they can do that with minimal at bats. Then i see very good value here. What we'll see though he's got to be able to do it without playing time. All the time consistent playing time and that's just not something. He's he's really done at this point That might just be all. He's gets on any team so he he just has. It's like the these sorts of points. For for guys. Like jay bruce their careers can go one or two ways you can. You can try this role and you fail. And then your career is over or you find you find yourself thriving in this role and then you hang on for like another eight years and bounce around from team to team. Because in two hundred and fifty plate appearances you can give solid numbers. And you can be a nice guy in the clubhouse. Yeah and that's your right. There is a. there's a point in a i'd say especially the power hitters in power hitters career where they find that opportunity to you know to be glorified d. h But not even a fulltime d. h. Time just there's an opportunity for them to step in When needed and and play their role. And that's what the yankees need which abors right now. So i am hoping he can do that. We've seen guys attempt to do this. Part time gig even young guys. It's just not the same. It's not it's not what they're used to. It's not getting the same reps so it's definitely an adjustment. But if he could do it there's good value here the so we're talking about. Offseason is cashman finding these value plays. They're so much up in the air with that but if they can hit at least even fifty six percent of them hit. There's there's some good value there we talked about like the outfielders that were still available. Obviously brett gardner still available but there were some others on that on that list as well. In addition in addition to bruce. Like you mentioned nick marquess. I mentioned since you chew. There's also some other fielders that that could have fit similar roles. Are you happy with the bruce signing over some of those other guys. I mean to me. You're looking at him. Like you know what you toss a coin up in the air and you see. I thought marquette's could have been a good fit. I don't know what he's asking for. Contract wise bruce fit the what they were looking to do with the saying. I had the salary cap but the luxury tax cap if you will. And he fit. The team left need left hand bat soap. He fit the void. You know i'd be nitpicking. If i if i was saying one would be better than the other based on the value. But i think it's a it's a it's a good game. He strikes out still at i. Think of over twenty percent. I think it was twenty three percent over the last full season. Twenty five almost twenty five percent clip Guy but against a hand pitching if that's down and he's able to make contact and he's able to put up good production numbers against right handed pitching i will be. I'll be happy camper that really. That's the ideal thing. I was looking for our from anybody. But what we're talking about him before we get into the other guys. I'm going to go into a mailbag from andrew campbell. Because i think it directly affects The other left handed bat is stole a potentially still looming out there. And he's obviously. A yankee has been a yankees entire career brett gardner so many Read mailbag here Hey guys big longtime if the yankees can't find a way to bring back. Brett gardner for price fits both sides. Should the yankees consider maki pitch to gardy. That would bring him back to the bronx member of the coaching staff. Or even a perhaps a role A role as a player coach career bats profile as a member assistant coach or a special advisor to the team gardner saying the dugout while keeping him The salary part of the team below always living luxury tax threshold. The heart and soul of the team provides will be prominent the clubhouse for the two thousand one season. I'm not gonna read the entire thing here. Look this is this is. This is one of those plays where people are holding on for hope holding on to hope and andrew is a record guy. I appreciate that. I don't see the yankees at all. We're not talking about a player coach for the yankees. I'm usually joking because it doesn't exist. It doesn't hasn't exists anymore like legitimately. Who's the last player coach in major league baseball. Oh pete rose. We know how that worked out. Nobody's saying i. I don't think that that role is just like something out of a different era. Yeah no it's. It's not something that fits it's just not it doesn't it doesn't work for this. Brechner is not the guy like one. He thinks he can play. And look i. Don't you think that this completely closes the book on brett gardner i. I'm not going to say that it does yet. Because i still think the fact that he's not another team and he wants to play. There's something looming and i don't know you know what that is Gibberish beside minor league deal. Yes there's there's there's like he. He wants to be in the major league roster. There's no doubt but because of that because that's not a definite. I still think. Brett gardner is looming yet. So i was just going to clarify that with you. So the the jay. Bruce signing is not is not definite as far as like impact. Because i just looked up the spot track and I'm putting them in here now. So that the yankees still have about eleven million in tax space available because jay bruce so if he makes the roster million million five you said a million three million three five plus plus some incentives But the site again this is. This is if he makes the major league roster. So so here's the thing. Though they didn't do this with jay bruce for no reason they did it because they think he he might be able to contribute to the roster if they do signed brett gardner and it's a guaranteed major league spot. That kind of takes jay bruce out. So why are you going to do this with jay. Bruce if you're then going to give garner guaranteed roster spot. Maybe you're going signed. Brett gardner invite him to spring training and say compete but are they really going to even go through that whole rigmarole with gardner you do that with jay bruce fine because he's he's never been on the team before but you bring a guy who's a career yankee into compete for a job. That just seems kinda weird and that. That seems more like a distraction than anything to me. No i agree with you. And and that's that's where we'll also can play first base. That's a that's a potential there. You're looking at Mike ford as a backup. First baseman lefty bat. So you could see jay bruce finding spot on that roster even if there's even if record no word to To be signed still and and again it's a very very low risk. Play if i if bruce doesn't play well in the spring if they don't like what they see they don't have to do anything they can. They can release them from this minor league deal and a guy like mike ford could step right in as a backup. Backup for space. So if you're looking at it in that way and and you see him as a potential slide from outfield spots diverse base d. h. And there's really not much because even if brett gardner there you can still find a home for him I see that as a as a potential play. I think the other thing of this is not just garnered. But they're looking at this. Jay bruce Versus mike ford. I mean that's to me after what might four did last year when he didn't back up the the season that we were you know at the end of the year in two thousand eighteen when he didn't live up to your bold prediction to move the first for the comeback from home run king of the season. When that's comeback back made me look bad then. I think there are a lot of us. Were expecting him to to pick up. Maybe it wasn't to the to the bull bricks i happen. We weren't expecting him to fall off the planet like he did last year he was back you thrown at thrown out though like you're throwing out venus so it if he if he chose well in spring i think that's what they want to see. They wanna see if. Mike ford can step up and be that left handed bat. He's a younger guy. You'd say that Thirty-three-year-old jay bruce or looking at mike ford. I'd say it's a it's a toss up so maybe really. That's fishing is the fact that bruce can play the outfield and play first. Base is a huge step over. Mike ford because that versatility especially for this yankees roster is massive. Sure with the injuries with the injury history there but the thing is he's not going to be the four th outfielder talk still out there. He's going to be the. He's the guy that slots in and if gardner is signed then. It doesn't really matter as much. So then it become gardeners signed. It becomes jay bruce versus mike ford in my opinion but in a situation. Like you mentioned where you're going up against one of the best right handed pitchers in the game and you just want to have a little bit more lefty Bat in the lineup. You could in theory even have gardeners not on the team you could. You could say okay. We're going to put Bruce in the light up. We're going to have my talk men in the lineup. And we're not gonna take luke voight lineup who you wouldn't want take out of the lineup. If he's producing like he did last year anyway right. So that's where the you have the competition of brett gardner. Mike ford jay bruce. Let's see what happens here. You got a bunch of left-handed bats. Bruce has the most flexibility garner has the most tenure and ford is relative. Wildcard if he can regain the form that we saw in spurts in two thousand eighteen. So two thousand nine hundred. And so i think it's a. It's good competition book. I see the day. When i'm looking at the roster and i look back at all of cashman's moves and we can get into the other minor league moves in a second here but i see a lot of competition across the roster and this is a roster that we going into the season we looked at it and it's pretty locked up right like it's there's a lot of spots that are set but in the rotation there were not in the bullpen. After you know getting rid of outta vino and keenly being released after his injury there's competition there too. There's a lot of competition in a good amount of spots on this team and when you're bringing in some of these guys that they're not definite it's they're not locked spot but they have to compete with other guys other young guys to me. That's a very very healthy good thing for the roster and i'm excited to watch spring training because there's gonna be battles there's definitely going to be battles in different positions especially in the pitching staff so to me that's exciting. And now you add. Jay bruce to the mix with potential gardner or another outfielder. You know from from some of the invites that they've had there's competition there. There's no doubt one last thing on gardener. I think he's done. And that's why. I just don't see them bringing him back look at his stackhouse rankings. From last year literally the only thing that he excelled in was walked percentage which is still good but exit velocity hard. Hit percentage expected weighted on base average barrel percentage slugging percentage all near the bottom of the league k. percentage middle of the road. He could still run. He still near the top eighty third percentile and sprint speed which is great but his actual defense worsened. His above average outfielder jump got worse. And they're actually near the bottom of the league. We need we needed to sela rations. Is that what i feel. Jump as i guess. But that's that's also reactions sprint sprint's sprint speed. I need an acceleration speed. I need the know how you're getting out of the gate. The has that was. That's always been brett gardner's downfield outfield. Jump no because there's a reaction you're reacting to something. I'm talking more fast cars fast guy. He can't still abate would never still which is which comes down to your first step. Most of the slow i you. Did you ever see that you know tom. Tom ski video of course. Do you remember the one with ricky henderson. Don't specifically remember the videos. But i just i remember the the set of talking about stealing bases and he talked about how so many guys make the mistake. Their first step is with their right foot and all that does is you take like a four inch step and you plant again. You're wasting you're wasting time. You're wasting step. His first step was with his left and he crossed over so he got like four feet or whatever it was instead of four inches in his first step. And i feel like it could be as simple as that with brett gardner where his first step is. Just a dog shit step. He's not getting bang bang. But he's always out. Ricky henderson also started used to teach. I used to teach kids when i was coaching. Pony ball and literally would show them. It wasn't the amid ski videos. But i would show them ricky henderson videos of stealing base because there are a lot of different things he would start so low and stay low all the way through. I mean he never really got into an upright position whereas i think a lot of guys do that but he was accelerating. It seemed like for fifty to sixty percent of the time he was such powerful long wide strides. He was almost climbing as he was running it. He's impressive just to watch his form. he's definitely a guy that they should be yet. But you're right. The first step was was massive. So my point on. Brett gardner is that i'm afraid he's done in at this point. The yankees need to win a championship. And they don't have any room for done player. Just because he's been a yankee for twelve years. Okay i mean. That's i don't think i don't think It seems like they're not saying that as heavily if they're waiting this long to sign a guide because if that was if that was top of mind all his tenure is a yankee. He's been yankee forever. he would have been. You've been signed already right. Like he's obviously been chosen over tapers. Probably so do you think he's getting interest from other teams because he got another contract offer from a major league team even if it was a million bucks just as a guaranteed roster spot. Don't you think that he would go to cashman his agents. Say hey you know. The the whoever the seattle mariners are the san diego padres are offering a one million dollar guaranteed spot. Can you meet that. Because gardner wants to stay. Cashman would give them a yes or no but that's the thing they're not giving us contracts out. I mean look look look at jay. Bruce signed a minor league deal for one point three with incentives. You have to make the team. They're not getting that you know. What am i big points looking at those and he's younger to taper says younger looking at looking at those middle mid thirty guys outfield. There's those veteran guys were floating around. They're just not valued anymore at all. Every single team would prefer to go and and have a young guy that's controlled cheap all and and younger with a of side way. More than than jay. Bruce or record. I don't brick. He doesn't bring a lot of value to any team. Unless you're a competitor and even then at this point are you still looking for a guy like brett gardner. If you're if you're a team that's competing. I could see the red sox signing brett gardner because they just traded benintendi so they have. I know they have for do go. They have a couple of the people in their outfield. But i could see them doing that. Just like an f you to the yankees. Yeah well maybe we'll see if it depends on much brecqhou. No must keep playing baseball. And if if what about the raise the other hold on the other option for him is that he stays in shape he he's he's the guy first one to chopping wood. He's chopping chopping wood. He's gonna be on the farm shopping would but if he doesn't get an opportunity that he's excited about. I wouldn't be surprised if he was on the roster at some point during the season. So i said this like a month ago i could see i could see him fitting on the race roster maybe i mean they plug in everything so who knows. They're adding veteran. It seems like they're adding more veteran players every day. to fill in gaps in into throw shit at the wall. Also maybe couple guys. That they signed also robinson's torino's former astros former battery mate with gear cold not his personal catcher. When i first heard the news is like we did with that was that as personal catcher. No it was not. I was excited to watch these. Marge salt and auto. I was very excited. Watch you lose your shit but it was not not the same guy. This was torino's who things just don't affect me anymore. Scott i got. I got a kid i got. I got bigger fish to fry right. It's a it's a it's a little click that just goes off immediately So robert torino's really is a depth piece here to me not much to see. It's just a a veteran guide. Debt that you may or may not be there. He could be. What is this five other veteran guys. That i do have. I do have a thought on this though because because torino's was a starting quote unquote catcher on a world series caliber astros. He was the he was the main catch on the astros. Do you know what is this move for is because they don't believe in figgy as much as we were led to believe this because is this because they have an extra roster spot or two extra roster spots rate for the new rules and they they have the luxury of carrying a third catcher if they need it and this gives extra insurance for maybe if gary sanchez just sucks again and they just. They need more catching that they have this luxury now. I think it speaks. Way more to gary sanchez than it does hagi. I don't think it says anything about hagi. I think it says everything about gary sanchez. Ed they need some kind of an insurance to note to be ready if he does come out of the gate slow and it's not something they're willing to put up with or or you know deal with for an extended period of time. I think it's an insurance policy. I think it's definitely it's signing aircraft. It's a the yankees are. They need depth on our catching In their catching position especially a guy that now has a relationship that has experience with colt. That's not a bad thing. So i think that's it was really just depth mover here. The other move is justin. Wilson is back in the bronx after a couple of this. Move a couple years with The mets pitch. Well two point nine one a twenty six percent strikeout rate With the mets terms are undisclosed. So far i haven't seen the money of. But i imagine this is a guarantee a guarantee very close to what bruce if he makes the squad. I definitely see just making the major league roster and i'm sure there's some bonus incentives along with that as well but already some some intriguing stat stat. Cast doubt on him. Exit velocity ninety sixth percentile hard. Hit percentage ninety second percentile expected weighted on base average seventy fifth percentile. Expected the ira seventy fifth percentile. Batting seventy percentile expected slugging eighty first percentile. Those are all good numbers. All top of like top twenty five percent or better of the league and for relief pitcher. Who's going to be relied on to pitch. Maybe the six seventh-inning come in to get a couple tough left. He's out in the eighth inning. I love it. This is this is exactly the signing that they needed. They needed to make to give more insurance to this pitching staff. So let's let's recap what happened so far in the bullpen with With the the deal that cashman gets a lot of flack for what he does with the pitching staff. I probably not as much in the rotation bullpen has always been history. So looking at justin wilson. A guy that's been on the team before you know. Louis sessa was Was was part of the deal. Shane shane green yet. Went to the tigers and justin wilson in. Yeah i think it was. I think it was lewis. Who came back. the when. You're looking at at justin wilson. Coming in left handed reliever you look at darren. Day right handed side side swine. Learned a guy. Nobody wants to face doesn't matter what side of the The boxer inside of the plate. You're in trading vino and his entire contract to the red sox and you're replacing him essentially with these two guys for a fraction of the price again. We don't know what the justin wilson deal is yet. I have not seen it. But i can't imagine it's anywhere over two million dollars probably under two million. That's that's i mean. Just just just swap justin wilson for atom of and to me. It's an upgrade. Your adding d'arno day now a as another piece that that gives you just a different option. A different look out the pen. I like what they've done. Plus you adding the young guys With you know a good amount of upside. I like it. I make i mix these trades up. So the yankees acquired wilson wilson from the pirates in two thousand fourteen for francisco survey. Yes then in two thousand after the two thousand fifteen season. They traded wilson to the tigers for lewis. Sessa green right. That's a. Shane greene was different. Trade entirely with the tigers was shingling. Potentially in that curtis granderson. I feel like he might have been in the curtis granderson trade. But anyway you got chad. Green and louis sesa for wilson like tigers pride kicking themselves about that so speaking of winning trades. That's a. That's that's brian cashman. Bullpen trade. all day but not so much in the rotation that's where the that's where the criticism has always come in paxton. Now it's official. The cycle has closed eight point. Five million dollar deal with the mariners. He's back in seattle. He's got bonuses including this deal. That could make it worth over ten million bucks so the seattle mariners are now walking into a season with both james paxton and justice sheffield in their starting rotation and the yankees are are left holding and they're holding. Their shange is in their hand. So can we just be done with dealing with the mariners that doesn't seem to want to trade for any more pitching from the mariners. They try to michael pineda. That actually was the best one that worked out but it didn't really work out. They tried to require quick cliff. Lee back in the day. It didn't work out the mariners this this whole thing with sheffield and like i'm done. Acquiring pitching from the mariners go do something else. Just go to a different. Well pleased because i'm sick of drinking this shitty water from seattle seattle people hate you too so the the thing is is yes cashman's looking at this deal now and it didn't work again injuries on both of those traits completely crushed. I'd say the both guys. I mean you look at you. Look at what happened with With pineda and to me was the the mind boggling upside that just never was never was was was really dead never matured and never came out. It's probably come out more infrequent minnesota then over the tenure of what we saw. We saw a couple of spurt. Well didn't he get busted for pd's in minnesota who knows everybody's been busted for pd but you see a guy that is has all the potential in the world just couldn't put it together. The yankees never never really got what they needed to out of him. He was infuriating to watch. Because of the the the spike in talent james paxton completely you know marred by by injuries had the had the big start in the playoffs where you know three feet. Three feet and that ball is out of the stadium. We look at him. Very differently. but it just didn't work. We knew that he was coming over with with injuries and injury state and Completely affected what he was as a player. Yankee said i'm not dealing with that anymore. And now he goes back to the mariners so both trades no good potential there. I still hold on real quick before. When i'm looking back at this discussion deals. I'm seeing it. They didn't they didn't work but at the same time. I'm looking at them in the moment when he made the trades. And i'm like yep i would probably make that trade again like jameson i on. We loved it at kill now. It's an easy because you look and you know what happened. But when we were back looking at it looking at the upside for paxton potential with what justice sheffield had been hadn't really been the guy that that potentially thought we. You can't say that he had no time in the mets fine. But i still i. I don't think he was identified as a guy that they didn't see long-term so i was fine with. He was the number one prospect. But that's kind of there's a little strict decks to that because everybody else was trash so it's not that big of a deal so i'm still looking back at the time and being probably make that move pineda. I have done that again in a heartbeat as well. If i didn't know what happened well well. His montero flopped. Okay but just a sheffield. He pitched a little bit for them. In two thousand nineteen the mariners and struggled in the majors but two thousand twenty and fifty five innings had a three point. Five eight yards and a three point. One seven philip. Okay that's clearly a step forward and major in the major leagues for justice sheffield. What if he comes out. And twenty twenty one and was one hundred seventy five innings till mid three era in amid three v. It's very positive that is a huge black mark on cashman's resume because that is a clear misidentification of a young left handed starting pitcher very true. There's no doubt. I think what what justice sheffield does for. The rest of his career is going to really be a determining factor of how we look at cashman because that is a top-flight guy that was in their system that they traded for an injury prone james paxton and what they were trying to do in my opinion that that point was captured lightning in a bottle for what they had on the roster. There were going forward. They knew that sheffield wasn't the guy right. Then and chat passing could be a different a difference maker and they roll the roll the dice and it didn't work so when you acquire guy with injury history and then he gets injured for you. I don't say that's bad luck. I just say that's well. You knew the risks and then you took them and they didn't But guess what it's not. It's not surprising. I think we were trying to look at the at the injuries as well and you can look at those injuries and in seattle and say some of them were you know fluky. Some of them were a bit fluky but but there were. There was also writing on the wall for the type of injuries. Even when he was rehabbing he would get injured because his body couldn't handle the mechanics mechanical changes or there was more strain on another part of his body and then that part of the body failed so the writing was definitely on the wall with him. So we'll see we'll see how it comes. Your company salary cap is probably tighter this year. 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Get your seventy five dollars credit at indeed dot com slash blue wire. This offer is valid to march thirty first terms and conditions. Apply guys. we're going to get into a few mailbags before we get out if you're obviously spring training is Is is here. Pitchers and catchers. Were here you guys are are writing in so if you have not sent an mailbag in a while. Let's get back in the game. Let's let's let's all wake up. We got we got baseball in two new season. I think the We're we're optimistic right with. Things are going and seems like a geyser reporting on time. Let's let's hope the the major league baseball has a good handle on all the covid stuff And we're able to get through this but sucks era. It's always in the news. I couldn't believe it when the When the seat when the new year was transitioning and alex rodriguez and jennifer lopez. Were in front of my face bringing me into the new year in front of an empty times square with sinatra speech blasting in the background and era being the guy. That's that's getting me in here. Schoenfelder writes in talking about the hall of fame and a-rod obviously jeter is They they just made the announcement. That jitters ceremony is going to be virtual. It's going to be something that we were going to be able to watch it from tv. That's unfortunate. i was surprised by that. I was expecting there to be some kind of a I don't know figure out how to get a certain amount of people in there. But that's not the case so Jeeter will have his ceremony. Thank thank goodness no curt schilling will be staining it But speaking of stains and everybody knows my opinions on a rod and what he is. Uh he's doing start using steer stain. That's that's such an offended. It sounds era of thing to say to substitute felder. Asked what about iran for the hall of fame i think he should be inducted based on stats. Six ninety. Six home runs over two thousand. Rbi's for one of the top players. In his time you helped the yankees win their last championship. Two thousand nine look. You're not wrong with the stats. You look at the stats. And you see what a rod has done as a baseball player. And you're of course that's a hall of famer. You look at barry bonds. That's a hall of famer. You look at roger clements. That's a hall of famer. But there is the massive stain of steroids the backdrop of steroid that will not get these guys in. We're seeing i think this this year. We talked about this last time. This this voting was pretty telling on what's going to happen to me with other steroid guys with with them. Not really inching closer for bonds or or clements. So much of the hall of fame is based on. Are you a nice guy whether that's right or wrong. It's also what you do in the five years after your career. A hall of fame at eligible which era it will be in two thousand twenty six to depends on if the writers like you and will vote for you. Guess what the has been in full force since two thousand and fifteen a his likable barry bonds. Not likeable roger. Clemens not likeable curt schilling not likeable. A-rod likable is so yes basically writers. He's likable because that's that's who you're talking to. You're not talking about the general public. You're talking about baseball writers. I think he's much more likable to baseball writers than he is than clements and he does because my wife watches this awful show style. One of these reality shows. That's i think it's based out of charleston and there's just there's just a train wreck of drunk people just like let's follow around a bunch of people that just get hammer all the time and you're watching. How their lives are getting. You know destroyed because they're just a train wreck sometimes it's entertaining when you see train wrecks because you look at yourself you're like okay. Things are going so bad. My life's pretty decent when you look at shit like that but she watches it all the time and i'm sitting there on my computer doom doing whatever while she's watching it on tv and they have the she watches it on demand. And there's like commercials lupine lupin loop all the time and one of them is a shark tank commercial and i it. It drives me nuts because they show a-rod and he says he says something about you. What does it feel like to identify to ruin one of the best opportunities of your life and i'm sitting there like. How are you possibly saying this hour the one to be able to say that you possibly say this other. Look in the mirror bro. But don't kiss yourself in the mirror which you have done. Not only that. But the girl on the show who has a rumor tied to era that they've done snuggle looming. I don't know all the details here but there is a. There's a rumor out there that this girl and arab and texting and possibly hooked up in miami and jaylo. There's a whole. There's a whole thing happening there too. So you'd have to do. Not expect era big laura on planet earth used to be the biggest more on planet earth to cheat on jaylo. Yeah no but but my point is that i think a-rod is much more likable at this stage than bonds clements an obviously his stats are there and i think that might be enough by twenty twenty six when twenty twenty six rolls around. That's still a long time away injury. He still has been steroid. I mean i don't give a i. Don't give a shit. How likable you are. He still has the backdrop of steroids and was pop multiple times and then lied that. There's going to be more writers in two thousand twenty six that care less about the steroids then they than currently but if these other guys are not getting in. How can you possibly justify era if barry bonds is does not get in. How can you possibly justified a ride. You can't i. I see your point. But i think because there will be enough writers by twenty twenty six voting. Who don't care about steroids. They're not even gonna say they're going to look at bonds and clemens say that's a mistake they should be and i'm not gonna make the same mistake with with l sharia's i don't see i don't know i think i think if if we're not looking at at clemens and bonded i i find it very difficult for anybody to even justify the fact that these guys can can get in And it would have to get to the committee at some point down the road and letting them but who knows So sean sean point. About era like yes justified because of the stats but then you have steroids. And all the other nonsense. I was looking up some stats for era. And one thing that. I noticed that he played ninety two percent of his team's games from nineteen ninety-six to two thousand and ten and he played one hundred sixty two games which is a full season three separate times. Oh one oh two and five. He obviously won the mvp for the yankees in that o. Five season era like many players of that era and unlike many players of this era they went out and they just played. And that's so important. I don't know all right next. One is from Eric shine cough longtime listener Been to a bunch of events as well. What's up eric. I'm disappointed that in terms of spending the answer not acting like the dodgers but amid market team concerned about the luxury tax the cost That costs them. A two thousand seventeen rotarians overlander and in two thousand nineteen twenty. They didn't do anything also should have tried for linda to get a super infielder super infield george wanted to win. I make money second. How is the reverse. Okay guys. there's one thing what thing that's that's the yankees are not a mid market team. And they're not spending like a amid market team. they're they're right up against luxury tax. Which is a large sum of money to have on the roster in the first place didn't do anything in two thousand nineteen thousand twenty. Well that's not true. Gerke cole was signed for a long term deal was paid an exorbitant amount of money To to come in and be the ace of the staff for a very long time they got their guy just because this year they didn't go out and sign what really the only opportunity for me to improve it on the free agent market in the pitching staff side was trevor bauer trevor. Bauer got a stupid amount of money. Yes it put them over short term. So there's an argument to be made there but there were a ton of opportunities for them that were definite and maybe they don't even think. Trevor bauer definite because one wild card off the field. He's you look at his career stats. He's not career wise. Not the guy that he was lascher in his cy young and his young camping but they they could evaluate differently and they see the the other opportunities and played more of the volume game and depth game than going out and getting one guy while staying under so you could argue both ways but i definitely don't see them as not a a team that's spending money because they are spending money and they have spent money but i mean what i think. Eric's point is that the lux there. They yankees hal steinbrenner and the yankees now are treating the luxury tax cap as a hard cap and not a soft cap. They're not they. They believe you can build a consistent championship caliber round by staying under the luxury tax. And they might be right. But the counter argument to that is when you're the yankees. You shouldn't have to confine yourself. Why are you. Why are you playing by the same rules when you don't have to play by the same rules as all the other mid and small market teams that their owners just refuse to spend the money because they can't spend the money they don't make the same revenues as the yankees make the yankees print money. It's not that big of a penalty when you just look at the the balance sheet as not that big of a penalty if they go over the luxury tax but how refuses to because he believes in the business model that you don't need to do it. That's been a business model that they've talked about. And they dave been very public about saying as well but how does the fact that last year. No fans in the stands this your. We have really touch on this. Because i mean yeah it's t the yankees are allowing cuomo opened up too big. It was a ten thousand ten percent so ten percent capacity or allowed. So that's that's that's five thousand fans five five hundred fifty one hundred fans. Yeah i think the technical Capacities forty six and change but yes. So it's the did they cut out. They cut out see. Here's the thing is that's a small amount of fans. My question is. How much does that play. Into the fact that this year and the uncertainty with the collective bargaining agreement all of these things uncertainty plan to not going after a gallic. Trevor bauer this. You're going over for for this one year. Maybe when when the covid hayes is lifted to to a more clear long-term future and we're able to see a little bit further down the road maybe that maybe that shifts a bit when you look at the current oster. I think they're using it as a convenient excuse. They can say we can lean into cove and we can lean on the no fans stuff as a reason why we're staying under the luxury tax but but when you when you to be doing really using that as the excuse either hal steinbrenner's set on ration- but they've also talked before covid that this was a game plan that they're they want to stay under the luxury tax even prove it but since then since cova they have said we've we got hit harder than any other team that's fine but it's just all really support what they've already said they're trying to do so i i don't i don't know i think that I think when you when you literally do the math and you realize it's only like extra ten ten to fifteen million bucks of a real dollars that you're you're spending if you go if you make one signing that goes over the luxury tax i. I can't imagine that affects. The negatively affects the balance. Sheet for the yankees. That much. it can't you can't run at that finn of margins. It's not like they're running at a two percent margin. It depends on what you're doing that at that point. If you're making a big splash the player. That's a longer term deal. It might make sense right. It might make some sense you have. You have a guy locked up trevor. Bauer would have put them over so you you look at the aav there and what was he. What was he at forty forty for this year. Forty five for next so at the luxury tax penalty to that. Because that's what's putting you over. Essentially that's what your cost is. I'm not even arguing for bauer. I'm just saving even looking at a position player that could needed. So let's take another example. Look at like michael brantley Yeah michael brantley what that was sixteen million bucks so even ten to fifteen million dollars. Put somewhere in there. It's still gonna knock you over but then you have to by four million but then you're adding the now the difference of the luxury tax on your adding essentially that to the deal. Because that's what put you over right. I mean if you're looking at it. In that way depending on how long the deal is understanding what that what that is adding to the player it it may just knocked the value completely out of his own. And that's why they're trying to look at other ways. It's dan if you do damned if you don't move because if you're looking at a guy like trevor bauer to me that's making it extremely expensive for a wildcard. He's a joker. I mean that is what he is. He's a joker he could be great ki. Could be middle of the road. We you don't know And then a guy like a brand. Just gonna make a player. That's nice player. Helps the team just very expensive. Yeah yeah. I just think i mean to erik's pointing it's not like the making the original point on this george would not have cared and healthcare's that's the difference between the two different mentality between there's different mentality between two. There's no doubt our man that's for for mailbags were We're going to cut it. andrews go change a diaper and i got like seven notification. Get for breakfast and what she wants for a very long time. Do use koo koo. It's like a baby monitor. And they can. It's looking over the crib. And they send push notifications. I got like seven seven push notifications baby detected baby not detected. Baby crying okay. So we did we. Did we have one of those monitors and we were like okay. We need to understand everything. Is he still breathing. Is still happening. Granted our situation with a little bit different but even less even in those situations where like. We're going to go insane. I can't i. Can't i can't have like twenty four seven monitoring and b be so Guided by these notifications or the or the buzzers and beeps and no i still in that face of still in the face of like every time he makes a noise and like. Oh my god is he dead. I know 'cause it's new and you're responsible for a life it's frigging scary but yeah those you will turn those off soon. I guarantee it. Cool man. well. Congratulations i know. You've got a been through the wringer past week. But i i know everybody speak for everybody's listening to the show We we send our congratulations and excited for harrison man. I'm ready for the harrison income. Show soon it's coming up soon. Twenty maybe twenty twenty six when a rut inducted into all the hall of fame. We're gonna have like a a nine. How old kemp at that point nine. When is that twenty twenty six. Th five years yeah. Eight or nine eight. Change a a nine and a five year old hosting podcasts. Why not. I love it though. Probably be a A youtube channel for that. I think that that plays now and youtube could do that really well. Heather good have a good day. We'll talk to you next week. Happy pitchers and catchers. let's go. Hey guys thanks for listening to the bronx pincer show. Make sure you find us an itunes and subscribe. She can get all new episodes directly onto your phone. If you do like to show you love you to take a minute. And give us a five star rating and review an itunes. It really helps us out and allows us to create more shows. We're on twitter at bronx pinstripes and the same on facebook. You can always find us. They're talking yankee baseball. Thanks again guys for your support. Really appreciate it and go yankees.

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