Episode 6 - A Marine at 16 and a MIA at 17


Hello and welcome to this episode of no home for heroes know, home for heroes explores history's mysteries regarding Americans who are missing in action from our past wars, these long forgotten you my are remembered here today's episode is titled a marine at sixteen A M I at seventeen and I'm your host, Rick stone. No home for heroes is a trademark production. Sponsored by the cheap Rix down in family charitable foundation. For more information foundation. Visit our website at cheap. Rick stone dot com. And now on with our show. Today. We're going to explore file number zero four one four from the Rick stone's family charitable, foundations investigative cases of missing American service members. It is the case of private Edward William Jordan from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania over seventy years. Private Jordan was reported as an I from the battle of Tarawa in November nineteen forty three. I won't spoil the ending for you ballista side that our story will have a happy ending. While I was assigned to the department of defense at the joint POW, EMI, accounting to man, or J pack. I learned that the millions of dollars we spent wandering all over the world. Looking for the over seventy three thousand missing American servicemen and women from World War Two was actually dwarfed results by those that were found completely by accident. Usually by some farmer, plowing a field in France or a native some remote Pacific island foraging for food in the hills in mountains, and even by routine, construction, crews building everything from waterlines to shopping malls, all over the world today story will be about the building of a carport. Yup. As right. A simple place to park a car on an island that has very few automobiles. It was an incredible coincidence. But many times sheer luck is needed to solve a mystery. As you know, all of our investigations always start with the via metric building blocks of comparative analysis when we use our risk system r I s c random instant to TISCO correlations. Private edwin. William Jordan, the sixty eight and a half inches tall. That's five eight and a half inches yet. Brown hair. They right way to one hundred twenty five pounds. He was Born October thirteen nineteen twenty six issues is was seven and a half. Doubly. And he was from Pennsylvania. Private Jordan listed his religious preferences Protestant in his records. The letter p Protestant may have been imprinted on his US MC dog tag is dog tags were issued to him on eight December nineteen forty two. And as US MCI D card was issued on the same day. Private Jordan was unmarried and one of his official US MC photographs contains the chart in the photograph that confirms his listed height. Five foot eight and a half inches yet. Twenty twenty vision in his capsize was six seven eight. Private Jordan's last recorded mental examination was on ten January nineteen forty three shortly after his enlists when he recorded or cavities one extraction and no wisdom teeth visible. Private Jordan's medical records indicate that he had no tattoos birthmarks, but he has sustained a fractured right humerus in nineteen thirty six and he exhibited a three inch scar was ride butter. Edwin stated he was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the time of the nineteen. Forty census Edwin was living with his parents, Arthur C and Margaret Jordan, one older brother and one younger sister in Pittsburgh, Edwin father, listed, his occupational census records as a mechanic on the railroad. If you live in the Pittsburgh area. You can go buy see the home that Edwin live at thirty seven ninety four east rate. It's still there. It was built in nineteen twenty. But please don't disturb the current owners. I doubt that they have any idea that a lost American hero. Once lived there. Edwin was not a good student, and he only completed the fifth grade by nineteen forty he. He was exceptionally poured mathematics and spelling. Edwin once told his aunt that his aim in life was to be a magician and to someday maybe own his own band. While not a scholar. He was noted be clever, honest and not afraid of hard work. Edwin mother had an operation on a July nineteen forty one and sadly died. The next day the complications from the operation. She was thirty four years old and Edwin was fourteen at the time of her death. After the devastating death of Edwin mother, Edwin took over the household and was tasked with doing all the cooking cleaning laundry and help raising his younger sister apparently relations between Edwin and his father were strain Edwin requested that he'd be allowed to work on a farm during the summer of ninety forty two or he earned whopping fifty cents a day. When he returned home conditioned between Edwin and his father soon became intolerable. In World War. Two the minimum age of enlistment was eighteen or you could enlist at seventeen with parental consent. On fifteen October nineteen forty two Edwin father went before notary public and Allegheny county. Pennsylvania raised his right hand and signed and toward with percent, parental consent form for a minor to enlist in the Marine Corps e falsely swore on the consent. That Edwin was eighteen years of age and truth Edwin had just turned sixteen two days before. Onto November nineteen forty two Edwin took his father signed consent form and went to the Marine Corps recruiter. Pittsburgh. The also falsely swore that he was eighteen years old. Edwin was accepted for enlistment in the United States Marine corps reserves signed the rank of private. He listed his residence in Pittsburgh, and he listed civilian occupation. As student. Private Jordan listed, his father, Mr. Arthur, c Jordan of Fitchburg as his next. And the tarmac is enlisted was for the quote duration of the national. Private Jordan completed all the necessary paperwork to receive u s government live insurance. He began his Marine Corps basic training with the eleventh recruit McCallion at Parris island, South Carolina. Annie received additional instruction with the sixteenth in seventeen separate recruit battalions in camp. Lejeune in new river North Carolina during December nineteen forty two. Upon graduation from bicyc- crying on three January nineteen forty three private Jordan was assigned. Bravo company fifth replacement battalion, and he was a media transported by train the San Diego, California. Only a few days after arriving in San Diego. Private Jordan his company embarked aboard the s s Matt Sonia in San Diego harbor on sixteen January nineteen forty three. The Matt Sonia quickly raised its anchor and set sail for pay go pay go in American Samoa, the Mets Sony arrived in pay go pay go harbor on twenty five January nineteen forty three and private Jordan is company embark two days later. Would private Jordan's aunt lard in February nineteen forty three that he had been shipped overseas for combat duty cheap. Again. A letter writing campaign that included correspondence with just about everybody in the United States government. She wrote to the Marine Corps headquarters, the Marine Corps commandant her United States. Senator Joseph Guthrie private Jordan's company commander and even his battalion Chapman and Oliver letters. Private Jordan's aunt pleaded that private Jordan had enlisted fraud and was too young to be accepted into the marine. Cool. She even provided the Marine Corps with a copy of private Jordan's birth certificate. Which listed his age as sixteen and not eighteen at the time of his enlistment. While private Jordan's aunt was writing letters, private Jordan, his unit was shipped from American Samoa to Wellington New Zealand where he was transferred to FOX company. Second battalion eight marines. Private Jordan's new unit was stationed in New Zealand for a period of rest, refit and training preparation for the invasion of Tara. On thirty June nineteen forty three private Jordan received his semi annual professional conduct record. Which is basically is a fishing report is commanding officer on a zero to five scale noted that private Jordan was a four for military efficiency, a four for neatness military bearing gave him a four for intelligence and for a beady sobriety. Private. Jordan earn the top rank level of five. Jenner Guthrie's letter to the Marine Corps. Commanado nineteen August nineteen forty three included an excerpt from a letter that private Jordan's aunt had written to the Senator. A may. I sent a letter off to the commanding officer of eighth marines company f second battalion prevailing the boys age and asked that they consider age and keep him from combat duty. I also wrote his chaplain from whom I heard from the other day advising me that he had talked to the lad about the possibility of a rear position on account of his age. But that the boy said he went stay where he is why s this boy he's underage does. He not know took an out to protect and fight for his country. Does he not know he's upright non of how could anyone say? Let me go home in writing. Edwin said, I tell them I'd stay, but oh, if they had said, you're going home. Well, I would not have said no inside my pill to use Irv in the name of Justice since my efforts of the past five months of failed. In the same letter Senator Guthrie wrote understand it is against the policy of the United States Marine corps to retain a boy in the service who is underage will you kindly therefore issue. The necessary instructions to his commanding officer and order that steps may be taken to release him from the service thanking you for your consideration. In cooperation, I am. Sincerely, yours. Joseph gothi United States Senator. There's no record in any of the files that we've looked through that a decision was made by the Marine Corps to release private Jordan. If that decision was made it came too late to save him. The second battalion eight marine was designated to land on red beach three during the invasion of terroir private. Jordan battalion was transported from their training bases in New Zealand to Tara on board the USS. Hey woman. Private George June. It landed on red beach three shortly after nine o'clock in the morning on the first day of the invasion. Twenty November nineteen forty three. They met initially surprisingly light resistance, and almost all of the assault. Marines survived to secure a foothold behind. The coconut, log seawall. After a brief period. Reorganization private George unit was directed to attack southeast over the seawall toward a large fortified Japanese bunker, just inland from the beach. Resistance from the Japanese defenders became fares. And all six of FOX companies offered were either killed or wounded one of the less seriously wounded among the officers was the company commander, captain Martin f Barrett. By early afternoon on the first day the extent of FOX companies advanced to the extended just short of a structure known as the burns, Philip Warf, and the fortified Japanese bunker that was their initial objective proved to be unconquerable for the next two days. Private Jordan was listed on the United States Marine corps casualty card as killed in action on twenty November nineteen forty three. This document list has caused a death as gunshot wound chest and it lists burial location of division cemetery. Unfortunately, there were many designated division cemeteries on terroir, and which one was the final resting place of private Jordan was unrecorded. Private Jordan's also listed as killed in action. Twenty November nineteen forty three and the chaplains while which notes no wounded for information or burial location. The graves registration unit report of January nineteen forty four and the island commanders report of June nineteen forty four by captain ECB. Goule both lists private Jordan. Ah burial location is unknown rather than listing him as missing as was done with many other Carol casualties. Private Jordan's individual deceased personnel. File ID PF states. Private first class, Edwin w Jordan died at bay xio Allen terroir at all as a result of gunshot wounds received while participating in action against enemy forces remained buried in division. Cemetery. Foundation. Researchers discovered the following notation in private Jordan service record in his official military personnel file in Saint Louis. Killed in action. Terroir you'll burn island grave on now. But after the battle body of private Edwin, William Jordan could not be found and he was listed as missing an action incredibly private Jordan was one of twenty three American servicemembers killed during the battle of terroir who are seventeen years of age or younger. In fact, three casualties were only sixteen. When private Jordan died. You a seventeen years one month and one week. Oh, normal times Eddie should have been a school not carrying an m one grand rival across the sands of carrawell over seven thousand miles from his home on Easter and Pittsburgh. But to certainly not normal times. In nineteen fifty private Jordan's father petitioned the state of Pennsylvania for the service benefits awarded to the families of World War Two casualties who had been killed in action. Private Jordan's father received the full benefit provided by the state of Pennsylvania in the amount of five hundred dollars. During the period of June, two thousand eleven through July two thousand twelve my investigating reports submitted to J bag using only the information that was valuable to J pack. Researchers did not list private Jordan is a most likely match to any of the unknowns buried and the national immoral cemetery. Pacific Punchbowl cemetery in Honolulu. Later investigations by foundation. Researchers continued to refine these investigative reports based on new information and historical documents that were not available in government vials at the time. My original J pack reports were written as well as the use of new computerized investigative techniques and tools such as the cranial facial recognition program. Private edwin. William Jordan, simply was not considered a most likely match to any unknown previously buried in the punch. Well. In may twenty seventeen a local resident Antero while building a carport found the dog tags of private first class. Donald are Poulsen. PFC Tolson was another in my private Jordan's company. A paid contractor was hired by the defense. POW accounting agency to the bigger around were private first class. Tulsen's dog tags were found by the carport builder. The contractor recovered twenty four graves from that location on twenty six June twenty seventeen. Grave number eight hell the skeletal remains of an individual who was later identified as private Edwin William Jordan on seventeen October twenty seventeen. In addition to most of his uniform related battlegear, including his pack shovel to mask yet by Annette gas masks poncho helmet. In addition to all these things Eddie, Gary thirty cents to great one quarter and one nickel minute in nineteen forty two. In addition. He had one Yunos eland half penny coin. No dog tags or any other identification. Media was found with private Jordan. Inexplicably. DNA comparison was not utilized by the defense. POW accounting agency laboratory. The BNA comparison to confirm private Jordan's identity was simply ignored. Sometimes there are mysteries within mysteries. That are never resolved. Today only nine out of the possible. Twenty four caraway I as recovered near private Jordan have been identified. The other fifteen are stored in cardboard boxes at the defense. The O W M I, accounting agencies laboratory, awaiting competent, branch analysis. In the case of private, Jordan. He was returned home to his family after his official invitation. And he was buried in section sixty brave eleven six three three at Arlington National Cemetery on nine April twenty eighteen. Private Jordan is buried next to another American hero from another war charge. Matt Sandri who was killed in action on twenty March two thousand four influenza Iraq. Match final resting place is grave eleven six. Thirty two section sixty ride neck to private Jordan. These two heroes never met. They died over sixty years apart one was an army sergeant and the other marine private yet despite the differences in their service records. They are eternally bonded side-by-side at Arlington National Cemetery. Forever. Thank you for listening to this episode of no home for he wrote. We hope you've enjoyed today's production. And we invite you to check out our other episodes you can now. Subscribe to listen free to our podcast on apple itunes, or wherever you like to listen to podcasts. Don't forget to tune in every Saturday when we will host a new episode of history's military mysteries. Missing an action episodes of no home for heroes are produced from the actual investigative case of cheap. Rick family charitable foundation, dedicated providing information families of missing American servicemen and missing Americans. As always we greatly. Appreciate your comment, and especially is available for you to contact us on our website at WWW cheap. Rick stone dot com. You shared a wanna miss our next episode? Our next episode is going to be titled shaking, the tree searching for seamen elm. It will tell the story about a young sailor killed on board the battleship USS Arizona, but who does not rest with his into. She made inside the wreckage of years ONA at the bottom of Pearl Harbor. Clue to his location was right in front of our faces for over seventy years. But no one could find him. No one could find the tree because we were all looking at the forks sounds like a perfect example of history's military mysteries. Missing an act. Until next time be careful be safe. And wishing you fair winds and following sees. I'm your host. Rick stone, reminding you that whereas the nation that has no heroes, but shameful is the nation that having heroes or gets them.

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