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<music> welcome to the encouragement ride podcast brought to you live and direct with limited or no commercial interruptions from our holloman beautiful gluck stat mississippi to wear you find podcasts with your hosts. The quarter ton of writing fund jimbo rarely and kelvin jones consp- remember friends these two quarter of time so you don't have to take it away boys. We're live well. Hey hey everybody one apologize. I up front. This is the encouragement podcast kills jones jimbo riley and it has been more than just a little while we apologize. It's on me. I travel quite a bit in the may. My daughter graduated and we went on vacation. I had trade shows to go to and then something we're going to talk about. This week. Got a crash about a week and a half ten days ago and that just kind of pushed everything back so thank you for the comments and the people checking to see if we were coming if we're were dead or not no we're not dead just a little dinged up so calvin house advance since our last episode jimbo. It's it's it's been a few sundays heading it. <hes> uh-huh and yeah we are still alive. Even though sometimes we wonder if we are especially after your crash after my burn out the other day since we've last spoken to all of our audience on the podcast we've definitely had our fair share of challenges on and off the bicycle michael and i just want to label this episode is maybe being full self disclosure <hes> we try to give advice to beginner riders on what to do but i think this episode is like don't do what we did or don't don't do as we say now that we do. That's what i was trying to say yeah. Thanks my brain is on his own vacation as you can do well. We'll start. We'll start with the crash about two weeks ago we were doing. It was actually july the fourth weekend before before the weekend before july fourth. That's right 'cause i was cooking. <hes> we were doing a group ride and i got myself into a situation <hes> not going extremely fast but we were really really tight and for the road cyclists the thing that's going to take you down before a whole you know hitting a whole or running off. The side of the road is touching tires and that's what happened to me. I got myself. I got myself in a situation where i got too. So far. The right i had nowhere to go left to get out of the way i touch tires and what really happens is when that tire touches another tire it basically kicks up front tire up and when you lose traction you're on the ground and a quick quick curry as far as injuries. Go is pretty mild at a small slight. Concussion didn't believe a whole lot but i had a strawberry in the shape of minnesota on my left hip and there's a romp sized pothole in front of the shell station of luxton lockstep route so but things to remember if you if you're going down and i'll tell you where i learned this one this watching the tour de france back many many years ago ago when a lot of ood happened to be a year in early in the stages there are a lot of narrow roads and a lot of tires touch and and the moderators were talking talking about when you're going down hang onto your handlebars that way you can protect your hands. You can protect your collarbone because that seems to be one of the more prevalent would injuries when when people go down is broken collar bones so the worst i had was a concussion mild concussion to mind you <hes> sore hip and a little bit of a bloody. <hes> side of my elbow didn't even didn't even bother that too much but kelvin's had a lot more experience in more horrific crashes where it meant like new. You knew titanium elbows so my tip is <hes> one. Don't follow too close. Tell the people behind you that you're going down if you can help it so you don't get run over the top napa and hang onto the bike best you can. I let's start from the <hes> head down so you have a crash of what's the first thing and we want to do once. We are back about the ride and we want to check out our equipment. Obviously we want to check out our bike. It's kind of funny when people when you get up everybody it goes is your bike. Okay that's right but <hes> but what else do we need to check in our equipment fall back on the bike. Is your helmet him on pace yeah and was your helmet crack. My helmet didn't seem to be cracked on the front end. Actually there was very little visible damage because it's got a plastic shell and very thick styrofoam own cavity and i didn't notice any cracks until i bought my new helmet because that's one of the other things that i was told that once you crash in your head hits that pavement right go get a new helmet because that helmet is compromised and melons worth more than forty bucks and then you can give your old helmet a to a guy like and tell him to wear it and it's giving them a gift any things you're doing favor absolute like a javelin catcher jabba catcher so but yeah get a new helmet but in a kind of being an athlete when things happen suddenly you start taking account of things you can feel fe- what hurts doesn't hurt and then kinda working my way up and the other thing is don't get up too fast. Don't get on your bike too fast. <hes> fortunately i was like a hundred yards from my house and i was able all to run to the house my wife take care of me and as a precaution we went to the emergency room and did a cat scan and they said yeah you have a slight concussion. They founded founded small undeveloped brain that belongs to me that had basically reflex actions. They said you'll continue to blink breath other than that. I'm on my own but it didn't can have didn't take out the part that wanted to stop writing and another thing when we get back on our bikes is it's probably pretty good especially if you're in a i i mean if you tip over if you forget to clip out or fall over whatever you know that's one thing but if you have a pretty severe crash like i did a couple couple years ago you definitely want to take your bike to the local bike shop and have a professional look at it because i was going to get back on and ride my bike but somebody said no. You need to take that it to the bike shop and have them look at it sure enough. There was a massive crack in the frame of my carbon-fiber bike. If you know anything about carbon fiber if you have of crack you might could ride it a mile. You might write a thousand miles but eventually she's going to snap into and then you're gonna fall again now. I love cycling but it's the following that sucks so so <hes> needless to say i had to get another bike and scrap that one now there there are some videos youtube videos for you adventurous people or or some websites that you can look up if you do have cracked carbon-fiber frame that will show you how to repair it. I just don't feel number one comfortable doing that and number two whether or not i would do a good job and trust smile work so that's where we are with their so yeah and going back to jimbo's crash. You know another self full full disclosure. I was called out has has been the culprit of jimbo crashing. I was actually pulling or being the rider in front of the group and i got really retired. All of a sudden i hit a wall and i normally what i do is we tap are behind and that list the person behind us know that we are moving over and we're not pulling anymore but according to the person behind me who called me out he said i basically stopped pedaling and then tap my buddy. I don't recall that but i'm gonna take his word for it and if it is i'm well that's fine but if if you if you don't keep pedalling and then move out of the way and all of a sudden you stop pedaling people are gonna come up on the back of your wheel and it's going to cause a logjam and then somebody about five or six bicyclist back like jimbo is gonna touch wheels and go down so you know again yes. We're talking a little bit of advanced stuff for you. Beginners a pace line is where you ride in a in a line one back tired of the frontier and so on and you start drafting in each other and it makes it easier but we're not professionals obviously but we have had time and many years of doing this so we sometimes we have to rethink everything if that was truly something thing that i did the next time i pulled. I had to physically or mentally think okay. Keep paddling and then tap out and i did and you know and it's like why did i have to mentally mentally forcefully telling myself do that. When something it should come naturally but it is what it is and and jimbo's right i've had i don't want to scare anybody but i had a massive crash a couple of years ago. I broke my left wrist. In four places. I broke my right elbow to the point where they could not put it back together and they had to chop off the end of my radio moan and put a titanium elbow in there so i'm very familiar with crashes. It's not something that we want to talk about but it is full disclosure and so yeah we just got every time you get out the bike with other people you have to be safe and you have to be conscious of everything that you're doing be vigilant and here's the other thing i was probably a little too close to the guy that was in front ornament. I didn't need to be that close. We're not professionals when you watch the tour de france dating or anything now. It's not like your daddy. <hes> those guys are professionals and they still go oh down so it. It's one of the edges. When did you fall. We'll hadn't fallen yet or you haven't crashed yet and in following a crash are different and i've had falls and i've had had crashes but i think it's good to share that. There are dangers on the road even when you're doing your very best try not to put yourself into those situations if you're in a pace lawn. You don't have to be aware you can't see the road on underneath their tires back-off. Two to three feet is plenty. If you're drafting. I was a lot closer than i was. Probably i'll be within twelve to eighteen inches and that just leaves you know reaction you know it's daunting and the guy that that i tripped over it wasn't his fault <hes> by any stretch adult fund on with him but he you know it was on me. It was on me and you know right now. During this taping of this podcast i mean the tour de france is going. I think in the first week and i've been watching it every night and fast or slow they're still touching tires and fallen over using slower and these as our professionals who get paid the big bucks sure so it's not it's not when you followed. He's not if he followed the fall but we don't want to scare you but that but hopefully hopefully hopefully you'll be like peter scott. He never seems to fall now but in if you're watching those watching those guys pay attention to what they do. They're going down. They're hanging on on their making sure that they're trying to limit the damage to the body. A lot of these guys get right back up and keep on going and someone taped up and band aided and they finished the tour so so it's all a good thing so hey we're gonna take a quick break and then we're going to talk a little bit or talk a lot about writing in the heat because we have run into some real challenges here lately and we're gonna talk a lot about hydration driving me okay. We're back in boy. Is it man i'm telling you i am. We're sitting in my office and my office has the central air conditioner going. It has a ceiling fan going and i have a box man in here to blow in still become a little sweaty if you live in the deep south and especially right now when they're having heat advisories. There's just nothing you can do to stay cool now magin going outside in that and then going for a bike ride a lot of times. You just don't feel like you wanna go for bike ride but then he goes well. I need some calories because of trying to get healthy but we love it and it's just hot as blazes out there for those of you. That may not be familiar with deep south where we're taping this <hes>. It's not necessarily the heat is the humidity and humidity is the major enemy of big boys like me. I'll tell you an algebraic equation. You know fatman plus high humidity equals very poor performance and so that's what happened to me the other day so it's another self disclosure. I was feeling my oats. I was trying to we were going out on arrive where it is known that everybody goes fast and you know for us to get better. We have to try to push ourselves to hang with faster guys and you gotta remember that we're the quarter donald riding funds so jimbo and i are not little slender aac abide cranes so to speak we are hefty men and <hes> you know sometimes when we try to go as fast as these as little riders we can and other towns we can as i say sometimes some days. You're the hammer not of the days. You're the nail and tuesday. We went out and we were trying. We we're staying right around twenty to twenty one miles an hour and it was extremely hot and extremely humid and i should have known better to push myself that hard because normally i know oh my body i know how it reacts and when it's that kind of weather i should hang around somewhere between fifteen and seventeen miles an hour instead of trying to hang around on one thousand nine hundred twenty two miles an hour so we made it to ten miles and then i tried to do my best for the last ten miles and just couldn't do it and you. You know if you've ever been out in that kind of stuff and exerted yourself when you hit a wall. I honestly jimbo. I don't remember the last mile all i remember is another biker who came up and try to talk to me and he said i wasn't making any sense and i wasn't being coherent and he wanted me to pull off in the shade and take a break but i i knew that we were only a mile away and i was trying my best to get back to the truck so i can rest <hes> but in hindsight i should have been safe. I wasn't i should have pulled over over at his suggestion but i didn't luckily i was okay and i made it back to the truck <hes> but then as you know i've sat down on the bumper of my truck and i really couldn't get up and it took me a little while to try to recover from that so yeah so riding in the heat can be detrimental. It really can so always always hydrate hydrate and don't wait to the day of if you're going for a high bike ride to drink. You need to be drinking every day. General rule of thumb is half your body weight in water. Announces of water is what you need to drink everyday on normal conditions so if you're a two hundred pound person you need to be drinking one hundred ounces of water and that's just on normal days so so magin how much more fluid you would need to take in on the worst hot hot and humid days and that day candidly i had not finished my <hes> of my large pitcher of water that i always drink every day and i felt like i was if i check my dipstick and probably would have been a little low and so there was all kinds of things setting me up for failure on that bike ride so these are this is another thing that we're trying to say you know. Do as i say don't do as i do and here's some other other you know when you when you look at your you know your weather channel app or whatever and it says it's ninety five degrees and sixty percent humidity and one hundred seven degree heat index right back. That's just the the outside air. That's not the radiant he coming off the road so you're basically riding in an oven and it's going to be twelve twelve to fifteen degrees hotter coming off the road than air temperature yeah and if you're in a humid environment. You're doing a lot of sweating but it's not cooling you off no. You're you're the deficit when you get started so some of the things you gotta do. Is you know the the day before and the day of you've got to over hydrate. You gotta pre hydrate. You've got to take a lot more water. Maybe taking some extra electrolytes maybe mesa salty so super something they just get some electrolytes electrolytes until you beforehand and really take it easy. I've seen some studies where if the air temperature is ninety degrees then you need to ride at seventy eight percent of your max effort. If it's eighty degrees you can ride a little stronger and as it gets cooler you can up the up the effort right none of us and i i doubt many of you that are listening to the podcast or professionals. You don't get paid to do this so there's no real reason to put yourself into stress at all. No now now and you know sometimes our our ego gets the best of us you want to try to hang with all the the the faster gas to make yourself look better but in reality in the end is common sense should prevail and you should do the right thing and do the smart thing and don't do the stupid thing that we did right so make sure you have a couple of water bottles. I've got to twenty four ounce water bottles care with me on every ride for a net for about an hour ride so that's about twenty months so if you're gonna do anything longer that's not supported by just purchased a three liter of bladder for my or those things go kennel bags here camelback and the only thing i put in there is water. That's it. I don't put any elect collect likes in that. I put those in the in the water bottles so for a forty to fifty mile ride. That's not supported which means there's nobody there to fill your water bottles for you. <hes> that should give me there and try to plan routes where you have places to stop like at a convenience store or restaurant where you can buy some water gets mice that sort of things and listen to your body yeah and you know bring a couple of dollars it because if you if you really want to stop it they little convenience store. You're going to have to have some the money because i don't think they're gonna give it to you for free right credit cards or debit card or just whatever as long as you have something with you but that's actually a good tip <hes> having a couple of dollar bills with in case. You have a blowout on the site year. You have a side wall. Blow out on your on your tire. You can always slip that dollar bill inside the tube or inside the tire and that'll keep your ear to from poking out the side yeah. There's a little there's a little gym nugget there of a little piece of free advice at jimbo just gave you a lot of people don't know that if you carry area dollar bill specifically for flats but you can you can fold it up. Put it in tired and air it up and you can get you back home and one's we're just as well as twenty but if you ride and with us and twenty will work for the advice collin collin a tip yeah thank you for that pearl of wisdom there all right so the the main thing is going to take away from this segment is one pre hydrate to listen to your body and when somebody tells you hey look you might need to take a break. Listen to him. Yeah absolutely nobody looks down on you as the guy that walked him back in force that day said did this happens to every single one of us and usually more than once. Is that some really bad days and i've stopped and i felt bad about it but also realize you know what i've got a job. I got kids. I don't get paid to do this. Why don't wanna put myself in this much distress over something something that's supposed to be a recreation and i made a comment last night to you that i wished i could find someplace where i could ride that may not be too hot high availability because as you know as low riders down here we might get killed trying to do a mountain climb but i would love to try to ride someplace in the united states where there's no humidity to experience what is like to ride in an in area with no humidity so if any of you out there listening and you ask them great trails or a great routes up where you are sitting it to us and let us look and do some research because i'm looking to try to. Maybe do a little bike vacation one day. Well you know the place really doesn't exist but my listeners make something up wait. We have bike racks. We'll come to you. You got in the next segment. Gonna be our mailbag and we'll be thanking justice and now it's time for from the saddle where the boys voice answer your questions arrive. We're back and this is the next installment of the saddlebags saddlebag. Thank thank you. J. las tech for the saddle bag. <hes> monica heating is my big horse and over here. Okay well we in some of the questions that we got before the last episode and this is actually relevant because it's relevant to us personally and to some of the people that are on our encouragement ride <hes> is <unk>. How often do you need to clean your chain and what is kind of a good maintenance schedule for your chain so we'll yesterday during the ride god. It's been really hot and remember. The chain moves that you have our petroleum-based and the stuff is going to it's going to get hot. It's going to unesco faculty drips like you would if your carbs lincoln but it does go away and i heard a squeaky when i was writing i said oh my gosh. I've lived down the chain to black. It's time to clean the chant me out and you can look at inbetween rides but really what it's going to do is just gonna create more is going to make it harder to clean so the bike shop guys that we both go to said about every four hundred miles in decent ride conditions that means eighty degrees. You're not run into a lot of junk junk like dust and solder bottles water puddles all that stuff it will will impede your drive train your chain so i've written to rain rain the last couple of weeks been through some dust because we were near some dirty roads much change black and it needs to be cleaned and some of the guys we ride and with calvin was helping them on the last two rides to tell them about their rusty change yeah i was a we've done one of our thursday night. Encouragement courage rides and we've got some people and i got on this particular gentleman because he's been with us a couple of years. He purchased a really nice <hes> cannon dell road bike and i have not really paid attention to his bike because i'm more worried about his form and teaching him certain things while he's writing well the other night. I happened to get behind him because he felt like he was. He wanted to sow his oats was actually wanted to go a little faster than i did so he got in front of me and i looked down and his chain was completely rusty. We're looking at a beautiful canon dell road by and nice and shiny almost like harley had anywhere tear to it at all and the chain had never been touched and this is his second year that he's had his bike and so i said i said mr john note you got to fixture change because of that thing rush through and snaps at any minute. You're going to go down and believe me. We already talked about following so don't ever ever let your chain get get it that bad of a shape always inspect your chain at least after every couple of rods like <hes> jimbo said it you know if he's starting to get real blacking gunky. There's lots of vitamins out there that can that are good degreasers. You can spray on their let you know let it eat through that stuff and man just a nice clean. Silvery chain is just amazing with your performance when you get on a bicycle well. I'm gonna. I'm gonna clean my my chain this afternoon. I got a pretty long ride and i'll tell you what i do. <hes> dawn dishwashing soap <hes> <hes> i've got an old bucket and i put about two quarts of water and i use hot water because i want to use that hot water to help break up that greece dawn dishwashing soap because it is a degreaser degreaser. I've got some special brushes but you really don't need special. Brushes us need some plastic hard bristle brushes. All toothbrushes and i use an old toothbrush. I really do how how i do use a degreaser. I i've got some orange degreaser and there's some stuff i think purple magic that's my next purchase because i want to do a product spotlight on that but she sprayed on their let it sit a little bit run. The chain backwards not forwards you work dr trying to have loosened that stuff up likely hit it with a hose. Don't use a high pressure nozzle because that'll get into your bottom bracket. It causes other problems. It's almost just wanna cascaded on there and then use that toothbrush and just scrubbed that thing where both sides the chain and make sure you get into those rollers a little bit and then you can use your brush. I've got some a little bit longer and i clean my cassette. Those are all your gears and then once all that's nice icing cleaned and it may take might take thirty minutes news telling you it's it's a mess. Let it dry off real good use a cloth towel or a micro fiber the towel so you don't get go back into your chain like jeremy poke said in our episode when you put that lube on the chain you can use. There's lots of it. I like the purple magic. I believe it's gone shrink purple extreme and there's some other ones. I've used in the past i use w._d. Forty not the w._d. Forty like you use yeah. They have have a specific line from w._d. Forty called w._d. Forty bike and they have really good decreases and loot now. The lube is a kind of aerosol all based in so it will not last as long as you're purple <hes> extreme right those kind of things so if you use a spray base lubricant be sure to do it more often or else you start hearing that squeak and your thing so if you hear nothing else from us today. I don't care what your bike looks like. If you don't have a healthy chain it's kind of like your heart. If you don't have a a healthy heart the better the rest of your body is just going to go downhill so if you don't have a healthy chain the rest of your bikes just going to go downhill because it will cause more problems to rest of your drive drivetrain your cogs gears and that's even more costly expense so now another lesson that i learned this last couple of weeks when we've been off is i desperately needed to change my jenny. I had worn it slap out. You know there's a special tool that you can use. I don't know what they call it but they measure the width of it you and if it came to chain tool and yeah okay book and so therefore if it if it's not matching where it needs to be it means you stretch that chain out and and is no longer working properly and my started beating and banging all of a sudden which means the change that i give up. I quit if i didn't that chain changed. It was going to cause a lot of damage image to the rest of my stuff so lesson learned order a bike chain tools and learn how to do the measurements to make sure that it's it's a good and tight each time you ride and then you won't have to worry about last-second. Do what did i do any damage to my bike so this has been the podcast of how stupid could i be this week and uh so so there's some lessons for you so don't do do as i say don't do as i do right survey data and so finally guys and girls always liked to in the podcast with an encouraging word this comes from one of my friends <hes> limbs a._l. Johnson who i attend church with he has his own <hes> like mentoring challenging kind of a business kind of zig ziglar kind of business and he sends me emails every day in and this one is entitled start and he says failures aren't excuses to not try again but opportunities to start different so as you can tell. I thought this was very apropos. For what we've we've been describing because we have <hes> we have failed at something since we've last visited with you but they aren't excuses to not try again. They're simply opportunities opportunities to start differently so i'm going to change some of the things that i have been doing regarding my chain maintenance. I'm going to change or go back to what i know regarding my hydration in in writing in the hot humid days and i'm going to go back to what i know about leading pays line and making sure i tap out properly so somebody like jimbo doesn't fall leave a crater in the asphalt asphalt gay guys say look. Thanks again for tuning in and we're going to actually while we're sitting here. We're gonna tap out the next dental center so that we will be ready for next week. <hes> thanks again to j lo's tech and no fish goes production and charlie testing for the music you can you can always find us on facebook page at the encouragement. We are stitcher. Play these now google and thank you other little places where you liked podcast but hey thanks again. Keep the comments coming level and get the wheels down and walks. Thanks everyone for joining it. Be sure to subscribe wrongly this news and updates you can find us on facebook at the encouragement ride and on twitter at at encourage writing bishops amaechi questions since the saddlebag in tune in for the answers. Remember your helmet always use your blinky and until next time happy trails optics.

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