Minisode 4 | The Best/Worst Stickman


Chris osei? I love you. I love you too. Welcome to many sewed for. Oh, thank you. You're feel very welcomed. Where's my? Please held while I get Kristen. Oh my goodness. So would marry all about burials. We talked a lot, we talked about a lot of things in this one ghosts. Oh, yeah. Did you ever get in touch with David to figure out if you can collaborate that story? I found him on Facebook and I sent him a message. But I haven't heard anything maybe he was so scared. He didn't want to relive. Yeah, the whole maybe has PTSD now. Thanks to me. She Rayo in Chris. Maybe we need to find his address in cinema pie. Nepal somewhere David's ears, just perked up. It's someone say. Okay. Well, that's fine. If we didn't find him, I think maybe you know what? Maybe he'll get back to me at some point. And then we'll update. Ooh. Yeah. Really want his side of the story. I kind of do to in the meantime, though, we kinda did some wicked good stick, man drying. So good. Did it did y'all? See those on the minus much better slash worse point, in fact mine in so much better slash worse. Well, this is why we need the people vote. I know we're not telling you who's who's no a orlean. A or. B. B. A. B. C. D. There's just too we don't know what we're doing. Yet to go to our blog and tell us which when you want. Yeah, that's at the podcast dot com slash show. Dash notes. You can also check us out on all the other social media not forms at Aw. The podcast. Yep. That's eight h the podcast 'cause. You can you can vote there to Twitter Instagram, whatever his Regan any applications for the job yet. No, we had the job. So if you haven't seen our job posting yet, go check out our blog. We, we don't have any applications in a little maybe upsets, not the right word, but frustration. I rated. Yeah. Yeah. You'd think they'd start coming in by now. I would think so. I mean, people need jobs. Don't they I do? Did you send internationalisation crystal and no 'cause I don't want that job. I guess you're not qualified. No. I'm no. I'm new offense nine oh sorry. Yeah. And I totally would, but this part of the podcast is, you know, enough. So let's true, and we're not getting paid for this one. We said I was getting paid. Eventually, eventually, we're gonna have like millions of listeners. We're going to be like the top ten all the time. It's gonna be awesome. You're gonna go on tour actually. We can do that. Now we want and we go on our own tour began, I think we should go on tour. We can tell we what if you like, hey, we're here, Mike. We'll travel. Do you have a topic? I'm still are you there? Apples those in horsemen security escort. These ladies out. I am really excited for our first traveling show. Yeah. Mostly just because they want to go on vacation with you. Yeah. We'll we can do stuff around here. That's true. Depending on what, what topics come up now. Yes. Really, we don't have much to talk to you about this week, not required for that. You need to come back and listen to part two, which is really kind of like our gift to you. Yeah. We know you needed more, we all need more. We do so we're giving it to you. You're welcome. Don't say we didn't give right? Plus, we have giveaways occasionally. Yeah, this is our giveaway to you right now. Heart to perk to you'd like to hear some exciting scenes, exciting, see to all right? So here, some exciting scenes from next week's episode. I can't wait. So he wanted to demonstrate it and how good it was. So. I thought he married himself alive in undergra- for several hours in even eight of meal deliver to through the coffin speeding to know. I know. I think it was like steak. And so I mean how might say saw. I don't even know little baby bird open up here comes the. Like smooth. Always cruise. Craw. Getting a little picky about your very lot situation here. Krista picky. Well, I think about it. So tell me about Easter. In the crematorium. With Harry, the firefighter, I would hate it. I will eat them on time, right? Time where it was buried my grandma Louis Bonnie at wet. That's what Robin Williams. Youngest vicious. Yeah. Do do do.

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