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Carolla Classics: Black Friday


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This is the best episode we could have ever imagined black Friday. It's not bad it's it's a lot of interesting first thing episodes depict from that. Don't really get much airplay or discussion since they originally aired and they deserve. Let's just get right into it. We're going back to March two thousand thousand ninety seven. Adam Corolla podcast ever recorded from Adams. And this features David Allan. This was recorded on March second released on March third the over Deger's Dad and his infamous book that will spoil it. It's very interesting. And that segues to fake feud with Dr Drew and how that kind of got amplified an escalated Just because it was so hilarious Adam Karol is pleading with him to stop. This feud the kind of started based on a real thing but he just kept mess withdrew and it is hilarious is to hear the inside thinking of David Gear about what he was doing to Dhaka Group. Check it out okay. So so we went to visit my dad. This is nineteen sixty eight. I think this is summer of everything And he had a Dashiki and this another Dashiki was back in the day. Back in the sixties. That's when like all black people were like dressing the the Big African thing. It's a signature piece of clothing from the sixties the DASHIKI and he had a waterbed so those two things like Holy Shit he we have broken Arrow gets lost all. Oh Yeah Oh yeah. Ah I really wanted to live with them because it was just he was in San Francisco. Did Your Dad was. He always that way was he always sort of militant. I mean that's right now because I think that you know I don't i. I mean I think he was who he was. But you have to remember in sixty eight in sixty seven sixty eight sixty nine like in Detroit when the Black Panthers political talk white or black was sexy. I mean that was like four play and be able to wrap and talk about you. Know the exactly. What government government is social in physiological genocide? Oh my people. I mean that. That was like sexy. That was cool. You wanted to be the faster you can wrap unquote mouthy tongue. All that was of the day I mean what percentage of those guys were just trying to get laid ninety eight percent percent ninety eight percent nine. Because it's always weird when it's like. Hey Man I was marching. Yeah right along I was there I was there at San. We're Golden Gate Park. I was right there. Air With the black. You're right. You're right they're trying to get laid what you're trying to and that was cool. I mean I really wanted to be A. I'm writing this book and I remember I ran into a friend that I grew up with Ronnie Livingston. He reminded me man. We were fifteen years old and we walked all the way to the office of the Black Panther Party in Detroit Michigan was riddled with bullets shootouts. All kinds of crazy stuff. My mom was scared to death. I mean that was like joining the hells angels right and they said brother you too young. You know you can politically active just yet when when you turn sixteen and you can take that oath and come back and be a black panther really. Yeah Yeah So. We went back home and we were all laughing about it and stuff but at the time in in the day that was considered well. Did you think that was around you. We're going to go. I mean follow in your dad's footsteps well because again my father's book if you read it it's more more clinical and historical and unfortunately. I think it was used in a way that he never really intended it. which was like Colin Colin Ferguson used the black rage defense? And that's really not what my father wrote the book. So that he he went to take color right. Shoot up half of the long long island railroad and then right black black race that he was angry because his forefathers were slaves that's why he shot up you know well trade. I don't I don't think that's really the only Black Planet named Colin and he defended himself. That's always a good move especially during the voter. Ah recused myself well anyway. He told me that 'cause he could've made a lot. I mean he could have made a lot of money. I mean that's a whole career. Rest being like a psychiatrist interest going around the country and being paid expert at defending every lunatic black dude. who did did something crazy? And so he didn't WANNA do. That's not really what he wrote the book for but it became that kind of thing to some. Yeah Right and now dad's still alive. Yes yes yes he is. and where's he living. He's living in INSA NITA's right outside. I shouldn't say because you anyway. He's living right outside San Diego. I'm not saying exactly. And how is he with your career in your success. Does the humor sounds like a real card. He sometimes put it like this. My father is I to me when I was growing. He was very intimidating. Like I just you know for a lot of boys. A lot of men Maybe not for you I really. We spent a lot of time being scared to death of my father. He never hit me. He never yelled at me. He was just intimidating. I mean he was. The smartest still is smart as man I've ever met and he's intimidating. I'll put it like this. I did play in New York with Charles Dutton Charles. Dutton served time in the joint. Oh he told told me all right yeah okay. He met my father And he came back and he was like. Oh my God. Yeah Charters Varian Tim Charles Dutton. It's a real deal or not you know he's not one of these ramp burs they'll grow up in Burbank but pretends like he's from south central. He he did time he killed guys. He fought it out with prison guards and gangbangers crazy hardcore life. So Yeah Houston today by POPs. The father came to A rehearsal at the public theater doing Richard the third. So I'll leave that out there for you when he was in his prime. He's old now. You Know Gold Mine Ah He's still is. He will cold court and talk ad Infinitum iffy intense. He is now but now he's old so he's like the dog that used to be. You know that killer rottweiler and now he farts a lot and he's you know what sea and stuff will he give it up to you you know. Will he call you and proud yet he has. I mean it's like this Zam part of growing up at least for me was for a long time. I wanted that I wanted that. Hey I really screwed up on you know apologize for doing some the things that were right Fox right you know. I got to the point now where I realized I have friends whose fathers were there and it was worse than anything I I went through serious I mean they were like they fought it out. You know they're butted heads and I really came to the including I don't know how much better off our relationship it would be had. He stayed because for a long period. When I was like fifteen sixteen seventeen I could get away with Shit because my mom right you could get away with stuff with your mom I I remember? I broke into the house to get back in because my mom locked all the doors and put the burglar alarm off because she said I told you not to go out right so I snuck out of the basement window then I had to break back in an act like I was asleep but clearly there was a window. Open right yeah so I will. Where now where but as far as your sense of humor right? I can't figure out whether it's nature nurture a little bit of each. Did you always know what you we're GonNa be doing or do you always this way back on yourself now as an adult. Was it pretty clear where you were heading. I think as adult but I just hadn't found my venue because you know when I was a little kid I wanted to be rockstar. Everyone else like ten hours like my mom shoes like. Why can I get those shoes? Mom and she's the question is and I pointed to the silver platform boots with the rainbow on the heel and we're in Berkeley California and my mom just looked at me like wow. This is really serious. I mean she was like why would you wanNA dress like that and also because it's cool you always sung right. Yeah but I mean that's what I I wanna I wanna be like a Rockstar. I want to be that kind of stuff and then it turned into acting and then and then it became comedy. I I wasn't no I was not one of these kids who was like doing tricks and wanting to be a comic when I was a kid. I didn't know anything I mean. I thought when I was in high school the only gay dudes did by God's Bell Right now the I was doing acid and smoking dope and going to concerts and being fuck off off right. Yeah acting that was really gay. Do you Let me ask you this about comedy. I don't know if you can answer this or not because I don't know if you've ever thought about it but in a way you're just a really good actor thank you and you can you. Can you can act funny. Do you do act funny intentionally or are you funny now. I think I'm funny. Think I but it's A. It's something I discovered along with a lot of people WANNA act and they're terrible. We've all seen them. We've known them we've lived with them sometimes married. Read them to sit these people down. And say are Ma'am or whoever you are you have no fucking talent so it was something I wanted to do. And then as I pursued it I discovered this talent and I the comedy part came later because for the first half or most most of my career I wanted to be like you know the Negro doctor on the show you know the back lawyer. The comedy stuff just came out. I mean but I would do stuff you you know and you find out. That's funny when when we did love line in the first time I did the vomiting thing And for people I tell people ask me you and Dr drew were laughing so hard and Dr Drew. There were tears coming out of his life. He took his headphones off and he threw him across the room. And it's something something I always did. Something did but your girlfriend's not going to give it up like that round. My my ex wife wasn't like you know that was like like I said I did it. And then this morning the thing. That's funny about Dr Drew. Is He loves ASS humor. which is which is weird? Well I agree but it's funny that a man who say Dr in front of his name would love ass humor much. Oh yes he loved that so it is something that you discovered along highway yes and and and I will tell you this as a kid I was always the class clown right. I was the class clown in class. And and I remember being very young and this girl coming up to me and my third or fourth grade saying make my friend laugh. Because he's really sad the kids so I guess yeah I was always the class clown I mean. Do you feel I. It's funny because we're talking about doing this Sitcom and previous podcast talking about getting dag involved. The Sitcom and as I've been going through these progressions of meeting show runners. Here's and directors and writers. I've been noticing a theme which is the Comedians and the people that are income at some of the most fucked up. Moreau serious people on the Goddamn planet and it's I mean you can do the math painful childhood tears of a clown and all that kind of stuff but even just personally some of the some of the biggest eight holes and by the way self-important a whole. Oh I would ask you remember even as a comic coming on I would. I always ask about people who are I think are brilliant and funny and invariably yeah. Well he's kind of a dig when they say the name twice ace. Yeah like they do that all the time they go. Donnie salting the earth. Great Guy The guy who David David. is you go into a dark alley. What David behind you Adam Adams Adam just say the name twice tell people all it twice and we'll know we'll do the whole math on that? Yeah man that's my first question or whatever I go to club whenever I work with someone to I I don't I don't I don't want to hear about your favorite David Letterman story. I'm like my first question. Who is the biggest asshole in? Show business that you've ever worked with and they all have and I gotTa Tell You you these folks don't disappoint now. I mean like when you talk to people like I don't know Dennis Miller very well and I like Dennis Miller's I work I talked to worked with Dennis Miller says he's I it is I think he's really too but I don't I I don't do his hair now but at a certain point after about the fifty fifth person it's worked with Dennis Miller says he's an asshole. I tend to believe them and by the way and I say this to everyone everyone all the time and I'll repeat it even even though I'm turning blue in the face which is people if we threw out every story about someone being an asshole just here saying speculation speculation. Then what about the stories when guys have great guy because of an Henry winklers name effort comes up. So he's a great guy. I saw this story. I heard a lot of stories about Henry Winkler. I never heard the what an asshole now. And you never heard that about well. Not you hear. All the Josh Racist Ask is what is this. Website Racist Assholes Yeah John. What's the name from Three's company yes? John Ritter John Ritter Nicest Guy. Yeah nicest guy never heard about him throwing a Tantrum and choking. I met him at like one one of these all day charity events Did Know Me From Adam. came out of the blue. He truly was one of the nicest guys I ever met right and Dr drew through. Oh He's another Aso you know. I'm angry Dr Drew. Why well yeah? I know you're angry over. Here's the thing Donald. Dr Jurors genuinely really upset that he thinks you're angry at him except for. I don't know why I couldn't figure out why you're angry temper. Who's WHO's ever said? I'm the temperamental okay. We'll do you. You heard the DAG is an asshole story to know what I would did Kim on the rightist came back in there. Like what. What an asshole? Oh Oh Kimmel when you went to the four of your ball game to the staple center. It might've heard daggers. An asshole defended you and then I gave up. I know but let me enjoy. Here's what they said. Hey take five minutes to a quick interview. You're out quick bit would you do it. Yeah Yeah Right. I had tickets to go to the game. You're at the staples playoff game with the Lakers. Right so I'm there sitting courtside by the way better seats than Jimmy was you. You know the guys are going to give me. I'm sick. I'm sitting there. They come and get me like the first quarter. And I'm like this is GonNa take five minutes and you're like what no you gotta get in your custom bowling but they what Kassim. Yeah because we've got to get you up there we're gonNA keep you for the first quarter then we're GONNA do this all right five minutes minutes before the total miscommunication. Unfortunately they were the guys that were there. When I was kind of popped up? They came back and said your a friend. David Alan Careers and I know but that's why it happened. Adam that there was a miscommunication I understand and to be fair to a lot of celebrities. You get sold. These things is just you know what essentially like. Here's what it's like. It's like if you're driving with your wife and she said Oh. Oh Oh just pullover right here I just gotta run in and grab something from the store. I just need A. I need a quarter milk and you went well honey. We're running a little late. The game's going to start Artan. She went and I'm just GONNA run right in pay cash a run right in. Grab a quarter Mil then. She came out two hours later. Sat Down and you were like bitch. What the fuck and then everyone everyone saw you say that went? Wow Davison asshole I was really they screw you over and then you act like an asshole and then everyone calls you an ass Dr Dr Troy and why he so. This is bad because now you're following to astle stories in a row. So here's what it was. I was going to go on love line after you laughed. I've done since you'd left so I call it like I always email them. Hey you know love to get on the show Let me know Dr Hits Mac. No problem I'll make a call should should be not any park guest. Yes time goes by it in here. Hey man coming up to a few days gig right before the day we discussed in my on yet and Dr Drew's like they didn't get back to you. Oh I'll find out I'll hit you back. No problem it comes to the day before and I'm like okay Dr Dude. Just what's going on on and he's like it's not going to happen you know so. I'm like okay well fine. He's not me but it's just they don't want you on the program director program. Whatever so he never he actually what happened was he never really got back to me? But I heard from from someone else a friend who says oh Dr drew by the way said hey he tried but right and so then I'm like going after that he calls or he emailed or called Albin said. Hey what's up and I was like dude. If we're friends I at least you could just tell me. Tell me it's not even you. Just tell me like. Hey Adam look got my boss these people I'm working with. Don't want you to come on the show anymore. I tried my best. That was that and I said but you know so. I called him on this shit and he goes. You're absolutely absolutely right and I should have done that but I didn't and I hope we can move past this well once he cried uncle. I'm not getting off his chest then I was awesome. It was like are you kidding me. Dr Drew said Uncle so I've held it over his head for a good two or three years so every time he tries he goes. Hey look there's new showing. Yeah Right. Whatever he'd come today that's a chick move right now but it was? I was like it's so much fun. Now Alameda reminding him then he should have done the wrong thing. I would add person. Oh stop it. He knows I love him. He knows it's not a big deal. Just it's like you know your dad loved you. Stop It. No that's not a big not. A big was upset when I talked to him. I know but I give them a hard time because he really did. Send me this email this. It's the worst he said. Look David my wife loves the chocolate news. We think it is one of the funniest shows on the air. Thanks I just wanted to give you a shout out -gratulations I was like yeah. Of course it is because you don't WanNa know why because it is one of the funny shows put yourself at least. I thought it was funny. I know it is funny. I know it's fucking around with a lizard laughing. The Lizard doesn't know I know little reptilian brain. That's No let me tell. I spent my special on the Galapagos Islands. Now and they have C. Guavas and the C.. Guana swim out to the KELP beds and they eat the kelp two miles from the sure and then they turn around and they start swimming back and you know what the otters do. They grabbed their tail and pull him back out. Let them go again. The authors fuck around with him now meanwhile autre urine honor that's right. He's a C.. Guava and all he can do his paddle and they told them and then let him go get his reptilian alien brain does not your doctor. But I wouldn't either no you're screwing hang around or wouldn't give a shit but sometimes I think people do and they don't like when I first met my dance partner came in. Because here's what I know you you come into room. We're talking about dancing with the stars. There's this really hot dance or chicken. Dance Kim right yeah you know. I'm like the Middle East. Do whatever I I had to Papa Papa balloon in it because the cameras are all running. And I'm sure they're used to every fucking celebrity going. Oh my God you're in your partner right so I come in. I'm going you have a fat ass and I want you to die your hair because as long as I later I found out that she was really upset but apologized or I said I'm really sorry. But that's that's the whole thing is a you're a good actor so you're very good acting ability meets other people's People's acorn size brains and inability to know you're acting makes for hurt feelings. I know but you know what. Ah I had a nineteen year old Mormon. Yeah to try to. You know hinder dances. It's not like they did like you know. They studied psychology right. Yes I essentially essentially She's Hot Ken. Johnson is beautiful but wait a minute. Let me just finish by saying I formally. I Apologize Profusely a bunch of times and we laughed about it. I was just trying to break at the ice with. Yeah well hope you're enjoying the show and your holidays and thank you for making this all possible for us over here fire and thanks to our sponsors like lifelock. 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Save thirty percent or more of your first year by using Promo Code. Adam call one eight hundred lifelock her head to lifelock dot com and use Promo Code Adam for thirty percent for more and that was dag back back in two thousand nine on the Adam Corolla podcast original format one on one. That's right and also we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA go and order. I think today's podcast will be sequential. So this one is also in two thousand nine Abram features the late great Wendell middlebrooks and we messed up his name last time carrying over a spilling spilling air from the original release. So if you're looking for this file in the original Spelling name in like the Archive. podcast one premium. You might see it misspelled with an e in the first name I've been missing the SEO and the end now we have correct window middlebrooks and Co Star from his pilot that didn't go with CBS Really Great Guy. He came on the show back in April. Two thousand nine. We play a clip of this previously. I WanNa find another chunk of the episode. We've never played before and we've never played this. This is Adam. Donnie discussing the old apartment and windows weighed in with sir. How grossed out he'd be I don't know how ASU recruits? I really. Don't I a really don't know how any of those colleges get people to even come out if I got off the plane in July or August. Just turn around get right back on the plane and go back. Oh home and I'm home in the summer. It's a rule. I'll tell don't invite me to anything before like to after three right. You know what I'm saying like any barbecues barbecues because people call like can you come to a barbecue we have and you know what I mean. It's around three o'clock no I'll see route. Six or seven wants to sun goes down because because of that heat yes so imagine now putting all the pads you talking about the running laps water fat. Listen when mean donny. Live live together. We hand apartment was on the second floor face the West in in the San Fernando Valley with not even so much as a wall. All mounted air conditioner don't forget swamp cooler though and it was so I was desperate. I was burning up and fucking Donnie over here. Let me you just say this to everyone out there donny. You can be miserable in life but there is a way to be more miserable and less miserable and what I'm saying thing is if you think you're hot let's just put it this way. You can be hungry and you can say man. I haven't eaten in twelve hours that if a guy pulls up next year and goes man. I haven't eaten in twenty four hours. You don't feel as bad and if the guy next you is wipe and barbecue sauce from his lip going Polished off a rack of ribs and I am stuff you are pissed and you're now more miserable. I was miserable. It was it was burning burning inside. This apartment is no air second-floor face in the West getting nailed facing the West and the south hotter than Shit in the middle middle of the summer. And I thought I was miserable so I could get except for. I lived with Donnie and Donny is the only guy in the fucking planet who is is not affected by heat. Donnie would just be. He'd be wearing jeans and sweat jacket and I'd say are you dying. I'm dying in here and he'd be like like I'm fine and he'd go he just go like I'm going to bed and we had one bedroom we had one photon so we go my audio screwed up. No why it's something weird so I would Donnie. Just be saw logs. It's go right to bed and I'd be rolled around fan on kicking off pants. I would get up. I would go to the shower I would turn the cold on. I would put my head I would go into it I would. I would sit under it for five minutes. I would turn off. I would would not dry myself. Climb right back in bed and turn the fan on so wait yourself though. That's the only I would wake up with. Mildew might a crack of my aunt. Johnny was just asleep Donnie to need a fucking fan not even a fan johnny. Why don't even a fan in the hottest the hottest part of the valley with the western exposure? I mean we were on hold on. We were on Laurel Canyon. We didn't have a tree in front of our places we were up windows. All the wall windows would go out at three in the morning. Put your hand on the STUCCO and it would burn your hand. The Bedroom Ed Room was oppressively. Hot just burning hot in damages. Go to bed sweatpants. All right tobacco outings going here. Police defend yourself south. Okay come on it one. I'm Ju- so my body is used to heat to earn probably stone and going to sleep but the other part is cold effects mean so in the wintertime. This is what I would have to do because Ataman Freak out. He didn't mind the cold he would not and we had no money. He would not allow us to turn on the heater in the wintertime winter. I'd freeze my ass off trying to keep the cold going into the summer time. We'll walk around with down jackets. You know people come over and be like coming out of Torture in the summer. All right. Here's the point you can put on a sweat jacket. I was in my underpants Dan. There's nothing more I could take off the. That's what I always say. Get a blanket. Put a sweatshirt on you can do. But I'm burning up in this place once you naked nick at the end of it. That's it wants to pull my skin off Donnie. It's the kind of guy who like we would. Donny would be wearing like a Jean jacket in the middle all the summer. Be Working on a car with a blown radiator pop his head up from under the hood and not even have a drop of sweat on his forehead for me be pouring wearing down my face. We mopping my brow off at stinging. My eyes what. I wore my football helmet pouring that helmet off. My hair was just like it was dunked in water way. Jesus cry well. Let's talk about window right. Sorry Window and I got a question though. Because he said it's because he's Jewish. I wish that he can handle this. Now I'm black and tropical people. Yeah I know but I can't handle the heat either like that. Well yet why you split from Texas. Ah Yeah go back. It's time so you feel because your tribe had wandered the desert for forty years. You're somehow trained for this heat. Maybe it's a genetic thing I'm guessing. Well here's the other thing too though the Jews I don't know they maybe they just have a good poker face because they may get hot but they don't look blacks look on nobody looks hotter than the shirt they pull their hat it often wipe their pro look down on the ground of dripping sweat comes off their nose and you know move thick do so you had a gut on top of that anyway. We got a problem you you know. Who else doesn't look hot? Ever Asians blacks looked like they're burning up all the time. Asians always look like cucumbers. Yeah but when they do overheat boy they turn bright red once Asian snap when their thermostats snap lookout. You don't want to see a sweaty Asia you will be getting your ass kicked by that guy but it. It takes a lot to get one of those people sweating gotTa Push. I like black people because they just sweat just sitting around and Church van themselves all the time. Hey let let it out fan now you one of those sweaters. I'm sweater because why would have been sweating at this audition I was at we. Were in a see. That's why you just wait to wheeled set all right and they have to end Tashaun and pat me down to second and I love that about you so well let me weather let me I do. I do think like if I'm cast in a role where I need someone who looks hot. I'm definitely going with a brother. Never an Asian or Jew. Your people don't look hot. You're right so all right now. FIT The black people look hot so from Kansas. So you need me look he s. Okay okay yes I do that. Okay I look hot and that was window middlebrooks back in two two thousand nine now. He passed away in two thousand fifteen. Recently starred in Adams Movie Road Hearts. They stayed friends and he was the guy wrote heart. WHO ASKS WHO's a scrub the floors and asking Adam would have been just showing? That's right so there's no real incident brought Brought to life magically in the movie. Here's something we podcast listeners. is really sad is gone. Yeah great are. I'm moving on with these black Friday clips next also in April two thousand nine Mike. Mike Tyson was on the show along with James Holbeck Who was controversial? Now of will metoo movement He did a documentary. Mike Tyson back in two thousand nine and Adam. Did this really really strange guy press junket. Not Quite the same thing he did for that. Armored movie with the casting doubt having normal press junket was like more of an event they put in clips from the movie into the podcast. And it's it's very different than anything ever heard before so as able to chop down a little chunk of it so we can sample What this was all about Mike? I know your little uncomfortable. Not right this second with the whole circus in general the attention and all that kind of stuff right well well. You know think I've been was nine. I've been I've been broke for five years. I mean it totally broke for five years even on. Just the fact that I got a premier guys coming out the woodwork there for particular Laker to fight night. You know me and it's just taking back. I'm custom the life that I've become somewhat accustomed to now become accustomed to being Law You know in a relationship. I become accustomed to being sober. And just the fact that I'm all this just coming back to me to bring back all of Yucky stuff that bad memories stuff right and that makes me let me yeah. Well if you're broke you're gonNA have to do stuff like this at some point. I mean I mean you're Mike Tyson report in my mind. I worked at where they got only exists no more you know maybe that guy with well to you but the people through to the society they know he is Mike Tyson and when it comes to making money this is one way to make it. I mean I don't know how much money take a if I if I if I thought if I thought that way right now I would say fuck you and I'm going to do an interview with you and I thought that way down Mike Tyson avoid AH personality void. They character. Well if you have it your way or had it your way. What would the plan be like the next ten twenty years? This in may not be on the couch playing with my kid Watson television watching the history choke forensic files going on going out for. Come come back home home and travel now. I know I mean I feel the same way except for you gotta go out and make a living and I guess this is part of it. James Part of it. It's just it's it's just. It's a very awkward thing for Mike. Because he's selling a movie that's about him so there's an inherently self serving thing which is very difficult and awkward to do. I know an a more modest level. Nicky Ricky did a documentary about me called the outside and I felt silly talking about it. I felt good listening to him. Talk about that'd say how fascinating I wasn't great. My movies war. What am I going to say yes? I'm a fascinating guy. You should see all my movies. You can't win so it's easy for me to say Mike's it's this year and it feels awkward and I. I understand that totally. I'm looking for the movie to get out there. And like the soloist has fifty million dollars spent on sixty million dollars spent on it. If you not no one's going to spend a lot of money on a documentary done how does it work. Well we gotta get word of Mouth Publicity. Fortunately people love this movie movie so people are talking about US getting phenomenal reviews everywhere unanimous. That's great but you have to. I've been going to sixteen eighteen twenty cities with the movie like a traveling salesman. Like Willy Loman make people aware of it. They're not going to hear about it. Otherwise though is part of the game. Yeah the good thing is most is people shoot their docks on gay cello s or blind and one. I know right about at least you have Mike Tyson Mike uncomfortable. I would say that. That's an anomaly. You have basically an art film with one of the most famous people in the world. So there's a mixed message there. What and it's not at all like what you'd expect? Act It's not. It's not a boxing movie. It's a movie about a fascinating guy who happened to have been heavyweight champion. And I think the greatest fighter ever for that period when he was the champion. I Love James. I know Mike's going to blush. Is CNN just did a little interview with me. And they said WHO's who who's best all time WHO's toughest all time and I put it this way and I think this is a good way to put it because you know they do all that well who would win in a fight you know homes serve Marciano or Mohammed Ali or whoever and the and the point is. You can't really do that but I just put it to the CNN reporter. Out of this way. I said I think if you asked most people what heavyweight. They wouldn't want to face when that heavyweight was in their Prime Mike Tyson's name would be at the top of that list. That is true. And you can compare records and you can compare reach. And you can compare eras but if you just pulled people assigned who wouldn't right now keep in mind. It's everyone's in their prime. Some guys hung around. Maybe Larry Holmes Hung around a little bit not long for that one year when that guy was in his prime. Who wouldn't you want to see the rain? Anthony Mike Chevette you bet right would be the top I mean Mohammed Ali the greatest and everything. But I still think most people take their chances with him over and the the list goes on and on so. I think if you made if if you're doing that WHO's the greatest who's got the best record. That's a circle. That's that's a circle that never ends right. Who in in their prime would you be? Would you shit your pants with right and I think they asked her would be Mike Tyson by the way there was going to tell you after the guy who fought Jose in his flu shot in his pay. Couldn't come out to the ring Jose Torres. They had to send in Charlie the devil green device because he actually shot the guy from from Syracuse Cornell. The ride well let me wrap it up before she dress. Stay your ass Mike. I gave you the greatest. I don't know if they go down. I'm ready to get out of here. They said that I try not anymore. Praise yeah well once again. Thanks for listening and thanks for making an another fantastic year as we head into your number eleven here at the Adam Corolla show and thanks to sponsors like eight sleep dot dot com every podcast as a mattress add. There's thousands of them but there's only one that uses technology and temperature to give you the deepest sleep sleep pod by eight sleep. I bed to combined. Dynamic temperature regulation and sleep tracking research shows the link between sleep performance and temperature. The pod reacts in real time adjusting the temp to keep you comfortable the stats say it. All Pot customers fall asleep faster. Toss and turn twenty-five percent last and have a seventeen percent increase in deep sleep. Eight is the past. I sleep on this thing thing every night off I had this in my childhood I would have had a but would have been a five. Let's gone from a two to a five because I could've slept without sweating sweating right now. Get One hundred fifty bucks off and free shipping at eight sleep dot com slash Adam. That's e I G H T sleep dot com slash Mike Tyson and James Tolbak back in two thousand nine all right this next clip. This is from two thousand nine and features Byron Allen Role. Show podcast episode seventy. He came on they talked about comics. Unleashed John Adams appearances on there yet. Not really having much of an act. they get into a bit of Byron's history and how he got a career in show business a very young age and some of the stuff he started with really really interesting conversation Just a nice little chunk of it if you want to hear the full episode podcast one premium Homeboy Fair podcast. You can hear the entire ten plus years the Emperor Show Archive. You hear this this full episode. If you want to the rest of it get it on. Got To get it on no choice but to get it on. Welcome to the podcast pass. Today's guests Byron Allen. Good to see a Byron. You doing happy birthday. Thanks my brother. Nice of you to do my show. I'm used to doing your show. Yes and you one of the first to do my shows matter of fact I think you have the record. You and David Brenner. The wants to do the show the most I don't you know I I've gotta say take. This is the spirit in which it was intended. I don't turn down too much. And maybe it's because I got used to doing real work for a living so sitting around and talking doesn't feel like work to me but you know people in this business do a lot of oh you just did this show two weeks ago. Why are you doing it again? And I'd go because they asked me to do it again. You're a smart man and they'd go. You don't need to do the show again and go. Who Cares I'm going in there? They feed me and we we talk and I get a Mug. How bad could it be? And then there's all these people think you're desperate if you come back in two weeks and I go who who cares what people think and by the way. That's the industry. That's why people at home watching don't own don't give a shit. You're a smart man. You know. Listen you know we did one hundred sixty. We've done one hundred and sixty seven episodes of comics. Only four hundred twenty nine different comics come through and done the show and I remember your booking the best it clearly because one of our producers ran into you at a club and said we're doing this show called comics unleash you looked at him for about three seconds and said Yeah. That sounds fun. I'll be there right right and I don't even have an and you don't even have a you know what's interesting a lot of comics. Don't get that a lot of comics. No don't know one of the hardest things in the world to to do is become known as a stand up comedian and bill cosby was the best and I learned a lot watching him. Here was a man who was on the cover of Time magazine Newsweek. The number one Sitcom in the world clearly didn't have to work another day in his life walked out on Letterman and did five minutes of standup because he wanted to remind the world. I'm not just missed Dr Huxtable on the Sitcom I'm Bill Cosby standup comedian. And you'd be amazed at how many comics don't get that if somebody invites you to do. Stand up comedy show up. Make people laugh because most people don't know you I don't care who you are they just don't know you because if you're not Eddie Murphy or will farrow or Jim Carey making movies or Jerry Seinfeld with a hit Sitcom they you know there are five thousand comics and you never know where they're going to know you from that's right they could know you from dancing with the stars or they could know you from comics unleashed or they could know you from a radio show or they could know you from crank yankers occurs or the man show but eventually if you get out there enough you'll find enough people will know you that's where it ends up turning into money in some way shape or form but let's let's not talk about me that's branding before we before we get I have to say you know. Send my prayers and condolences out to Mike Tyson and him and his family and for their tremendous loss and Just want to say you know Mike. We love you and Hanging there and God be with you. Well it's weird because I interviewed him about three weeks ago and he seemed depressed. I mean obviously before the tragedy right and I just I'm just praying. It doesn't send him into a tailspin or funk or downward spiral because he he has really like he's really turned it on himself. You know yes when guys are doing a little too much thinking and not enough living right. He's really you've probably interviewed him right and times. He's really starting to turn on himself a little bit and I don't know Oh what the answer is for him. I don't know if it's medication. I don't know if it's a vacation I don't know if it's all the above but there's something very deep in something very disturbing about what's going on with Mike Tyson. Yeah and You know this this latest tragedies definitely not going to help no not not at all and you know he's been through so much I mean he has dealt with quite a bit and You just you know just reach out and you pray for the guy to say it kind of makes you wonder though you know maybe just like our as as human beings you know somebody gets. It's a dog from the pound and the dog former owner. beat the crap out of dog and now the dog moved into a nice house in the Palisades in an as loving gay couple taking care of it feeding a top end dog food in showering it with love and five years later you come over to the the guy's house and you open you. Shut the cabinet door and it makes a slam and the dog goes scurrying away and you say what's up with the dog and they go. The dog came from a rough background background. And you think well five years of living in the lap of luxury surely should have cured that and everyone goes now. It's burned in whatever was was. I wish we weren't like that human beings but I kind of think we are Mike. Tyson is deeply troubled from his past and all the money and all the accolades and all the whatever I don't think are ever going to cure that. Yeah you know the sense of always gotten from Mike. The most important thing he's always needed love love and appreciation and there's nothing there's no value you can put on that one to be human being that's truly loved you know. Some people take that for granted but even but but but not knowing how to accept that either like when I interviewed him we were at one the La Premieres of his his documentary right and everyone was praising showering him with praise and and he said. I don't want to go in and see the movie movie and I said well you should go in and enjoy it and absorb it and drink it in. These are people that love. You appreciate your work and you appreciate you as an athlete athlete. Why don't you want to sit in amongst them and drink it all in and he said to adds to him too uncomfortable? I don't want to do that and he. We went off to another room and I did my interview you while his movie was playing. Okay Man I'm just saying it. The sad part is unable to enjoy it unable to absorb all the appreciation that people have for him. Well some people will have a tough time looking at themselves on the big screen you know. They're like Oh my God my you know my nostrils that be my pores that big I mean so some people have a tough time. And he's he's an easy going. He is humble guy. He's that you know that movie is terrific terrific. Everybody should go see that my wife saw the movie and she's not a fight fan and she thought he was terrific because he was so honest and he was so open and he really took you there. He no filter whatsoever and people appreciate that. Well Byron not only a small nostrils with small Dionne Warwick Syndrome offers and we loved the walk home. Didn't look at you happy birthday forty-five today forty five live forty-five I love the young man. Yeah we'll speak in a young. You started out. You were on television. I believe real people somewhere around eighteen. Is that correct. Yeah you know what I my mom used to tours of NBC. She started giving thousand only child so We couldn't afford this nanny stuff and all that fun stuff so after school go hang out with my mom give tours of NBC and she would say and this is where they do Sanford and son and this is where they do. Flip Wilson and they do George Burns specials and they do the tonight show with Johnny Johnny Carson and it was their after school hanging out with my mom at NBC down the street at Burbank. That I fell in love with the idea of doing comedy and making people laugh and I started doing standup right then. There you guys start off Michigan Detroit. Yup come out to La and sixty eight. You Go to Fairfax Tie. So you grow up in Hollywood essentially essentially your mom's doing the tour so she's at Burbank. She's where Leno is and Conan Nolan. This this is now. Yeah exactly the same same stage name studios and your mom is her Gig to give tours. Yes tour guides the people that you know you come visit from Omaha they give you a tour of NBC. They take you around the studio and say this is where they do. This show they do that show and I remember that feeling of just standing there watching Johnny Carson and in watching Red Fox. Do Sanford and son Flip. Wilson was doing the Flip Wilson show and I thought this is a great way to go through making people laugh have fun be a comedian and I started doing. I remember knocking on the door. This comedian he he was doing a summer. Show the Gladys Knight and the pips summer show sure and I knocked on his door and I said Sir really funny on Gladys nine show. I WanNa be a comedian just like you were. Should I go. He said go to the comedy store. I thought the comedy store the place you go to buy jokes. And he turned not to be a comedy club and they would laugh at that. But my Donnie was saying something to me Donny. Talking about this will sitting right in front of me Jackass just double check are why are you. Why are you doing confusing stuff? Searching for information on Byron Allen. I didn't know if you had it or I love Donna. I think Donald every you're always wrong. Okay so knock on. The comedy store was like the money store with Phil Rizzuto. Yeah I thought the comedy store was like a place you go like a supermarket. Markkanen pickup sight gags for three ninety nine. And I said you know what thank you. And the comic was Gabe Kaplan and he was about to start doing a show called. Welcome back Kotter. VAT that fall so you want to the comedy store. When you were what age I was? Fourteen fourteen ball. Summer of seventy five June of seventy five and you'll I love this. I get their MRIs at the front door signing people up and I'm standing in line with Jay Leno who was sleeping in his car and David Letterman. who had just driven out from Indianapolis had a house? He just loves cars so fucking much sleeps in them a love though he was being in his car are sleeping with us. It's different this time. He didn't have a house. He was literally forum. Oh he was sleeping in the car and David Letterman had just driven out from Indianapolis Annapolis in a red pickup truck and drove out. Because he wasn't sure he was gonNA make it right and he wanted to be able to get back in the pickup truck and go home to Indianapolis and was flipped out because he quit his job as a successful weather man in Indianapolis and he thought. I'll have to sit here. And I'm said I'm the big man in town. All right and the three of US got a job writing jokes for Jimmy Jay Jay Walker who was hotter than a pistol. Because this is seventy five. And he's doing good times and he's kid the dynamite kid dynamite dynamite I got Middle Age Bidder Guy Dynamite. I got twenty five bucks a joke and Jay and day were on staff or two hundred a week. Are you still. Are you fourteen fourteen fourteen. I'm Jimmy's apartment. Every Tuesday and Thursday night with David Letterman Jay. Eight Leno Myself Marty Nadler. Who went on to produce Laverne Shirley and happy days? Wayne Klein Jeff Stein Wayne Duke and who went on to do you. I know various sitcoms and every Tuesday and Thursday night. We sat around on a sofa like this and wrote jokes. How does it work though when you're fourteen like Oh man and you know what it's like when you get your first pubic hair salon like you can't talk about your Old Lady can't even talk about driving? You can't talk about drinking. I mean I feel like ninety percent of my comedy comes from Your aveling driving relationships your virgin. You barely having pubic hair. Oh man you know when you're riding your Schwinn and you get a flat on a late for the ninth grade and they're Sadie. Hawkins dance coming up. Like what do you have have to draw on at that point. You know I was. I was talking a lot about my mom and being a kid and going to school. Never Forget I got the call from Jimmy Walker and Jimmy Walker calls me up he goes. This is Jimmy Walker My Man Wayne Klein tells me you're funny Wayne Client. It seemed like the comedy store and I was like really the Jimmy. Hart Go. Yeah he goes. We want to invite you to come to one of our writers meetings. I said okay. Let me ask my mom and I and this was not the right thing to say so and so here Jimmy say Terry covers the phone but I can hear he goes. He says he has to ask his Bob. And then I heard David Letterman who I no at the time and David Letterman says. We'll tell his mom we'll have cookies and milk. So My mom drops me off and you can imagine in how strange this group of characters. Look Jimmy Walker Jay Leno David Letterman. This is before they're known these are unknown comics in your twenties and we would just hang out and I I I joke. I sold to him. His mom's say the dumbest things. This milk smell sour. Here tasted right so that was and this is this is circa nineteen seventy I I seventy eight something in that in that era exactly so. It's all that fun stuff. What a crazy graduating class? I mean you know the Leno I mean just the fact act I mean. Of course everyone does comedy with someone you've heard but the fact that to the guys would be perennial all stars in the late late night. Talk Show game. It's just insane fifty percent of the guy sitting at the table when you were sitting around. That is walkers. Kitchen takes up seventy five percent of the late night space right exactly right. So that's it that's late night right there and you know it was interesting. Jimmy at one point managed all of us he he was our manager. He managed Jay Leno for years. And also David Letterman. And there was a problem at one point because David Letterman Jimmy Walker was convincing David Letterman to be a writer. And for a minute there David Letterman stop performing. And he was a writer and he hated it and he wanted to get out of his contract and be pushed as a comedian. And Jimmy and his team saw Letterman as a writer and Letterman was like Hey I really really am looking to pursue being a calming and it was j that went to Jimmy and his team and said hey maybe we really should kind of let letterman pursue his dream him on being a comedian. And that's how letterman and Jay became very close buddies. And when you think about when Letterman got his talk show. Jay was on every five weeks like clockwork right and he has to do that. Let's recurring segment. What's bugging me? Or what's up and did stand up. And and Yeah and j made a fortune doing comedy clubs long before he got his talk show because he was on Letterman. Show every five weeks and right goes back to that relationship ship when we were all sitting around in. Jimmy's apartment in seventy five seventy six or so. Why was Jimmy living in an apartment? If he was the biggest name in comedy you know what he he was so data house at that point you know he likes I know much better investment strategy. It wasn't apartment down the street from the comedy. How many store? It was over by that. You know that train of that train cart that sits on sunset. That's a hamburger stand harney donny. Used to work there. Yeah so he is. Apartment was just like right up the driveway from there so he would walk to the comedy store and do as he came out from New York to be a comedian and I loved him. He was great eight to all of us. A lot of people don't know what he's done for comedy in terms of Leno Letterman. Who knows if those guys hadn't gotten jobs? I mean rhetoric. I could've seen letterman easily getting back in his car going home. But you know he was really supportive. Very encouraging opened a lot of doors for Leno. Letterman Wayne Klein. You Know Marty Nadler myself so you then go from that to That's incredible a real people real people and and again you're seventeen or eighteen years of age at disappoint high school. Yeah I was in high. They offered me the tonight show. When I was seventeen I turned it down? You they said do you WANNA do stand up On Johnny Carson. Yeah Jim McCauley was guide terrific guy. He really either rare. He's passed away. God bless a so he was he would sit in the clubs and work work work with Comedians for six months to two years before he put them on and he knew every and the pause in your stand up before he puts you in front of his boss Johnny Carson and he offered it to me and I was seventeen. I said I don't want to do the show until I graduate from high school. And because I I don't WanNA ask my mom. Can I do the show until she knows A. I'm getting Outta high school and be. I'm getting into college so I knew that I was going to graduate and I got accepted into USC. So so I was like. Hey Mom can I do the tonight show. And she's like fine. You get out of high school you accept it in college and I did the show Two weeks before I graduated from high school the same conversation with my mom. It was a little different. I said mom. Can I watch the tonight. She was like fuck that back almost the same almost the tonight show. Jesus Christ and that of course is With Carson back back in the day cards and you know what. Let me tell you something I once again. I was really fortunate because that was my playground. They would tape the tonight show from five thirty to six thirty at night. Okay about the same time they do it now right by the way but at the same time right so it's six thirty at seven o'clock. The place was completely empty. It was as if nothing had happened in that studio indio thirty minutes earlier right. Four hundred people were empty. Dow All the producers the camera crew. Everybody's in their car and had all right only one left was Ed McMahon with a twelve pack knocking them back now with one hand chug and a bud with the other. It's so it emptied out and I guess a young Byron Allen would sneak out on stay that was as my playground. I would go and sit. Janis desk sippy. I sit his oh I we go sit at the chair. I'd sit on the SOFA. Stand on his spot do my monologue. I sat all over that stage and perform so when I walked out and did that tonight show may seventeenth eighteen thousand nine hundred seventy nine that thirty years ago and then something it was home to me. It was a second home to me and I'll never forget Johnny Carson While I was waiting to go on to to do the show they were playing. The band was playing. It's GonNa take a lot whatever playing a saw a lot of love Blah Blah Blah. And he went behind the curtain and he said Kit. Don't worry you're GONNA you're gonNA knock them out you're going to be great Now this is my hero. He says that he gave me a great intro. And just recently had my my birthday and my wife went and got my jacket that I wore on the tonight show framed in his hanging in my office and the funny thing is brought back memories. Because I remember my mom going to Robinsons Mayo Up Department Store and it was one hundred twenty bucks to buy the jacket and remember brain ransom right right and we're praying that it goes through and I can get the jacket jacket because you give them the credit card and you don't know and I'm thinking to myself if this credit card doesn't go through I'm going to be on the tonight show with shirt. Tonight's night's show at eighteen and real people right about the same time. Yeah the tonight show went greater you know the real people was an offer that came my way a and I took it because it was allowed me to go to college do the show and it was different from anything else. At that point there were three networks. ABC NBC and CBS. Sixty sixty six hours of television and there was nothing like real people and it was a huge success. And I remember watching Byron when I was young and and also just you know whoever you are you have to sort of be thankful. You're around when you're around. You know because if you were around one hundred years well you'd be a slave actually around two hundred years earlier I'd be building a railroad. We'd probably be driving spikes but you'd be the one who is holding the spike thumbs. Yeah I've been paid fifty cents an hour to get paid zero but either way we both just be toiling out in the sun and not only that but you were around when you could do the tonight show and the tonight show was the tonight show. That's where I've complained many a time. I've done the tonight show with Leno five times in the last year. I don't get a God damn phone call the next day when these people back in the day and I'm GonNa look in your cameras on this one. I'm breaking down the fourth wall pissed and that's what I do like the cool eight got back in the day. I hear these stories. You know these guys ago I did my. I did my set the tonight show than Johnny motion me over to the couch next thing. You know phone's ringing off the hook offers pouring in I would walk down the street. Phone phone booths would start ringing. As I couldn't go anywhere I was mob. You get all that you hear all these stories. You know the next thing you know you're doing the real people and so and so forth now you do the tonight show. Jay gets a good rating. He's a good guy. I do the tonight show. No it says a word the next day. I don't get a phone call. Anyone stopped me on the street. I don't go into liquor store. Hey so you on the tonight show nothing nothing. It's it's a new era it's different time. It's different springtime. At that time there were three networks. ABC NBC CBS. That's it now. You literally have five hundred channels and the Internet. So it's hard the audience is still there. They're just splintered. Oh man or they splintered. Yeah that that Pie is getting cut up wafer thin. Yeah well here we are again once once again. Thanks for enjoying where every are and I like when you guys send me a tweet and you go. I'm hiking and listening or I'm working in the garage or I'm walking the dog or I'm at work or commuting to work. I like to read your tweets. Tell me where you are when you hear the show. I really enjoy that part. Also oh are fine sponsors like wolf and shepherd this episode is brought to you by wolf and Chevron Right now. They're offering their biggest promotion of the year just for my listeners. Most is comfortable dress shoes on the planet. 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Adam one hundred dollars off any purchase over three hundred dollars and that was Byron Allen and Adam Corolla I am a conversation back in two thousand nine now pretty recently Rick Fox is on the Adam Corolla show along with Jase Hall Jas Co owned in East sports team with Fox. He's the CEO. Yeah and he also came in back in two thousand ten by himself to the PODCAST and talk to Adam about mobile gaming in the future of entertainment and streetfighter. Four for a minute which I loved our now at the tail end of the street fighter five cycle so just shows how long ago that was basically taking the life of two platforms ps three of the PS four. I was actually in studio watches. Happening live I was about to record my episode it Jason Hall and then some Guy Superfoods thing mabley green drinks And it was not Daza. Better watching take it from outside the sliding glass door and I remember street fighter four. My mind was blown atoms asking questions about it. And it's an Parola show to fifty six from February twenty one causal missile. Something like this. I have a question JAS. Yeah I was just wondering if he had any more video games in the works he was working working on or if he was just going to stick with the show I've enjoyed some stuff that he's done in the past so Well actually video game-wise specifically I haven't had a chance to get back to making more of them. Although I have a couple of interesting ideas bringing back an old game I did call blood ed I think revisiting that would be fun. But what's recently coming out from friends of mine friends over at Capcom. That work on a franchise called Street Street fighter. And there's a new game coming out called Super Street fighter for which I'm very very excited about so wildly creative title and what goes it was on Super Street fighter for basically a whole lot of ass-whipping and you know they're they may not have played at Adam. It's there's there's there's a whole art to the controls for the game And it really is is a dexterity thing. Timing thing you get online. I didn't play against other people and there's a an array of characters that you pick from and I've been playing street fighter ever since it came out and now this is the latest greatest version and I'm definitely looking forward to that. What is the next? Thanks Nelson no problem or Milford is it's up on the screen and thanks for listening into US and enjoy the third shift buddy thank you. Hey listen I know the third shift sounds like it sucks but I gotTa tell you this. I worked late night radio radio for years and I worked morning radio for a few years and the late night radio. The building was empty. There was one Guatemalan guy working a floor offer and he wasn't giving me notes. You understand so you may be pissed off about working in the middle of the night. But I'll tell you none of the bosses buzzing around is very nice feeling when I did the morning show was always on sales director and the program director the GM and everyone was always buzzing around places a beehive of activity. You gotTA DEAL WITH A. You can't use the microwave. One of the asshole Jackson Coking's Mexican food in there. And all that Kinda Shit you work. When you mean true used to work in the middle of the night means row and the guy working the floor buffer you could piss in the sink no one would know so? Don't complain. Do Enjoy oh peace and quiet a little bit more. You're right there thank you. What's the Jason where we head? I mean like like all this. We workout stopped. DOC is insane. I mean it just see the commercials and see people running in place in front of the TV sets like we're talking about. This is totally insane when our now exercising sizing in front of our TV screens Obviously there's some sort of virtual thing that is going to be the next step by me. We're GONNA put down the controller in pick up the gloves or whatever it is and we're really going to get into a street fight although it's going to be a virtual aw streetfight but something's coming right. Well Yeah I mean. I think there's sort of three prongs that will be happening one relates to the realism realism and games going up and up and up not only visually but in terms of how you control manipulate them like the Nintendo we were you're holding controllers and moving them around that that will get more and more advanced it's all about immersion right the second thing. I think that'll happen is just this sort of fun games that you can get on your mobile devices. The personal personal games there Those are going to continue to grow and that Kinda gaming is different than the total immersion that you get from sort of a larger scale. We'll we'll call blockbuster gaming right the I think the sort of the third part to it it releases social gaming There's no the facebook apps all that stuff and just how we interact with. People are flash mobs jobs where where everybody gets an attack near supposed to show up somewhere and the connectivity between what's happening on the game in the real world socially I think he's going to so I think you're gonNA see all three of those things grow simultaneously. Obviously the one that's going to get the most attention will be the graphics and the immersion minute we can can stick you in a room like that. Looks like Avatar right. And you're running around. I mean everybody's GonNa be talking about that but and this also you know sort of gets to as it gets more realistic. How do you sort of look at what's appropriate for for people for children for adults you know? How do you start rating these games and making sure that you're not creating problems if you're just supposed to be entertainment? Yeah well you know we. It's it's funny that we've you know grew up and at least back in the day the only depictions of death are carnage. Were are in black and white you know all the World War Two footage or at least most the stuff they have some color shut stuff from the Pacific which is a lot more graphic back by the way just seeing film from nineteen forty five and color of Guys who are bleeding red and have their heads severed and stuff like that is really graphic but you grow up certa. Not Actually you know someone was killed in the news. They didn't show the body. Now you turn on the the news and you see him pulling people at a rubble in Haiti and their corpses in and so you're physically. My children are GONNA grow up turning earning on the television and seeing dead people which was kind of out of out of bounds by the way. God forbid we see a fucking nipple that I still. That's still out of bounds. What we can see all the fucking corpus you want dragged from the rubble in Haiti right But but then they'll be this this even third layer where you're sort of actually entering this world versus just watching it on your flat panel television right. And that's something we're going to have to contend with and then we're going to have to contend with the part where if you spend more time in that world than you do in this world which will what world is your reality. Your reality is where we spend the most time right really well on that. I did a documentary for Sony on a game called everquest which which has been which is a what's called massively multiplayer online game so we're millions of people play the same game at the same time around the world and they create avatars tars for themselves and they build their character and when I found interviewing people who've spent ten years inside this game is their memory recall of the events as they do with their friends in there is exactly the same as memory recall of things they've done in their childhood in real life So is it real experiences for for people. Well it is I I mean in in in just the same way that dreams can be very vivid and also can shape the day that you have following that dream in my three and a half year old daughter was telling me that she had a dream involved like stuffed animal thing this morning. I think we're watching. We're watching curious George. And he was trying to make apple cider last night and that's the last thing she saw and she somehow wove me me into that mass and But that's what she woke up talking about. That's what she's thinking about. And you know you are affected by that like you'll have those dreams James. Where for good or for bad? Something happens in those dreams that days kind of affected by what happened that night in that dream. We're thinking about bounded on your mind. Even that weird thing where you're thinking about somebody and you think I gotTa talk to that person and then that person calls you and it's just weird thing where you wonder how how much you affected them picking up the phone or what have you but yet an experience is an experience. I guess whether you're high or whether your sleep or whether you're in this virtual world it's just goes down in your brain as an experience right and this is why you know. I do the job now that I do today. Hey which I'm the storytelling You know making video games for ten. Plus years was about telling stories I meant. I moved into television television and internet and online stuff too. Well let's talk about the Internet and the online stuff. How did that get started? Where do you think it's going? What's the future well sound? Clearly I think the that online in general is the future of all media I mean people affords people the opportunity to watch what they want want when they want where they want and how they want right so I don't see that going away things like this podcast. I mean all these things are being made possible by this This democratizing the Internet. Right Right So I think that's great That doesn't work so well for larger scale studios because you have all these small niches With small specific audiences and it's very difficult to reach everybody all at the same time across all all of these these niches and you have a lot of business models that revolve around basically broadcasting to everybody at all times right well like how does it not an dot com work for you. I Dot Com is great because when we started to do there's Internet show. I do call the Jase Hall show. which sh is very similar in tone to curb your enthusiasm when I started to get into Hollywood and making TV and movies and that stuff? The video game boy fish out of water running into celebrities directors writers and there was this underlying cultural thing thing where they would always ask me about video games or they had the kid that was playing. Were they play themselves. How do you get to level nine? I thought well how interesting I Out of the fucking bunk bed see smell of duty to metal of duty and I thought well this is kind of interesting. You know one's been really talking about sort of the lifestyle and cultural effect or change just from a personal perspective on this game stuff so we decided to roll cameras in our office all the time time and try to capture that so we created this thing called the Jason Show which is sort of a ten minute Internet show and we were released the first episode of it got a couple of million people right out of the gate in the first day or two what he did that to other than your good looks. Well you're too kind. I mean that it is a that is a huge obviously. Is the gaming community. It's it's like anything when there's a hunger for some type of content people will. We'll find it and come to it. There was nothing talking about the things that the show was trying to reflect and talk about. Its semi it's real and Dan fiction mixed together. You can't quite tell which is which and there's always some news information in there somewhere right So you know it was just something I wanted to do when a lot of people were interested in it. So we got you know we're thirty episodes deep and we had done that show with Sony Microsoft and Hulu and all through there right and then Nigerian which is the probably one of the largest networks for the audience demographic that I reached which is kind of the twelve year old a four year old male gaming audience. They said Hey. Why don't you bring the show to our network? We're we're getting more involved in programming. As opposed to being purely editorial new new site. I said okay. So we brought Taiji N. as the distribution point. So if you go to CNN dot com you'll this the only place to see that season three of the hall show. We have great celebrities and a lot of things happened during the shooting. Getting a argument with Randy Jackson Seven Farland Sierra Challenges Houses we tennis Dolph Lundgren and Carl weathers get into a fight in my office and we decide to settle because I mentioned the last time we saw them together. DOLF had killed Carl. That's right right ring. Isn't that right. He was dead twitching shit on the floor. Yeah must be an exhibition right. They took it to fund. It went a little too far broken and I said this. The Carl Carl's like will you know that was just a movie and then I watched a room change and then Dolph was like well. You know I took kick boxing kickboxing tournaments right curls. I wasn't the NFL and they start standing up in office where they serious and they start. You got to see this and then they start moving furniture around and I go way way. Hold on a second. I have an idea so then I set up an Intendo we boxing. We use the controllers physically right and made the characters look like them. I got an audience and then we got to see who really win in a fight That way the both impressive impressive Physical Specimen are still. I absolutely I saw Carla weathers a year ago. Still my radio show and he's making fun of me me for doing dancing with the stars. But he's still pretty amazing shape and did a very good job of looking like a boxer in that movie movie. I mean his work. A little bit underrated in those rocky films. I would say Dolph Lundgren as well. I don't know who could have done what they hey did. Better than they did in either one of those movies or that movie. No you're right Interesting doll was coming from shooting. The expendable Z- In which has all the action people right in that city. Arnold and it's a cavalcade of I WANNA call a hands bins. It's action guys. That should have. It's like action. Action guys are sort of that he should have about the same shelf. Life Visit Porn Star. which is somewhere around forty five? It's time to hang up the JOCKSTRAP and get behind the camera. And it's crazy I you know I don't I don't know if it's the human growth hormone or the Grecian formula or what it is but these guys are hanging out in the fifties and sixties and doing this stuff now and well you know why because no one's come to replace them. Yeah that's true. Well I'll tell you I'll tell you what happens. The guys who went to replace them. They see vin diesel or whoever they went did an action movie and then the next thing you know they're doing a movie called supernanny You know and they're hanging around with kids and same with dwayne Johnson who. I like a lot but stopped doing the FAG kid movies. You're an action star. That's all thing thing you know stallone. Schwartzenegger those guys burned down half of Europe and North America for years and then they did like kindergarten cop or whatever whatever eventually they do that again that every now retarded against stop or my mom will shoot you know they. We've had in. Just that's a payday just to show. They can do it by the way. They can't why why what they're so they go in and do that. Nobody gives a shit. It's a flop and then someone talked back into doing T.. Three or whatever it is so today's action hero Vin diesel and aforementioned dwayne Ron Johnson. I need you guys to shit out about twenty more action films. And then you can think about it. The other thing is they don't want to do the franchise right you get vin diesel and he does triple ax or something and the next thing you know I gotta look at Ice Cubes Fat Ass doing that role. Figure it out to do the par our to go Rambo to I. I Bleed Rambo to all that rockies all the Terminator's that's Oh point you start the franchise plus out on the second one. I think they don't WanNa be typecast. Or they want to show that they can have a range. They've arranged to to work with and what I keep going back to the guys that want these movies that watch it. They're happy if you just keep giving them what they like. They don't have any that's fine and so since since they don't do that it leaves it wide open for the standards to come back and do it again. Die Hard for or whatever. But here's the thing which by the way I thought GYCO. Everyone's got to do less. Drop off the dry strike cleaning pick-up some milk. What happened Ghyka? Save hundreds of dollars on your car insurance. You don't have to go anywhere. Just go to GEICO DOT COM fifteen minutes could be saving fifteen percent anymore on your auto insurance. Take the extra money put in your pocket. Get Shelf a big Tom. Turkey or Nice Honey glazed ham for for Thanksgiving go to GEICO DOT COM. Spend a few minutes. See just how much you could be saving on your auto insurance are the JAS held back in two thousand ten got a few more clips for everybody WanNa remind you to. If you're liking this show we release episodes. Every reese Saturday and Sunday chick cruel classics the podcast subscribe to that. And if you want to submit a request for your favorite moment emails classics AMC Crow. Dot Com tweet US Venison instagram. Let us know what you want to hear on cruel class right now. We're keeping Black Friday themed and this next clip features Leslie Jones. Yeah she was on. The Adam was in Studio Greg. That savings bank. What's hosting in Lieu? Admiral Adam was off filming his pilot. I was wondering guest. Guest hosted episodes were. Adam has to know that happen. He's very involved in the production especially at this point that show what episodes would air. What days part of me feels like? He's never heard any of these so he actually here's the defeat and goes back to this area might might be. It's Hilarious me take it. He might hear this first time Adam. Corolla show to seventy three guest host record Simmons. Yesterday it was Jones for March. Two thousand ten. They're some oral sex advice between Greg and Leslie and some honest discussion about interracial dating anybody famous. Have you had sex with anybody famous. You fucking Liar. You looked away and you laughed. I I want to hold it Denzel. ooh I would have seen right away right. I would have been like come on seriously you it. You don't have to tell me who but tell me if we really haven't I haven't would have. You made love with the celebrity. Yes okay. Is He in the film world of the Tel the answer. We're going to swing back for that but right now if you WANNA get if they want to get to know leslie a little bit better go to just Leslie Dot Com and and again check out some special we're going to. We got a lot of games to play. I'm going to save those because first of all we're GONNA play rank of. I'm going to give you some names. You're going to rank them. We're GONNA and play overheard we'll be talking about. Some bullshit overheard this week. We're GONNA play liar's poker where each make a true story. Make up a false story and then tell the true story then we gotta guess but right. Now let's get to our first game. This is the one that's always a big one with the fans. Let's play do you care. Okay Leslie Walk here this this week or Jay. Leno is back on the air and we found out that Kevin Eubanks the guitar player will be leaving job in the spring. Do you who care. I could give less than two shits and that was do you care now. Let's get back to the. Let's talk about. Let's let's keep it black here. Let's keep you the Ludd Tiger Williams. That was my job. Because he took less. Black Larry's not tackle Jackson. How about that Tiger Eggert? Did I see Williams. Yeah you said Tiger Washington who's tiger Washington. Just make enough if he doesn't even have a black glass. What are the fucking Woodsy woodsy now? May I don't fucking of the woods I know he's gotta he's gotTa look if you're going to be named Tiger first of all. There's no black man Dan that we call himself tiger because it's too much like the jungle and black men don't want to be going back to the jungle in the fucking now trying to get or the woods they wanna the the jungle other woods. Yeah because you get whom woods virginity I think that it's that he didn't have sex with the Asian or anybody that reflected him at all. Yeah how about yeah have sex with somebody Mesnier DNA. Is I mean he could have sex sex with a light skinned black girl. She didn't have to be my complexion. Sure just been you know. Yeah but no I know they all look like fucking Barbie Yup. That's that's that's what it is and you see the same thing with Oj Simpson. I mean he would date the Blonde Barbie chicks out. There is a status thing. I think you know would like me because I always ask black man. I always ask them this number one question. I was like you know if you ask one hundred. Black women would be the first this race and the first thing they say was black men now if it was nineteen sixty seven that would be a powerful because you think about Jimi Hendrix back in nineteen sixty seven. I and he. He was an outspoken as a black man. But I believe that. By virtue of being a crossover artist somebody that was selling records to white kids and fucking talking a lot of white women. That was making a statement. But if it's two thousand and ten is ninety make a mistake no negative states. It's making a real negative statement because especially like I said you ask the same question to one hundred black men you might get maybe thirty percent of them that say they black woman i. Yeah maybe maybe that much and I'm giving well. Nobody wants to fuck their mother. I think we all want to get away from. I don't want an Irishwoman I'll tell you that. Get the fuck away from the IT. It doesn't matter when you're having sex with somebody so you didn't like this. If you look at it this this goes way back. I didn't make this shit up. I'm not a pervert. Shakespeare we wrote about. Oh wait a minute wait a minute so you think that black men don't like the focal black women because it reminds them of their mother. Hell yeah he's never is. y'All had never even never even fucking crazy for the black plus when I was single and I was young I was all about the dark buried a lot of Malato but also so I went here. I thought that's right. That's right Irish. Irish KIP pulls out early. You're walking around I. Aw Irish people hating Black People Bucknell. Are you serious. They call us the N.. Words of Europe. Get the fuck outta incident. The literally that mega so your words. I can't even say it and I am that the other day I have to say. Oh I can't say can I met well no I. I can't because then you don't want to meet will get cut glitter and laid out of context. I'm walking down Venice beach the other day and I wrote my bike over this black guts foot and he said Yo your what's up and word to me which made me feel bad number one because I'd rolled over his foot number two because now there's a racial thing going on and number three because this I'm what a horrible thing to be called and then I and then the shame that I can't repeat the thing I was called that puts you into a black hole of shame. Shame you can't even go to therapy and well. Why are you depressed this week right well because some call me the n word? There's shame even saying in word but in this so funny. How eleven got turned into so crazy convoy because the way that he said it to you wasn't interracial way it was just nigger to fuck up Nikki which he died he? It's like Sammy. 'CAUSE like in ten I call you the N.. Word if we in a conversation and right we're conversation but if you set up and said Fuck you black I bis Nigga. I just wanted to say can I. What's up my Nigga? I don't WanNa do that either. I just want to say I want to say I don't want to say it in a negative way and I don't want to say it in a in a in a friendly way I just want to say it. We'll see it can't come out any other way but negative oliver white person's mouth. That's what I mean because y'all put the ER on. I don't even know. Oh how to say it because then you go down south and you hear them say Meghan know how to do it backwards. They can make a whip cracking sound what the second in third syllable matter of fact they chills go up my spine after look around for a share of car when you and your and your darker. I'm Dr Among the dark skinned people darker. Yes and your family. What does the family tree? Both parents a black black. What do we introduce any of the white DNA? I I don't know if there's some white DNA is way back that bring you pride. His pride like I'm black motherfucker because down just like you said down the DNA. Hannah line is probably a white person somewhere. Yeah every black person got some white person in the debts rice thing we like to fuck exactly talked to gang of hell. Yeah now we didn't like you too. We didn't like you like grabbing that black alloy it's like a varsity sport for you. Pimple Gan the sweet sweet and good but you gotta earn a sweet and cushing. You Got Women Make love to a black woman it starts out. It's like take a little flirtation. You get a little flirtation. See what you would your skills challenge. No what do you want to see if I can look you in the eye. We I want all of that and if you if I have to tell you what the fourth to do it now go straight into visit is right. And and here's the thing you like is a white man. Higher higher percentage of going down on it now because I'm had some why men who don't know what they doing. Only if you know what the fuck you can go down. I'm not going down on if I don't know what I'm not going down down by the director. Should I not billing any color jet. Here's what here's exactly how you do it. I learned this I was a caddy. I sit in the caddy yard. I was fifteen years result in the older caddies. With tell me how to go down the woman catty know how to Oh tiger woods. Yeah now we go to tell us caddy. Here's what I was told then. And here's the beauty. But I'm forty three years old. I learned this when I was fifteen and I've honed it I've worked and I've never found it to be untrue. Here's what they told me. That killer Kalaniiki told me this kid was so crazy to be in the mind it used to wear fatigues want to be in the marines couldn't because he was too fucking crazy but I knew how to go down on a woman so you wouldn't fuck a guide and killer cocky run. Here's here's what killer Pratt. Lackey told me he said you go down and I I breathe on you lick the inside of the thighs. You let her feel that you're breathing on right. It's like it's like when the made it's like when the maid comes in the morning. She's it's not just a gentle on here on out here but this is about you now you paid for the room you might think I'm I'm up and and and then she made she does a lap hallway. That's the thighs kiss. Qa around the size too much not too who long to fuck it. This isn't Goddamn skating in the Olympic connects Talbot's but when you get on it he said you take the middle part of your tongue. Aw and you laid across the clitoris. Okay and then you take two fingers just the tips and you get them you get them in the opening you get them in the crooked or the despite with the g spot is now now confused by this. Although recent data is now showing up fuck the death say there is data data and the G spot their son. Okay I'll tell you it's there you don't tell me I tell you this is fucking show you so now you get the two fingers underneath you breathe on it yet your tongue in the middle. I love it but now so like. She's not sure if he's still on it. Is it the breadth hours at the tongue but the fingers are starting to say. But we're here communist comment that's Siemian. You think they get on on the clint and to suck it real hard that lays that's a solo act like a baby. breastfeed horrible is is horrible. You can't feel anything the when you bear the of tongue kissing it have mercy. Jesus how many white men up after looking up I would hit it foot that I've seriously mal headed during the show mucking. Second half of the show. I'm GonNa hit it and you can watch it dot com and on just Leslie Taco. Yeah we were told to keep Adams couch. Cleanest fucking orange. Yeah he's got an orange fucking over Nelson's velvet couch velvet. You know he's GonNa find he's GonNa find some dark berry as an Irish cream on a chip. Tell me this. How many white men have you been with? Oh Man I don't know if I could tell me What is that pitcher? They put governor just thought it would make it easier if I said by the team. Nine eleven eleven times. What okay? I'll say maybe about seven seven and how many black men. Oh live probably about one hundred hundred dollars fifty shit did I don't know Mexican. He started looking. Latinos Latinos now academics account for Okay and that was once was at one time. That's how they are. They all come together. They all the same car. And here's a question. I know the answer to but I'm GonNa ask it anyway and we'll say it at the same time. Asians no zero nine. Why would we almost one time? What happened here at MIT? You're getting aggressive degree well in college. Actually and he looked like he can do Karate Korea and I actually had a little Bruce Lee at the time. Yeah but once I smoke so fucked up. Breath is to smell like fish. I I don't know what the fuck that smell is. I don't know they. They a lot of what eight a lot of them shoe. I mean it's like saying that Irish guys breath smells like alcohol Dongguan racing to Jeez. He was horrifying. We got we got. Coal is on the line I want to start servicing these callers. Because they've been they've been on hold for a while. Let's get to. Let's talk to Mike Mike O. R.. You're on the Adam Corolla podcast Greg Fitzsimmons guest hosting today. And I'm sitting here with Leslie. That's awesome so thank you for making this show even better mike or fucking it up. What's your question? Hey Man I wanted to ask one of the recent Live shows shows that you guys did you and Adam had to do the crowd. That was drunkenly Just randomly shouting Shit. Yeah and like bugging everybody. Yeah and I know I know Mr Fitzsimons are. Are you got a reputation for being kind of a bad ass. You went out and Kinda settled as Hash. I wanted to know if that's ever backfired on. If you ever get anybody ever think when you do that yeah yeah. I've I've had. I've had full on fights on stage now the incident. You're talking about which is funny because somebody sent me a link to this and I went to Corollas podcast or maybe I went to you. To know is on Corollas website. He's got his whole show. I drive I drive. Adam drove oh he picked me up. We go down to Orange County fucking hour and a half in the pouring rain and get there. I'm not getting paid shit. I go on stage and there was a heckler that was disturbing everybody. I went on after a few people and so I went out. I physically went into the audience. Oh and I just went toe to tell and the guy stood up and I sat. I'm down and then I'd deconstructed him and showed him what his life looked restaurant and he's talking shot up for the rest of the guys about six foot three because let's attention then. I gave it to him but then he got more than he wanted because I explained to him what he was about. And then I go to the website and Adam curl up the whole whole shows there except me going out and fucking destroying this guy. I don't know you tell me I'm guessing that once again for free so at least I like to see my work up there now. Lewis should the worst experience with this was early on. I only been doing comedy couple years. I'm working at a Club in Boston. Called stitches little foreshadowing. Chataway for you Leslie I go up there. It's a Jewish singles night. It's one of these nights where they get the packing them in a bunch of Jewish visit. Well paid like twenty bucks to get in. I'm still making nine dollars. And and now this guy in the front it was a cabdriver who's just gotten out of the Rayleigh army his name is simple and I remembered that because I told that was the name of the village idiot and the Woody Allen movie so we go back and forth and eventually he makes this line in the sand and he says nothing more. You're nothing more nothing more. So needless to say there was more going on and he comes up on stage. fist-clenched comes at me and he comes straight EH. And he's about he's probably only about five six securities in the parking lot. Getting is hi. I'm up on stage. I got two buddies at the bar because they could drink for for free while I make my nine dollars and the guy comes at me. He's only about five six but he's you know Israeli army like ninety stocky Fono Rodman. Gosh it no. If if you throw a rock I wanNA know what was coming. So he gets close they get the microphone. It's one of these wire Mesh top-heavy one so I just bash them on the top of the head with it holds coming down. He gets me in a headlock. You Syria well. He swings the duck and then grabs may get good. Krav Maga's headlock and then spin. I'm not I'm not exaggerate. My feet in the air. It's fucking swing around like a dish towel knocking down tables door guys. Got Up on stage my buddies at the bar and get up on stage Wean in people out. I stand up take him out. I'm off on the side of the stage. My neck is all fucked up and they reset up. The frontier was going to be drinks. The manager comes out and he goes up. If it Simmons five minutes left will show I walk out on stage and I get the first standing ovation in my life because Dade rather see a fits Boffa they want to see a fight fucking high comedy. That was the best. So plus. It's a Jewish guy the Irish guy and they love it. Oh man an after show. Hey by the way I want to press charges we let that guy go okay so I guess you'll be thank. Thank my neck. No two months. Two months ago and a chiropractor stitches comedy club. Boston ever paid the fuck and bill. No yes shit. So thank you very much much Mike for the call. Oh it was a good call it that is fucking. Let's get to line three. We've got Ralph all right. Let me hit doc. Castrol edge stronger under pressure. Engines can lose up to ten percent performance due to friction castrol edge with fluid titanium transforms under pressure. I sure keep them metal parts from rubbing and Robin three times stronger Duran Times full then leading full synthetic against viscosity breakdown. It's the best it's edge. It's castrol edge. Everybody I and I was fits dog with his guests. Leslie Jones back in two thousand ten in some oral sex about is your favorite episode right. You were there for that one. I know you know what I I started working there. They're probably days after this episode. Oh you hear this when you were you. were powerless episodes about this. We'll do the show is like every episode that's right another guest host. I remember when I was powerless. Tyler now this next look features Aisha Tyler but this is with Adam and the gang Alison Bryan Adams. Adam live from John Love his club. Universal City city walk back in two thousand eleven admiral. Show six forty seven. You should tells Adam about her unusual upbringing and her parents. How her and her sibling raised by each parents separately? After the divorce Adam gets his parents divorce and why his dad is kind of an honorary black man based off. His is a fashion and hairstyle choices. Post divorce and then blind has to shoot himself in the middle of a live show which was really bizarre great clip. Opiates enjoyed so I just my parents each took one of us because they neither of them Ford to and they didn't WanNa fight about money so my dad really Louis also older like kind of care for myself. My Dad was a single bad and he was like look. I really hope you can cook and clean because I can't help you with Shit. I don't leave some money here. Don't get stabbed or let any strangers in. That was pretty much the deal with that. He was very loving he just was like. Hey Man I'm thirty. Let's fuck and do this by. Wow Yeah he was. He was as a loving guy. But you know the late Colin you know what I mean. He was very good looking. He's a good looking fellow. Seen the apple probably fall to the Action Jackson. Some kinda look was very hot. Back in the seventy call. Good look choppy mustache jumping over cars and shit. What did he? What did he do for work? He was a butcher. He was a meat cutter for most of my childhood and then and then after that he went to crane operator school operating engineer school upwards license and it was a crane operator and he was in his crane during the low of reader earthquake and and he said it literally almost like forty degrees for about two minutes just like this and he said pretty much. I'M GONNA die. There's my dad. That's not when he's recently phase. But there's my daddy dance in the rain in the high rise highways crane one. Eight hundred story Crane Garry asked job. We're big counter bouncer weights on there. He said he pretty much. The only thing that kept shit in his ass was that he was trying to use his muscles to hold onto this right. Yeah they're fern. Earthquake seems like fucking e ticket. Ride that I would never WanNa take so your dad and my dad sort of raised. His kids do well. When you're the only black person in history I will raise my daughter stay out of this? They want you north up to get his hands on Bobby. Your Dad was a good example. It was always there for me. He was he was he was very involved in my life but you know and really loving. When he was around he was my dad? It wasn't like it was an absentee dude but he also worked ninety hours a week and and he was a dude. Guys are just is different. You know what I mean. Women are like. How's your homework? Do you WanNa Sandwich guys like. There's some food in the fridge. Do what you can you know. That's just how are that's how they're built and he guy now who's like making making fucking baby. Food is just doing that because some broad told him the baby's allergic to peanuts. It's not because he wants to make it. I know my wife gives me the once in a while when the kids are talking. Don't tune out. I'm like hey don't yell out that I'm tuned out because I had to go and I did every three report five seconds I did the. Yeah all right well there you go well. That sounds like something you can listen to what those people say. Ah Yeah that's that's that's one of the good Wales and she knows I'm over thinking about something else who you never have to answer a question. T-REX you'd probably beat King Kong anyway. Kids fifteen right. Oh they're severely retarded but yeah I have to. I have to tune in but my dad took his his two kids in raised them sort of as well very. Yeah Yeah Trumpet. There's my dad. There's trumpet so the way raise them. SORTA sort of raise them. But I got my dad played the trumpet. There's a weird thing and a trumpet. Call the spit valve. And you gotta you gotTa let it go about every green. Yeah the thing. That's weird about the sprint valve. Is there's no spit SP- attune. There's just a floor and so it's like every twice a year. He'd go tourist friend's house Dr Gold. Who lived up in the hills that you live in up in the hills around here you never ever hear about that? And he jammed with them and he'd be on the carpet playing his trumpet about every three and a half songs he'd hit that spit valve. And just drop it. There's no there's no like you wouldn't wouldn't put this SATCHMO rag under it or anything like that or just spent vows valve. Yeah I dropped his trumpet mouthpiece out the window the car once I've tried to see how much sound I could get out of it out window feet up your pug and let it go later on a bowl Out of it would have been a beating if he he stopped and he was too lazy and we found it in the gutter and he used it was all to stop because it was probably twelve bucks at the time. All Right Asia you want to jump in on the news why not. Let's do it rolling all right Jack. White of the white stripes has produced this point out. What is this like middle school lined paper? You're reading from. Can we just all. I know this is radio. I swear to God if you pull pull this out of her picchi folder. And she's like I think Jack is really cured and I hope he asked me to the dance. Look who with their hands anymore. Don't you have a computer cuter. What was it I do have an? I don't even know you fuck with you for two minutes. AIA polarized by answer fucking question ears. It's so oh nine seventy six good trapper. Yes it's adorable. It's really the whole me and various paper with different minds. It's like the wide rule versus narrow road. That's a whole separate paper and I'll ever attractor. I wish I wish I had a pat birthday. Jack White thank you if the white stripes is produced reduce the new single from fellow Detroit Natives Insane Clown Posse. It's an interpretation of a lesser known Mozart piece from Seventeen Eighty two called Lek Mieke en marche which translates literally as look me in the ASS. I'll bet you didn't know that. Wow according to the press. Release it marries quote. Mozart's melody the and lyrics Sung in operatic German with insane clown Posse's poignant we're ical addition in English and backing band jeff the Brotherhood Monster riffs. The B. Side is mountain girl original composition which has insane clown posse's violent J and Shaggy two dope singing about country life including Shotgun Shotgun Weddings meth addiction. And I thought it was mounting seaside. Yeah Okay I don't first of all all the fact that the juggle owes the as they liked to call themselves when they're not urinating in their own pants are going to be even start or even or oh yes are are going to be exposed to. Mozart is both confounding and exciting and not as can. I think that you wrote that article long when you could step in the right direction. I can't figure out if Jack why school or douchebag he bothers me I'll tell you he does one of these things that bothers me there people full who have hair. That bothered me. Like when I was watching the Oprah and I was watching Jenny McCarthy on Oprah she was doing when that thing where her bang would fall in front of her and she do that move or she did that one finger over the ear sweet move and then it would fall right back down in the exact same place and then she would do this move again and then would fall right back down in the same place. It was sort of like you go. And let's open the curtains and you would just hold the curtain up and then let it go and it would fall back in the same place to go so let me open the curtains and you just keep doing the same movement two hundred times at a certain point bitch figure it out. It ain't stain back there and they're very much ado. This is very much ado food. Let not that I have I washed my hair and then it makes a shape and who gives a fuck. But if I'M NOT GONNA red carpet I don't I barely shower. Honestly this was what was laying next to the bed when I got up today. But but that is really a dude attitude because it is impractical temperatures just like Flab who wants to fuck me and you're like just put it over over that's funk and Bobby Pin all the Goddamn Day who'll oriented dude attitude. Jack White's one of these guys who has the long hair who wants to get with that one on the on the right there though not again now I right not a second time. Only hair starts falling in front of the phase and then he starts sweating because he's playing one of those outdoor summer rock concert. She's up there at Coachella or something and it's one hundred and ten degrees and then the long hair start sticking to his forehead and sticking and then I'm watching it's like sitting across from someone who's got Broccoli on their mouth on your like it's fucking bothering you. You WanNa just. It's just like wiping my foreign stuff. Shave it does it do something I hate that. Who was the guy who would get all bloody banging his head? Andrew W K Andrew W K and his fucking hair just like the dip shit bothered the Shit Outta me. I get what I refer to as the hair hair ten. which is the these pieces of hair which are sprayed this way they wanna go this way and then all get just sort of like one alfalfa stuck to my forehead but W K it Kinda like not being ironic? Let's talk about that. He was serious the whole time and it was like fucking which you just never was is he just he. I think that was serious. That was all totally. He meant all of that. He means that right berries like this is art man. Let's there's an art school student. Experience being douchebag he would get all like cutters for it and it was like pro wrestling and then they get all sweating hair with stick those four hundred bug that shit atom literally like whatever guy like used to get that kind of like half Boehner in eighth grade behind you and typing class to stay that way until Kelly was thirty five. You know what I mean. Just still that's snotty like you know kind of far friends and he's got like a mortgage that's he gets a Lotta Pussy though by he. Es this famous just drug girl smells a lime line is on women. Hello my name. Is Dave Grohl then so so are you kidding me. He's like is what fuck they've just to get a little roll like to rub off on them. Come on Fuck Dave Grohl if you could play guitar like him. Don't lie to me. I in Your Eyes Guys Times. I saw Dave Grohl on his girlfriend at the MTV video music awards a million years ago and and it was really hot and they were each spitting big blobs of spit on each other to cool each other off and I thought really disgusting and I doubt it really works. Yeah but I want Detroit but anyway yeah I know I got into trouble with them because with day. Well David is in his girl. Girl named Danny Danny knows she the mother of his children. Yeah what what happened. Was I had a party house you know. I decided I was at that stage in life when I needed a party house. And I bought a house in Sherman Oaks and put a basketball hoop there era and a big screen. TV and we used to have fun. People pass through Adam yeah except poor my whole fucking life and I lived in Shitty apartments events that I wanted to garage. Who Do we do and I said I said I'm going to party outfit? And it turned out the Dave Grohl sister lived directly exactly across the street from the party house and when Dave Grohl was in town playing the amphitheater for some k rock show or something like that he he said. I'm staying at my sister's place I said that's across the street from my party house. He said stop by and say hi. I said all right so the next day about noon soon maybe later I went over there knocked on the door and some blond chick look like she was putting a rock. Tumbler just open the door and send Dave still asleep and shut the door door and then I got on the radio that night and said some floozy tramped that he picked up that's probably Jordan on his sister right. Now that was Jordan Jordan. Yeah that's his wife door. Then she found out he found out and they got pissed off that I called his wife but it seemed like one of those rock and roll thing the do you know what she was the actual wife or it was not the wife the wife that was the problem. If it was just a floozy I think it would work better. But she'd be forgiven. It was crazy why it was pretty wife Jordan. That's what it was but we're all upgrades. Yeah we're cool cool now. Well anyway we have a bit of this insane clown Posse Jack White. Mozart single like I wanna hear really. Yeah that's nice. They'll shaggy what you know about Mozart shirt. Yeah I think it is deficit. Don't man that was beaten up and see what I know about. He was a free night from talking about well he had some underground. Wow Lick me lick my hands bitch. Drop that Shit Jack Doc. It really more against right before the this is so humility to all I really verbal in the in the shopping Freida and let it all go. This is the worst piece of art ever made. I just this is going to be a sketch on us. And that's the only place they could just fucking lonely Ireland videos on Youtube interesting. So how could they use the word death on. Ironically where is yours again. What year is it I ask you? Where's that chick kids? I can't play the drums on this one. Meg White now was that is appropriate for what they said. They're brother and sister but that really was his why they were going to do it was it was his wife was what I've seen like. Turn it down please thank you. I've seen the white stripes and the white stripes are like a guy who can do that thing where takes Boxes and control in the air and then grab them or no like a cup stack you like a cup stack or are they gonNA boop boop boop boop and so watching the white stripes. It's like watching a cup stack are where you watch and you go man. That's that's impressive. And then you go. Let's get Outta here. That's what it is. That is cool. I could never do that. And then you you hungry heavy late. That's my feeling about the whites. I watched him for five minutes. I go wow man. That's pretty cool all right. Let's go get a beer right but you don't do that with Green Day. You Watch the whole concert Cirque du Soleil as like I've never seen that and I certainly wouldn't awesome. It is only the one sir the one I saw that one. Oh right right the one. That's at the neo. Die Walks around on fire. It's crazy I don't like Cirque du Soleil because it forces you to have ghaith thoughts like don't blame your ought to help it. You see those two dudes certain lifting each other all that Kinda Shit it looks goodness underpants. He looked so good. And then you're like pulling Marcus Bachmann. It's not their fault workout beside this or this is their workout road diet. You know way search in there is higher regimen. Everyone looks good in their title. Everyone's everyone's got a cod piece. It's crazy what are you going to do in Vegas. You can lose all your money goes through a bunch of guys the way hotter than anybody. He was just in Vegas and I lost a a little bit of money but I also went to circus circus for nostalgia yeah and I and I saw a like an Acrobat Act trapeze sorry and I feel like that the Trapeze Act that I saw circumstance that was their entire regimen like they were so bad and it was so sad. And it's it's like going to like a municipal zoo right right. It's just like one. Polar bears confused. He's sitting on like a cardboard box and shit. You know what I mean. It's like the satis he doesn't. I want to be there or like going to the zoo. And to Crete where they take make giraffe with a can of spray paint a white horse I you know look at the tiny leper. A tabby cat Zebra Tijuana Zebra What what's with the Tijuana Zebra? What what is the the name? Good name for As v what is the what is the deal with circus. Circus was there a casino called circus and they had to call it circus circus. Maybe maybe to surface one eighty two. Don't be for like I said before. A circus they want. You mean what the fuck revolt circus circus again. Why would you go down to that end of the Strip? That's where you get herpes. uh-huh okay. Well when I was a little kid my family family loved to go to Las Vegas. 'cause a wonderful vacation spot for little kids not really. It's not cheap to feed your family. That's what it is. Yeah I and my parents love to go to Las Vegas and they would get these hotel babysitters who are like one hundred and fifty five years all and I'll say I was work. I host. How how they were too old? That's like if you're a sex worker in Vegas. That's what you do when you retire. And so anyway though there would always when we go on these trips there would always be one day where we go to circus circus and that was like my sister. My favorite thing to do so like it's like I have Stockholm Syndrome now as an adult old I went back. I'm like I'm GONNA go how. How does how does the babysitter work over there in the in room or your corral? No they come to the room and they charged you I. I never really watched the money and charge it to the room. Jesus Christ pay extra extra for Shaken Baby Syndrome. Yeah it is very baby. That'll be five dollars extra. I should ask my parents how that worked like where they more expensive than yeah hitters ages. Tragic Magic Mountain was way out of range for the Corollas. So Vegas was off the fucking end of the Colombo. Oh by should have vast ero. Yeah like we. We had a book by the back. Then you had cars that had a certain range range. VW Square back. My Dad had a VW bug and they wouldn't by airplane tickets because that's rich people and so we couldn't drive a VW. Bug to Vegas so like every place was just. We couldn't get anywhere. Did you guys fly out. There now. Drive drive was that Daddy. What was he driving? Oh Cadillac oh no. My mom drove drive days. It was this giant Chrysler Chrysler. Yeah it was a Christ like this big Beige Chrysler and I had an eight track and we listen to show tunes had an Acura so I love how Adam says. It looks like we drive them back then. Was it Chrysler people with your food and your money. Yeah you fancy refrigerated boxes to keep your food. Did you drink those little juices. That came in a bag back yarn. Yeah we had. We had the straw that had the sharpened edge folk. It right into the walks. They had juice sliding bag. Jack in the box and you had juiston yours. We had cheese the Cayman Strings. These fancy people that use some other than rope to hold your pants belt well. What's that about fell? That's what my daddy I used to do to me when I got Outta line due to me when I ask about Vegas definitely not a Jew. And then a Caesar's palace they give you these a big Gaudy medallions. Yeah don't take this the wrong way but sort of like something your father mighty warm with. Yes there's a picture might Dan. That's the shaky we the pull up at some point. Yes sorry yes no. You'll see. My Dad was if we can pull up. My Dad is the sheiky you will see. He was if if not black at least an honorary brother. We can pull this up but keep talking well but these big assuming on my dad and Cacique over. He is wearing a medallion Yes my father. I mean come on provided and it's funny because the guy next door the guy next to him Gabby is the ball. This straightest most pipe mother Wagner on the planet. Were scared in the picture from our put that picture up one more time. This is the house I grew up in and had two doors two front doors. One right there in nine inches to the right there was another front door and the house was six hundred fifty square feet and had one bathroom and one bedroom but ahead to fucking front doors and no one I never asked. Nobody ever wanted us to one on the right. The one guy is standing in front of was that one the other one had the screen door on it and we would all sit in that room and watch TV and when Our Cat Norman. We just found one day wanted to come in the way Norman would let us know was time to come in is Norman would climb halfway halfway up that screen door big wooden screen door and do this boom well. And if you're just sitting there watching Maude or or roots. Perhaps we did. We watched it. We watched all wide-angle largest roots people were busy making money. fucking trying to lift ourselves up as uh-huh and my mom said how would you like to fuck indoors. Come on now. My mom to climb in the window they had my mom made us watch roots roots and she kept saying you see what we did Yeah normal just bang on that screen door and that's how we knew it was time to come in. Yeah so there's Dad Rock and the beard and the shaky serpico lead singer from Boston. Yeah what did he date a lot looking like that or did you just look like someone who wanted to date a lot. Well what happened was my parents. There's a horrible time in my. I te parents divorced probably like in like nine thousand nine hundred seventy four and my dad was married dude up until that point so so he had like bad brown. Suits dress like Fred macmurray from my three sons in a square dude. Like when you're married you're like I'm not trying to. I'm not trying to run down any new pussy. I'm just trying to save the Pussy. Abby and protect the pussy listening. Yeah it's like gone into the event pussy but I ain't trying to score a try to protect the lead and getting a lot of nickel team here the four corners. There's a running out the clock. Here run out the pussy clock that limbaugh but we drive into the hoop pushing the ball down the court. Now what happens is you get divorced ores. Although my parents were so poor they never even got divorced. They didn't have any assets or anything and there was no. There's nothing they owned and they just said like my dad was like I'm splitting in my. My mom was like all right and they just laughed and a divorce would have been like one hundred bucks probably worth of paperwork deeper work or attorney filed something with the court so they just they never got divorced. Said I'm splitting. And so he split and my my dad realized. Wait a minute. Now I gotta go get some new policy and thus I gotta get some new threads and I gotta get hip to the Times so he grew his hair hair out. He got a pick with a fist. Fuck in raw fist on the pick. He picked his hair. He grew the beard. He got at this shaky. The clear glasses that were non prescriptive this clear glasses and a medallion and all of a sudden. He's on the move trying to fuck twenty two year olds. He's working with. Yeah I said I swear fighting the power with that pack. He's finding the power this pick. Yeah Brian Mr Corolla Matinee. Excuse use use the restroom under this is very unusual but after you really have to be okay Gopi that he was starting an Improv Mr Parola because my dad that so I thought he was I was trying to take a funny way to ask you sign. I'll be right back. Go take best while Bryant piss everybody Out because okay a real man would just fill this Miller lite bottle again in front of me. I answered so my dad. My Dad just just went to sheiky and full fro and just started nail every dumped chicken. Town yeah I mean. We did that actually work. He wasn't you know he I'm not a pussy magnet but he was between the cheeky and the horn and the growing the hair out and everything was able to nail down a few flus. Remember a few chicks Mike Flood. We lived in either an apartment that was about five six hundred square feet or later on a house that he bought for fifteen thousand dollars at north. Hollywood oliver a one bedroom one bath so it was hard to miss. It was not like he was bringing chicks home and he fuck. I'm in the library or something like that. It was hard to tell. It's down in the pool. Is he down the Cabana Cabanas Conservatory. fucking earned the tennis court Cabana Cabanas. Yet no it was hard hard to miss him fucking somebody yeah sorry tie to the linoleum baby speaking of hotels tiny plastic shampoo bottles and hotels maybe on their way out hotels across America replacing them with large refillable bottles. It's a move to reduce waste. That's a problem I'll tell you why. Tell Me Love Adam I would love for one news item to go by where he's like. It's happened even before my buddy ray used to P and how I sport I making it up up on just reporting it but you understand. It'd be like if a newscaster came on and said commercial aircraft went down in Arizona Day everyone went. Oh come on man that his fall. He's just reporting the news. Just the Messenger. Didn't tell right this and this shampoo bottle that's what he did right and I wouldn't fill it up with this. He just put a little piss in there and shake it up. Maybe it's good for the hair. I'm just saying guy who's going somewhere somewhere. Big with his life. He four forty eight living apartment but maybe we should have saved that and sold it. I'm I just say in way. Better better make those Litz tamper-proof because there will be guys doing weird things into the conditioner bottle. Believe you me. Uh what did I miss. Raping Shampoo bottle who otherwise would have cured cancer but was busy selling Deliang shampoo bottles all over America. This is this talent to save the environment right. Exactly it's to save the environment and the hotel patrons take home large bottles and stick. It is to save the environment. I think hotels want to tell you that fucking shit like. Don't Dobie your towels on the ground at save the Earth and what they're really saying is don't make spend more money we want to suck every penny out of your asshole that we can and act like we're doing it because we give up. That's what's happening. It could be that. And that was Asia Tyler back in two thousand eleven with Adam Allison and Brian Ping now. We have one more clip. His Black Friday. We hope you're enjoying this. And this one features one of my favorite guests that comes in and He's from America Ninja Warrior. And I'm going to try to say his name Akbar. That's pretty close. I think that's actually it's off our meal that's it. He's a pronunciation technique four Adams because he stumbles. Are you checking out. That he tells them how data actually says. And there's an extra with G in there that I'm trying to get that pronunciations. Well which he also does not get it made for great drought from Brian. Yes also in this episode that discuss everything American Ninja Warrior Warrior. It's the whole interview. Basically the importance of grip life lessons from playing football and my favorite part of potential. Jimmy Kimmel Prank discussion. That Akbar was all about doing until he looked looked up the meaning of a certain joy. It's time to check Adams voicemail voicemail twenty give a quick shout Tina made in addition to the show for almost twenty four months. Now she doesn't really get your credit on some really good drop some really good input on jokes and input on conversations. It's fucking smoking gorgeous. Keep it Corolla Twenty twenty. You can leave us a message at eight six three four one seven four four Akbar the intimidate. I got a wait a minute Bobby Amelia. Wow that was horrible at add it before and now this Adam I tell you something. All Right Baisha. Yup Be Amelia mill a mill. Bosch Abi Miller. Why do we have to ease in there? I thought it was okay. Funny enough. That's not even the correct way to say I gave. Maybe the American. GimMe your wake me. No no Nigerians Iota. I'm kidding yeah it was. My father wouldn't get upset when people would say with the American telephone now he just all right but that's all that I can be remarkably. Good thank you I got one. That's it ah now going to be. BJ From now on. You know what I was in school. I always knew the teachers are getting ready to call my name. Always always come after like a Garcia Garcia. Okay Maryland Garcia and then it would be this like strange looking. It would always be like right here in the middle of the eyebrows. I raised my. That's I I know it's me you went to crenshaw high. I did go to your local. Yeah born and raised. I'm from out here to go to school. North Hollywood high. Oh you guys were Brett's let's some people say where's hollered hot. You're in basketball. I played beat you guys in basketball. Yeah that's the way it works. We beat you guys in medium income. So that's why we get the laugh along up our tears. It's not the same anymore more. Not that area's changing big time. Well North Hollywood is weird because it's turned almost fully Hispanic but it has a handful of like we. We used to say when I played football there we would bus in the brothers from the inner city to play the skilled position. Okay so as messed up. Well it w one way or the other. What about the quarterback position? Now this is the seventies certain aptitude aptitude. We looked for a prayer takes. Almost no no but we would have. We had you guys tell me we had We had Melvin Royal James Odem so we all got. I'M GONNA come up with some of these great names for some of the brothers came in. Nobody know how them in. I know but you know these are skill position players. You Know Melvin Royal is handling the rock. I mean. He's toting the rock. You Know Melvin Royale or high tops by the way good Michael ODEM talking to other guys were silver and Blue Rider Graham. So you played. You must have been a fina. How your brothers older and by the way NFL fantasy fantasy live is one of the shows. Also Co host American Ninja Warrior. Tell you something real quick. I've seen probably hundreds estimated episodes of fantasy. Salaam love that show I. It's a fun show. I think she'll be very dry. And you make a lot of fun. I appreciate that played for the San Diego. chargers and Miami Dolphins is well. Don't get the Oakland Raiders. Oakland raiders silver and black as. Well I can't I'm I'm going I'm reading like Oh I thought you knew all of this this I. I've I'm aware of many of your accomplishments not all but back back city and state championships in high high school he also says crenshaw Yeah are we used to have a good team back in the day. But I think they got North Hollywood high yeah crappy later on now. We we have the good ones. We had Darrell Strawberry Marcus. Johnson I mean we had I mean my brotherhood out considering that amongst the great In our rival high school yet sparky Anderson you to remember that sparky Anderson Reds. I remember him Detroit Tigers Manager. I'm too young to remember him. Playing he managed to rack red machine managed to reds. It's I and he's okay. Sorry to Rain on your parade but our team. North Huskies beat Darryl Strawberry's crenshaw renshaw team. He pitched to play in the city championship dodger. Stadium his team crenshaw who we beat to play that. Play it dodger stadium. His team played in the consolation game. which is like playing for the bronze medal and they play like the four o'clock o'clock game Google here I wasn't born probably? He hit a dinger at dodger stadium. Okay in the consolation game in highschool at you have to say Constellation your money up to say like that. You're emphasizing constellation on would beat crenshaw back after the game he was pitching. I don't remember that that's the one victory we can cling to all right So you insanely athlete. Your brother insanely athletic How big a part did Christian Mccoy a play and your life growing up your decision to come here? Whatever well you know? I don't know for my dad's decision to come here. I think both my mom and dad you know born in. Nigeria came here because because they wanted to have a better opportunity for the kids and But growing up watching American football Say American football. Because that's how my parents always described this American Eric in football. What is what is this American football? You guys watch these bonding back and forth on. What is this nonsense as my dad would say and so but watching Christian Koya? I'll just never forget. I was doing an interview at the Super Bowl four years ago and I never met. Chris McCoy Nigerian nightmare. By the way the guy was out here running track for Occidental or something no no as a possessive news a Pacific way off and hit. Somebody just took this crazy specimen all thighs and upper per arm and spears football. Go run that way literally leaning Labor Nigerian nightmare and that's the best nickname I have ever heard period but every single Nigerian football player. Who grew up? I don't care if you grew up twenty years after he played. You know the Nigerian nightmare so anyways that inspired us to play football and that's how we kind got into the game because of a traditional Koya incredible specimen. I mean that guy was just if you WanNa talk and the reason why like you know you can practice active and work hard and maybe play baseball at a higher level and golf and some other sports tennis and stuff like that but football you don't you don't get to get to the next tax level unless your specimen built for it and there's nothing you can do about two hundred and sixty pounds in a four four five forty. That's guy even as you. You can't work. There's no amount of weight training protein intake that can ever do anything about that. Protein intake deviled eggs uh-huh x. no no can't go yes. Oh yeah I mean like Jimmy would always what. What is that stuff that they put on the top of the w Rica and then is that just the yolk? Did they kind of much together whip it. We Got Nigeria. Yeah what do you. What's the what's the delicacy? We have a lot so we have goat stalk fish stock fish. I don't know the correct pronunciation creation of it without the accent. My Dad will say Brokaw Lee with a couple of Nigeria frontier. Until your body. You'll buy yes so we have different types of food so we have Gary we have in Y'all we have on my la and then the soup that we put everywhere have Aguzzi soup which which is good We have a good July fries any asking the united in July rice. Goat meat is it is the best my favorite is in your and my la those. There's has the pounded yams and then you have the umbrellas like this brown food and it's really good. It's amazing and then the plantations and I think in Latin America they call it ZIP ZIP. Plantains Madurai also plan to plan teens. Split a room just as as fast and yams due to a little bit I don't I don't I don't get it but as fastest beats well I got people that are I love plantain. Yes and I know a lot of people are just won't know can't do I a yell. Listen I don't understand. Why don't we call the Dodo? I don't care what about people. They knew slightly sweeter. You got some. I'll never get over with my Stepdad. was that he loves sweet potatoes BUT HATES YAMS and I tried to explain them the game. It's just more of a sweet potato data but the two different Kinda different though. I'm angry yeah a right to be angry. Deny that you can't take take away from me. Let me get personal here So my wife and I were trying for number three and he ended up getting twins four years ago and we just randomly. We bought this twin book. I page of this twin book says Nigerians produce more more twins than any other culture culture in the world. WHO's at La? Yeah that's me. I wasn't right. No that was me do it again on three one two three. No that's me. I actually thought that that was like a talent. I thought that was my dad or my uncle. Hose King podcast for nothing. The great reliquary I see but reduce the most amount of twins and it's all due to the yen's that we eat and so when we had twins no joke amount. I was showing my my wife is not Nigeria now showing her different meals that we have and I was making yance stance when we were trying and so we got twins because I have a brother that has twins my brother who played for the Green Bay. Packers y'all KGB. He's a twin with my sister my mom and her family. They have twin and I never thought it was going to happen to me. So I'm like man. This book has got to be true because and I'm surrounded with twins ten. That's a lot of walking for the NFL. And I think I I I got twins myself and you think oh you have twins yeah so you. Em's your Nigerian. That's right so your last name. So you really Adam Cornell now does the literally talk about Yams Yeah I. It says that they believe is linked to the amount the high dosage of Yams that we consume whatever something in a Yam they yam that causes causes. That maybe the stuff that you're still bitter about your your Father Hamming. Yeah that maybe you consume some of that that's why identical twins are fraternal fraternal. Yeah well it does say in an article it says ten ways to increase your chances of having twins. They do mention Yams really looking at it right here. Well there's nothing better I love Yams I'm just angry at my Stepdad. His drawing draw the line. I will not liking sweet potatoes or yams and I will come together. He loves sweet potatoes Yams it makes me angry. I lump him in there with the ASS. Wipe to love cheese but they don't like it melted. It's melted it's no good. It's like what that Guy 'cause I like I love orange juice. Don't like oranges. ooh That's a lot of sugar liver so nfl fantasy live that's weekdays two PM on the NFL NFL network also streams on NFL dot com slash. Fancy live and then of course American Ninja Warrior which is nominated for or an emmy. Yes that's the Sunday going. Am I going course. You should see my. tux Is so clean. I thought about it but my style is actually knocked it down. I was going to do the bring bag. You remember this is. This is around your time. I was going to bring back the rough. Oh just take a shot at No Yeah but ruffles what I said. Can we do a modern twist on the ruffle maybe may not make it like so subtle Harry. China is subtle ruffled babe. Yeah but I could not I. I wasn't able to pass it do the the the House of Representatives so the wife. No no no no no my wife she. She didn't care but my style is what do you think she was like. No it's going to take away from the jacket and the jacket so beautiful and collar jacket. Blue Navy blue love that color and it's little Pale. It's going to be gray. My pants it's GONNA be gray white shirt. There's a nice simple little pattern bowtie so it's clean and simple but yet it pops. Yeah now you have any predictions. The American Ninja Warrior is GonNa win or something like that. Well I mean it's a IT'S A. It's a crowded field in front of me but there's some other perennial all stars that are there Yeah thank you. I dancing with the stars. I remember you on there or did you lose it. I never I never gained it but thank you for that old lives matter. I want to say by the way moves matter. I I never did have it I always believe they should the almost every everything in most competitive things are a lot of competitive things. They'll break off into classes you know they'll have the have basketball leagues for guys that are forty and over and they'll have competitive you know when it comes to the golden gloves a million years ago and they'll have a a amateur and they'll have a not a professional but people are more than ten amateur fights or whatever it makes things competitive. They should do that dancing with the stars. Yeah Yeah they should they when you when you populate it with the Kristi Yamaguchi's in the professional ice dancers in the world and have them go against a Republican senator for Minnesota owed are something one years old like well. That's the beauty of it. That's the same thing with American Ninja Warrior we have seventy three year old competitors and we have twenty one year old competitors and we have a fifty five year old who goes further the thirty two year old or a twenty five year old so we have competitors out there. Who are doing it? I think that's the beauty because you don't have that limitation. Sometimes you look at a person's go that person's fifty so you you all automatically limit them or you know you. You stereotype them like you guys did North Hollywood right you put them in a hole and all of a sudden boom somebody like a a steward John Stewart doerflinger fifty four years old and he gets up the wall and he goes far in the episode. An show I mean they have signed up for it and art. Okay but still you'd have to say yes. No they took they take guys that are rank amateurs and put them in with Professional Olympic caliber athletes. Whereas you guys everybody regardless of age can climb a rock wall not true not true? We had a girl who was we had a girl who just got. I mean just beat cancer and chemotherapy. I'm talking about weeks after chemotherapy. She started to get it into American Ninja Warrior Training. She wasn't a Ninja Warrior. She was Helen's born in Chess Cowan. I mean what's your excuse. When you see a guy like Zach Gallon gets so in step on the course I'm this guy has a prosthetic leg and takes off and runs the obstacle course with one leg he throws off the other lake and runs and gets like two third or fourth obstacle? Are you kidding me. What's anyone's excuse? Nobody wants excuse. Everyone should be not the F. throwing stars and take out guard silently. No I I agree. I'm just saying these guys at least trained for this sign up for it and have you. We're making excuses. Doing you make an excuse. Because you didn't make excuse 'cause I told everyone Kristi Yamaguchi was GonNa win the long before when we were going to your beloved Oprah's show to announce it I was. I was announcing who the winner was. And I'm just saying you don't WanNa you don't WanNa do that advance. You Wanna be able to go. I don't know that guy could do it right all right so we do a little eight. Sorry the categories is gonorrhea amazing race. Yup Yeah the amazing race. Sorry dance with stars project runway top chef and the voice. So gimme Gimme your chest and be honest. How do you think we'll we'll do here? Well I think American and you give me your answer. Yes we're the. This is the very first time like four or five years that a new A new nominee has gotten into this category and the same for the last four or five about to say thank you guys have the momentum. The show is grown. Organically manically over the last few years. I've been paying attention. I was watching it when it came on and I didn't see tons of spots. I didn't see see the big story about the young Gal and the Kelly Green Skirt and the jogging. Bra Kicking Ass Marine Lantern. We were talking about her on the show three weeks ago. Oh you know. Two years ago we wouldn't have been even if she'd done what she'd done. It's been a SERTA slow. Burn Bill than the Zeitgeist Organic. It's not shows sometimes movies and shows do this where they just try to ram it up. Your ass buys many billboards as we can. We'll cover the side of buildings with the pictures everything and we'll just force so the issue. This shows had a slow burn. It's just been there. It's been gathering momentum and now when I turned the TV on it's there. I'm seeing promos. Knows I mean the networks get behind it. And it's showing up in different places the personalities show up so I feel like you guys have the momentum. Yeah I I appreciate that and and to Brian's point earlier it's it seems like it's sort of the the social media favourite. I don't see anyone sharing clips from any of these shows on facebook except for American Ninja Warrior. And they're excited about it. Yeah I think people just it really speaks to their soul. Because I think all of us we have the inner kid in US where we just. You know what I could do that in everybody. I mean I have Aaron Rodgers quarterback for the Green Bay packers. Olivia Munn. They'll tell me there's like we love shall we can do and I know we can do it. I'm like really really like first off. Aaron urine like a million dollar oil millions of dollars on your contract and yet you WanNa try American injury and that just because it speaks to the inner sole the kid. I really think it's just. It's a monkey bar you know it's like it's like yeah but you know it's got the lights and the glamour and all that other stuff and a live audience. I'm going to ask you this. Yes see if we can make a deal okay. I'm my fingers crossed for and I hope you win. Okay thank you so much. Are you going to pray for us. At least two I will. But I'll tell you. Here's the caveat okay and this is what this is GonNa. This is going to put you over the top. But it's a little bit of a deal with the devil okay. Jimmy Kimmel's hosts in the show. Okay he's he'll be hosting AMI's deal friend of mine. Okay Okay when you win I I want you to thank the producers. Okay I want you to thank God or whoever you'd like to thank Yup or whatever but when you see Jimmy when you go up on stage when when you rush up on stage and that finally Taylor Tuxedo. Yeah I want you to say to Jimmy. Amen haven't seen you since that cuckolding film we did back with with you and molly last week. He's got a beautiful blonde wife. Okay name is molly. I think it's going to bring the house down okay. Cook Holding Cackling. Don't look it up. Okay okay I just saved for haven't seen you since the CUC holding if you actually did with them all last week with me last week Akbar if you do Google. It don't do what the work computer there. Oh my goodness okay. Now you gotta get a big lab into the mic or people's possible can hear it. Okay all right. I'll say pointed Jimmy ever since last week cuckolding funny okay all right. Yeah and just ride it phonetically or whatever. Okay cokie looking. Ah This don't don't don't spoil the surprise okay. They'll spoil the surprise now. Let me ask you. This will be hosting Ninja Warrior since we just got picked up for season nine. Well we'll be working for You'll be busy. You'll be working get offers phone's GONNA ring. Phone will not stop ringing. We'll be in the press. Yes yea Oh yeah. Get after that Initially some may drop off but then I predict surged research. Okay and will I be sitting down with Matt Lauer. You guys can stand if you like if that's what you're talking about planning loss between you. Yeah okay all right. I think it's GonNa be awesome. Oh boy I can agree with that. I need to look at IT I. I hope I'm not saying anything offensive. I don't know what it is it. You're fine I'm gonNA look good but Jimmy. Okay has a beautiful blonde wife. If we do a celebrity Ninja Warrior celebrity edition edition would even come up for the show. I have to say yes. Yes okay I have no grip. I have a horrible grip and I realized that show is so creek oriented chanted. I've I've I've and all superheroes and all action stars have great have a great grip. I am athletic in many ways of the deaf as athletic is defined. But one I do not have as grip I let me ask you know what my last name means. Please hit the yeah. It means big man comes saved me. I can help you. I'll tell you the story later. About how the last name came about by Mula if you buy two hundred pounds of rice You buy two big buckets. You take the hundred pound. PUT IT in one. Take other and put one downstairs if ya. I'm assuming because you're a nice car I'll say that you have an upstairs downstairs but one downstairs and one upstairs and here's what you do you take the thing and you do reis crabs and you get in as hard as you can and you grabbing grabbing you're grabbing you grab it you for a minute until you build up to five minutes and then so you do the one minute and boom and you hold it as tight as you can titled Rice. Yeah the rice. There's a and then you let it go and you do it again and you'll start to feel the break you'll regardless of four muscle. All of this stuff will start to develop. We'll start to work on the little different digital muscles muscles in all the different little you'll muscles in here and that's how you get your grip on bucket rice upstairs downstairs that way you have no excuse like oh I gotta go happens when I go out of town I come home and after ward off all the Pesky Asians. They've gathered around the right shoe. There is not happening out there in the room cuckold. It'll bring it back. I hope I wasn't saying that. Just following him in saying something. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I'm the bad influence around here. All right let's celebrity dish in. Yeah you gotta get some spidery guys is on there why are why are Sinewy Stevo. Be Good Stevo would be good. Willem Defoe the whole spectrum that yeah I think cuckold may have been looked up on it. You know oh I can read a man's race. Melvin royals back in the day. That is that is bad. It's GonNa be funny right off forbid the same face. The teacher would make his name on the roll old look several several different definitions to make sure I got got this right. That's that's not appropriate to say Jimmy Kimmel is going to be funny. Never invite me a great sense of humor that kid. You'll love it inside joke. I'm I'M GONNA make sure I put Adam's name in front of eleven. Yeah all right. All right Akbar are budget being meal. I love him CICA. Guess he's appeared another time on the cautious to make sure to look that up to but that will do for our black Friday episode. We did it. You did be hope. You're enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend. We'll be back tomorrow and Sunday tune in till then. My Name's Chris Blocks Monitor that superfan Giovanni Mal.

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