Mason and Ireland (HR 3)


Good Karma Mace. This curse thing has gotten out of control said happens really has who started it Start the curse Shea at the road. I know O'Shea fueled it O'Shea brought it up and here's the unfair thing about it. Of course I go all the Games. You don't win the championship every year in every sport right I mean I mean not everybody is the you know that none from from the University of Chicago and they went to the they didn't win win. That's not good enough. Yeah the it's the curse of the non the the biggest like yeah when you go to Vegas and you hit real early in your trip. Yup You like feel lucky person. Yes but if you just keep playing you'll probably hi you lose your luckier not lucky. You know who invented the Mason curse at the Internet. The Internet invented it to her. Yeah twitter it does things like Like it's over I'm on boomers payroll Dow according to twitter. When did you start working for Steve? Ball right yeah. That's the way that's the D- when did that start to happen. Greg when when did that you seek Laker Fan. Yeah it was this summer spring in June. Yeah was it before they got choir. No I think it was right before the clippers got quiet all during that whole time when it was during the ownership the the the whole thing that went on back there was nothing you could do questioning of Pelinka. I mean it was questioning a point but but that was that was before they got Qui- right but then they so they get Anthony Davis and then Laker fans are starting to feel themselves. But I think it's all connected to the clippers. Getting Kawai and the Lakers not correct. Yes you like it while there. Was this weird. Read it thing. And around. That said Steve Bomber Ulmer had bought off all local media and more people than you Jordan's over the knows the somehow bomber had bought. Everybody off now is that is that that that that was Steve Bomber. Making crazy noises. Aw that's a real human noise or Chris Farley or Chris ought to be here today. What's the difference uh-huh now that's real bomber and this is not real? Yeah but I think that's where it all started where it all starts to and you know the truth is you're listening Caspian Los Angeles. The truth is I will say I was wrong about Rob Pelinka I think rob Pelinka put together a really good roster that can compete for and possibly win a championship and I was a doubter from the very beginning now I reached the point where I said after the roster oster was complete. I said you know what I've changed my mind. I think rob Pelinka fits the suit and he has fit to suit okay. I think it's a right or wrong thing right around league. I know you deal in Talkradio right and wrong. Don't don't don't throw your nuance sat me. I live in the black or the way I don't live in the black and white not the gray. I don't live in the gray. I live in the Cray Yeah it wasn't a right or wrong guy like Rob Got Anthony Davis whether you think it was worth all those players or not or draft picks or whatever it is like he got the player right but you. You have to acknowledge now that he did a really nice job putting players around around Davison. Lebron the question is okay. Yeah rob gets credit for that. Yes you deserve sign. I think the biggest thing that I think rob has done. Really well is neutralize whatever divide there may have been with him and Lebron like that that very very public suit thing he would say over and over I was in lockstep with Lebron Anthony. Day was on every single roster decision that was made that to me was the biggest shift from last year this this year and by the way. That's just smart. It's just smart. Yeah Yeah So. That's everybody was on board and I think he gets a lot of credit for that and I also think because one you had gotta get like he wouldn't be saying that if Lebron Anthony Davis are not okay with him saying that. It's a very public posture. If you're into the mix of it all that's a really the smart thing for him to say because one now because it makes them what it's an endorsement of the roster every player on it but it also hold them accountable for the roster to last sure it was like old magic and rob or off doing their thing and then when things arms donate shooters and how many times have we play that magic. Sound the magic accent. Yeah yeah no I mean after Davison. Lebron James have their fingerprints on this roster and they are they are they should be tied to it. Yeah and it's on them to make it work as much as anyone and it's working. Its smart that was a smart political calculation in the calculation. That's just the right thing to do. I don't think that's that's political way to last year's magic had the con- magic did what he wanted to do. Okay sure Rob Pelinka said you know what I want my guys involved. I've got two of the five best players in the game. I want them involved in creating this roster and they weren't involved I think they were involved to why you Lebron was was involved the year before maybe not as overtly but I definitely think there was a consultation it was more magic and robs vision but I think heavy emphasis on the magic part of it as we. We can see just heavily emphasise the emphasis there but I think Lebron was consulted on every player So there's a very different public Stance this time one one chance at well last year was a little bit different kind of relatives where you had a team artist. This is a really good point. Greg go ahead and make it like you. Would on your Lakers so down. Dance Party on your phone brandon. Ingram Lonzo Ball Josh. Heart art they were Kyle Kuzma. Were already here already here and a half the team that they signed and that was Casey was already here unfortunately Rondo Rondo onto Rondo Veasley Beasley those are the three and you all Stevenson Stevenson. Those four guys but for the most part the team was already here whereas this year it was Kaku smell. Lebron James and that really wasn't flexibility last year because the principal players were the young core. Yeah Yeah but the all those guys that were cases made for every single one of those like they were counting on Michael Beasley. There was a choice beaten made to go after Michael Beasley said the weirdest sent last. They were counting on Michael Beasley. They were they chose Michael Beasley over bringing back for like. WHOA yeah? That was a bad choice because because they wanted to go with ball handlers. which is what Magic Johnson? That was the theory the theory was rough impersonation of Julius randle and Brooke Canton I. I don't know score. He scored in in New York. That was what they they relied on him. He scored empty points on a bad team. Correct absolutely and it didn't work here in L. A. Because he would come with the wrong shorts shorts on so. I think that I get you through. I think that last year it felt like the front office made those choices in this year. It it felt like Rob Rob and Lebron and elaborations made those. I think that's a really big. That's a really big difference because it means that everybody is on the same page H now. But you're not willing to say rob did it right. I'll say rob dinner right sure. Yeah that's fine I'm just he made by nuance. Sorry I know it's like a luck. Yes no up down in out come on you. Want to go back and talk about whether they had had to give all of the things to the Pelicans or not did they have to do. Every single one of those the pick swaps. You want to get into that really you're going to go down well that's all your nuance. You're not concerned with on that. Rabbit hole we come out of it with. Anthony Davis sign. Sign me up. Well your side to say yes or no and I'm like well the nuance matters the nuance it is what it is. We've got mad unhappy chip roster. Yeah may not matter now but let's see in three years like like when they traded for Pao Ghazal I think it was worth it. Because they won two titles with sports But then the nuance of like Oh Marcus Holland have pretty good right like that. Every day of the week on Sunday in other words it is it is it one hundred percent victory touchdown. Well if they win sure I mean you pick this team win the championship. Let me chip. Yeah so the roster must be pretty good rosters great. Yeah Steve Nash Straight. At the time people were doing touchdown dance. Were you excited about that. Trade I have to admit yeah I was right Steve. Nash was one of my favorite players and that did not work out and workout. The Lakers paid for that for years. To come judge. Things is right in that moment but that's all of the nuance of sorry. Yeah don't give me nuance. This is talk radio. We're not we're not playing in one of your long t. l. the are columns right now. What I got so we're not if I told you what if I told Ding we're not five episodes on on one thing? What if I told you what if I told you me have? Have you ever tried the what if I told you it. It gives you a different. You know I didn't come up with that right. I told you an extra me. You should start that tha- that's how you should start your culture podcast. So what if I told you that I have a culture pop pop. Can I have a call by the way. Thank you for bringing that up. That's what a producer does I wanted to mention and Momo as you did that podcast a podcast. That mean yeah a lot to me And I just just dropped the latest episode of it. I think this is like the twenty third episode of the year. So it's being picked up for a second season. It is being picked up Screenwriter Gregory Allen. Howard talks about his new film? Harriet which is based on the life of period tubman he also wrote remember the titans and Ali. Wow how huge cat. Yeah tell me how you do the get for that. How do you know don't know? How'd you find out how to reach out you call around and you try to find the publicist? Who knows somebody and you're doing work? I'm doing work or or suit doing work. I'm doing work okay. Yeah I'm doing more. Let's sue doing. She's coming in. She's rolling in and she saw arrives over to your house yes. She does run in my kitchen table every week every other week or so. Yeah sounds like a huge commitment. It is it's a big commitment. I coming up next for you. My favorite team. The Rams lost. We didn't get a chance talk about it. There's one key element a moment in that game. When I knew we were in trouble? What if I told you? What if I told the Rams went to the super superbowl last year? What if I told you and are now in danger of missing the playoffs? What if I told what if I told you rob Pelinka gave gave up too much in the Anthony Davis Trade? Is that where you're going. No I was just I was doing the rams think for you. Yeah Okay Mason Ireland. Momo's in for John. ESPN LA rams. You go no huddle four minute mark. Second Quarter girl is in the backfield with Gods ready for the snap with two to his left's has it retreats to throw steelers get there they go to the deck only question to the ball. Come out as well. It was in perilous position but it looks like fell on gifts. He J. Watt another. There's sack he's got eight and a half on the season Brian Allen out of the game for the rams at that point Jared Goff asked afterwards words if the issues with the offensive line affected him. I don't think it changes what we're able to do as far as play calls go. I don't think it does change just that overall Gelling and chemistry mystery. And I feel I. Those other guys stepped in. I mean Austin had never played for us before and stepped in and did a great job and then I thought Coleman came in and did a great job as well and then they had to move down to center and it's tough but it's part of the game happens every week and this week it was us and We were really close overcoming it almost it and in short here's Sean McVeigh. I think just figuring out are one of these guys are GONNA get back. What does that look like but ultimately You guys ready to go. A couple of guys came in and stepped up then in in competed in. And we'll look back at the tape and figure out what we can do to be better moving for so Momo this is just come out from mm-hmm Lindsey Theory Rams head coach. Says Brandin cooks is out for Sunday. so is Tackle Rob Rob Haven Stein offensive line. they are out for week. Eleven Brian Allen who was planned center second year guy is done for the year with an MC L. L. injury which means that offensive line which was already bad has gotten even more challenging for this week against Chicago. A team they struggled against it's defensively startled against the Chicago defense last year So do on Menas Meena Bill Barn was podcast. Did they say anything about how the offensive line was affecting. Jared Goff's play They think it's absolutely a factor. They think it's absolutely a factor. But at some point there is an element of jared. Goff has got to find a way to get it done and special quarterbacks play in especially tough circumstances in this was one of those And and you know as as we were saying earlier today The reality is the jared goff in the last seventeen games. Is The thirty fourth rated quarterback in terms of quarterback rating that since last year's lions game That ranks him behind guys like Eli Manning and Andy Dalton and the quarterback that they will see this coming week Mitch Trubisky so. I'm curious if like how the offensive line play affects. Jared it does he have enough time to throw. Is he under more pressure than normal. He's absolutely I mean just to one and for his Li- watch the Games. I mean they were all over room yesterday. And you know a lot of teams have been using this six by one front Against the Rams Pittsburgh they've enough defensive intensity enough horses upfront. They don't need to run a six by my one thing. They were getting to Jared Goff so fast yesterday they didn't have to put six linemen Out there in in front of him. So yeah I think this is really really really bad. News and a game that was already going to be tough Sunday night against Chicago at the Coliseum. Just got a lot tougher because that means a couple of those guys that That Jared Goff mentioned Coleman Shelton and David Edwards in Austin Corbett are going to have to play now now with Haven Stein. Gone With Brian Allan Gone they laugh. They lost two fifths of their offensive line that they started this past week for this coming. Sunday's game And there's no way that does not affect how does this decline in Jared's production or rating coincide with the tiger lead decline. It's it's interesting that you bring that up it's almost identical. It's almost identical. Todd Gurley if you go back and look at him from say the Lions Game. Last year he became significantly less productive and remember he didn't play in the last game may do in two games didn't play at least the very last game of the year but his his production declined as jared Goff's production declined so as the running game became less of a threat. That defense has had to to scheme for correct also had a bad effect on the passing game. No question no China make sense the things all now. You've got the perfect storm storm. Wise the offense so bad yesterday. They've got a terrible offensive line. That's decimated by injury. They've got a declining jared Goff and they've got jared and they've got todd Gurley. Who isn't Todd Gurley anymore? Who isn't twenty all purpose touchdowns guy anymore like he was last year's like so much of the way you have to scheme against certain teams like when you play Baltimore? You have to scheme against the Mark Jackson. Absolutely that's the the coordinators on the other side of the ball on the other team every week spend ninety ninety percent of their time trying to stop that guy. Yes Todd Gurley was that guy for the rams for awhile now and Jared Goff feasted on it. Because it's not because he wasn't lesson good but they always were worried about todd. I YEP and stopping the run game and stopping the whole often. Much of their offense was predicated on Play action who now play action is incredible. Because you're not running todd Gurley two way that you're all of it. All the pieces are have basically eroded rutted in this rams offense and that's why they're struggling to the degree that they are right. Now and Brandin cooks out brandon cows out much longer with that. Hadn't yeah and we don't know the status of that. It sounded like there was a chance he would play this week. But he's now officially out For This Week Rob Haven Stein is officially out. This week and gone for the year is Brian Allen who was playing center for them So it's it's it's gotten to be a higher higher mountain to climb fasttrack is next for you Mason Ireland. ESPN LA and we again. WanNa thank the veterans who came in and joined us during the show. Today Gary Abramovic Rodrico. Keith Anthony Menez Albert Hernandez and Jordan young all were great on the show. All did a great job. Thank you very much guys still hanging out here for. Thanks for the bear Rodrick and everybody walked away with a cool rocket phone rocket phones in the Warrior Foundation. Freedom Station are working together to provide cell phones to our veterans for every rocket smartphone purchase between veterans day today and December. Thirty first rocket will donate a rocket unlocked feature phone to a veteran. This enables communication with loved ones perspective employers and access to an MD through the rocket medical telemedicine APP. Every phone is fully fully unlocked so veterans can shop for the best value from any GSM carrier of their choice to order your rocket phone. visit our okay. It Dot com enter the code. ESPN piano to save up to fifty percent off all right Momo. Yeah I'm rooting for tonight. Versus Seahawks one side of the coin is the niners diners. Other side of the coin. Is The seahawks. Call it in the air. niners manage GonNa win this. They're at home. Steve Niger's I believe like delay there all right chat all right so I'm Gonna I last night I got home from. I'm an event I was tired. I WANNA go straight to bed and I got sucked in to a show on Amazon prime four episodes later. I'm into this. It's an Israeli really show called the baker and the beauty It's really good actually and it's being it actually got adapted by ABC Romantic comedy and ABC up and doing it As a American version in whenever I'm sure they will but it was delightful. WHO's doing it? ABC It'll be fantastic. Ah Mr Corporate Brilliant. What is your worst binge-watching episode worst meaning like okay? So I wanted to go to bed early and then four episodes later. I'm like two in the morning on. It's easy I guess. It's game of thrones I watched four seasons pins in two weeks. And how much sleep were you getting during this. I was up all night on this thing I went. We'll think about that four times forty episodes in two weeks at the same time I was. I was still working. So you're going to bed. At what time I was probably going to bed at one to k getting up at Well those doing mid days then yeah I was getting up at nine. Come home. They'll watch more game of thrones. Yeah go to bed. What out of your life while you were in the the middle of your bench Any romantic involvement and I was by myself too well that I would guess romantic involvement. I don't know how else they didn't watch. Juan went into a show whole later. Recall that show when you find touching named this conversation here all into a show whole show whole. You can't stop watching myself. That's what happens. And then they have those rolling credits at the end. You know you get one credit credit and then starts to one if you don't get out of their budget on your sucked into the next you know what's terrible is the apple plus now the loss. You're only allowed to watch one episode per week. That's better yet. I still so used to binging. So I'm watching the one with Jennifer Aniston. The morning shows that out yet. It's out right now. I WANNA watch. I watched the first three and now I'm waiting for episode four right now. It's really good. You'd like it. Yeah I WANNA watch Eddie. No is Dexter Dexter. When he first came out I had it on CDs which out I've been four seasons and I could not sleep till four o'clock in the morning creepy stay was until you're watching and you're like I gotta know what's going to happen even now and go to the next one next one? Keep getting suckered in one episode after all right. The World Health Organization recently recognised occupational burnout as a legitimate health syndrome. While they may sound a bit this may sound a bit excessive and I consider the results of a recent survey involving two thousand the American workers a shocking thirty six percent of respondents reported dealing with feelings of on the job burn out every single week. Another other fifty six percent say they get burnt out on their job at least once per month. Meanwhile only twelve percent of surveyed employees. Say They've never felt burnt out well working in the current position. How often do you feel? Burn out from work. And what do you do to make yourself feel better. I've been working on that. I think I feel burnt out it. Definitely over the summer it's like after the NBA season's over There's this rush during the playoffs where you just go on on the especially when you're traveling a lot that'll burn you out a a lot when you're traveling because then you don't sleep as you're on your own bed and you're you know you come home and you sort of feel like it's a little bit for me. It's a little different though because I don't have a nine and five right so I'm not a mutton routine and I think that does obviously contribute to some people's burnout which is like that. My numbness of the routine sometimes line is more like concentrated doses of really long days so and travel etc.. I think that happens more than I would like. But I'm definitely working on it. I'm in a I'm in a new stage. 'cause I'm trying to be healthier more balanced accelerate. So that's why I'm doing my thirty minute workouts every day and my body workout workouts on the phone and I'm trying to get better earlier and you you see me. I'm trying yeah. Yeah I think it's good because I actually think that the healthier more balance you are the actually the better you are at your job you know. I do a lot less work than I used to used to do. Local TV always doing this show. I used to run theaters while I was on this show. Show us to be involved in all kinds of litigation while I was doing this show. It was unbelievably time consuming. And since I this is really the only thing I do now the only thing and I want to do most of the other stuff that comes to me. I'm not interested in and I've been better at doing a show. I also strongly believe in you guys will. Yeah me about vacation but I strongly believe there are times where you just got to get away and I I do it i. There's a certain amount of vacation in my calendar under and I take it and I do not apologize for it. Ireland doesn't use all of vacation he could use more. Yeah he'd be better. He probably would be better. Tell John Take more vacation. Yeah that'll work for me Greg. You ever get out doing this This fantastic opportunity people would kill for your job. I'm not going to say I'm not allowed to be burnt out with you and Jon so I know but for the most part I do in October and in April ish when the dodgers and Lakers kind of overlap on those things I I get very very busy during that time yourself October. October turned out to be not as stressful this year. No it was easier there was. It's not as much burnt out. Dodgers exit early. Sadly false chack The rookie of the year awards were announced in baseball. Stephen I play in an NFL only league which means we're really good at knowing what's happening in the NFL. So my question Steve Is. Can you name either. You're the winner of the American liquid of the year award or any of the players in the top three players. What teams they play on? No so little America. Let me thank you. Don't get to play. You only get if he can't tell you probably saw the winner. I know I know the winners. Yes on American league win any of them. The a year is Tampa Tampa might have somebody that that that is one of the teams Tampa has got a church. I don't even know Greg pitcher second and I don't know who he is. This is so bad this is exposing our was a third either. You May I'll tell you the teams. There's a player on the Astros US player on the raise and player in the oriels You should know the Astros won the Astros on. I just boycotted world series. He can we give them a hint for the. I don't know if you know he was a dodger. And he's rookie. Yep He was traded for Josh Fields. NOCAL- your Don Alvarez Your Don Alvarez okay. I feel bad but I don't know any. I didn't seem today so I thought it was questioned. Yeah brandon low from the Tampa Bay rays and John Means from the Baltimore. Orioles UH Nationally Alonzo and Pete. Pete Alonso Fernando taste junior in there. I didn't think of the top three. Yeah it's like I can find that the you know. Wow I love the questions that embarrass me thank you thank you. Did you know any of those. I just Alvarez Alvarez yeah new laws I mean literally never heard of them and I've heard of him that's but the other ones no part of it was I did not watch any postseason after the dodgers left the show. Yeah part of it. I watched game seven of the world series. And that was it. We we know everyone in the NFL. Everybody in the and their backup we play in the in the most competitive league in history. Yeah and the guy who if he gets hurt for fifteen days. We'll come in when I got to pick them up or rookie is going to get called up. And that's the guy asphalt chat Italian students in every grade or about to get schooled in the climate emergency facing our planet learning about climate change and sustainability L. D. will soon be compulsory for all students across the Country Education Minister Lorenzo fuhrer mentality announced Tuesday. According to fear Ramenky Italy is the I country to adopt a climate change correct curriculum in public schools. Starting next year the schools will be required to dedicate thirty three hours per year almost one hour per school week to discussing the challenges of climate change. Are you surprised that climate change isn't being taught anywhere else including including the US considering the evidence shouldn't we'd be rushing to get this info into school curriculum. Yeah that's a great question. I'm glad you brought it up and I'm glad this is happening in places around the world. Did you know that there was a giant Like school walkout all around the world to go up. It started with the teenager where she from. I'm like Sweden from might win the Nobel Peace Prize people. Nominating your for world awards and I remember. I have a friend in Australia and this was like like a national holiday. There was it really students in every school in Australia. Walked out all over Europe all I think it actually happened here too So I think this generation animation of kids is going to save us all. Yeah somehow or another this generation. I hope so because it it. There's already some really strong evidence that we're feeling already. We see with the strength of the hurricanes. We're we're feeling and Fires fires in the. Yeah I mean crawls across Europe. The climate is completely changed and enormous wildfire going across Australia. Right now I mean it's everywhere it is. It is worldwide so yeah that's amazing that it's not. This is the only country where it is a mandatory part of the curriculum. It makes sense to me though that it would be solve this because kids kind of just see things for what they are without any without without a ton of biases right. They didn't grow up but how do they solve it if they're not being taught correct. Yeah yeah that's the hitch. Alright more fasttrack in two to minutes Mason and Ireland. ESPN LA role and on with fast-track. Malo to you win. Okay what if I told you. What is it what have I told you beginning next week some? US users of instagram. We'll be able to test this theory as the social media platform begins hiding being the lakes counter. The likes counter that appears underneath a posted photo or video quote. This is from the head of instagram right now. We are testing making the light account private. So you'll be able to see how many people like to given photo of yours or given video of yours but no one else will so it won't be so you'll but publicly. It's not going to be shocked. The his name is Adam astaire he said the platform will not impact the whole. US At once but is intended to quote depressurize the platform particularly Shakily for younger users. Steve Do you think this is a good idea. And that's the first part in two will younger users accept except this. Well it is a really good idea and it's specifically is talking to Greg about this specifically for kids If you're in high school and you post something and you get to likes and and somebody else in your class post something and they get thirty. You immediately feel that bad about yourself. Your line and people liked that personnel. More than they like me. I think eliminating being this is a really really positive development especially for kids. Now you know who it hurts hurts. influencers hurts hurts. Those people who say I've got one point two million likes So you should I should promote your brand for you. Those are the people that hurts. Hey Hey I've got two hundred thousand people like me you should. You should sell soda or close with me. That's those are the people that I think it hurts but for kids and for younger users it is really really nice. So Kim Kardashian has actually answered this question ruin and she says that She seems to agree with the instagram decision. And she said it would be good for the mental health of its users Quote as far as mental health. I mean it's something that taking. INSTAGRAM likes away away. Taking that aspect away from people would be really beneficial. She added that instagram executives had reached out to her to get her thoughts on the matter and it makes her happy to see them taking the action. Excellent I think so. They've got the queen of instagram onboard. Yeah others are not as excited correct. I was just GonNa say that for kids. It's almost a form of bullying where they can actually bully you by not giving you likes terrible for yourself. Esteem likes somebody else does for influencers. I just think that it's still possible to be an influence there. Because you can see your your own life so you can show your analytics to the different companies. It's just everybody else can't see it. which is way better that way so knowing for yourself? Hey I got three thousand likes on. This is not as long as nobody else sees well to me. It's a question of social consciousness right. This is a social. This is a social platform that it's probably be against their business interest to do this. It's probably not going to help them. Businesses this is what they're gonNA say they're not going to be worth more sell more. Yes but they're doing it because they recognize maybe maybe they even have consciousness conscience about it a moral conscience that it's like ruining people's self esteem And also there's an owner. There's if you WANNA play this. Although maybe they also see that they could be sued or they could be held liable a couples facebook and they're already lawns interview right. They own instagram. So this is them They're under a lot of scrutiny. This this is actually a smart decision that they're making a positive decision so we'll give them give them credit they're attack there's a new plan in progress to privatized National Park Campground Campgrounds The US National Park Service is twelve billion dollars in the hole and necessary repairs that have lingered for years under under the new plan. The parks will be commercialized. Private companies will come in to run run them adding fees Wi fi food trucks and even Amazon will deliver their companies that would benefit from this include operators of concession companies that have contracts at the parks a company that produces electric bicycles goals. The former president of the world's largest private campground critics fear that the plan will create financial barriers to entry for camping. Have you ever camped and our campgrounds for people who want to unplug for a while like makes me cringe just thinking about this like I want to go out and and I WANNA do one with the world and the whole point. It's like I don't WanNa go to raging waters Disneyland commercialized and there's a million people Taco bell parking lot. I mean it's just to me. The privatization of this is terrible terrible idea. It's kind of like I mean you go there to camp to like get outdoors outdoors. Have you ever can't sm- several times anymore. I'm I'm old and Buji now I'm total Princess Camper. I'm a huge camper. I go once a year up to a gambler. I actually shut off completely for a full week with no Internet. No no Wifi no nothing. So how do you feel about the idea of Concession stand and why and Amazon deliveries Zain fees to get in and camp. It's it's ruining all of it. You're there to be in nature you're there to be with your family or your friends or whatever it is and just seeing the world and it's not it's just being there and looking at the stars at night not your phone to monetize going to the Wilderness. It's just it's a terrible idea really. We need our phones at every single second. We need Wi fi constantly camping my twenty s and I'm I'm so glad that I did. I went backpacking. And that's like even different than camping. Camping's sit around the campfire need. Some stuff like backpacking do work and pitch a tent. Cook for yourself out there and stuff and I'm like it gives you so much self confidence to know that you can actually survive outside for a couple of nights right Now I'm Kinda like old and Boozy I mean I'll take Daniel when he's old enough and I'll pick a campground that has shower you know and a concession stand no I can deal without the concession stand I that of course but I do really like to shower like a thing all right. Don't WANNA be smelly fast fast track route eight. Did you hear that story with Dion waiters. Yes astray glad. I'm asking this one so Brian Windhorst and Whoa did I steal your question. Sorry Brian Winters reported over the weekend. That while on a team complain he he had some anxiety so he ate an edible that was a THC in teacher who calls it thc. He had some general patterns Panos Gummy. Yeah Yeah And then suffered a panic attack. Yeah when it was a scary situation on the plane and he was he missed the game against the Lakers. And then obviously this is GonNa come out somehow and the heat has decided to suspend him for ten games. This outspend actually started with that game against the Lakers for conduct object detrimental to the team when I read this story Steve. Pardon me said I thought you were going to say I thought of you did actually like number one on my list of questions. I thought maybe something more than just a guy eating a gummy on a plane. There might be something that a little bit more understanding of why people would eat a gummy to deal with anxiety should treat. Do you think the heat misfired in suspending him. For this No I do I. I understand 'cause I think it's a banned substance right. Yeah he would test the EH should not be a banned substance but apparently is I can tell you I find edibles to be very inconsistent assistant. Sometimes you take an edible and you get a certain level and then another time and you're like out of control and another time you don't feel anything at all I don't think they have perfected the way to actually infused cannabis into Gumy's or chocolates or anything. Unlike that Greg what do you think Yeah No. You're right I mean the only thing that dion waiters is that it sounds like he overdosed on it so it was something where he took too many. Like why are you taking. SOS is There Comey many score. He took one and it was overdosed. And we say this could happen. You're right here on Channel Two playing right now which is called. Do you know what's in your. We'd not really standardization. Not Enough Standardization with gummy says that you can. You can semi dose yourself with them. So we're you know. Usually I usually know about how many milligrams are in there so you can decide. How much do you well? That's true or do you let us with anything though if you don't know if there was some regulation you might know but unfortunately there's not enough regulate my actions like obviously he had some anxiety which is why he took this. I mean I could be something else but but something has a panic attack. That's a serious medical medical thing. Yeah but it was. I mean I think if you're the Miami Heat you'd say yeah but it's because you took the gummy and that's a banned substance in the NBA. I think it would matter if it's a gummy or if it's Gumy's right how many he's taking he's taking. If you like Amy Way I understand why The heat would suspend them for correct conduct. Detrimental Yeah Yeah. I- Scarlett Johansson celebrating your birthday today. So let's play around of Joe. Hanson Hanson factor fiction. Moma you can play. I thought we were going to have a birthday. Greg you can play here. Terrible for Steve Play. You can play. We will race through these as we get. Ready for the Sean mcvay show number one Scarlett Johansson spent two years at NYU before jumping to the St Gis Juilliard Acting School where she got her college. Degree Ramona's one is a factor fiction. I'd say fact fact Greg I think it is fact fact play. I'll say it's fact. You guys are all incorrect. Sorry she she went to the professional children's school. Pcs and never went to college number. Two Scarlett Johansson is America's highest paid actresses that factors that fiction action. Greg fiction fiction play. I'll say fiction fiction. I'm GonNa say fact you know what the only one that gets is. That right is Ramona's this year. She earned thirty five million on the back end for then game menu. twenty-one million for black widow widow which is this next year when Scarlett Johnson was six years old. She was a flower girl. At her sister's wedding she sat in the aisle crying in a photo of her went viral with the caption. If anyone can show just cause dot dot dot is that fact or is that fiction Steve Pillay. I'll say fiction fiction. Shen Ramona coming to say fiction fiction. Greg I can't imagine you made that up. That's fact I completely know how they got. Got suckered one of a number Scarlett Johansson technically fired her agent while accepting a Golden Globe award. She thanked her new agent. Instead of the agent. In who got her the job is that fact or is that fiction Momo fact fact fiction fiction play. I'll go with fat It is fiction has never won a golden globe. Oh she's never wanted to go and let's see we'll do one one day you're up to one and one man one over two and a half that I've ever been leading in this game. Scarlett Johansson's Oh Hansen's earliest acting. Jobs was in home alone. Three is that fact. Or is that fiction. Momo you have to go I say fact says in fact Greg I have to go fishing fiction fiction Palais. I'll go fact you don't want away playing for second. The Ramona you are our winner of Scarlett Johansson factor. Fiction got to try and go for the win Steve. I go for the winter. Never know if I've ever won this game. Yeah have I ever won before like in a real way where I didn't get the last question for two and a half. No you legit one this and I. I seriously doubt you ever won before. I don't what if I told you what if I told you. What if I told you Ramona was going to win a game on faster faster? If I would have told you that going into this you wouldn't have believed me. I'm really impressive. All right there you have it. There is your fast track for today. Ireland returns tomorrow. Thanks again to the veterans who were here today with a scary branch Roderick aqui Anthony Jimenez Albert Albert Hernandez and Jordan young and Thank you to all of our veterans. Who are listening right now? make sure to Say Thank you to the veteran in your life. This is more than just a day where they sell mattresses at a really good price There's a reason for this day and take advantage of it to take people that have put their lives on the line. All right mobile. That was awesome today. Those great tools like heartwarming and good food for the soul. I really enjoyed that. We did that if you see somebody in uniform. Not just on Veterans Day but any day do something nice for them say thank you give them your seat on the plane. Baima coffee all of it. All of it aright tomorrow Ireland will be back coming up next for you. Is the Sean mcvay show Mason and Ireland E._S._p._N. L._A..

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