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The Myth of Maui


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I will be reading to you as this episode takes us to the Beautiful Hawaiian Islands while will join. Kyw A young boy with a thirst for knowledge who learns about his home and his ancestors through the legendary stories of Maui and also for future reference if anybody professed who will be narrating the stories before they start an episode. This always be found in the notes of the episode description so now before we embrace the spirit of Aloha and sail off to sleep. Go ahead and get comfortable in bed. Enjoy a moment just to focus on your breathing. Feel the rise and fall of your chest as you inhale and exhale notice. The wave like motion of each breath. It's coming and going slowly washes everything away. The good the bad and everything in between leaving you only with the present moment like footsteps in the sand. Your thoughts begin to erode away leaving. Only the image of the gentle waves on a picturesque ocean. Cove in Hawaii here in this tropical paradise nestled between coconut palms sits a small fishing village. And this is where our story begins Mornings like this. The island exploded with Kala Yellow Peach and red hibiscus flower bloomed among the fresh greenery birds with shiny black feathers signing for the Golden Sun. The Tom Beach Border Turquoise waters which gradually turned bluer darker under his mother's supervision. Car played with an improvised fishing poem. Fishing was an important family tradition. 'cause FALVO was a fisherman and so was his grandfather ooh fishing is what sustained the village. Saint. Nearly everyone knew the Croft from a young age. Kahn-land that fishing was not only about feeding a family. It was a way to connect to the ocean to his ancestors and Maui the mythological. Hera whenever he had stories about Maui. Kyw's face lit up with joy. Maui was often portrayed as a fisherman that could catch anything armed with the magical fishhook mythological power and a deep love for the world and its people was quite a captivating figure in kind new. The one of Mali's biggest catches was the island. He lived on. According to legend. The Hawaiian islands were created on a beautiful summer. Day early. In the morning Maui Bras decided to go. Fishing with a smile is bright as the Sun. Maui offered to join them and lend a helping hand but his brothers declined unsure of Mao as fishing skills. Maui was persistent by. He talked about the ocean with great command who he knew how the winds moved. Its waves by the waters. Were rich where they'd find the deepest abyss impressed by his knowledge. The proverbs allowed Maui to join they paddled together riding the curly waves into the unknown when they reached the heart of the ocean. Maui said that this is the ideal fishing spot. Little Canoe was the only thing between ocean and sky. The boat rocked up and down as gentle swells pass by on their way across the great blue. Maui closed his eyes and listened Soft salty breeze ruffled his long black hair. Water lapped against the side of the boat But MAUI had more while he's probably busy hooking that bates and preparing their fishing pose. Maui cast is Magic Fisher. Into the water he kept his eyes closed visualized the world beneath the surface in his mind. He could see through the deep blue he so pods of dolphins frolicking and great Wales Leisurely crossing the abyss Maui let his hook for deeper and deeper Until it reached the ocean floor. He angered his hook to a rocky outcropping and began to pull them with tension on the line. He told his brothers that he something monstrous. They must paddle to help him. Get the fish out of the water. Said the broncos huddle with all their might the bottom of the sea began to rumble and move and with the bribe's efforts beautiful island rose out of the water. You No islands should be alone. Maui thought everyone needs a friend so Maui repeated the trick on the Hawaiian islands would own. Kyle Love Story. Sometimes he wondered what it would be like to fission entire island. You wanted to hook one by the island that he lived on by colorful fish. Playful Tattoos swam among the Karo and beautiful mountains. Rose right out of the sea no matter the catch high was determined to become a great fisherman. One day even built his own canoe with his rod in hand kyw waited out into the crystalline waters enjoyed the sensation of coolness rising up Haitians. A fish wouldn't usually buy so close to the shore but the chalets were a great place. Practice can remembered his father's instructions. He held the Bait between his thumb and index finger and Kathleen added it to the tip of his small hook carved from bone once. It was nice insecure. He cost he's line out into the water now. It was time to wait. Some children found the waiting Game Boring. But Kyle loved it. He was ever curious ways watching listening and feeling the slightest movement on his line might signal something a a change in Hue. The water's surface might be a part of fish. Most importantly a gentle tug meant it was time to real the line in. It was pretty incredible. The an ocean as wide as the sky. A fish could find his bait nipple on kyw enjoyed the light breath and the salty smell at the ocean the wind the fish and the waves at telling a story his grandfather oftens. Fishing is the time to listen. Sokaiya listened patiently. The Ocean was alive. Some of its wave splash loudly excited to reach the shore while of is stretched out lazily in Pani White Phone Ovo the wish of the waves a familiar voice code out kyw's name from the shoal his mother it was time to get the hook out of the water. No fish this time. But that was not bother. He had the rest of his life to keep fishing. Kyw headed back to the beach. Enjoying the Swish of the water around his ankles and the soft sand onto his feet for a few moments. He considered what it would be like to live at. The bottom of the ocean seemed like a place of extraordinary tranquility. Ooh Bear swimming in the deep blue. He could make a variety of new friends not only fish but all sorts of sea creatures. He could sleep. Among forests of colorful coral splash with chatty dolphin and even sing with the way kyle loved wave between November and April these majestic creatures migrated to Hawaii to enjoy the womb tropical waters. His Father Angran father saw them often fishing out in the deep occasionally the whales could be seen from the village coming up for air at the surface and even jumping playfully out of the water. Kyw always wondered what s songs were about. Maui probably knew. He thought kyw exited the water and took his first step onto the beach looked down at his footprints on the thin stretch. Wet Sand Dune. They lasted only for a moment before being washed away by. Wave Ben the SANGRE warmer as he moved beyond the reach of the water in contrast the dry sand stuck to his feet. He liked the way that sand filtered between his toes as he walked with the sun. High in the sky the beach was worn. A Chi- joined his mother under the calming shade of Palm Tree. She offered him a coconut and kissed his forehead gently. Kyw GEICO enjoying this loving gesture and thanks his mother for that the lightfoot treat to put down his fishing pole and with the coconut in his left hand sat on the sand watching the Ocean. Each sip of coconut water found light and refreshing. It was cool and sweet and kind. -joyed it to the loss. Drop with a shell. He shaved the ten. The coconut flesh from the inside a knitted down bit by bit once finished. Kyw Laid flat on his back and gazed up at the sky. It was an intense shade of blue. A few thin dainty clouds meander gradually across his view clouds come from and how far away where they wanted. He remembered an old legend about Maui. According to that story the sky was once very low. It was so close to the ground. In fact the people couldn't Walk Upright to end the people suffering. Maui decided to push up the sky. Though he was strong and powerful he knew this was a task. He couldn't complete alone With kindness in his heart and determination in his eyes. Maui asked his father for help together. They lifted the sky high above allowing room for mankind to flourish. Now the sky looked very far. It was far beyond even the tallest tree atop the tallest mountain on the island. The Legend about father and son reminded kyw of his own dot com. It was nearly time for the fishermen to return to the island. He stood up brushed the sand off himself and scan the horizon for canoes just off on the horizon. He could say handful of Long Brown canoes making their way around the reef and into the cove from the beach the canoes when no bigger than ants. Ooh With the wind and the waves that land back they go closer in no time the canoes. They used hat. An ultra long wooden beam fastened to the hull of the Canoe which made the boat much more stable as the canoes. A fanned out and rode a Cento wave laughing racing one other kyw watched as they patio to the shore once they reached the shallows the fishermen hot gracefully out of their canoes and poured them onto the beach leaving his fishing pole behind. Chiron happily to greet them off the hugging his father and grandfather. Kyle curiously inside that Canadians. The long hand carved boats were filled with shimmering gray fish. Let's thank the ocean for being so generous today. One of the fishermen said smiling. I watched as all the fishermen gathered in a circle. Then facing the ocean took a moment to express that gratitude They thank their canoes. The wind on the waves the ancestors who guided them and most of all the fish themselves often they inspiring moment. The fishermen carrot the Koch back to the village. It was a warm lovely afternoon calling for a bite to eat and some time to relax so all went home to their cozy huts just stopped from the beach inside the cool shade of their thought. Chart car towed his father about his fishing practice You talked about Bates how he listened to the ocean and how one day he would catch the king of fish. Pima just like Maui long ago. Kai's father smiled with pride he offered to tell. Kye a story of his own. Kyw happily accepted ready hoping that it would be one about Maui. They won't back to the beach and found a comfortable place in the shade of the sound of the waves in the background. Kyw found out how Maui blessed that Ireland with Long Sunny Day. Ooh A long time ago. Sunrise and sunset would different than what we see today. The Blue Sky lasted only a few moments because the some rose in a hurry and was quickly replaced by the moon. The days was so short and the people had no paternity to enjoy them was often code and activities were limited. The people would thrive with longer days. Maui decided that it was time to stop the Sun. An impossible task seemed but Maui had faith in his powers walked all the way across the gray. Thailand is Johnny took him through the Lush Jungle unto places of extraordinary beauty. Who on the seventh day he reached an area devoid of vegetation in front of him? Some the house of the Psalm. A towering volcano with boiling lava in. Its belly everything was rocky rugged and coveted. It was a side of the island that Maui had never seen determined to reach the highest peak by summarize Maui. Advanced steadily reached the foot of the volcano in the evening and continue climbing to its peak through the night. The moon was his only guide. Its Pale blue. Light reflected off of the distant waters far below. Maui reached the top just before dawn. Then he saw the fast rays of light peaking over the horizon. The Sun appeared stretching out. Its yellow armed and hastily moving across the sky using a magic rope made from his sisters silky hair. Maui captured the some with no way to escape. The some pleaded with Maui but Maui was a gentle Bain and wasn't there to hurt you in a calm voice. Maui talked to the sun about its daily journey. He suggested that it would be much better at a slow a pay. Take your time to appreciate the world around. Enjoy THE VIEWS. The sounds and smells. Maui sat this world you pass by with. Such haste is beautiful. Finally you take the time to observe it confident that the some would oblige. Maui released following Mao as advice. The Sun slowed down. Its journey through the sky. The Sunrise and sunset became all inspiring. Warm colors flew across the horizon and the ocean merit the sun's glowing face. The people were happy and the sun enjoyed its new pace of life when his father finished the story. Chi looked up at the sky. The some did move quite slowly and sunset was his favorite time of the day by now evening was approaching and the villages were beginning to Gotha on the beach in a pit dock into the sand. A few of them carefully stacked logs into the shape of a pyramid. Then they set it on fire sending a stream of gray smoke floating into the sky. Ooh shades of pink. Colm purple dashed across the horizon. And kyw thought about Maui. Perhaps one day he would climb the volcano and took to the sun to us. Day turned into night. The fire grew brighter and bolder against the black starry backdrop. The man came to watch over the village reflecting off of the rippling waters in the Cobra. Kai watched the orange flames thinking about volcanoes belly of fire. Ooh after a delicious dinner together. Kyw's father and several others played the UKULELE ten. The melodies filled the air. The soft strum of the ukulele strings mixed beautifully. With the fire's crackling sounds Everyone around the fire was smiling. Grateful for a full belly. Beautiful Music And a loving community slowly. The fire began to fade trail of smoke disappeared leaving only a blanket of stars in the sky wishing one. Another a restful sleep. The families were tons of our hearts. Before bed. Kayce spent a few minutes stargazing. It didn't know much about stars because there were so many he wasn't even sure if he had seen all of them do but together with his grandfather. Kyw identified the brightest stars and imagined his own constellations. One like a bad one like a canoe and then there was a big constellation but was clearly now as Fishhook. Perhaps Maui had left at someone to find a news Keith. Thought he touted you on laid back in the sand to above him. Moon shone brightly over the Hawaiian islands. Kind noticed that they seemed to be a smiling face on the moon. Maybe it was Maui watching over the people making show. It was safe and happy

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