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Mar 10, 2020


hello and welcome back the sword and scale daily. I'm your host Ryan Williams. It's Tuesday march tenth coming. Up on certain scale daily. Fbi agents arrested in Ohio. Plastic surgeon on suspicion of illegally dispensing controlled substances aggravated sexual assault and sex trafficking in Florida. Reports of a young woman selling truck for two hundred dollars lead police to the victims of a brutal double homicide finally still in Florida. The husband and father in law of Nicole and Talgo whose dismembered remains were discovered in October. Two Thousand Nineteen have been indicted in her murder. All this and more coming up on sword and scale daily The Toledo Blade reports that forty nine year old manish Gupta was arrested by FBI agents on Friday afternoon. Gupta is a Toledo area plastic surgeon and the owner of artisan cosmetic surgery a clinic with locations in both Ohio and Michigan. Fbi agents also executed search warrants. At Gupta's offices home and vehicle Gupta was arrested on charges of illegally dispensing controlled substances aggravated sexual assault and SEX TRAFFICKING COURT FILINGS. Show that the investigation. Gupta was launched in January two thousand nineteen a woman who worked as a high escort told the FBI about her experience with Gupta and the results of her own investigation. The woman said that she gupta at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Los Angeles in September. Two Thousand Sixteen when Gupta was attending a plastic surgery convention in town the woman referred to only as K B said she performed oral sex on Gupta but refused his multiple requests to take photos or video record them. She woke up the following morning feeling drugged and believed quote she was drug to the point of unconsciousness and Gupta had sex with her after she passed out according to the woman she left the room while Gupta was in the shower. Kaby had another client. Who is an anesthesiologist and drove directly to his home where he provided her with an at home. Drug test ultimately tested positive for Benzodiazepine. She's not filed a rape complaint with the police time but she had a rape kit collected at Santa Monica Medical Center and later provided those results to the FBI following her encounter with Gupta. Katie went online and discovered that many other escorts reported similar encounters with a very similar client. The incidents reported online when as far back as March two thousand thirteen many of the women believed that Gupta had also recorded them without their permission. The investigation revealed that in two thousand fourteen. An employee of Gupta's on multiple ST cards in his office which contained videos of Gupta having sex with different women who appeared unconscious on December thirtieth the FBI obtain a search warrant for thumb drives and Gupta's possession and according to the court filing quote. They contain five different videos of Gupta engaging in sex acts with four different unconscious women the most recent video was time stamped December seventeenth two thousand nineteen the FBI also learned the Ohio Board of pharmacy found scrapies and Gupta's recordkeeping of controlled substances when they did an audit of his Toledo office in two thousand sixteen and two thousand nineteen. He was issued multiple warnings on February twelfth. Two thousand eighteen. The Ohio Medical Board received a complaint. The quote Gupta had been raping women for years a week later. An unknown woman contacted Toledo Police Department to say that quote. Gupta had been drugging raping and videotaping women for years. The search warrant executed on Friday turned up large amounts of controlled substances including vials of Diazepam and Ketamine Ketamine induces memory loss. Diana Pam is a Benzodiazepine the same class of drugs that key tested positive for after her night with Gupta. It is known under the brand name. Valium the weren't also recovered. Sex Toys and camera equipment. The drugs sex toys and camera were discovered inside. Gupta's locked private office. Gupta made his first court appearance on Monday morning. Where prosecutor said they had video evidence of more than twenty victims. Gupta did not enter a plea and was not given bond. Our next story brings us the Florida. The Tampa Bay Times reports that thirty four year old Todd Jackson of Lakeland Florida was arrested on Saturday and charged with two counts of first degree. Murder in with the slayings of thirty-three-year-old Raymond Klein and his thirty-seven-year-old wife Christa Klein. The claims were last seen alive on February. Twenty first the murders believed to have taken place. Approximately two weeks ago came to light on Friday after tipsters called the Polk County Sheriff's Office to report something suspicious. A young woman staying in Haines City home was trained. Sold truck for two hundred dollars. Sheriff Grady Judd. Committed the tipsters for going above and beyond she told the prospective buyers that the price was so low because the owner did not need the truck any longer on Saturday. Sheriff Judd told The Times quote. Well do you know why the owner didn't need the truck anymore? Because he was dead he was actually murdered and she was actually telling people that the victim had been shot in the head and was dead and they needed to get rid of the truck. The sheriff's detectives went to the of the young woman which turned out to be the Klein's residents there they found the woman and learned. She was nineteen year old ambling nickels nickels stepdaughter of the suspect Todd Jackson. She quickly confessed that her stepfather murdered the couple in their sleep and called her and her boyfriend nineteen-year-old Larry waters junior to help them clean the scene and dispose of the bodies. She then showed the deputies were the decomposing bodies. Were which had been hidden in a swampy wooded area behind the client's home investigators say the Jackson had been friends with Raymond Klein. But the friendship soured because according to Jackson client owed him thirty thousand dollars and refuse to pay and retaliation. They believe Jackson broken into clients. Home in the middle of the night crept into their bedroom and shot both to death as they slept in their bed according to Nicholls Jackson removed a small. Ac unit from the bedroom wall and push the two bodies through the hole and onto the lawn. The free then piled the bodies onto a furniture cart and pushed them to the swamp behind the Property Nichols also told detectives that she usually lives in a tent and settled Creek Park. But since the murders had been staying in the client's House Nichols on. Her boyfriend. Claimed they had not heard from Jackson. Since the night of the murders and police believed he had fled the jurisdiction however on Saturday he was located and taken into custody without incident near as registered address in Lakeland. Nicholson waters have been arrested and charged with two counts each of failing to report a death and accessory to murder after the fact Nichols is also charged with dealing in stolen property. Todd Jackson is charged with two counts of first degree murder and is being held without bail after the break. These strange husband and father in law of slain Nicole Montalvo are indicted for murder more than four months after they were first arrested for the crime. Now for our final story of the day W E S H news to reports that the estranged husband and father in law of thirty-three-year-old. Nicole Montalvo has been indicted for her murder thirty one year old Christopher Otero Rivera and his father sixty three year old Angela. Vera were arrested on suspicion of murder in late October. Two Thousand Nineteen immediately after Nicole's remains were discovered on their saint cloud property now months later they finally been indicted in connection with murder. The indictment comes one month after the governor of Florida. Rhonda Santa's took the case away from Aramis Ayala the state attorney for Orange Osceola County and gave it the state attorney Brad King during their marriage Christopher Otero Rivera physically abused in the Coleman. Tall Bo in two thousand sixteen. He was charged with domestic battery after allegedly dragging Nicole by her hair headbutting her and slapping her multiple times. The incident report indicates. The deputies who responded saw. Nicole had bruises to her face arm hip and back in two thousand eighteen Otero Rivera and a female accomplice were charged with kidnapping battery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for an incident during which they learnt. Nicole pulled out of a car and put a knife to her throat threatening to kill her if she told anyone they also store credit cards. Thira ultimately pled guilty to intimidating witness and illegal possession of credit cards in February. Two Thousand Nineteen Nicole Montalvo filed for divorce and for emergency domestic injunction which was granted however on October eighth weeks before her murder she wrote the family court judge and ask them to lift the order of protection so the couple could communicate more effectively about their young son. In the filing Nicole wrote she quote has a lot of trust in her in-laws because no matter what happens they're always there for me and my son on October twenty second. Two Thousand Nineteen Nicole's family reported her missing after she failed to pick her son up from school. Nicole was last seen alive on the morning of the twenty first dropping off with her estranged husband Christopher and his parents angel and Wander Rivera. Investigators believe that she never left the Rivera property and that after Nicole was killed angel and Christopher dismembered her body and use an excavator to hide remains onto properties that the family owned on October twenty third investigators went to talk to the Rivera's and Angel Rivera told them he lasts on a coal on the morning of the twenty first and later that day he got a text message from her quote. I'm really sorry about everything I should have listened to you. I made a bad mistake. I need you and wanted to take care of Elisha for a few days until I get things figured out. Police knew that the techs were fake because the GPS on a Kohl's phone showed it never left the Rivera's property a woman who rented a room on the Rivera's property told police that on the twenty-first she saw Angel Christopher going over to a part of the property with an excavator and that was preventing Elijah from joining them on October. Twenty fourth police on human remains near a pond on their property including body parts and bone fragments buttons and metal hoops were recovered from a burn. Pit on the property when Nicole banished. Christopher Otehr Vera was still serving probation on charges related to his two thousand eighteen attack on the Cole has a part of the conditions of probation. He was wearing a GPS ankle. Bracelet mapping the location of his. Eps Monitor show that he spent hours from eleven am to three PM moving constantly from the garage to the house to the pond extending exactly where some of the remains were found. The excavator used was a rental also equipped with GPS tracking the GPS trackers led police to the location of additional remains on another property. The family owned in late October Angel Rivera and Christopher Otero Rivera were arrested on suspicion of first degree murder during a jailhouse phone. Call with the sister-in-law Terry Angel Rivera implicated Christopher and the crime. He told Terry quote. I'm going to get set up the river. For what Christopher did Chris's definitely going to be found guilty? Somehow Angel also said quote. They could arrest the entire family but the person they really want. Is Chris a search of electric devices found in the house found child pornography on a device belonging to Nicholas Rivera Christopher's younger brother? He was arrested on those charges. And according to court records keep police crucial testimony. He told police said he saw a call at his parents house on October. Twenty First Nicholas told detectives that when he returned home from work that day his brother mother father and Nicole were there. Nicholas said that at one point. He was arguing with his mother in the kitchen and hurt his father and brother yelling at Nicole in the garage. When he walked into the garage he found a call lying dead on the floor with blood coming out of her neck then. His mother told Nicholas to leave the house. He left and returned that evening when he saw his father use an excavator and also Washington orange. Pushcart the pushcart later tested positive for blood. Blood was also found on the garage floor and on the floor of the laundry room. Her cause of death has not yet been made public despite being rested on first degree murder months past and neither was indicted with her murder in early December. A judge ordered the two no longer be held in jail on murder charges without an indictment charged with evidence tampering abusive a dead body and Angel era was freed on bond. The lack of murder indictment was due to a disagreement between state attorney Ayala for Osceola and orange counties and Osceola County. Sheriff Russ Gibson. I didn't believe that there was sufficient evidence for murder charge and move forward so she refused to try and get a murder indictment. She refused to pursue a death penalty case Skins Christopher which meant that she would not pursue. I green murder charges. The dispute became public and last month. The Governor Florida removed from the case responding to news about the indictments. I O told. Click Orlando quote. When it comes to indictments. That's a very low level to establish. I don't think it should surprise anyone especially with the level of pressure that came from the governor but at this point the real work matters on Thursday Christopher Otero Rivera was indicted on second degree. Murder Tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse. His father Angel Vera has been indicted with being an accessory to murder after the fact tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse. That'll do it for today's episode of sword and scale daily. We'll see you back here tomorrow. And until then stay safe. Sword end scaled daily is an incongruity media production. Your host was Ryan Williams Research and writing by Hagar Brock executive producer. Mike vide if you liked the show subscribe and leave a review. 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