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Users outta show. You're on ESPN LA turn up in here right now. Bart Scott, Chris for space, nipsy hustle. Rest of peace news. Yes. Right. And all my life. No down before you hit on, you know, nipsy family has turned down a couple of venues for like two thousand seats because it's just not enough seats and size. We'll get it done. They're looking at rumors are they're looking at across the street, a Staples or the form homely, I say Staples Staples can handle that. Because if you do it at the four around. But that's that's Inglewood you to bring in the national guard. This. I hear you Inglewood. Yes. That's kinda hood for him. Right. So yeah, I'll do in good. I would do it at the form. Yeah. I agree. I think that's an iconic venue about. That's what you pay your respects too lazy league? And you know, all these guys that love him a lot of NBA players because she's a big basket. Yes. And if it's next week on a Thursday, it seems like a lot because the playoff seasonably over. Thirteenth. So a lot of guys can come and pay their respects physically. It'd be pretty dope. Hardened westbrook. You start thinking about damore Rosen. A lot of. Oof. Man. I'm seeing this debate on Twitter before I go and move onto the Kobe stuff and the Draymond stuff where he's kinda shady with with K D about Jimmy Butler. Yeah. What would you say? He is top what player top twenty top twenty top twenty top twenty. Okay. Yeah. Let me give you some names Utah me if you think let's just go through roquan because it's like forever is raging debate on Laker Twitter right now. Because look let's face it after what Wendy came in here said yesterday. That's what everybody. Right because they dropped the podcast. But those guys were in here after they dropped before the podcast launched, and we talked about Laker fans should probably start cozying up to the idea of maybe Jimmy Butler is the guy they end up adding in free agency. So there's a lot of debate on Twitter right now about that. So I mean in any order you want to say Katie LeBron staff James harden, Anthony Davis Jaanus, right? Like that's your top five or six. Embiid. Yeah. Oh, yeah. In the top ten. Right. Russell Westbrook stone the top Paul George in the top ten in the top ten. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay. So then after that, Damian Lillard. Yeah. Chris paul. Yeah. I can put him there clay. Yes. Yeah. Then it gets dicey. After that Yokich. Definitely. Oh, yeah. That's fifteen. Yeah. And we haven't gotten to Jimmy yet about Ben Simmons. Are you there with him yet? I'm not I'm not, okay. That's fair. Kemba? Okay. So that sixty. Kemba Kemba top twenty man all star. For reason is a killer that sixteen would you rather have Donovan Mitchell then then Jimmy Butler as a player not enough yet? He played enough. Our okay. Jim. Yep. You go Jimmy hours for Donovan Mitchell. Hip how about Ola depot when he was ready. Over over Jimmy. I'm still gonna Jimmy okay? Call Anthony towns. Go car town. Okay. Seventeen. Bradley beal. Like, Bradley Bill a lot too. But I think I will go Jimmy, okay. Okay. So Jimmy's is in that top one twenty. Yeah. Eighteen maybe we can debate a few there. But he's in that conversation. Twenty five. Yeah. I would agree. I think he's a top twenty player. But people are trying to make the argument. He's not those people crazy. Yeah. I think he's top twenty no less than twenty five. But remember he's at a point where it's like a lot of people. He's almost like a wash you're saying. Well, you want him here. Like many actually say, yeah. I can't say one guy is better than the other because they both bring the same amount that he's not, you know, he doesn't have that elite skill set like LeBron or the top four guy that you mentioned hardened staff and all those guy go why? But he brings a a shooters mentality brings defense he brings leadership. He brings a lot to a team of kids plays hard. Right. Two way player to get you buckets. I'd take him on my team all note. No doubt about it. Yeah. So this is not Jimmy Butler fan. Yeah. I remember. I was I Kirk were you in here the day that we told the story with the mean where buyer Inamine, and I were on the air together all of all the Jimmy Butler stuff. We were getting like blow by blow live reports on television having to react in real time. All that stuff that was out. And we were laugh at about it. We're like a Larry's me. But I mean, it also show what type of guy he is. Yeah, he wants to win right? Where he told me third stringers and beat right? And let me make this clear. Right. Would Jimmy whatever he signs say long-term. He's gonna wanna full max. Okay. And full max for him which start at thirty two point seven million dollars. The Lakers have the have believe room for the thirty nine point six million dollar max, which would be like Kevin Durant. So he's just it's based on years of service. Right. Right. Right. So Jimmy, the thirty two point seven max, he's not at the full full. Right. And with the Lakers be able to add someone else. I mean, you probably got like seven million leftovers you talking about like a mid level type player, you know. And then you still have probably the mid level exemption. So I mean, you could you could look it just depends on what you do at that point. You put a lot on. Jimmy to have to carry a big lower. Yeah. Because you come in here to be, Robin. Right. Absolutely. Yeah. Just trying to I know you gotta let the next here free agent or the free agents that come in. It's not like you're playing along with LeBron you're playing as the second option, you're Robin. And how do you tell? You're batman. Yeah. How do you? How do you tell a lot of these? You know, what I mean this second tier of free agents you're coming here to get beat the second option. See that's what I'm that's what I said earlier Kirk I feel it LeBron has to go out and let these guys know that they're not the second option. I need you more than you need me. I need you Jimmy Butler whole lot more than you need me right now to win a championship to bring a championship back to Los Angeles. So he is basically saying I'm gonna take a backseat a lot like LeBron going to Miami. That's the way that's his home. That's his pal. And he did that into Wayne. Wait finally said this Joe team. Yeah. You're the better player take over the same and LeBron was like coup because at first he wouldn't he's not stepping on his toes. Right. This house because Dwayne first year when they were playing Dallas the best player on the floor was not Dirk Nowitzki, Dwayne weight and then LeBron. We know what happened right? And you know, he had a miserable series. But so but for so for him to do that at that time where he could have been a second finals MVP? Right. And so you know, what the best way for us the plays through you go. That's what LeBron needs to do. George. He needs to say, listen, I got two years three years tops left. You know, I need you. You know? So here's the torch. You gonna help us win a championship? And is that Horford alpha dog do absolutely was there. Some of that with Kareem magic. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. Magic magic. Look. We knew magic was our best player. Right. But he was he was no way inhale he was gonna try to take that title. Corinne was there. You know, the captain, you know, he never would disrespect him by saying that was just he understood that, you know, we need a cap to be the captain into do what he's been doing for twenty years when he'd left magic. Okay now. That's my this is my team. This is my turn. But we know his team before. Right. You know, the players, you know, we knew it was his team, right? Because Kareem was at the end of that career was at the end of his career Kareem one go, you know, you know, when guys is going to be sitting there huffing and puffing about his. This but magical, go even try that. Right. You know, but behind closed doors. He never had to say, we knew it. He was demand. Right. You know? And like like, we're talking about LeBron has to kind of you know, swallow his pride a little bit and say we're gonna win. I gotta get somebody in here. They can carry the loan. I gotta get somebody can carry a little just like d way who could still carry it back in the day said to him this team. You gotta take we gotta play through you. And he has to he has to recognize and listen LeBron James is one of the smartest dudes in basketball. Correct. What out a doubt, I'm pretty sure he's already figured that out and understand that's something that he's going to have to do this. Speaking of LeBron we talked about maybe some surprises that LeBron had here in LA and Kobe was on Sirius XM today and discuss that very same topic. But he knows I know injuries decimated the team. Just relax relax come back next season regroup. I think he has he has enough poison understand that the thing that may be caught them off guard was just the market. Like, you know, like, I said fancier don't play like like, I know. 'cause like I was dealing with the when I had, you know, smush those guys which guys I'm looking around like, dude. She want me to do as like is your fault figure it out? Like, you gotta we don't wanna hear that. We need a championship the buck stops with you figure it out. And that's that's what LA don't play man said he bring the best out of their players swish. Parco son just hanging out somewhere. Just gave him my head. Yes. Hit him in the head. He'll coconut on the beach somewhere. That right. There was almost like gossiping. Costal what? Now, you know. And I love show boat. That's Kobe Bryant nickname. But he got do a couple of other names. And then why you just want those Bush NATO always my voice Melissa couple of. Tackle some of the stuff. He said on the what he's saying. Let's tackle what he said on the other side. Plus we didn't get to the on throw in shade at K D from the shop. We'll get to that. And Rams fans. I don't know how to feel about this Todd Gurley news on that. We touched on briefly. They will ask Kirk what he thinks about all that coming up. Kirk Moore's hanging out Byron Scott here. So Donna show UCLA sit down show here. ESPN LA Kirk Morrison here Scotus years. Well, we're hanging out with you. So I want to get to this girly thing because Kirk I feel like I don't know how to feel about it. It's all I'm saying Kobe said the thing on Sirius XM was asked about LeBron. And let's say, you know, Kobe was honest, right? Kobe doesn't mince words, and he felt like LeBron may have been a little caught off guard in some cases in his first season. Like, here's what Kobe said on Sirius XM if you missed it earlier he knows and I know injuries decimated. The team. Just relax just relax comeback next season regroup, right? I think he has he has enough poison understand that the thing that maybe caught him off guard was just the market like, you know, like I said fancier don't play. Like like, you know, I know 'cause like I was dealing with. When I had, you know, smush those guys which guys I'm looking around, dude. She want me to do. And I ll as like is your fault figure it out? Like, you got gotta we don't wanna hear that. We need a championship the buck stops, which you figure it out. And that's that's what LA don't play me and bring the best out of their players show. The funny part about that is not Justice mush Parker part because that's funny, obviously time you invoked the name of Smersh Parker's always funny now. It's funny. Wasn't funny back then. But he's right. It's your fault your fault that you're stuck with Bush Parker because you basically for shack out, right? Jack's not here because you guys couldn't get along. So that's what he's saying in that regard. That LA was like it's on you you made this app team. Now you wanted. Let's go right. But I don't know if that's the same situation as LeBron is kind of, you know, come in here taking over. But to extent of what Kobe just said as far as the fans. He's absolutely right. Yep. They're gonna look at the superstar and they're gonna point the finger right at him. And I think, you know, LeBron LeBron handle all this in the media all his life since he was in high school kid has been a fee nom. Everybody knew who he was in high school. Everybody knew he was one of those guys that you knew it was going to be a hall of Famer when he was all said and done so he can handle all this stuff without any problem. But maybe maybe the LA market as far as the fans not saying. Well, okay, we understand that you had all injuries. We understand that. This guy has been we understand it this. You never really had your full full roster. We understand that. No. That's not LA's way. That's not the fast way. It's either championships are bus, you know. And that's that's been you know, ever since I can remember, and it's not gonna change anytime soon. It's funny that you bring that up because Wednesday a stop by UC will spring practice and how to sit down with Klay Hilton, you know, their spring practice tour, and I asked him just look Klay held in your going forth season your first season rolls bowl second for surface Rose Bowl because you win the Pac championships time, you know, they runner up, but the second year Pac twelve championship you go to the Cotton Bowl then last year. Five and seven, right. Like, are you happy that this year? You don't you have lower expectations. You talk about in LA. They it's championship or bus, regardless. We've feel like we're almost professional sports team at USC. It's about championships championships. And to Coby Coby point was that we fill it here at SC that we still feel like it's your fault fault. He had to make changes he changed. He make changes to coaching staff. He's got lashing. You had a freshman at quarterback this year. He's going to actually have a competition. So I'm bringing all that up because that's what the Lakers are going through right now. It's like, you gotta make some wholesale changes. Some that people may not agree with? But you're going to have to do just in in what happened with Kobe after that because they had to make the trae for deal for problem. Remember it got ugly. He was talking about trading. They wanted to be traded. There was the Andrew bynum stuff. Remember the stuff that somebody caught him video in like some strip mall somewhere. And it was like Andrew bynum like we could get Jason Kidd. There was all that stuff. So. Yeah. I mean, I get all that. Lebron's gotta work. He will. Yes. To Byron's point earlier. He's going to have to he's gonna have to work. Lebron has never really look recruiting. He's done some recruiting. So Brian winters in your yesterday and made a great point he recruited Kevin love. Okay. He recruited Kevin love. He actually recruited Paul George before. He left Cleveland. The reason that didn't get done was Indiana at the end in wanna train them to LeBron. But also, Dan Gilbert didn't want to pull the trigger on the deal because after trade all his assets for two guys that we're going to be free agents. And LeBron walk Paul George was definitely walking. I've seen that room that Paul was willing to come join LeBron James so lately in his career. He's done a better job of that. Whereas as you pointed out Byron in Miami that was delayed put that together right now LeBron helped with Ray Allen and Mike Miller those kind of guys those role player guys, but he's going to have to go and help. And get the big Fisher. And by the way, the little fish to fish is not yet. Once he gets the big fish is job is over. It really isn't going to have to get those role players can come in. And also, you know helped him win the championship. So I it's going to be a whole summer. At the baby step. Well, again, I'm looking at it this way because I know goodwill, and we always say if you know 'cause it was fifth wheel. Right. But if these guys don't have the injuries that they had this year they have been right. There's no doubt about it. So you look into the second year now coming together keep someone to assets and some of these pieces that we're talking about then we're looking at a possibility of them being able to challenge in the Western Conference and the enemy the third years when you talking about now, we ready to win a championship. I do think that I'd like to see them all be aligned though. And I mean, LeBron magic, rob. Because it. It's about it. Yeah. We'll just talking about yesterday the day before yesterday that they're the team is not aligned right? Like everyone's kind of in for their own interests. And whether that's getting on the same page is how to build this roster because they kind of seem to be I guess, but clearly that was a mistake the way they built the roster. They need to all present a United front. I think that's as important as anything really at this point. We didn't get to the girly thing. We'll do that next because Gurley was caught on teams E leaving the club. Oh, limping oh. So why Uniqlo so we'll get to that stick around? And we did play the dream on. We'll have that for you as well limping club. Byron Scott hanging out. Kirk Morrison is was Olympic in it too. Hope they was in and out UCLA so data show here on ESPN LA. Byron Scott Morrison hanging out with us today. So tiger -ly. Yeah. Was leaving Craig's? Yup. Couple nights ago favorite joints in West Hollywood. And was limping now it was rumored. Earlier in the offseason. That perhaps Todd Gurley would get stem cell surgery. We were just talking about Coby Coby if you remember had the PCP or whatever the blood blood replacement mud spinning in Germany. Yep. So my if that indeed did happen. I feel like that would be potentially a good reason for him to be limping, you know, just had surgery if that's the case, then I'm okay with him, limping because you got to recover from the surgery, and hopefully that works and he can play and get all his money because we all know in football is monopoly money and the guarantee and his guarantees are a little weird. So and clearly the Rams need him too. But Kirk how are we feeling about? All this like, what do, you know anything where you act Craig's just not get you? I talked to someone close in the an atoll girly camp. Okay. And Todd is fine. Okay. They've been saying that for a long time now is tied. One hundred percent. I mean, he's coming off a Pro Bowl year, all pro type year had a lot of cares. And I think when you look at the injury history of tiger Lee having the knee injury in college. And then his first with he's been the league. Now, this is four years of just pound and pound and pound, and I think the coaching staff realizes that that they gotta go about this differently time. You know what I mean? Like, we talk about what what's what's the what's the new NBA word, they use now low, man. It is for rest gist, but you have to look at load management with your players, especially that guy. He's not just your you know, your five ten one eighty five running bang ordinary best not an ordinary. This guy is six foot three two two sixty three two hundred and thirty five pounds. Right. He's going to get hit. Right. And you need him to be excelling in December January and February. Correct. Whereas he had a great first three and a half four months of the season. And he didn't have enough down the stretch because of injuries, right? I think that's the same thing. He's gonna start to seize off as players and. You always feel great in the beginning of the year. And that body just brakes now like I watch myself. My one of my coaches would say. No matter. What you don't look the same regardless. Like you turn on the tape in September, you live, man. I'm running to the ball. And you turn on December. You like, whoa. That guy's not the same player, but everybody's going through there. And with Todd. He really needed a complimentary Beck. And so all these reports he's limping he's doing that. I mean tide is going to be timing did have the surgery man or not to surgery and go to your he right now. He's doing doing the Kobe. I'm watching videos. He's doing this ability training on that knee. I'm watching. I'm also you during the break, he's not limping he's just basically trying to get a strong as he's you know, he's going to fight. You know, I think arthritis obviously, remember he's had that need been surgically repaired before. So no matter what it's always going to act up on them. And just at a time where I saw the play where he got hit. And I said darn it's not good and it will similar to the LeBron injury. Where I don't think the Rams thought. It was going to linger as much bitter. I think it was the same thing with LeBron Agron injury. Okay. You'll be back in three to six and all of a sudden this may be a little bit longer than we thought because you just can't tell everybody's body heals differently and with Todd. Yeah, you can get one game where you're like. Are you feel good like Dallas next game? You look totally different. So to kinda cute me to kind of close it all up. Yes. I think he is perfectly fine. He's healthy. But it will be load management coming up to season surprise they draft the back to George you've been Craig's, right? No. I have not heard you've been been creek. And if you sit there and eat dinner for couple of hours when everybody, you know. Yeah. You don't see a lot of people. Go see TMZ when you walk out to. Unless you a rod and J lo who was sitting there one night when I was in went out the back told me the kitchen kitchen, I was like best cool. You know, then if you sit there for dinner, at least me, I get up, and I'm limping. Okay. I'm just stiff, you know. There's five restaurants. You don't go to. I was kinda great catch. Rigs. Dan tana's? What's the other one? I actually work across three from. Let's see Mr. Chow. Yeah. To madeo. Dale madeo? Yeah. Okay. I'm Dale and going to. Restaurants, like, Dr driving wave, okay? Okay. But Todd Todd let me he's handling and case in point like Jerry Goff is a quarterback the Los Angeles Rams in Los Angeles and get you don't hear nothing about right? Yeah. You know, this crazy crazy. It is. Well, now, let me get to this dream on things. I've been talking about forever. So dream on went on the shop. I told you you go on the shop things are going to happen. Okay. If you own anything shop, I've said this before you go on a shop as an NFL player you go on a show on one team, you leave the show. Tony bennett. Today all different teams than him. Although the players say if I want to trade it, I'm going NFL, right? I'm gonna NFL GM though. I don't want my players going, right? So here's what dream onset on the shop about. And it was basically about how LeBron has kind of led the way a lot of cases. But listen to how he talks about certain people who kind of tried to emulate it with a little bit of a twist he laid out such a blueprint for guys like myself and everybody like he laid the blueprint out. And I think so many people are frayed to follow it. So many people make a mistake trying to light mimic what Brian and self and mave and rich and Randy and all y'all have accomplice people make mistakes like. Trying to mimic it with a twist. It's like, yeah. We're going to do that that they did. But we're gonna add. This twist say are. Idea and I completely idea. As opposed to say a word. So why you're watching that the person who create who on Twitter because people on Twitter creative? Hell they put like side by side all the things that LeBron did I and then K D did that looks exactly like, okay. Like LeBron got the shop. Katie got the boardroom. You know, the Brian invested in some tech company. Katie gotta tech company, LeBron invented created entertainment arm, and Katie got an entertainment arm now LeBron goes to Miami, Katie goes to Golden State like they put all that stuff side by side. And it's like, oh, yeah. I think dream on is legitimately talking about Kevin Durant because he don't look. Let's be real. We talked about earlier. I don't even think those guys like each other anymore him and Durant. Right. Right. Well, I can see him throw in Shay it Louis shade. And remember, he's also a client of club sports. On the show. So we saw that come in by the way, who we'll we'll get the love from dre mind as he will be free agent coming up so not this season but the following year. So we'll see what the Golden State Warriors feel about him because he's gonna want that big Macs deal and use all of a sudden now, you gotta figure out how much of that luxury tax you willing to pay not can they pay. Yes. But it may be minus Kevin Durant. But that being said, though, when you when when you know last night, I think we forget that Kevin Durant and LeBron really good friends. You know what I mean? And they all came out member cameras caught him go going dinner out here. Lebron Katie my like, they're all in constant contact with each other. And we saw the Brandon Katie last night chumming it up a little bit. But. But I mean, LeBron has laid the blueprint. He was the guy that did it. I so no matter what guys do it behind. I mean after him it's going to look different. You know what I mean? So the the main focus is who it's Kevin Durant because who else can make decision like LeBron that carries that much weight. Wouldn't if Kevin Durant go somewhere else the shift of power in the NBA chase like we know when LeBron came over to the Lakers this year. It was like Kawai Jaanus issue. Turn James is yoga Aaron because the James harden, but the east this is your team this show this show baby now and she'll turn turn. It's also on the side note. I can't wait to criticize Janas because we've given them a pass along. Now. You know what I mean? Hey, you gotta win ready. You want now. Now for me is this the greatest form of flattery guessing, that's the bottom line. Draymond is definite shoney's shape. But still when you see somebody like LeBron James who's been so successful off the basketball court. Why wouldn't you copy it? Right. A great. If you have the the wherewithal to copy it, why wouldn't you guess? So to me, I met Acadia one bit. What he's saying is give LeBron is probably just saying I'm doing which is I before McDonald's. Dow the we got the big exactly they got to go to we got going. Whatever he was saying they wear plaid. We were solid. That's funny. A role. I got a row, but I got a few minutes. Okay. You got another one. What else we got? We got what's trending next. That including a big NFL signing. We'll tell you what's up with that. Byron Scott here. Kirk Morrison Saddana show being the data show here on ESPN LA Byron Scott Kurt Morrison with us today. So we allow stuff to catch up on here. Got some UCLA news got that coming up here. And just say in one of your teammates. Byron is also in what's trending, and it's not magic. It's. Oh, so we'll tell you what that's about a second. Let's get to what's hot. Let's do it. What's trending brought to us by friends of the dudes brewing company with five tasting rooms in southern California Torrance, Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, Huntington beach and Thousand Oaks store beer from the source. Learn more about the dudes brewing company by visiting their website. The dudes brew dot com. Let's start with your former teammate Byron Scott thirty five years ago today Kareem Abdul Jabbar broke the all time scoring record. What about that? I remember it was in Vegas. I remember he needed twenty one points. And we were like this is ironic that we're in Vegas needs twenty one point, right? I remember him catching it from magic magical making sure he's given that pass. You know, he's I'm about to Kareem owners record-breaking night Kareem was double teamed by Ricky green because it was against the Utah Jazz. Ricky left all of a sudden Corinne pivot shot about a fifteen foot hook shot over Mark Eaton? Bam win in game. Stop. You know, we all ran up and gave him the biggest hug his mom and dad was there. It was listen, I could tell you everything because I you know, I was there first of all thirty five years ago seems like yesterday, I remember Kareem shoot Ness. That's got hooked break. We'll chambers wreck. It was it was unbelievable film. David Stern was there. I'm looking at the right now in Greece. Mom behind him. Yes. Yeah. Palm was there. And you know, dad was ex policeman. So right. We wouldn't worry about anybody else. Run on the court. Sure, it's gonna get dealt with that they did. But it was one of those one of those nights that I'll never forget, why do you think the cap never gets included in these conversations about the goat have no idea because every time we talk about it. I include him because I still think he's the greatest of all time to have the shot that he had that hook shot was unstoppable. The Mouna games that he he had a streak gone for so long a double digit games. I can't remember what it was when it was broken. I think it was in Milwaukee when he didn't get ten points or more, but his door -bility the way he played for twenty years winning, you know, winning the NBA championship when we beat balls in thirty seven getting final MVP again in was averaging like thirty five and fifteen I I don't understand it. I really don't I think is a lot of it's a generational. You're a lot of these kids haven't seen Korean play. And they haven't probably seen tapes. But he was the most dominant player in our air back in the day. Then I've ever seen the cap do his people. You need to get them YouTube channel and make sure people, you know, what I'm still the greatest thing also to it was a quiet dominance. Yeah. He wasn't very he wasn't this Volk. Want a big personality. Magic right. Yeah. He just went about his business. It was quite dominance. And you think that if Kareem were able to come out in this climate this the millennial generation from high school college, I his career will be on his on a different path in zion's member. Yeah, he would have had a bigger following going in college UCLA did what he did a UCLA England MBA, it's he dominated high school. He wants ample shell college. He won three championships is just in his freshman year. They beat the varsity team who was ranked number one in the country. But Kareem said all the time he said, but they were bringing them to campus. Right. You know? And then a US when they allowed they wouldn't allow freshmen to play varsity, then he plays three straight years of Archie with three national titles. I mean, I mean what he did in his career from high school college to the pros is on president. Yeah. Why are we playing Vegas, by the way against the? Jess. I have no idea. I can't remember why I don't know why gay was played in biggest. But it was Iran. That the night that we had to play he needed twenty one points. It was amazing. That is funny. He kinda reminds me personality wise of Tim Duncan in a lot of way, right like and everyone's like, oh, this Burs are boring this that and the other and it was a lot because Dunkin's personalities or lack thereof. I guess in a lot of cases. And you know, Dunkin's the best power forward ever. So there is there is that part of the question. And I actually think Tim Duncan is a top six or seven player of all time to art. He doesn't get that kind of love. And I put them in that category. Tim Duncan was unbelievable. Yeah. And I think shed gave him the perfect name too. Big fundamental. Yeah. Yeah. For just believe, no doubt. You're listening to Caspian Los Angeles. Go to football, the Dallas Cowboys and Lawrence agree to a hundred and five million dollar deal. Demarcus Lawrence sixty five million guaranteed hundred five billion dollar deal. Now the guarantee correct me if I'm wrong Kirk that that seems lower than von Miller. Right. Yeah. Lowered and von Miller Lord mirror. Aaron Donald who got eighty. And we know Khalil Mack. Most ever for a player was at eighty five. This is a contract for democracy Lawrence. He's not an at class of Khalil Mack. And he's yeah, he's the tier below. But this is still a respectable contract for a guy that played last year on the franchise tag was wanna play on the franchise tag again this year and the Cowboys just want to take that hit. I mean, there are the pay the pay him twenty a belief twenty five million dollars on a second year of tag. So you know, what it is ripping out? We already got to pay you as read out, and I think he scheduled to make more money in his first year of a contract and any player defensively NFL history. So we know last year it was Khalil Mack who got forty one in his first year to obviously the contract gets a little bit less as the morning. So I think of rumor as the numbers start to come out you mentioned sixty five, but he may be getting close to I would say about forty five million in the first year the contract kudos to him money. Oh, man. It's your money now. Now, you got to go out and prove dago question is next though who's next? About next if it's a player who's the next Dallas cowboy oh is. Really act thirty million dollars. More cooper. You gotta pay which three of those look. Is not a thirty million dollar quarterback. So yeah, that's a good question. So curtain, you football guy, who is it, man. You can't do without a quarterback. That's true. That's what this game is that good. That's the hard part about the NFL. Is that is that good? Or is that what's the going rate or is the offense line and the and the running back that good around him. But where did you go out and get a quarterback because every year we get into the draft. And what we were found that fourth round. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. But you watch them play you realize that he's suits best for what you do. And it was like a diamond in a rough kind of thing. Listen. Running back. It's pretty damn good. Marie in Dallas. Then you put your wide receiver with them and Amar. Yes, man. You gotta be great. Maybe they got. They got a lot of talent. They got a lot of talent for years to not. Not. Got more articulate. Got a gun corner. And Byron Jones, they gotta pay to George all pro. And pro he was a Pro Bowl of cheers. Let's go to UCLA the LA times reporting barring an eleventh hour resolution, it appears that Jamie Dixon's candidacy to become UCLA's next men's basketball coaches, ended Dixon's eight million dollar buyout from TCU has become an insurmountable sticking point for both sides, so UCLA no coach still under support. But didn't he he looks like, you know, Steve Laven, you know, the hair. He looks sounds like been Jalan. It's like the same kind of thing. I don't know what Jamie Dixon's going to bring the UCLA. It's not now not now. Now you. He's a California guy. But I think you know, you now you go to the backup options, and obviously the one in north Hollywood north Hollywood guy. Yeah. But you know, coming here. He's got a. It just felt you need more. Yeah. You know, what I mean like that job is a great job anymore. You know what? I mean. He's out his great as it used to be. But you still just because of that you need to make a splash. Right. Well, that's why I was in on them trying to lure Calipari. But clearly Kalahari was going to go out there. It right. And then he did easier to recruit a Kentucky. Oh, no doubt. But if he would've brought that to LA would've been great if you would have brought the one and done to LA on my let me ask you, do you just go and just say, I Rick Patino. Let's do it even with all the stuff that's around him. No, no, no, not yet. You gotta get some point where you just flat out, desperate. Yeah. And and I don't think they're at that point yet. Okay. And Tim temptations a little different now are Lewis. Yeah. Who boy a whole lot different? Yeah. Here in LA. But we do know he can coach and build the basketball team. No doubt about it. Is that we not saying anything about us coaching. Right. There's a hell of a coach the other stuff. Just the other stuff. Right. Yeah. Little to radioactives. Yeah. Okay. Enough. Next. We move onto sorry. I lost. My spothero quick here. We go. In the NBA tonight. The Celtics are playing the Indiana Pacers. Which by the way, I want before we get to the actual game. Hugh Brown and Mike Breen doing the game tonight together. That's rare treat for that'd be fun. Because UB you is one of those guys where and Byron I've told you this, and that's not this ain't this on anybody. I love all my co workers, Mark Jackson, and Jeff Van Gundy and everybody indoors, but every time you he's on. I am watching that game. Because even at eighty five years old that man is still teaching me some Huby is the best because he he gives it to you. Where you you can if you not looking at the game, it's like watching or listening to chick Hearn's visually almost watch. And see exactly what he would be talking about. He's that good at what he does. Yeah. It is amazing on the Celtics though. Byron. What are they are? They more likely to be a conference finals team or more likely to be a team that gets beat in. The first round see Kurtz editor earlier, they are jecklin and team. So either scenario I wouldn't be shocked to be honest with you if they got today's conference finals that wouldn't shock me one bit. If they lost the first round that wouldn't shock me one bit. They are jecklin high team this year they've been so up and down. I it's just to me crazy because of talent that they have. And they proved it last year that talent that they had last year got him to Eastern Conference finals, they have that same talent, plus kyri Irving plaza Gordon Hayward, which the two guys they didn't have last year. You know? So like, I said both of those scenarios are very possible with the when you're looking at this Boston Celtic team, I think this could be a match up in the first round when they play against Indiana. It could possibly be first matchup. I think Indiana needs the win a whole lot more than Boston. I think they. Need that homecourt advantage in the first round against a team? Like Boston in Boston needs against them and focus on the Lakers a lot. But when you look at the outlook for Boston come this summer. They've got cap space. They've got assets. And they've got draft picks. They don't they're not a free agent distance. Norm. I know Horford win, but he's not an a plus free agent. He's at Bryant. Plus, you got paid at that time like April. I mean when you start giving dollars, it becomes a destiny, but you think about whatever may happen to them this year. It's they're still going to be right back in it next year or they have to get better crazy about them though. Some teams they lose all we got a break. This thing up. They don't have to break it up. They can lose a piece but still gain to other piecemeal. Yeah. I it's gonna be fascinating. See Dwayne Wade didn't interview with Rachel Nichols today. And in that interview he revealed that he will try to use therapy to ease the void of retirement. He talked about openly that look he's he he loves playing the games, but the shoot arounds eventually get to you in the practices and at thirty seven years old like move on. But he knows that it's going to be hard that some nights. He's going to be watching and thinking he knows he can still contribute. Byron Kirk you guys play professional sports. How difficult is it to walk away? It's tough because game that you've been planning all your life. And you do have a unbelievable amount of love for the game. I'm speaking basketball wise, that you know, you have unbelievable amount of love for the game basketball. Is it has taken you to places that you never dreamed of it has given you things that you never magin, you know. So is it going to be hard? Just a flat out walkaway. Yeah. You can't go cold Turkey when you retire? It is difficult. My suggestion to de way because he has all these guys number in his book. Call Koby talk to him about it. And you know, what did he do to kind of, you know, take take some of that time, you know, the two that you have that that you know, that time that we have now when you don't play the game of Basque, but you had idle time what do you do at idle time? So I think he has talked to some of the guys like, you know, I wouldn't say cagey because he's close to magic. Magic entered him in on the business needs to talk to just get a hobby. I mean. Right. And s that's pretty. Yes. It's been playing say, you know, the golf course I'll play flip a whole lot of money because we MD wait. I won't get, you know, strokes plan loans play for hundred a whole he also has a new baby. So. That's a hill. That was a my thing. I think it's going to be a little easier for I think that he thinks I think first of all for me. I was retired the year before I retired mentally. I newton. You don't mean? It was just the way that the situation was and I remember it was the final cut day. And it was one of the most stressful days that I was a part of never wanna put my wife through that again. Because it was the first time my wife held me. It was like I cannot help you. Right. You know what I mean? Like, there's nothing that I can do for you. This is up to how they feel about you. Now may the team all that stuff contract guarantee, you know, year and all that. But mentally, I was like, okay. I don't wanna go through this again. So you mentally almost tired checked out beforehand. Right. So you start thinking about things what I'm gonna do next. And he's already been doing that. I think another thing goes back to what Mike sit family. He's got his boys or playing AAU basketball. He's about to be about to be still in the gym. But now working with his giants bit. He's going to be you got the little baby going. He's still going to be an ambassador for the league. And I would not be surprised at some point when his kids are either out of high school or maybe still he can be. I think he'll go into the front office in Miami. That he has said that that would be interesting to him that he'd like to be a part owner and go into the front office. So he has a luta one last thing he did say about his last game when Rachel asked him. He said that Kobe set a ridiculous bar for anywhere games. Like god. They're trying to get sixty. They don't kill yourself to wins. Rachel said, well, what are you going to do? And he says, well if we're out of the playoffs, maybe I'll try to go for four. I can't get to sixty. I don't think. So that's what's trending. Brought to us by friends of the dudes brewing company five tasting rooms in southern California on Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, Huntington beach in Thousand Oaks stored here from the source. Learn more about the dudes brewing company, visit their website at the dudes brew dot com. Coming up next Lonzo that family, man, lavar is still in charge. At least that's what the stories we'll tell you about what? And why in just a few moments and Byron? Thank you for hanging out pleasure. Yes, sir. Thank you Kirk sticking around preciado, it we got another forty some minutes to go here before we take you Lakers. Pre game in the Mt. Will fight with me about something. I'm sure yes. ESPN LA.

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