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This is not a paid advertisement but I do need you to watch something last night on. Hbo They debuted a brand new television series called the watch women in the season premiere last night both shocked in educated the hell out of some people the watchman is based on a comic book of the same name sized version of it but the painful actual authentic reality of this place that we call the united depending on where you went to college the truth of this country is hardly even taught in America's colleges and universities and so many of us dates this nation often hates the reality of its past it doesn't mind the romantic states of America is destructive it's painful yes they are good stories peppered throughout but it is a story of they're not with a fictional account of the United States but with its deadliest mass shooting it's deadliest hate crime in modern Oreo of mass murder displacement of theft and those stories the real true being destroyed targeted and destroyed it showed hundreds of African Americans being shot and killed by white mobs stories of this country they're not taught when you are in elementary school middle school in not even taught in most high schools and truthfully sold last night was not an alternate reality it was the nineteen twenty one tulsa race massacre they started the show in many white viewers last night or appalled by this hormone alternate reality until they learned that what the watchman genocide it is a story of racism and misogyny and violence sparked by those things it is a store American history let me unpack and explain it this is Shaun King you're listening to the breakdown I say this on the show many times but I'm actually a historian by training my undergraduate and graduate degrees in history and I know that people then I think there are so many painful inciteful necessary lessons that we can learn from the past but in the united facebook they they don't see me as a historian but so much of the work that I do is grounded in history and in my in my love of history often see me when I'm out on the streets or traveling the country to world people see me as an extension of twitter or instagram oral history the true history the the hidden history of this country and one of the things that I learned about orm it showed the homes of nearly ten thousand African Americans being set ablaze it showed hundreds of black owned businesses thankfully had professors and teachers and mentors in an historians the you may call them grows who told us the some forty now so I mean I'm talking about in probably the late nineties when I was still a teenager was that all the way back in nineteen twenty one there was a rich beautiful and I mean rich in most often called Black Wall Street in Tulsa Oklahoma and that it was a black Mecca of wealth entrepreneurship privilege culture that was not notable ways financially rich absolutely culturally a relationship there was a rich beautiful place the breakdown of a breakdown just a place where black folk were surviving but was a place where black folk worth thriving absolutely thriving and that shocked me is no Black Wall Street in Tulsa and they are black folk indeed in Tulsa but it's not known as a place that's thriving because I knew a little bit about Oklahoma and I had actually traveled to Oklahoma and had been through Tulsa and black folk are surviving in Tulsa today and I don't think you need me to unpack the difference but there is a qualitative difference between what it means and yet in nineteen twenty one it wasn't fiction it wasn't an alternate reality it was the truth it was the beautiful truth that there was this thrive today black America has multiple capitals if you will but probably ving place some called Greenwood it was a district in Tulsa that was the of independence a- place of success of education and had it survived I think it could very well be the epicenter of Black America today I would say that things to survive and thrive and yet in nineteen twenty one there was this amazing survived and endured and grown and it was growing exponentially not just from year to year it was growing exponentially Zing place that today would seem like fiction in some ways it would seem like an alternate reality on Greater and we could argue this later but probably none greater than Atlanta but had as they watched it in horror that there was this alternate reality where ten thousand three different if Greenwood if Black Wall Street had survived where would the capitals of black America be have different detained and arrested where thousands upon thousands were injured over three hundred African Americans were killed and Now I see why I had no idea that they were going to go as deep as they did I knew that could happen and in real time you saw as folk particularly white folk got on twitter in realized intially from month to month I think the entire country would be different that's the alternate reality is how would this country the show was going to deal directly with race and racism and it was going to be somehow at the center of some like they saw this we're like Oh my God what would an awful thought that this would oklahoma be how different would the the calculus of where black folk live in go for safety and protection and success what the show was going to be about but I loved the movie the watchman this show is not just in how different would it be if what took place on May thirty first and June first of nineteen twenty one had not had hitomi of what black folk in this country could do still in the shadows of slavery and it was a it was a place happened in last night on the watchman I'm thankful I have two friends and I've been as sworn to secrecy for months it just it carries similar themes similar similar concepts and ideas but it's something altogether different it was a courageous thing to admit that I just watched the television show in thought I was watching fiction only two and that they started the show episode one with something and I all morning have been looking at people's live tweets it was a painful honest earnest depiction of the Tulsa massacre and Black Wall Street which was far and away the wealthiest most successful place for black folk in the entire country in one thousand nine hundred ninety one had on the show but I had two friends who were very proud and excited to tell me that they were working on it and another who is who was acting on it Oh my God this this actually happened this is true I even saw many single deadliest hate crime against African Americans in the modern history of this country it was the deadliest mass shooting out black folk responding with anger and despair and sometimes violence in in response to something horrible the Tulsa race massacre but it wasn't a Tulsa race riot generally in this country when we talk about race riots they're talking about alternate telling of that movie it's it's the character is a different story line is different it's not even a one for one telling of the comic book onto us the Tulsa race riot was not that that's that's not even in an accurate name to ever call it here's some construction going on in the back we're in a brand new studio and there's construction going on above and below us and around us but gene white journalist why why I guess even I assumed just knew that this this was real in the modern history of this country and anytime we say otherwise and hear me I have come to know many it's the Tulsa race mask or the Greenwood mask the Black Wall Street massacre and it was not only the one of the things that we don't call it we don't call it the Tulsa race riot that's what they wanted to call it literally in nineteen twenty one it was not a racist drivers and family members of mass shootings unfortunately all over this country this is not to take away from their pain or despair Louis mass shooting that was the deadliest hate crime in anytime we write that off as if it didn't happen as if history rosen black homes were burned to the ground where over six thousand African Americans were happened in Tulsa on May thirty first and June first was the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history that was the dead children who endured it who survived many descendants of the Tulsa race massacre of course are still alive I don't even know what a race riot is it was a massacre it was some people called it the green point massacre the Black Wall Street massacre restarted after nineteen twenty one then we're telling a lie and it's now nearly a hundred years ago but but there are survivors today survivors alive whose family who that this had happened openly and I think bravely said I'm embarrassed to admit that I never knew this happened forgive me a different kind of action step for today but I i WanNa tell you about a brand new sponsor that we have and we're so glad and excited for their support empire and listen I do work a lot but I think the number one reason why able to do what I do fighting for justice but you'll hear so many productive people say the 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