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Friday, May 17, 2019


From Washington D C. This is Westwood One daily news for may seventeenth twenty nineteen. I'm John trout. Congress is consumed with concern over what appears to be a ramped up war posture in the Middle East. Correspondent Linda Kenyon has our top story. That's the question that has been on. Everyone's mind on Capitol Hill members of the so-called, gang avait were briefed on that subject. House speaker Nancy Pelosi was one of those members she emerged from the plaza fide briefing Thursday say, only that she had asked for a classified briefing for all members and that she had been asking for that for two weeks earlier in the day. She offered this declarative statement responsibility in the constitutionists for congress to declare war. So I hope that the president's advisers recognize they have no authorization to go forward concern about war with Iran comes after President Trump deployed a bomber taskforce and a carrier strike group to the Middle East. In addition, the State Department ordered the evacuation of personnel from the US embassy in Iraq, and there have been reports of upwards of one hundred thousand troops that might have been deployed to the region. Those actions were taken following reports of what has been described as unspecified threats to US personnel from Iran and its proxies. Republican Senator Tom com. Described some of those threats. There were at least three tankers that were significantly damaged in a port and the United Arab Emirates to Saudi one Norwegian writer who did it. I don't think it was the Swedes in competition with the Norwegians. Let me just put it that way. Mont independent, Senator Angus king says he's concerned that the buildup of the US military might in the region could cause more problems than it's all the concern is we're going to misinterpret something Vail, misinterpret something, and all of a sudden where off into a very difficult conflict. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy says he's confident the president knows what he's doing any action. This administration takes will be thoughtful, we'll look through, and we'll be in consultation with the house in the Senate, New Jersey democratic Senator Bob Menendez is not so confident, he's concerned the president might be influenced by national security adviser, John Bolton AMAN with reputation for sabre-rattling I think he has much more robust view than the president does on the use of force speaker Pelosi says she's heartened. Learn the Trump might not be completely swayed by John Bolton. I liked what I hear from the president that he has no appetite for this police still wants all members of congress to get a full briefing on the situation with Iran, those briefings begin next Tuesday. Linda Kenyon, Washington. President Trump has announced a broad plan to reform border security, and legal immigration, calling for changes that would favor young educated immigrants instead of chain migration or those with family ties to the US. Bob Costantini has details. The president only briefly mentioned, the border will with the hope that moving funds around can build about four hundred miles in key locations. Much of his proposal deals with reversing the ratios of reasons for being allowed into the US legally, we discriminate against genius. We discriminate against brilliance. We won't anymore. The president argues that many doctors and scientists in entrepreneurs are turned away. He wants to double their green card ratio. Jio to about two thirds of all legal immigrants, but a big proportion of those immigrants must come in through merit and skill lower skilled, migrant numbers would be cut in half. All getting green cards would be required to no English and pass a civics test before they can even apply even the green card would get a new name for those who are highly skilled, the build America visa, which is what we all want to hear the merit based system would rely on points. The president says starting with younger people scoring higher, because they will contribute more in taxes over the long run, you'll get more points for having a valuable skill an offer of employment and advanced education or a plan to create jobs. Mr. Trump believes there should be fewer workers allowed into the US with low skills, arguing they are taking jobs away from Americans on capitol Hill's speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi taking issue. Hugh, with the merit system, focus. It is really a condescending word they saying family is without merit. Are they saying most of the people ever come to the United States and the history of our country or without merit? Because they don't have an engineering degree Democrats are bound to criticize the president's proposal for what's in it major changes to current immigration policy and for what's not. They want a solution to the so-called dreamers fate. President Trump is trying to end protections from deportation for illegal immigrants. Brought to the US as children in part is a bargaining chip in talks with Democrats. A lot of Republicans do want DACA, as it's called ended every single time that we have put forward or anyone else has put forward any type of immigration planet. It's included DACA. It's failed, it's a divisive thing. Sarah sanders. Bob Costantini, the White House. New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has several stops scheduled in Iowa today as he's now entered the run for the White House, but not before a war of words broke out between the mayor and President Trump. Steve Kastenbaum is in the Big Apple and tells more the official mayor of New York City, logo was gone build Blasio walked up to the microphones for his first campaign press conference, his wife, Shirley McRae at his side or starting out on this together. I'll be seeing a lot of you. I know off too. Iowa and then South Carolina. He's getting a late start in a very crowded field with several other candidates. Already filling out the progressive options. There are some really good people in this race. But what I bring is absolute total focus on putting working people. I, I had done it. Here these are not words. These are deeds. The negative reaction to his announcement though was widespread a few days after a Quinnipiac poll found that seventy six percent of voters here, believed he shouldn't run. His wife was asked about the naysayers the city we kinda get. Immune to all of this stuff, every New Yorker, has an opinion. The mayor then took game at one very famous native New Yorker to the president. I'm going to keep calling him conned on because that's what he deserves to be called. He's, he's a con man. And we New Yorkers no comment when we see one that line was borrowed from former New York mayor, Mike. Bloomberg's 2016 democratic convention speech. Apparently President Trump got wind of it. He recorded this Twitter video while flying on Air Force One. I've used the worst of the history, New York City. Without question. The worst mayor in the United States is found running for president will never have been pretty good at predicting. I would be very surprised to see him in there for a long period. Not taxes, and they'd be like crying vote for well Bill de Blasio fired back with his own video. Hey. Hey, I saw your video and. Low energy, your tax because crime actually has gone down near city, five years in a row. And our economy's booming of the most jobs we've ever had in our history. So, honestly aren't getting your fact straighten really think you'd better rest up because you're going to need it for the election ahead, we're coming for you. Steve Kastenbaum, New York. The coast guard says a newly installed containment system is collecting oil at the site of a fourteen year old offshore leak correspondent, Jan Johnson reports fifteen miles off the Louisiana coast oil has been slowly leaking into the Gulf of Mexico since hurricane Ivan toppled and oil platform owned by Taylor energy company. Now what the coastguard calls a major milestone in government efforts to check it a subsea containment system that the coastguard built after Taylor pushback against an order to design amonst stall new system to capture and remove the crude before. Four it forms. The oil sheen on the water that often stretches for minds on Jan Johnson. Westwood One daily news for may seventeenth twenty nine. I'm John trout.

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