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am tasks and. This is what you need to know in the nba. For friday january. A first thing you need to know is that luka doncic all right. I was definitely worried. That luca wasn't in good enough shape. Maybe we gonna get an mvp type season from luka doncic this year. He sat out sunday against the bulls. With a quad into contusion. Maybe he was getting himself into shape a little bit but then he's returned to straight games. Triple double in the first one and then the second one on thursday night in was definitely the game of the night. If thirty eight points thirteen assists and nine rebounds who cares about the nine turnovers in a real great head to head matchup with nikolay yokich of the denver nuggets and it looked like the mavs had this one when luca dutch found maxi cleopa for jumper with three seconds left in the fourth quarter but nickel yokich wrapped up a seventeen point fourth quarter little sidestep on the baseline can't double that jumper over willie collie stein sending it to overtime nico at thirty eight points himself in overtime. The mass prevailed got enough. Josh richardson hit a couple of shots. He had fourteen points on the night. I was worried about this mavericks theme coming into the season would they have enough without kristaps porzingis to supplement luka doncic schwebel lucas. Just good enough and he gets enough from his teammates to win basketball games and good news for the dallas mavericks. Who said at four and four kristaps porzingis is traveling with the team. No timetable on his return but they do need him just to help out luca a little bit but they're treading the three and five denver nuggets little bit. They were gonna be fine. Sorta like the mavs. Because they've got a superstar nikolay yokich at the helm but it would be nice to get michael porter jr. back the second year player. Who's been playing really really well inserted into the starting lineup. For the first time was supposed to be back with the team on thursday after a seven day quarantine period because of contact tracing then on thursday. The athletic sean. Sharon reported that. Michael porter jr. is going to have to quarantine ended an additional ten to fourteen days. What the heck happened. I assume who's speculating. But michael porter. Jr. wasn't careful at some point during that seven day quarantine periods meaning. He is going to have to quarantine an additional nearly two weeks which could mean that he's going to miss ten straight games a big chunk here a four michael porter jr. and the denver nuggets. Hopefully michael boorda. Junior is fine and he has been playing really really well but it does stink inserting him into the starting lineup. Were he had to learn the defense event. Hopefully the nuggets can get him back as quick as possible because these quarantine periods although there being reported as a certain amount of days in game sometimes they get shorter. Sometimes they get longer. Hopefully it's on the shorter end for the denver. Nuggets game was phenomenal. But the first game of the tnt double header was disappointing. Attuned tuned in was very excited to see the nets in there. Tied is from the ninety ninety one season looking good first piece of news. I hear when i tuned into the broadcast. Kyrie irving is not with the nets and they don't know where he is. Apparently steve nash head coach. The nets texted him. No response from kyrie irving than we later. Learned from jove are the athletic that he did text his teammates pre-game he is fine but he's dealing with a personal issue and he's also going to miss the team's next game friday against the grizzlies. I don't really think it's a big deal in the locker room. I think this will just float by. And it won't be a huge deal of kyrie. Irving is communicating with his team on. The other side was also disappointed. That seth curry of the sixers wasn't gonna be playing. He had an ankle injury on the bench. Seventeen points per game sixty from the floor sixty from three picked as my under the radar guy to score fifty points next He has been having a great season a career season. He's sitting on the bench we later. Learn according to walsh who is a reporter that now has to do contact tracing tracing emmys on the bench and woes reports that at the end of the first. He left the bench because he was told he. Tested positive for the corona virus. And i say that reports are gonna do contact tracing tracing 'cause woes with the with the report breaking down. He was sitting beside assistant coach. Sam cassell and then when joel embiid came out of the game dwell sat beside him. So hopefully everything is good in steph curry's world and it wasn't for the philadelphia seventy sixers in this game. They went into brooklyn with the best record in the nba. Seven one but that's deep and curiously vert. Got the start because carries out. Katie is out due to contact tracing spencer. Dinwiddie is out at twenty two points and ten assists joe harris who was on the bench to sort of balance the unit. I believe stephen ashes is doing that. He had twenty eight points off the bench. That's coach steve nash. Big game for joe harris. Will the seventy sixers sit at seven and two while the nets are now. Five and four spurs. Visiting the lakers. I told you the spurs were exciting citing. The young guys great popovich is down with the kids. They go into los angeles. Lakers are wearing these throwback blue jays themselves not much a fantasy to blue for the lakers in my opinion. Anyway it's the spurs. Were talking about in this one. They scored the first nine points of the game and then led the entire way. Everybody was having some shoot and fun in the starting lineup hitting threes. Even tomorrow rosen in his hometown. Marcus aldridge though was the guy who led the way twenty eight points for him. His best game of the season by far and the kids having fun around him to shanti. Murray look so frigging good out there. Lying walker is well even devon vassal. A guy out of florida state. The spurs just drafted couple threes off the bench. He could be a steal at number eleven. Patty mills thrown beauty passes. The spurs went into la and won both games against the clippers and the lakers. And that's why. I was a little worried about the lakers. Winning the one seed. Because they're going to get everybody's best shot number one number two. They're just going to be a little bit lax. Not trying to win every single game. Not going all out. I should say every single game. And that's what happened as the lakers weren't playing to their full capabilities. Even the commentators in this game are saying now. Lebron james gonna sit a couple of minutes here. He'll come back. It is a product of lebron's teams. After they won the championship in cleveland. Their defense fell off the next season. Who knows the lakers are good enough to win the one seed. They now sit at six in three couple other games on the schedule the grizzlies in cavs no sex land back court for the cavs. No contracts and no darius garland for them. The grizzlies missing their best players. John ranch jaren jackson junior Justice renslow still out is game. Came down to the wire. The grizzlies detained bayne missed a three pointer to tight as seconds ticked down although in his rookie season. Plenty of threes. And i feel like no dunks. His failed you with barely mentioned that. There's a player named bane in the league. Anyway larry nance junior a great game for the cleveland cavaliers. In their victory he was seventy seven hit four threes eighteen points. One note on him. John hollander pointed out earlier this season. If the cavs are looking to rebuild maybe get some draft picks for their guys. Although they've started the season really really. Well maybe larry nance could be a guy that they move. A lot of teams will be looking at a guy. Like larry nance who is very much a modern day. Big the way. He's shooting the ball out there. Four threes for larry nance didn't really expect that out of his bag. Last game. portland routed. The wolves dame thirty nine points seven threes in the blazers win the wolves number one pick anthony edwards had a career high twenty six points off the bench. It's interesting that he comes off the bench with all of their lack of depth issues. He could be starting. And i wonder at some point does ryan saunders. Throw him into the starting lineup. I know they're trying to balance and trying to be a good team. Karl anthony towns out. There really really struggling all eight games off the bench for anthony edwards to this point last note. There's a g. league bubble. Starting in february in florida. I wanted to mention it because some great old nba names will be there. Lots of vets lance stevenson. Michael beasley jeremy lin. A shamsher on your reported way. Angelo ball will be there as well. Tmz told me that one game Tmz and some other great names emec okeafor. Oh my favorite. Terrence jones quincy pond dexter damon stoned diamond stone. He's not stoned end. Genero jones jerry. Jones i remember that name. It got me in a spelling bee with the starters. Jim j. e. m. e. r. i o. That's a tough one next. Jonathan given for that information all right. We're all done here. Make sure you check out the no dunks full length episode on friday. It's the drop baby got worse of the week. Rapid fire a top five. Come into. I'll be back on monday to tell you the news as fast as i possibly can see that doc.

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