Reaching Interstellar Space


Almost eleven billion miles from home. Voyager Voyager-2 has entered interstellar space at last. This is innovation now twin spacecraft Voyager one and two launched from earth in nineteen seventy seven to conduct close up. Studies of Jupiter and Saturn remote controlled programming was used to endow the voyagers with greater capabilities than they possessed when they left earth and decades later both spacecraft have traveled well beyond their original destinations in twenty twelve. Voyager one became the first human made object to reach interstellar space now Voyager two has become the second object to cross the skate way and a working instrument on board will provide scientists with first of its kind observations of this passage into the space between the stars while both probes have left the Helius fear. Neither Voyager will be leaving the solar system soon. Scientists designate the area beyond the orbit cloud as the boundary of our solar system. It will take Voyager two three hundred years to reach the inner edge of the cloud and could take another thirty thousand years to fly on it for innovation. Now. I'm Jennifer paulie innovation now is produced by the National Institute of aerospace through collaboration with NASA.

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