3: The Market Of Self Expression


Hello Wealth! Clarissa Kaye. Where we used. T to share some time with each other and talk about the could fix around in our. Country! Hello and welcome to another episode of Year H. Thank you so much for joining Ni. Is, this is attending visit that. Happy. Thank you so much I really appreciate it and if this is your first visit. Call some treats the. It connects with and if you like, please support the channel. And please share. Thank you so much. So, we're still going for the tour season. This week is going to get quite interesting things in discuss all going to be more the long-term aspects, so it's just not for a season is for a period of time. And some of them we've still got another. Six years? And this energy, some of them started from. Los. Decade and their continued the and these things are just introduced to shake up is to. Just restructure and revise. Create new pathways. Thinking you know. Ultimately. As. I know that I thought the was not us. But it is. Is You know what constitutes as edition development of human being. DEVELOPMENT OF A. Development of systems. Development over knowledge, so we can be better. Full. And Teacher generations so that is. I think. Let's begin. So a gun for appeared the land. That is both law for few years. I is really a continuation. Is Good about this. Aspect is the IT's looking at. Out, point-of-view! Is Looking at the way, the hey, and is also looking at how we'll viewed. So. What's really good about it is that we have entered into a grounded mindsets. So that's good. And not just grounded mindset what is attached to the ground? IGNACE is. Essential feature thinking huge ideas. And when you mix those things together I'll decrease innovation. So this is really good. It's not just us. Waving a has in the everything. Oh, look this idea. is about. Bringing the idea into. A practicality so. We'll able to have ideas. Implement them. See and see where they are. And you know there's no. D. Dalian with the ideas. So really really good. so yes, it is about innovation. And also, the grounded NECE has arrived. because. We now have to address. The notion of security. And Tequila. Financial, SECURITY That's how it's going to be represented to lost. That's how it was gonNA flip to us. We'll financial security and stability. This have. Thought it really from the Viking for lost. Two thousand eight days. OFF OF I on that show crisis that we had the world trade. And we saw some. Breakdowns and Institute in. household names. Anything to do with structure, really. Anything to do with a sense of security. Had an effect. Was Financial. Well may financial. Of Things, also relationships would have longstanding partnerships. Would no longer be effective. so. What now is is still this period. A. While ago, but it still paired because. Someone to solution that will create it to resolve a at the time. May Not. Be, so. He is now. And so the thing that were implemented. time. They on now, being tested to say whether they can whether they will truly. Be going to the next stage. Of Progression. And so. Those institutions mainly. On now you know that all scuttling to. To move into this new way of doing things which is. Online. So This is where you know now. Other type of businesses. All gaining momentum because the needs of of us have changed. And so they able to. See those things. And it's almost like. A sensible change people come, and now it's hit and had the idea for a while, and it's almost like. Time catch up with them. You know. Let the mindset catch talk with. Them and so I mean this is. This is like holes. This is like. We just grocers union being the same things happen off the wall. which is the same aspect? That would be now the having to introduce. New Ship. Systems New, implementation but to get there. We all mice need to pull back. In like the the Russian, Control the villages to do things the patients. And then once way. you know showing that we can be all we. We are in that period with almost given. They'll pretend to to to run up the day. So This is the time. To. One the patient. And To think about innovation. what would it mean? think about ideas that we can introduce. On been structured about. so it is really good. Period is compared it's about the well identity. We are showing who we all. And and we want to be one of. The full the full frontal. We want to. Introduce I did that. we'll be effective all around. You know not create for the business. Because you know where you know one of the ones leading the the market of self expression. New Experiences. These things All just development and it shows discipline shows approach to life. It's going to be things in involved in technology science definitely. obviously the the. Our freedoms and rights is people are gonNA or site going into politics. Because this time has made us aware of certain things that things we'd like and the like. And you know there's there's not just one nine with people. Send them one sided the the. There's most live and. All those fourth need to be taken into consideration. know what we need to teach to is just remain. Wait for the tests. and. Look further ahead than right now. Because it's harder to do because we live in right now, so all the emotion and the buttons, and and the think that westbound can. Affect us right now, but the mind wants us to use those energies. And use them as drive to be creative to be innovative to have ideas to think the feature what is is have now, and what would they look like? In five years time ten time all? What do I want ten years time, look like and reverse engineering. To now to have faith in that is needed to push us for and get there. I know it feels like the mind. What is having a rough time? But I just think that the infant feeling I think underneath. We are really looking forward to. An freedom. because. It's nothing like feeling held and secure to make Chris Shape your freedom. So when we owe cannot goal. Off the, we supposed to care that we can tho those. We? I am telling you we're going to be running whether they feeling so good evening. How is that will grow snuck like? Oh my gosh, I made you know are going to be in touch with ourselves. was revealed the restrictions of gone and. It would just feel so much more precious. We're going to be This will this will I into. Wanted to call health. Look at. Anything connected to just having a policy of way of life, because we now values also on violent our relationship so much more. And so. This is this is why I can? I can keep my divine. Join this paired as well. And also. To the future because. Wait a kind way Wanna see what new things are going to be a while I did on guys debate. pull out there and you know leading off into the next step. Because I, see it already. and. It looks great to the point where I'm going to need to get any fine. Of these APPs I'm telling you these APPS. Are taking. Over And my doesn't have enough men me, so is to be. I'm going to have to Khalid. From ooh, APPs old APPs vicious than meeting all this not as Active as the one that are coming up now. A paving the way. I look at some apps much. Home and We're kind of mine create. This is amazing. And, so These things I like because. It's not just about the. Technology what is granted that is? On need to connect. and a filter. For, the parents were going for filters through everything who a health pro- relationships from a relationship with money relationship with the future. So and it's not just whimsical ideas realistic ideas. All already. that. They just need is the opportunity environment to blossom, and that is now so a lot of thing that What would be considered? A previous mindsets. You know those things are going to need severe adjustment. And just like anything. Just like those ideas that were was already, but need the environment the new environment to to common live. It's the same with. The progression of Mindset Is the same with the progressional force? We all know sometimes willing to. move into a new mindset all. Blend into what could be sometimes the risks that. wool. That has. Distinct icon. Continue to go on. And and introduce that new mindset. And this is where I get got. We got gaps in in people's minds to different ages and different different way of life. I really want to say that. I will just be always open to. New Things. But it's not always easy. It's not easy I just look at the I love technology. But I also love. wellbeing nature spirituality. you know I? Do believe in. The you know Defy Chemistry and physics. As well as Technology think they're both of benefit. To Us! but it can be. They have to think about the direction. The expectations of the future. So His a time where we just you know we'll we privatizing. expectations how expectations and really are trying to. Align with what is required from the future as what has balancing ways needed for now to help us get food time. So again, Alot Diligence Gordon ideas and this is were being given. The most often given. The gift of time to able to. Go through these ideas and look at all the structures around US relationships relationship with finance and money What life. Income Children family. Personal Health Pesto. Cat customer value. All is saying. A communist play. On the collective level they work. Together. Because well, will individuals. the way we moved to them. Is Paul the case? Of moving forward would. And and how we, how we show ourselves to the rest of the world's and how they view us. So. I like it whereas goal orientated. Plan orientated. Revenue. Some people do any supplies why? Nature Uh June is time and leaving. There's some maybe even prices cells now and call it in portion posted an boundaries again. Is another. Another time taken from. Nick and our security. And where some of all security reflects onto the structures around us. and the things that keep. A, stable. In the material sense. In our own sense of In a nest. Waking Up, listen that make us feel emotionally secure. IS COMING TO IS COMING TO A. View. That is more on. I mean this is a lot of the time we could have been can win this view all of view of US think of us. In a even even in smallest sense. From family expectations. Guidelines that have set for us. The unconscious by life I've been step specifically. You know from family from generations. even I'm sex was expected. So think some people are GonNa be surprised funny this glory need just be. Identify themselves in the way that they want to. And and Because of that? Connection to new emotional cessations Dan Creek that own security in the move. We delve into those things. The mall were feel like. we can gain our own initial security from. Ourselves and not necessarily from. The things that all around those the. The conditioning! is around us. So. You. Would you start to see this? Discuss this reform at this craft Hale in general. On a maybe. We seen for myself I've seen in. The Rizal uncondition be. Now. is still relatively seat as unconventional. But. Really it's just us. Is just. Here Sharon ourselves, shareholders quirks that things that we have. been insecure about but using them as you know the lighting. This is. This is me, you know. Like freckles. Own, having two different color eyes. OR HAVE BEEN IN A. You know. What else could be just? And anything, even if it's just lots of areas, Lots Pearson Tattoos on the face, the neck and all these things that would have been. No No, no, no, no, no, no, I'm! Not Going to work, that doesn't look. Nice. Is Now being seen? As beautiful. How we choose to identify themselves. a scene differently. Seen. With an L., sexuality and bt. And I do think this is such a thing. We've been the The parents kind of introduced this so. This is just going to grow our. Saddam lying. It will be thinks that tried to clash respect. Point of view because again the think, but we just don't know how look. It may look clean dishes to how you. The bt presented previously and now Sunday's Ut's becoming more diverse. We may in future future. A complete reversal of the beauty, but in a completely different way than when it was just. But I like this payment that would. Think. is just. I'll emotion site things we feel emission connected to, and we're bringing it out. became. you know insecurity that was hidden. And then it was so sick is security. On the table once it was addressed. It was okay. Let's let's try that then. Once. It. was tried tested. which was so Opened the doors. Anything. So. That's just that's just what we had to go through mobile editor and we'll continue in. That? And you know it's still stalled with. physicality, but it will move. Into Mall happy things. Things to do. Things to do river preferences things to do with what we attract to because I open dosa one thing. And when you open the door. And you need A. Runs in. A one out. Everything runs out. There's natural to him, so we're going to be seen. Law So things that could. I think it's good i. think he's good. One. I like to cannot whole pitch on. Thing though. Things are always you know I to in a here, but I do also want to just into the realistic side of things. It's funny that this Paul is realistic other things, but it's to do with. Our mental stability so. where a may stability can be looking at things unrealistic point if So. This environment that we're going, her has definitely helped me to find. Blessed in solitude, someone was a really love. The idea of. Being in a very contained on one violent. And and Definitely just feel though is airs helping. This. but also been in such a contained environment can also. have a real effect profound effect on the mind. And Jonas time we can definitely. Dell south into lot unwind. and. June time. ESPECIALLY WITH Some of the contrast in now, happen at the time at this time. They can be you know any introduction to. kind of to. and. Once. You kind of grew up that road. And Leisure. He can take further in the in the in. And so Be An when happen at some reason people know. They all in I'm said I guess. I believe. It's fine. and. Help them. Say New. Narrative of what world of Netflix E. And, those things are only really seen as controversy when crews of office. US when people see the different point. Whether they work and whether they don't work over there, too. then. Or not enough. To there. So, I'm not flying. We'll definitely needs to be having conversations which ago. Team of his point of view is is when it becomes lifestyle. What it tastes on a lot of his own, that's when it can be an issue. when it filters into of areas of life. That then become less positive. Less positive for those around them when he can be an issue. An. Account Crate a distraction. In relationships in tossed. In normal, say more. So. Is, it's a time we need to just talk. With. You know some elements of size penalize all. Of Us. because it may not necessarily be a thing. Where is just? East just come about that may have been. On the line issue so ready. This has been a catalyst. Another counselor, this is now where all the you can go. Because! This this. Energy. And environment that going for. Can really validate certain. Will truly it can really make things so profound for some. And that. Is it black and white them. And Because of that can create issues. So Bad needs to be you know. needs to be people around those have. Things going on like that. It's not just. people can't them thinking okay? That's you know that's that's what they're going to go for for this this narrative at the moment. And you know be overseen. This is this is a continuation. This is not a smooth haired continuation. This is a generational thing so. Then needs to be. An Awareness Basing as well and and again maybe things Li. Maybe she will be introduced. That womb. You know help. Where Sutton. mental challenges in when I say challenges. That's a mental illness and is just because I. really don't like easing the what mental illness. That because. The INS and outs of it very apple. As kind of A kind of label so And different degrees off. Delving into mind. And discover the mind. Processes are. Good, and some will create A. Conducive to? The life that we now. But. It just may because sometimes. It's just a conversation. But again like everything. Structures are changing reforming. So maybe that is going to be a need for some changes within that area struck tree. And maybe there's going to be an expansion all And mental health. Diagnosis, maybe this guy be new Um We'll call them. Clinton remember. Yeah just need like. Say. Yeah and it might be new solutions to these things as well. They may be new into tation all suspicious that all based on being active. Lava Dan medical and. Pharmaceutical there may be. More active treatments. That you helped with With mindset like the. Del Deep. Think is good anything that helps us to. congress. As a whole is going to be, it's going to be a good thing. mental challenges as They are not just. Not just. People, they can affect every single one of us because we're mind. I mean woken Demi. Junk Pencil Four. And and you know it shouldn't be something that wheel freight talk about. The the. Especially when it comes to the labelling of. Different mental challenges. And so yeah. It has this time will open up. Oh you all. The mental challenges that people have on how this time environment that was going for can really highlight an expound some of those issues because when A. Manifest into the physical things a can be a problem ball those around them. And the and themselves so. We may see new places the rise instead of things. And setting challenges. So. Yes. Yes We've known. For some! Day all becoming more spiritual. And? I feel like spirituality is one of those words that. Is just. So. Those slower in what is trying to represent because. We all individuals so. Even if we had the same beliefs, we don't have the same beliefs. So. His Co... For All of that into one was I. don't know. Because I this time. There is a law of self examination. And there is And especially coal those. get into an older age. And, maturity that has. been a about. A rule sensitivity. To Fan Vitamin to the needs of those that they love in life. Even a new sense of loyalty. They really are more compassionate to. What they hold important. In life and this trickles into everything even personal day say level and also. Collectively as world will. Look at our relationship that we have with. Those in all, the areas may see. where? Where the same but. There's a great. You know there's a really great and then. And so way. This hold onto those. just relationships. Because they reflect. On it miss. The towel in. being connected and what it means to be connected to that, Paul. Your relationship, life and offer officer thing and they offer a reflection on. What we want and again we over fictional. Material. And I'm Bishen. Out Hostile Environment, L. Spiritual, development. And Is really good time. It is a really good time in connecting. With others is on a very deep level. It's not just. In Ohio with friends is a really deep of. We are here together in yes. And what we believe. and. It's really about belief. We want to be surrounded by those with similar beliefs. Similar aspirated. and. Similar home. In Life. And you know it it really. MAKES US look at this superficial. Think No. Don't want them. So. Is Really Nice I could just bail. How Nice is just? Is just like I know in. All that that passes by my side. You know we can. talk about anything we can. We can. Discuss and formulate all our kids without judgment. Without Concerns, all. Others! Mean you. We can handle this. That's what it feels like. As Way Nice. I WANNA relationship. Yeah we can, just we can be. And is there is. There is the tangible the the day to day walk, but there is that spiritual as well we. Can? I like the. We have no in that. We are connected sir. I'll be good to me I knew. And likewise it'll be good view themselves. They want to be the best version they can be so they can heighten every experience. That's what it is. It's about on national development. And how we how we? how feel? How we feel. It then. By brace and translate into how walk how we speak how we communicate with us. How we embrace new ideas. How we! Let Go `this. It Oh really spots refill. If we wake up angry morning what day we can have. Is Not GonNa be chilled. IF WE WAKE UP A. Peaceful. Lead so. Is Not to say. That there's GonNa be peaceful. It's just we will react different in each situation. 'cause love is what it is. Melting. As we blend. Every month or every point is the every belief. You and emerging. If everything back, so we are going to ultimately. Interact with. Everything. Possible. But the one thing we are truly connected to. Ourselves? Sir. How we all every situation? Will be reflective on how feel we see this now. Shooters in society. We see his angry. Nine who you know who who angry and his. Recovery comes out. Is Sane, and and we do on a we don't any reduce basis, and then we do on the military bases collectively so. Is What it is. This is a very good time. To. Have a look at. where it starts, will really going into the Ethan source of where does this fun? Trying to hold a realistic of year, not flow into. Illusions about things Li and the sound like. This is what I'm saying. This is how office. and. Thinking that, we can change things overnight. Is Not not going to be realistic. Knowing that we can work on. just day to day. Having News all having you pointed to you Phil. Do things that help even even just diet. Even the Diet a true believer will. Have a direct relationship with our mission. And that sounds absolutely ludicrous. But I truly believe. Is Thoughts from our stomach go? You know whatever we eat. It then. Has a relationship with. A body. and. However appointee feels. Relates to. How we do things. We've got As. An example. If we have a pain shoulder. Weeks on end irritating not how much pain me for take. It's just a constant pain. Is. GonNa Affect Tom. Motion is GonNa fix. Conversation is always going to be on. MIND IS GONNA affect every single thing we do. when we you know one way. pull up. With sex DOT MIL. We respond differently to. If we were really hungry, so even just dat an empty stomach. Is. A new I should've used thanks hope. Real good example of how everything that's going on. Affects us so what we've been put into. Body is also likewise going home. Saying Yeah males troubles, but it's all connected. Well. Thank you so much for listening one of a week and will hippie connects with the ignite p share, or so I'll be so great for you. Support the channel you can subscribe. The is. Can contact me as well. Even visit my website. Only! The details script shunned. From you again this.

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