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In your mid week addition of CNN. Ten Bindings Carl Zeus. It's great to see you. We've done some reporting lately on the destructive wildfires wildfires in California the state still in the midst of its fire season when blazes are more likely to flare up but the major wildfires. We told you about have been contained for for the most part now though some people in southern California are in danger of another potential disaster flooding the US Army Corps of Engineers which operates and maintains means about seven hundred dams in America recently issued a new warning about the Mojave River Dam. It's located at the northern side of the San Bernardino Mountains and last year. The core ran a risk assessment of it and concluded that if water flows over the top of the dam during an extreme flood event. The dam could fail to be clear. The core says the kind of flooding that could cause that is unlikely. And it's never happened before but it's drawing attention to the issue because the area expects more rain this winter her and if the dam were to fail flooding could affect more than three hundred fifteen thousand people who live in nearby communities about seventy miles north east of Los Angeles the Mojave River Dam was built in nineteen seventy one that makes it younger than most of the dams across the US. There are more than ninety thousand of them and most are more within fifty years old. They help provide irrigation and hydropower and protect communities from flooding but many across the country are under review and the importance of assessing assessing. Them became clear in two thousand seventeen. When the Oroville Dam in northern California was damaged after heavy rainfall that led to the evacuation of one hundred eighty thousand awesome people before water levels at the dam dropped four years ago. The Army Corps of Engineers estimated it with me twenty four billion dollars to fix all the dams that needed repairs. There's trivia which of these animals hibernates in winter tree squirrelled the Studio Monarch Butterfly for silver event. Mosquitoes are the only animals on this list and entered Dia Pause Hibernation like period of shutting down for the cold winter months. So that explains why the Pesky pests always come back in the summer and when they do why why do they always seem to bite some people more often than others scientist say. There are a number of things. Mosquitoes are attracted to strongly. scented soaps are believed to get their attention along along with certainty odorants and perfumed the increased carbon dioxide. We give off when we're exercising can create a buzz among the insects as well as our sweat as far forest clothing goes researchers are divided over. Whether it's bright or dark clothes that make us easier for mosquitoes to spot. But a recent study has found that different types of the body odour could make some people more prone to mosquito bites than others. Is there anything that can be done about that. Maybe one day if a drug is designed that can change. Those odors could that have side effects of its own. Yes but because of the diseases they carry. Mosquitos are responsible for more human deaths than any other animal. There's a lot of international national interest in keeping them away. It's not all in your head. Some people really are more attractive to mosquitos than others. Research has determined that it has to do with how each of us smells which is individual to everyone and partly determined by our DNA fraternal. Twins are much less similar to each other than identical twins are in terms of DNA and odor so experts in London conducted a study between fraternal twins identical twins to see if there was the difference between between the two when they expose the twins mosquitoes. They found that identical twins were bidding in similar amounts but fraternal twins were bitten in differing amounts meaning meaning that mosquitoes really do bite. Some individuals more than others and that's at least partially because of body odor. Scientists already have a sense of which compounds and human odors attract mosquitoes. They're hoping to develop a drug that changes human body odors to make them less attractive to mosquitos that could have major public health benefits offense especially in areas where mosquitoes transmit diseases like malaria dengue fever and West Nile virus. We are about eight and a half months away from the next Olympics. The Twenty Twenty Games will be held at Tokyo Japan. They'll run from late July through early August and about a month after the Olympics begin again the Paralympic Games get started running from late August through early September. The Tokyo Organizing Committee says they'll be the biggest and most exciting Paralympic Games ever ever held at a young man who hopes to be. There is busy training in the pool when he's not studying acting or modeling. DOC and renamed it McCabe so we have a very patriotic at long-off breath they All the new The media to get them through the failed issues for the. I'm on you kept Supersemar one. He Kept Boo Casino. Lose shown key alleged. Come what is she. Yes you can too long it. This is really a thicker in your value on supposed to Mayo Memorial because you us this book Do you actually think contrary they are you. A A year cyclic Mamuka said that concern. Obviously Komo's Allah The plan Aquitaine Benetton Usually judicial system. Do not see this as your vision see likes the united the CD movement which I do of course but also you know she also did. The Capella was young young. oaten on on well normally issues do issues. Good Good Ball. These are objective or a cooktown seduce people. Who took you. Yeah okay by the curse by the Silly if they saw yeah uncover. Yeah I'm telling you about CNN. Sola village shown still they may not superpussys Seventy two issues on do you have do. DVD subverter professional tradition back in college. I want to talk my way out of a parking ticket. I was leaving for the summer and told the attendant that if she let let me go she wouldn't have to ticket me for at least three months. Well that works for me. What's working for some students at the University of Alaska is paying their parking tickets with peanut butter and Jelly Ellie. What it's a program called food for fines. It's part of an annual food drive for Hungary students for people with unpaid fines. The more food they donate the unless they have to pay for one week the program includes PB and J. for the next it's canned soup might make those chose to pay cash little jelly. But it's easy to see sandwich option to choose here. Sure you can reach in your wallet for Fifty Smucker's where you can skippy on over to the grocery store. Buy some food in a Jiffy and things Peter Pan out for the better just in time for CNN ten. I'm hungry and Carl Zeus. Take Time uh-huh sir.

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