The Handmaid's Tale on HULU: Season 3/Ep4!


Oh, it's like the, it's a serial like. Welcome to mayday podcast not about Syria, but it could be because now we've got a plan we're open to it a love, sir. Learning. Like I was thinking about this. Like it's really hard to eat the actual serving size that is no one. No, not a singer Winston serving. It's like a half Cup or something Lippi ridiculous on the planet. Does that all people that loves you wanna stay healthier desperately in the aisle looking for that one one Cup serving you like, all right? Even then one Cup. It's all bath. It's bad for you. It's delicious hickory. It's all that for you most of its bed. None of it is satisfying more than. More than anyway. They have cereal Gilead, what he think. Oh man. No, no. The, the crops to a lot of processed. Yeah. Grow in your backyard very natural, except for their dry-cleaning as we discovered, I would raise see Gilead like farms. Yeah. Are they run by Ikano people? And what I do want to grow out of this, this resolves, but they all have close high cholesterol, apparently voter red meat all the voter in the. And you so welcome back. This is episode four week to. We're just gonna go by episode numbers to not confuse everyone do it to policy is too few people because somebody called me out on this because it was a typo in my did not put into description of the podcast that we were covering all three episodes. So. Changed it right away. When I was made aware of it, but that is that's only clerical error. Whoops, I apologize. So. How are we doing this week? How's the week, Ben? How's everybody doing life is good, solid certainty on our here, by the way? Yep. Hi pretty good. Yeah. No. I watched this episode two nights ago, and I will say that I had managed not to openly weep yet the season, but it did happen last night before whenever I heard this one's a tearjerker and I say, I heard this one's a two Jerker because I didn't get dodge it this week. So this week, I'm gonna play the friend that accident that got too busy watch the show. So you guys are gonna tell me, I'm going to be like Erma gir-. I can't believe that happened. So that's how we're going to roll with us. And we also as we know that has been really serious. Yeah. Right. No, the Handmaid's tale detox was on point four real, like the I think you guys don't even understand that never would have happened. Clearly, don't like I would like accidentally hurt myself trying to watch this last year. Like stayed up til like someone godly. On your phone while you're driving or something terrible like that. Correct. Now, do not do that. As I like to say about a lot of things. It's not that serious. It's going to be okay. Nobody's gonna die. Plus I got this. I say this all time were human show. We have we have faults. Okay. Dress me, a lot of people. Tell me about them on Facebook. Favorite thing. I love it because I love the people like so passionate about the show. They're like, how did you forget this? I'm going to be like, because I'm not a robot but it's all good. I take it all in stride. Because I get it because I'm like that with some things usually throw it out on Facebook because I know people have things to do, but yeah, I didn't get to watch the show this week. I read some synopses to get the lowdown. So I heard it was a fantastic, so NICKY watched it. I didn't watch it which is like the opposite life. Right. For bizarre over wrapping my head around. So a couple of announcements you've probably heard this is the beginning the podcast because there's an ad running for that. I recorded we moved our podcast hosting to anchor, which is awesome because free, which I told you at the beginning of this, but also because there's lots of awesome, cool things that we're going to get to do that. We couldn't do our other places so look forward to that. If you wanna go check out the anchor app, it will give you some extra features that we haven't quite started using it, but we will down the line. Like if you have a apple music account or a spa. Spotify premium account. We you'll get to hear music because they let you allow allow you to use music samples from those places. And so we're going to be looking into that 'cause I don't know if anybody knows this are not we like music. I like. So. Give me your overall, the big picture opinion on this episode. Baptisms are creepy than usual Gilead. Bright. A little strange to begin with. But I find them downright creepy and Gilead. And I've still waiting for something horrendous to happen. Yeah. It was a bit more emotional like I said earlier than some of the other ones have been so that felt familiar Nikki said it's turned down. We're talking to waiting for something terrible to happen, because everyone's got PTSD two seasons of like hander, I are getting every time somebody main character walks into a room and I don't know who else is there. I'm like, oh, God, I can compare it to it'd be watched homeland. We're watch homeland tear show like Sarah will relate to the, the first three seasons. Four seasons. There were several scenes, I think in every season where either they would be driving away from something, and it would blow up behind them, or they would get to intersection and someone will get plowed by a car. So now after those seasons where they didn't necessarily do it every time they drive through an intersection, you're like. Driving away from something, and there's vehicles behind them like. And then. Do. Oh, everybody's arrived. So I get I get that. So one of the new features that we have on his podcast, that anchor provides is you can leave us in message you could do this before because I had to Google voice line. But now you can just leave it in app, and there's a link that I'm gonna put up on the on the Facebook page so that you can do that. And I can just get it all in one place in anchor website, which in my life allies. So there's also a support the show link which is a new an interesting thing that I don't know of going to work or not maybe people like us enough to send us the money. I've no idea if you want to go for green library. Yeah, we're big fans. We're big fans of money. And if you're into that thing and you like us, and you want to send us some cash, the number to put a link up there and says, hey, you can tip us like per baristas. It's all goods cook, here, he stays cute face right, there say, this is it we're yeah. It's a bit weird. But again, green light. We're good. We're good. Leered. Good. So again, I forget every season third season doing this. But I continually amazed by the fact that people listen to the show will always be like when I see the numbers because I checked the thing, and I'm like, really actually enjoying it and Facebook was like people were all about. They were super excited that we were back and, and most the most the most exciting thing is that does narwhal thing has legs now. No talking to a couple of friends of mine that listen to the show and they were like one of them said, I didn't know they were really there. Thank you. I can't believe somebody thought they were real. Full spend your I've been thinking about that a lot, too, but not alone. While we're on the topic. I'll go ahead and say because I said last week, the first person to post a live narwhal picture on our feed was going to win a copy of the Handmaid's tale graphic novel. So congratulations, congratulations to Nicole arouse go now there was some controversy because I think Nicole tried to post one and she thought it didn't post, but Tian and I know that Facebook doesn't always do the thing that says it's going to do or it doesn't look like it is, but it really did. So it did. So you won the coal, not the other person who thought she won. She didn't win take it up with me. Get some valiant effort other, yes. And also, thank you for time, stamping Facebook that we can actually see what time people tracer Nicole really listened to the podcast, or just went off the fact that I said, hey, there's a great, nor wall story at the end of this. I don't really know. It was a quick listen, but I have no proof of the other direction. So Nicole, you're getting a copy of the Handmaid's tale. Not going to coll-, who is the other person. I feel like this get like extra encouragement to try next time we have everybody. Terrible person. I just so. There's some great things I don't Facebook and like for real, there were so many narwhal pictures, and so many people saying, I had to convince my, my husband that they were real, I didn't think they were real either. Or somebody sent me this one that's like shows a picture of our wall. And it's basically a unicorn in like a seal suit with horns sticking out. I write about in many. In many loss since last week, when we had this conversation, I read about them, and mental floss. And apparently they used to be hunted like the eighteenth century for their tusks, which would be cut off and presented to royalty as unicorn horns. Interesting. Horns, and none of them are in captivity, because every time people capture them and try to study them they die every through it. So none are in captivity anywhere. Due NAR wolf. In fact, every week somebody put that one there is no known in captive that was one. I got today. That is incredible thing. Yeah. I'll send you the mental plus narwhal pictures everywhere, if you go to our Facebook page, nor walls there and creature inspired something inspired, some woman to go by naral book for children. So that's awesome. See good things. Come for my ignorance. We're doing God's work or somebody's work on. Okay twitter. So I said, I was out on Twitter wasn't coming back. I came back a little because I had to because I know there's people there they got followers. So I had at least, hey, we gotta show where I'm going to tell you. I'm not gonna talk to you anymore. And then I talked to him a little bit. Official giving out my favorite tweet award. And this is ever. I don't know somebody's gonna try real hard authentically top this because I'm telling you what it is right now. Now, just people are just gonna know. They can. That's why I'm saying it's going to be really hard to like truly top this. So yeah, yeah, this is one of the first things I read, I think might have been the first tweet. I read when I hadn't been on Twitter in Cincinnati member. Okay. This is from rogue pampered. Chef is this museum? It says at hand my podcast. Do you know a podcast that a fan of the show can listen to yours is not that? I laugh out loud out loud. It was a real LL. Not even one of the ones that you sit in your freshman you like reading mean tweets. Yes. Like this. Your reading Po-shu show, the face the face people love us, except some people on Facebook that don't love it. They love when we miss little things some of them. But most of them are like, no, there has been a whole thing about people looking for podcasts, that are not ours for various reasons. I didn't get any of those this week nothing. But love week once all go downhill from here, but fair enough. So thank you wrote, pampered chef and I did replied, literally said LL, maybe my favorite tweet ever. And then I told her she could go to getting and not immediately. I really don't cash you could go listen to yes. Right. Yes. A real one. I'm not gonna tell you now because the whole the point that bad marketing into so some other great things that we had from the Facebook, people of Panetta Roberts, the first time you're the first time listening to your podcast. Loved it stayed long enough for the novel story. Here you go. Honest confession. I thought they were fake too. This is the way my kids have the narwhal book, and I thought they were fitted fictional characters in the book, if someone bet me they were real, I would've lost big time. Thank you really wish. You guys grocers based I'm so happy. I'm like beating the bane. Okay. Somebody else on Twitter Brinda Atkin back who is a fellow Saint Louis, which is always cool because, you never know, feel like we're talking this pit were no one listens to us even over here. But that's not true. Now that's that's the rest of the state. Choose truth separate Kansas City. It's like a black hole. It's like it's like Chicago between, like Edwardsville in Chicago. I guess Springfield. We count college towns. Yeah. Verna comeback said, hey, had hamming podcast found you guys just recently after my previous episode recap out discontinued somebody discontinued. Although there's still like six I start I still hurting for no, no and may sell. Somebody will fill that hole. She says a non coastal podcast, which is still a thing. I don't think about very much. But apparently, one of one of the few like aren't on a coast. So I feel like the ones that pay money. Yes. Actually happen goes. And she says even better, there, Missouri, Illinois. People assuming this means you all live STL waves from south city. So. Yes, I lived there, just a few years ago, we're currently near near Katie sushi is a what's her name? Kate Shays, welcome back to the podcast. And so questioned last week, whether 'cause I apparently bring farted on the whole part, Nick June's hand or June. Took Nixon, and then went back in the room that blinked my head. She said that really did happen. And she's she also said, why do they have a lock down their door? She's a hand. But now they are command Lawrence how, so I kind of just sorry commander Joey Lawrence. Also, lots of people were on the joy Lauren que. Did anybody notice it besides with before us? So the other podcasting, few and far between. So one of the host of the other podcasts that are recommended to snarky pampered chef over there. She actually posted it before I posted it on our. Talking about joy. So. And then somebody asked me if I when I thought of him, did, I think of young, Joey Lawrence, like from gimme break. No Carter school. Oh, Gimmie break was a great show. No car. He was a little kid Joey, and then or joy or older older. Join Joey and Melissa Joan Hart headed show together on the Disney channel because anything to do was it called Joey is called Melissa, and Joey, or Jillian Melissa. I don't know. Somebody member someone will, yeah. Yeah, that was like older. Joey. No, I think of blossom Joey. Joe? That's really the only joy. I do believe the Joe Lawrence surgery. He had. Yeah. Oh, did it go? All right. Well, that's how we're going to decide or prize winner for this week. I don't have a price yet but next week to wait the first person. I know. No, no. Keep it fair this week because I don't anymore time controversies all you gotta do this post your favorite picture of joy Lawrence. If you can find proof the joy Lawrence had plastic surgery before. And after picture that's bonus. But I'm gonna take all the people that decide they want to do this and next week will pick one at random. So throw joy Lawrence photo up on our feet this week. And we'll do we'll see we're gonna win. I have an idea. We have several things in the price that over there. We got some give you some more. I have lots of stuff. I have some more graphic novels. I have we have stickers, which we need to send people super excited about her stickers Tian of stem. We have some fat on box that was leftover from the fall. That was pretty awesome. What else we got? We got some stuff from Mari down in Georgia at the behalf. We do now, we do got some stuff left over from that. Yeah. To anything's for me for my notes for the people. Really interested in that bit fun bucks understand. Yeah. I understand shocker. I'm still gonna try to wiggle my way into some of them goods. It's good stuff, so shit behind Georgia. We love them. Yeah. So the social media was just blowing up this week. I was really, it's always fun. When we throw crazy crap, like, hey, posted naral and. See what happened. Somebody did post something coach I thought about while I was watching, but we never got a chance to talk about it. Which was I don't remember name because it's not core. Whoever the other hand, may or the other Martha in Lawrence's house. Guess she was Knicks little thing on the side when he was in jesu- bells at one time in the kitchen where they were talking to recap. But then I was like, no, I think she just looks kinda similar now. That's for sure familiar to that's her. That's her. Yeah. I put second why she was so cavalier, even at Jessica commanders everywhere. Right. Yeah. Like did you notice I did? But I've got some who is Lawrence Lynn Jessop hell. All right. Here's the here's the person called cath Fisher. She said, guys, you really Mr. important scene when Lawrence orders June to remove a book from the shelf. Did you notice all the other books on the shelf around it? They're all him. I did not know that when she was doing it, but I assume that later when she said that he wrote them, I was like, oh, I thought that maybe she just knew, then I was too lazy to rewind and this apparently when she took Darwin off the show all the rest of the books around that his. So that was. Lots of people confirming that the Canadians indeed are that nice would clap for the handmade. Oh my goodness. Really? Yes. And also I love you. They also said that we are welcome whenever we again. Yeah, somebody. The dual citizenship. Please our children. Yeah. Family. It's like it's like vaccine for HR household. Great and don't leave at crystal. I'm dead serious here. It's probably gonna need Jillian Doty asked Wilkerson will be back and, yes, I can confirm Krista will be back life and timing, crystal is busy lady, who does lots of things in both have eighty so you know, things happen. And so she should be back next week. Getting caught up on all the shows, she shall return also crystal to continue stumping real Handmaid's of Detroit, which someday will be. I don't know if it'll be maybe a funnier die. It'd be a good one. So last night. Nikki is a big John Oliver fan on anybody else's seen this did you watch it? Watch it. Okay. So this week, he did a big thing on eagle rights amendment, which is pretty outstanding. And they did this whole thing on Phyllis schlafly about why didn't get past initially when is trying to get passed in the seventies. And then when the whole thing about all the states. Who haven't actually pass it on their own? There's like thirteen. Did. They finally ratified it. There you go. Illinois's been doing some good thing. I know that I'm not that far away. Lua Canada for a short time, Illinois. He's been doing good stuff. I'm proud of I was thinking, they don't get to hear that much. I'm sure they're I'm sure they're your in-laws. I've seen their gigantic mobile command center. Families have a. To set up. I think that's where we're going. I don't know if I can live in those close quarters with you guys, but better than whatever that option is going to be great. I nobody nobody else back. Check you mid convert. Justin definitely exe- factor becomes all of the time. I m d be on speed though. I'm the only happening. It's like on a top five list of apps that you need that settles more arguments for you. Does that? I agree. And I use it a lot for the same reason. Right. You're sitting in the Senate already on TV or Sarah walls, and then and then trust your partner to correct herself if she needs to later, see sir, thank you. You don't need me because I will tech myself later feel bad and apologize. Checking the fact check yourself. I guess so I think any researcher does that? So anyway, John. Oliver, one big thing, of course. Missouri native Phyllis schlafly, and so I know all about schlafly. And if you've never if you if you're looking for good time, and you wanna see someone who's trying to set the female parliament movement back, not she's dead. But was trying to set it back, hardcore go, Google yourself Phyllis schlafly, I know her either onus, right granddaughter or I can't remember if the person whom I know if she was her grandmother or her grandmother sister by. She is a wonderful person that I know families not bonkers, right? Really, just Phillips. Fantastic. Charges near are great. And they also made a point of saying, we don't sign on for their safety, not go. Sign understand. But here's a fun that I know is amazing. Here's a fun fact. Now did some research today, just verify whether this was a connection or not. But I don't think it is because there's no verified fact that she was in fact, like a direct inspiration for Serena joy. Although looking for someone that writing brain lanes, especially like in the age. They are in the book for sure. But her husband's name is Fred? I noticed what? Oh, yeah. I turned around. Really a self-imposed of friend. Yeah. Real if you if anybody wants to watch some ill, schlafly clips, Ling, it's hard to not religion, Raina joy. It's just so Serena. Yeah. In like an old lady kind of way where like you, you feel like she's gonna be sweet any moment. But, like no, she doubles now. She is that was the thing is hard gorlic. She would say stuff like she would come out and should go. I want to thank my husband Fred for letting me be here tonight, usually I only say that because the women libber get really mad when I say things like that. So she was like totally, like poke the bear all this stuff. And I did read a thing today ironically, where she was gonna run for president. But then she has six children. And so all the people that are like on her side of the cause, relax with your, how's that work with all the things you say that you're going to do, so then she couldn't said face emoji, really so. Yeah, it was crazy. So definitely check that out is a great as most John. Oliver things aren't as fantastically produced researched in great education. But yeah, no direct connection from but that whole time line fits with when she was writing that book. And when it came out. All right. So once again, thank you to all our social media people and all just keeping our welcome next week on joy Lawrence photo. So whatever your favorite joy Lawrence's, and maybe he hasn't had worked on. Maybe he's just super like manicured now, I think I don't I know he's super tan last time. I saw him pretend that doesn't into age. Well, there's one particular in particular over tanning, there's one in particular Joey Lawrence that I have in my head that if someone posted I'll be very happy. I'm not going to say what it is the somebody actually finds it. It's, it's another Joey Lawrence fun, like you at least need to write it down. He just looked very, I think, in the builder years like very plucked to shiny and. Buff to buff brought out. All right. So let's talk about this episode. I'm told that we start with the baptisms of all the children and that the baptisms our creepy, tell me about this. Tell me about this opens up apt his. Yeah. Which is which I think the. No, man. Just they make everything creepy. I do like everybody is filing in according to their lake status. India. Great. And you see, as their filing in Lydia is, of course, at the door standing by the, the is, who are patting down, all of the Handmaid's, they go in creepy, and she comments to Janine and. What's the mean black inmates name of Matthew of Matthew and June that they get seats of honor? And so, you know, of course, in for oh, they must all of them. Have had children them. So of Matthews had children are really seems like you think she's going to have an end with Matthew like, oh, maybe she is able to be turned. Maybe she will be. Yeah. Matthew says she had three. And I mind blowing that you could have three and still be like still a handmade somewhere Gilead must be fertile Myrtle. She's pretty young young looking. Probably say interest you on. Does she looked a little younger but I mean, I think they're going to keep going till you can't go. That's terrible. You know, for like better way, putting it. That's kind of how they see it. So, yeah, it was it was so weird. It was like they were walking into like this very honored thing. But like it's not for them, it's for the, it's for the wives and the command rose, it's just one, it's a mass thing, which is like, you know, those mass wedding that they had yet, less vary like the mass wedding. Yeah. Didn't have that church basement feel. No. But, like, yeah. Of Mattie, was super distinct throughout this entire episode. But when you learn about the fact that she's had three children. You're like ooh. So maybe, maybe there's more to her, maybe exteriors, just for show. Right. Like maybe we can get some more out of her. Occur together. Right. Totally voice over at the time is June out how she's looking for allies or something. Yeah. So that's the tone is super creepy super formal super weird like mass weddings mass baptisms n supercrew weird like the birthing scene from the second now ethics creepy. It's the mass wedding. So, like it's just hyper, hyper formal and Serena is noticeably missing lake. They, they don't shove down in the pew like Fred just hasn't nobody next to him. And then the next couple is further away. Very, very noticeable. And she gets a, you know, was that directly when being ostracized yes alike. The minister whomever is like praying for all of the babies and making everybody pray for the baby's a call and response style. It's really weird. And at the end of it, he's like, and we must pray for those who are who have been taken from Gilead, clearly referencing the baby, the baby. So it was it was very weird port. I, I wanna say poor Fred, but that's not really how I feel but you know what I mean like it was just there like. Yep. It will into that happen to us and other weird thing that happened during that scene. Is you here, again in dunes inter monologue? She's talking about how she feels about Fred. She looks up at fray, she's right? I can't say that a hate him. I don't I should hate how should hate him, but I also can't say that I love him and. The basically. Yeah, it was on the way she described what she felt for I was thinking about that this week. And I feel like they're almost pretending like they didn't have seen that the end of last season, where they beat the crap out of each other for five minutes like that didn't happen. I mean, like in their position of how they are in the roles that they are in that doesn't seem like a thing that you all of a sudden, like I recall like your two guys like that's how guys are angry fight. We move on playing video games in ten minutes. But I don't feel like that's the kind of relationship that like to go for Mike slap in the crap out of each other like. They aren't any fine with each other. Again with. To even the tone last week when they were talking in the. Yeah. When they were talking. Like seems a little a little too familiar, not familiar. It was a little too empathetic to friendly, and like to, like, hey, we just beat the crap of each other, and you my, my kid outta here to, to Canada, like all of a sudden, you're like stoke flirting with her. Like I know you're dumb like I get it like you stupid. We get it. But bad any doesn't seem to retain, like. Appropriate behavior levels anywhere like it's not just with June. Like he, he is bad at judging the room. Before speaking. He can't read a room. It's not just what you, but it is especially creepy with June. Or so give me a rundown. Lydia the I heard one she's in a rascal for. For everybody walking to the church arrests. Joke about. Hello. It was it was the hand me that we can't have remember her. Yeah. Of name, she's the one who spoken the grocery store across the cans. I know real. I remember character feel bad. She's awesome. So rundown here, what I have a Janine has visit with aunt Lydia where they try when she tries to be super positive Janine, and aunt, his not having any of it will not receptive to, like, right before that Janine and Lydia continue their weird parent child thing. Thing where she's like, what are you into this Athar reception? Yeah. At the. The Putnam house right after the ceremony. So, like not everybody from the ceremony. Is there obviously a lot of people that was all, but it was like, you know, everybody, you know. So we got our first lady put them citing weird. They hand mates were there to begin with. We ever I Lydia. Little man. Ross over commander, button them look. So ridiculously happy walk into that baptism like he was grinning, you would think he just got his other arm back, so effing happy, it looks so out of place. I had the wives and other commanders all looked happy. But like he looked like he was on. We'll maybe like he's ascended now that Fred is once again. Right. Maybe they're like, maybe he's like canned right? Great. You know, he will. Okay. So run the scene down from because I know from this says it's basically Janine comes in. They have the baby their engineering wants to hold the baby walks in, and it sounds like a bad idea. Interestingly, the episode episode is organized, where chopped up with a bunch of flashback. Right. So, yeah. So window watch the scene like all the way through without all the, the, you know, flashbacks and all the other stuff happening then. Yeah. Like they walk in ladies like you'd be good girl or whatever that we're thinking she's like, yeah. Going to be a good girl, and you're like. You know, there have always been kind of odd to us. And then she walks in women Selena comes. And she makes an appearance, and she in June chat for a bit about, you know. Their butts now. Yeah, they're old friends from what I whenever they, they meet up the pool. So there's an indoor pool like in a in a sunroom, and it's super from what I hear it's pretty and completely deserted and says Serena's in there you know having a smoke as she does. And whatever the she now. Great junior, having a who gives a fuck on. No, it's fun. And. Yeah. And then June walks in and starts having some real talk like kind of gently convincing. Serena to get back with the cause you can do more. You could start pulling streaming. Yeah. Yeah. Recruitment campaign because she had just talked to Fred and kind of softened up. Fred to the idea of letting Serena have a little more control at home. For real. All the time. Lost without her and June picks up on that immediately and starts capitalizing on it because she's smart. And so then she comes to serene all empowered, and she's like, well, you have power, it's only two point. She's like move. The point. Get it. They had some good good lines in that scene. She did. And it was a cool scene. It was a wear the dress, do the job or something like that. Pull the string back in the main, I don't, I don't even know what to call that room. The rich like sitting room. Enormous. Happened. It's off the phone giant house. It is Norman. Well, they're clearly taste. They clearly squatted in someone else's house. It was actually really great did well. House hunters did well for them. So there. So Serena is back in their June. It's kind of hanging out outside because the Handmaid's aren't allowed in that room where the proper people are, and this is serene alike easing back into speaking to people again using her way back into society. Right. And then all of a sudden out of the blue to hear crazy wandering into the room, looking so happy and hopeful, and, like, slowly entering insulate not everybody notices right away. But you can see the room notice because it gets real quiet when you can see June to because. Yeah, you join us right outside the room and tries to stop her. But then she gets away and June doesn't like Russian they're like, oh, God. Oh, god. From the outside lately. He'll be okay. Yeah. Jim can barely contain herself. Neither can anybody. I mean I know I know. I just like held my breath, Knossos, this, the first moment where you're like, oh, no. Yes. Something like a new something bad was going to happen. Yes. And it does it does. It's not as bad as expected aim. Because when she first walks up to lady Putnam and. Like what is happening? And it's like in baby a little closer and the men are like slightly stepping forward like where my the man. I don't I don't know what they think they're going to do in that situation. That's what we, we beat our chests. And, and then she just says, can I hold the can I hold her. Just I just wanna hold her. And are you see lady putting them on to hate babies everywhere, lets her? Yeah, she's getting crazy sweet moment, where should, let's hold the baby. So this is where like this is classic Bruce Miller, but he wrote this. This is classic bursar is building. Yep. He's making feel good making feel good. All we've had this week moment, Janine told in the baby and you know, you know, something about that, that even right before that she thanked June when June showed up. She's like, thank you perceive. Never forget what you did on never forget. We didn't you like who is this Leon say what she's like supernatural column that they have got some good prescriptions since last time, we saw it is nice and the manner. Putnam happy. So we're, we're to believe that they actually. Had like a genuine like little turn moment there in the hospital where they had a. You know. Fanie. But at least softened up lady putting them late. Could this have been part of last season? When, you know, the, the ladies are at her house, like for the luncheon or whatever they're doing. I don't remember and some of them, it turns out, have anti Gilead tendencies. And like we just learn about it, right. Then, like is this movie part of that has she been like swayed by she when when Serena did her deal last season? She kinda definitely backed off after Serena went rogue and did the whole reading thing, right? But maybe maybe that like inspired her like we can like behind, I think she was she's on just wasn't ready. I just wasn't ready to go full reading yet. She wasn't ready to lose. That's for sure much like June likes to go a little rogue sometimes do little things like she wants to do. Gilliat get. I'm just saying, we wouldn't have Gilead the way it is today in the show if she did not go off, and do her own thing, and like overstep a bit. But I will say much, like June those two are learning their lesson the hard way that sometimes you get down much Dula more planning in Boston, people for you go, you know, as silly as it sounds reading the bible out loud. Crazy lady goof silly actions. All right. So then because it's Janine and something bad needs to happen, this episode. What happens she volunteers to become their handmade again and have a sibling for their for Angela or what, what do they call? The Charlotte is benign is the fakeness Charlotte's room. And so she offers to do that, and then right as she sang that even or no right? As she gets it out. She's like I can I can make a sibling for you. I, I can do that. And just like I just wanna do God's work could she's like. Game. No, she little breaking genuine about is just with her. That's what she's. Oh, god. And then right. Then Lydia steps in like savagely whips, her front of everyone with the with the Hanes. No, no. It's, it's a retractable baton. It's the stick. But then it has like long leather fringe like several whips. It's an SM but. Nine tails. The internet will correct me if I'm wrong. But I think. It's. Yeah. Well, not just what it's called. But if that's specifically the implement tastic would that be Gilead? Requisitioned all of the. Text ways and use them for keeping line. So she whips the hell out of her and then it's brutal everybody in the room commanders wives. Everybody is shocked. It was just brutal. And you see the commanders in the room are like which f just happened article I was reading the recap was like, it's very interesting that like it seems strange that the commanders of like basically done this government, sanctioned rape program and have done all these other times, are like seeing a woman, getting beaten her, like I can't be, you know. It you see at the end. Lydia realize what has just happened on what she has done in this particular room. And it's not pretty I found this confusing, and I hope you to or the internet will help me with this, but the internet's full of help. I'm sure so at this point Lydia realizes what she's done. There's a chill in the room like it's awful. And she says, I'm sorry. She doesn't follow it up. And so at that moment, I was like is she sorry is she sorry, because she beat Janine like in front of them, or that she let Johnny get far enough to say the things that she, what is she sorry, I think she I think, in that moment, she is sorry that she did that in that room full of people because there is probably some either lake lessening, her her power or some punishment to be had. But I think her like genuine emotion in that moment, is what did I do? Like I think while she is beating Janine. She is like she is act. Eating out her PTSD shot in her right mind. When I think, should over the line for having crazy reactions because of what she is experienced but what you need to think about though, is like that is, well within her job description, it is. But I think that she thinks that she loves Janine I don't think she would have ever done that to Janine if she were in Harare. So that's the sobbing part later when we see her which was, was interesting, 'cause I knew that she felt sorry, because she hurt someone that I think she has found some degree of love for that. In that moment, when she apologized the commanders I was thinking, will, she says doing something that's perfectly within her job description, and its moments and actions like that, that uphold Gilead 's laws and all of that. And. All of the commanders in wives in that room on paper, totally agree with what she did and would have would have said before they witness, the that, that, yes, of course, that's what would happen that is that is right. And she deserves it. But it's also one of the things where is it much like Serena, getting finger cut off, like everybody would agree? That, that's the thing. But it's not necessarily the thing you do like it's behind closed doors. That. And also, you know, in the, the moments leading up to getting beaten it's hard to not pity Janine because she so clearly is off and unstable and things she is trying to do God's work and just have more babies, and you see her desperation to be with her daughter. And I think that's probably hard for the parents in the room to not identify with for the air quotes parents. Air quotes homeowners. I'm still not over that, but yeah, I just I found that whole scene just it was interesting because I thought will would should she have played it differently in that she should've escorted, Lydia out? And then beaten her privately to uphold Gilead thing like the whole thing was just bizarre. To me, it's like it's like a thing we want to happen, but we don't wanna have to think about it or see. That's what privilege people always. Eight me from it. I know what happens, but don't have to see it happen at it's finest living in America. So the things that I've heard is that Serena has some info four June about Hannah that she realize in a little softening. You know, I'm gonna play ball with you moment. So tell me about, and that's a little bit later. I feel like that's like a sign that she is taking to heart wet June was saying about, you know. Where the dress do thing pulled strings. Yeah. So what does she tell her? What is the information? Do you remember pop quiz slash recap? That would be great. And she says, oh, girl age Hannah girl, Hannah's each would be at a school for the school for domestic arts. Yeah. Yeah. Homework forever. Right. And that they play outside, and that would be in this region, and that they play outside of certain times. Yeah. I think she told her exactly where the slow issues like since she lives, if she lives here, this is where she would go to school. Oh, and they play outside after lunch. So let's big deal because that's insider info. Yeah. And also. She took her to Hannah she knew where she was in that. We still don't know if that we think that was the house because the handmade comes out with her, but the Martha comes out with her, but there were several kids it wasn't just hand was a nanny that oversaw. Hannah in the car in the limousine. It's just her. They pull up. I think it's to the house. The mar- the comes out with her talk to her in the front. There's another. Ariza another genus left in the car, right? Another scene, though where there there's a school scene. There's several of them. I don't remember what it was the. That was last season. So the the alliances being forged seemingly with June. Serena, so, so tell me about Canada in this episode. What happens the candidates because we got Emily finally, call their wife at the end of the last episode, and then Luke, Luke who kinda finally warm to the baby and Moyer, who is trying to keep everybody kind of doing a thing keeping all spinning all the plate. Yes. She's keeping she as she said, we're all fucked up, but she's trying to keep everybody fucked up on a normal level and keep things rolling. So what happens here. What happens? What do we know about Canada this week? All Canada stuff is Senator on Emily, the only Luke Maura thing that you get is at the very, very end which is a little, so, yeah, Emily goes back home, but isn't living there, she's kind of easing her way back in, and as she explains to her wife. But like they're not together. They're probably we don't we don't know if her way has had other relationships in the road. Somebody on like. She remarried as she had. The situation there. It's I, I wanna say no based on this episode like you don't actually see evidence in one way or another. They meet in a public place. Yeah. And then go back to the house, the White House, Canada and it's during the day. So Oliver is at school. Yeah. But he's set to come home and like an hour and Emily's like oh, she's there. Oh, yeah. He's been warrant or at he's. By the situation. So we don't know anything in this senior. We don't know if mom has if Candida mom has, like look her name. I know I'm getting a mom Lawrence Canada. Mum fred. We don't know if Canada mom has talked about Emily has explained Emily situation has a new partner. We have no clue. What's going on here? Emily feels super awkward chief and says that she it's awkward, but then Canada mom's like yeah, so, you know, like she's gonna like, of course, it's going to be awkward, but this is totally worth the awkwardness. Like, don't even think doesn't seem to be any like got this other person that have been with the entire time you're gone. No, no. There weren't any pictures on the mantle or anything like that. But there's not a lot. It's still very. Formal between the two of them. They are just feeling other out, and you can tell I'm only as obviously. Still justin. Yes. Yeah. So it's, it's awkward, but nice is what I wrote down like Canada, mama's Sylvia, Sylvia. Okay, we've got Sylvia. And then you. Great. So then we go up to Oliver's room. He still not home from school yet. She goes up to room because she's like dissolve even remember me and you can tell that she's been holding back this question forever. And then she finally says it and then your heart breaks little teeny event. In you into the room and this is where I just started crying couldn't hold it anymore because like there's pictures of him and Emily and him and Emily an Sylvia. I know I'm going to cry just talking about it. And then you see a picture that he drew of Emily as a superhero, and then Emily kind of is like that. And she's like it's us a superhero trying to fight your way back to us. And that is when I just I couldn't I couldn't handle it anymore man. Right. No. It will look. And then he bring while she's in there. I know. And then he comes home. So, again, the organization of the episode is we've we're cutting back. So this is not all one cohesive, scenes, just when I like dry up about. Then they cuts back to it and she's. Sylvia is like, well, you we need to read your book, and go to, you know, typically doing that, even it was so. Oh man. He he walks in, like high high. Hi, I'm not supposed to hug you until you're ready. Just like oh, God, Justin. I see you starting to it's terrible. Oh man. Synopsis reading was like helixsleep. Maybe a performance in this scene is just incredible in like every like cell resulted mannerisms and all are things like totally genuine authentic. And they said this should win an EMMY. Yeah. After the and like she have kids in real life because she would be like. Oh really intimate. So they go upstairs and they're doing, you know, the bedtime thing. And he's like, will you read to me to Emily, and she's like, yeah. Of course, than so she starts creating to him. And then she makes contact with Sylvia, and then she starts to choke up, and then he takes over for her because he, he. I know guys ING ever. I know you're gonna cry cry tell you what we watched pauses for second going to Justin crime store. We were my parents day and we were just flipping through TV. We're eating dinner after dinner hanging out in the Winnie. The Pooh movie was on. That's the UN McGregor. The stop it. The first ten minutes of that movie, I will defy anyone who has a soul and heart watch that. And not. Oh my God. Like 'cause I, I like the blanket, I came home from the hospital when he threw blanket. I used to have a big Winnie. The Pooh pictures of me like propped up against the winning the in my baby's so mean when you go way back. Yeah. Do I was a train wreck like the first I was, like, what are we like five minutes into this movie? I'm already. My son's main comfort thing when it throughout his youngest childhood was a small stuffed. Piglet and he's of his piglet is a girl, but she doesn't like pink very much. Okay. But he's very attached to piglet. So if you're looking for something to continue your waterworks nephew and follow it up with some more. It's awesome. Because they're like at a picnic because Christopher Rob's, getting ready to go to boarding school. So they're having a good buy dinner for Christopher. It's amazing first of all to Larry's, but it's like. So, yeah, so this. Yeah, so I don't know. I don't need to watch this. Yeah. All the two years all your feelings. And then it kinda cuts to the two of them. Sylvia, Emily, on the stoop and Emily's like it back to the hotel, or whatever, and you're like, okay, this is still kind of weird, even though they had this tender moment with their son, and then. Sylvia says something like oh, you should stay and have a beer or something that and she's like, yeah, I should. And then you think she's still going to leave and then she doesn't and then the kind of ends with the two of them on the front porch. Porch swing. Yeah. She grabs the beer and takes swig and then it also a hopeful note. Yeah. It was it was. So tell me about Luke, and his great plan of being in the baby to the protest. Yeah. Yeah. I don't think we ever actually saw Lucan the baby at the protest. We just see film of it later. So we don't actually see it happen. You see because correct me if I'm wrong from the articles in, like Serena, and June. See it on TV together, right? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. This is like at the end of the night, putting them. Yeah. Some reason. Offered is still they're still yet. And so we're choose joy Lawrence, though. I know. But, like, why wouldn't go back to Lawrence's house one where you're on the fan? Has not left, yet with all of the Handmaid's because they all leave together. I know but like all the. Even in this episode show. No, we don't free range in it for your engagement. He doesn't go out, so he didn't go to go to the baptism. He got off the hook. You don't see them once in this episode. So all the Hemmings are in the van but for some reason offered is not in the van she was heading out and then the comes and gets her because I need you to see something, and he walks into this, other room, where another, I is with Serena read. Also showing them video, and when so you can hear like when they're walking down the hallway is like sounds, it sounds heating, and you hear crowd sounds, then you realize they're chanting something like it's a protest. And then you walk into the room and Serena and Fred, or they're staring in ped- with an I it's really weird technology again. And a Jenky Samsung tap, it was kind of expecting it to be one of those giant TV's that they had more kids that are on the floor in Vienna. Console that looks like furniture or to you, mom. I don't know why. But they're watching on an ipad. Like a I who maybe they didn't take Chicago. Wore news or something. The reason they want the reason they went there is they want her to identify its Luke in the video, because they know it's the baby and Serena is like tearing up. Proof of life. She looks healthy fine. Right. Was serena's. Big thing is like you let each that my baby off with a murderer. Right. Like I didn't watermelons washer. I don't get that same guarantee or something like that. So she is like overjoyed to see the baby. She's like, oh, she big, you know, like all of her heart. So, I guess, to the military of Gilead, they're like, oh, now we know where she is. Maybe I was, I was, frankly released surprised that somebody else saw this not Fred or Serena, and was like, hey, that looks like they're baby. We. Don't know how to show this. The baby is still pretty young like sick riot for, like babies real similar. They look like maybe, right. But I, I know it's been what a month or so here's my thing. I don't know too. I mentioned this to us we I think, I think you're here when I talked about it about how June dressing up in disguises Martha, like is the one thing that kind of makes me laugh because all you have like a phone that says, hey, here's a handmade is try to scape one two through. I dunno five times four times. Now, hey, if you see her doing anything crazy, maybe you should digger. Now I've gotten that far yet. Clearly, we got drones scouring the river yet we can spot watch are watching. On their bed. Exactly. So what do you think's going to come of that? That, that that's like a bad omen thing. Right. That's gonna try and get the baby back. How do we think people are in Canada? I said this last season when because remind people things work both ways. So if. Yeah. And it has got to be some people from Gilead, and Candida. Oh, yeah. At least some like crossover of, you know, counterintelligence or people, you know, on the ground. There is basically Russia and the situation or go, so it's not implausible for someone there to be sympathetic to the cause for Gilead into, you know, be able to run down the baby is there that makes me feel better makes you feel better. I don't know that liquid catch on real quick. So whereas there. Yeah. Maybe this is this is the beginning of the Luke redemption ark way. Maybe they're gonna come for the baby and Lucas finally going to have his moment when he can protect his child, when he's actually going to stop heard this one, take care of it, and make sure that the baby does not get taken out. It'd be nice. Also, good for his relation right? Good for Lusake Asher, like win. Luke does need a win and people on people and social media hate Luke so much Luke shit all the time. It just feel bad. I, I will say that I need the people, the people that want Luke to turn into Rambo. And be like out in the woods training to kill everyone to stop it, because this is come on do not. Everybody is, like that, not everybody's instincts are great. That's not real. Yeah. Yeah. Doesn't happen. You don't like train up in the in the woods and say, hey, I'm going across the board. No, it's not. It's not how any of this works. Also, he hasn't been through the constant trauma, causing him to lake harden in the way that, like June, and other hand may have like he hasn't had that, like impetus like fighter die. Right. In Canada treated pretty nice. Yes. He's been kind of out of the fight, I guess, for like directly impact on him. Yeah, but like not necessarily by his own choice. You know he thought he was gonna wind up in Canada, with his wife and daughter. So what's the feeling going into next week? What are what are the what are the threads that we're going to next week story? What are we looking at? I'm really enjoying seeing more Canada. Canada seems less boring than last season. Right. Well, they had they had to give them something to do. Especially with Emily up there. Yes. Yes. So much more interested in the storylines. Yeah. I hope we get more into the inner workings of the counterintelligence in Canada, because clearly hollies now at risk. Right. So I kind of I'm interested to see how that's going to go down. And how early Lucan catch on to anything at all. Like you said more, you'll be there. She'll catch on a thick super early. She'll sniff some out the second becomes a thing. But, you know, Lou Beale, take the family photo album or you'll be like, oh my God. Just switching everything over the new the to anchor this week. I was splicing up some stuff and I ran into that part of the episode where we're talking about Luke not wanting to get in the trunk because he needed to get the photo albums like talk doing it. So Luke still got that in them. And that's why he does not need. Lover not a fighter. Sympathize with but. She was not before, right? No wasn't. She's coming to the other direction the site that was another thing about the show like the flashbacks back to when Hannah was seeing June before the fall was so startling. She slaves. She speaks differently. She carries herself differently. Just a totally different person. And it was really jarring comparing that to the June of today and the effects of the traumatic events such as been through. Yeah. Yeah. Not just how she's you know, lost all of her. I don't know what to call it. Yeah. Like softness. But also that she's become a warrior, and before she was, so clearly, not barely hold her own with her mom. Right. And that was the thing there are. No, there was a flashback where they showed her mom because I do show Hannah's baptism, and there was a lion. Don't use religion to make decisions for your child, because they do baptize her in a religious ceremony, even though they're not necessarily like super religious people. So that was interesting thing, the end, the episode with the baptism Lucas baptizing, right? Yeah. That I think that convinced the priest because they're not technically her parents. Yeah, I know it was kind of, sweet, Canadian priest refugees, and you're like whatever. Yes. Just bring the whatever God's gonna be fun. Probably. Yeah. So it sounds like a great upset. Nikki said it was her favorite ones over the out of the four. Oh, share. Yeah. Yeah. Stuff happened because Nikki watched the episode. Yes. I didn't I will because now I got feel my feelings. You gotta feel warrant now. Yeah. Because I'm like a greeting card crying guy. That's just me. I'm on a softy. I was fine before I kids post. Yeah. Man. Real push over something soft you. Oh man. That's what. My son, you time. Oh, yeah. I told you guys I cried at the end of major league because I was overjoyed. They, they came behind the. Mall and they made it. Six months pregnant, and Tim is like what is happening? Came back. Well, I just so. I mean and it was just. I really I was like they shouldn't one, but they came back in one in, there is a lot of crying at this date me. Picture developing commercials. Getting their pictures developed lake weddings and playing with their children when I was pregnant, it was, I was, I was in this guy's I cried once when I saw mailbox because it reminded me that I wait gets worse because it reminded me that when I had the babies, I should put the color balloons of their sex on our mailbox so that the neighborhood would know if they were boys girls because I didn't know the sex going into it. I just I just start crying. He's like what's wrong? We have to put the balloon. On the. So that the snow with the cheddar. Oh man. So it was a fun roller coaster for. That's awesome feel free to share on the social media, your tales of pregnancy crying, or just normal cry. What's the most ridiculous seemingly ridiculous thing that you got emotional. The bar set. Major league, I know. I heard that story before I totally forgot store. That's amazing. Keep in mind, I've seen major league a many many, many times it was like a family favorite growing up. I know it's not a family movie. So don't think that is. Children. No, you shouldn't because there's members that woman with the owner. To, to motivate, the they get naked photo of her, and they basically covered up every time they win. They took a piece off. Yeah. Yeah. Visually giant cardboard cutout. It's couplers terrible. Misogynous kinda. Yeah, but yes. So are well sounds like a winner of an episode. Lots of highs lots of lows but still nothing super nothing made able. Oh, yeah. No. Yeah. Now the one thing we didn't talk about that. I know happened from reading was the June launches herself onto Janine to stop. Lydia for beat navarine when he has saps. She yells at her. Like a dog. She's like, no, no. The way that you yell it. Right. Someone who doesn't understand that. She pray practically was down. So I have heard, I know I will tell people that I'm anti spoilers guy people everybody in this room knows this because we've had multiple conversations about books and even they've spoiled multiple things for me in the past. But go on day we'll get the I don't know. I don't know what we're talking about. But I'm sure it happened just because I don't remember it doesn't mean to eighties. Now. See just forgot. I was talking about, oh, that we're going to get a Lydia backstory, like everyone's been clamoring for backstory for like two seasons. Are like I don't care what you just give me a little backstory, apparently. It's coming along with Nick back story, too. Yeah, I think we're going to get some of the story. Now we got a little bit of a Nick back story. But I, maybe we'll get some stuff about his brother, the brother's the big thing, right? Guess brother drugs or alcohol about how he got to be so bad with women. Well, I sensed Lydia backstory was coming because of the robbing seen I was like, okay, we're going to find out more about right, and we'll let season you had that whole scene where she talks to June about how her sister's baby, but it wasn't her fall wasn't my fault. And it was that whole weird moment where you're like, oh, there's a little shot outside the brain of Lydia. So I look forward to that just because she's amazing she's incredible. Oh, also, yes, handmade that we really like in which was more scenes. But we can never remember the number. What's your character the character name? Already. Lifted up during the episode it's almost forgivable hinman all my like Ayla may alma o of name, you know, I, I do not know I don't know what command actually I'd never heard of. Outside of my grandmother, grandma's name was. Yeah, that's one of those like old-timey names, you could bring Amelia. There's some Amelia's rolling around now as she was a really great lady. My friend has a couple of old time any girls and their doorbell. Some Helen's Helen's back in the world. Ruth. I like that. That's a good one. Let's nora's. I don't know that nor is an old name Elsie. Yes. My sister's friend has an. L share because of frozen, which by the way, new frozen trailer this. I heard it's interesting. No. I, I like the first one. Anything else? But this week's episode before we. Wind down into rally bonus content about whatever is spoiled for Deanna super excited off. There's more than one. There was more than one. I don't know if I could list them are. All right. All right. Well, you know, real quick. So your action items this week joy Lawrence photos, if you want to enter the contest for this week price to be determined. It's in that room there at about forty feet away, just haven't point. Nobody can see it but you can't. So you know what I'm looking at? So I'll figure out that's going to be posted. I'm gonna post a link to or you can send us voice messages that we can include on podcast, which is going to be super awesome. So do that. If you have thoughts opinion questions comments, you know, you wanna make sure that we know that we missed something, or you can ask out loud. Or if there's a podcast that listen to, you know, we'll give you advice, whatever we're open. We're gonna people, so that's at highway podcast on Facebook and Twitter. All right thing on the actual podcast. Now, right. What do you mean the Lincoln that a part of the anchor denied catch link? That's what I'm saying. You can leave us a boy, sketchy we included. So look for all that you can also send us money if you want to, like, if you're into that kind of thing. And you can feel free, if you wanna put in the notes not for Justin or like earmarked for somebody I'm, I'm happy. They're going to be it in. Happy to direct the funds to whatever member of our wal, sympathizers, or go nor walls for life, keep the narwhal photos, coming, normal stories. You're cool narwhal facts because every fact about in our walls school. The most ridiculous thing you've cried about. There's lots of things you can do this week's over super excited, but I'll watch, I promise. I'll watch episode and I'll watch next week's episode because that's kind of what we're supposed to do on the show. I apologize. You guys did great for carrying the load this week. Gadget do your job man. So anyway. Okay. So spoiler bonus content. Thanks for joining us, if you're gonna cut out. But now we're gonna talk about apparently things. I've spoiled. None of them didn't have in a while. Remember can't remember? Are you a spoilers person? I know we've talked about this, but like. Thing because I'm always late to stuff. I don't care. So like there's several what's happening until my friends homey, spoil stuff to my classes, all the time you really get nuts about. Facebook. There's a Jillian Handmaid's tale groups, and I've joined a lot of them just to kind of keep up with who's other what's going on in to throw our info out there and it's kind of funny to see the militancy of the Heo don't spoil. Here's what you can talk about here. People are full real. Here's one group. We're like you only talk about political stuff on Saturday and flight. No. I sorta got that's political its political Friday or Saturday. I'm gonna make fun of it, 'cause whatever group do what your heart care force. All I know is that political. I don't have time so you guys can talk about the hell you want. And I'll just delete it of. I wanna read it. So I have that magic pro, you know, that, that, that ability and use it. But I haven't had to do that really. We all do because usually it's not too long before you're on our page, you kind of know what you're getting from me. It's pretty out there, so that hadn't troll problems in a long time not that I'm asking for any allier asking for. I'm not I'm not asking for any. So, you know, if you're out there and you're thinking about it, that's fine. I haven't done a good like troll hunting a long time but I'm really made it lady gave the recommendation to like that's gonna be the one. Like I said, we're human show, everybody out there. You don't like our show. There's lots of other podcasts like six or seven but chef lady. Nothing but love. Although my reaction on one of my one of the books in my class, or one time of going around my classroom, the end of the day, like putting stuff way, you know, like that. I dunno normally do that. But that day I decide it's normally put things away. Usually have the kids do it. But anyway, so I'm just gonna walk around and kind of take him stuff out putting stuff into their like tubs. And all this. I see on the dictionary on the, the page part like the top where all the pages, the ends of the page. Yes. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. My last name and then sucks. Just like how is not funny. How is it not money? Did you leave it? Of course. Classroom right now. So they were Smith that Smith sucks. And I was like, all right. That's how I feel when I. Podcast for fans of the show because you're not one of the I was like that the mailing again. And I think it's a generational thing like I would never go out of my way for even something. Hey, you suck. Yeah, I get it. And I think I think that the generation that is doing all that. Now, I think they're little more comfortable with it. Like kinda roll with it, not as affected by it, and I'm not necessarily like offended. I would love to know why she thinks that, because that's me because I want to know but we're not gonna yeah but like, oh, this show is more breasts. This show is what it is what we are. Right. It will never gonna be any other way. It was always hiding always going to devolve to what it is. Which is just didn't watch episode that. Higher. Let's go there. When Tian walked in, I was like I heard this week's episode is great. And she was like, what? Oh, one more fun criticism story of like mean tweets one time. So I'm in my class with my co teaching partner who I love and have a great. She no longer does teach with me, but at the time, we had a great run together, and is the last year we were together and this kid, raise his hand and he's got a book and the back goes. And he said my maiden name he goes, who's miss. You know, whatever my main was, let's say Jones who was Jones and I was like why? Because it's been enough years, that no one in that room would know what my except for my coach to partner and I go, why. And he goes back in this book, it says who hates Jones and there's like five checks. Like. Just. And then you tell the kid. Told them because it was like it was a fun class. Type of class that could be. Mation. My partners Laffy I laugh and I'm like that's not good. And he should funny. You should have done like a whole thing. Really, like yeah. That lady, she used to teach here, he was really a jerk. That reminds me of an offshoot ten gently of that over ten gently tangent. Yes. Yes. That is word did anybody ever read. The book miss Nelson is missing when they were told Vickie about this book. It's so familiar. So essentially, what happens is this teacher. That's like first grade or something ridiculous. And the kids hater hate, the teacher, even though, she's like super nice, and she's not a terrible teacher. So she leaves and acts like she has to go on a trip. But she secretly disguises herself as like this horrible teacher, like, yes. And comes back as disguises herself. And is like for me to the kids to make them see this is what a super sucky, teachers really like so then when she comes back at the end, she's like, oh, the kids like, oh my God, you're bad. We love you. Yeah. Missing you can find. I saw my child should read appreciate a little more. I mean it's no poky little puppy, but right? It's. Komo puppies. My jam, that's my guy, right there. Wow. Okay. Popey lovo house. My favorite little golden book. I was just gonna say, I, I read, little golden books to read what the kids jam enthused jam the golden finding books, whatever they're called. So on the back at advertises the old ones like a little puppy. And I'm like, oh, I remember that. But the book that it actually is, is Papa troll birthday thing because they love Papa troll. So we read a lot of pop trilby Paul said Papa troll. Like moving all patrol. That's big thing, kids like pop trouble. The pop show. But all the other books are pretty classic. I didn't think I would like Dada by Jimmy Fallon and I love it. Yeah. I thought it was going to be Domino's, like, goofy that. My sister gave it to me, as a gift and the boys, a love it, and we love reading it with them because they can't read what book did you like when your kid? I don't know about early childhood. Well, there was a book called the little house when I was not old enough to read, and it was about this house. That was in a like a country setting and then the city was kind of about. Like urban sprawl not heard about this book, illustrations, first of all, our beautiful. But so the city kind of comes around the house, right building, huge buildings around the little house. Little house stays there. But it's all like dingy dirty, and there's all these buildings and cars, and then they put it on a basically, the story is they put it on, like a trailer, the house and move and move it back out to the country. So it can be a little house again. And I'd love to that book, and I don't know why. But the illustrations were really incredible. So I can read says, like oh, also the biggest thing whichever never. Oh man. I kids books. But then when I was old enough to read, I loved number the stars. I was really into that book for many years, and I was batch waited with Denmark, don't know why. I was like seven, and then another big book for my childhood was a secret guard. I was upset man like hallmark TV movie adaptation of the secret garden. Summa creepy thing at the beginning, we're thinking houses on it, and like the well even like the whole plague taken out, everybody man. That's a heavy beginning of that. Have you never read it or seen it? No. I guess not. No spoiler alert. A little spooky, the beginning of superheavy. Yeah. The black plague at some at some European. Yeah. I don't remember but it leaves her kind of don't remember. It'll because their parents, their parents die and they have to go live with the aunt, uncle or somebody, but they are really rich. But it's like, yeah, this cavernous house where the little within India. Yes, because they were colonized. So there you're there in England, and they're in, in India, and I think there's a plague in India that yes, they are because at the beginning of the some of the colonizers. Bonus. But because at the beginning of the TV movie, I remember that they are like burning everything because they're just trying to make sure that whatever has this thing on his you know, because they have the throw her dollar in the fire. Are they want to one of my childhood favor? Butts involves somebody being really sick network balloons. Do tell tala teen rabbit, oh, never read it. I'm sorry. I had my childhood copying. That's good. I mean it's sad. But it's good. Yeah. Those one of my favorites I wish they'd had Sandra point when I was growing up this. She yes, those are great little. I was a pocket for corduroy kinda guy like motorist regret. You guys had much more quaint, favorite childhood books that were you like the Grimm's fairy tales rail? Really my parents started reading when I was I wanna save four or five the started reading the original version of the wizard of Oz. And I loved it. I was terrified, but I loved it. It was great at a lot of nightmares, but I made them read it over and over again. And I just kept trying to invent. Ruby slippers for myself out of found things like this went on for years. I just I would get like a pair of athletic slippers and try to figure out how to make them look like ruby slippers, wear them around the house, all the time. I really really, really loved that story. I wanted to be superman. Original once they're actually creepy things, and like extra terrors like on the way to the emerald city. No, no, the demise of the wicked witches much more gruesome than it is in the Zor, scary, roller skating clown guys, like return to us. No. Never seen return to us. I know seen return. I don't think I remember it. I think returned to us one alone. She plays Dorothy in that version, and it is super weird crucible could not play like not a raise eversion of Dorthy, right? No. It was super strange like she's not necessarily weird. But the whole like it's dialed up to eleven not. No. I mean the way she played doors out her actresses weird, right? And yet interesting way. Yes. Very much. So but yeah, it's it's super strangers. Dudes that have like on stilts that have wheels that they roll around, and there's a disembodied head thing and in the original wizard of Oz. There's these like, can't remember what they're called these things that, like they look like part of the landscape. They look like squash boulders, but then, like the pop up and have like these weird fuzzy bodies and legs, but no arms and weird faces and like the mushroom guys Mario, brother. I mean, they kind of speaking, my look Clinton that, but way. Uglier. Okay. See, do you guys remember the animated version of Allison wonderland? I remind original Disney movie one. Yes, where the cat stripes, come off the cat. Oh, yeah. That gave me so many nightmares. Like very psychedelic even understand. I. The animated. Yeah. I feel like what I'm getting is like acid is not for, you know. Oh, I always knew. I never tried it because I always knew my brain chemistry funeral no acid or mushrooms. That's why I haven't done them either really should not know if I ever did that I knew that it would go horribly horribly wrong for me, because just watching those shows gave me. I my mom took me to see what's that Disney movie where they're all trippiness music, the whole time. Fantasia Fantasia Fantasia. So will meaning my mom. Well, we know your tales from the dark side over there. We get not Dory, crap. Dark nine mountain is not I had. Nightmares? Not. Of demons, only that much worse than every other Disney movie that opens with the parents dying. I'm not saying that for some reason, Bubis didn't give me Matic nightmares. There's some redemption there, that was just like creepy and weird nowhere. There's more than one Fantasia Fantasia two thousand. The original Fantasia two thousand my mom was so well meeting. Freaked out. I used to watch other crates, this explains your, your book collection. Much. Good. Did have a Greek myths book growing up. Oh, yeah. Good style. It was very dark. Yeah. Thirty gruesome. Yeah. Like for kids, but it's still kinda told like the even the friendly versions of Greek mythologies. Had to find it again. The artwork was incredible. I have a copy. That's it's like from the seventies, and it has like borders on it, and the borders are really intricate. And I mean, the best remember, like what do they call it like the dark boatman, who comes in like? Yeah. And he comes and takes you. Yeah. So I like some dark stuff when I was growing up 'cause I love. But day it's not like I'm the only kid that enjoyed these things growing up. True. Just seem to my grandma is just like always giving me scary things. She's very scary. Things only read horror thriller moms dads, my mom's mom, who's your mom into scary things? Like forever for work of she just doesn't get to read a lot for, for pleasure. Right. Because she doesn't want to. I know she wants to read more, but she has to read so much for Merck, one of those things where like Nikki Serra were like the teach us their brains all day. So when they come on, just went elect point breaker fest in the furious. No, my mom comes on, we're paperwork. Nikki comes home and watches the dodo, the dodo, maybe the dodo. So don't start. I think is like a social media deal. But it's all like animal videos in animal stories, I have seen it on Facebook, and they have they now have a show on animal clinical dodo heroes, which is really good show where they like follow. It's like do rather extrordinary animal things. Like there was one that there's this lady that lives somewhere in the Asian part where there's elephants. She's, she's either from England or she's from America lives there and she has like an elephant sanctuary. Wow. And it's really cool. And she goes on rescues, all these elephants, because, like, in over there, they use them as labor like people that are in the villages, like still use them to do like manual labor tasks, you know, these like remote villages, like one of the villa St. wants the elephants are gone. I don't know. She convinces them to get rid of them, and send them to her finger, these kids. Right. No, no. That didn't seem to be any of that. It just seemed to be figured out when you're elephants gone. And then, like, you know, they run into some of them are like this elephant is like, so old really can't do anything anymore, and so the she has taken, but it's really good dodo here animal planet. So, yeah, all right. To still don't know anything spoiled for you. Think about it. I'm Super Bowl. Remember rant at random times and text you. Sukhavich evokes boilers. I I'm not like on certain things like Nikki is one who can like read the last five pages of the book to figure out what happens at the end still read the whole book, absolutely do that now zero percents. They can't have been long enough that I'm not really thinking about it. Like I need to be like a good amount of time. Like, like I found out what happened at the end of some famous shows what picture of that tonight. I feel like you need to post on Facebook. Although the tweeden, yes. The only. Now I replied this things on Twitter. Maybe I'll up right. I'm gonna stop the going back there ever. Sure. No, I had like the end of breaking bad. The sopranos things like that. Oh, I think you might have done the sopranos. Oh, wait. Have been you feel like there's a statute of limitations on that. That was like ten years ago. We were friends ten years ago. Anyway. So some of these, like epic shows have been ruined for me. But, like as long as there is a really big buffer between when it's ruined for me when I'm actually watching it because the game on everything. I'm fine what do you lead to the game on right now? Anything good. Well, I mentioned last week, I randomly stopped watching breaking bad 'cause like is very good. So, like it after after a little bit, I feel I felt like this thing shows, where centrally the same over and over again there for a little bit. So. No, I lost a little different now. Time you gotta get in there. Mike, mike. It's way better. Guys, don't even know I believe that it gets Crete. Get there the director creator, whatever had so much creative control over this show. And so the ending is so satisfying, and so good you need to do. I might need a little bit of that after game of thrones. See on that note. Madam king. We're, we're not going. Talking about. Joining us staying around for bonus content. We really do love you. We do real. You're the best, right? So we'll talk to you.

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