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#OurNewNormal | Amanda Lily of Winnipeg, Manitoba


Okay so welcome everybody to another session in the so for limited Tokyo talk series around the global pandemic or trying to give people a snapshot of what everyone's experience has been in different parts of the world Today I have a lovely friend of mine coming from Canada Could you introduce yourself for for the audience one? My name is Amanda Lily. I'm a health coach in personal trainer. I specialize in helping everyday person to eat more pump based and to incorporate more physical activity into a life of find a way to combine those and still be able to address everything else. That's going on whether it's looking for the families or be part of the community and really lane people know. How does it have to be you know a lot of times? People think that you know of you're switching your diet you gotta make more than one stopper or if you're starting exercise program. Now you're taking time from your kids or that kind of thing so I really show people how they combine gone away that fits their lifestyle and also help them meet their Benefit them and meet their goals when it comes to their help so for people watching this where we're even doing all these ambitious activities. Where were you based right now? I'm the Winnipeg Manitoba Canada but I also do some nicer sis as well So obviously things have changed. I think Canada's first case was somewhere in the middle to late January. I'm not sure of Winnipeg But the last few months saw how things changed you within the city of Winnipeg. Maybe the bigger sense candidate or Manitoba. Yeah a lot has changed but I am so grateful for where we live because in Canada we allot precautions. We're taking right away and I think that that's one of the reasons. We don't have as many cases as other countries have we were of the later. Wants to get hit and we also were kind of prepared for it. So as soon as people in Canada started getting As soon as we knew that covid nineteen air we were told to do more social distancing. Wash your hands more. So there's a law campaigns to get people to do those things and it was really surprising. See how much people listened and was starting to keep more distance away from each other even in the grocery stores and places like that but as cases got worse there was encouragement people to not go out as much their restrictions on gathering and those restrictions lilly smaller smaller over time so I was like a hundred people fifty people and now I remember. It's down to ten people that's the most you can have a M- fiscal be a gathering and at the same time within the last. I guess it's been probably almost a month. All non-essential services have been closed down. I guess not quite among some things closed before that so I work at a gym and our Jim was closed even before the non essential services close. Just because you're considered a high risk Leith which I completely understand I think even Without this pandemic cap thing. It's a shared space where people are in close quarters with each other in all touching the same equipment. We were closed. Shut down even before the nonessential services reclosing shutdown. So at this point you can still get groceries. You can still go to the pharmacy. You may have to wait in line for a long time. And they're only letting so many people in once so it's really changed the way that we are approaching our lives in a few different ways so some people have reduced income are laid off The or other emergency benefits of the country is offering so very grateful for that Sir. Income will be changed reduced. And also when you have to wait in line that long to go out or you know that you're increasing your risk of getting or spreading the virus vijay note. It makes me think twice but whether or not you need to go get those items or us of the things we've been doing is kind of planning for example our meals out a little bit more so that we can by several weeks of groceries at one rather than a week's worth of groceries like we used to so think gum mistaken you actually made a video a little while ago And this was sort of your quarantine preparation a grocery order right. I think that you did that was supposed to go for a week or two exactly. Yeah so that. That's a video. I think you'll probably be posting a link to it to take a look at so was a video that I did just kind of last minute when we picked up our groceries because I realized that it's something people would benefit from steen that you can eat hot. Based in a way that you're still have items that can sit indefinitely pretty much in the pantry like dry beans and lentils. What kinds of food you can make those things you can put in the freezer Things that do law slip it long enough ranch or how you can prepare them so they last longer in the fridge and just to get you thinking about how you can still enjoy your food. Be Creative Andy. Even if you are shopping as frequently and I know for us even the pickups the laws stores offer pickup option are now booking a week or tune VAT bill. You can't just wait till you run out of food to book for another pickup or of course can also go to the stores and we in line to get inside so that's an option to but if you've got little ones are looking for other family members you know you can't just leave three three hours to go to. What am I mean in terms of like public transit and everything like talking about going to places I mean is that still running in Winnipeg or is it like limited servicer so right now the middle of April week do still how transit? I haven't been on public transit since this began to be honest. I'm not sure what it looks like on the buses but I do know that that's been talked about quite a bit the media that they're still running and I have seen them running however they are not letting people together and things like that. There is more distant in the people who are riding the bus. We DO SLOW. Public Transportation and the taxes are still runny Is The snow gone? You Defense Day you agonists. I can't days next stop so I mean like for me. I've had a change what my focus is on. 'cause I've been home so much more and we'll probably get into that leader but it also means I'm losing track of the days but dig will be early for us but then we thought it was spraying. Everything was melted muddy upside later. Oh we hit the dump of snow that was like several feet deep within a couple of days and then we waited for that to go away in the meantime away for it to go way. We ended up building a snow fort and having snowball fights and stuff so that was a lot of fun. And because we're all whole more. We get to engage in things like that as a family which I really appreciate And then it went away but now they're still like ice everywhere and sometimes you wake up. It's snowing and it's gone by the end of the day though it depends on what day and what our you asked me if I was looking at the window right now. It's like yeah. There's no snow but there's still chunks of ice around so But in terms of like the delivery and stuff when wind that start with like grocer delivered kids I know here like a lot of the will the grab of just Kinda like Uber and lifts and stuff like they've there's been grabbed food delivery for pretty much lake since the first time. I remember coming here like you could go on your app just mainly restaurants and stuff but I think now it's expanded to like basically everything so but at home like I feel like some grocery stores did offer it maybe Riley deal with customer service could be like a pickup or something but like the online thing was. I feel like a lot of shifted to this now because like necessity and that actually been really interesting to see the creativity that businesses come up with in order to continue their business. I mean for them. It's probably inactive survival but as a consumer. It's just really interesting to the how creative people have been so that they can still offer the services that offer though a lot of places have gone online. A lot of places offered delivery and pickup. That didn't offer it before Before it was maybe a couple of grocery stores that did and now I feel at this point. It seems like every grocery store Even if it's like a pet store or trying to think of other examples places but they were they'll do like even a curbside pickup so now you can order online and then hole up. Open your trunk it back your vehicle and they pedal the stuff in for you and the driveway. So there's a lot of that happening to where people don't interact at all in some ways. The kinda makes me sad because I someone who likes talk to people strangers but I understand that. I think it's been really critical. People have come up with ways so they don't house up close proximity Others at risk. Have you heard I mean in terms of like the online Maybe asking more but this I'm not experiencing it like I mean here. The markets are still open like in the morning. So that's been getting most of my stuff So I haven't had to do like the online thing but I mean in terms of like the variety have you finding like maybe there's a lot of stuff that normally would get at the store that just isn't listed online or not necessarily in terms of stock but just like simply like maybe because I feel like a Lotta the Vegan products and stuff? I mean it's fairly popular in Canada but definitely was sort of like a niche part of the grocery store. I'm wondering if maybe when they set up this online stuff if they were like all right get the big things on their. Don't worry about like the vegan protein bars. 'cause five people order those. Have you noticed a big difference? Or you're craving certain ams the you can order. Though there are businesses that are close completely for now and the ones that are open and shifting to offering more online whether it's delivery or curbside pickup don't seem to have everything online yet whether it's objects allure food So I mean they probably just put on whatever the essentials were that they need to put on a places. Do you have the option where you're paying order? Which says other comment though? I've used before to be like if you happen to have frozen thin edge you throw that in so I thought before and sometimes places will call you to see what you mean to clarify or when you get there. They'll just as this. Okay so I feel like a lot of places are being very comedy in that way later right. Not Everything's on and even when you go in the store not everything's there slow. I'm sure even though you're said the world you've probably heard of the disappearance of toilet paper paper anywhere Which is really interesting. Hell that's creating some sub community in a way because people who like their of course there are people trying to sell it marksman parking lots and things like that leisler whites and toilet paper things like that. So now we have I don't know what you would call them. But like you know people that bought products extra and they're trying to sell it or on Kiji and they're trying to sell it to make a profit but you'll still have a family or co workers where we have these tasks 'cause we're trying keep in touch with each other on different programs with apper or text or whatever and be like. Hey I found toilet paper. I bought a couple who needs some drop it off. And so that's happened to your trading toilet paper other items with people so it it's interesting to see how this is all tornado but in terms of other items that have disappeared. When I went grocery shopping when pandemic I started before they play on more restrictions may in line all that kind of stuff and the only thing that seemed to be missing really at that time was still a paper in Leisa wipes and stuff like that but there was Other food items they newest were gone on the shelves quite frequently as well A lot of good and I was shocked to see that guide beans lentils were one of those things that I was like. Oh this is the last big of can you be lost? Big of I was shocked. And I I that actually makes me really happy because these people are eating beans lentils and rice in that kind of But that's also why I had ad that that kind of stuff into my grocery vigilant. People see it they watch it later giving ideas of foods that you can make with those ingredients because they are things that last in the cupboards for years without going pennies per meal to use them. Something you can feed your family. It's nutritious than this guy. No how to cook to toilet paper is like because I've been hearing the jokes but it actually is like a rare thing right now winnipeg. Will you come up to stories? Allow them have boards at the front. Now that was that has Titles like a common groceries and then a hub two columns what's stock and what's not in stock so it will say Like we went to Costco the other day. And then what's Nana stock like wipes was on of the things that was on there? And what's in talk is like it will say like toilet paper Racer Lower. Whatever so like looking for whether or not. We'll be there because you end up waiting in line so long you need to know if they have. You're looking you can't just go the way you would normally. Wow I yeah I mean I haven't I haven't asked folks at home. I think they're doing okay for toilet. Paper I heard also actually I think it was in the states that sales of days went up like the will. I would call them here. It's not quite as fancy as just like a little sort of gun that has like a hose that attaches to your toilet and then you can just shoot it when you need it an impairment but apparently like the fancier version would be the actual like coal unit Apparently those sales went up in the states. I think it was because people were kind of like okay. We'll toilet paper disappearing so we need to figure out ways to cut down on it and personally after being in like Saudis for over three years. Now I'm like yes. Go that route because I totally okay with it now unlike that is so much easier than like wasting so much toilet paper. I mean. There's obviously the waterways but in terms of the pandemic it seems like toilet papers becoming gold and I mean I haven't heard of like issues with like tap water access while obviously except for places where it's been a long term issue so I don't I don't know if Canada's seen an increase in those sales yeah I saw the toilet everything was a joke by now. That's amazing disappointing. It's real don't see it as frequently and I I thumbed places again whether it's objects groceries aren't getting their regular shipments either so that's also creating a shortage of different things to do with the paper by no it does with some other items So I mean judging from the video you did. You seem to have a pretty good stock now are you. Are you okay right now? Item should should we be worried about year's supply of toilet paper and other things? You're not one of the orders are you. Are you doing aside business until the paper sales? No and I never thought of until her people were doing that. That's just I didn't think that Yeah no we're good here. We're very fortunate because like you mentioned with running water and stuff where we are. You know we'd still have all over regular services in terms of water garbage pickup that kind of thing and we do have a full size reeser downstairs some definitely taking advantage of that mom and some pantry space so we've got a a stock of food to get US or a few weeks for sure. No problems I do feel grateful for that and I know even when I was living in an apartment you know you have a freezer section the fridge not that big to be able to store extra stuff in New England that you might have to stick more to pantry stuff and maybe start a box in the living room of the pantry items. Say That people should word food but the reality is maybe don't need to horrid you three or six months of food. I've heard people. I've heard people suggest had do that. It wasn't our government suggesting not offered on social media. Somebody said that but I do think that people should have at least two weeks of food because you need to give time that you have to put in order or if you have to find a day that you're able to leave your kids with somebody And find someone state that they can do that with. You know like there's just so many factors that make it harder to get to the store and then you have to plan a vast like okay it. Pick up this only safest option for you. Moi Probably won't be picking up for another week or two of enough stuff to last you in between those pickups as well and then when you do the pickup you don't know they'll have everything that you ordered by the time that they come so yeah you definitely need to have at least a couple of weeks of food available Brushed off. You're probably GONNA run out and then you know having frozen veggies on hand some dry beans lentils those kinds of things is really gonNA help you have Rosa through so there are ways to still eat Mentioned before healthly you so choose not to say people knew I can understand if someone's open bigger chips right now or you'd extra parker whatever I get it but we have to remember that this time isn't GonNa last forever but our health is something that is going to affect how were able to move forward after this and if you have extra time now why no not take that time to learn some new recipes and figuring out what your family enjoys that you're like. Hey this is a healthy recipe. We like it. We're GONNA add this to our list recipes that we make or If you're hoping to allow people by committed Oh never use it as your chance to learn how to use the fancy typically bought two years ago right lake acts everybody uses them they just hang their launch. Home gained a habit of doing yoga for ten minutes every morning. Or whatever rate licks there are really ways that the time can be beneficial to help us in the long run and that's not just one at a whole bunch of chores and stress to people's lives right now but I mean away. That's actually kind of exciting because it's an opportunity. We don't usually get just slow down for a second prioritize and spend more time. Plan you what? We want our future to look like right now. We're kind of force I mean for for those of us who have the choice. Like the option to be able to be home in I think I found it kind of funny like when when sort hit candidate was like march ish when it really kind of blew up. I feel like soon after like the media was already training like when. Is this going to be over? Like how long should we expect this from here? I was like it's been like a week. People like I think you can hold on a little while longer than that like. It's okay I mean I get like you know. Get not wanting to do it. But if you're able to have the option to stay at home and everything like being able to prepare the groceries and stuff if you can do it just generally makes it a lot easier and less risky for. Everyone can like everyone that has to be going out for work or whatever reason like not being another person in that lineup at the grocery store and you know all of that is going to make it easier for the people that have to be there have. Has there been anything like I know. I don't know if it was Canada wide but I know I heard some stories that I think between the two big change. They were going to organize like certain hours for like seniors and people. That were complex. There's so many good things that like. I said puke places of being creative in inconsiderate of of the needs of care customers in which I should also mention that there are people who are still working lots of hours right lake obviously our frontline healthcare workers but also the people who are the grocery stores and Arlene enough. The grocery stores have been hiring of the major grocery stores are hiring so if people do need some extra work there. There is a little bit there so that you know not everyone's at home but some people are and everybody forgot your question but also wants to essentially career for the special hours like for the special hours so a lot of places not everywhere but a lot of places. The first hour is for like the first open for seniors and people who have disabilities or compromised immune systems or Different kinds of health concerns where they need to be environment Freshly cleaned and full of people. So I that's awesome that that's being offered some places. Don't have it every day. They might have a Monday Wednesday Friday or something like that and then moves places. How reduced hours? So whether that's produce days or reduced hours each day or both on the other I was GONNA mention. I realize I haven't said is into build off your After week you know in Canada being like when's IT GONNA end? Is that each province kind of handling things a little bit differently but imagine Toba. They seem to be Hanley a little bit at a time. Like when it first happened like okay. Will you know? It's just wash your hands extra social distancing for few weeks. See where that gets us. Okay you know. We have to take more precautions. Gyms or closing p places like that where there was a lot of shared libraries stuff closed and then Okay couple of weeks later and the kids are GONNA have extra couple of weeks off of school around spring break and then after that okay. Kids aren't coming back and then a live after. That was like okay. We don't know what they're coming back at all this year so the kind of been taken a little by little but there's other promises That were not right away but pretty much close to begin with like okay schools when they when if I was like they weren't like to where they're like. Okay you're offer you weeks. It was just like okay. We'll done for the year but that being said it's not like the kids aren't doing any work they are still like at least a Manitoba. They still have work to do at home classrooms and stuff. They're just not going to schools to win. Should stay. There is no squash. I mean they're not going to school. So my poor son Tommy. How much how boring school is when he's with those mom all day with other kids child Look I feel for him. He hasn't played with another kid for weeks. He's actually very considering. He hates talking with phones. I'm like hey call your resume like no because then have to be on the phone. I don't know some kids just don't like on. The bill is their online learning curriculum. Or they just kind of like busy okay and in depends on their grade level. So He's in elementary. So it's more about. Let's keep the brains active Lindsey. What they can do at home It doesn't necessarily affect their grades if anything integrates might improve they're not going to get their Cessnas Dunn's like obviously they're not gonna be able to their reading assessment done at the end of the grade The most grades due at the end of the school year. Believe that they're not gonna get but I imagine that will be implemented into the next year And one of things. My son does like lizzo schooling. Though is that we go by doing you know hour by hour. This is the science. Math is whatever I told them. Okay beginning the day. We're GONNA break down all these things you have to the day. So he's got some of the stuff his teacher the signed For him for my son we also practice extra reading writing. We out things like that added on and then he does it when he does it. So some days he starts to seventy like done at nine or ten. You know if he can stay really focused. Days takes the entire day to do it because he just can't focus or he gets a strap and he goes and plays and whatever but for I told them like. Just you know if it takes you all day. That's your decision but we'll stacy's for lunch so he lakes that he can get up. Start School when he's ready and then be done by lunch most days in that way he likes it but he said he's like Oh. I missed gym class. New Play with the other kids and guests When you sit in a circle learnable different countries that the teacher not as fun when with you. Mama's with other kids he go. He's not shy at tell you yes I would for sure. I'm how have you have? You tried explaining to him like what the deal is right now. I mean I I don't know I mean obviously I think maybe there's like certain levels of detail depending on the age maybe like what. What was your sort of decision in terms of that? When you're by the way you're not going back right now you know what if the it's been so I like that. The information about it has just been everywhere everywhere. He can't get away from it like it's on the news anytime you going to website. A log website Pop up about it at the school. They're ready talking to the kids about it. Because we're changing over habits at home we were talking about it. Dander was also asked me about different symptoms every so often and so it is very regain stuff in the mail so is very commonplace to discuss it. Which I think is awesome. Because it's obviously we need to talk about any kind of pandemic that happens but the amount of literature that you can come across anywhere whether it's like posters mail website media but in some ways that can also cause fear people. I see it as a piece of information and I'm grateful that that information is there for other people I know they stayed as a stressor so it can depend on your perspective but yeah for my son. He is has never been hinted from him and he knows the symptoms. It's amazing to watch the news with us which I was surprised that he would he president and he asks questions about it but I think that art attitude about it really helped him understand what to be afraid of what not to be afraid of like obviously something serious but it doesn't mean that we all need to lose their shit by a years worth of toilet paper and I'd in their basement like we still need to communicate with friends family Keep in touch with people look after ourselves. Check in with You know I called my grandma and my parents and just checking with people or drop off food vote a neighbor whatever rates you still got an I think. In my humble opinion for people it is important for health mentally and spiritually to still keep in touch with others. So I don't know where I'm going with that but Yeah so to answer your question. Yes the knows what's going on But it's as our attitude about they think is the reason he's not your rate is he's in his knowledge in asking. We need to do to keep people safe in fact to the point that we did go to visit my mom a few weeks ago for her birthday. We had all been home for a long time. Already we were all safe. You know there's kind of two week. Mark he was still scared to go. See Grandma 'cause he doesn't make Grandma's great though? I'm on the phone. I she explained to him how we're okay. We've all thought so. He's not that he doesn't have concerns. The back of his mind but he still. They only come if he's rarely we can talk to him about them So I mean obviously I think it sounds like you kinda you kinda got things under control. how what your secret. What have you been doing to kind of get through this cope with it and I mean especially say with the family in general like however the through view getting through together. What are you doing? Maybe on your own which information's information. It doesn't mean to freak out and we're still taking a precautions. Keep ourselves another state. I think knowing that we are doing our part helps in keeping a good attitude about things. I am home most of the time now because Djembe closed I can help clients in person by having keep in touch with friends and family whether it's through video chat through even talking on the phone But a lot of my day is spent Being present with my son help him with a schoolwork and then making sure. We're going outside a lot. So I'm grateful that Ross where we are. We are still allowed to go size long as you keep a distance from other people off Street so when coming towards you. A one of you will usually across the street to cross another size if it's quite street. If it's busier you kinda just give each other space When you're going Spending more time with family my partner still working so we. You are just really grateful that we can get more chores done the when he gets home and he definitely helps us. I'm not just as anything but when we all work together as a family but at the same time because we have more time a home. We can kind of. Get some things done. He's he's we're spending time as a family instead of trying to Go errands or because that's not really thing. Now you don't just go do Aaron's now some people I suppose do but for us. You know not really think now so. We're not running out to do errands. Were no aunt Trying to do chores last minute homework last minute. Or whatever it's all can identify renting we can just enjoy each other's company but all three of us have been homeless law. Slow while mckearney takes them day so that we can introduce a rescue dog into a home. We adopted him and a call Okay yes so. I was actually hoping my puppy would make an appearance shoes. So pooped today. Her name is Sarah. She was three months old when the rescue founders had a broken leg and I know end her litter of puppies her mama's emaciated so they found the abandoned though They took them in. The other. Puppies rebelled to find homes. But they had to help her get healed up first before she could be adopted and so now she's eleven months old and just adopted her but the foster parents that hotter before there were of on And they all express how she still high energy and need of training but I think she's Her match with us. I was GonNa say knowing what I know about you and your son. I think that's fine. Yeah because you sleepy right out like I wanted her to call the video could be her. But she's just took it for Walker I think she's tired. We've been taking her on. A of trail walks. So that's another reason is because we live in Winnipeg. You know there's not that much around us. There is a law of nature outside of the city thankfully and we do have a vehicle so I mentioned these things because I know I am in a very good position right now and I'm still grateful for this but there is also lost. City parks also law trails within the city so there are options for people to go out and take advantage of those. And I've I've never seen people on these trails as I have the last few weeks so we have make space but at the same time like yes. People are getting outside like we're all going for walks in doing as a family walking their dog or whatever So with our puppy here. We've been taking her with us on things that we like to do. Like trail rides and stuff. We haven't I haven't dared to try riding my bike with her. Something like that yet but The first few days she was really really hyper We Pan for only a week now but I think that it's caught up to her the last couple of days. She'll get up in trying to play with us and she brings us toy I brought for her and she'll try to play with us. She just like will yawn and laid out. Those hyper is Other parents Foster parents said they were her. I think I think she found their match. So it'll be good for all of us and giving us something that we can You know I guess. Focus them attention on but the reason we got is because we did one adopts a rescue dog in give them your chance to know when the loving home and what better time than now where we can spend extra time with her we can get her acclimatized to a home and to us and train her a little bit so that she feels safe and understands what's going on and Yeah take her on. All these trail walks earlier retired. I also actually from what I've heard in different places like shelters instead for finding it hard because obviously they kind of have to minimize staff. Were depending on the rules of the Syrian stuff. Maybe they're not even technically essential service so they can't really operate so a lot of places have been concerned because there's all these animals now maybe like one or two people are taking care of them instead of say a whole group. But then I've also seen a story or two where shelters got like emptied out by people like adopting fostering the animals so you know most of the things revolving around this. There's been some interesting like good things in some like. Oh Shit stuff about like dino if the shelter you've been dealing with they've been doing pretty well during this or are they winter spirit of hope rescue and they don't have a location but their pets are all Sorry Oh my goodness. I can't believe I said that word. I never use that word look The animals are all in foster homes and until they get adopted but the lady that we were dealing with in adopting. Sarah had said that that was their record. They never found as many a Families for dogs within a month as they were the month that we Sarah and I I venture to make we're going to be homework. We thought the via great time on for everybody involved and she said that's what everybody is saying is that they're home now and they can do that but at the same time. I also know that that rescue as well as other rescues shelters are experiencing a decline donation. So they're trying to more donation drives and Of Money and food because they still need to be able to feed these animals and them their vaccines and everything else that they that these animals need. So or you know. In Our case with Sarah. Somebody relate to get fixed link great so I'm still grateful that these places exist And then in the human world of course then there's also when pay harvests and places like that the redistricting in the community. They've been eating more volunteers for that There's there's been a few places within our city that aren't getting the funds that they need right now. I'm just because of what's happening with the economy or there isn't as private donors right now Or their shutdowns. Those people aren't receivable services all x kitchens and things like that so I don't know if there's any open I know a few of close so it's kind of sad like it one way it's really good. There's all these dogs that are gain another animals there again adopted that need a loving home and then there's also the downside places aren't getting the resources they need to run or the ability to be open at all to provide their services to people in animals that need it is the Do you know like the veterinarian clinics are open in Winnipeg Easter. They're concerned central service in Thailand. Apparently they're not. Oh Wow yeah no. I haven't myself but I know that the Dog Grooming centers are considered essential. But they're not allowed to do this trims and stuff they have the wash the dog so people have to get like a full package I keep saying dog because now I have a pet. An animal companion the dog. You know for any animal that needs it so I know that there are a law services. There are still open for us. considered essential. So that's really good because please I thought that might not be open are still open Yes so I think it's probably because we stabilized here like amount above stipulated. I mean definitely. There's also like a cultural influence in terms of like about here in Vietnam. I wouldn't be surprised if the veterinarian places closed when when that first bit alike coverage happened about like the one dog in China who possibly had Covid nineteen it. Actually there some pretty like bad stories coming out of China Where people like were abandoning their animals or worse because they were thinking they were. GonNa get it from the Daniels here in Vietnam. I had friends who got kicked out of their apartment like within a day's notice his they were told. Okay you're dubs have like four or five dogs near like your dog staying. Kennels down in the basement Otherwise you need to leave. And they've been there for I think like at least a year or two and they're just like we're not putting our animals down in Kennels like twenty four seven and so they'll go okay you need to go. Your animals could have could have the virus like you know dirty animals. It's not worth the risk and everything So when my friends told me that in Thailand the vets reclosed I was like. Yeah I guess it makes sense. 'cause I'm unfortunately it's not like there's definitely a difference of opinion you know in terms of how animals entreated and everything I mean. I'm seeing ships and I love it and I don't WanNa like I don't want to give the main audience in the West feeding into that perception of agent and everything but like yeah I so that's why I kinda ask because I was wondering 'cause my friends told me in Thailand knows like Shit. What are people going to do like you know because I mean when I house sat there last time I had to like Russia cat to the vet? 'cause it got in a fight with a snake and so now. I'm like I WANNA showed up my brought. The cat was like snake bite and they knew because there's a fairly common. It's either like getting in fights with streak dogs or probably like something to do with snakes. Whatever so they're like all right cool and they like knew at the do scenario. Unlike wolves events closed what happens. I mean I don't know maybe there's like emergency like I feel like maybe some of the vets would open an emergency but I think like legally. They're not like just like the. I don't even know if there are like dog washing services here. Maybe they are. Someone is smart. They've opened one but I'm willing to bet they wouldn't be considered essential service so when you said you had a dog and everything I was like I need to ask because I'm wondering how but that's good because I mean obviously things happen and we know we're on the same page in thinking that you know the animals that have should have the same services in terms of their health and stuff so I I'm let me see. I think that was my last random question so I'm going to. I wanted to wait before I mentioned this but now I'm gonNA mention it. 'cause I keep noticing I've come to realize and I love it. It's happening the painting behind you is basically making it. Seem like you have horns. Gosh and it's amazing how I love it like depending when you? Kinda like when your head moves a little bit. I'm like I just noticed that. Like halfway through this like Oh man. She's got horns and I'm going to tell people that I've known you for a long. You're not the devil I I'm like maybe a mountain goat in terms of the in everything so people are not mad. I want them to know that. That's the takeaway. They should go with his like a mountain goat. Not so much a devil just just helping you out there. His letting everybody. I'm so on that note in terms of like activity in energy when When things do rent backup you're you're able to go and do whatever you want carefree like in the before times. What your first day going to involve I think is definitely going to evolve going to St friends and it's going buffalo hugging because I would of those people who liked to give hugs to people I like so I. I'm going to be really happy to be able to spend time in a room with a bunch of people like me. I'm thinking maybe have a people over and how supper together and games something like that or you know. Obviously Nice by them we can all do it die just as well but yeah just to have like a group of people together that having a while and hug them all when they arrive in just enjoy his company just to warn you. I mean. Everyone's probably going to be happy to see you but the puppy is going to be the main focus. You have to accept that now like there's a puppy in your life. That's yeah yeah it's true. Yes keep you guys posted users. I mean everyone's probably going to be cool with coming over to your house because you have the public. They're going to be like Oh cool. Yeah let's hang out and then three hours will involve the puppy G. He loves thing. Hello to people but because of what's going on everyone's kind of a exchanges are more skittish of each other than before which is I mean. Some people will just say hello and some people or another person. I could into offence. You're walking down the street. You don't know so my dog. She always wants to go. Say hello to everybody cat litter. Say Hello did anybody in. It just breaks my heart. I know she's just itching to interact and socialize to I. I never really paid attention to it when I lived there. I mean are their dog perks. Around where you are. Are there open yet. The doctor to open There are some off leash dog parks in thought around the city. Though THAT'S PRETTY COOL. I actually had no idea they existed until I started going for. Walks and things like that with my friend has adopt When my foot started game better after my surgery that was Kinda when things are supposed to do? Just GonNa go for walks a little bit longer as the months progressed. And though I just his my way to note with one of my friends that I hang out with and she has to walk her dog anyways next Rondo but all this dog parts before I even knew I was GonNa have At compact I am actually made a joke with someone else's talking with them while they they have cats but I was joking. How like having a dog could be like a business opportunity kids in some places right now. There are restrictions on the going out. Maybe like you have to limit your exercise or whatever but the dog walking is like an accepted. Yes you need to be able to do this so I actually had a story today about someone that was offering their dog for rent for like twenty five dollars or something so that people could go out and like us that so if they did get questioned like walking my dog so they basically renting the dog so they use excuse which isn't really the greatest thing do. The point is to like trying to limit. You're going outside not to find loopholes. So he can go outside. But it's like it's a human need because we're animals too but apparently like it's another one of those weird businesses that have popped up. His people are like hey you need an excuse to go out and so I don't know like people are planning you know being like Hey. I need a Dog. I need to meet up with my buddy and have a conversation like I need to go buy some toilet paper from a guy in the parking lot so like can I rank your dog for an hour and you know. I'm not sure it's a strange world. It's into there has been a law of unique business popped up. Yeah they've actually here in Vietnam. There's actually like legislation now to like heavily find. People that are found like hoarding or like overpricing like they have a certain list of like key products that are necessary right now and lactate. Kinda have like a set price. I think it might actually be under like the current market price or whatever and so I don't know like reported if you find places or like if they come across people online selling say toilet paper or the face masks for like three times the price tag actually end up like You know I'm losing the word Confiscating the products and then finding the people so I don't. I don't think I've read anything about that. In Canada I feel like maybe they did mention it. But I certainly haven't read any stories about like people being arrested or fined for it. Yeah I'm not sure they're out with US stuff to be honest when it comes all the fines I pay attention to but then I just Kinda don't remember so much. I know they don't apply to me because I'm not doing those things like I know. There are fines for people who are in large groups. Gatherings in are the by. I can't say yes or no. It's funny that Remembering now that like speaking of like you know. Sort of underground deals and stuff. It's fine either like Canada legalize marijuana so I mean I know there's still sort of the black market of it but it's interesting that now. The shift has gone to like household goods for like heading up like night meetings for whatever picking up for like random prices on a black market. It's an interesting world that we're currently living in And I guess just one last question since you told me your first day is going to be what. I'd say like a month or two from them like when you kind of shake off either rid of anxiety going outside or whatever. You're just totally comfortable with all the things you used to do. Are there any bigger plans that you can see us doing while? Maybe hopefully I mean the number one thing that POPs in my head Other than of course like just going outside and being around other people more frequently is my partner and I actually had a wedding on for this year and we still do. We don't know what's GonNa look like at this point with things are like when the time comes we. We had a social scheduled for June. Some not sure if that's happening anymore. Just as the way for us to like and joined the company of a lot of people that we are friends within groups with and work with that kind of thing and then I need to pause on that because I need you to explain what a social is because it's a very Winnipeg Manitoba thing and I haven't heard that we're in a long time since I left so before you continue. Please explain what is social as slow? A social is an event where it Kinda has started to change little bit over the years but when pick socials were the people who are trying to raise money for an event so those 'cause fundraiser or oddly enough for some reason whenever of leading have social so it'd be the bridegroom organized a social or their friends are. It's where you rent a hall get a DJ. You get a bunch of midnight. Snacks that you're going to serve at like eleven or twelve o'clock at night and you sell tickets for ten dollars. Each people come in. They can win prizes. They can win money. They just dance the whole night away. You feed them. You just enjoy each other's company and it's quite the event depending on the Group of people you have there so you can imagine if it's a bunch of twenty year old is GonNa be different than for us. I mean we're in her mid thirties Social GonNA look a lot different than the social. I went to midnight. No I mean I go to bed now at like nine. So do we know how this is? GonNa work so this is gonNA happen beforehand. You plan this and then that'll lead into the wedding which we will happen later this year. So that's planned for the fall so we'll see if the wedding I mean weddings going to happen and what we WANNA keep that day but what it looks like might change and the and maybe it should be more worried about that than I am but because there's so many the one reason not worried is because people are coming up with so many creative solutions so depending on what the can be like like maybe we can have a hundred people in a room by then maybe we can only have fifty or ten but the thing is that there are so many businesses offering services remotely now that we might have to change our idea of what we want to look like but it doesn't mean it can't happen so People who are rescheduling for next year. Because everyone's rescheduling. Now the rescheduling like two or three years away from now Some are going with micro weddings with is just the selves their partner. The parents sign a paper. And then they're going to celebrate with the whole family next year where they do the more formal thing or whatever and then there's also the option where like say we were saying like hey if the restriction the I keep looking at Partners on the other side the roof that if we can have fifty people in we'll have our fifty people but then we might also use Services where they'll come in and record the wedding and do a live stream so that everyone who can't be there can still watch the wedding as it happens So that's really cool. Is that there still opportunities for us to the celebration. That's really important to us On that note actually want to mention the returnable And clinics and things like that is that a lot of places are offering services online. That didn't before like even a lot of physicians are offering on the auction for you to call and talk to the physician on the phone instead of coming in and there's also more call tation counseling service is on the phone or online Physiotherapy all kinds of stuff that you can do online so that Now I'm starting we for the wedding stuff but you can you can late livestream your wedding Also there's other services that you can access online that being said you have to have a computer and Internet to do those things right but again. It's another creative solution that a lot of businesses are were important. Things healthcare is coming up with that. We can still access. Their services is not the same as going in person and having them readjusts by whatever you know and But at least I can be accountable with my exercises or or you know. Talk to my look and see what I need to do and you can still keep some semblance of those things as being before I. I think you should try and have the I like zoom social in all of Winnipeg think about it right now. Some of the world's top deejays are probably sitting around. They're not playing festivals. So there's a Lotta deejays that are available and you could just have them zoom in. And then you could like I mean you can definitely charge to give people the Access Code that the thing I mean they'd have to bring their own alcohol food but I mean there have been ninety. Dj parties like. That's been a thing. I just watched a will smith and DJ jazzy. Jeff do like I guess they did a live show on snapchat and he posted like a too. So that's not a bad idea. I do I. That would be fun to 'cause I some people are having like. This is our participation but I've heard people having like group skype drinking parties or so. It's like they're in the same room and and I mean beer wine or whatever together So people are coming up with creative ways to even touch her so want to so. That's really neat. In the Asocial party could play some music offer. We HAVE THE PRICES. We still have the prices whether or not the social happen. Though I don't know you can easily do the draw. Like that won't be still her the next day or something. Yeah I mean how you could sell the tickets to people. I'm not sure I mean I guess you could just if they like. Pay Pal you or whatever then you can just email them there little ticket numbers than you can figure it out so this goes for another while you should consider. I mean your cost to be a lot lower. It's true I pay deposits on everything already. Oh plus Oh the best benefit you wouldn't have to deal with that like I mean I guess maybe it's a little different hall 'cause like you have to kind of closed down a certain time but you wouldn't have to worry about like having the hanging around 'cause those few last people just won't go home you could just simply be like oh the Internet's not all it's getting I'm sorry. Click and then. Just go to bed. When you're tired you could just shut it all down. Oh Gosh it's funny yup later. The not o'clock still. I think would see if you. I haven't used them but I'm guessing if you like let the DJ the host and then you're just one of the many windows of guests then you just go to bed and maybe people wouldn't even notice. I'll take a nap and come back. Yeah and everyone else be like. Yeah and they'd right you the next spring. That was the greatest priority. I can't believe you were up till three in the morning. That was amazing. You'd be like Yeah Yeah. It was great I wanted to notice because he just one window in like a Brady Bunch scene of Windows. You can put like a little face there and just leave it. I think we've got a whole business. We could operate now. Just Winnipeg socials states singles. Another visit people are. The people are Goodie though creative during this time I think we actually have time to stop and think and I think that's part of one of the ways like you ask ask toy still have energy can be ause of stuff in You mean we still have to understand the reality of the situation what our role is and looking after a solves in our loved ones and obviously have to be careful. I don't WanNA bring anything to my mom who spent most of her likely isolated On's anyways are in five. Been somewhere than I don't go see her for a couple of weeks or whatever so me. We still have to be careful but at the same time. It doesn't mean that you have to have the rest of your life stop and you can use those few seconds that we have to think now will. We're not as busy with work and things that we might have been before To think of okay. What do we want to do? Moving forward for some people. Maybe that's changing careers for some people might be going back to school Might be starting a business might be doing creative project that they left on the side or hobbies are I know. We begin a lot house working. I work down. That makes us feel better. 'cause we're like wow we're being productive like much regain done regain self care done to like the Since we have time to do all that loon With thumb and there there are things too like if you locating the footage of the reduction pollution China or a wildlife returning to the canals in Italy watermills alien things like that. There are some really haase of things are happening on there like a friend and I were talking about how many people are working from home right now and held that is accepted right now and I love places encouraged. Which is really really good because I was still frowned upon where we live or is still until this happened it was still founded upon and there are people that we know she knows who or even for myself who have young kids or are looking after other people or sick and getting to work is either impossible or very very difficult where you need to take time off because you can't be at work but that doesn't mean you can't do stuff from home and again. I'm not saying that everyone should because there are times in your life where you need to take a break from the Stop with sometimes. You know apparently still be able to earn money or someone might have sick parents that they're looking after a neighbor's they're looking after but that they can't just quit their job. So we know some people who are institutions like or like myself when when my son was young but you finding a way to work from home Other than maybe weird thing do find the newspaper or You know like Network Container. Whatever being an actual employee of a place was very difficult to find an even if you're working somewhere instead like hey. I need to work from home because isn't working for me right now but I wanna keep working for you. They would just tonight And I know that there are exceptions to that for a large majority of people that was still the case where it would just get denied and now all of a sudden. It's okay to talk from whole though the friend. I was discussing where she mentioned that she ate like for her brand. Who's in a wheelchair getting ready for work? Taking transportation to work is so much longer and more difficult for her. Because of her circumstances it would be for Able bodied person and she's requested to work from home and was denied but now she works from home and she still gets her gets job to unwritten and they're okay with that so we're hoping that moving forward that people will be more lenient with exceptions and that this demonstrates that is possible as the case for everybody this possible for some people to work from home and still meet the expectations that their employer. What have of them. Yeah I think I mean there have been An said this with other people to that like there have been changes. That have happened that some people have been pushing for for years or decades and have been kind of like told now like and it was partially. Because you know they were a small group is like we're not gonNA we can't have that infrastructure or whatever it's not you know not worth as a company or something and now. I like hopefully because these steps have been made like online grocery store delivery or shifting to working from home for a lot of companies. Like my sister's working from home now It was a bit of a thing like I'm sure the. It team had some headaches to make it kinda possible but now they're doing it so hopefully out a lot. More people be able to do it than I mean. Especially for people like within communities with mobility issues and everything that hopefully will open up the ability to apply for jobs. Not simply be told. No no no no. That's too much of a problem. We can't do it because they can just be like. Hey we'll during that pandemic you did everybody so I think you do it and I'm great. Give me the job hopefully But yeah I mean ideally I guess you know it sounds like things are doing. Pretty good in Winnipeg I I have to admit I'm Kinda surprised 'cause I mean I guess you know like a lot in the media I was Kinda just tearing the sort of bad parts of what was going on in Canada And because of what the reality in here for the last few months like for my perspective it looked like things just kind of went to shit pretty quick in the West because it was like it sort of started in March and then like I said like this stuff happened in Newfoundland was like what. How do you have like one hundred and fifty cases from one place like 'cause that's like more than half of the cases we have here in the country like for the last three months but like it does seem like things are of getting figured out now on? I know after that sort of funeral thing in newfoundland like the cases of pretty pretty low But there's still definitely stressing things like you said like the state of emergency and stuff. I mean hopefully. Hopefully we'll start seeing you know actual honest talks of. How are we gonNA make this sort of the like progressive exit out? 'cause I mean obviously that's next big hurdle for pretty much the whole world and and in Canada like Manitoba. We have like there are other promises that are way worse than we are so I mean we are saying a really good place. Just continue to take the precautions. I mentioned in more. I'm sure forgotten to say but there is a way for us where I am to settle into what's happening because I think it's under control and there were a lot precautions taken so we are able to that you know someone from the states or maybe one of the promises that got hit really really hard like Quebec might maybe the I don't know what it would be like them in may be different reality than with now and I mean there are definitely some things that are a little bit more difficult here like the frustrations field trying to figure out the online stuff to help my son with his school. They did you know that stuff will change when school starts up again. I as much as some things moved online. Hope people still do more things than Ersan again like. I hope that we do back to Person 'cause we can't keep isolated. Humans are social beings though. Yeah like you said it. Just be really interesting to see how things progress when it all starts up again and I think of nothing else. At least our generation will end. Older will have a good view of what cat You know what it was before and the creativity ingenuity that people can come up with. And how technology can be beneficial to help us was curious if he would they would remember this stuff or how much of it would still be the same right. Maybe a different form you know like at least for us. I kind of feel like you know we learned about like the two big wars and like say the Cold War and everything but it wasn't like a part of our history I mean. Obviously there's some people still alive that dealt with those sorts of things but yeah it'll be interesting to see because I mean I know he's like relatively young now And his experience this point would be more of a like yeah. There's this period where like I couldn't see my friends Versus you know like I mean then again like we still have to deal with kind of like the economic fallout in the mental health. Follow from all this. We'll see we'll see what how I know. Canada's been actually getting some pretty big props for like the economic plans. They've been putting in place and everything so hopefully. All that stuff is still sort of a thing that baffles me in terms of the stock markets and unpredictability and stuff but hopefully the powers that be as much as I wouldn't mind seeing the capitalist system kind of fall Hopefully it's not the whole like warm holes that are. I think that's definitely been illustrated in many places We are I mean. Ideally things will be okay and you know it sounds like right now. At least your family's doing good which is fine and I'm happy to hear that you all feel safe in your son's doing good with it and the puppies worn out and he's not happy and I'm looking forward to seeing photos later. You'd I mean you have social media accounts you did require gaps. Put up on there okay. L. and that's something I didn't mention too is if people are looking for ideas of recipes. If you don't mind me given a Bug. They can check meal instagram at coach. Amount Lily L. I. L. Y. Are So many and I tend Stories images in the stories about Foods I'm making a lot of its using the that I showed in that video though if people are looking for ideas for inspiration. That's a lot I've gotten them in there and I guess they'll put up a picture of my puppy. Hey pitcher come on okay. Maybe one understand social media operates. I don't that's why pitchers of the puppy if the puppy moves. Take a photo. The puppy looks cute. Take a photo. The puppy doesn't look cute photos. Technically what you need to do is you're suppose. Start a whole other account for the puppy and then you slowly but surely become sad at the fact that the puppy gets more likes some follows. The everything you've been curated in creating. And then you're just like aw and then eventually you were riding the coattails of puppy and getting bookings different things you know. Ellen all one everything. She'll be warlike. I like to show hold things fit together so I also I can barely run one. Instagram account is okay. I'm just saying you know. Here's your chance. Socials and surrogate in instagram accounts. Two things I think you should consider but otherwise. I think I think you're doing it. Sounds like you got everything pretty much in control. And that's awesome and I am super happy that you took the time to share this little window of your world with everybody and I hope people get something out of it I will I will totally include some links in step in the description wherever the descriptions gonNA end up being The people can check a further. And if there's no puppy pitchers I will request that. Whoever watches this call you out on it and demand that you show the puppy And the next time you talk the next time we talk. I want to see the puppy as well. Collared Shirt. I do WANNA mention that. I have more time a really want to answer people's questions to help people have questions about Look I know I am someone who tends to put more of a positive spin on things And the reality of what's going on is obviously very serious but we have to keep ourselves healthy in body Mind Spirit. So went has questions about Things you and I've talked about or ideas foods and they want links to stem recipes. That use ingredients that can keep while the the freezer the covered or whatever. I do encourage people to send me a message. I'd be happy awesome. I'm still waiting to see. How many like quarantine cookbooks come out of this? 'cause I mean people are always going like? Yeah they're always doing like Vegan on a budget and everything right. But I WANNA see like the lockdown and like self-isolation like I mean you know obviously like salvation like making meals for one person because there's nobody else in this place with me like any those things and obviously making stuff now without flour because apparently that's also a rare thing is flower available in Winnipeg. Now are you having any issues? It was when I went out loss and I don't know if there's been issues around but it is something that gets put on the Front Porch. I'm guessing they probably do time-to-time because it's one of the main items on your grocery store so that means people are doing funding. I guess that that means people are doing more home. Baking stuff too. So don't maybe people are using their time to make more foods from scratch stock or or learn new recipes. And that's all great. Now's it's time to be creative in different ways whether it's the kitchen or something else All right I'm just GONNA I'd I already segue once or twice. I can't think of another clever one. So I'm I'M GONNA leave it at this and I'm just GonNa say thank you and once again. I'm just looking at you with horns and I think it's amazing. This is like I think this should be a parental voter for you for everything you do from now on with horns it's awesome. Thank you so much. I know we will talk again at some point but I probably won't make sat one. Public will just talk to friends. And ideally. Eventually I'll cross paths with you again in the real world will have some food planet. Yes share good. Okay good thank you I.

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