When I Pass Gas, It Doesnt Smell Bad!


Senior Life Journeys Presents Carol Howls. Let's talk dementia. A podcast designed to help caregivers find knowledge power hope and smiles in their dementia caregiving journey. Welcome to let's talk dementia. Here's your host bestselling author Carol. Hello everyone and welcome to. Let's talk. You mentioned Carol Holloway. Your host and today we're GonNa talk about your sniffer smelling and how important that is for a healthy life. Have you ever thought about it? Well it's true. The senses smell is an important part of our world. If you think about walking into your house in smelling chocolate chip cookies biking how it just. It's a happy feeling. It's a feeling of lightness. Potentially maybe takes you back to when you were in third grade. You came home in. Your mom was baking chocolate chip cookies. Or maybe it's the smell of apple pie or I don't know what is it that you smell. That takes you back in you got. That's happy hour that makes me think about well. I can tell you for me this right here. White Diamonds Cologne. This bottle of white diamonds has huge memory. Attached to it for me and this is the Cologne Mama War for years and years and even when she was still well. I remember going to the bank one day in standing behind a lady and I went. I had this big whiff of her clone in. You've got on white diamonds don't you? She said yes. How do you know and I said you smell Mama and so for me now? White diamonds is important. I absolutely pedals spray this on every day when I smell. That's my sweet. Mama makes me happy to smell white diamonds? So that since the smale is important in our world for various reasons well for our folks with dementia especially Alzheimer's Type Dementia. They have lost. The Census Mail isn't that sad. We ask you this when you eat. What is the I sense? That is activated. Well it's probably for most of us going to be site we see it or we smell it. It's going to be one of the two depending on where we are in relation to the food right. If we're coming into the house someone's cooking we smell I don't know for tries out. Let's not talk about French fries a Doodo some French fries. We smell them. So we're GONNA eat I with our sense of smell or maybe we see from a distance a chocolate cake on the counter. We see it and then we smell it. Those two important things but with Alzheimer's in that sense mail it drastically affects appetite. Folks don't get as hungry as they might because they can't smell the food now. That's important if you're in a community setting where you're not seeing the food being cooked you're not in The food is not in front of you until they bring you that plate of food and then you see it so if we have not smelled it ahead of time. Our appetite is not wet as much as if we might have seen this food and smell the food so then the food is placed in front of us. We haven't seen it. We don't smell it and now we are to eat it. If it's not one of your most favorite foods in the world that might be a problem you might think I'm hungry But if it's your most favorite fruit light French fries he gonNA take right in so the senses smell is very important for our appetite. It's also a protective smale win. We smell certain things. We go back the truck up. I need to stay away from that. Like smoke. Few smelled smoke. You'd be something's on fire. Let's figure out where the smokes coming from a smell it. Do you smell it or that really strong smell that we get from gas and chemicals. Gasoline has an awful smell. Does it not if you get it on? Your hands is like us. Give me something to wash my hands. I can't stand this. I tell her. That's why woman marries. A man is to pump gas and carry heavy. It's too important. Things need to do for us but chemicals. Lots of chemicals have awful smells. Lots of cleaning solutions have awful. Smells When I think about cleaning solutions I think about clorox. Ooh Nasty Smell. How is that protective for us? Census male. Well. Let's pretend that you've just you've got someone living with you has dementia and you have just poured a couple clorox to put into your white load for the week and the phone rings and you walk away in your level and walks behind in they see cop and they that was like mount. Do let me drink it in The clorox because when they brought it to their mouth their sense of smell was gone. They didn't get up and go. Oh Gosh that smells horrible. Let me on not drink this. By the time they discerned that it's already on their tongue. It's already there now. Chances are they're not gonNA drink a lot of it. It's going to be pretty nasty. They're going to spit it out. But by that time we've already ingested some. I think about the chemical smell that is with natural gas. You think about how protective that is as I understand it. Natural gas has no smell so they put something in. It makes it smells horrible so that if there is a lake you will know it. But if you've lost your census failure on damn well. The sense of smell is important also regarding spoiled food. You know you look in the refrigerator. I don't know how long does it cleaned up. Jurors I keep my pretty much rotated online. Keep old food in there. But you open it up. You take with an. Oh good gracious that sales horrible. Get rid of it but someone who's lost. That protective smell might eat food. That's not good so with our loved ones who are still maintaining their own household. We need to clean out. That refrigerator printed frequently Tell you body odor. That's another place where the protective sense of smell we lose it and then are we start to have breakdown of skin off because of skin on top skin has been washed. You know anywhere this skin touches skin is a place where we have the potential for the breakdown of that skin behind the ears under the arms under the breast around the Genitalia. Between the fingers between the toes anywhere skin touches skin. We can have breakdown. We start getting body odor. We don't notice it so it's protective that we start going that smell so good. It must be mean we get cleaned up and of course. You're an faces a mania. We've got some spell going there and we know that our loved ones with dementia will sit with a dirty depends on your like. Why are they doing what they not go? I think just pooped in it. Don't smell good. Let's get him cleaned up worlds because they don't smell it so they've lost that sense of smelling and they're not detecting any longer. That's what's happened. The sense of smell is important. I want to read you a joke. That is in my book. Let's talk dementia. I gotta find it right here. that relates to this. That I thought was pretty not pretty funny. Oh here is seventy one ice table of contents got there carol. Oh my goodness I put my glasses on a much. Better can see okay. Where readers ever helped the raiders around your neck in reach again a pair readers in realized. Now you've got one around her neck and one on your head. I wonder about myself okay. An elder an elderly woman went to the doctor's Office for a checkup. The doctor asked if she had any problems. The woman said that she had a terrible problem with constant passing gas however the incidents were silent and did not smell in fact she announced she pass gas at least ten times she sent. She'd been the office since they were silent in didn't smell. No one knew the doctor listened to her story and then gave her a prescription for some peels. He told her. Take these pills for a week in combat to see him. One week later the elderly woman returned to the doctor's office an complaint. I don't know what you did but those pills have caused my win to smell awful. They are still silent but boy do they stink. The doctor replied good. Now that your son is is cleared up. We will work on improving your hearing. Isn't that cute that's from? Let's talk dementia which you can find on Amazon and on my website. This one says rewrite there because I'm working on a second edition. That's my working copy. Okay since the smell is important. It's important for you in the quality of your life. It makes your life happier more pleasant. It's important for safety of you and your loved ones so think about that. All right so you guys on the next episode of. Let's talk dementia. Let's talk dementia would like to thank our sponsors National Association of Veterans and Families? You can reach them at eight hundred three five to to nine one nine on the Internet at. Www dot n. a. v. f. Dot. Org They speak veterans. So you don't have to and you tell them Carol. 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And we'll be right here when you come back to. Let's talk dementia.

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