The Legend of Tarrare, the Insatiable Glutton Who Ate a Quarter of a Cow Daily


Welcome one welcome all welcome you do yours and marchers to the beat of any drum at starbucks. We know that wellness has a lot more to to do with finding your unique journey than following the latest trends. That's why we have something for every taste every craving every mood and every you you like our new coconut milk blase an almond milk honey flat white because not journeys are the same. And what makes it right is that it's yours ridiculous histories of production of I heart radio And welcome to the show ridiculous historians. What's the hungriest you've ever been? What's the most you've eaten at one time and are you a fan of competitive eating? I am my name's Ben. My Name's no I'd say probably probably a maybe a Korean barbecue situation or an old school buffet. We really feel compelled to get the bang for your buck. You know you've paid an amount Korean barbecue. Especially because they just keep on bringing that and there was a little bond johns I know you like the sides. So that's a that's a recipe for gluttony. There your soul. That is who I am. Yeah yeah thank you for reminding and the listeners. That would have been a real bone of contention if we move forward without saying each other's names in addition into a super producer. Casey PEGAM. That's right Casey. What's the European strike me as a particularly gluttonous dude. None of the the three of us are nine probably closest but do you recall ever Eating so much that you you felt like terrible about it. Oh Yeah Yeah I've I've I've been in those situations if you times nothing Not like competitive eating sort of just a practicing on my own you know Getting Getting Ready for the big day for what are they. Maybe a family holiday situation. Thank you but I have had that experience of paying for an extremely only expensive buffet and then feeling like I gotta get. My money's worth Did that recently in Vegas. Actually I knew it the old Vegas Buffet waited like probably close to two hours to get up to the line and only then did they tell us is like one hundred dollars a head or whatever. It's just like well we're GONNA be eating a lot of crab legs and you know trying to maximize value. Are you insane. I've seen people seen people get a ticket for Vegas Buffet and go in at eleven and then literally hanging out on the premises young enough after. Just use the bathroom and get hungry. That's pretty much what you gotta do but We made the best of it. Is there a prime rib station. No actually I was disappointed. There was not much in the way of steak But there were other kind of fancy seafood based things hundred dollars ahead I would expect rib. Yeah yes yes I was expecting like filet Mignon or something but You know they they did have enough. I don't know if we actually covered our our outlay for that but you know it was a good buffet anyway. Yeah it's it's weird. Because the way that Vegas buffets are priced. They are making a ton of money off most people because most people you're going to eat maybe a plate or two and then say well I WanNa go do the Vegas stuff right. I want to see a show. Go to a casino or drive to the Hoover Dam I I've been fascinated by competitive eating for a long time as a as a participant. Not so much as an observer lovett. Kobayashi He Sonya the black widow Thomas any number of people. What one thing? That's interesting about eating. What makes us full is? There's a thing called the I think it's called the CD response to this does have something to do with like. You've got a trick your body into not telling your brain that it's full and that's a big principle of competitive eating right. Yeah the That's why some so much of it is time so years ago on a youtube show. I was doing that. I will I think thank you've seen it Casey but I'm not gonNA share it with anyone. I did an experiment with the safety complex. Essentially means it takes your stomach about seventeen to twenty three minutes to tell your brain. It's full so you can eat like a god or demon or a just a swirling vortex or black hole For for up to that amount of time often before your body goes whoa buster Some of this is going backout right. And that's the thing you know you think about Greek Bacchanalian Feasts the Vom Toria GMS and all of that stuff is that is that real I mean. Is that actually really something that you can do to continue indulging people have done it but that is not healthy for you you know. That's that's not. There's a the reason we haven't evolved to eat that way because ultimately it can It can damage your system. You know Food can be a tough thing it's it's strange because the more we learn about science the more we're learning about things we usually just took for granted or even in some cases treated like like. I know there's going to be a controversial word for some of US treated like a freak show territory and that's where that's where we get to today's story. Yeah it's true. Today's story is about a gentleman by the name of Casey helpless with the surly. I think minimum do my level best Takao da Da. You Got Casey on the case. Excuse me on the case. Indeed which is apparently It's thought to be a nickname that came from a very popular French phrase which I adore Bombonera homeboy ta which means sort of like boom goes the dynamite I think that's literally what it means. used to describe fireworks or explosives And this this gentleman who we only know by two was born in seventeen seventy two in Leon and by the time he was seventeen despites bites Reportedly being able to consume a quarter cows worth of beef in a single day the only way to one hundred pounds we send. It's always fascinated me about the world of competitive eating often those The folks that Excel at at the best are pretty slim yet. It's true There was a rumor for longtime that Karaoke. Kobayashi one of the One of the very slender competitive eating champions was actually somehow mutated and that his stomach could expand beneath his ribcage. Okay so for more storage space. I was never confirmed as far as I know but if you think about it. The bigger dudes are also their stomach has less room to expand because there's more muscle and stuff around this race yeah and But the thing about Ta is he he he would be on well beyond just consuming Beef in copious amounts He had a pension for eating. Just about anything And and we'll get to in a second but this is actually a condition a very rare condition known as polly Faiza Which is characterized by UNCF insatiable hunger uncontrollable eating And also Again as pointed to by his slender build a very very high metabolism So he parlayed this into a career. I was traveling freak show. Yeah he had a rough life he was kicked out of home has a teenager. And according to a couple of reports he traveled around France became a bit of a vagabond and at first he was traveling with bandits and sex workers and then later he became a sort of a warm up. Act to another travelling show where he would just he would swallow stuff stuff. He was like that kid. You hear about in Preschool Elementary School. Who's eating you know? Glue or something for a dollar or whatever whatever the going rate for glue leading is now I. I don't know let us know. What was it back in your glue eating days? Ben I never even know what about you. What was it in your day? I'm more sniffed glue but I'd never people people pay for that No no they don't but it was a passion project. I'm kidding. I didn't do that but I only ask you about the eating. Glue thing because you came clean on this year very show. Go about your goldfish eating day. So maybe you had other experimental eating periods of Pauly D.. Yeah no no not that much but I even in in my wild days I had nothing on nothing on tyrod. Oh Gosh no none. Few view would or could or absolutely should yeah he He would when he was doing the traveling show as he's evolving towards this You know it's kind of freak. Show thing mentioned earlier. He would eat. corks stones. Live animals One time eight a whole basket of apples which I think whether or not that's impressive depends on the size of the basket. Doesn't it because there could be a There'd be a tiny basket. There could be a gigantic like Bushel. Load basket did he eat the basket as well as the apples is my question right. I think I think in that case. He just ate the apples. But what a big finish the basket. He also was Physically he was he had some unique characteristics right like his slips are described in messy sheet dot com. This great title This article with his title. Whatever you do? Don't tell the French about tyrod. These that he almo- he had like almost nonexistent lips and he had a really wide. Kind of frog-like mouth. This I had a hard time believing his mouth. South could hold twelve exit. Once are the chicken eggs again. It's like the basket. Is it a quail egg. I can believe that. Yeah I mean I can only assume that they mean A quail eggs but he also had another particularly stomach turning feature That's a pun. Almost preparing airing listeners is pretty gross. his you use the word deflated. BEN DEFLATED STOMACH SACK Hung loose in such a fashion ocean that he could actually wrap it around his body like a bell south. Yeah picture that for minute so you know how we we're talking about this air. Probably the closest analogue geico draws if someone has been exercising or for one reason or another they lose. They're they're very big person. They lose a lot of weight very quickly. Your skin is just another Oregon right and so it can still hang down or deflate because there's it's There's less stuff under it than there used to be and for Terrar- from what what we can tell it seems like he had been routinely eating so much stuff to such an extreme that his stomach the flesh over his stomach had kind of naturally over time grown or expanded so that like like you said no when he's not eating. It's it's kind of like an empty tack. Yup Yeah In an extreme Pala phase. Yeh is super super. We're almost to the point. Where is isn't it kind of almost like looked on with a little bit of suspicion like is it really is really a real thing for some time it had been considered anecdotal Yep but there's there's some science we can get into Maybe toward the end because science does have an answer. And we have to tell you the story about today. Because it's story spoiler alert that you may be able to see in the modern world as insane as sounds sounds sure sure So we'll definitely get to that that science but it is characterized the concept of someone Just not being able to control their appetite at all and the extra kind of disturbing feature is that it typically involves eating non food items. Yeah it's it's similar but it's not like Pika or Pica it's called you know when people eat clay which is the thing that happened here in the American south because because it's unrelenting it's an insatiable hunger it's it's kind of like a real life version of the myth of Tantalus Tantalus was up to his Chin in in delicious liquids then he's got grape so close to his face and every time he tries to grab a grape or fruit or whatever and every time he tries to take a sip it vanishes? It's if feels like it goes beyond a medical condition to some sort of biblical curse really. You'll eat never be full. And that's exactly not the case In a in a big bone of contention within his household when he was a kid his parents had become so frustrated with their inability to satiate him and it was honestly a financial burden He would cry and cry and cry even when he had just completed a massive meal they finally kicked him out of his house and that is when he he kind of began that Life sort of a nomad a traveler and leaked up with Everyone from Sex Workers to the thieves chiefs that you mentioned. And then eventually found his way into sort of the carnival. Lifestyle am where he was. He was taking in and welcomed He became a street performer in Paris. On the Pont Neuf in that that was a a an area that was considered so Disreputable concede that even known Philanderer Benjamin Franklin Founded too sketchy to to walk across it as a bridge in Paris. Yeah Yeah exactly. And this is not a super correct term nowadays but what he was doing. His Act was pretty much it. It was as a predecessor to the famous circus. Geek acts of yesteryear. Wouldn't someone would eat a live chicken but he didn't just live chickens and we have firsthand accounts of Tarantulas Act. Here's a quote and I warn you. This is not Not Super appetizing. Ising he sees the live cat with these teeth. Eventuated that's the word for disemboweled. Eventuated it sucked its blood and aided needed leaving the bare skeleton only also dogs in the same manner on one occasion it was said that he swallowed a living ill without chewing it. That's disgusting Yeah is that part of the show or that's just didn't his own private alone time so this is part of the show. She's always that's why whenever you see a street show and someone says who has a pet in the audience make for the hill definitely. Don't don't offer up your your little your sheet Su That is really disturbing and looks absolutely barbaric. I can't believe people were into this I I would think that would have caused people to just you know. Turn in disgust. But I guess People's appetites pretty disgusting back in those days in that a different less sanitized idea of entertainment. This episode of Ridiculous History History is brought to you by office. Depot Office depot has supplies and services for businesses of any size. I speak to this personally as is a college student when I was a business. The size of one Office Depot provides twenty four seven tech. Support it lets. You print your own marketing marketing materials and can help you design your office with a bunch of furniture solutions. They also have exactly the supplies. Your office needs from Your Home Office to a commercial setup. They've got the ink. They've got the paper they've got the cleaning. They've got the break room supplies. So when I was setting up my my Home Office I went straight to office depot because I had a ton of stuff I needed to get and I wanted to get it all in one place. But don't take my Edward for it see for yourself. Office depot is ready to help your business with knowledgeable associates in over one thousand three hundred stores or online at Office Depot Dot Com. If you were the kind of person who would watch this guy. EAT random stuff. If that was we wanted to spend your afternoon. Do you would have to be prepared for the smell. The Aroma the stench because although Toronto was a you you know average size dude and pretty much on the skinny side. He had a big smell. Smell Energy We found something. In the London medical and physical journal in Eighteen nineteen describing his smell. Nelson's I did the eating the cat thing. Do you want to handle the stench park. Okay I will. I will just preface by saying that. This stench followed him around his whole life. I was something that was reported as early as when he was seventeen and would sneak into town to eat the cow's feed And he you know again at that slender bill but always was followed around by this putrid stench. So here is that quote from the London Medical and physical journal from Eighteen Nineteen Quote tremendous get through. This two hour was is constantly covered in sweat and from his body of vapor arose sensible to the site and more so the smells away like stink line bed. Yeah wow okay and more so to the smell. He had a wispy blonde hair and a large mouth surrounded founded by slender lips and discolored teeth. He frequently BURP and farted and had constant particularly odorous odorous Ben. Why would you do this to me? Owners bowel movements. I had year round about the cat. I can't I can't tell which one's worse. I think you're right Ben. I think maybe the cat was worse. So basically we get some facts burps and farts just real quick or maybe it is one of those like the ship. Sounds like from Renan's tempe when smelly looking close ups. Okay high pressure Farda exactly exactly okay odors bowel movements That was my favorite member of the Band Gore Which one would expect from someone whose diet it consisted of massive amounts of both food and non food items? I first of all I wanNA know what one would would expect from from the the smell of someone who ate nonfood items depends on the food items swallowing rocks. Probably pebbles the probably just pass through and maybe not not make a big deal. But if it's organic nonfood items I would imagine at some point. It also interacts with your Your microbial your in your gut. Flora so you can get some pretty disgusting stuff would have been set to be a street for perform you know and and keep in mind There is a history in France of very successful performance. Doing things that might be disgusting to us. It's like professional fighters Flach list Was that guy's name the pet Doma Obama so this is like this is not an unusual thing thing in the history of performance of France and could Ta- data have made a living doing this. Yes probably but something intervened eight as as you said. He was born in. What seventeen seventy two in seventeen eighty nine? France was wracked by the French Revolution. And so bad joining the French military. He didn't fight. He helped people out with day to day tasks and then when he would help them they would give them their rations and he would eat them and eventually he ended up in the military hospital because no matter what he he was still hungry and the physicians wanted to see how far they could go so they quadrupled his rations. He ate those he was still hungry. He also eat gauze that was intended to patch up soldiers in the Any live animals. He could find and then one time true story. They've found him in a gutter during time at the hospital shoving fistfuls of literal garbage into his mouth. One also no. I don't think we hit this yet. A we have multiple accounts of people saying yet other than eating in the disgusting smell. He was normal dude but he's also super apathetic lake. You didn't seem very present a lot of times. Whatever rallied and And I think that I I'm building a case toward What I think may have been a lower mental function like? I think maybe he wasn't don't Wasn't a full set of crayons. Oh No I don't think so either. I mean definitely seem to go hand in hand and it's also part of the reason why I I questioned the veracity of this quote unquote condition. I it seems like it was largely a mental condition. Another that makes anything any less real. I mean psychological conditions are absolutely all consuming for people and they can really cause huge problems and people's quality of life in the way they interact with others but I don't know that there's necessarily a physical or physiological the thing that caused him to To feel this way other than maybe something that was going on psychologically reminds me of a condition that depicted in the show better call Saul Were Saul Goodman's brother. Has this allergy to electricity But that's largely considered by the medical community to not be a real thing the the M. F. sensitivity so you're right in the military. He was super problematic But he also they were some creative uses for him right there. There were attempts. There were attempts to make him a useful. So the weird thing is he also wasn't gaining weight by the way still weighed I think you mentioned earlier. A hundred pounds macaroni seventeen. He still had that ballpark. Wait any look. He was exhibiting signs undernourishment as a matter of fact so they thoughts all right. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA try to make this guy useful because he has something. It's not perfect but he he has Got Potential. He's got an unusual set of skills. Right that's right. I mean might as well figure out how to make some use out of the guy getting around the smelly dude. Let's figure out how to take his His gift let's say and then put it to good militaristic use Yup and this is when I'm GonNa Muddle through this case you hope we're still friends at the end. This is when General Alexandra Day Boo Hanalei said. You know what no man left behind. We can give this kid something to do. France is now at war with Prussia. Antennas we're digestive condition makes him the perfect spy so he says all right. I'm putting some documents inside this wooden box. That you're hungry right. Go ahead and eat this and it will just wait for it to pass through your body. And then we'll have you know whichever soldiers in the most trouble that day go through his stool and then fish the box out to see if you can still read the message. This experiment spearmint worked and so Naro has given his first mission as a spy. Yes indeed was a noble experiments I suppose you could say One that ultimately be repeated but he was disguised as a Prussian peasants and asked to sneak by enemy lines to deliver liver a top secret message to a captured colonel. A French colonel The message was to be enclosed in a box folks that was then Swallowed whole by till Ow But unfortunately he didn't really make it to his destination because of the aforementioned putrid smell did not lend itself to covert ops. Did it Ben. Yeah that's correct It's a good point if you are spy don't WanNa have a unique sort of The olfactory tone. Let's call it. I'm searching for diplomatic ways to these words stink. Yeah so they find him he is strip search. They whipped him. They torture for Most of a day and and then eventually he says okay. Here take a secret message. You know I'm sneaking it in my in my gut and then people are GonNa find it in my poop. It's about the war war so the PRUSSIANS literally chain him to toilet and they just wait for hours and hours and he's still stinks by either way. Of course he does and Terrar- is of course starving. He has to wait until he has a bowel movement. Eventually he does void The wooden case and he tries this is okay. This is very gross. According to the London Journal after he couldn't hold it anymore and he passed the case he swallowed it again to try to keep the enemy from getting it. They finally do get the box out of him and all they they find inside is evidence that this is a test. Run the note in the little box just says hey let us know if this guy today delivered the Box Fox and it turns out the general. Still you know didn't really trust the guide or this process enough. He needed some Confirmed success in the field. Yeah okay good on him. Then because this whole thing sounded like a real Recipe for disaster. If you ask me and then sure enough it was. Can you imagine though like swallowing it back down. And the whole the whole scenario. It's just like oh it's like reservoir. Dogs Gone Awry or something hanging out like chain to the toilet. I mean I'm surprised. No one's made some kind of a sick version of this movie. Like a human centipede style. Or something you know this Mrs should exist. I don't know if I WANNA see it but I I would support its existence as a piece of schlock cinema. What do you think yeah? This is this is ripe for Some some Schlocky Goodness did you say ripe. Yeah Nice Yeah. That's the thing. The smell is a main character in this story. Maybe that's what's holding people back. It's just the film technology it could be as spiritual predecessor to the big rock movie that did saw this year. Her smell can be called his smell. Just thought maybe people feel like they got tricked though. Because I think you're right. Oh Man I was look it up so many different synonyms for smell stinks stench. That kind of stuff Just to get through this anyhow. I'm a big Fan of miasma myself which I guess is little bit refers to more of like a big picture. Smell something they lap you know. mm proliferates a bit farther. But I can't categorize what he has asthma so that you could actually see the thing. Yeah also had a MEAZZA was for. It's high a medical explanation for the spread of disease is right which is very believable. He talked about that in the episode about the Great. Stink of London It's okay so stinking you know. Of course there's feted ooh somebody's smells fitted right. That's bad there's also of course Spoiled old they're spoiling And I was trying to find a particular word for that stench that sulfur stench of rotten eggs because no one talk Mike. Laura Yeah I didn't find one. Oh and there's also funk wreak fussiness malodorous nece odiferous crispness which is kind of fun and rent city. It's rough but anyhow these are all just different words to describe what was happening. The PRUSSIAN general by by the way is severely p. O'd tha that. And he says hang the guy hang him immediately. I can't believe I let that guy go. What was I? Think in a poop spy but once he had calmed down. He said you know I feel bad because I see this guy obviously against starving his whole life and he is openly sobbing. Bob In his blubbering at the gallows and so he takes pity on Terai and he says okay you guys just give him a very very thorough era spanking essentially and go back to the French lines so he returned and he was just doing the thing he did earlier. He's just like you know running coffee for people. Yeah the Prussians Russians Essentially just dumped him back Near that military hospital behind French lines And he you know made his case to his superiors. which would have been too difficult to make that? He she was not cut out for the spies life and He should not be asked to do anymore. Secret missions. I just wanted to be a regular smelly foot soldier right exactly. And he had kind of a patron on the guy named Baron Percy at the hospital hospital in Percy tried to satiate that he gave him a different treatments that were meant to assuage his appetite and none. None of them were successful. I think They try tobacco pills. VIN straight up vinegar wine vinegar and Laudanum and the thing about the laudanum is believed. Opiates do actually cause constipation. Maybe that's where he was going. And maybe or you know. I can't imagine and that it would've been particularly comfortable to have all this weird crap floating around in your guts all of the long term damage which will find out. It was the case that it would have done to his insides I imagined that the Toronto must have been considerable pain a lot of time. But you don't really see that in the reports but maybe that was where he was coming from as well with giving him a little something to eat it. Yeah and this takes a morbid turn. We were having fun in a gross way in the beginning of the episode but not only did these treatments not work as condition appeared to accelerate. There was no food that was enough. He had gone past eating trash during during one episode. He was actually caught drinking blood that had been drawn from other patients in the hospital. And even knocking on some bodies in the morgue. I mean yes if this point it's just becoming sad and really really really disturbing. He's almost kind of taking on this kind. And of Ghulam light quality where he is just becoming more and more inhuman and that is when the disappearance of a fourteen month old baby began mm to generate rumors that terrar- had had somehow gotten a hold of the baby and and actually eaten it I I mean you can't make this stuff up man it's Lou that was that was that was at the very hospital that he was admitted to. That's right and at this point it's finally too much for bearing Percy. You see today has in. His mind crossed a line. Even if the historically we can't one hundred percent confirm this story of the fourteen month old baby disappearing. Everybody believed it in the hospital right. And you can see why it's not like they just came up with a cockamamie conspiracy theory during this episode of ridiculous history is brought to you by office. Depot Office depot has supplies and services for or businesses of any size. I speak to this personally as a college student when I was a business. The size of one Office depot provides it's twenty four seven tech support. It lets you print your own marketing materials and it can help you design your office with a bunch of furniture solutions. They also have exactly the supplies. Your office needs from Your Home Office to a commercial setup. They've got the ink. If got the paper. They've got the cleaning. They've got the break room supplies. So when I was setting up my Home Office I went straight to office depot because I had a ton of stuff I needed to get and I wanted to get it all in one place but don't take my word for it see for yourself. Office depot is ready to help your business with knowledgeable associates in over one thousand three hundred stores or online at Office Depot Dot Com. So Baron Percy Kicks Toronto out the same way that his parents kicked him out was when he was a teenager and he has to fend for himself from then on he falls off. The radar is off the grid for like four years ears. And then one day baron Percy hears from him again he terada has turned up at an in a hospital for cy. Yeah and he was at this hospital because he was in fact act. dying This is something that I would thought would have happened much sooner. Considering you know all the crazy stuff he put in his body and that he put his his is Says digestive tract through. I can't imagine that he was healthy. at all and Baron Percy who's bearing personally to him in the first place Ben. Skin good his his patron his benefactor. The hospital so he he was with him at this point and he died ultimately ultimately Surrounded of tuberculosis in seventeen ninety eight at the young age of Twenty Six And this says the probably one of the most nauseating parts of the story but They you know he was absolutely a fascination and something that medical science Hans could potentially learn something from so- An and of course just just autopsy is something that happens anyway but he was Cut Open and there are some descriptions corruptions of his autopsy. That are Really Really Graphic and just you know they really paint a picture of what was going on inside inside this man's body so I guess this one falls to me split it or that's the setup Let's see how long it goes All right there's too so I'll do the second one. Let's go back okay. That's that's equity and this is all that's interesting dot com these accounts but this is official very real Accounts counts of what this autopsy was like. The trails were putrified confounded together and immersed in pus. The liver was excessively large large void of consistence and INA pewtrusts state. The gall bladder was of considerable magnitude the stomach in lax state and having ulcerated patches dispersed about it covered almost the whole of the abdominal region. his stomach they found was so oh massive that it very nearly filled his entire abdominal cavity his gullet likewise was unusually wide and his jaw could stretch so so wide open that as the reports put it. A cylinder of a foot in circumference could be introduced without touching his Pallet Hallett. That's insane and they don't complete this autopsy spoiler alert eventually the smell of Of the corpses too much and they have to stop. They have to throw in the towel but at this point they do learn something they do have a takeaway and they say well. He wasn't making this up every every weird thing he ate everything he did was a result of this genuine constant need to eat. He had been born with a strange body and as they say all. It's interesting dot com. He had been curse to a life of eternal hunger and let's bracket bracket this real quick for the science right because you said we're going to follow up on that now as you said he had polly facial of some sort so it turns out. It's quite possible. Bolt that tyrod had something called Prater Willy's syndrome. Have you heard of this. Did we talk about this. No I don't think so it's it's a genetic disorder wherein some specific genes lose their function and it results in a couple of things so we can build a case for Prater Willy really because people flick with this constantly hungry they have mild intellectual impairments they will eat tons and tons of stuff. But here's the thing people with Prater Willy's syndrome tend to grow larger. They become obese and that never happened to terrar- he was he. He was kind of a stick the whole time except he was eating in his stomach. Inflated Right Right I mean and then just snapped back into like a weird gelatinous kind of hanging Satchel of skin who. It's a shame. It's a shame the whole thing's a shame. I mean look. There is some medical research behind this condition. I didn't mean to to pooh-pooh entirely. I think there's some controversy behind it but a guide named Cindy mcelroy. Roy of WHO's a doctor based in Huntington West. Virginia's said that there could be more of an underlying condition That is pretty common. Actually an extreme version called hyperthyroidism which increases metabolism and causes diarrhea sweating and thin hair. I actually have hypo. Oh thyroid ISM. which is an underactive thyroid? This would be an overactive thyroid. That would cause your metabolism to balloon out of control In and not that does kind of make sense So I wonder if that's had something to do with it Dr mcelroy seems to think so And it would cause a lot of what TERRAR- suffered from symptoms like diarrhoea. Sweating and thin hair. But he wouldn't eat. Live animals people with high hyperthyroidism automatic automatic snack. Do CASTEX. They do not they do. Not and that's why I tend to think that there are some combination of a of a mental illness. And a some kind of undiagnosed undiagnosed ball at the time Physical ailment that sort of perfectly center is into this bizarre and Beran condition you know and people have studied this guy. Medical Historians have contributed quite a bit of literature to him. Yon Bonds in one of these medical. The story ends works to the University of Cardiff Wales and Dr Bonuses. We will likely never see anything like TATA again. Part of it is because medicine has improved so much over the centuries And you know the hope is that if someone with this condition or with this set that have problems emerged. They would be diagnosed and treated appropriately right instead of being pressed into being some sort of poops by a phrase. He's that will haunt me now as it should been should haunt us all so so this is the story of Tata and the next time that you are hungry or the next time that you are You've eaten too much. Maybe in your satiated like our good friend and possible. Prime Minister Super Producer. Casey peg room look around the buffet. And thank your lucky stars that you are one of the people with the ability toget- full and hey terrar- actually lives on in our popular Culture Zeitgeist He was a pretty popular. Subject of memes Last last year around August of Twenty nineteen. There's a piece in a New York magazine called the hot. New meme is tele- exciting. A Tumbler That featured a quite a few memes referencing terrar- and his supposed- consumption of a fourteen eighteen months old French baby. So if you want to check that out you can go to N. Y. MAG dot com slash intelligencer slash. Two thousand nineteen slash eight slash. Turn Out Dash Means Dash. Tumbler Dash Squidward DOT html. I just wanted to read a really long obnoxious url. So I I do want to point out this as well And we'll we'll need to bleep this so use your imagination. Someone posted on Tumbler. I know terrar- is the joke broke of the hour. But it's so incredibly messed up. How even now? No one has any concrete explanation for what his condition was. And a case like that has not been recorded sense events like literally what he's like a really excellent which is Kinda true you know and One of them is From a an account by the name of a Johnny Joe's terrible table And it the caption reads when you're a fourteen month old French infant in a military hospital in the late eighteenth century and that weird hungry guy comes into your room and it's a picture of squidward from spongebob sitting up in bed with his eyes wide. Boom boom dot indeed her absolutely absolutely So I think that's that's a good place to leave it and the presence. Yes in the present and right around lunchtime. Oddly enough maybe L. hit up the buffet somewhere. Thank you as always to our Super Producer Casey peg room. Thank you to Gabe. Thank you Christopher. Thank you to ease huge. Thanks to a research associate. Gabe loser Jonathan Strickland the notorious quizmaster Wherever he may lurk? I hope he's okay. If you want to check us out on social media you can do so by joining the ridiculous historians facebook group on facebook. His name me or Ben Casey or or some combination of our names or some kind of reference. Let us know that you're a real person and you are somehow aware of what this podcast is. As easy as that You can also find us on instagram and twitter twitter and all of that stuff. You WanNa find US individually. You could find me exclusively on instagram. I am at how. Now Noah Brown I also want to point out that you could just get a horrible PUTT efforts. I some horrible puns recently. Like no matter how much you push the envelope. It's still stationary. So yeah so I would let you have it for that about could never come up with that upon not yet but we future And of course also shout out to Alex Williams our composer who also has a podcast zone that history hansel enjoy called ephemeral. Check it out while you're on the Internet as will said we are people in our own right and can follow me on twitter. Where I'm at in bullying each stub? You can follow me on instagram. instagram where I am at Ben Bullen and no thanks to you I think. I think we're both pretty lucky that we can be satisfied five with Sammy. Yeah I know you're have you made it through your case a DFA's back in man. I just can't Whittam yeah. Is it a sandwich sandwich them see this. Is You know it's twenty twenty where we still stuck in labels I would see functions a sandwich. I would tend to agree with you then let us. It's not guys think we'll see next time for more podcasts. From iheartradio visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. 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