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Moment of the Day (7/18/19)


They could have been penis and cracker. Jack's but that happened a little late so instead Odell Beckham junior was a topic based on Baker Mayfield's recent comments about the fans showing up to watch the browns play now as opposed to his idea of what the giant fans did or did not do when Beckham was here now. I get Baker Mayfield's doing it. I totally understand he's got a coddle the baby that he just gotten his building. He's gotTa give him his bottle. He's got a rock them sleep. He's gotTa Change His popey diaper and he's GonNa do all that fine <music> but you can do that without taking on the League's best fans. I don't know why perfectly perfectly because that's exactly what Baker's doing basically ugly swaddled. He's there you go moment of the day here Matt Nagy One more time. Oh absolutely you could argue one more time.

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