Joe Rogan Is NOT a Doctor?? Trumps Weird 9/11 Plans 9.9.21


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Mike not worth anything. those courtesy of christie humane we are sticking with the Vaccinated com fem- and i love it alumni. Keep them coming. Joined as always by my co host mr miles to pieces racist port working breathing robert spoken metal ass guy just ripped shreds in virginia. Good goodbye good. That raises monument. And shoutout to douse the critic at forty one tar for that. Portola wonderful pop. Roge- fired a game. I prefer the acoustic twitter but we are thrilled. I dare say to be joined in our third seat by a very talented writer humorist and podcast host. Whose work you've seen in the los angeles times the guardian the new yorker new york magazine. If you're very well read. He was the co host. The ringer wrestling podcasts masked man show and went on to work with. Wwe's writing staff which makes him. I think our most refined expert on the world pro wrestling possibly less prius roster of regular guest. He currently co hosts the podcasts galaxy brains along with joan array. Please welcome via hilarious. Though fashionable the brilliant dave schilling thank is intro. I always comment on the intro. Come on the show. And this is one of the best. I feel like it was very complimentary with. That's just a mere we More or last week or last time i was on here we have. I was on the show today. I'm just wearing my arsenal shirt off at us to somebody's fashionable feeling real. Low fucking fools. Who ruined their life making team possible l. I love it. I love you. Guys is this New coach this season. I feel like i've been. We've had the same coach for by aim clown eighteen months no good. It seemed like ever. Since you got switched coaches. That was kind of a hope. Ever we the the problem was we had a coach who was like watching over the team for like twenty years cincy and whenever you switch it out it's gonna be chaos because it's also the cranky. I'd ask that's the problem of crimes are bad on keys. I look at this. I was telling somebody who can you believe you spend someone's giving me she's been all these mooney over the summer and i said look we're spending players that are gonna pup potentially give us good money all a good value. We transfer them and have a nice solid young cord like maneuver with no matter who the manager is but more than that of the issue that i see. It's like bar. Rescue is not that the players or the bar to bar rescue. It's not the staff's fault or the manager's fault usually at the own what's the moaner fucking doing because that's usually where the rod is coming from and when the crunchies it's all fucking coming from there they just don't give a fuck tad a manager. Yeah give him offer. You know what will make work if you stop paying them wages. Because there's dogs on laura ingraham show dave no. I didn't know he was one of those. You know with with unemployment benefits. He said hungry dog is obedient. Talking about workers sounds like boy the mental differences in how we see a human existence. I guess yeah exactly. You're a dog. Yep yep i value all people Except for john taffer. Guess prick but yeah man are bad. Owner is worse than bad anything. 'cause that's should just doesn't go away thinking like how long raiders fans hated al davis. Right nigga dance have been struggling for decades now. Cres fans have the best owner in sports. Marie and that's why we're consistently good and the years where we were bad. We had her stupid brother in charge. washington football team. Yep yep the luciana non yeah. I'm sure like yes. The people that that's like what people of the world unite overthrow the owners of their favorite teams in a better. Yeah we should own all of our our favorite sports team there should be owned by the embassies. Or the nba's yeah absolutely go. Isn't that kind of what the hackers are. Yeah and they've been consistently good for a long time. Yeah yeah who guessed. I if you just you know empower the people who care the most thing will happen. That are good. Because i guess it's either that model or the galactic owes like yankees model which is like raf. I'll make your rain on everybody and we'll just buy up the best town. That's how we'll make it work but but realistic most people unless you're cutter suspect. Alright dave we're going to get to know you a little bit better in a moment. I just a rundown of some of the things we're talking about today. We're going to talk about how the gop is dealing with their january. Sixth commission. We're gonna talk about joe rogan back at it again baby. He's recovered from covert. And he's got some thoughts on what cured him It is not the fda approved proven treatment. And yeah we'll leave. They're both talk about what donald trump the president is going to be doing on nine eleven We'll talk about andre three thousand all that plenty more prefers days. What is something from your search history. Well i'm glad you asked because it's something. We've talked about already off mike in that. Is the war on. Talk over skinny jeans a google tech talk skinny jeans because i was researching an article column in writing for the la times about the backlash against skinny jeans from generation z. Origins e or zuma's. Or whatever you wanna call them. I was shocked to find how vociferous these people are about skinny jeans being bad because skinny jeans for those who grew up in the nineties two thousand. You know the millennials those were the most important garments you purchase. We were all wearing skinny jeans. And all of our favorite celebrities are wearing really tight closed for a long time and Yeah how people are no man. You gotta blow those pants out. I need space to grow. I need to be able to bill o. When i walk and That's that's why i wrote. This piece is because i really wanted to express my joy as a millennial at a being freed from the tyranny of this bullshit of these incredibly snug pants that no one actually fits into no. And i was telling you before i was like i can never even find a pair of skinny jeans that could fit me. Because i'm just like are just massive. Is i couldn't wear them. Unless i i would probably have needed like a custom-made pair of jeans conformed to my physiology to even have the look of a skinny. Jean yeah and now. Like whenever. I like if i have anything that's remotely like getting. You got gotta have a lot of elastic. Exactly yeah you gotta just basically put a rubber band in that shit lettering. Go down now dancer. A little a little looser little wider elastic waistbands are way more popular and for me. Personally i have more means than i ever have my entire life. I mean i i better. I'm almost forty years old. For fuck sake so i better be able though like bhai stuff now and now you can get stuff tailored i can go. Take a pair of tom. Ford tuxedo pants. That i bought from the real real and get those tailored to fit me properly. That is not something that i could do when i was in college. And every single place you go to buy clothes. The pants are skin tight right. Have you gotten a pair of jeans. Tailored is that even a thing. That's possible oh no i mean you. Can i four. Because i'm not a guy. I remember so hyped on getting these like black supreme genes like fifteen years ago and the only ones i could get. Were like two sizes too. Big right all i had to take them to a taylor to adjust them to fit me. Because i was like i i was like fucking maybe i took a l. but like buying a gene like jeans. I couldn't fit into but you know for forty bucks. They they did it. They did a right by bigger. Never smaller does. At least you know in your twenties you can expect. You're going to get bigger. I guess now you don't matter what you could expect. You're going to get bigger you fill out. You're going to exercise last year and eat more either. Be constantly full stress. You're not sleeping well so if you buy a pair of supreme jeans today in your if you're in your twenties or early thirties just hold onto went awry. Those are gonna terry last year. The i had enough to fit into them. I spitting on taylor from fucking and years ago. Goes dude. That's that's basically found. That's like a twenty dollars. Fill in your pocket now. i just want to clarify. There's nothing wrong with being a bigger person. I certainly Bigger person than i have been in the past. And i always encourage people to dress comfortably and to to feel comfortable in the feel good about themselves and their bodies. Don't try to conform to some bullshit stereotype. That's what i hate about. Skinny jeans is forced people into close. That didn't fit them. Made them feel bad about themselves. And it's gotta go. The only thing i liked about skinny jeans is that it made it easier to kinda show off the shoes you're wearing after the goods was like. Yeah you get show off the pipe you know you wanna talk about over there the road. What is what something is overrated. I always have a hard time with s. When i come on this show but this is the one week. The one episode. I've been on where i like really prepared. And the thing. I find the most over radio right now as letter writing. There are all kinds of people who are like. Oh you know it'd be cool is to write my my sister letter or my dad. Letters like avenue sit down with a piece of paper and a panama right letter. Like why you're just going to cramp your hand. Your poor hand is going to cramp up. You're wasting paper. You have to get a stamp and then you have to go to the post office or you have to go to the whatever like the mailbox in your building or your house. There's just too much work for what you someone's gonna crumple throwing the fucking trash who saves letters. Nobody saves letters except for characters in jane austen novels. Like get outta here with better right. Like i love after lockup all the letters he sent me from the inside saves letters or staved letters puckett charles manson menendez brothers. Scott peterson shall i continue. Who does who is it. I mean because i try and look at it practically the reason. I don't write letters. Because i have much quicker ways to communicate with people and i guess i don't see i'm not too attached to like i guess the whimsical or the you know the the value That makes letter writing sort of attractive. But also like i just i i write big block letters and also a patient like three sentences. My handwriting is fucking poor right. That's another mother has beautiful handwriting in show lake. Sent her letters with Bob who gives a fuck to sit in the mail. Typist text me. Don't call me because they don't have time to talk verbally. Speak to every efficient. Conversation is more important than good conversation. In my opinion. What's gonna be our letter writing. Because i can see why your mother would say email. He loves it. Because i might same like i look at my my parents my grandmother. She had fucking beautiful handwriting laying. I get it this is like graffiti for you know people at home like let me throw up this beautiful letter. But i'm trying to think of what our dated sort of mode of communication that will insist on building like we're off that go raw meat in the metaverse. Ho i mean. I think there's like a class veneer to letter writing that like still persists with some young people like that. It's like artisanal emails by email. Thank you and it's there is something about getting on nice. Handwritten note you know. After the fact as a gesture. I i see the value in. Maybe it's like as a gesture coming up in like. Oh wow look at that. That's handwriting. that's a little hard. go to hallmark. you give me a cargo. Papyrus of those still exist. Give me a greeting card. Thanks signed whoever miles. Like i don't even write a fucking thome about how great my wedding was gaddafi here to feel pressured to then return. It is that of course you give me extra. Were yeah by doing the work yourself. You have forced to me to give you the labor that you have so graciously bestowed upon me. No thank you. If i don't do it then i'm the bad guy and in a sense it's able because i do not have the ability to write my handwriting. Fucking sucks handed. It's like all plays much this shit out of it. So it's like they're wagging in my face ability to write beautifully and it's just that they don't understand what it would be like if i tried to write them back. Yeah an ordeal for both of us. I think version of our generations version of this sort of artisanal shit is aol instant messenger. You know it's already dead already. Dabbler like how remember when you come home from school and you just like talk all i with your crush and you'd send you know. Little emojis weren't actually emojis. Because you had to use like a colon and parentheses to make a smiley face. It's up it was not that great. It was fine. It was motoko communication. It i don't like cool bat. You plan to sound like. Oh my god i on what. I'm about to pop trousers. Shit so exciting. I know you hit enough smarter child and saying hey when the what time what. Time is a mortal combat between the north six. Yeah where we where we ride into. Tonight boys flirting with a girl all night and having like a really intense conversation that all absolutely nothing oh. Ba meeting she really likes me. Oh i wonder what it's going to be like school tomorrow. In which is so which i guess makes sense on like abdicating is so if has kinda similar energy but most people don't have the passion for like we did. I am because a lot of people like you just like. I'm dating overtaxed. I'm like that is pretty much. The only way i was communicating with certain. Yeah we weren't allowed to have phones in our rooms and we had cell phones but like they were. We didn't have You know iphones the time so it was just like well. We'll just get on aim and we'll figure it out your name and just have very lewd conversations. Overtaxed in someone's family room computer station killed lord. yeah the computer was just like riddled with viruses. And all kinds of horrible things were being sent kinda like now. I guess. I just like a test run for the internet pretty much. What is is underrated in legend british. Rb legend craig david You guys listen to the song seven days recently. Klaus man. it's so good. That's all i'm going to say. I love craig david that song in particular. I guess this is kind of the opposite of what i said was overrated because this nostalgia for me i think about like middle school dances. High school dances and this song play If you haven't ever heard this song because you're incredibly young and you don't remember this was this was a radio hit. This was on mtv. All i'm craig. David had hair. That looked like it was painted on. That was the style back. Then it's like black men with hair that looked fake and really really well groomed facial hair. Yeah the kind of like lothar. Eeo sort of vibe those those edge ups you know like john had one to like all his beard line. And when i look at craig it now. Like you. Like lloyd banks mixed with matt barnes. You know matt barnes flagged day. He had swag his out. It was off his solo album solo. Debut album born to do it. That's right that timer exodus of that title tally. Everything i need to know the title of the south maury born to do by fred. That's right that's right baby. I mean film in another has another. Oj david banger. Again caught when i was really into that show people just do nothing. They were doing this thing on the bbc where they would do like these carriage takeovers on bbc extra and they have all these i guarantee. Mc's coming out and spin. And they had craig david come out and he sunk. He sang he started rapping and he actually was kind of nice with it and then he started singing. Fill me in over the justin bieber or like. Where are you now. Beat and like kind of did a remix housing. Oh shit this goes okay craig. Yeah he's still superstar in in the uk He hasn't fallen off at all but here he's been kind of lost time sadly And can you fill me. An has does not appear to be a song about getting pegged or asking to get picked. Nelson song is actually about that. I'm great deep down. I mean if you really look at the lyrics. I mean right you know. Can you fill me in. Come like it and you start with us what you want me to do. Yeah he was born to do it. Look it's all bear. Come on your need a map to figure out what the fuck is talking about okay. I was thinking this girl next door. When said hey boy come on around the for pegging come on the door. Yeah you got the blind ready dressed in a long black satin and lace to the floor. So i went in and we sat down started. Kissing caressing told me about jacuzzi interesting so we jumped right in. I mean huge outright. Into what exactly. Yeah we'll look into that within. It's no laughing matter. Pegging is a is a cool thing. It's no matter and yet i'm laughing. Sorry with continuation from that Dell curry read. We're now out here that threaten to a movie there that what this man went through. Hell that rom come. We'll get jordan back. I mean sixty percent crab leg was thirty percent iced coffee ten percent vate thirty somebody. I keep saying somebody needs. Somebody has hired that guy or whoever that right those brilliant all right. Let's take a quick break. We'll come right back. Hey xichang it's me jack from work or wherever you listen to the show. The car maybe but saying. 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They were here to Find just spring bridge justice. Do kevin mccarthy pulled up. He said. I don't need a bipartisan commission. Even though that would have given us a lot more room to fuck around in you know alter the course of the investigation. We don't need it because we will do. Our own will do our own well. It looks like they aren't doing anything at all because it's been a long time and we haven't seen anything meaningful in regards to any kind of investigation aside from the fact that they seem to be like we got to know what happened with the capitol. Police why are they so ill-prepared and i think that was just because they knew that was a way they could eventually put like nancy pelosi into focus so i just a couple of things that there are. A lot of people on the hill are saying like look. The whole thing is none of these people. Want to fucking engage in a real investigation because all droves are gonna lead back to them or trump. It's not gonna end up being antifa and fucking you know ghosts of You know murdered black men who took over people's bodies to take over the capital like any man. Yeah the do. The hooks for hands are like fuck america and that they said an anonymous republican that quote. None of us want this to be a priority. I don't think there's any member that wants to serve on this committee. Pusa visit a republican aide. You know who's off the record. All records are like no this. Is it's radioactive. It's like one of these things that republicans have to do or they have to have the appearance like they aren't just here for the absolute like just deterioration of the country and be like. Yeah we gotta look into. But we can't because it's all theater. It's all a a way to deflect to de-legitimize the actual investigation the actual hearings to say. Well we didn't participate. What would you do instead own. Nothing but it was a sham. Anyway like they don't. There's nothing that they can get out of this as you said like. It's yeah even if they were to try to do something and like bring out experts who were on their side it would eventually buy in the ass so they're just going to run out the clock and hope that they win the senate back actually so it seems like their strategy is going to be to like dig in at least some of them are digging and being like the people who got arrested are political prisoners so like basically doing doing the most yes just the performance because that formative they say you know in this article in the daily beast or target about how the especially the political prisoner angle is a good talking point for someone running for office. Because it doesn't necessarily you know i it. It helps make them look like they're still on their side and even if maybe they didn't vote to overturn the election by calling those people political prisoners. It's sort of like realigns them to be like not like i get it. You know maybe. I wasn't doing the things that you demanding of me but i will i will. We will miss categorize them as political prisoners. So so i understand the oppression. That's happening. I mean it's all designed to shore up their base going into the midterms in in an attempt to win back the house. Which would then kill these investigations. I that is of course something. We don't want to happen and You have to hope that turnout is the way that it needs to be for these elections. Swing the right way because certainly not gonna do anything to combat voter suppression aside from being like. Hey man i guess activists just got to work harder right. La- that's the galatian it's been an escalation and it will continue like they will pass laws and then the other side will say all right. Here's here's the loopholes around these laws. And here's how we're going to make sure that we can bypass these things. But that's it's a war of attrition because it's going to continue happening you know and then people are going to feel disenfranchised and things are gonna get ugly. I mean what happens when people were truly just like fuck all this like. What's the point in helping supporting these people. These clowns who are moving at a snail's pace for just a theater of at all. Yeah touring attrition. Where the democrats are not doing the things they need to do to like. They're they're not fighting back. There's just kind of letting them make these changes. And then well. I want to give a lot of credit to the texas democrats in the legislature. Doing what they could eventually. It was going to pass but they were able to drive forestall it as long as they could and they drew a lot of attention to the issue. That's the best. They could have done. Sure the thing that is really problematic is that we can't get any sort of voter. Rights legislation passed breath. Congress is the most that happens. All this attention's brought and then all we hear is chuck schumer be like. Yeah we really got figure out the filibuster haw. Yeah we'll what are we gonna do Texts schumer Two two seven four nine eight and pledged to pay ten dollars for the weekend. Fix the filibuster excess. All it's all just campaign finance. It's just how do we get more money out of these people. How do we do these rubes into paying us more money. That's all it is. They don't care if anything changes they just want your money yeah well this easy fundraising you know mean because then you don't have to go on the road to actually do a lot of fundraising or the lobbyists aren't packaging your funds. Well enough for you. You know than just do send a couple of emails. Get move on the case every fucking email yet is. This is the end of the day. This is at world count on you to stand up for democracy. I'm sorry. Am i the fucking president. I'm sorry my the fuck am i. The majority leader in the senate. You might dollars going to do what. What where's that. Five dollars gonna go Before send me that clip of chuck schumer acting like tony. Soprano acting like get out there. It cracks fucking skulls to get these. This filibuster reform passed because it's not the energy they have it all. Just it's just. He's just sort of like you better. Not you better out. Don't do that don't do that. I'm gonna say okay but they don't give a fuck and then you have people in the senate like dianne feinstein who are very clearly in cognitive decline. And people have said like yeah. She's pretty like i don't know she has a hard time remembering stuff. And we're all like okay. That's fine so the governor of california gavin newsom is being recalled and might be replaced before she dies. Would she will sooner than later. I think i've talked about this on this show before but the greatest problem with our society is that people refused to retire. And i'm talking about rich. People not not normal people. Doral people were like yeah. I'm gonna go to cancun. I'm gonna. I'm gonna mow my lawn every morning drinking ice tea watch jeopardy daughter data and even if you even can't retire exactly if you're if you're able to financially but these motherfuckers are just like i refuse to quit doing my very high paying powerful job right if it's a supreme court justice if it's a senator if it's it's the speaker of the house none of these people have any interest in stepping aside for the good of the country none because that's not their first priority and republicans are taking advantage of that. All of those old bastards have stepped aside. Or if you're mitch mcconnell like you've just throw up your hands and say well i mean this is. This is the party. I support the party. This is what i do. And then all of these ghouls these very young ghouls like madison. Cawthorn keenum hopping. Up out of nowhere matt gaetz marjorie taylor green all of these younger people who are amassing power amassing political influence and amassing support every single day. They're on fox news all the time. They're constantly being puffed up by the establishment of the republican party and the democrats are like the afc. I simply don't agree with her. She's a socialist. More yuan omar is muslim and so we need her to back israel and denounce the p. l. o. Or something you know what he's aleve said the f. word yeah i mean please everyone. Let's not consider them like. There's there's a lot of energy there with a lot of these younger people coming in. 'cause i didn't see anyone except for corey bush. Really make a fucking stink about the eviction moratorium ending. And she had to really you know to do what she knew how to do as an organizer and activist and just that fucking. I'm asleep on the steps if they don't understand what's at stake here because everyone wants to go on break. Then yeah we then. I think the doesn't do a good job of you know giving these younger politicians the kind of airtime exposure that they could because you see on fox. They'll they'll put all of these younger folks on tv and what they don't they don't care as long as you're a good sound bite they'll put you on. Tv but msnbc is propaganda for various parties and we talked about that but you know other platforms are not engaging with these people. They're not putting these people front and center. They're not putting their issues front and center. But if matt gaetz says something ludicrous about you know. America being under attack from antifa. That's that's front page news. That's that's news. You know it trends on twitter all of these things that are incredibly unhelpful. But help him to get his message out and to launder his image when he is under investigation yet he is still in in office. He is still treated as a legitimate politician. I can't speak to why the media fascinated by a young republicans and this idea of you know the outrageous things that they say but they are and they are so concerned with you know kind of like contrary anisim when it comes to any sort of liberal idea any eastern real liberal idea because it takes it because it takes the position that they're sort of like this liberal neoliberal ideology that they subscribe to is the default truth and there's nothing beyond that that could possibly improve it so they're not interested in anything that would augment policies or makes things more inclusive. So they're more interested in just defending the position and the best fodder for that is someone on the right saying something ignorant and the airtime because it's surely not going to be someone who comes on with a very good plan for bail reform or a really good plan for how we can like you know create more equitable housing that might actually threaten the status quo. It's easier just get in your outraged by the guys like he compared apartheid to this vaccine man. Oh my god we what we but then you have to be shocked by it and we have to be disgusted by it but we can't do anything about it and that was the the defining trait of the trump presidency was. Here's this horrible thing that happened. Can you believe it isn't that bad. Moving on all right so What's going on on tv. right now. bruce who's winning dancing with the stars or some shit right and the january six commission is a good example of something not being sexy and not being exciting to talk about. it is depressing to talk about. It is ugly and it is it is unpleasant and it is a physical manifestation of a lot of very unpleasant truths about american society and how close we are to chaos but the republicans turn it into a like sexy talking point for their base with you know talking about political prisoners. The democrats are not doing that work. It doesn't say mike there. He can't make a positive. You make it a. We need to support our political prisoners. Like you can make ashley babbitt. A star in death row martyr. Because she is not here she can't go on. Meet the press. She can't go on fox news she can just be someone who died and is that sad. It's playing on sympathy. There are no sympathetic figures on the other side to make this feel good because guess what the sympathetic figures are the please right and we shouldn't like nancy a nancy pelosi. Yeah like we're not gonna feel bad like yes. It is horrible. What happened to these people. These police officers who were just doing their best. Some of them at least were doing their best but it is difficult for people to wrap their minds around the kind of like sticky patriotism that would be required to make this a bigger story. It's never going to tug at my heartstrings. it's it is a tragedy. Is sort of like thinking about the hindenburg disaster. Like i feel terrible that it happened. But i'm not going to be. I guess i'm not moved by it. The album cover is really. It's a really six is going to be like that like some shift from like llosa's sick album cover baller. Ashby for something talk. I'm never going to be moved. And that's not because it is not a sad story. But because i'm talking about me as general person like the general you like. You're never going to be moved by this because there isn't a need a figure for you to latch onto to feel sympathy for. It's like a movie or a tv show. You have to have a character who is your Protagonist that is your entry point to the story. There's no there's nobody for the left in this story so it's just like a horrible thing that most establishment democrats wanna forget right all right. Let's move on to You know from the rulers Of politics to the ruler of the podcast landscape the man himself joe rogan a defeated covert by putting it in an arm bar and go onto the mat with grappling techs. Go then he pegged it no so not surprisingly you know. He threw everything at it all the most expensive treatments that money can buy at his case of covert got better like most rich people who are able to treat their covert aggressively tend to and now. He's back claiming that the thing that got him better surprise. Prizes is the unproven of conspiracy theory treatment that he took among many other proven treatment. Yeah this is a couple of things to point out of his return and just how many fucked in mental pretzels. This guy put himself into the speaking he. He was like y'all i he was saying how covert is nothing. You know mike. It's it's all good or whatever but yet you needed to take ra general like yet you were out of place where you realize you had to actually take real medications and realized you needed medical treatment. But you're not gonna lean on that he said kovic was nothing for a young able bodied person seemingly implying like including himself in that before he got it and then once he got it he was all about throwing every single treatment at it like it was the very serious disease that it actually is right and you say you took ever mack and his. I'll i really helped but you also took a monoclonal. Antibodies like regeneration. And you're saying but you're not really pointing to that. He said the media doesn't talk about how i took ivermectin and now i'm better but he's also not saying himself that you actually took an fda authorized treatment in regeneration or these monoclonal antibodies and that may also have been the reason you were doing better and then goes on to say. I don't trust the whole vaccine scheme because big pharma. What they're trying to do is trying to get rich man trying to get you to take these vaccine so they can make more money yet. The maker of ivermectin is fucking merck. So which big pharmaceutical company are you like. I don't even talk about the. He's the farm animal division of merck. So it's very different. That's more of a scrappy upstart than the human being division of exactly so that story line is the thing that he has like clung onto because it is like i didn't realize that ivermectin is both like used for horses and farm animals but it's also used for people not for covert but for like as an anti parasitic an anti parasitic. So he's like two people talk about it being a horse to wermer but The reason people talk about it being a horse to armor by the way that people are actually taking their horses version. Yeah the horse version so that paste. There's a problem but he so he's like used that as kind of a misdirect to be like you know they're they're calling horst warmer even though like took one that is like those prescribed by my doctor which very well he may have. He's he has access to doctors that ninety nine point nine percent of the american population does not have access to but then he says he claimed that the reason ivermectin is not being approved is to force vaccines on people. Like that's the like. That's he said you know. There's a lot of speculation. what so you know you know. And he starts off speculation it's It's the equivalent of a lot of people are saying they're not no they're not one of the speculations evolves the emergency use authorization for the vaccines that in order for there to be an emergency use authorization has to be no treatment for disease. That's not true but she just complete vindicator. This is where he's you know that's that's his. That's his worldview he's going to have to reinforce it all the time and use whatever loose spurious claims that he can to tobacco it up because the big thing especially with the ivermectin thing. He talked about the older woman. Japan the government said They should use. Its treat kobe. Not fucking true. Just there was the chairman of the tokyo. Medical association will cautiously like i guess supported the treatment but the association themselves nor the government was just like no. We're not authorizing that. This is what this one guy said out loud at a thing and that turned into this whole social media claim that yes in japan. They're using it to treat covert and no. Yeah well i mean. At the end of the day it really is just virtue signaling for a different kind of virtue and that virtue is contrary unisom and joe. Rogan became very rich very famous being contrarian and saying the opposite of what he's supposed to say and that's what spotify paid millions and millions of dollars for is for him to say. Nah that's bullshit. And here's why i read this thing on this in the study On this website is just a bunch of letters strung together dot com and apparently all the shit you read about Eating healthy is bullshit. You're gonna see you want or you should just inject a steroids in your cock. And then it'll get really big and awesome like that's all it is it's just it's just idiosyncrasy accuracy. On microphone. it is just it is it is a hair away from inforce breath it is palatable more mainstream version of info wars. And if you listen to the stuff you were being given false information you are being manipulated and you are being built in the same way that he is saying that. The pharmaceutical industry is bilking people through the vaccine. Raise saying listen to my show subscribed to spotify by this merchandise. He's stealing from you folks. He's stealing from every single day. By giving you horse shit you wanna hear. that's it. He just he knows you want. You want be told that the vaccines are bad. They don't work that you can just you know take some pills that you get from shady website or you know worst case scenario. 'cause you can't get the pills because there's a run on ivermectin and a shortage for people who actually need it you can go out and you can get the paste from fucking cabela's or something. That is what it's all about and you're being you're being taken advantage of while he laughs his ass off fifteen million dollar mansions all of these people telling you not to take. The vaccine are rich enough to not take the vaccine. If they don't want to yeah diff- reality are they taking. They don't tell you not your business right. Yeah well. I mean this is just it He's not gonna stop now. People aren't going to stop listening and smile. His numbers take a little hit. Though did yeah. It's not free to listen to anymore. It's it's really hard to get someone who is listening to everything on one platform to switch and so all of these exclusive to spotify. Podcasts are seeing a drastic reduction in their listenership. Now that's not to say the people don't end up going on youtube And listening to the show. Because i think they're pretty people listen to on youtube. Yeah and they. Can you know monetize it pretty easily on youtube if they do so. They're still they're doing just fine. There's no problem there And that's the internet man. It's little word reefer. All that you can get your stupid message out anywhere you want. Yeah and just keep gaining gaining and gaining. I mean that's what we say like whether it be facebook or donald trump or you know and you will keep gaining momentum until something stops you. Yeah you know until you are the richest human who has ever existed in jeff bays case are it. Let's take a quick break and we will be right back. Hey everyone it's msnbc's mainly when my podcast into america. I explore what it means to be black in america right. Now i'm digging. The topics are impacting black. Americans in this defining moment like reparations and reclaiming wealth that was strip from black families. The impact of extreme weather on black communities and black coaches influence on fashion. Join me for into america. New episodes every thursday. Listen now and follow wherever you get your podcast. Miles is jack framework. We're very open on the show about you know struggling with anxiety depression here and there and we've also talked about how beneficial it is to seek therapy and the benefit of just talking out your problems being to express yourself in a non-judgmental environment like looking at our own problems. Like this is only me. And i don't and i must be the only person that could solve it now. This better help comes in because better help can connect you with a professional person. You can get professional. Counseling done securely online. It's not a crisis line. It's not self help and you can start in under forty eight hours better. 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I don't know what your president is doing to mark the anniversary of nine eleven but my president talk in talk and fights. He's he's doing commentary on the fight between fifty eight year old. Evanger holyfield and i don't know Vitre belfort detour rebels work. Yeah i'm not familiar with says word. Donald trump one night sick ass commentary with don jr. the seminal hard rock on the twentieth anniversary of nine eleven. It's this one fucking. I just love the way. It's being billed Fight the digital streaming service carrying the saturday pay per view event announced that the former president along with his eldest son will quote offer their perspective throughout the night including during the headlining fight between vander. And vitor i okay. Sure that's this is my big thing more than like a with all these factors yet. Trump got vander holyfield. And you know a fight. Is this going to do paul brothers race war pay per view levels of revenue. I don't think so. I don't think so. Yeah and that's gotta hurt for on. The paul brothers are the biggest heels in america it to use the wrestling term. People want to see them lose and they have booked this they've they've scripted. All this to perfection because every time you think this is the one this motherfuckers go down. He's fighting tyron woodley. Oh he's finished and of course always. You withheld his fighting the last couple. Yeah it just goes to a decision and then he wins because they're gonna wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and draw it out for as long as they can before they finally have him lose. Yes do you think now because a lot of people suspect obviously like home when he fight mayweather they're like dude mayweather could've fucking absolutely Like he was knocked out at a certain point. You know what i mean and let you held him up and then with woodley. They're like he got him a few times and then look like he just started ceased fighting towards in the in the later rounds as a lot of people. These are all. They're all just being. They're all getting the check to lose or wherever exactly that will there be someone who stealthily says. Yeah yeah i'm down for that. Ngos knock the shit out of him. In the ring. I went off. Script sorry star. Do it a lot there. Yeah there's a lot of money at stake. There's a lot of contracts that i'm sure. Are you get sued. It's like you words boosting knock out. I think it would actually end up being better like as a wrestling mind as a person who wrote for professional wrestling understand wrestling. Pretty well if you if you did a thing where you're just like all right so mike tyson. I just want you to go into a like we plan what we talked about with logan but in like the fourth or fifth round just let let loose. Just take him down. Don't kill him right but knock him up a little bit. Put him on his ass. Haven't been knocked out because then the rematch is even bigger bras. You can say oh. He went off script. I wasn't ready. Yes it was faked but this time is real right. And then you've wiped out all of the naysayers all the people saying this is fate. This wrestling is all about the illusion of reality. How do you suspend disbelief in the audience every single week. Once they've figured out it's fake or not fake but you know it's predetermined outcomes. Is those people hurt. You hurt each other. They hit each other real for real once. You've done that. You have to keep up the illusion so that people buy into it. They spend money. They say i wanna you know by the pay per view. I want to buy the merchandise. I'm emotionally invested in this thing because it's it's not like watching a movie where you're transported to another place where you are in a movie theater and it's dark and you can just focus on the story being told or even a tv show where you've been jet and you just kind of get lost in it this is. This is scripted fighting. Where oftentimes things happen. That defy the laws of physics or boxing. Now like if you are telling me the tyron woodley couldn't knock out. Logan paul was at logan. Jake was logan right. You telling me that you're lying. Who's jake's they're all the same to me. They're like the twins from the matrix. Reloaded six fucking gooky pale ghost hunting. They should do that as attacked he. Match the the guys from the matrix against paul brothers and they both have dreadlocks. So it's hard to figure out who's who who's more problematic way more problematic. Yeah we don't talk enough about the cultural appropriation. The matrix sequel do of the only one saying this kinetic of anyway. Yeah like this is. This is the perfect way. My plan to get people back on board because i can see the steady loss of interest like okay. This is another one where you pull the wool over my eyes. Once you've made it clear that your shit is not real. People are going to start tuning out so think about it. Get knocked out. He's going have to get knocked out and they're gonna have to be like it's real and the rematch and his team when he knocks out. Mike's then and then you do the blow off. Do the third fight the trilogy. You exactly. it's a. It's a rubber match. That is where the real money is in the rubber match to a details visitor intriguing to me. One that he's doing this commentary The donald trump Fight night commentary. One is that he's doing it with. Donald trump. junior who liked plainly despised. Some like i feel like over the course of just like a long conversation where you're just kinda riffing that that will be evident and also he is really bad at talking about nine eleven like he like like he on like just hours after the towers fell. He like bragged about how one of his buildings was. The tallest in downtown manhattan. And why you put it behind a paywall. Bray only the people dumb enough to order this pay per view. We'll see it but man. I kinda wanna watch. Don't do it do not support this. This is the worst thing in the entire world. Hang their legal bills by buying abor view. That's all this is. And i'm sure that's why don doe ju- donald junior is involved with this too because we see his sniffling ass on cameo probably looking for anything to be like all right. Fuck dad let's in florida. We barely have to go anywhere. And you just say a couple things about how holyfield's a great champion and then Say that election was stolen and then Donate then we'll be good. He went to a am. I may fight and like they didn't show him. And i think he was like pissed off about that. Dana white headline come out and be like sorry alec. We meant to show him but like there was a camera miscue so for some reason he really wants to be seen as like a fight present but i mean he. He had had a run where he was doing shit like that. I feel like back in the day like today. Eighties or something. So he would be at wrestlemainia. Every year he the menu and five both took place adjacent to trump plaza in atlantic city. He loves that spotlight so getting back to his roots. And that's good for him. I do wonder. He's going to a crowded. Indoor facility in florida in florida where mask wearing will not be mandated. Vaccines will not be mandated. Do you think that this motherfucker shows up wearing a mask. So one thing that i like. I think they probably won't even be there because there's a there is a trend of yeah. There is a trend of commented like a monday night. Football is adding a commentary. Track like a place where you can go much commentary from eli and peyton manning. Yeah but there's just like doing it from their garage. Their respective garages yet. But you know but you know. He's not afraid of a fucking superstar like yeah. He's been having him every couple months since he left office. I guess he's gonna live orders in person commentary. No they did seta w that the marketing material is full. Live in person commentary away. yes wyman. Yeah he shows up one with a mask and they all get pissed at him for wearing a mask. Pictures are taken of him. It with a mass people get mad or or what if he gets it again. I mean vaccinated so probably going be alright. Not necessarily if there's a bunch of that looser positive tested people who are positive for cova did not wearing masks lots of people not lots of people. I don't want to spread misinformation but people are getting breakthrough cases if they are around lots of unvaccinated positive Covert carriers i. I'm not trying to such a thing that would be wrong. What if in has a lot of speculations people are wondering speculation. I've heard that if donald trump were to show up to this event in florida the chances are good that he could get covert again. Yeah he's an elderly man. i mean. That's where. Joe rogan got it yet. Fuck it around. Florida and that is what i heard. That's what i heard there's a lot of speculations people. Keep saying the things on television carlson over here in stories and it's concerning to me okay. concerning don't you feel world is falling apart. Sometimes i feel like i don't have a partner sometimes i. My only friend is the city of angels of course game the united states of america. Yes so long song slap. Let's hug andre three thousand real quick. We kind of touched on it yesterday. But just to get into the specifics of the controversy over the weekend drake leaked and unreleased track from donde featuring andre three thousand and it was like a it was a track on which king a like this drake and but andre andre. I does not district. And he's coming up say by key doesn't give a shit about any of this bullshit. It's that trek Life of the party. And i guess it was only played at a very specific private event which is like the only iteration are the only place where this version was heard. But there's a the andre verse is about mothers you know yet. The album version comes out. And it's just distract and he says this is his quote on it about the how the whole thing went down. He said a few weeks ago. Connie reached out about making me are having me be a part of the donde album. I was inspired by his idea to make a musical tribute to his mom. If felt appropriate to me to support the concept by referencing my own mother who passed away in twenty thirteen. We both share that loss. I thought it was a beautiful choice to make a clean album. But unfortunately i didn't know that was the plan before i wrote and recorded my verse. It was clear to me that an edited quote. Clean format of diverse would not work without having the raw original also available so sadly i had to be omitted from the original album release. The guy received wrote to didn't have the verse on it and we were hoping to make more focused offerings for the to album. But i guess things happen like they're supposed to it's unfortunate. That was released this way and to artists that i love going back and forth And then he said. I love drake got love. I want to work with kendrick. I'll newark jay z. Tyler blah blah blah but. Yeah that sounds like a very kanye thing to do. This is gonna happen. More often where he brings people into his process. They says i'm gonna to do this thing. It's to great and he's got those crazy is like is huge and he's like how much and this thing is we awesome. And then he changes his mind. Two weeks later he was like i gotta go to the mercedes benz superdome enough to superdome. But i gotta go to mercedes benz stadium. And i gotta live inside of the the the tunnel and i've got to come up with a new idea. 'cause the the thing i did before sucked and it's like okay. You're gonna burn a bunch of material you're gonna burn a bunch of talent like i'm the thousand who's gonna be pissed off He's gonna be You know diplomatic about it like was in his statement. But i think he's happy. The song was associated with him shitting on drake. no-brainer course. Not as good for him. As i could for anybody. But there's probably seventy versions of a donde this floating around. We're gonna hear all of them one day when he dies breath because they're gonna be like. Oh here's the new hollow hollow cube addition of donde featuring all the songs that were rejected from the album. Yeah i prefer version number twenty nine because that beep beep beep beep beep part. I really love that beep beep beep beep part and get enough. The other thing is like you're you're the if the album is meant to honor your mother. Why are you wasting your breath trying to come at this other rapper. because it's not about honoring his mother or any or even his own mother. You know what. I mean like even for donde you know. It's just like a whole thing. I'm just confused. Like de intent but again. This was not a focused album. So i don't know i'm like what is going on over there. Not a focused mind making me out. That first track does say her name. Like twenty five times so that is kind of okay. What's the confusion. I'm sorry yeah it's there's also like no not that many. If any women featured on the album prize didn't he tried to get trump to show up to one of these events that he did. Oh yeah that's who he was trying to marry in that mayor to settle Yeah that's a shame i mean. Instead of getting trump he got marilyn manson. Yeah right yeah honor your mother with marilyn man this guy gotta do. What does that do for people to be like announced i've had it. He makes music that people mostly frustrated by. He does all of these. These stunts that are designed not just to transgress but to actively upset. People think sensitive to people like the big yeezy stands though. They're all like you know pre the uk and all that other stuff like it was always the battlecry was like i can excuse everything that he does because his message is about believing in yourself and no it's about believing in conde west no right but i'm saying but that's how this supporters alike. Who are the most you know. Die hard defenders have to sort of repurpose whatever they believe the messages like. I'm here because i'm here for the uplifting. Pep talks in the form of his lyrics. Yeah he's also the aches but he's a rapper. jake's who sells ee dollar gilded t. Shirts with balenciaga. Yeah yeah and hey dude you could buy a weird bulletproof vest with his mom's name on it just bums me out. Because i see all know fashion fawning over it and i icy music journalists funding over it and i see cultural critics taking it seriously. They all he builds a version host in the stadium What does that mean. Oh ooh kim and him or to a pretending to get married again who boy. What is that it's all narcissism and it's all designed to take money from you. This is the same thing as joe. Rogan it is provocation. For the sake of it is controlling in for the sake of it and it's designed to part your money from your pocket. That's a man we've been saying from very early on this show that it seems like nurses like having the narcissistic personality. Disorder is the cheat code to modern america. It is your tickets or success in each share any empathy any respect. I mean yeah four other human beings. I'm fox. I'm not gonna succeed sweat. No one knows what it means. But it's provocative yeah right. I mean let me this dickey told us before no one knows what it means provocative and that's been the guiding principle. Yeah i blame welfare. Dave as always such a pleasure having you where can people find you and follow you. I am at. Dave underscores schilling on twitter. You can subscribe to galaxy brains on any podcast platform including spotify. They have got pay us millions of dollars to be on there. So we're also on apple podcasts. And podcasts and amazon music in all the places so please subscribe have a listen. We had Kumail nangiani on a couple of weeks ago. Talk about idiosyncrasy. As a really great episode guides friend of the daily zeitgeist jamie loftiest on very soon to talk about why the last man the effects. Tv show that's coming out very soon. So get into that. I think it's this is the best run of episodes we've ever done. Also i have a month column in the l. a. times style section the checkout as i said earlier i wrote about skinny jeans and why they are being phased out of our culture and why then before that before that that has about dad hats. Yeah this was this really serious for miles to to read about his his culture and his beliefs in his religion in print for one been validated as my job. I'm here to validate everybody with you. And is there a tweeter. Some of the work of social media. You've been enjoying okay. So this is a tweet. That isn't necessarily funny but it brought a little tear to my eye. Abode in kirk tweeted a photo of himself being made up to Look like saul goodman yet again. He said back to work on better. Call saul so happy to be here living this pacific life surrounded by such good people by the way this makeup is. This is make-up fro sherry monsanto. Making me not ugly for shooting. I just was really glad that he's back at it. Yeah a lot of people were really worried about him and Yeah he means a lot to a lot of people on. So i'm glad that he's back out and making stuff in kofu taking care of himself. Yeah he's like quietly just having one of the great careers of like our generation not yet. He's like our same age but like of our generation of pop culture that we grew up on somehow without being every horrible narcissist right adding pull that off doesn't have it doesn't have her personality disorder and he still successful so let that be a lesson to you kids. You don't have to be like khania western. donald trump. You can be like bob odenkirk or meeting a great little white guy with heart. Yeah exactly miles. Working people find you. What's a tweet. You've been enjoying Twitter and instagram at miles of gray and also the other podcasts. for twenty day fiance. Let's see which Over the weekend. I met some zych at a social gathering. Steve mattie thank you so much for complimenting me in public. I felt very validated sociable. I didn't hear about this. I know you might come on now. Please you're gonna like ila shove a gun into your rib says over this way over. Here you're about to be a footnote in history from But anyway shouts. Y'all really great talking to you. And i wanna say some tweets that i like first one is from brana seat titley at pro-nazi titley tweeting. Wow okay on. Following now was a big fan of her house. Made of sweets was not aware she used it to lure children into her oven to cook and eat them that structure of outrage tweet Another one is from bonn at gresham to ex. He tweeted. i broke down and my great grandma funeral at the podium. When i found out nobody got her red velvet cake recipe. Oud hit me in my lugging heart because let me tell you as somebody who has like family recipes. I did everything. I could document especially my grandfather's barbecue sauce recipe. And i'm telling you if you have things like this in your family do what you have to preserve these things and i know it can be frustrating. When like older people like no. It's just put a little bit of this little bit that you're like i. Don't you have to put down number values. Take them on your iphone so you can watch or if they do it. Give me that thing and then you can weigh it and say that's the amount but please preserve your family history especially the recipes because even if that was a joke i felt that one in the last one is from miles clear at miles steve. Martin saw the opportunity for upper. West side boomer zimmer moore murder comedy streaming deal left open by woody allens forced retirement and off. You jodi bitch. I don't know if i like that show but we'll talk about that another time. I have not watched a couple tweets. I've been enjoying chase at not chase. Lions tweeted my dentist. Said i grind in my sleep. Damn israel for that. No days off baby seamlessly and schwytz that schweitzer tweeted the fugitive but every time harrison. Ford says my wife. It's four at voice. Didn't kill that popping off on talk. You can find me on twitter at jack. Underscore o'brien you can find us on twitter at daily zeitgeist. We're at the daily guys on instagram. We have facebook fan page and a website at least zyppah dot com where post our episodes and our footnote where we went off to the information that we talked about in today's episode as well as a song that we think you might enjoy miles. What song do we think people might enjoy. This is a track by l. michael's affair there one of my favorite instrumental bands than that. We've gone out on a few tracks nino famously. You might know them from their full. Like like instrumental band treatments of wu tang tracks but this one is one of their new singles. It's called masterclass. And i really like it because it has this david axelrod kind of like it feels like something that would be sampled by like maude deeper. Tj premier but. It's just the they do a really great job like replicating vintage sounds and things like that. So it's an easy. Listen and it's a little head nod or so pick this will masterclass by l. michael. I thought david axelrod was a Obama he isn't. There's many david axelrod true goat leaving musician. Say and american couple well daily production of iheartradio for more podcasts from iheartradio visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Wherever you find your favorite podcasts. That is going to do it for us this morning. But we are back this afternoon to tell you what's trending and hey we'll talk to y'all by took by gang. I know you're probably feeling. 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