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If you're hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on your short list of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started at indeed dot com slash get up. Okay put your is if you were into part. Did you see what happened to Pete Carroll yesterday. Before the game. He's Carol takes one white off the old SCHNAPPS. Listen I would say l. of the legendary Marcia Brady episodes at it'd be a teen model. He Got Marsh Mercer. He wound up getting that little. How tough is that x. Would you get there and coach the game with the butterfly bandage on the ball and hit the other dude with it again. I'm coming my goodness. Cut Right Guy needs to have a mark kind of his nose to what it's worth this loss yesterday at home but not the day that he was looking for all right with that on a huge leap busy Monday. We welcome you back to another hour of getting up. Live from the seaport district at pier seventeen brought to you by chase and here we go we are getting up with ground who are feeling down had their chances answers. You need to see the decision. They made lightness game. We'll explain why they went wrong right off. The top plus. The quarterback paddle lives up to the hype. Lamar was good but that guy going places no one has ever been before and then a star is born Daniel Jones electrifying football fan base in at least one person sitting here didn't see that coming all that more in this hour. Let's go we'll start at the end of your NFL Sunday. He didn't stay up late last night. What the game this was browns and rant Cleveland First Time on Sunday night. Football in eleven years third quarter browns are up three and here's Jared Goff Cooper Cup one of the best runners in the NFL right now cooper cut at the top of this route set the corner gave him an easy route to the sideline back and forth. We'd go later in the third same score. Baker may feel getting it done. Love the throw love the play call. This got the browns right back on talk to their ahead but now there's an answer here from gop again. It's huge. Listen the line of scrimmage. This guy right now is uncomfortable and man to man all right now. Here's a huge moment of the game rams up three Browns on a four nine rex. They ran a draw. It's like do you do not know. Sport down for goodness sakes I I. I'm sorry that that's the one of the worst calls I've ever seen very stiff absolutely absolutely startling. We'll talk more about it later. In the fourth Brown's down seven on a third-down Mayfield the sacked here by clay matthews so therefore to some other rams. Get the ball back. Can they run the clock out. That's the question and the answer is no this defense for the Cleveland. Browns play good enough for them to win this game last night. Confused Jared Goff did not seem Corson to not see some defenders throwing and the browns were playing without their entire starting secondary and now Baker Mayfield does get it going this last drive. Try and get them setup for the winning or at least a tying score. That's Jarvis Landry for twenty seven yards then they're. GonNa Find Damian Rally for sixteen yards in another first down and there's a roughing. The passer puts the ball on the four yard line. I didn't goal from the four final minute down seven and look at the plays they run so I down. They get zero glitz and it's a wasted play should have run the football there to eat. Some clocking can try papa run second down. You're anticipating pressure from wait billets. He doesn't bring it. He plays on US sprint out waste of down third down. You've got Jarvis Landy right underneath right there but Baker doesn't see him in the ball goes high in a way through the tight now on fourth down. You get a little bit of a man coverage. They're gonNA doubles the receivers. There's nowhere to throw the football. You traded for dining. Odell Beckham has four downs to go to go. Titans Ballgame never once called his number very restrained decisions rams. Get the win. Let's talk down five the process of White Ryan wants. should have run at once three times. So why didn't you just didn't I know what you guys are going to try and do is talk about the play calling but it's executions the most important thing you know whatever whenever we have called we gotta do our job fair enough off and he's saying that what he should say in that circumstance he doesn't want to bury his coach three weeks into the season but at this point they run a drawn fourth and nine which as far back as we have stat which which is two thousand seven no team has ever done before and then four cracks from the four yard line they don't get it done. Ken Freddie Kitchens figure this out in my my point. Is this greenie before they fire like he's going to. He's going to figure it out at some point but it might be after they fired and it looked Dan. You talked about a a great point. They should run the ball and I down kind of hard to do that. When you don't have a running back there yeah they went to empty on first down. I go from the four. What do you even if you're gonNA throw it which you should throat. Odell Beckham in that situation. The threat is has to be there on first down. You don't even have a back in the in the backfield so there's a ton of mistakes. This guy's May look he first time head coach all the you know He. He's got that so you give them a passionate. Oh you're you have a team that has they have as much talent is anybody. In the league I mean they have a collection of town and they have a bull's eye on their back that they themselves seem to welcome right. They sort of seem to want it the way they have behaved them. Look I Freddie Kitchen these it an interesting guy but own everything thing you know and when you I should've run it through the yeah guess what he's smart but you should and I'm sorry great constraint. Yeah well cleaned up but look that's fine but you got to walk in there and you better walk in there with some things you know not just the swagger but something back it up. I did the same thing when I came the jets I wanted. Everybody know look. This ain't the same oh jets Freddie Kitchens doing the same thing. This ain't the same old browns bullet sure looked like this as I sit here in removed from the game I think the biggest thing that comes to my mind is the browns easily should have won. A football game should not have or could have won a football game. They should not have their down seven starters last night. They're they're playing the team that represented the NFC going to the Super Bowl and they're coming off rough. I two weeks right and so I give them credit to say they for most of the game they handled handled this situation row protected. Their offensive line got the bottom. Baker Sans Their defense played well but we talked about the four thousand nine draw. I WANNA go back to the fourth goal to end the football games because because you talk about coaches and how they put guys in positions to be successful or what can we do to make sure that we take advantage how wide these two defensive tackles for the rams around the tackles for the browns. You've got on your left that means. He's going to get double teamed. The whole middle of the field is going to be wide open. You got man to man coverage on your right to the tight end. Nobody has accounted for Baker Mayfield. All they had to do was one coal quarterback sneak week. Is that a Gutsy Colt absolutely but that's GONNA be a walk in touchdown or Baker feel that like Danny dimes did and take off up the middle but I want coverage bridge that listen. I've been around coaches that in that situation are prepared. They're ready for that moment and they give you the keys as the quarterback. If you see those two defensive tackles that y you go up to London scrimmage. There's a code word Sucker Sucker Kimmy the snap right now and follow your center. No absolutely I mean a quarterback always has that right yeah and you know when I look at this like Baker Mayfield. That's why he's not getting it guys. He's regressing and look I. I've seen it happen. We know why I've seen it personally happen but the confidence is is leaving. He's gotTa get it back somehow. When I look at it then you talked about. They did a better job throwing the ball in rhythm well. Why is that important. He was five of eighteen when he when he held onto the ball longer than two and a half seconds. You GotTa know your going against Donald Donald Fowler Clay Matthews. You GotTa get rid of the football and that's what I don't see enough from this office and here's more bad news. It's not going to get easier their next four games aims at Ravens at forty niners who were unbeaten then Seattle and then at the Patriots so they need to get it figured out and they need to get it figured out quickly. That's where we begin L. Where do we go next. We go to one of the most anticipated matchup of quarterback than some time at least this season that being pat mahomes on your left Lamar Jackson on your right how would pop homes fair against the Ravens second brain the deep well. Dan in the second quarter learned right away. You talk about being special just a little bit of a drift away from pressure on the ball down and then throw tinware demarcus. Robinson is going to go. That is what you call on potable. He makes forty yard passes. Look like fades later on this is just blown coverage and the nickel hardman of the top ten speed. I wonder what it's like to have a howitzer barely got off the ground and when fifty yards downfield took part in the fourth quarter the ravens down big trying to stage a comeback and Lamar Jackson. Don't throw it up. Don't throw it up. Throw the ball or from he going to say something about this. Though this is a great play by the March fourth and five you'll go down without the with the football is a tragic mistake. Give your guy a chance that Roberts did just just that later on after a chiefs punt Jackson again trying to avoid pressure and again just throwing the ball in the air and again his receiver comes up you know this is really well designed. Oh this is this is a throw it up and pray that Willy's needs you catch the obviously over two minutes to play now ravens down eleven second engulfed. This is what makes him such a threat in the open field and this is what we're being honest. He did best yesterday does try to make some plays out of the pocket. He made some guys look silly in the open field yesterday. This is the stuff that the artist that nobody can really except if you play running back there's a bunch of folks the ACC like yeah. We remember so suing kickoff two minutes to go in the game. Justin Tucker tries drop kick. It Works Perfect Ball placement. The cheese have to call a fair catch. This is what my sixty degree lob of wedge looks like I mean incredible designed by Tucker in the Ravens. The try do something different but I want to credit the rookie McColl Hardin to understand okay. I gotTa Get Position Fair Air. Catch the mixture. I don't get hit and secured possession it because then you get it back to Pat Mahomes the what they do. They is the game here will fix up the first antient shady hundred sixteen round get yards on the ground rather mahomes outdueling Jackson and their first matchup chiefs winning thirty three to twenty eight if you were watching that game it it looked a little bit at times like Lamar Jackson was trying to beat Pat Mahomes at his own game. Specifically downfield three throats fifteen yards downfield mahomes was seven of eleven for two hundred yards and two touchdowns towns to compare that to Jackson greedy who completed just eighteen percent of those throws for seventy nine yards yes so you look at those numbers and you don't emerge very impressed with what we saw from. Lamar Mar yesterday in the showdown. I don't feel there's nothing to talk about with Patrick Mahomes right. He's ridiculous and that goes without saying was I the only one who emerged more impressed with Lamar Jackson. I mean this is a guy who still it'll hasn't played much more than half of a season. He obviously can do things that I've never seen a quarterback to in my life that run that we just showed there is only one of several plays that we saw the passing passing game is getting better as he goes along so good team he played against yesterday. I Dunno emerged more confident in the Ravens yesterday as opposed to less. I'm staying the same because I'm very confident if in this team but L. talked about this guy was trying to match Lamar was trying to match PAT mahomes well. That's impossible. Nobody in the League could but what I think it was. I think it was Greg Roman trying to match Andy Reid show how smart I am. Are you kidding me. Don't don't do that. He's a different guy. You don't have pat malls you Lamar Jackson who is a heck of a football player but do what he does best. Where's where's the three tight end stuff. We're all that where's the ground and pound that you've been killing Elon people with Mark Ingram. They had no answer for Mark Ingram. was there a little element here. Dan you think of outsmarting themselves they were going to point conversions and shooing field goal opportunities the all this because they're going up against the Kansas City team they figure they have to score a lot of points to be. I would imagine there are some analytical evidence behind it to say. Hey Go for two against this team if you intimidate. They're going to score this many points. I WanNa say this though Lamar looked good yesterday but this is what happened we need to credit the chiefs defense a little bit here like like chiefs kingdom. I got you. This defense showed up yesterday. They gave up two hundred and seventy yards for the first three quarters of the football game till they kinda secured it. They got physical with Hollywood Brown. At the line of scrimmage. They never allowed the ball to go up over the top. which was the case? The first two weeks they zone blitzed Lamar in this offense took away some easy throws put also got pressure and their second level made that offense play patient if we're going to crush the chiefs defense at times when they don't play well we gotta love on a little bit and they rose up yesterday very quick. I know you're go ahead. What's your no. I'm just saying the great thing is knowing that you have that vaunted. Chiefs defense gives everybody buddy in the league hope because I don't believe in that defense. I was excited to see yeah. They zone pressured him and all that just the way Clinton used to do and back in the day in the ACC and when they used to beat him all right but guess what you're sitting back run that ball Greg Roman help for the chiefs run all at this team. I'M GONNA leave it there because I want. We haven't even seen Aaron Rodgers yet L. Let's change that now exactly Aaron Rodgers and the packers facing the broncos at home and shocker. We're going to start off this broncos. Hollywood penalty. They jumped off side so it's a free play for Aaron Rodgers and Dan well he does Aaron Rodgers saying Marquez Vol candling. How many times have we see this over. The last fifteen years four hundred eighty three play Rogers is going to find somewhere launched downfield second quarter to twenty-seven left same score flacco looking to pack suppressed and Smith got all up in him three sacks on the day and eventually the packers recovered the loose ball so they finished with six acts later on it's Rogers to Aaron Jones Jones and they take a seven point lead into that points off turnovers. That's what matters in the NFL. I don't care how many turnovers you get score over. It's nice job. Iron Jones Rogers was not asked to do much in fact he rebelled rebelled afterwards at how clean his uniform was because well the defense for the Broncos is not quite the defense of the broncos. We've become accustomed to without being said you you see the packers forced three turnovers on the broncos and if you're a glass half empty type of person you might say how despite all that only win this game by eleven points. Are you concerned with the the packers offense I am. I was all off season. I still in here's the reality so matt leflore comes over as their head coach and his strength because I know coastal flora I've played under two times is is being able to look at a defense throughout the week and then figure out how to attack that and so we schemes them that I fifteen or twenty plays a game for the packers right. Now is outstanding standing the past two weeks they've had twenty or so placed the start the game and they scored nineteen points and then ten points all sudden. This team starts to fall off. They don't right right now. They don't have the counterpunch. They have their big haymaker to come out with but there's no counterpunching. We see this offense struggle first quarter. This offense is the seventh ranked offense in the NFL fell quarters two three and four the thirtieth ranked offense in the NFL earlier on the short praised Andy Reid for how he's able to get through a game and figure out okay. Your defense is doing this so I have to do that and he's prepared for it. That's where this offense needs to get to now. There's three no and that's great but they're getting carried by their defense and it is early on in him. Aaron Rodgers are still figuring each other out but if we get into mid October and this is still an issue then that's gonNA hinder this football team because this defense is only going to be able to slow down offenses consistently for so long. They gotta get counterpunch at some point. You're talking about a packers fan where the defense is the strength. What a time to be alive. I mean greedy. What world is this is certainly play a place that Aaron Rodgers is probably wanted to live in for a long time. Let's go from the aging superstar to the star who was born yesterday. Ladies and gentlemen again. You Daniel Jones in Tampa his first start and here he is in the second quarter taken the read option running into the corner and the giants are in a ballgame now. Here's the bad news for the giants yesterday. Saquon Barkley going down. He's in a walking boot. He's got high ankle sprain an MRI today REX. How bad is that well. I mean it usually is horrible 'cause that usually you're better off. Sometimes breaking your ankle. That's probably a four week injury but like you say he's Superman. We'll see what happens now. Who Will Superman yesterday. Daniel Jones Jones was here is making Evan Ingram right up the sideline. That's Jones's first touchdown passes Ingram on the crossing shallow and this is what he does best brief in short. Let him go long. Here's a play that Dan did a nice diagram of earlier. Fabulous throw from Daniel Jones to Sterling Shepard in the corner of the end zone and the giants are within three Korea twenty-eight twenty-five they'd been down eighteen points in this game. There's under four minutes left now. Giants down six Daniel Jones here. It is your first chance at a two minute drill trying to win the game commanding certainly had a lot of those over the course of time and he's coming up throwing. This is the story though comfort in the pocket confidence in the pocket to know where to go with the football final receiver receiver and deliver it it all boils down to this a fourth down and five with a minute to go. Moses Parts the Red Sea Daniel Jones takes off giants. Take the league. That's the play Baker. Mayfield didn't make you a few minutes ago and there it is for the giants but they leave time on the clock for this man and what did they Mike. Evans had eight catches one hundred ninety yards and three touchdowns. It's going to set up what should have been a game winning chip shot for Matt Gay but with four seconds left. Only we leaves it. Just write a heartbreaking defeat for the buccaneers gay had been four for four on field goals before that kick with but that will look at this look at Saquon. He is in on the celebration. Let me give you the numbers on Daniel Jones twenty three of thirty six three hundred thirty six yards and four total touchdowns he ran for two when he threw a two and we all comment that as we watch that highlight together this morning before he came on the air the enthusiasm from alive look genuine that moment didn't it looked like he li- Kinda saw saw himself in that moment and knew the joy of that moment actually feels like when you're the player and it was all like watching almost like a father and a son of a a friend where it was like I'm so happy for you so so we not going to go back and show you all of rex was the one who predicted this what happened the Danny Jones would be that sixth pick that he was going to be a great player. Were even used surprised by just how good he was yesterday well. I was surprised that they've made the move when they did they'd be ready and and he would have this kind of performance formats because I truly believe in this guy but to me who could predict a guy is going to have that day. Look Sam Darnold. Everybody's excited. He never had that that this kind of day one one time to me. This was amazing the fact he brought his team back. You talked about the poison pocket. He showed on that last drive all that's that's after he had two turnovers in the pocket work the Strip sack any still showed that kind of poise unshakable listen the reality is. I watched thirty six games a visit Duke. He never looked like this now. I think what you're seeing is a guy that not being honest. He never looked like this and I was wrong about about this kid. His performance yesterday was absolutely spectacular. You cannot find a flaw in it. He threw the football exactly where it needed to go when needed to go there and he made the most important play the game. It's easy for a quarterback to sit back there and throw carpeted. Take a sack or something like that but the decisiveness when he saw that the whole open up that was on display from the first third down of the game the decisiveness that kid showed so he was he was incredible and I don't care if it was against the the packers the bears your ravens defense the bucks it's thirty two teams in the NFL and he was outstanding it was and I the only thing I disagree with. I saw all those traits when he was. He had no no receiver that can get separation. He had no offense align but I saw at the time this is a warrior and that's always a who breaks a collarbone and missing only two games like this kid's a stud and ask for the collarbone that he broke in college was against northwestern eastern which is mild to moderate so I watched that game I saw him beat northwestern and back to back years and I thought he did look that good in those games. I jokingly said if you'd only seen the northwestern tape on Daniel Jones. You traded up to take him number one now. It's not crazy here. Obviously it's one game but it was a very very impressive. I mean that's all we can go off of right now one game but we also have have to go up to four preseason games right because all he's done his answer the questions that have been thrown up there. Oh it's the first right that's only the preseason well now. It's a regular season game on the road. Without your best play eighty-three percent completion rate in those freeze you can't do more that he's done to this point as we continue big story this morning developing as we speak Jalen Ramsey sudden sick call watch the Jags do now we will ask. Mike Tannenbaum and he will provide the answer plus. The Rams approved the three and the reason to worry in. La this morning you've got questions. We've got what answers you're watching get up on. ESPN in case you didn't see this on Saturday. This is rutgers football scoring a touchdown and then after the celebrations. What kind of celebration is that. That's that's New Jersey for you. Ah That's something you do your twin brother. That's a celebration. That's after a touchdown. What does he do when the quarterback throws a pick on what the heck they're doing with friends like that. WHO NEEDS EMMY COMING UP. In five minutes the browns decisions at the end of the game continue to go under the microscope five minutes after that the saints maybe the Best Day of anyone in the NFL and then more on Daniel Jones. A star is born. It's a busy morning and we're glad you've chosen a started with us. You're watching get it up on. ESPN growing a business is hard especially when you're wasting hours every day moving data from emails to spreadsheets to your crm to wherever else shouldn't that kind of stuff just happen without you. Lifting a finger zap beer can help Zappia is the easiest easiest way to automate your work. 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Get up for your free fourteen day trial Zappia dot com slash get up when it comes to hiring you don't have time to waste. You need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot. COM POST A job in minutes set up screener questions then then zero in on qualified candidates using intuitive online dashboard and when you need to hire fast accelerate your results with sponsor jobs new users can try for free at indeed dot com slash getup. That's indeed dot Com. Slash get up terms conditions and quality standards apply. Hey we are back on get up with this developing developing story the latest news regarding Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey coming from our Adam schefter who reports this morning Ram. He's not going to be a practice today. Maybe not this week because because he thinks he has the flu or maybe it's calming Ramsey of course requested a trade last week. Those sources tell Schefter. JAGS are not interested in trading him I am. Let's bring in our front office. Insider Mike Tantamount for his perspective and I'm over here reading this and I'm using air quotes that you can't see he's sick. They're actually ways though for them to substantiate his claim of being ill am. I right absolutely L. They could certainly send over medical people the trainer the doctors you'll recently we saw that. Sam Darnold had mononucleosis nucleoside with the New York jets. The jets sent their medical department over there to help them so they can certainly start by saying Hey Jalen. If you're really sick we're going to send our medical people over and that's when the real dialogue presumably would begin okay so let's just say for the purposes of this that he is actually sick and he's doing what we think he's doing and he's trying to force his way out. What then do you do if here in the front office of the Jaguars this whole start this whole episode started when they had that blow up a couple of weeks ago I would bring him in. I'd bring in his representatives other areas years of influence in his life people that report to him and say like we saw what happened now. Let's focus on why it happened. There's economic issues that we could work really hard to solve more importantly. What are they not. Economic issues here that bothering you and we're going to get in a room. We're GONNA work really hard to solve those problems. If you're too good of a player you mean way too much is to us and we don't want you to leave so let's close the door and lets air out. Our grievances work hard this album so you think that they're still in a place where this relationship is salvageable salvageable aw L. I think it's really important. There's two sides to this on the one hand. If you're the Jaguars you're going to be judged by the other fifty two players in your locker room. If you let somebody kick and scream theirself of the organization or say that you're sick and now get rewarded with the trade. What do you think the fifty two other players are going to do when they're unhappy. They're gonNA use the same tactic. It sounded an effective way you to run an organization however on the other side you also have Jalen Ramsey. He has to be careful because he doesn't. WanNa be viewed by his teammates that he's laying them down there. Wanting into government you is off to a really good start and he wants to be there and be known that as a player. That's there for his teammates so both sides have to move with caution here and both sides have a lot to lose again. Mike Tannenbaum reacting to the latest news from Adam Schefter Jalen Ramsey attempting to possibly force his way out of Jacksonville by saying he's too sick to to show up at practice and greedy who among us hasn't been sick the day after the Super Bowl. I'll thank you very much for the very packed weekend weekend right with. NFL Action and there's so many storylines that's quite a few. We haven't even gotten to yet this morning so I'm GonNa put sixty seconds on the clock and let's touch on a few of these other stories around the League we opened with the browns today and there was so much attention paid to the things the browns didn't do last night. We haven't talked much about the rams sixty seconds on the clock. Are you worried about Jared Goff. Right now now because the coaching that is there and the talent that is around him jared. Goff is going to continue to play good football now. The turnovers are a little bit abnormal for for him but I would say this. This offensive line is missing some pieces and he's having to move a little bit more and I think that's what we saw last night was when he's got a move in the pocket a little bit it. He gets a little bit loss with where his eyes. WanNa go to so Sean mcvay needs to figure out where this offense is with this kind of patchwork offensive line but I have no concerns about Jared Jared Goff moving. He's playing defense. The entire starting secondary was out with injury last night in Cleveland and GOP certainly did not light them up. What did you see rex no. That's you know if if you ask me the same question I am really concerned because goths a different guy at home. He's he's a looks like a superstar on the road. He's averages can be and you're going against all four starters. were out in the back end for. Cleveland right and that's what you put out there so I would be concerned with that. I'm also concerned. Obviously surly sale so there's the brand's needs to be at home. Is the point you made in. Our meeting is warning in the playoffs. The saints may have some ideas about that they go into Seattle yesterday they know drew brees and they still emerged with a win was actually a great day for them in every way yesterday because in the NFC South Tampa loses in crazy fashion Atlanta lost ask yesterday. Carolina loss yesterday. Carolina got a win but they're one and two so let's put sixty seconds on the clock and talk about the saints even without drew brees for this period of time. Are they still children to win the NFC South's. GonNa win that South because I mean you got some cream puffs over there so to me yes. They're going to win it now. was I totally blown away by Teddy Bridgewater and you know I've been critical of I felt okay about him. He was smart enough to throw it to the running back anything down the field not so much but he didn't have complete nine balls running running back for ninety yards. So that was impressive. I was impressed with their defense. Even though they gave up four hundred yards passing but they had a big turnover for scored Mario Davis's playing outstanding and then the special teams get scores so to me it was a team effort and I was impressed with and that's the thing the team right. This is why the saints were such a Popular Super Bowl pick. It was really good. There are super bowl pick with drew brees but if you take them off this is still very capable team good offensive line good defensive line and a lot of skill position teaching people that can make place so we'll win the NFC south. There's certainly the front runner right now and I said Leslie. Teddy Bridgewater is going to keep the team afloat. Drew brees come back. I hate to even say the breeze injury could wind up being a blessing in disguise he sort of fell off at the end of the season if he's fresh or maybe it's better now. Let's get one REX's. GonNa like a lot. How about them bills bills? Mafia fired up right now they're three and they sit right next to New England at the top of the AFC east. The quarterback is not spectacular but he's making plays that defense is legit so I will ask the question sixty seconds on the clock. Rex Ryan are the Buffalo Bills Legit just like I said last week when I said yes they are legit and they they are a playoff consider and and you're right it's because of that defense that defense can play against anybody in the league and you'll find out this week when they when they play New England because they're going to be way more competitive than people think I also like the fact that Josh Allen just keep getting better and better and better and so I like the bills and and look they play without the running back at that guy healthy this team's legit. Josh reminds me a little bit of like this. Shawn Watson like he just makes some incredible play's at times you make some bone. Eddie the plays he kept Cincinnati in the game. You know remember the movie dumb and Dumber at the end when he comes back you just that's just shown in the Buffalo Bills Right now. Just just get the game to the fourth quarter with a chance and he's got a chance to go in this football. That's what he's doing right now in in credit this team the buffalo bills are legit their defense like you said coach. Is You play with anybody. They got sixteen chances because of that defense well. They'll get a shot at Tom. Brady this weekend. We'll see what they're able to do. What they've eaten. The jets were winless. The bengals were winless and the giants who who if not for a missed field goal yesterday would be winless but they've played the teams on their schedule. We'll see what they are. Meanwhile busy morning and a lot of other places as well. Let's get up again. Let's do it with start with the WNBA view NBA Semifinals Jasmine Thomas scored twenty nine and her back court made courtney Williams added another seventeen and the sun beat the sparks to sweep the series in advance for the WNBA finals for for the first time since two thousand and five will face the winner of either semifinal series between the Washington mystics and the Las Vegas Aces speaking of playoff implications Haitians cubs had a dreadful weekend against the cardinals Chicago game into the ninth up to one but then Paul Goldschmidt double gave Saint Louis a three two lead that marked the cubs six straight loss the last ask five by a run and the win clinched spot for the cardinals it was also their first game sweep at Wrigley since May of nineteen twenty one I remember it well and and lastly the no one in baseball as hot as the brewers they don't have Christian Yelich and it doesn't doesn't matter rather they're seventeen and four in the months they also swept the pirates thanks to a pair home runs and they're trying to at this point continue to keep pace in the standings and we'll take a look at that because you've gotTa love where we're at in baseball right now. There's still a lot to be decided. In the playoff picture Dennis central rather do team race at this point between those cards and the brewers in the National League wild card race got Milwaukee in the nationals tied for the top spot four board games out on the cubs four and a half up on the mets and how about this. There's certainly not trying to be in the thirty are they clinched the Al.. West the Astros thanks about George Springer had an I three home run game of his career and then of course Justin verlander just did what he does. Springer's home runs came in the first four innings of the game Houston Silla something to play for for though in the final week of the season namely the best record in the American league and they are battling it out and it is a good one with those Yankees. They're up a have a game for the best record in baseball. You got the dodgers on the other side. They've got the best record in the National League two games back in Houston again. Remember this is important because of course the team that finishes with the best record occurred gets homefield throughout the postseason speaking of which we do have a game with those playoff implications coming up for you tomorrow night and ESPN at the Indians. They're just trying to keep their wildcard hopes alive in Chicago against the white sox. That's a good team to do it against Cleveland tied with the race for the second wildcard spot in the Al.. You're going to see that tomorrow tomorrow night eight eastern on ESPN and has always live on the ESPN APP still ahead on get up. It's a big Monday for struggling bears quarterback Mitchell trubisky ski. How do the bears get him going. Berg McFarland will join the program and detail also coming up ally who Daniel Jones amazes in his his debut what impressed our friends here the most they were Jones inform a love Jones and get up and just rolling on this is a monumental day to the New York football giants so changing of the guard the quarterback position well. What a play by Joe. He that the Bergman spot it comes down to this to the the first game of the season performance by Daniel Jones. What a day and look. I mean Daniel Jones. Let's say a lot of things about him here. You see this on your screen. They were down eighteen points in this game at something he Li- manning never overcame oprah forty four as you see in games. They're getting blown out out. Daniel Jones finds a way to win it. We've talked a lot about it this morning. I here's the deal rex has been all in on Daniel from the beginning. You had a lot of questions and you're certainly not alone. You've seen what he did in the preseason very impressive. You saw what he did. Yesterday couldn't be better. Are you now all in on Daniel Jones. I mean certainly a lot more that I was in the past. Yeah I mean he's looked in the preseason and yesterday better than really ever did in college. I mean I did his game against Virginia Tech last year. When he came back from the collarbone caller bone who's okay and the reason he was okay and then there's moments in the season last year's last year of college and maybe maybe Miss Undervaluing doing how bad the kids were at Duke around in was part of this but yeah I mean this kid has there's nothing I can find to point out on tape that he's not flourished I in getting the ball out being athletic in space throwing it accurately throwing get with anticipation rising up in moments when you've got to be able to calm yourself but handling again. I always look at it like this like the chimps were stacked against in yesterday right. I mean you're replacing legend on the road. You lose your best best player. You're missing your your best receiver Golden Tate yet. You still found a way to bring your team back. In so many ways you had the chance to fail and you you double down and not only succeeded yet when he says the best player for those who didn't see the game saquon. Barkley got hurt the first half and didn't play for the entirety of this comeback so rex I. I think I'd like to ask you this this. Why did you see this coming. We were sitting there the day after the draft in the whole world. It wasn't just the whole world was piling on this pick and you came out. There and you said this was the right right thing to do and he's going to be a really good player. Why did you know that I knew some behind the scenes things about him. I knew is retention was unbelievable like ridiculous which of course Chatou have as quarterback so the intangibles being an MVP of a basketball camp when he when he had a broken right hand had to use his left hand the fact Jay Bilas when I talked to him he had to NBA players yet he put Daniel Jones on the best player on the team and he would never take a playoff at his court so I knew those those intangibles about him but I also saw the skill set the athleticism and all that green. I gotTa tell you this so got went to go. Get My Daniel Jones Jersey yesterday and I'm like man. I couldn't get him why because they read triple X. Anyway stretch fabric saying it tight thing so who's that going to be a euro cut. It'd be banned again. I'd say right now. That's a heck of a line. There are going to be a lot of Daniel Daniel Jones jerseys walking around this town and all over the country after that performance yesterday. Let's get more on that right now. L. is standing by well. They vary special guests and they certainly our good good friend. BOOGER McFarland is going to be on the call Monday night football on the boob today. We're going to get to that game just a minute because it's GonNa be a big one for Mitchell trubisky but when you're watching Daniel Jones yesterday in his debut what impressed you most about it well. I think it was the poise is high played the game oftentimes with young players especially quarterbacks. We focus on their physical attributes. I don't don't do that. I think quarterbacking is played from the neck up the ability to process information and make decisions quickly. The moment wasn't too big for Daniel Jones when you watched him in the two minutes situation nations throughout the game no turnovers taking care of the football but the ability to process information quickly and get the ball to the playmakers. He did like he was the veteran quarterback. That's how you know he can play. I don't care about all the speed and height I wanna get it can make good decisions and take care of the football because you had the entire organization your hands at all times and he did a phenomenal phenomenal job of their. It's good for NFL whether you like the giants are not good for the NFL for the giants at the very least to be good enough right eight to be in a show Let's run the hurry up okay and I'm GonNa Start with a few performances we saw yesterday in particular who has become the human cheat code that of course is Patrick Mahomes. I mean just I again fantastic against the ravens. What specifically Booker makes pat so good. Well just like we talked about. Daniel Jones he can process information Asian quickly and then you add on top of the physical attributes. Patrick Mahomes has a Halis her as an arm he can make throws at other quarterbacks can't make in the national football league and it's so calm. Tom And it's so easy and it's so smooth for him. How about Teddy Bridgewater got his first real significant start for the saints of course drew brees out and they go up to Seattle and they get a win. How competent should be entering the keys over to bridgewater for the time being well. I think it can be very competent because they play team. Football you get to of non office of touchdowns deontay hairs punt return Vaughn Bell with a scoop and score it was complimentary football because you don't have the future hall of Famer and drew brees and Teddy Bridgewater. They just had software you man good job moving the offense up and down the field score one for the coaching cliches offense defense special teams but truly that's what it went into that game and last year we said it before you're on the call bears redskins on Monday night. I'm sorry let's do browns. I we do have to talk about the concern level for Cleveland. Are you concerned there one one one and two at this point no not really you know everybody's. GonNa Panic because the expectations that we all set for the Cleveland Browns I say it from the get-go. You have to learn learn how to win. In a situation like last night pretty kitchen Baker Mayfield they will learn how to get in these situations and then thrive in them and have success but it's a learning process talent doesn't make you a winning football team understanding how to make plays in crucial situations. That's what make a good football team and the only way to practice that is to get into them like they did last night now. We're certainly seeing the folks here on this desk today kind of say that it looked like Freddie kitchens was gripping a little bit okay. Now we can get to Monday night football. It's bears redskins ends and all is going to be on Mitchell. trubisky hasn't been great for the bears this season after a whole heap of expectation. So how did the bears fix him well well. I think first they have to identify the problem and the problem was they were trying to do too much all off season to try to put in a game plan and helpful young quarterback and I think to a man they admitted admitted that the volume of offense was too much for everyone to handle so I think tonight you're going to see the offense. That's GonNa be simple. He's going to be basic. They're going to get the ball into the playmakers hands hands and they're not going to put too much volume of information and offense on Mitchell trubisky and I think less will be more their motto. I think is going to be let's do less better and Mitchell going against his poorest risky as defense. I thank you bounce back tonight. Moped unless Maserati really quickly those speaking of the Redskins Gins because of what we saw with Daniel Jones. Do you anticipate that the redskins might turn it over Dwayne Hassans a little sooner that they want to know. I don't think so because case keenum the starting to look like Minnesota case he's going back in the day and playing like he did when he was in Minnesota and you dwayne. Haskins hasn't played a lot of football and so I think we have to remember. He is still young on his metro station process so I don't see any situation right now. Maybe later in the season gained twelve thirteen or whatever maybe they'll give him some room but right now case keenum is not not the problem in Washington. DC and he's GonNa continue being a quarterback for this team also but you're going to realize this when you wash about it is I was. GonNa say you wanted to shamelessly plug Lsu but we had a bar over your shirt and it was just perfect for this Georgia fan but nevertheless there he is go tigers. I suppose you'll be Joe Berle Joey Borough Jill Football. You'll see booger. McFarland in a suit tonight bears redskins. ESPN's Monday night football game recovered starts with Monday night countdown down at six eastern with kickoff eastern on ESPN and as always on the ESPN APP Tuesday morning on get up can Mr Bisky actually bounced back against the redskins. We will know we'll have complete coverage of Monday night football. What's behind the eagles slow start. We'll get a live report from Philly and how hot is Jim Harbaugh seat after what happened to his team. We're going to ask Paul Finebaum and I imagine Greenie. He won't be mincing words meantime. I want to show you one catch from yesterday. I was watching this whole game yesterday. Shamed for me but look at this catch by Josh Gordon you Danny come on. This looks like Josh Gordon from years ago right the freak athleticism on the sideline turning the body making the contested catches athletic enough to get both feet down never juggling. He wouldn't be watch out. It was unreal now. This was a game in which the Patriots just took apart the jets and Luke Falk but we have a little sneaky Hembo question here. Layton the program but it's a good one before Luke Falk yesterday. who was the last quarterback to face Tom? Brady as a twenty point underdog. That's the question. The answer is coming up next next get up on ESPN. I get up as brought to you by Mercedes Benz the best or nothing and buy pizza. It's a hot no one out-pizzas the hut the WNBA semifinals continue tomorrow night on ESPN two campaigns at twenty eight points for Las Vegas last night as the ace is forced to game four against the mystics tomorrow night nine eastern on ESPN two you will see it you can also watch it live on the ESPN APP. Now I had the misfortune of of watching the jets play the Patriots yesterday ten in that Game Luke Falk was the quarterback of the jets because of illness and injury and they were more than twenty point favorite so it brings up the question. who was the last quarterback to face? Tom Brady as a twenty point underdog Dan Patrick Guess. I get a four o'clock in the morning to correct the show. Hello Oh it's me it's thousand eleven against the Indianapolis Colts on the road at New England. We own eleven. We push that game to onside kick. Go on strike. Takeaway lows Brady threw for like Fifty Armand. Thrown for three sixteen are you. I need to stand over Task Brady one where another we did that to Dan because we're that kind of couple in the meantime we do have relatively interesting news here L. Yes so we started this. Show with Adam. Schefters report jalen Ramsey has informed the Jaguars right that he is going to be sick or that. He has the flu and he probably won't be attending practice this week and of course we had emojis is because of the timing he quite famously is trying to work his way out of Jacksonville so new is a Josephina Anderson tweet saying essentially he is actually sick at this is just coincidental as how long this plays out. She says her understanding. It's day to day at the moment. All I know is I can't practice. Today is the quote from Jalen Ramsey and Doug marrone. We'll talk today at some point this they will send actors will come Sam. darnold Tannenbaum brought it up earlier today right so you know I've been a player before. I've called in the team. Says what are your symptoms will send some moments of medicine. We will see what they wind up doing. This was a terrific day rex. We will see next Monday so fast. I wanted to get traded to C._N._N. Or I'm just saying I feel a little better.

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