10.9.19 Low inflation creates job opportunities; Scam season is in full swing; How much allowance is good?


Media viewing trends are rapidly changing Americans are watching more video content across more screens than ever before brands need to adapt to the changing habits to get their message heard multi-screen TV advertising can help and it's more efficient and effective than ever advertisers can select their target trade wars but so far the economic seem to be showing that at least my initial fears are bearing mishmash of confusion right now where when corporate financial people are surveyed they say but in the midst of that most people aren't seeing any meaningful pay raises and out and I hope that I am so wrong about it leading to violence between countries but there are other sectors of the economy doing in my opinion on it later yet so we are in a really unusual situation right now very well by far the greatest job growth going on these days is in education and in anything to do with healthcare very intensely strong opinion that everyone loses and trade wars except arms manufacturers because either they're already in a recession in their industry or they believe there's one coming for the country and then you talk to people yes that's the power of TV get started today at comcast spotlight dot com slash podcast there's also at the same time that's going on that we have such low unemployment but really measly raises there are certain sectors of the economy and that is that we have the lowest unemployment rates we've had in a long long long long time is of the various trade wars it's pummeling manufacturing in the United States and in other countries I have a very in businesses where things are going great they're like recession what are you talking about I've never been busier more successful in my life so it depends on what you're up to so manufacturing there's significant job losses and layoffs taking place because how you doing well and also pretty much anybody with a college degree their services are very and how to look for the telltale signs the you're about to get taken in a sweepstakes scam that's coming up in today's cork -rageous moment and sales dot com so we have bargains for you each and every day on to tell you about a sweepstakes scam that has roared back so glad you're with us here on the Clark Howard show where it's all about you in that Walla yours her and government hiring at state and local levels of the hotel industry general and have you heard how much allowance the average parent is giving a minor child well I'm GonNa fill you in on the number and Oracle all out trade wars ultimately lead to the real kind of war fighting between countries so I'm very very anti we are seeing significant layoffs and job losses and closures of businesses so it is such a mess in demand right now so when you look at the big picture that's kind of it but what about this thing with you to learn ideas so you can save more and spend less and don't let anyone ever rip you off Kark Dot Com is our main website Carte de away in the lower third of income earners and the country is that you get a raise by changing jobs or by finding another opportunity that you can take and going to your existing employer in say I love working for you the having such low unemployment but people having a hard time getting pay raises well the Koren key for people per ticket would have got this other offer that pays me so many more dollars an hour and I love being here but I gotta go take that than the marketplace employers are not GonNa pay you more they're just not and so you've got to be unless you can help me out on the paycheck I mean until you go out and have the confidence to shop what you're worth Oh you gotta go see are you really able to find opportunities where you are worth more that somebody will pay you more and then if you don't like where you work fine just give them notice and go somewhere else but if you have that feeling I I have this loyalty to this employer. They've been good to me I like working here I like the atmosphere I've seen a little bit fatter paycheck then once you found what else is out there go tell them that you'd love to stay but you gotta have more money and then it's up to them to tell you to get lost or how about if I give you an extra whatever but she don't ask you don't get are and there's something making you feel like somebody is out there wanting to be the second bruce and not in a good way what's the story a your own advocate you're the one who has to go see what you're worth out there you don't just complain to your employer or more money my credit report apparently so I went to my social security website to try to create an account so you can monitor all of your social security activity coming of each of your credit reports and if you also register it Credit Karma you can get Fort Dot com yeah that's right that's what I went to say annual report DOT Com you're loud once each year to get a free copy I know what's going on with your credit and be able to monitor it frequently and the beauty of Credit Karma is that it's free to do that up in the future and in order to verify your identity you know they have you answer these questions off your credit report and and none of it dot com you can see two of your three credit reports basically whenever you want all year long for free so it's a much more generous thing bruce with us on the Clark Howard Show Hi Bruce Yeah Hey Clark I it's so nice to talk to you we'll great to have you here at annual credit report dot Com did you have any trouble getting one two or three of your reports yes strongly recommend particularly case where it looks like somebody may be out there maybe masquerading as you you need to we know moving forward to do something like that so you can't get any of your three files you're going to have to go through an identity verification can't access any you're going to have to go through you're GONNA have a new part time job that I hope you don't have to have and I wish I'd uh-huh oh anyway that was kind of a little bit scary so I went to one of the is with all three bureaus or only with a particular one if you've got a problem with them verifying identity with all three boroughs then I'm afraid to tell you the odds are stronger you have been a victim of identify theft and if you can do you dispute things you'll have to do affidavits you'll likely want to get an identity theft police report and I have a Asian process through the mail or not where you're going to have to send like a copy of a driver's license and you have to send copies made that's why I'm calling you because they gave me the same kind of questions things about car retail cards and dot com and you're able to get to of your reports but not the third then there's a greater possibility not a certainty better greater possible you a physical copy through the mail of your report and then you start the protocol of trying to clean up whatever havoc a crooked then what you get an annual credit report DOT COM yeah that was gonna be like a question for you is should I do that or not so you kind of like a short version of step by step on Clark Dot Com but there's a great organization based in southern California called the bills you have or whatever so they can verify you are the real bruce and not whoever is out there masquerading as you then they send you well of caused okay so let's go with something more innocent and let's say you go through the process of annual credit report the identity theft resource center that offers a great step by step guide if you do turn out to be an identity theft victim what an advocate for yourself and how to clean up the havoc that a crook has caused okay and it up okay that's what I'm hoping for let's say innocent it's not innocent you document everybody ever talked right way for you to proceed from here I hope Bruce there's a false alarm and not a big hassle you're going to deal with is work there's now a standard protocol for organizations to run a background check accounts opened up and I'm sorry this for one bureau that you failed the challenge questions or all three 'cause each would have their own challenge questions Oh yeah it let me pick one so I just picked one at random okay so at annual credit report dot Com thath what's the story yes my daughter in college she's seeking a volunteer opportunity this organization requires a background and the background checks are generally not deep dive background checks but they almost all start with things like you coughing there's a clerical error involved and then that one bureau you do the mail stuff get the report and then you start trying to clean chick she would directly to the website of investigative contractor I suppose and she called me because she calls every week or so I'm not sure that it's not in the various I think it might just be maybe somebody put my number down by accident or keyed in something wrong is okay you send in the stuff and it's it's weird we don't trust sending anything through the mail anymore but that is the fathers and go ahead and do the form to have the background check done so I don't like the danger at create from Cox the NFL season is underway and that means certain scams follow right on the heels of the beginning personal information including almost always your social security number so there is a danger that that information can you can you can pick all three and I want you to in this case and they're all for him and I want you to go see if the problem with your credit file honey I am very impressed so what's happened is because of scandals that have happened in the past particularly in I I prefer the one with the hammer myself okay I think we're done here now get all your favorite apps shows and movies right on contour. TV believes in the cause and the service they provide no that there is that risk of identity theft but the the certainty is that she'll be able to help on publishers clearinghouse publishers clearinghouse is a legitimate organization that has the big prize and so so many people are interested and having a chance at winning and publishers clearinghouse that it's become an extremely season towards the playoffs there are a variety of scams that pop up it seems every season most around popular target for scamsters and the Fraud Watch bulletin that I just received says that the publishers clearinghouse else scams are roaring back and there's two versions big right now one is you get a random phone call from people pretending to be from publishers clearinghouse saying that you've won a big publishers clearinghouse prize and you just need to wire money ways that they do at the end of every football season there's high interest in it they showed the big checks on TV and all that brought to you by Cox with Contour TV from Cox you can find all your favorites all in one place it is it have the Youtube you bet end up in the wrong hands so that's always the concern but it's not a certainty so the way I would tell your daughter to make the decision is if she really it actually I misspoke the seasons basically a third over now and we're getting as we move closer and closer through the for her but I think it's important that background checks be run especially when people are GonNa be volunteering with young people this episode audience and geographic areas and deliver their ads with minimal waste comcast spotlight helps brands put their message in front of the right audience on any device just-published again that they will never ask anybody to send any fee taxes or other monies to collect a prize remember that concerned about identity theft and I was wondering if that you know that this house doing now how old is your daughter that she's that savvy she's for some fees and then they bring you the big money the other is when they send you a fake check that has publishers clearinghouse on it and at the season Clark -rageous moment it's a small check and then they tell you to wire them money to receive your big check both are obviously bogus publishers clearinghouse hates this questions and she called to tell you she loves you and misses you she only calls with questions I went to Credit Report Agency that he recommend it's not the one I told your producer it's one you recommend annual Fred talknet flicker thing net flicks too and although Superhero Movies Contour has all the latest titles on demand Oh my grandkids love that big green I don so I've I've I've had my background investigated before I've done eighty six but this was through a website to a through a contractor and she on what you've always recommended which is locked on my credit do the credit freeze well I mean if something happens and and then you know Donovan is with us on the Clark Howard Show Hi Donnas Harry Clarke Donnas you have a question for me that concerns people about identity Gaulle and Do you think that it's safe to mail those identifying documents you heard me and the only way you get things moving forward that made sense and it's like your your name and streets he live that sounds your maybe I have a car in the driveway and they don't know you know the rest of that is implied okay so she she calls she's getting to the point in life now he's either scenarios I never I've never even been in my pleasure to welcome you to the Clark Howard Show where it's about you learning ways to keep more of what you make Clark Dot Com is our main website Kark deals dot com is where you go to save money each and every day you know it's pretty clear that when serve you at Clark Dot Com and card deals dot com on rules that as an example for every dollar allowance fifty cents goes into savings fifty cents goes into spending a years parents have lost their minds doubling allowance in three years so remembering with an allowance comes responsibility and I believe that is apparent it is you're right since you're giving the money to set and the savings doesn't have to be for college or for when you finish high school or whatever it can be for a specific goal kids spend all that money that you give them I will let you decide how much allowance to give you know I've talked about my rules about allowance and how important it is with allowance to gradually step it up year-by-year when the money in their pocket burns a hole in it and the money just vanishes so that's why I'm particularly fascinated by is that you use allowance as a teaching moment and there is a method that has been popular in the evangelical money has to be divided up in three jars one for current spending one for savings in one for charity and whether community for decades and that is what's known as the three jar system and that is that when you give a child money that the new report from the American Institute of CPA's the doesn't annual survey of allowance and finds that the average kid in the United States it's now is getting a weekly allowance of Thirty Bucks Three Zero Bucks this has roughly doubled in Shakila game or something like that older might be a new smartphone or something along those lines that you create points should be in cash even for a teenager not on any kind of stored value card because you need to create the first-grader gets a dollar a week and on like that up through twelfth grade to twelve a week but when I've stressed so much more than the amount who is into the idea saving money has a discipline about it but generally with kids school age kids the process of the finite of money which you don't sense on any kind of card and also simplest methods I've recommended in the past is that and it's your choice either by a child's age give them the amount of money by age so we use that as a teaching moment with your child you say what is it that means the most to you that you would like to do with the money and the savings are pre teens or teens whatever money they have for the most part they'll spin there's an occasional preteen or teen jar and it might be buying something in particular that you really want with a younger kid it might be a Nintendo device or create a sense of purpose for money because if you just give a kid money without any guidelines are teaching six year old gets six dollars a week twelve year old gets twelve dollars a week in eighteen year old if you're still giving it eighteen gets eighteen a week or you do it by grade you want to have your child think about money and that method with three jars you want to to jars or whatever I think it they learn nothing and then you feel frustrated why is it that my kids never have any money even though I give him X. number of dollars a week that's because they don't learn bias Moses you gotta teach the Roberts with us on the Clark Howard Show Hi Robert Hey how you doing great thank you Robert you got a question for me that is overseas and you know it's an expensive trip it's a honeymoon and we're talking about travel insurance and I'm looking at the one that's been very much on people's minds just lately hit me with well where planning on going to mindset of spend save Kiev or in in your household or will be spending save you gotta teach that the best options for that like can you use a particular credit card I called one credit card companies and they said they don't offer it anymore so then of course I can get it through the travel agency which is about six percent which I I hear is about average but I was wondering what you thought things I congratulations on your upcoming honeymoon second thing is the card that gets the best about the whole thing for travelling that the whole insurance thing was losing luggage they offer even just getting hurt overseas well I press for coverage for travel is a card called the chase sapphire preferred you get an entire suite of protections but you have to buy your travel on the card to be and not free the chase Sapphire preferred costs ninety five dollars a year and with it at the just pulled it up just this second so it says these benefits are available when you use your card so I have specific hoops you have to jump through read the rules but I for a long time have depended on a credit card CC It says one hundred percent of the cost of the trip has to be booked on the card or not you'd have to get into the in years to explain in simple English what is it well my husband and I would ideally like to retire early maybe L. They pay for you to buy other things it covers as primary coverage when you rent a car you don't involve your own auto down payment to the travel agent so then the remainder is on there I can put on there okay so nitty gritty of all the details but look into but the card what it covers it covers if your bag goes missing for a while car rental counter buying their outrageously overpriced collision damage waiver just one quick more one thing more so generally acts of war are not covered by policies and if you're really worried about my goal is for you to have a fantastic honeymoon and everything is great well I guarantee we will all right trip for any reason if you can't go for any reason whatever that these policies are much are tend to be more expensive it or more comprehensive and give you much more power in the event something adverse happens involving your trip all right so four trip cancellation trip interruption insurance and for car rental damage rather than buying separate policies or like at the great financial exposure there is a type of trip policy you can buy that covers usually three quarters of the cost of your all together protections just baked in so go ahead what does it have to be one hundred percent of it because I of course I had to put it us on the Clark Howard Show Hi Jill Hi Clark how are you great thank you Jill you have a question for me that I have struggled for fifteen around sixty before Medicare kicks in I think at sixty five so we're trying to figure out how to fill in the gaps and be able to pay our healthcare insurance and that in that period Hsa eligible is fantastic people who can afford to do that and pay current medical expenses out of pocket get by far the greatest benefit that's the most important thing is that you have a great life together Jill is with the only one thing I was wondering about is and I it's in the details of cards like an act of God say for example the you're able to use your HSA four so if you go to Clark Dot Com and you click or if you bang up the car all right and it comes with the trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance and all these things scipion there's out of pocket and so- HSA's pay for out of pocket tax-free There's Medicare for all or whatever there's still going to be out of pockets somebody on Medicare when you know just becoming a Medicare everything you can use your Hsa four and medical expenses can include the premiums you pay for insurance or we have the link right to the long version but do I love h essays not a little a lot is to use for medical services but I also have a full list of every possible thing that under today's law much more comprehensive but much harder to understand federal guide that the IRS has put together on is risky if you if you die or I know it's extremely unlikely but should medicare for all come in to come into play here in the coming years is there any the plane hit this thing called Bro you know God does that's an act of God probably in the details on whether they cover that are so cool because you put money in and you get a current tax deduction then they grow over the years tax free and then you spend them tax for so I've heard you talk a lot about health savings account and using them as an investment but as we're I'm I'm just now to the point where we can maybe start to do that because we hit the threshold of what we have is our ballots but a couple of questions came up in terms of You know is is there an amount that you should put in there that I gotTa tell you something funny in all the years that I've answered questions about HSA's no one has ever asked me risk and putting money in there I think putting okay let's take let's say we go to some kind of socialized healthcare let's just say we do survivor the account loses its HSA value satis and then the account is taxable to the benefits. Wait wait a minute I correct myself producer jol has found the answer for you so you a on eligible medical expenses and the situation you just described where you put money in now to use far down the road if you're and it's got the amounts you can put into an Hsa this year those amounts may change every year and then we have a link to the insurance policy to cover those gaps years so there I've got a list on a guide at Clark Dot Com that one rents but that's not the real purpose of them so you can read all that you can read the short version so something new every day thank you for asking the question Joel forgetting the answer for us so quickly it's time for vantage to start over instead of using a fifteen year old boxspring the important thing for us there are a lot of best buy he's mattresses are guaranteed where generally from companies you have from three months to longer than that and you put in the search box HSA skip past the ads they will come up and results and then read Mike Guide to HSA's mattresses rated by consumer reports that are very affordable the wonderful thing about the new beden box market is that the depending on the mattress provider to return for a full refund most these companies will come and pick them up from you you don't have to story okay so that would be a child sorry that could be a child right but that's not a tax free Clark Dot com slash ask where you post to question for me at Clark Dot Com hey specifically if you would like me to answer your question directly to you soreness in the morning at all now you're listening to the Clark Howard show thanks for people are pre teens or teens they're only interested in Clark deals not Clark because people and there's nothing here there's no clinical thing that I can fine that says what happens with your HSA money not thousands pay for one time access to consumer reports website or go to the library and read their latest ratings we've been sleeping on the spring for those they can sit on wood-frame they can set on a metal frame these are very inexpensive devices and it's likely from putting money in health savings account okay that sounds great. Can you use that to pay premiums if we had to get a the mattresses that come

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