Nicholas Pine's Sixteen Candles


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Your sleet sixteen and your mind. This week on the potty nNcholas pines sixteen. Welcome to teen. Creeps the podcast that discusses, why Pulp Fiction and one of your host Lindsay Kate. I I'm one of your hosts Kelly Nugent, and it is time for the book. No one was clamoring for. One of the installments of terror academy question, Mark. I sixteen candles never heard kademi ever, also the school was in no way like a an academy. It's not like fear street where like bad things happen on fear street. It just happened to take place at a high school. Yeah. And apparently, it was like the third of a series. It didn't feel. No belonged to an era. No. It made nNcholas pine, Nicole his pine also the copyright belong to somebody else entirely. So that's a pen name. Interesting, interesting. So we already told each other, what we think. But Kelly, would you think of the book snooze it is bad boy in bed? So boring and bad. Yeah. It's what most of the book is guy when win. I'm fat live on the wrong side of the tracks for forever than her a hooray. I'm skinny and hot and everybody wants me. Oh my aunt's trying to kill me. And. Yup. Yup. It was so boring. So boring nothing like nothing happens. Yeah. A few threatening cranks. Okay. So I was telling you before that this book was so boring. I don't really remember what happened. Uh-huh. So we're going to have to kind of struggle through this same for Kelly. Let me her copy, and then I left it at my house whips, so we're gonna have to we're gonna we'll, we'll do it. I'm looking charge through or a good reads blurb. It is. You is. It's so dumb. It's a very dumb book, it sucks. The cover is awesome. Somebody stabbing a birthday cake this as happy birthday Kelly. Yeah. And you'd think that maybe there'd be something exciting about her turning. Ecksteen. It really isn't though. No. Except that she is spent three. Interesting. Do you wanna share what you just did Kelly? What my never did. I'll never tell my microphone was like weird and smell weird a little weird. So the new cat. No, I don't know what it is. Now. Here's what I did. You were going to be like, what the fuck is do. Okay. Sprayed something on the microphone. It is. No, it's a mint enzyme spray that you're supposed to spray in cat melts. I get it. I two deodorizers. Yeah. But I was like, well, it's probably just gross for so many people like talking on it for so long all spray it. And here we are. I want to try it now. Dry here. Snow mine refreshing just Mindy, slightly Vinci. It's almost nothing here. We should do this every week with, like a different aromatherapy. Yeah. As we can see how it changes. I actually have another one that maybe we should try next time. It's called headache relief, and it has fennel seed oil, Rosemary, mint and lemon, and it smells so good. Sure. Should try all blended up. We'll try next time. So that's our adventures of essential oil. Remember when I used to spray, my nasal spray every episode because I did that for, we had a good up the first sweet Valley High episode. We did with Ryan. It was evil twin. Yeah. And I needed my nasal spray, so like prime the pump out in and we decided that that was what made it such a good. Yeah. I brought good energy because we all kinda like woo, but it expired sway. We can't use it to get new nasal spray. In the meantime, we'll have to make do with cat mouth spring. Different. Well, you can use it for dogs to its and dog mouth, spray. What about us, I guess it could be for humans, let's spray it in our mouths before. According audio and see how our react, I feel like I we will start salivating. Oh. Like, really bad. We I didn't choose my dry mouth, gums dot here. Well, you got some cats brave. You want some cats Bray, sprayed in your mouth funny ones curious, I looked up ways to reduce sticky. Mouth sounds for the podcast. And one of the things I saw was to chew gum for dry mouth. And so she's been chomping on the scum. Real quick. Right before it doesn't help. I think it does. Yeah. Do you bring it to the studio downtown? I have something my person. I'm in my car. Wow. I feel like this is making me where it now. Oh, because it's so many, I don't know. Okay. I wonder if we're being my head, yet it could be my head. I doubt it if it's some sort of enzyme. Yeah, it's just an insurance thing, and actually if it's safe to be ingested than fine, especially for a cat where like they can't handle, and they're small any toxic city at all. It's. I suppose I could have an allergic reaction to it. But I'll be fine, regardless. Okay. So let's try and figure. Okay. This book. Oh, I got the good row goody 'cause I was going to we're going to have to Stargell had barely says anything. But here's the back of the book, see it's such a liar about the school there. Oh, yeah already. Yep. Already. To get you another little hat for your microphone. Yes. The hat. No, no, no. I'm okay because the little hat you have on it. Now has. Right. You're okay. You're okay. We'll see if I need use mine, Hayler. No big. Okay. And then if you want, we can always change it. Okay. Welcome to central academy. It's like any other high school on the outside, but inside fear stalks, the halls not not really know, Kelly central academies, biggest wallflower has changed becoming one of central's prettiest, and most popular students. She's swamped with calls from all the hot looking guys. Hot looking guys, but her attraction proves fatal when her dates wind up dead. Yeah, I guess they do, right? Okay. So it's accurate. It's all accurate except for the fear stocks. That's hall's has nothing to do with the school. Nothing seems creepy about the school whatsoever. Oh, yeah. Nothing's going on. It's not even like, wow. People always dying here. Nobody says anything. Everyone sucks in this book. Yeah. Except for Rachel her. Best friend. Yeah. Yeah. Brad's good who's bad the boyfriend. Oh, he's fine. Bread's. Good. He likes a good guy. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. You know, who was the biggest villain, Jeremy? Is. He the ugly chess club or whatever the Marshall, the nice guy or nice Geyer. Yes. Fuck. Yeah. He was going to be the guy. I did too. And regardless, he is a bad guy. He's bad was Marshall, and it wasn't chess club computer club pewter club. This was in ninety three so leave Kelly is. At first, I thought that this book was going to be like a commentary on, like body shaming. No, it was not. You really we're giving it, here's a thing I only thought that up until when she's thinking about how she doesn't wear trendy clothes. Because in her words like fat, girls aren't allowed to care about fashion. Yeah. And I was like, oh, maybe. And then the rest of the book is like, no, it is only good to be skinny and pretty and. And also, if you're like if you just try hard enough, you'll lose weight and be pretty too. It was. So it's like what I was thinking about it is Kelly's, inner monologue. Book Kelly's inner monologue is so self hating. Yeah. Which is a fact. We real experience, people have just constantly every she does, she does get bullied by lies, the most popular girl, and she athlete by Jeremy lies boyfriend who as really disgusting. I hate him. He's terrible. I'm glad the book never let him off the hook. Yeah. It never did it was never like she should've just dated him. He has never like red herring that then got his redemption. Yeah, he's like, on redemption, but she spends the whole first part of the book going. Well, what should I expect nothing good ever happens to fat girls from I can't remember? I was gonna say goes but I could think was. I know you bows docks, which is like the bad part of town. Yeah. And that was just over and over bubble blah, fat girls, from Pitney, Bowes came expect everything. Expect anything back girls from Pitney Bowes with no money can't. I said, Pitney Bowes can anything. I'm just going to say that hookah. Yeah. That goes from the Kennedy just over and over. And it's like it's one thing that, yes, girls do think that about themselves. But the reason they think that is because of the. I now, so the like, yes, it's real. But this, it's this books fault because then once she like runs every day for three months and stops eating fast food, just like all, like Turkey weep bread salads, which is good. These are all good things, but it's like the second she does that then she's like Purdy and worthy of love. Yeah. Can sucked? We'll and like the other thing that kind of bug me was that, like you can't I a right? You can have a character that is like, really down on themselves and whatever. And if her arc was to then like be comfortable in her own skin, rather than in order to be comfortable in your own skin. You must work out every day for this summer and then get results and then be the prettiest girl. School, and then you can feel okay by yourself the app, which like I didn't like that. Did it was strange? Because in the beginning, it did sort of feel like the author thought that Kelly's life wasn't fair. Right. It thought the author thought the treatment shoes getting wasn't. Okay. And it sort of didn't seem like it was really judging her weight. It was more like Kelly was judging her way. She got pretty. Yeah. And then the book was like, well, clearly this is the correct way to be. Yeah. And also like it it wasn't like simple. It isn't that simple. And also, it kind of is like you can only be okay with yourself. If you're in fact, the prettiest girl, school NIA, that part was kinda messed, and then also like. I don't know there could be thing to the what being poor. Yeah. She's a poor will. And also the other thing too. Right. Is like I it's like you said it seems like it's like oh, it's not fair. How people are treating her. Yeah. Which it isn't ripe. But then it ends up being. It's not fair that her aunt made her that way. Yes. And that's just how people treat fat people. Yeah. Kind of thing. Yeah. Which is like it was this combination of. Yeah, it was a super shitty message because the what are so Kelly's parents, there really isn't much plot to get to. So whatever Kelly's parents were killed mysteriously, maybe in a car accident when she was eight and so ever since then she's been living with her aunt Doris who's like cold and a drug all the time and drunk and. Just keeps the worst food in the house, and it turns out that she wasn't broke that Kelly's parents are actually left Kelly, a ton of money on Doris was allowed to live on the interest accrued by that money. And so she was pretending that she was working, but actually she was volunteer. Got a job, if you're still working hours. Yeah. That was weird. And, and so it turns out that she was purposely keeping Lu, quote unquote, keeping Kelly fat and poor so that she no one would want her because go ahead will because she if she was thin, she would look like her dead. Mom her sister, who is yeah. The aunt sister and the aunt surprise surprise killed the parents, she's crazy was jealous of her sister, because she thought for some unknown reason that Kelly's dad, like maybe had a thing for her when, like truly he did not. Yes. He didn't even he didn't even know. Yeah. Aunt Doris was like he was the mind. I did your mom ever tell you that. And Kelly says something like no he wasn't. She brought him home as her boyfriend. You never knew him before they were an item and she's like, well, he would have been. She just keeps ranting. And then she keeps saying to Kelly, and I thought this was some fun crazy. Character work of. She's like now, here going to steal all my boyfriends and. Yes. And Kelly's like what are you to hogging about what friends, she's like no way? Friends. I have boyfriends at bars. I go to and she's like, okay, I know she's like, I'm a teenager. I am not at those bars. I don't know. We're gonna steal them. You're gonna steal them. You're going to see them. So she like turns Charlotte nuts. She's like totally nuts. And then there's like a showdown. Lighthouse lighthouse and how do they defeat? Her Heli will Doris FOX Kelly. Yeah. Right. Breaks are hand dislo. Yes shoulder like hobbled her knee. And the way that Kelly, finally defeats her is she. Trick? So, yeah. Doors into thinking she is like in this dark space. That's actually just over the stairs. Yeah. And so doors swings together doesn't realize that she was like precariously on the edge of the steps, and she plummets. Yeah. And it's very store, dark and stormy night. The visibility is poor. Yeah. That's right. We'll scene was cool thousand was going. It was high stakes. Yeah. All this crazy and good. Crazy racial was like up there. Right. Rachel racial had been taken out by doors. Right. Like so she was also in Taylor. Right. So she saves Rachel and herself, which is cool. Yeah. A guide never stopped in. Yeah. And the guy will Jeremy Doris kills. So there's this character Jeremy who before Kelly's transformation asks her to get pizza with him at the mall and to Kelly's credit. She was like what the fuck is your end game. Rachel's idiots not real yet. Rachel's like go with him. Are you crazy and Kelly? He's like, why, why would he suddenly want to go out with me? He's dating by the most popular girl in school. I don't know go where it. And she goes shrill doesn't want to an horn. Writes her a bunch of pizza. I hated she. She doesn't want the pizza because she's so like stressed out about what his motives are. And he is like I would have thought a bigger like you could really put them away. Yeah. I thought you could put away at least four slice, Z, and she's like, what? And he's like sorry. Never mind. And she's like, okay is this day, like I don't think so. And then he's like, hey so my grades like really not doing great. But you're like a whiz with computers. Can you just go into the computers and change my grade? And she's like, no, dude. So she gets up and leaves then lies. It shows up choose like waiting in the wings. Yeah, I knew you wouldn't do it. I really did. So I really liked how Kelly just torrential Jeremy in EAC. Oh, yeah. She's like at the fuck outta here. Dry lash. Throws the coke and house as LIZA come. She's like I knew knew wouldn't do it. You're getting get it now. And pushes her into some table. Pushes her in Kelly like falls over the tables, and like gonna get it like all pissed off. And then, so Jeremy so armee sucks sex. And both of them decide they are like gonna get revenge on her. They hate her. No. Who's the guy who's the swimmer that she starts to have a thing with? Brad, Brad come into the picture until until she's quote, hot something. I do like is that he was always nice to her. Yeah. He was always nice to everyone. So it wasn't like he was one of her tormentors. No. And she and she does say she's like, I'm not about to go out with any of these fucking clowns, who would not have given me the time of day before. So that's good. So you're wondering what propels Kelly to decide to start working out every day. Interesting. You ask she gets a summer job. The duties of which are unclear. Computers computers. She's supposed to read creation assistant who manages their filing. That's right. She really saves the school lot of money because she's really more alley reading across reverence about computers, well, their equipment and things. So then the coach like puts her under her takes her in under her wing the track coach. She's like, hey, like one day unless you run two miles for the first time. Well, that's the last day. Yeah, this allows day. Crazy is she's like, hey you got this job cool. So I'm going to put you on a fucking diet and exercise regiment. Did she ask for this because they just cut to three months later? So what is unclear as to whether the coach was, like this is a part of the job requirement? Well after lunch we all go running normal, and you have you have grilled chicken and broccoli, and that's it. Yep. And Brown rice. Yep. Every day all day. She's on the Terminator two diet. Yes. Sarah, Connor diet. Yeah. And her aunt doors hates it keeps bringing fast food home. And again, it's like yes that is an irresponsible parenting to just be bringing bad food for your kid to eat all the time. Yeah. Still a bad message this whole book has a bad message even while aspects of it. I know are either truthful, or like insightful. I guess in cycles, too strong a word, but something akin to that. We're like, yeah. Doors should've meeting or crap. She has a responsibility to feed the kid better. Yeah. And she is, she's also weaponized the fast food to keep her has to keep her. Don't be. Yeah. And she's also referred to as dumpy many times, so many times so many times that wasn't me. Yeah. No, that's the book. Yeah. Also, like an there are things about this, and I'm like, yeah. Some of the sufferings true, but like to all together this is. A bad message of in a book, because it's the yeah, we should all every single one of us skinny people included because skinny, people aren't always healthy. No. You should be vascular health. Yes, you should be working out a lot. You should be eating right? Yeah. All these things are true. You shouldn't do this of like to be popular. Right. That's about message if that is how you feel understandable. Because society is conditioned us this way. But it's like this that make it feel that way that you have that you'll never be good enough. Unless do thing it's not about being good enough. It's about being healthy. Yeah. Or it's like also. And I know that society makes like society. Says in general, these types of body types are attractive, and these are not, and that sucks. But I think now like we're becoming a little body positive, and that's great, and you should always, you know, exercise in eat to the body that you want. And if you're okay with how you are. And that's cool. And in general, is good for you to engage in exercise frequently. But this book does make it be like, but if you're not skinny, and the most popular pretty girl at school like you're just terrible. Yeah. So if like do these things because then, you'll be pretty exact worthwhile to other people. Yeah. So that's where this book sucks. It's good exercise. Great good message there. So it's the shittiest attitude also associated and also, that's all the book is yes. That's all it is nothing happens now. Like, okay so anti kills Jeremy. Because she thinks he's Kelly's and then doors cuts the brakes on Brad's car. Yes. She thinks that he's a boyfriend. She happens to be correct on that end. Nuts all it happens. Yeah. And those incidents are so small, they're so tiny. And they're right at the end of the book. Everything else is just her obsessing about her looks it. Yeah, horrible. Yeah. Yeah. I it is. It's a bad book. It's not very good. It's boring boring. All you don't wanna live in this person's head. No, because it's too boring. I already live in this person. Ahead. 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And so, I was like, starting to gain some weight and. I just I don't know. I just decided I wanted to start working out and also helps a lot with my anxiety, whatever, and I remember every time I like, oh, I'm going to go to the gym, or whatever this person would be like, oh, you're so good. You always work out Kelly, you're so obsessed with working out, and I remember thinking, like. Okay. I mean, I'm not obsessed with working ally. Just it makes me feel better. But I tell everybody should. Yeah. I don't know. I don't make well clearly she just she was mad that she wants to do it. Yeah, she yeah. She just wanted to be that person to. Yeah. It's the same with, like drinkers nondrinkers VAR. And everybody's like, come on. Yes. Cut loose have a little fun. Have a drink. Yeah. Drinking with us. And so it's like come on have some Kate. Yeah. Aren't you having some cake? What do you have to go to the gym every day? Oh, you're so healthy. Yeah. So whatever somebody's doing something perceived as like functional. Yeah. It's like oh, you think you're better than me or like, yeah, gross. And here's the thing. I don't judge people that don't work out. That's like my like I get that there are people that are shady, workout people that are. Like, like, I remember seeing this tweet of this guy that was like a trainer and he's like, you know, see some people come in and they get like no progress because they're not doing any of the exercises, right? And it's like all right, dude, because people like you. That's why people don't go to the gym. Yeah. Dick. Yeah. I get that. I get that there are people out there like that. So I get the, the instincts to go on the defensive and be like, no, I'm gonna label what you're doing obsessive as opposed to, I think you're gonna call me lazy. So I don't want you to do that. And I'm like, dude. I don't give a shit what you fucking do. I just gonna live my life. How I like to live it. And so in that moment and probably partially because the characters name is Kelly when the an is like, oh, so you're eating healthy now. Like that's like your this Chinese chicken is good enough for you. Yes. Like I've spent my hard-earned money. Yeah. You this food. Now you don't even wanna eat it. Yeah. And that we discovered that it isn't her money and plenty of money. And that she's doing it on purpose, which is. Yeah funny. Yeah. But not in this book. No, no. Exactly. So I don't know. Like I didn't like the weird fat, shaming in this book, but also the like the weaponising of the fast food was so funny funny. It was so Nigeria, I've never heard of before. Well, let's not yet that and not is a real thing like that was an another book. We read a theater was in a book. You're in. Yeah, it was low dunk, right? Why the friend your your. Yeah. It was in daughters of eve, her mom is like, kind of a feeder, she doesn't want her to talk to her dad, because they're divorced. And she is like, remember, remember handsome, guy keeps keeps her as a secret girlfriend. Then. Brother attacks. Her would show up to take her to the dance. Yes. Oh, god. I forgot about that book. Yeah. Those daughters Vive, right? Yeah. Because then they'll wanna get revenge. Yep. For her sake. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Her mom was kind of a feeder. So it does exist exist will end like the sexual thing of being feeders guys, like we'll feed their girlfriends like wanna, like want to see them gain weight really. I always thought of it as more of a mom parent thing. Munchhausen's tapie. Yeah. A way to keep them close. Yes. Way to clip their wings, which is also shitty. Yes, it is. So that does happen. It does happen. But the way it's phrased of his book, it is funny, also because just because when she does have remote down. It's so campy. Yeah. Like which is a God. I wish the rest of the book had been like that is it was boring action, packed and campy. Yeah. But not until the last five pages also nothing happened. Nothing for like, I, I remember thinking, oh my God. I'm almost done with this book, and there hasn't been one scary thing that's happened. It's just her being. Quote, twenty five pounds, overweight, and then, like dealing with bullies. And then doing that weird like fat camp slash summer job losing way. And then everyone thinks she's hot and earn percent of the book, right? She earns dress. Well, and she hides like fucking hates. And not just overweight, but, like not skinny poor people. Yeah. Hates them, because it also doesn't show Rachel any love knows Rachel's, too skinny. Yeah. She's she's rail, thin. Yep. And she's poor so you have to be exactly right. You have to be Goldilocks body. Well, remember she size six, which is sweet Valley High perfect size. That's the size. She gets she's thin. I think a size six then would be a size four now. Yeah, because I'm like us is six to eight. Yeah. It just made me think of sweet valley. Oh, that's the size? Yeah. That just made me think of that, or you're the perfect body size Lindsey. I carry weight in bad places. It's not that I'm overweight. It's that where in how I'm carrying it is bad. I got middle. And in the harms. So it's like. 'cause I, I did the like BMI and I'm within a healthy range, but my waist circumference is not in a healthy man. I just I notice like I remember taking this like nutritionist test about, like where you gain weight first. And then that means like, what foods you should avoid or something, I think it might also be bullshit. It's fine foods to avoid probably. Yeah. Or like 'cause, you know, certain body types can have more car. It's like a macro, which actually I think might be real. But so for me, it's like my upper arms, my stomach, my like upper upper thighs, and then my face are where I see it. I like your body. Well, it's like it's like everything around my torso, basically, in my face. I think that's probably I know I feel like a lot of people are like, oh. Oh, it'll go straight to my thighs or it'll go straight to, oh, my ass or something. True. I think I gave him moral over. But my, my issues, I'm carrying wait around my mid section, which is like supposedly stress fat. Is a lot of weight around your middle. It's dress. Often linked to stress interesting. I could see that actually I notice every single fluctuation with my body. Some sure you do too, for your own, like everyone. This growing up. Yeah. I know. No, we're obsessing about it. I know which I haven't all down to like a science for my body. I'm like, oh my God as deal. But yeah, I'll notice some days that my like mid section feels like a lot bigger or smaller not days. But like weeks or whatever I wonder if it's coinciding with stress. I don't think it happens that quickly, well, then I'm just never -taining water or something. Yeah. That's or something. Like. No. I think it's like a chronic thing if you carry it there, it's, it's the thing like if you work out new workout near dieting dieting, but you just can't seem to lose weight around section. It's linked to stress interesting. Yeah. Sort, ever interesting. Why you a great for the record Inc. You it's very nice. It's hiding hiding hides. Well. Title working on it. I mean more as part of my trying to get off my meds. Yeah. Experiment. But yeah, because it's all to do stress stress. Yeah. Stress stress bleeds or neuro transmitters dry throw them off balance. There's your hormones off balance for sure. I've noticed exer- way all new sleep sleep. God your sleep. I have not been sleeping. Well, I notice on days that I do a really long run, and I go to sleep, I sleep like a log in the next I feel like amazing. Yep. Sizes goods, you just flush out all that like shit. That's like bottled up in your brain. If you or anyone listening is curious, a really interesting book on all of this as called spark. I forget John Radi. R. A. T. E Y believe. It's really interesting. He wrote another book called the wild, which is about like all around kind of like paleo exercise. Get sparked by John Jay Radi. It is sparked the revolutionary new science of exercise in the brain. I bought it years and years ago, and I thought it was interesting. And now I'm just rereading it because I've been doing all this research on what exactly it is about bipolar disorder that my meds effect interesting, and it's all cortisol, glutamate looming Gabba and progesterone. An exercise is probably the thing that can affect those things, the most really man, I think dia would be second. Yeah. And then sleep and stress management, stress management and diet, probably equally. Yeah important, yeah. Since the way it got out a walk is probably stress. I have to think that there's a way to attack this naturally because if other people's neuro, transmitters and hormones are balanced. It's not like I have epilepsy. Right. He's gotta be a way to balance this. We'll and maybe like because you said, the stress stress management helps with, with what everything everything, right? All of it because I was her strides helps with stress remains. And it's also helping so many things -actly. Yeah. Dude, I and it also is like meditative sometimes like to, to work out. I, I haven't been. Working out so much this week and I have been noticing difference, but also crazy. Running around to do it. But the thing that I tell my and I know that this is like fitness podcast. I'm not fucking book because of this fucking buzz book sucks. This book sucks, hard sucks. It sucks. Like, no wonder the shit is in our heads. I know again exercise the keyed everything, everybody should be exercising that is beside the fucking point. This book got the books. All of these books are like this mall that we read made us the way that we are. I and I think that should write the focus of exercise should be immense. You feel good. Yeah. And you should yell, and yes, and about how not appearance. Yes, exercising. You should be pushing yourself, not trying to meet some gold at everybody's trying to me, you know what I mean? Yeah, it should be about your own goals, and your own, like whatever your goals are is it just I wanna feel. You know, I wanna sleep better or is too. I wanna be fucking yoked. There are people that want to be yoked us great. Sure. They should be. That's cool. I think there should be I think it should just be enough for people to just kind of get moving to their abilities and health, I guess, general hall, it should be it's like dropping weight is not the key to happiness right exercise. At least scientifically is the key to happiness and the weight thing I think is more of a just like sometimes byproduct of workout because sometimes when you work out, you gain weight. True. I my will reach a certain threshold where I'll start gaining weight from exercise, especially if I'm doing weight training, not much I'm doing cardio, but yeah, that'll be like, oh, again, weight, but I feel better, and I don't care. I don't wear myself hardy. Oh, is the key. According to this book, I mean to all the things that I'm talking. Yeah. I mean, I'm doing I'm trying to destroy streaks training as well, because I would also like to be strong. Yeah. And tighten it up, certainly part part of it for me, as I would like to like the way I look more like the way you look like you. Should be working out at menswear. Should come out with fitness plant? Yeah. It's not it's just I don't want to be like, like folding over my pants. It's been Lee that so I'm not I'm not thinking of it in terms of weight number. Yeah, I would just like to feel tights and, and healthy. But the, the heart rate seems to be the key, according to this book is. If you can work out. Eighty to eighty five percent of your max heart rate for half an hour specifically for depression. It says to multiply your wait times, eight and then divide that number by how many calories, you burn going like hard hard hard for half an hour. And then that's how many times a week you have to work out. It was like you need to be burning, eight times your weight in calories to get like significant depression anxiety benefits. Interesting. Mine is eleven. Twenty. I weigh one forty one forty zero. Yeah. I should be burning one thousand one hundred twenty calories a week by going hard on the elliptical for half an hour. Each time interesting. So when I'm also doing Wade lay stuff outside of that. Yeah. But like that max, heart rate should be what gets me to that eleven twenty. Yeah. Warning to this. Yeah. I, I have this in called run keeper. If any of you guys are interested in running. It's really good up. I really really like it tracks, like how far you're going out to tude all like changes in all all that stuff, and it calculates. And also, what I like is that it tracks where I am in case anything happens. It's like real time tracking where I am. And you can see other people's runs and find some cool like different routes to try. I really like it and it for me if I run four miles I usually burn like four fifty nine calories in one day to run. So if I do I usually do four miles every time I run, and I'm pretty it depends like depends on the amount of traffic stops that I have to stop at. I'm usually running around for, like I'm usually out of my house for like fifty minutes, depending or in my catch, like a bunch of or if I go if I drive out to Griffith park and I run on the trails wash water because I don't ever have to stop for lights. I'm doing like I can do like three hundred calories on the elliptical for half an hour. With average, heart rate of one fifty six. So I don't track my heart rate, because I'm scared to because because my heart's always fast, just freaks me out all the time, like I just don't like to think about the heart rate, thing is important, according. Yeah. This book, so that's why. Yeah, I just can't be asking. My sinus card is like it's just always fast. So I'm like, scared to track it because I'm afraid like if I do it's gonna be like your dying and I don't want to hear that I know I'm not. They don't wanna hear that, but it's weird because when I work out, it doesn't go that much faster like it is not like because my resting hurries high it goes, like even way faster. But I I'm scared to well, I don't think everybody needs to be tracking. They're carried if that's just not the put it is. I could see that being a really helpful metric, though. Yes. That always hurry is a huge metric for, for working out. But. Yeah, right. Like I feel like the goals for working out should be, you know, individualized, basically. And here's what I think it is acceptance you shouldn't be doing anything purely to gain acceptance there's. Yeah. Yeah. I think that's true. Because if you're doing it, but that's so yeah. Like it's like it's so hard to put it on the individuals because our society suck so much about that kind of stuff. Yeah, you shouldn't be doing acceptance. It's, it's sort of like because it's a struggle for every person, totally. And so there's no no shame. If that's what you're going through because it certainly would go through. Oh, god. Oh, yeah. Like message of the book went the message of the book the message of the book is, like do this in you'll be accepted by very bad, so grow that toxic in my brain all the time, like I'll be like for me. I'll be like, oh I need to and this is like bad. I'm like, oh, I need to work out a lot like before a shoot day because I'm gonna be on camera. And I wanna look good on camera and look good, quote good being what society's standards of looking good are. So that's fucked up. And I engage in that shit. Also, don't we shouldn't be beating ourselves up because we don't have the perfect. He's. Yeah. We just need to accept this got programmed. Yeah. This got programmed. And so I'm criticizing the program yet person. Yes. Exact- criticized, roaming, not the character. Yes. Yeah. Exactly. And the fact is that Nicklaus pine in writing this story has perpetuated the program. Yep. By being like, oh or hard perpetrating. I bet this was written by a woman, though. Yeah. Fine. He'll of like your mom, telling you, you look fat. Yeah. They had that field because I have my mom told me that, like, we'll have you just tried not to eat fast food. Yeah. Or like. The meanest thing my mom. Obviously a lot of really mean things two things one was, she looked at me. And this is what I was twenty. She goes, you know, when I was twenty I was ninety pounds. And she's like an just like looked at me, and I was like, also, you're like five inches shorter than me. God. And then another one was, I was dating someone who in retrospect was a terrible person. Really bad. He was my rapist is very bad person. But this before, all this happened, my mom goes, you know, just because your boyfriend's fat doesn't mean you have to be too. Yeah. And I was like cool also. And this is such a dumb thing to say. But at the time she was bigger than me. I was like, but but, but you don't have the shitty boyfriend. Yeah. Yeah. I think that all by myself. Yeah. Yeah. I was like I could have done this without him around. But yeah, it was months can parents really fuck up their kids and it's not just mom's frequently moms. Yeah. And yeah. And they think because there are woman. Yeah. Thing so often as well. It's like, well, I don't want you to get teased. Like, I did exactly you need to eat, like nothing fun. Yeah. Yeah. Everything in moderation. Right. Even like healthy. I mea like being also the fun thing is why people go come on just have a drink or like don't go to gyms or have some cake. It's like do the fun thing. Be fun. Yes. It's weird. I yeah, 'cause I also like I don't drink that much anymore. And I think it's because I, I do drink I, I do still drink, but I don't drink as much anymore. I think just because I just really really really, really overdid it in my twenties like a lot same. And I am surprised. I did not die. I think there's a multi verse where. Died of alcohol poisoning. Oh I'm there being dead as well. Yes, you're there being debt as well. Yeah. And I've had times where I like go to a bar to meet up with people, and they're like, what you're not drinking. And I'm like, dude, I just so sometimes what I'll do. And this is a trick told to me by Ryan Mogi from the show where if she doesn't, feel like drinking, she will doesn't want people to get on her case, she'll do a sparkling water with a little bit of bidders in it, and it looks like a drink. You can just drink that and people can stick, alignment it. Yeah. And then people will leave you alone. Yep. Because that will to of leisure, I've done. When I was in my twenties drink. It's not fun for sure. Have done that in my twenty s I was a little head. I, I kind of I don't. Shame the people I work with for not drinking. But, like, none of them drink, and so and Justin will be like, so it's, it's never something like, oh, let's all go to a bar afterward. Really? Man. We're the only ones who drink. So it's not it's not as much about it will. It's the it's the inverse. It's like are they judging us? Yeah. Yeah. At I it's weird because, like I've had so many experiences where I do like it breaks down the walls. It breaks down people's emotional walls. And so you'll have a bitter a bit deeper of discussion. If you're both drinking. And so there is that aspect, but also, like no one should drink. Yeah, none of us should be drinking. I mean, I've definitely used for sure. I mean I feel like all of us who have ever had alcohol have done this of using it to like, you know, you feel kind of like I feel a little uptight right now. I won't loosen up. So I'll have a couple unwind. Yeah. But it's you know what? The benefit of not drinking as much is that I can now get pretty awful like two or three like save so much money like this isn't God. I think about college, and I'm just like I who go to birds after doing stuff at UCSB. And because I was there. Oh, so often, the bartenders knew me and would give me free drinks or way over poor me, like I would go in and the bartender, I saw the most would see me. And then just like pull out a tum- a pint glass one, I'm drinking like a high ball glass or a pint. Yeah, fill it with ice engine, then fill it with whiskey. Oh my God. A pint glass with whiskey. Yeah. Just give it to me for half the price of a drink. Yeah. And then I, I would be two or three. Yeah, I drink so much. I drink a lot. I would get blacked out almost and, and, you know, we knew early twenties you don't know what hangover what a hangover really feels like because you're like, oh, I'm just so hang over. And it's like no dude, like, have you ever been so hung over that you'd have to buy an extra night at a hotel? Yeah. Yes, you can't leave the next day. That's like I have not had to do that. But I, I remember thinking, like the I guess I did feel like I remember there was one time where I genuinely felt like very, very bad in very sick. Oh, god. And I would like sleep with people. I shouldn't sleep with very, very bad. Yeah. Very bad. Not everyone's life is perfect. I do have one you don't have a perfect. I did have one moment where I. Was I was blacked out drunk in, I don't remember doing this. But apparently, I did it so I was like passed out and my friends were having to carry me out of the cab into our -partment, and they were carrying me and one of them, just goes, oh, she's, so heavy and apparently sat straight up and I was like I am not heavy. Then pass out. Doing that. But I. I've told this story before, but I think I got slipped something at UC New Year's party. I think two thousand mighty sketchy. Yeah. I don't know when it happened. All I know is like I'd never gotten drunk that quickly that badly. I only remember having a couple of drinks. Yeah. Suddenly, I was like sleeping in the earth. Yes. But the guy I was seeing at the time, who I add Hughes, like, really trying to talk me into seeing him again, because we had dated and we weren't exclusive, but like we went on, like a weekend trip, and he's a bunch of photos, and this is how long ago it was. And then he posted the photos on flicker. Oh my God. Flaker seven and, and then we go week later, all of a sudden posted photos of another girl, my God in the same place. I was like we weren't exclusive? So it's tack like we're just seeing each other. But so I called him. I was like, look, you didn't do anything wrong, but like that is not for me. So, you know, no hard feelings. But like I don't think that we should see each other anymore. But we can totally still be friends. It's fine. And so we're still friends, but then, like we made out over thanksgiving break, and I was like, well, that was fun. And then he was like, let state now and I was like, I don't think that idea. And so he was like trying to convince he was trying to convince me to see him again, and be in a relationship, not, not even see anybody else. He wanted to be interrelation. My God, me, and I was like. now man. Yeah. So we go to these New Year's party, and then he like to his credit like Tate Hughes like trying to take care of me and he was taking me home. But he's dragging me, dummy UCB hallway, I just go I don't trust. You. Cream. I didn't. And as it turned out, I should not have. Yeah. He talked me back into it and owner, then, like father people while we were two. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Coca call. Yeah, that's fun. Yeah, I tried to get me to go out with. Later. I was like, no, this is a bad idea. I'm sorry. No. Man. I feel like I, I feel like I've dated a couple of guys who know I was reading about my Myers, Briggs and about how one of the not it's like both benefits both like his blessing occurs. It's the like shag. Bus not bless. Is that like I my personality type people feel connected to me quickly, and I and I feel connected to them quickly, but I can my personality type can move on from that quickly, also. And that kind of the case for me like I had dated I never said I love you to these guys. These guys never said I love you to me, but, like three different guys dated, which I thought it was a fling. I thought it was like we're having fun. We don't like each other enough to like make things superficial and afterwards. And of course, this also could've just been them wanting to like fuck or something after it ended Slim's years later. These guys reach out and be like, you know, I think about all the time. You're just the one that got away and I'd be like what like what evidence I'd get your sources. I just don't get how so many seriously like one of these guys, I was like we dated for, like, three months off and on, and you like didn't like me enough to remember. I existed when you weren't in LA. I don't understand how it could have been the one that got away when, like we were not even that connected, when we were together, maybe my personality type is the type that like in retrospect like over memory. I seem perfect. But, like, when you're with me, I'm not that great. I think that's probably what it is. Well, that's how I felt s- about this guy is like he, he was convinced that we should be together. And I was like if the song had existed would. Have wanted to quote beyond say. Yeah. It'd be like you only want. We want me when I'm not there yet. So you better call Becky with the good hair. Yeah. Like go. Yeah. Somebody who's less complicated who doesn't have the baggage. I have that you clearly can't deal with. Yeah. Which is why we broke up. Yeah. Again. Yeah. It's handle my depression. Yeah. But then later, they're like. Oh, yeah. I liked being with her. Yeah, I'm sure the three like fun nights, remembering we're fun. Yeah. But like I know that you're just going to not want to deal with it again. Yeah. Man. That's crazy. I think guys have a maybe more of a one that got away complex. They do. It's so like in pop culture. Yeah. Jaba. Do you remember why I got away? Yeah. Yeah, you're not thinking about that part. You're just thinking you'd like rose colored glasses. Yeah. Yeah. I'm thinking, like there's nothing hotter than rejection totally and my God. I think applies to guys and girls. That's everybody. The one that got away thing. I is mostly like like like. Heterosexual. Guys get this kind of like 'cause, you know, you see in the movies, like, you know, it's always like a guy that like meets up with encounters a woman that like he knew very Noir. Of like, oh, this woman from past. I think it's got because that was the reason I would be given by guys who like I didn't say anything man. Yeah. But suddenly they're telling me like you're the kind of person I'd want to settle down with not just date. And I'm like where is it? Yeah. Sitting on swings in a playground and they're suddenly like God. I wish I wanted to date you and I'm like fin. Fix for that glimpse into your mind right now who said about I didn't need that. Crush on you. Yes. But I didn't say it. And so I don't need to hear you about like you wish you wanted to date me thing, man for that. But this is that's a guy thing that's another programming thing. Like there's even now even with how things are and our modern age. I think they're still a kind of grow, you have fun with and kinda grow you marry I and like, also there's like guys have this thing where they okay hashtag. Not all men. I guess, like a lot of heterosexual guys think that all women deep down like one a snag you with their claws. Yes. Like tie down. Yeah. And like I think that there's something like ma- manic pixie dream girlish about this unattainable woman, who's, like just going to float into my life in, like painted technicolor, and then led me waltz out. That's like. I don't know. Yeah, it was like when I told that guy like, hey, you didn't do anything wrong. But, like I'm. It helped me realize something about myself that I am. I am about commitment, and so if like you're not looking for that, if you're not looking to explore it one on one, then we shouldn't date, but, like no hard feelings, everything's fine. No, thank you. All my best wishes. Yeah. Sincerely, Wednesay Cates. Yes. I think when you do something like that, to a lot of guys, again hashtag, not man. Then you are so impressive to them you become like your status goes through the fucking Ruth. If you had the power to be that cavalier of like you didn't even do anything wrong. But by you had. Had. I think exactly that thinking of those guys that are like you're the one that go to way. Yeah. And for them, I did say something very similar to that. I was like you know what? I just don't think we like I don't think we like like each other enough for this to be a real thing. And so, you know, I'm just gonna I'm just gonna let you go your way and I'm gonna go my way, and that's just that's just going to be it. And it's like all of a sudden you're magic. Yeah. I thought you wanted to be my ball and chain. Yeah. What are those teachers that are like, like beer me? I'm getting married. These seizures that are like. Like there goes my freedom. Yeah. A picture of a ring. Shit like that. Even if they're not that guy, he was not that guy. There is the Donncha stereotype of that guy. But it exists in different stereotype. But yeah, it's like the second I was like fine with what was the fact that, that's what he wanted and find saying, no to that, like taking myself out of the equation, so casually. I think there was there's nothing more desirable than that. Yes. So I think, again, it was like we broke up and then I mean slightly in his defense, I did get drunk and I was like, oh, it was really good. Seeing you last night. It was sort of, like bitter sweet blah, blah, blah. And then he wrote me back the next day. And he was like, yeah. I'm just really like I'm seeing this other person. I'm not looking. I was like totally totally understand, like, you know, maybe it's the kind of thing, we're like we're meant to be together way down the line share. And in my mind, I'm thinking, when we're sixty. Yeah. Then he your later is like, is it now? I was like, oh, no. Not now. Oh, I'm so sorry. Oh, so it was like almost miscommunicate. Yeah. I was like, well, he did say that. Yeah. I just had a very different like rom com idea about it like, when we're old and gray maybe. Each other movie. Okay. What does that really gets going with? Linda hunt, Jack Nicholson and Ellen. Due bag author and she's like a waitress or something you never. All right. It's complicated. Maybe. I Nancy my Meyers. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I was just like, oh, maybe in the future. And I think, again, it was like, because I was okay, it's like, anytime. You're okay. Then you're like the one that got away. Yep. And if you were truly hurt by the break-up than just like utter avoidance and you forever. Yes, I remember the guy that I broke up with, because like he couldn't remember I existed if he wasn't in LA like literally like, I would text him and he like wouldn't respond or like Sonos. I'd be like this was back when I was, like, I have to be a cool girl before I was like, it's okay to like, want someone to be committed to you, same. So what I realized that I was like, hey, I'm not cool. Yeah. I can't be a cool grow. Yeah. Yeah. I hadn't seen him for a while. We kind of avoided each other, and then like a year later, we're at this party and he like walks in, and I was with somebody else at the time I was dating someone else, and we he like, sees me across the, the like it was at a red lion. So it was outside. And he's like, hey I need to talk to you, and I was like okay, and then we start talking, and he's like, how are you? I'm really good. I'm actually here with the guy. I'm seeing and pointed. And he like laughed and under no real. I'm not joking. That guy. I'm seeing that guy and like something like his head I could tell and then he was like shoes. Co cool. Awesome, cool wasn't onto way. Switch. Yeah. But he's like, oh, that's mazing. Cool. So cool, you're dating someone. That's so good datings great. I love that you're doing that. Yeah. The guy was talking about doesn't listen to this podcast. Yeah, I'm hoping to say I'm not being cavalier about his feelings, but I do think that if we had given it another go the same thing would have happened. Yeah, I do think it was a. I got tinted like with gold or something. Yeah. Rose colored glasses like heat is heated not remember. Yeah. How depressed I was how many sexual hangups I had was like not thinking about having to go through that. That's also I want to say I don't think this guy even clocks, what I'm doing anymore. But if this guy is listening, I do want to say like. I'm not the person that got away for you. Right. I've been me this whole time fate, fake fake. Who I'm like, there are cases where it's like, oh, it just didn't work out. Like or like I live. Life long distance. Yeah. And so that really is like I mean I love Mike with all my heart. I'm not. I don't like want to not be with. But I do wonder like oh I, I wonder what would have happened if it wasn't long distance. Yeah. But to be like one that got away. It's. Well, we weren't working. Now and it wasn't even because of like weird extenuating circumstances of, like I feel like a lot of times, because of pop culture, like a lot of guys like think of in the same way as like the CIA came in took her away. And it's like no, dude. Like just like didn't work like you didn't really like me and I didn't really like you and your imbuing it with different. Yeah. You're making a magical when it wasn't so saying, I'm not I'm not the fucking one way. It's a fantasy. It's a fantasy. Believe me real. I'm in me this whole time. I'm not special. I know what it's like to be around me. It's fine. Then I mean now it's hard not I don't like it too easy. Not a person to be a relationship with. But like I get I get I get the idea of a person because one has that right in their heads. They're like, oh, you know, this person like they were so great. They were so those and then, you know, you don't remember. It's the rose colored glasses us. Don't remember the other stuff. Yeah. How funny was it in this book when Kelly's like? Kelly's popular right? Yep. She would hope and whereas context, yes, she does. And so make you hit it. So. So then rate over show, her friend, Rachel, Rachel, Jeremy, keeps calling her names, and one of them is Roselle. So Rachel's like. Hey, can you come over tonight? And Kelly, I'm really busy. I have to lay on my clothes and take out my contacts. My conduct a wise. If, if someone like if I asked you to hang out, and you're like I can't I have to lay out my clothes and soak my context, it'd would be like you say you don't want to hang out. Oh, god. I would see the thing is I so would accept that. Like I have to put my contacts in a little dish with contact solution and Paker shirt. And that's, that's got me. He'll midnight also she the way she describes it. Right. 'cause she's like I have to take out my contacts and put them in a wash and all that. She's trying to make it sound like this, like eight step, brother. You point him out of your. She also she says, in that same breath, basically, like it's so much work to keep up your appearance. And now that I've got it. I don't wanna lose it, and I just want to try to get better and better by doing. Same thing that everybody else on the planet is doing. Namely, choosing shirt. Like it's hard to pair close. I know she didn't just get queer eye. She has like the same like their clothes are also. Even if you do get queer, I'd part of the whole thing is how easy it is thrown out thrown off together and contacts. Aren't that hard? I wear them every fucking day was specially night, you're taking them out, the easy part, plunk. Yeah, I guess they didn't have no solution. Okay, fine. Shed of rubber Moloto bit booboo who literally takes like a minute, max max it takes two. She didn't wanna hang out fake as but yeah, I mean if she had listed studying as part of that, but she really was like. Now that I'm popular. There's so much work now. Also, her like healthy food diet is so 'nineties healthy chicken breast broccoli salad, surprise cottage. She didn't get mentioned. I love cottage cheese. I tried. I was eating cottage cheese for a little while. I was eating the little baby. Oh, small curd, small Kurds. Small freaks me out. Pineapple in it. I like that. A little. Yeah. I like it. And then I had too much. And now it can't you can overdo it ease me. Yeah. Feel sick. Yeah, I like that. I like hard boiled eggs, hard, boiled egg. Every day I try to have one to two. My breakfast is always coffee, hard-boiled egg cautious zero nice. I do green smoothie either strip of bacon or to horrible digs because I need to have something salty with my smoothie, otherwise if evergreen smoothie alone on empty stomach. It kind of makes me queasy a little bit too fiber, I guess, or I'll do cereal, and then I'll have migrants later in the day, but I have to agree with the every day. Otherwise, I freak out. I don't know why freak out. I just do I get scared that I don't have enough nutrients. Nothing. I'm not going to high should be more afraid of that. Why don't like eating vegetables? I'd rather literally drink all of them in the morning. And then I'm done, and then I can have some vegetables with dinner. But really, like I I don't really like eating them unless they're prepared by a restaurant. But if I have to wear them, I don't like preparing vegetables. I can handle roasted cauliflower at home. Yeah. I'll do I'll do roasted vegetables. I like lie. Good to like doing like one of my favorite things that me and Mike, go to make. Spaghetti squash roasted spaghetti squash that will make into noodle things with a slices of eggplant that have been baked and then. The meatballs with fresh mozzarella and tomato sauce, dang good. It's good as shit, and it's really healthy and it's super filling, that's now healthy food. Yeah. Sprays that this book didn't also talk about, like rice cakes. Oh my God. Do you remember when that's all people were eating up my no? Because my mom is it was like, yeah. Healthy food in the nineties, iceberg, iceberg lettuce. Rice cakes rice oil audits cheese. No oil on anything light Italian. Yeah. On everything even though Italian round rice sugar. And it wasn't even. Yeah. Brown rice and what else they cabbage soup to remember the cabbage soup diet for that. Huge bet it just makes you forty. Right. Because cabbage makes me forty probably. So probably just makes you should I did whenever my mom would do her cabbage soup dies. Whereas like that's all she ate. I liked the cabbage soup I like having cabbage. Yeah. But it would be like you do like three days of cabbage soup. You know what I would do what? This is probably not healthy. This is probably like borderline like when people take also really boring. Listen to this is how I really listen to. Okay. I do cook a can of beans, and I'd throw in a can of corn and I'd mix it up with salsa, and then a little bit of cheese out eat that feel terrible. The biggest of my life in the morning it'd be so skinny. I should do that. Because I really guys let's be realized struggle with constipation. Well, always have thing if you eat that you will be extremely uncomfortable that night, the yeah. Do it when Mike snot around, because he will be not well, and then in the morning, you will really go get to go and you'll feel great. That sounds great. This is probably like, so I'm gonna get sued my summer saying this. Chess system. It's my stomach makes the craziest funding noises. I like a haunted house. Oh, yeah. Eights or like a red dryer. Yes. This me too, like Zo embarrassing. I hate it. Here. I have found cabbage soup diet. I looked it up. Oh, what is in it? This seven day diet weight loss cabbage soup. How, how do I how I lose ten pounds in seven days with this cabbage soup aka military diet? This website is garbage. You're in a virus on your phone, this whips his garbage a that's not a sentence. Ten pounds in seven days is a lie. That's already that's scary. No way. This Corbet JR. Website. Okay. What is the diet? Okay. Here's what I am. Realizing wait, what persons crazy? Crazy. Day one eaten nothing but fruit today, except for bananas and is much of the diet cabbage soup is you bike? You should try to stick with fruits with lower sugar content, like apples, blueberries, etc. I enjoy eating baked cinnamon apples. Okay, sugar using Gallo or Honey, crisp apples in the morning. A large fruit salad and cabbage soup for lunch and cabbage soup and a melon, you're shitting. This is like my dinner, but like all for a week. Get your crunchy fix with dried fruits snack on fruit throughout the day. I can't. Rosen grapes, make delicious treats. Watermelon blended makes a refreshing natural slushy today wasn't as bad as I expect due to eat nothing but vegetables, except corner other starchy veggies. However, you do get to start the day with a baked potato wrestler. Sweet you will love having this baked potato. Trust me. I never thought I'd be so happy to eat a baked potato in the morning, I prefer sweet potato for breakfast. I dis my sweet potato into cubes sprinkled with a little olive oil, and cinnamon and roasted in the oven, along with some bell peppers and onions, what? Okay, that's crazy combination. Right. Why she's at venom? It is like, oh, this is okay. Like sweet. And then she said, bell peppers and onions. Yeah. I was like, oh, we did not think that, right? I think that some this website is maybe just a by aggregated. Yeah. Content made to sound like a diet and thrown up. 'cause they will these so happy to have this baked potato in the morning. Trying to me. I don't happy for lunch. I do the cabbage soup. Salad sprinkled with salt pepper and olive oil. It's pretty good for dinner. I do. Reis cauliflower topped with a stir fry of zucchini, roasted carrots and bell peppers with light. So I saw cheating. I snack on baked spinach chips. Today was okay. You eat fruits and veggies, except bananas corn and other starchy vegetables, you also don't get a potato today. Sucks. You also don't get potato today sucks. I just repeat day one and into for my foods day four today. You only eat bananas and milk yogurt. Is the dumbest day by far changed my mind this isn't about this isn't dumpers. We, I'm sorry. You only banana. And milk laws yogurt. Today is the dumbest Meyer far hated. Have in milk or unsweetened yogurt boob. Let's make the best of it for breakfast. I do have bananas movie made bananas almond milk in Greek yogurt for econ. Jets. Horrible. This is horrible. The person is doing it all wrong for dinner. I do another large banana smoothie and more cabbage soup I make banana ice cream by freezing banana slices and then blending them also eat, simple dried banana chips. It's not that difficult of a day. Very dull. And if you hate bananas I feel sorry for you. Babes. Today, only eat tomatoes. Hang on. Sorry. There is more to that sentence, six to eight and protein like fish, Turkey and chicken. Okay. I had no problems with this day. Since I love me, I was happy to get it. I made Turkey sausage. Patties for breakfast with tomatoes for lunch. I had grilled chicken top with tomatoes season salt basil pepper and cabbage soup. Okay for dinner, I had more wonder suit, but I added Turkey breakfast to it more tomatoes very filling. I got tired of the soup on this day. I feel like the soup is a non ish. It's like barely apart. Remember the story of rocks soup or stone soup. Where the guys like I can cook you some nail soup. You'll be the best you've ever had. And he's like all I need is tomato. Oh, I needed potato. Oh, I need onions. I need this. And then it just as regular soup. This is what this is like it's like a crazy fucking diet, that has Kevin has soup. I'm sorry. The day of just bananas. Is crazy. No potato today. Suck. No potato today, comma sucks to flu bation really funny today. It's protein, the one day six today. It's protein in veggies. Unlike yesterday you can have other vegetables, besides tomatoes Turkey sausage and roasted veggies. For breakfast, I had a stir fry with chicken and veggies, for lunch so good, I had spaghetti squash, tomato sauce and ground Turkey for dinners Getty. Squashes off-limits, starchy. But I had to have it. He's. I didn't have any cabbage. I was feeling over Kevin. Cabbage soup diet. Clearly supposed to today was the best. I didn't have any cabinets today. This is amazing. Diary. Jay seven today, it's just fruits vegetables. Juices, boo? I hated today. I wanted more meat. Thank god. It's the last date. The skill says, I'm seven pounds later this morning. So that was great to see. I feel clean inside. I'm hungry today. Those super hungry for breakfast. I made a huge fruit and veggies smoother using spinach, apples oranges, grapes and water. So to find sweet kept me full until it was time for lunch for lunch. I do a large salad cabbage soup and watermelon. Slushie. The pursuit, weekend dinner, I do another rice cauliflower stir fry with roasted veggies. I snack on baked cinnamon apples cantaloupe the sugar. Yeah, the sugars crazy day, ten pounds down this morning and I can see it tummy is nice and flat. And my face looks much slimmer. This is all a lie. My husband notices my weight loss to. He's not happy that my booty look smaller. Neither am I my fingers are slimmer my wedding ring fits, different. This is like the Joko Bartlett. I figured out the joke of Barton now. My fingers are longer. I figured out my I am impetus secret of cabbage soup and my fingers are slimmer and my wedding ring finger fits different today. Pace myself with food and we'll do so for the next week while on vacation, no, sugary foods or bad carbs, I continue with a diet full of fruits veggies, and lean meats, incorporate eggs, oatmeal, and whole grain pasta and bread, Honey. And stevia. Sweetener my. Calorie intake is now at its recommended level for a healthy weight loss with exercise. I feel great also to want to guess what the impetus for going on this diet was vacation. Yeah. But what? Oh. Cancun. Hawaii. She. Oh, what form fitting shirt she wanted to wear? What's for a shirt Disneyland too? Dizzy, she went on a seven day crazy diet, too. For shirt at Disneyland. Girl. What's Disneyland Mickey's? You gotta keep it tight for Maki. Yeah. Oh, my God recipe is or that diet is fucking crazy. So finance always so funny. That was really funny. So that's everything about the book, right? Yeah. So that's the book that's the best part, reading LA part of the Butler areas. Nobody potato today. Sut sought. Thank you, all so much for less than. Yeah. Thanks guys. We really appreciate it. If you're reading along with us, you don't have to. But if you are we're reading fatal secrets be Kuni. No Richards Tankersley Husic. I was like, we are Richard. Richard Tankersley kissing by Richard TQ sick. And is Richie's a lady. Ritchie's lady, we'll be talking about that. Thank you so much, everybody that supports on patriot. We really appreciate it. And you can check us out at patriot dot com. Teen creeps you can find our show on everything at teen. Creeps pod invite me at Kelly Nucci Lindsey at Lindsey Kaitai, you may have noticed that our schedule has gotten a bit off it smoke, as we had to reschedule with Oskar to watch job breaker. Yeah that's my fault. We just had a lot pops up. Popped up. It was like, yeah. And then and then I was going on. But that was like thing, and it really sent us in a tailspin but we're surviving where he's arriving. We're here. We're still getting all the books that are on our schedule. And as usual, you do not have to read those. But we will still be doing all the plan things. Plus, we have a fund surprise episode that will that you'll be getting dot dot dot dot dot what will that be about? It's not on the schedule surprise spy is very cool. Surprise, not saying what it is. Yeah. In case it doesn't have. Yeah. And then if it if we just never mentioned anything and nothing's different than don't worry about it. Yeah. Then I still get with on our list. Yeah. You still get what we promised. So thank you so much. We love you and we'll talk with the next week, keep creepy. This has been a forever dog production executive produced by killing Nugent, Lindsey K tie. Silio and Alex, Ramsey engineered and mastered by Alex. For more original podcasts, please visit forever. Dog podcast dot com and subscribe to our shows on apple podcasts. Spotify wherever you get your podcasts. Keep up with the latest forever news by following us on Twitter and Instagram at forever. Dog team liking our page on Facebook. We made it now, please enjoy the following clip from Jamie. Leeann rose, Serna's podcast couldn't help but wonder available wherever you listen to podcasts. I definitely not a couple of guys in their twenties, and like they come to my studio apartment, and they're like, wow. The whole thing's yours, like mommy. Yes. I'm like it's a studio. You can like see the whole thing from my doorway like inaudible like. And then I remember this guy, this actor went home with me, at, like, four roommates, the bathroom was so disgusting that I held another night, and I was like, what wait, you would rather goes so bad, you would have rather rather, how to UT gotta UTI because I was like, if I can step my foot in here. I'm gonna get like athletes every everything athlete's body athletes like head toll which soldiers but it's actually terrible. Yeah. But he was cute nam and fun. And I said this damn like he's he's, he's handsome. Good looking. He's attractive is all the same things does all he was. I'm like he was so many. He's intelligent. He's logical. I don't know dated a younger guy before or an older, man, he yes, I dated an older man, but he str- he dated two different older guys. And this is going to sound a little. Mean and it makes me feel like the guy in this episode who hooked up with Samantha, or he was, like, I love the wrinkles, and your neck, wherever that part. Yeah. I kind of had that experience where I was like making out this older dude. And he was just like so saw my God. Like not like soft skin to, like, no, your death, no exhaust skin. Still. Does you felt like that was part of big old? Yeah. It was like last it didn't have like the tension that mostly skin and sort of day. Your kiss. There's no bounce back exactly there. Yeah. It was just kind of just fell into him. Like a pillow. Tempurpedic? Look like balanced wine on him gone, and doesn't spill.

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