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Cardinals at Brewers- A Series Preview


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He'll have the pre and post game show of cardinals baseball on camelback. The cardinals will start play tonight two and a half in front of chicago four and a half in in front of milwaukee so this clearly is a very in very <hes> important stretch of baseball for both teams but a lot of pressure on milwaukee to be at home and they do not. I don't wanna fall any further back in the central division. Pitching has been very good for the saint louis cardinals yesterday. The first major league win for ryan ryan housley is he's now one. Oh this season for the saint louis cardinals in relief michael walker went four and two thirds housley went to and a third and then john brea you got the final two innings belt after a couple of walks he settled in and then struck out three. It's the cardinals and brewers tonight. Adam wainwright will get the start for saint louis. It's on the website right now. Visit with the president of baseball operations john mosaic and here's just a small snippet of that conversation about the team currently here here in two thousand nineteen so a lot of positives. I think when you look at the overall week it was. It was nice to see where we're putting it all together and you know obviously we're in a very tight race. We certainly want to to recognize where we are in this but we also want to continue to keep working things and i really have great appreciation asian for mike show his staff done because they are they keep looking at ways to manufacture win shaking things up and keeping a very positive vibe live downstairs and i think we've gotten a witness out over this past week or two. I know when you evaluate you look at every single possible aspect of the club and i was talking about it over the weekend and on the air but mike has done a great job managing the bullpen. Would you agree with that assessment. Absolutely clearly we're probably having to put too much which pressure on them <hes> early on in the season but you know ultimately i think the way he's handling the way he sort of optimized high leverage situations and and really trying to to take the bullpen and make it really one of our strengths and one of our advantages. You certainly done the when you look at the club right now. <hes> about a month ago in this regular regular season. What do you like about it going forward that is starting to to maybe take shape as you mentioned earlier you know i think the one thing to me that that's pretty obvious is just the energy gee that this club is is showing day in day out. I think like anybody that's been a part of a winning team. Usually sometimes see a letdown as you get closer to the finish flying right now. 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You have chris rabia long preview looking ahead to tonight and this week with the cardinals and brewers pay saint louis. It's matt carpenter for my friends at snuck. I want to tell you about the surprises they haven't storage. Nooks has completely reformulated the taste and quality of hundreds of snakes brand items throughout the store ice cream soda chips snacks snacks all of it designed to meet or beat the national brands on taste and quality plus. You can save a few bucks while you're at it. It's not generic brand. It's not privately. It'll it's not storebrand. Its it's no experience so check out. All the surprises in storage now just bought the rich nooks dot and you'll know season that has been in many ways up and down for the cardinals reached. Perhaps its highest point joint on sunday afternoon as the red birds fell behind early but came from behind for a resounding eleven four win over the colorado rockies seventy first win of the year they're thirteen games above five hundred their high water mark for the season and they polished off a sweep of the rockies in four games and and a six in one home stand the cardinals are now two and a half games in front of the cubs in the national league central and a much different position when they were when they came home a couple of weeks ago from dropping five straight games in california august the seventh was a heartbreaking to one loss to the dodgers in los angeles list jack flaherty pitched a gem in los angeles walked it off in the bottom of the ninth inning the cardinals returned home for a day off on thursday the eighth fifty eight in fifty five the team well they were firmly in third place in the division four games behind the chicago cubs and as close to the cincinnati reds as they were chicago at fifty eight and fifty five since that day off after losing five straight games in oakland and los angeles the cardinals <unk> are a major league best thirteen and three easily the best record in the national league central the brewers are seven and seven the cubs six nine the pirates seventy seventy nine and the red six and ten the cardinals have scored ninety four runs in the sixteen games over that stretch and allow just forty nine the club posted thirty one on runs in four games in their weekend sweep over colorado on august the ninth in a preview just like this before the pittsburgh pirates came to town fan graphs dot dot com gave the chicago cubs a ninety point eight percent chance to make the playoffs and an eighty point seven percent chance to win the national league central troll the cardinals at twenty eight point seven percent chance on that date to make the postseason the brewers twenty eight and a half percent cardinals nine point one to win the division brewers nine percent just seventeen days later yesterday fan graphs after the cardinals closed out there sweep of the rockies gave saint louis c. seventy three point six percent chance to make the playoffs and a fifty point five percent chance to win the division. Ben represents the first time all year at at the cardinals according to the website had a better than fifty percent chance to win the national league central and the first time in quite some time that the cubs haven't been the favourite back on the eighth of august represented the cubs cy watermark at eighty point seven percent more than seventy percentage wjr points better than the cardinals nine point one. The cardinals will have an opportunity to continue to put some distance between themselves and the milwaukee brewers over the next three three games. They've been five games better than the brute crew over the last sixteen going back to the eighth of august and with three in milwaukee starting tonight the cardinals could do what they did to cincinnati and pittsburgh out of the all star break and effectively nearly buried the brewers postseason janssen's. Are you ready for the boys. 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You'll receive the perfect haircut complimentary beverage relaxing shampoo pot talbot amend complimentary shoeshine all for just twenty two dollars days and for an extra five dollars. Get a stress relieving scalp massage hair saloon for men sixteen locations. There's one near you hair saloon format tonight. For the cardinals on the mound to open the series. That'll be adam wainwright against gio gonzalez tomorrow miles michael against adrian hauser and jack flared one of the best in baseball over the last two weeks against jordan lyles in wednesday's finale cardinals pitching has been the name of the game as their success has continued to oh come in waves since the eighth of august and really since the all-star break. Both starters and relievers have contributed to one of the best major league e._r. raise. He's since the second week of july. The brewers meanwhile continued to go the opposite way from a starting standpoint in the second half of the season. The cardinals don't three point six three rotation e._r._a. Is more than a half front better than a milwaukee's four three three in the second half the cardinal starters have posted four wins above replacement just one point three four milwaukee in august two point four wins above replacement but the cardinals and just zero point one for the brewers cardinal starting the era in august three point three three four point -o eight for the brew crew cardinals bullpen has really been the club's signature mark as they continue continue to stack wins this season the cardinals relief corps has a major league best three point seven one e._r._a. Their fifth in strikeouts per nine. I infused home runs per nine fifth and left on base percentage. I in wins above replacement. I in whip second most swinging strikes in baseball. They've been absolutely fantastic. Stick milwaukee's bullpen wants one of their strengths going back to last year as struggled especially with an inconsistent josh later since the all star break the cardinals relief corps has a national league best three point three five e._r._a. Milwaukee's five point four two tenth in the n._f._l. In august cardinals are knows relievers have surrendered just three point one seven e._r._a. The brewers five point nine five twelfth in the national league. Two point one wins above of replacement for cardinals relievers since the all star break and one full win in august the only team better than just over half a win at zero point point six war the brewers negative zero point six since the break and negative one in a month of august the cardinals relievers have answered the bell time and time again and redbird pitching continues to fortify this club for manager. Mike scheldt after the trip to milwaukee four the three games. The cardinals will once again hit a soft spot in the schedule for against cincinnati four at home against san francisco in pittsburgh for three and in colorado for three before ending the season on a murderer's row of the brewers nationals cubs diamondbacks and more cubs meanwhile the cubs will limp out of wrigley field after you're being swept by the nationals without shirts or or corbin pitching and head to new york to take on the mets for three games then back to wrigley for three against the brewers brewers. It's then seattle milwaukee san diego pittsburgh and cincinnati before a date with the cardinal sin chicago beginning thursday september nineteenth the cardinals cubs and brewers have all had their cracks at teams that are below five hundred in the standings and cardinals have made the most of those opportunities forty they wanted twenty five against teams losing record the cubs forty-one and twenty eight the brewers just thirty three and thirty and the cardinals boasts the best record of any team in the national league central against teams in the division thirty three and twenty three ten games over five hundred compared to the cubs twenty nine and twenty four and the brewers. I thirty one in twenty-six so three more big divisional games in milwaukee against the brewers and a chance for the cardinals to continue to help themselves. I'm chris rabi for scoops with danny mac dot com.

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