Marty Appel 1-26-20


Good Morning New York. This is the catch roundtable. John Katzman Titas here. Well the good news is we have to haul all of famous from the Yankees in the hall of fame. Mariana Rivera got complete amount of votes from everybody. Derek Derek. Gina was one short. Would us this morning. Is Monty Pal. Who is a historian? And of the Yankees. And the the audio zillion years morning. Marty how are you to send him morning John. Good morning to you last time we spoke you named all the nineteen sixty fifty one yankees for me and I knew those were nine lucky guesses but you add it all right I I was. I love the Yankees. I boxed oxygen. I watched every game when I was growing up. The people say to me. How come you love the Yankees mets? Well there was no mess when I was going up right now tell me Mariana. Rivera well-deserved unanimous vote. Everybody and Derek Eric. Zito was one short of unanimous. Did that we'll never know because they do have the option of remaining anonymous I never thought jeeter. We'd be unanimous because whereas Maryono was unquestionably the best at what he did the best closer in baseball history. You couldn't say jeeter was the greatest shortstop in baseball history. There are other contenders. So I thought there'd be some people who left them off the fact that it was only one knucklehead made it a bigger story but you know what he's in the hall of fame Like the second. Highest percentage vote total so so God bless him. He belongs happy. Happy Week for Yankee fans. How many people get unanimous votes? Only Mary Bono. He was the first ever I. It's never and there were people who left off Willie mays and Joe Dimaggio and Mickey Mantle didn't vote for them and in Derek does that I mean one short short of unanimous that to be the second best ever. Yeah it is a sort of tied with Ken Griffey Junior. But you know it's another era John. When when voting started it was nineteen thirty six so for a long time they had a lot of players to catch up with who had played in in the nineteenth century in the early part of this of the Twentieth Century But now they're caught up so with the voters have the right to name ten players on their ballots. They're not faced with the real old timers anymore. They're all contemporary. And it's a little easier to get high totals well as a lifelong Yankee Fan. I am proud of both of them and God bless America and God bless the Yankees One another gossiped. You give us some things going on. Well I wanted to say one other thing about Geeder and God bless is not a bad thing to say here during his twenty year career. A lot was going on with baseball. Which we've come to known steroid era and Derek? JETER was just such a credit into the game and the Yankee uniform and everything about baseball that we love he was the breath of fresh air. Who played the game clean and ride and true do so in a way? He was a savior for the game. Much as babe. Ruth was one hundred years ago after the black sox scandal and now here comes. It's jeeter getting elected to the hall of fame in the week after we go through the the astro gates scandal so to speak with signs stealing and punishments so once again Derek just emerges does the right man at the right time to make us all feel good about baseball now. Now things happening around town. Have the mets been sold yet has deal closed. It's going to be a few years before new ownership slides in. I'm Steve Cohen's going to become a face of the mets and the principal owner Whether it changes the way the mets do business and spend money like the Yankees do and competely compete like New York fans. Hope they do remains to be seen. Meantime they've we just changed managers and we'll see what the New Year Brings Mahdi. I would've bought let me play center field. That was the catch Yup Yup and they go along with it. Do the mets fans loss. The cheating scandal going on. Tell us about it. Well in a way. It's kind of almost humorous because it involves high tech video equipment stealing signs and then the lowest imaginable imaginable equipment. A metal and garbage can that they bang with the bat signal to the hitter. What kind of pitches coming so? It's kind of ludicrous in that sense and you know what someday the technology will catch up to the rules and baseball will have to say you know what The science feeling. Oh US too easy. And the pitchers and the catchers are going to have to come up with another means of communicating. What the pitch is going to be so I think think inevitably? That's going to emerge but for now this turned out to be a very big deal that cost a number of people their jobs and to some passionate Ashaninka people should cost the world championship trophies to The Astros and the Red Sox well Matia Pal. Thank you so much for calling in this Sunday morning and and thank you for everything you did. For New York's favor team always a pleasure. Thanks John this is the cash roundtable. Be Right back.

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