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Google Accused of Trust Demolition - DTH


Uh-huh. These are the daily tech headlines for Wednesday November fourteenth twenty eighteen I'm Tom Merritt. Samsung says it's forthcoming x nine series ninety eight twenty chip has a neural processing unit that seven times faster than the one on the ninety eight ten which is used in some models of the galaxy S nine right now. Samsung also claims the ninety eight twenty delivers twenty percent better conventional single core performance and fifteen percent multi-core as well. As a forty percent rise in power efficiency, the ninety eight twenty GP uses arm's Mali seventy six cores the ex ninety eight twenty we'll be ready for mass production by the end of the year. Alphabet owned deep mines health division, including the stream app for assisting doctors and nurses will be transferred to alphabet own Google's Google health division. The deep mind health division has partnerships with ten and h s hospitals in the UK to process medical data and the stream app from deep mind ran into controversy over its use of one point six million patients data in Royal free hospital in London without the patient's knowledge. Lauren privacy experts. Julia Powell's pointed out that deep mind promise to never connect people's intimate identifiable health, data to Google accounts products or services and deemed the transfer trust demolition deep. Mine told the BBC that patient data remains under our NHS partners. Strict control. Microsoft released its windows ten October twenty eighteen update for the second time after fixing bugs that deleted data accidentally Microsoft released the fixes more than a month ago, but took time to test them before releasing to the public. Mozilla has published a guide called privacy not included that evaluates the security of popular holiday gift items. Thirty three of the seventy products in the guide carry a Mozilla badge for meeting minimum security standards things like encryption automatic security updates end requiring a change of the default. Password. Product descriptions, also include things like whether a device can use its camera microphone or location services to track. You. Spotify launched in thirteen new markets in the Middle East and North Africa bringing its total number of markets to seventy eight launch also brings a fully Arabic experience, including language support as well as playlists like top Arabic hits. Ford WalMart and post mates are partnering to test delivery of goods using Thomas vehicles in Miami Dade County, Florida for it also has tests underway with dominos. And some other local businesses in the area. Argo is developing and testing the used in the cars it also has tests underway in Detroit and Pittsburgh with plans to test its autonomous vehicles in Washington DC early next year. Intel announced the neural compute stick to or NCIS to. It's a thumb drive. With a self contained neural network running on a move videos myriad, X vision processing unit or VP you. It lets users train machine learning systems locally on any Lennox system with a USB three port without needing to use the cloud NCIS to sells for one hundred dollars from Intel. Ten cent beat analysts expectations in the third quarter raising profits thirty percent revenue rose twenty four percent, though that was the slowest growth in more than three years for tencent advertising revenue accounts for about a fifth of ten cents total revenue and rose by forty seven percent mobile gaming growth was better than expected. Given a halt in approvals of new titles by China's gaming. Regulator payment cloud services helped ten cents other revenue category rise sixty nine percent. Techcrunch passes along a report from the star that Netflix is testing a mobile only plan in Malaysia the new tier cost seventeen ring it that's about four dollars. US that's half the price of the previous cheapest basic tier which sold four thirty three ring. It's net. Flicks confirmed that the trial is running in a few countries. Verizon announced its capital expenditures would decline and deployment of infrastructure would remain the same sprint Verizon and AT and T have all reduced their overall numbers for twenty eighteen the carriers. Attribute the declining investment to timing and more efficient technologies like virtualization. Finally, laurie. Al launched a battery free wearable called my skin track. UV that measures your exposure to as you might have guessed ultra-violet radiation as well as pollution pollen and humidity it uses NFC and you're nearby smartphone. Descend status updates and store up to three months of data. You can buy the my skin track UV device from apple stores for sixty dollars. For more discussion of the news of the day. Be sure to subscribe to daily news show dot com. Thanks for listening. We'll talk to you next time.

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