NHRA Top Fuel Pilot Leah Pritchett


Here comes again lunch. Lippi the same old same old or you ready to take a vacation from the ordinary with the new jamaican jerk turkey sub at firehouse subs up's freshly sliced smoked turkey breast crave ably sweet mustard sauce and a hint of caribbean seasoning just five fifty five for medium save time order the new jamaican you can jerk turkey sub on the firehouse subs app firehouse subs enjoy more subs save more lives participating locations limited time only plus tax prices may vary for delivery. Let's go. You're about to experience action like you've never heard it before. Action sports celebrities celebrities bad asses and massive interview all coming to you from the polaris razor studio. This is jim beavers anyways project action exclusively cast welcome to project action on podcastone coming at you from the players lairs razor studio. Jim beaver here and i don't know how many episodes were in at this point but <hes> i gotta tell you in quite a bit. I think we're like in your number three this podcast so thank you guys keep rolling. When i know i just saw were like one of the top shows or i don't know what do they call them. Greatest hits our best of the leisure category. I guess with items change of all these categories. We're now in the leisure category which i don't know i guess <hes>. I guess it could work. I don't know how these categories work their stuff in sports. It's not sports and leisure leisure. Whatever we're in the top of this category that i tunes put us in and thank you guys for making that happen so yes. We got a fun guest today today a very good friend of mine leah pritchett who a lot of you guys know her from the n._h._r._a. She likes to go three hundred and thirty miles an hour on a weekly weekly basis yes one of the fastest women on the planet and she is right here coming off a big win at brainerd so if you listen to my national channel show the down and dirty radio show you may have heard bits and pieces of this interview but the way i like to do my interviews. I like to save the full uncut length one. You know we got those weird national timeslots and stuff like that so you gotta trim stuff and you get abbreviated versions. This one is about an extra ten minutes to this interview than the national listeners got. It's uncut unfiltered and this is the way interviews are meant to be listened. Here's one thing i love about podcasting so yeah. We got lee on the show. Today definitely definitely excited about that. Thanks to my good friends at n._h._r._a. And don schumacher racing for <hes> is always a pleasure to avalon air become a very good friend of mine right and then some stuff in the u._t._v.'s stuff on the side. She actually got a house in like thirty miles away from me so she likes to go out wake surfing and stuff mike. That's always fun catching up with the league pritchett so <hes> you know she's somebody who can. She's grinded out a career man. This is i love people like this today. Because <hes> their people people weren't supposed to make a career out of what they're doing but just outta sheer we will and determination have carved out a career. She's always had the talent. You know what i mean but she's she's made things happen. In our appreciate interviewing a person like that you know so lee richard my guest today <hes> definitely not going to be the one that disappoint so yeah. Thank you guys for tuning in give me follow on social. Media is at jim beaver fifteen on all forms of social media love hearing your feedback fan feedback on guest suggestions what you think of the show and everything else in <hes> please go and also hit the subscribe button on itunes to the project action. Please leave a rating and review those of you that have much appreciated. If you haven't please do it and if you do take time please rate but if you take the time to type a little review you believe or twitter instagram at username and the review and i see it i will folly back on social media so <hes> yes it is going to be a big show today with lia eh pritchett and <hes> you know i've been cranking just got done with vegas to reno renoir polaris razor vegas torino finished up that race actually gotta finish there. It's about five hundred ten miles house. Long was able to get a solid solid finished out a little bit of cooling issues but <hes> we're able to overcome and make it to the finish line <hes> so did that. I'm getting ready to head out to crane raina next week for the red bull signature series crandon world cup. I'm gonna be hosted the livestream so next week a bunch of information on that but if you're fan of off road aura action sports if you're listening to show you probably are at this point but man. We've definitely definitely got got some fun. Stuff headed out you next week and it's the biggest is bad off road race on the planet and its fiftieth anniversary. This is as big as it gets for the world of off road. You gotta be tune in. I'm telling you so yes that is happening next week so i will be headed out there. So if you've been on social media probably gonna get a lot of racetrack pictures and a lot of fun. I gotta tell you man crayons at special place. Where it's it's been happening for fifty years. I get about fifty thousand people through the gates over the weekend and you know they've got not only some awesome offroad racing but behind the scenes they've got some stuff got a place called jurassic park right and you've got like ten thousand people camping and jurassic park. I gotta tell you it is what you expected. <hes> it's a bunch of my you know my favorite hillbillies and rednecks camping. They got naked slip and slide going on and all kinds of fun and shenanigans and man. There's a lot that makes crandon happen and and <hes> you know what it is. I guarantee you. It is fun. If you ever get the chance to go out there obviously right now. Things are pretty much sold out so you probably going to be stuck if you're heading out there <hes> tune in online unless you're wisconsin listener then you can make the dry for the day or something out there for one of the two days but i gotta tell you that place it's bucket list for anybody likes racing talk just a good time. That's for sure so that coming up. I know coming up on project action. We've got a good rutledge. Would you guys know him from nascar television east the top gear. It's got a new show on netflix. He is going to be one of my guests coming up. I'm very very much looking forward to having a rutledge john <hes> and then we've also got this. One is really really really special coming to project action. It's jim beaver right. Yes not me though it's the other jim beaver. He's the actor. He's like the legit jig gympie. I'm the radio podcast jim beaver bit of t._v. But he's like the legit hollywood credentials author. You've seen him in deadwood. You've also seen him supernatural. I mean this guy has been around hollywood for years. He's been in some of the biggest shows on t._v. I am so so looking forward to having him on <hes> <hes> he and i actually <hes> we. We've had some fun on social media with each other. I get some of his fan mail sent to me. He gets on my fan mail sent to him so we're going to be able to talk about that that and i just recently actually had somebody sent me a book to review thinking i was him and it's it's kind of funny that things things that happened but <hes> yeah it's. It's going to be cool. <hes> that's coming up on here as well so we've got some fun stuff for jonathan coil and i we're going to wrap out again very very soon. On the show. <hes> also got cory create. He's a x. Games and nitra world games double gold medallist. This year took back to back gold. He's going to be one of our upcoming guests but different sydney goodman from aegean. You know the female face of gaming <hes>. She is going to be back on the show that one did one of our highest <unk> highest listen to interviews ever ever was sydney goodman. She's gonna be coming back on the show to talk gaming and stuff like that so i gotta tell you we've got a whole lot of stuff out of your project action in the next upcoming week so you definitely want to be tuned in and make sure you hit that subscribe button over there on itunes foreshore and you know it's a started college football season. It's here and it's with miami versus florida on saturday. There's only one place that has you covered and one place that we trust and that is bet online dot a._g. Sign up today for a free account about online dot a._g. And use promo code podcast one and you're going to get a fifty percent. Welcome welcome bonus also in the n._f._l. We got <hes> baltimore and philly green bay against the raiders houston. Verse dallas seattle versus the chargers. Don't sit in on the sidelines anymore. Get in on the action. No forget use promo code podcast one or even easier text bat now b._t. And w just bet now now two two three eight six six nine. You're going to get a fifty percent. Welcome bonus bet online dot a._g. Or online sportsbook experts spurts and i gotta tell you my arizona cardinals. Obviously we got larry. Fitzgerald back drafted cuyler murray. They went out and got michael crabtree <hes> so i am very very excited about my cardinals. Finals in <hes> like now is the time for me to go into slide some money into my account for their bit online at a._g. And let her ride on my arizona cardinals. I know you guys are probably thinking. I'm a little but silly but <hes> we'll do it. I might be a bit of a homer <hes> but <hes> we're gonna slide on this cardinals in now. I i do have a funny story. <hes> you know going way back. I i know <hes> back when the cardinals went to the super bowl that one year <hes> against pittsburgh. We're talking <hes> well. It was well over a decade right around. Two twenty tench was two two thousand nine two thousand eleven. I can't remember their right in there. 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Leah pritchett here comes again lunch. Will it be the same old same old or are you ready to take vacation from the ordinary with the new jamaican jerk turkey turkey sub at firehouse subs freshly sliced smoked turkey breast crave ably sweet mustard sauce and a hint of caribbean seasoning just five fifty five for medium save lifetime ordered the new jamaican jerky sub on the firehouse subs app firehouse subs enjoy more subs save more lives participating locations limited time only plus tax prices versus me very for delivery like my good friend leah pritchett to the line who i don't know your <hes> toting around a wally this week so life's got to be pretty good leah oh <music> you're exactly right. Thank you of course as always for having me on jim and you're right the while he was being touted around. I think by travel dave was like eighteen our travel day on on monday. He got to see the country. I was going to say though that that's like. I don't know if you're like me like you got to haul something around like generally on your carry-ons on something. That's like man. I gotta haul this around with a wally like it's worth the hassle right. It's totally worth. It and you don't really think about it but t._s._a. They kind of think that it's a weapon but we did on the race track. We had a weapon racecard was a weapon and <hes> what am i gonna check it. The thing weighs forty two pounds so and it's pretty cool a lotta people asked what it is what your statue and i'm like golf. We won gulf this weekend and <hes> now. It's a it's a real good p._s._a. Planner for for that but it was <hes> he's real quick yeah. It was a really awesome event and we it couldn't have gone any better for the moment of going into the national yeah with u._s. Nats and countdown coming up like now is the time to to be hitting your strider house to get the moment. Now's the time to get the momentum in your favor. You're officially into the countdown. Obviously like you said labor day weekend. We got the biggest <hes> the biggest of the year coming up. I mean i gotta feel pretty good about things right now and especially the whole d._a._r._t. As well like you guys you got your mojo back. Swaggers going on. I kept it doesn't even carrying the swagger for the wreck. Where a little bit and tell me. He had a good run being up their second employment. You know i am not a number of counter and i'm not a points counter but when they said he'd been twenty six races and so <hes> our last win in about twenty four since cathartic top fuel when my man i guess that is kind of a dry spell but i wouldn't trade it for the world but i mean giving we've had one good right so we can't get carried away here but i gained momentum at the beginning of the season versus hemingway and let them to right now. I just definitely prime choice and you know we're not testing before indian usually a huge test to three days or so but three quarters of the nitro cars aren't testing and a lot of them tested monday after brainard and for us we actually actually tested what we wanted to work on in qualifying during brainard on saturday and you know we have our own particular allotment. Well runs per year of caffeine and you know we have to be strategic about it. A lot of that is testing for performance during d. with partners and vendors that we're working with but separate right now. We've got a hot rod. We able to prove that we had a hot rod. The western swing was good. We knew that we had a good car. We just ended up losing earlene being around by really small amounts and it just it looked to everybody else that you know we're we're struggling but we knew as soon as we got a little bit of good luck on our side and a weekend you know strategy wise starts out really well like accuweather solid hit the cue to you you qualify with that solid with with that good ones. You know you're not gonna get any better than key too and when everything works falls through like that then we have a flawless weekend yeah well. You know i gotta ask you so you came up against one of those key cap co-boys early on and billy you know you're able to knock him off and he's been darn near as steve is and i know i got a i got a feeling like you're carrying a little little obviously some momentum that felt good but i guess some of the bragging rights came back to you in the pitch and household this weekend to. I'm sure yeah yeah yeah well. The the house that i'm in right now is the one that happens to so he has the one the one out out in indy <hes> and they'll probably be like that for a while but yeah they've had that momentum and you know there's still superstrong. Steve got you know beat by doug on a whole lot in the early rounds and then billy redwood against me. <hes> you know sometimes sometimes it's like that and they're still superstrong contending team and you know that they're not gonna like losing any part of their moment. I'm so they're going to be back after it harder than anybody else <hes> <hes> but it means a lot and you know so like with billy with him red lighting what that shows is a couple of things so i made done a little couple of different up there and he stayed the same but when somebody does that it just shows what they think about your team and that we are a contender and they they do need to push it and you know when our petitions most parents in the other lane like salinas or even <hes>. I don't know maybe mechanical issues too because it looks the same on the track. It's totally different than what really happens but to us you know they're pushing really hard because they know that this the car and a team and top takahara neil are extremely capable of pulling out a win anytime and hopefully running train on on on getting wally so that's <hes> <hes> happened. This weekend happened at a better time definitely well in the in the u._s. Nats i know you said you guys aren't going to do any any of the testing kind of leading up to the event but you know this is kind of like to me outside or looking into n._h._r._a. Indy five hundred and not only that but you know d._s._r.'s base. He's just very very close to the track and this is the home race for d._s._r. I mean this is like hall all hands on deck. I mean this is. This is the end of the year coming up for you guys. This is the catalina wine mixer drag racing. You can have your own. <hes> you know i always considered denver to that one for us being the most part docs car but man when it comes to indy time i mean we call it the month of indie like the month of may for indycar the most of the the s._r. We have a great open house on friday open to the public <hes> hundreds of cars on display all the drivers autograph session oxygen <hes> memorabilia milia tour of the shop of d._s._m. <hes> doug schumacher manufacturing machine so it's a great way to start kickoff that weekend i know yesterday today. They had the big blow the big block party to kind of get the local fans excited about the event coming up. I i couldn't make that one but yeah this is. This is a i mean. We have five qualifying attempts but if you win the u._s. Nationals i mean that's that's pretty much. I on your resume probably right below championship so <hes> i was fortunate to win the u._s. Nationals last year in factory stock and there's going to be really difficult not gonna live back that up this year <hes> given that classes but to be a two-time u._s. National winner in different categories category that would be incredible <hes>. There's nothing like a top fuel win and i'm sure that there's nothing like a top u._s. Nationals i i don't know yet 'cause i've been there but a really good feeling that we have a really good shot at being a being one of those new winner in talking about factory stock. I mean we've been talking about top fuel but let's talk about that for a minute because i know this is a class like you told me in the past like you guys started this program and it wasn't like you guys had a big program. I mean you guys are very very small all and to see what you guys have grown into and to see how the classes come along with a competition no. You've you know you've been a big part of that but that's gotta you know. Obviously you like competitions. Gotta feel you feel really exciting for you to have a class. Now that you know is grown like that and have a program like your guys that has grown from virtually nothing. It's exciting to be a part of something at the very foot work <hes> and groundwork of it you know being the u._s. National champion last year three time winner winter the world champion after that and there were a lot of rule changes that were made a lot of force power <hes> allotments to our competition or allowed. That weren't for us really put it behind the eight ball. Some i mean you really you're not gonna you're not gonna make up two hundred sixty horse power to by texting art tweaking or tuning <hes> so we i was joking with somebody earlier as much excitement as i had of winning the u._s. National race he's here. I'm going to have that same amount of excitement too but i'm are bandido past the first round. I mean when you get when you you know your competition is two tenths quicker than you fifteen hundred that's just it just means that parody on the class is to be worked on and that too that's true but also our own program so who've done the most that we can right now but our rules are given us drag pack and <hes> supercharged uh overdrive weight <hes> and we're really honestly gary for twenty twenty so it's <hes> you you'd go to every race thinking that you have the potential to win and we do like today mark my teammate. He's <hes> testing in indy. They've done some good numbers like make. It makes us feel good about what we have but it'd be zac double duty <hes> i've got quite the quite the hot rod top fuel car to give all those guys a run for their money and <hes> on this protracted shootout think it'd be cool to do that again. It's been two years without it but this is you know we joke like winning can cure cancer but they can't dan clearly but it can. It can definitely do a lot of things and <hes>. I was happy to be able to talk with you about it at the end of the weekend well in talking about data obviously you you've got the nats but you know the bigger picture is looking forward at the rest of the year. You know you're qualified in for the countdown. You know how do you how do you approach approach that you know knowing hey we're in now and you know and obviously you know it's the bigger picture. Now you know. Obviously you get through the you know the u._s. Nats but then we're looking at <hes> you know it. You know everything in kind of resets a bit. You know what i mean. Come come countdown time yeah. It's funny that you say that about how do you how do you approach that this past last week is one of the first weekends where pro racing with nothing about winning now point not countdown the panthers whereas than any extra <hes> activities you that we needed to do all we need to do was just racing win <hes> so when you're asking about the countdown i'd love to be able to have executive and tally except i i have two unfunded races in the countdown started off the season potentially tend unfunded racism. That's a heavy weight to carry on your shoulders team <hes> but for dawn for for us knowing that we did not have the resources. We don't know if we're gonna make other races which we didn't we had escaping you know had to phone a friend <hes> <hes> to be able to have to sit up qualifying attempts so that's the way we had to raise all year built i can say how are we going to wait for the council. I'm still working hard right now <hes> to fill dallas in saint louis for primary sponsors <hes> so we're open to open availability for that <hes> it can't fathom missing recently countdown like i. I don't know what i'll have to be like mortgage my houses or something <hes> to be able to make kicks. You don't work all you're not able to see that but anyway that's just that's the scope lupu things and from the racing standpoint if i if i can get that locked in lockdown then we can be exact same mindset performance base. We saw this past weekend in brainerd and win like i think it was the oakland raiders <hes> coach. They just went begging just win so well well in with that wind coming. You know this past weekend in brainerd. I mean you got to thank you guys are a little bit better position now to fill those spots in dallas and saint louis coming often win like that and knowing hey we're in the countdown and things like that. I mean i know sponsorship and motorsports doesn't come easy but you got to. I guess things have got to be a little bit brighter now for you guys they are only two days after that event and it took me like i said like eighteen hours to get here to arizona from minnesota basically fargo and yeah absolutely momentum momentum speaks volumes and performance to and maybe that's why things happen for a particular rating of the season and <hes> you know if anybody is interested in joining our team and our championship real easy to get ahold of <hes> instagram chrissy us facebook <hes> and like all things that we feel like we have a very very good shot and <hes> there was an article that came out this last week and autoweek about dump schumacher racing basically saying like they're not going anywhere and they're building and they are thriving and it was awesome article with tony and dawn and they're great words but then to be able to back that up in the top fuel tandoori for dawn the past weekend just days after that until now was really gratifying and really shows you know put money money where your mouth is and we were able to do that and where i definitely feel like we're able to do that because the whole premise of it was like migrating is still continues to be you like stanford ships and that's something very humbling to be a part of that knowing one of two fifty percent of the talk fuel current legacy and <hes> and that excites me and excites me for the countdown and they you know love it or hate it the way that it works out for nascar created it and we followed and you know i've been on one side of it you know on the torrance when they when they lost it and the next next year you know just being closely associated than they just damn outright wanted this year. I'm sure he's not happy about being. I don't know what the hell is like. Eighteen eighteen thousand points ahead of everybody of course down twenty <hes> is what it is and that gives us our hoping are clean that we do our job aw we have potentially a world champion and that's what during that made up yeah well in talking about d._s._r. And i gotta ask you because i was fortunate enough. I know i text you when i was back there in may when i went to the indy five hundred but they invited me out and gave me kind of the tour and the royal treatment there but i gotta tell you walking into that place just going through the front doors like you no that places special like you just feel it. When you walk in and then you get a chance to walk through everything i mean they showed me everything and i mean it's kind of humbling. I mean for you to be a part of something a big to know. You've worked your ass off to get where you're at. You know what i mean scratched and clawed and like to feel that when you walk into a place like that read those articles i mean that's gonna make you feel really special as racecar driver it doesn't it make things really special to work there. When i walk into the building how many keycard put coming and you know look yeah all of the charter bodies that are on the wall gary cells each one of the most immaculate personalities of the sport and stood for everything that we stand for a two tiered outright outlandish words personality extreme sports power like everything at that building stands for in the in the different drivers that have been successful there and to <hes>. It's always been a dream and it's and it's amazing now so like i said on on friday this coming friday or next week before the u._s. Nationals it's open to the public to be able to come in and and see all of that the all of our okuma being machines that you know people noticed. We've ran to okuma bodies this year and like well. What is that well if they come uh open our doors and let's see cylinder heads that we make their new block that d._s._m. Is making up. We run our own block which is insane. Oh by the way it's insane. If you've seen one of those it's crazy. It's crazy awesome to be those programmers. Engineers work in that vein on that. Let's call it. The left wing's the shop and what they produce and then it gets transported over to the team. The team build it together. Other chassis comes from the other end of the shopping built in house. I mean it's a full circle encompassed <hes> operation and you know some all of it. Some of it can also be individual d._f._m. Has individual word <hes> also a builder helping for the motor for over a thousand horsepower so it's very unique the world's muslim winning <hes> drag racing team all you know in one roof and that an open fans can come to an auction is memorabilia is <hes>. There's there's food and the hundreds of people come their cars on the slave like we go round pick. Our favorite is so <hes> and then we hand out hand out awards and all of this is friday four qualifying of that u._s. National so oh. They say you know if you ever get to go to one race. This is definitely wanna go to. I would disagree yeah definitely i i got to be. I don't wanna say stuck in cranston because i know you know crandon well. Definitely i would be there if i wasn't in cranston but from what i understand is definitely can't miss event but man. I'm so i just what's between now and then for you leah working on the wake surfing career funny <hes> i might get a chance to do that. <hes> maybe later this afternoon. If ah cooled off i actually have some proprietary <hes> program and opportunities that i get to work on this coming weekend <hes> in a remote location that has to do with motorsports <hes> about all i can say that it's been it's been very cool and they quote unquote off off time they exactly know what the other drivers do but we were able to do roadkill nights which was in pontiac michigan woodward and do the vernal came into habits. You shot a commercial for sparkling. I win race brainard. I'm back here. I'm tomorrow's gonna be my first day. <hes> off yeah my my immature. Wake careers be engaged for day awesome well. I appreciate the time leah always a pleasure having you on the show and good luck of the u._s. Nats it's i appreciate that. Thanks for having me on in a day cool out there. How about that leah pritchett right here on project action on podcast one a big thanks to leah for taking the time to from her wake her wake surfing career to call into the show but yeah always fun having leah pritchett on the line and definitely never disappoint so thanks for taking the time to <hes> to phone in to the show and you know football season. It's around the corner. Podcast on sports sports net has the best shows to help you build the best fantasy team in the league hands down listen to jeff ratcliffe as he breaks out all the latest n._f._l. News on pro but ball focus focus fantasy picks with ross tucker's fantasy faced and take a spin with award winning finalists on the fantasy records yeah analysts i kind of struggled with that word but i'm kinda stoked it actually came out right but you can also get all the tricks fantasy sports and gambling with underdog sports parts fantasy our dominate the competition download new episodes of these shows and more every week on apple podcasts and podcast one law. You're out at don't forget go to bet online dot a._g. And use the promo code podcast one and you're going to get a fifty percent welcome mona since we're talking about the football team things but yes thank you guys the jim beaver fifteen on social media and make sure and hit us up over there on itunes hit the subscribe button project action as well as my other show the down and dirty radio show. You're gonna get to podcasts on that. One <hes> leave a rating on all of them reviews much appreciated as well but please give us one through five stars in the subscribe button much appreciated and and we love to hear from you guys on social media and who you wanna hear on the show next like i say we got rutledge wood coming up corey creed i think <hes> cyndi goodman at some point and my good friend jim beavers so lots of lhasa guest to come here on project action as well as a whole hell of a lot of them over there on the down and dirty radio. Hopefully you guys have a great week and hit me up. Let me know if you had not to crane or if you're going to tune in online love to hear from you guys. Thanks lots your next time. Ah here comes again lunch. 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Newsmen at eighty six year old supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has survived john nother bout with cancer high court says she has completed radiation therapy for cancerous tumor on her pancreas and there's no evidence of the disease remaining over the past twenty a years ginsburg has had three previous bouts with cancer including lung cancer surgery last december president trump's promise to a re promises of response to china seventy eighty five billion dollars in retaliatory tariffs p._n._c. financial chief economists says the back and forth trade battle hurts the world economy easy to seved achieved the situation spiraling out of control <hes> leading to a recession in the united states sometime in two thousand twenty former houston police officer gerald coins is charged with felony any murder in connection with a deadly january drug raid that killed a couple and injured himself and several officers investigators say going apparently lied to obtain a search warrant used in the raid. I'm tim maguire.

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