Zo Kravitz


Welcome welcome welcome to armchair expert. I'm DAX Shepard high and I'm joined by Monica Mouse. How you doing bud great sweatsuit? What color do we call that It's called terra cotta. Oh Oh my goodness it's called terra. Cotta it's from a brand pan guy. They're not a sponsor but I will give them a lot of love because I've been wearing these exclusively quarantine. Yes you've only been in them right. That's correct well. Our guest today was not in a sweatsuit We know that we know of well. We saw her her top that her bottoms could've been swept through. True Zoe Kravitz. Who's in American actress? Singer and model. You know we're from divergent. Mad Max fantastic beasts big little lies and currently in high fidelity on Hulu which is a fantastic show and then of course. She's GonNa be in the upcoming Batman which we talk about Tony Share. Do please enjoy Zoe Kravitz. 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Cillian Murphy is as name Philly and it's spelled with the sea so it's very confusing. I probably speak French and stuff do you are you multi-lingual speak French. Okay okay good okay. So Kellyanne Murphy. There was a moment in one of the Batmans where he goes. Bring me the Butman and I was like the Batman late either say Batman. Well yeah I I believe. It was a real swallowing of certain vowels. Accentuating of one's that didn't exist but the point is is that the Batman just Batman Batman. Now where do you land on this? I do like when I think of the Batman. I think if he'd Ledger. Saying the backed Ma and I do like that I man I'm into I think it feels like simple and yet epic. Okay good strong okay. So I'm just taking some clues. One of them is the Tatoos on your arm which I noticed extensively in high fidelity last night either. You're still in makeup or those are those are yours. Their own all the tattoos and the only one. That's not mine is. Oh the dude's name you got to on you and now did you have the conversation with them. Because I I've done this but it's out of pure laziness which is if I'm going to be in a TV show which I'm currently on. I cannot do an hour extra everyday of getting these things covered. So you're just going to have to embrace them. So what was yours motivated out of? I mean I think I always try and think of the character I so most situations. I've covered them. Big little lies. I covered most of them in the Batman. I'm covering in the batsmen. But yeah in high fidelity just felt like I was kind of playing someone so close to me that I would fully believe that she had to the funny thing is is that high fidelity's the first time I've been able to play anyone remotely close to who I am which is funny because people think that I do things like speak French right. Well I know little bits and pieces about you and then of course I read about you and then I learned that you got married in Paris so I was like. I don't know your old man has a place there. Yeah and so maybe you spend an inordinate amount of time there and maybe you picked it up because you have a flair for that and wish. That was my story. I wish that the story but my dad has a house. There have spent time there but to be honest I usually just go to see my dad and end up kind of like not even leaving the House that much we go. We go to Paris a lot and stay in the house which is so sad. Because it's the most beautiful city we realized after a week like we haven't left the house we have to go somewhere and you're currently in in what appears to be a hunting cabin. Is that fair to say? It's like a ship. So Yeah I've been renting this house in London. We were shooting the Batman and now we were shooting about men anymore because Kovin were here. Still the Kelvin. Yeah this is a so yeah. We're in a very cute. Little Caveney House in Notting Hill. Looks like I'm in the woods. Yeah but knowing that. You're by the way I'm going to take a stab at the interior of the Topanga Canyon home did it resemble this at all. It's it's round my mom's house it's round. You know what I think I know that for I feel like I've stocked you. Okay Oh boy. These are all accidental things. So I know you love my mother. I know about this. Do you remember how embarrassed. I don't know if you remember this. I'll remember for life. Isn't that Vanity Fair? Yeah wait I wanNA hear her version. No no no no. Let's tell the real version because I don't think I fully did know what was going on and I don't think it could be a have been impactful for her as it was for myself so it all started at. I think this independent spirit awards or something were you. Were you were on stage? Okay and so what happened was my wife and I are watching and I go. That's Zoe Kravitz. And she goes. Yeah I said well. My prediction came true. That those to what I have always historically for now forty five years of said the most beautiful to humans to ever live on planet earth or your mother and of course your father and so I thought when they have a child this thing has to just be the most aesthetically pleasing creature to ever live and then you strolled out on stage and I said to Kristen by God. My prediction was accurate. She's the most stunning human I've ever looked at and kristen goes I know it makes your eyes feel good to stare at her. Oh my God bless you and I said something on the order of. You're the prettiest person we've ever seen in real life cut to we. Now see your mom and now now I'm going back because now your mom's been my number one since I was like I don't know nine ten years old so we mean we meet her and then my wife thank God. She's helping make it not feel insanely weird. That I'm saying this to your mom but I'm like you're you're the number one of all time. I don't think there's ever been a person prettier on planet earth and then you walk at the exact perfect moment and you say you just said that too writing and so I felt completely fraudulent and truthful. It was conflicting both statements yet. Obviously they both can exist in the same scene. You say that to one more person tax. I remember you coming up. And being very sweet and chatty and me and my mom walking away going there were some of the cool. You guys felt like a very fun unit okay. Great that's good feedback now. What happened was at some point. There was a dancefloor and I love to dance and so my wife says you WanNa dance with Lisa. Don't you and I said I would really like that? And she said you should asker and then I asked your mother and your mother and I fucking cut a goddamn rogatory upwards of forty five minutes she can dad's Oh rhythm exuding seeping out the pores She's at ten on the soul spectrum. So I'm not surprised. What's what's happening here you you've stumbled into another. Do you know the actress Joy Bryant. Yes okay so joy and I were married on television for six years together and we created this thing called the soul spectrum and we rape people bill Murray mean one of them I put story. Yeah and the nine ten Sam Jackson territory. Yes I Danny McBride Miami McBride I think is real high on that soul spectrum. Mr For walking. Okay yes very very interesting choice. Oh I like that. Big Time big. Yes so your mom is basically perfect. Ten souls back. Yeah I have one other really embarrassing liberty share with you okay. So I'm equally obsessed with your Stepdad Jason. I just love his physique and love his physique so much so in his hair and the whole thing I just love I love it. Gone is called. Rogo many times going point. Is We go to? The game of thrones like premier. I don't know what season maybe six or something. I wear a tank top that says starks in the streets wildly the sheets. That's my tank top. I've got about fifty tattoos. I've ordered off the Internet on my body. That are game of thrones theme Tattoos. And then I'm with Kristen. Who's dressed the exact same way? So I'm feeling very same tank top. Same Tank tops. Same Tattoos and I'm feeling super confident. Like oh we're killing premier. But I get separated from Kristen at some point and then I bump into your mom and it's our first run incense are dance party. This interview sucks getting mad loving it. This is all of this. Is the most human interaction has still long and I really really enjoy it. Okay good so I bump into your mother. I completely forget how I look. I'm just so excited to see her. And then I just kind of feel that she's giving me a once over and all of a sudden all at once. I realized what I look like that. I look insane and I panic and I go. Oh I'm not honey honey. I start panicked call screaming for Kristen. Social join me so your mother doesn't think I'm a complete lunatic and then Kristen's busy doing something. But she come. Yeah what is it I just wanted to see. I'm not the only per- okay and then that was it. I doubt your mom remembers any bet she ask. I can totally see her looking you up and down to because my mom. She's like she's just not very good at it. Faking it like she's very honest. She's at ten on the solar spectrum but she is like a zero on the bullshit spectrums. She can't hand. I think I agree. I think you're right. There's a inverse coefficient. Goddamn at Monica. Okay you and are the reason I asked is because anyone who likes the show came for me and stayed for Monica okay. I'm just the second fiddle so I just wanted to set that up. Secondly Monica is four months older than you and she's never older than a gas. This is a lot it hurts my feelings a little bit but it's okay okay for months and months. I know I know we're basically twins. You can do a lot of aging in four months a lot of age by the time. This whole thing's over I. Yes I believe that. I'm going to look like a different person. Back does have some substantially more wrinkles than ZOE's. My prediction is you will emerge from isolation at the age Monica entered. Yeah do the math facts loves fast math. Okay so any sense. Prediction is a four-month quarantine. So you'll basically leave quarantine the age Monica entered. How long have y'all been doing it in England? Well we started before they did it. In England the minute we heard it was happening in America. And what was going on in the movie shutdown. We quarantine ourselves. I'm sure you're experiencing waves. We are right where it's like this. Is You fork? I needed a break. I love it. I'm seeing my kids a lot and then I hate this house. I hate everything I hate so I wonder how it would be compounded being in another country like do you feel like it's a layer. You know it's weird being away from your home but you know. We do thoroughly comfortable here. America is a little scary right now and the president and just the energy feels a little gnarly. I feel so there's something actually kind of Nice being removed from that people are very calm here. So there's something comforting about that. I'm not tempted to see anyone because I'm a home anyway. So that's kind of Nice to. Yeah but you're right. I I went straight to England when this first started which was just thinking like Oh man. We're all panicking. That we gotta stay inside and stay six feet apart and they would just had bombs raining down on their city for months and months in the fact they all just carried on with their lives. I feel like you're you're with the perfect group of people to carry on is exactly the phrasing but I think they are starting to take it a little bit more seriously in terms of social distancing which is great a ha- but even though they're realizing how serious it is they're still very calm like the. There's no kind of anarchy feeling in I feel like New York Brooklyn feels like host apocalyptic. There's certainly some people screaming at the top of their lungs. It feels like that anyway in the true I mean also you know when the whole thing started going down and they were talking about closing borders. You know everyone was panicking and so many of my friends called me and said you have to get on the plane right now. They're gonNA close the borders and my husband started panicking too. And we're like okay. We have to pick up this house. And what are we going to do? And then we're like. Why are we going to AMERICA JUST TO BE IN AMERICA? Like that's just stay where we are and I'm not go to an airport and not be around people and Yeah I we. We realized we didn't even know why we were scrambling to get back into the country. Saying Okay but you long ago you were a little tiny baby in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight yes. You're a Christmas baby. Yes mom and dad got divorced at five t right a two two CAM. GonNa Sue wikipedia. You don't need to be troubled with that. I will have. The truth is actually. I don't know when their divorce was finalized but they split when I was two. I got you. Okay it's funny because you see you see pictures and stuff and you as you get older confused that with things that you remember but I I don't think I actually have any real memories of them as a couple. Yeah I just made that discovery by the way the my dad died a few years ago and I got some of his photo albums and I realized. Many of my memories were not memories. They were memories of the photos. I had seen it's crazy and especially now that we have you know social media and stuff and we're constantly looking at photos nonstop. It's it really does become hard to know what to memory and what's an image. It's interesting yeah so but you lived with mom from zero to eleven yes. I was born my my parents had me in Venice beach and they live together in New York for four years and then we moved back to La. And I mean my mom moved into Panga when I was like four or five but when you were little. Did you recognize that mom and dad were famous? You know my mom less. Oh actually because by that time the cosby show was replayed stuff but it wasn't the sensation that was in the eighties and I grew up without television so a right so I didn't have TV. So I didn't see reruns really until I was much older when I did see reruns. It was because my aunt had taped on vhs all episodes and seeing them and we lived we lived. We lived far away from everything and that was a different part of her life that she kind of didn't bring with her and my dad at that same time was the biggest he ever was. You don't fly away American woman all that stuff. Who's on the radio? I live with my mom. He would go on tour and he would come into town which was really exciting for me and he'd come pick me up and I was really excited just because my dad wind up seat in town and he wasn't settled he would come in like a hidden Pfizer Viper. Yeah like netted shirt like within literal BOA. No but he would come pick me up and like that but then also people so people would get when he was there and I remember one day going to the parking lot to get picked up by my father and the whole school was there and it was embarrassing and then I think that's when I realized something was up. Something's going on and then fly away come out and like I walk down the hallway at school and kids would sing it at me weird way in like oh boy. Did you go to school. Independent because over people who don't live in L. A. They don't realize like Japan Kenyans in l. a. But it's like being in the backwoods Tennessee. It is so it's the most removed enclave of La. It's in Little Canyon in the mountains. Yeah it took me about forty five minutes to get the school. I went to school in the valley. I went to the Rudolf Steiner to the school called Highland Hall. Okay and now. Here's what's confusing for. Most people who have no association with this so I think I think most people think Oh my God of all the kids in school thought. My Dad was awesome. I would like it but now having experienced it myself. It's probably just a shitload of attention. That doesn't feel comfortable for especially at that age out. Imagine I mean I think as a kid all all you wanNA do almost disappear. You WANNA fit in. You don't want to be different on either end of any spectrum right so it's not like being able to get into school without anyone looking at you whether it's like weird at your face your closer weird. You're too rich to poor you. Just don't WanNa be noticed because you don't know what the fuck is going on. Yeah anything unique could could equal exclusion probably and so okay another side. That has nothing to do with either. I would see your mother occasionally at Kuku. I lived in Santa Monica. She would take me to cook like memory of Cougar. Like it's my favorite. I can't believe they don't exist anymore. I used to see your mom. They're not all the time but I bet three or four times I was. It was a spot we were like. We'd go to Kuker and I thought because I was in my twenties and I was like I knew it. Man where soulmates like. We're both hell fuck in. We can't stay away from Google. Ru Cougar had this leg bomb chicken. That had like this all orange sauce on it. Do you know what I'm talking vaguely barbecue. But it didn't taste tangy a citrusy thing to a lot of flavor profiles Oh yeah coup guru so funny yeah my girlfriend bringing. I used to go there and we were on the Atkins Diet. We would put the bread in her mouth and just chew it a couple of times and then just take it and put it back on the play Dr and it was like twenty three. What was why was he so worried. Okay but what's interesting is that you're actually a third generation performer. And that grandma on your Dad's side right. Yeah it was on the Jeffersons. Yes she's legendary. She's only the first interracial couple in prime time television. Yeah Roxy roker sweet story when they were casting the Jeffersons and they told her they were GonNa have am biracial couple and that was a big deal at the time and you know she additions and I think they loved her and they wanted to say you know just so you know. We're doing something crazy you know. You're going to have a white husband and she pulled out a picture of my grandfather who was white instead. Well that was part of the reason they were like. Oh she's perfect. But I love that story. I've been practicing. I've been practicing and then same configuration rates so then mom also mom's parents are black and white both Jewish and black on both sides yet. Yeah my mother's mother. Arlene is white. She is a Russian Jew and her father is African American tire of people's interest in that. No I think it's cool. I think the part that gets funny because both my parents have brown skin. People get really confused and they're like how are you mixed? Or how are we don't understand and sure? I think I recently said something on Instagram. About being mixed in some person commented like why are you so ashamed of who you are? Your parents are both black and you can't win. Five seconds of research say also that they think they know more than you about your own history and heritage like crazy and your relationship with Maritza. Shame shame filled or not. There's so many things that are counterintuitive. So Monica I've talked about this. A Bunch Monica constantly was asked where you from this bitches from Atlanta Georgia. But that's not what they meant of course understandably hearing it from her perspective. How fucking annoying redundancy in the predictability? Oh here comes that question where you from Atlanta. No but where are you from? I'm from what are you? Yeah exactly. It's almost like just ask me what you want to ask because then you don't really know how to answer answer correctly and they're like but no. I mean from from. Yeah Yeah but but but for me as a vanilla Heinz fifty-seven white dude. I'm like Oh my God the notion that women would be curious about. My ethnicity sounds awesome. Like yeah any fucking question you have for me? I'm GonNa Enjoy 'cause I just want your attention so previously I think I probably would have been like. Oh love people ask me what my mix is. Just because I wanNA talk about myself and you seem to be interested in me but I recognize that can be laborious and redundant. I think it depends on. Also you know I don't know when you were a kid. It was probably different for me. We were just talking about you. Know when you're young again just wanted to fit in so people kind of trying to figure you out can make you feel really uncomfortable. You know I had so many like specifically about my hair brown girls in their hair. Wipe Kid's coming up and asking like why does your hair look like that or it's kind of touch it. And of course the kids they don't they don't know what they're doing. But just highlights your differences. Yeah that's what you want at that age now so given that grandma was on television and then mom and dad are on television or on stages did it then seem natural for you that like. Oh I'll pursue this or did it feel like a family business. Did you feel like Oh fuck? I can't do this because it's not original because everyone else did it. What did you wrestle with to decide? I'm going to do this as well by the time I had to actually think about performing as a career I had been doing it for so long not even not professionally but just that was so who I was that it wasn't really a question you know. When I was a kid I would perform for my grandparents had put on shows. I would sing somewhere over the rainbow. I loved watching cabaret I love musicals and I was average. Student was a C. Student but I was in drama club. I would perform every play. We did so by the time it was time to graduate. It was really the only thing I knew how to do. I did look into John. J. College of Criminal Psychology. Because I was really interested in the minds criminals but I think that also ended up being a part of why I loved acting to kind of figured out how those two came together. I love murder show. We just watched the best dateline nights ago. Did you like dateline. Yeah I do it was. It was a woman who abducted another guy's girlfriend assumed her identity for three years was fucking with the family making them think she was still alive and on bipolar her face booking the whole nine islet was it was Korea. We three years years and we thought it was like three different people throughout like it was real knows Orion Ernie so at eleven you hear the call of the wild. Is that what happens or is it just that you miss dad or you like give me the fuck out of Panga Canyon. What am I doing in the dirt. I think it was a combination of a lot of thanks so when I was eleven. My mother was going through a really hard time. She was dealing with some health staff and she lost her mother and I think I liked. I didn't know how to deal with her sadness. And so it was me and my mom independent in the middle of nowhere. I'm not allowed to eat cheese. I'm not allowed to each other. And then there's my dad and I go to see him for a couple of days and there's like fucking. Tv's in every room and pop tarts and there's people everywhere all the time and it's just like these two opposite worlds and as a kid you're just like That one it's so funny because looking back. Thank God the time I did have with my mother. Because that's the experience that makes you kind of you know. I think a deeper person and artists and connected to nature. That's the foundation. Yeah exactly my dad asked if I wanted to to live with him in it was big really exciting and I also wanted to spend more time with him and I would only see him for a couple of weeks here and there and I felt like I wanted to just get to know him. Better and pop tart all the time. That's what I did and then just culturally to Miami is so different from La in general and then even more different from Tabango. Yeah it was crazy shift and I ended up not liking Wayne. Very much is funny like I had that experience and then when I was fifteen demanded that we move to New York where I went back to a Waldorf school which is where my mom. Put me in kind of return to my more wholesome holistic about Waldorf in my limited understanding of it is like the kids play with wooden blocks. It's very tactile right. They're working on social dynamics as much as anything that academic academically this bill yet so Waldorf is a philosophy that was created by Rudolf. Steiner and the classes are all very small. The lessons happen through conversation as opposed to lecture. Make your own textbooks by writing things down in actually like making a book. So it's also about Kinda physically using your hands and you learn how to knit and Crochet and draw and then you also learn reading and writing now at the ripe age of thirty two looking back preferrable. Oh Yeah I'm super. I'm so I think I'm thirty one yet. Shoes in eighty-eight. Yeah she's not four months. Shaw all six months only but I've been in quarantine for so long. You could tell you believe you own. Failure of vast areas the dateline episode. It was my first real. Big Failure of fast man is a segment. I do nonstop on this show and generally. I'm good at it but boy did I. Shit the bed on this thirty one okay. So from the thirty one year old vantage point. I'm incredibly grateful to have gone to the those schools and I made amazing friends there who I'm still in touch with you know. Just it was an creative environment and I. I knew I loved performing that I think also just being tapped into your creatine psyche in that way at that age creates a different kind of artists. And have you discovered any like gaping blind spots or holes in your like? You're talking to somebody and go like oh. We never even covered geography or anything like that. I'm not great at it at math and it took me a while to. My Dad took me out of the school. The first school because I was. I don't know how that I couldn't read yet away. I should we later discovered that I'm dyslexic. And that was a big part of it. Oh keep panicked and it was like you need to read. I am to where we're dyslexic siblings. Yeah and do you find that you can retain aural information really like abnormally well compensated for that by saying Yeah. I mean. I haven't really good memory like I can remember my dialogue like that. I can remember song lyrics all of that. My thing is just like with numbers. I can't remember numbers like if you tie. If my hotel room is lying. One one to learn something. I cannot remember and really slowly. Also if I'm writing down numbers I always like flip the first to always right. Can I give you my hack so when I checked into my hotel room bom take a picture of it on my phone you do that. Yeah I do I do now. It's great for the longest time I was just like. Why can't I? It's three numbers. Why can't I know it? Yeah also parking garage. I'm going to just bang a pedometer. Oh all very twenty twenty to drop a Pin Scott. The clock. Okay wow so I just. I got a hack on top of stay tuned for more armchair expert dare. We are supported by honey. Look we all shop online. I do almost all day long. Pretty much exclusively. Did you know though you can make online shopping? Even better you can with honey. Honey is a free online shopping tool that saves you money. Online honey automatically finds the best promo codes and applies them to your car. Which makes online shopping? Finally feel as easy as it's supposed to be now a commode went down in our home. Is You know that's not a good time. 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I've never lived in Miami only visited for work but I got imagine you went to some Miami. Yeah Miami Country Day. Thank you were the other children in there like Hulk Hogan's kids we actually unlike. Actually maybe I think maybe they think maybe yeah I think so. Okay if I was weird is very and again it was like I had this desire for this normal life. I went to let this weird hippie school in like couldn't he whatever and now I go to this place in Miami and it's like there's cheerleaders there's football teams there's like clicks and it's like a right total. I mean I don't even the the girls were doing it. Our Age Lake scary. These kids are going. To draw. Drugs transacts off young makes me sad to think about. Yeah I mean there's this whole rap music and like wearing shorts that are like way up your ass. But it's like you look back on your fifteen. Bro La La. There's a few times right. Came back for Christmas break. Or whatever and I'd come back in some like type resilient genes and like my rows were gone and my mom was like fucking kidding me now. Your mom must've been panicked when you would return. I mean it'll opposite of what she was crafting for you and I come back again like with like no eyebrows and like weird makeup on like a cell phone and like genes that are like way too tight and way too low had jeans that had like I catt pain in on the but my mom is just like no dude. No Okay so you ended up in New York and then you return to Waldorf thing and then things were honky Dory and then you went for a year to college in you. Studied acting for that year. Is that correct? Yeah I feel like I was enjoying high school so much actually which I know. A lot of people don't Relate to but I really would that all of a sudden you know school was ending and I hadn't really thought about college. That much and suny purchase had a person come into school and tell us about the programs they had there and the acting program sounded interesting and I kind of threw together pretty fast because again I wasn't really planning on going to college would aspect where you loving about highschool and this was in New York City is in New York so I just had this amazing group of friends. We were really really close because it was this wonderful small while the school there wasn't really any cliques and it was just like there wasn't a lot of drama and that kind of thing it was just like good group of kids all artistic in some way it was like this wonderful collection of people and we were just buds and we were just like we would make music sing and smoke weed and like. Hey. I'm the park and it was just like a really fun time and I think also kid when you're living in New York your free very early you don't need to jump on the train and like go hang out on stoops and it was just. It was such a fun time in kids. Grow up faster there too just because of the environment. What was the drug lecture you got you know? I don't think I ever got a dry lecturer. My mom is I was sixteen years old and I guess her and my father had had a conversation about the fact they knew I was smoking weed because they could spell it or whatever. It was Christmas visiting my mom and she brought up. We'd and I thought I was in trouble. But then she pulled out a joint and we went to the took a walk and walk to the Orchard and sat in the trees and and the high it was great and I think their whole thing was always. Just you know schoolwork. I would've took a crazy turn. Then she she pulled an eight ball out shopping she was like. I didn't know you liked to get wet. I I wrote the script details training day. Denzel character is actually based on my mother. So H- fun fact. Okay so you start working pretty darn quickly and you you do. Eight episodes of California -cation. I remember that and then you quickly you get into X. men. Did you embrace your name or did you run from it? I thought about not using it. I thought about just going by my middle name. Isabel as as Bella and I kind of tried to do it but it just like didn't stick can people kept forgetting and it just like no one responding to this idea. I had I would. I would tell my agent. It just wasn't happening. I also think I mentioned it to my dad at one point and I think I could feel that he it made him a little sad sure. Yeah and so yeah I just I just kind of stuck with it and I did use to be really insecure about people you know just associated with my family and now I love it. I'm so proud of them in school. It can be such a roller of thoughts right because I even had it like originally when Kristen and I would work together the most insecure side of my brain would-be telling me people are gonNA think I was only in it because she got me in it so I didn't WanNa work with her because of that and then then she was in my movie that I wrote directed and then I thought well people are. GonNa say oh. She did me a favor by being in the movie but mind you know and said anything it was all completely in my mind and I was like I enjoy working with her. So I'm GonNa fucking do that and stop thinking about it but even on a small thing like that I would get neurotic about what the perception was. Totally people would always say to me are never going to collaborate with your dad and I'd be like no and I'm like why ms why am I responding so violently to that idea? You WanNa you WANNA since that you've earned what you God and you made it on your own like it's very. I think it'd be saying if you didn't have those fears. No totally that. I think even in the moment you're not even clear about what it is. You're just like no. I would never do that. It'd be stupid you're now. I think I'm GONNA wait to kind of carve my own path like it's not clear thought like that. It's just immature. But when you got in this movie with Fast Bender and James mcevoy and then Vaughn's is great director and Rose Byrne was there are like fuck. I'm in the Big Leagues Right. Out of the gate. Did you have any kind of fear or you like bring in? You know it's funny. I just realized recently that that was about ten years ago. Which is so nuts when you were twenty two. I'm kidding twenty-one fucked up to and I look back at. I think there was a part of me. That was just like okay. I also never really thought was going to do movies like that. The kinds of movies that I always saw myself doing were kind of cool. Small Weird indie movies. I kept our booking. These big action movies. I think it's because those were the auditions where I was like. Yeah right and who cares? Yeah which I didn't want it and I also there was no way I was going to get either so yeah man so I came. I don't know I think I was pretty casual about it. Which is so funny and looking back it was a huge steppingstone for me. But I think I was like all right next venture I could fly. Did you ever Rob Yourself of experiences? I did this where I was too. Cool for things yet. I did them and then all I really did is I. Kind of rob myself being president experiencing it. I'm sure on that. Yeah I hope so. I'm probably doing it right now. A lot of people are so. Don't flatter yourself now. I had a couple of big questions kind of like overarching questions. Because you really go from most actors ninety nine point nine percent of the actors don't even work so let's start there them point. Oh one percent of them work and of those ninety nine percent of them never end up in a sequel and then you're in some franchises which is exciting but they're also really time consuming. You're also in your twenties and they're also movies that are huge and on location. So I'm wondering you kind of just touched on it but did you have the theory on what your career was supposed to be what you were trying to create and then also what is it like to just never be home through your whole twenties. That could either rule or in the period where you're kind of defining who you are. It could rob you of that luxury. I definitely didn't have a plan. I said no to a lot of things. One thing I realized I was very lucky about that. I had a little bit of help. It wasn't you know my dad gave me a little bit of money just to like start off. And he's always said he's really proud. I never asked for money ever again. That was the one time. Give me money. And they're definitely. There was a point where I was like okay. Fuck I haven't worked in a long time. I don't know how I'M GONNA pay my rent but I did have the luxury of being able to say no to a few things when I was younger which I think is really important. When you're trying to sculpt a career to emit takes multiple whole career to learn to say no and most people don't have the luxury they just need to fucking pay the rent so that was something. I was very lucky to be able to. I guess I did work a lot. But there's a major lows in between the things that you're talking about like I left college when I was eighteen Went from like half a year so from eighteen to twenty I was hanging out in Brooklyn heart out in Brooklyn. Doing anything went to London for six months however long to do X. men and then came back on them again just in Brooklyn doing nothing for another year or something like that before the divergent thing starts you know. Actually it was mad max and then divergent. Oh that makes sense because I probably took forever for that thing not Mexican out after divergent came out but it did. Because that's probably the thing you've been in that. I have the most questions for first and foremost road warrior define my childhood. I was on the big wheel every day. I was Mad Max. My brother was chasing me so with great anticipation. I see your movie. It delivers on so many levels. Entire movie is one big action setpiece. It never stops. I wondered how the hell he kept track of like. Oh Yeah what do we need to? We need nine shots of the guy with the guitar. I mean what a fucking circus in early in your career where you kind of like. Oh this is this is normal or were you aware of that. This was a spectacular experience. I think again looking back I was so young I was just along for the ride. I wasn't attached to anything really back home. I did have a boyfriend. And that kind of destroyed that failure right or South Africa. Yeah in In the mid via we were in this very small town called Swakopmund. And there's nothing there there's nothing there. There is some very very kind of poor shantytowns and then there's some weird kind of big houses that a lot of a lot of German people vacation. They're a lot of weird energy. There are all used to be a German colonial port. So there's just like weird like residual shit going on at that age normally. Think about it right. You're just like cool. What time is my flight? And where do I go and then all of a sudden you're in Namibia and you don't even think about like what this is GonNa be like. It was nine months. Oh Wow we're in almost every shot could we're just in the back of the car while we're always there. Were all away from our homes. We're living in these big houses but there's like nothing around it. There's one restaurant you can go to. It's just it was a really weird experience and then we spend all day in the sand dunes and you do start to go crazy like you all went in. We all went in saying you know and George Miller who just I love him so much. She's he's an amazing artist and he was so specific about even though we have very little dialogue. You know who these women were what they had gone through. We did a two week course with eve. Ensler she's amazing woman. She's a performer. But also has this incredible place called City of joy in the Congo where she takes in women who have been human traffic and mutilated in horrible ways. And she's just she's amazing women she also wrote the vagina monologues. These women were sex slaves so he he really wanted us to understand the gravity of that and the fact that he took the time to even go deeper with without especially when it's not in the dialogue. I think was really special. And he knew this story so deeply he'd been working on for so many years. I remember it. You know he'd come up and give you direction and he would close his eyes and he would start talking to you but he was seeing it in his head. He was seeing that he was feeling everything really deeply and he's really. He's truly a genius. And did anyone take you under their wing because it sounds like you were basically island fever. Yeah Charlene was really cool. She's South Africans. She felt way more at home when she would have dinners at her house and her mom was there with her and that was really sweet and and we also mean. Riley go way back in. Abbey's Debbie lease one of my dearest friends to this day Nicole. I had worked with doing X. Men So we have arrived ru but it was like summer camp at turned into like a horror movie summer camp a little bit but it was always scheduled for nine months or did you just keep going over always scheduled for nine months. Actually I was the second person they cast. I read with different actor that they had hired Tom Hardy yet and they were. They were kind of matching people up and they tell people it was me. I didn't really know DAX from our man. Look good in any of the year and then they can't they cast me and then that was when it was supposed to be shot in Australia and they were supposed to shoot in this place called God. I can't remember the name right now. But it was his area that was desert and then it rained abnormal amount that year and it started all these flowers and tree and grass started popping up. They were like we can't bucking chute here so they had to kind of crush all of the vehicles find a new location and the movie got pushed a year alone on the sounds like apocalypse. Now Yeah we just. Have you ever watch hearts darkness the documentary? Yeah Yeah I just showed it to Monica. Two nights ago for the first so crazy so crazy almost better than the movie going to say. It's crazy that the documentary is just as good if not better. What a ride. So yeah it was supposed to be nine months but it was supposed to be nine months a year before we shot it and in Australia Australia. Okay so then you do the divergent series and again you do three of them but these all came out like every year there was a new one. Yeah and so. It's not Lanta three to three summers. So imagine in a certain respect Ed probably felt like being on TV show. Did it a little bit like where you kept returning new season almost. Yeah it did I mean those foams you know all due respect. Those weren't my favorite films that I made. I think but as we went on the story really got lost in. No one really knew what we were doing anymore and that makes it really hard. I'm happy to go wherever if I know what we're making and why but once you lose sight of that it becomes really hard. I think it depends on what it is to when you're running away from something and you're like what and why and it's million degree. It's just like you can't see anything it's all. Cg rough that's rough. It's embarrassing right. If that's what it is a fancy taste you use probably wanted an apartment New York. Is that where you're aiming for? I want an apartment. You collect Rolls Royces to people. Don't know about the bog one. You have thirty where icees right and yeah and the real thing in New York is like where do you right? I thought you Bud Jerry. Seinfeld's parking garage Rolls Royce opens up at the bottom of his house. Right it's like part of his house or something. We're real baller. Yeah cool okay. So then you land right in another franchise you go into fantastic beasts. Well what I will point out that with the franchises. I've been depending on how you see it. Lucky you're lucky but got killed off in both X. men and fantastic beasts so cool though right. Yeah no it is you were saying you know returning over and over again. It's difficult and so I've got kind of lucky in that way so then the thing that we consumed the most was big little lies loved. It loved big little lies with the pattern. I'm recognizing is like just a bunch of real gunslingers. It you keep finding yourself in the middle so that show if there was ever a matriarch show like the most powerful accomplished ladies. And they're at the rains. Was that inspiring. Did you feel like I don't belong here? I any number of things could have resulted from that. I think I experienced a lot of feelings. Those being to them I think ultimately I just felt a very lucky to be here and it made me work harder because I would think to myself. I'm not going to let my performance ruin what these amazing women are doing because it really isn't on Somboon show and so there's one person that's not doing their job. I think the whole thing kind of falls apart so I really wanted to do well just to keep their amazing performances in Tina. Yeah there's there's two layers happening so your character on the show. Is this like of course anyone sphere. The man has left his wife now. He's got this much younger woman. There's a couple layers that could go south because you're playing that role. And then people like hunker under their character in a way that it's like a bleeds over a little bit outside of scenes and so I could imagine if I were you I'd be like I'm playing the other younger woman but I still have to be careful that I'm not triggering in any way that I am a young actress that is you know the peak of your youth powers. It's interesting that might be massage. This question can I just check myself? That might that might be. I don't know if I ask young guy. I won't understand what your question is. I don't think I fully understand question. Okay so my question is your character is basically a threat to these women. Yes because you'RE YOUNG BOHEMIAN IN HOT. You're also really young and Bohemian hot in real life. I'm wondering if I would walk into that situation as you being a little egg. Shelley of like Oh. I don't want to assume the real life character that I'm playing in this show That make any sense but I am wondering if I would ask a guy. I don't know if I'd ask a young dude that was in like those sylvester stallone movies. Or whatever I don't know if I'd asked the young guy like did you feel like you were threatening to those guys. No but I appreciate you possibly checking yourself. Be offended by your question. Okay Um but I appreciate you saying that. No you know it's funny. I didn't really think of the. I think the way that you're thinking of the character might be like a little bit more misogynistic than the way I thought about the character because didn't define Bonnie as someone who was like young hot and Movin- I was like okay. There's this woman who fell in love with somebody and his ex wife is having a hard time with that and she also has an abusive passed in life. What does that mean it out like why? She's in this relationship and why she's in this place in. She's constantly trying to keep her emotions in check and her anger in check which then at the end of the show. We realize she's not really able to do so. I think I was thinking about it differently. I was also very into the element of her that. Like I'm not as hippy. Dippy as she is. I'm not gonNA wear yoga close. I have my own house or in a yoga class. You know what I mean I find that annoying and so it was fun to lean into that you know it was really fun to pronounce Peru Bedrock. That made me want to pinch myself. You know what I'm saying so I was very conscious of of that element of Bonnie. Yeah I'm sure you could have drawn on your pango calls. I was kind of like channeling. My mom adds fun to do when she watches you. Does it tickle your mom? Did she fuck and finally by a TV so she could watch I link and you watch on. Earth still doesn't have a TV. No she really. She really liked the show. She was really into it and season two came along. It was fun to watch her. Get Addicted to do a show like that because she's so Not that person. But it's funny. The thing that she ended up Resonating with the most was high fidelity and I think it's because it was the closest to me as a person so she got to really see just my personality and I think she kind of recognize that yeah that would be cool because the hardest thing to learn to play in my experience is yourself. I never got an opportunity to because the characters I was planning. You know Bonnie she was she's not very funny and I think humor is is one of my strength in one of my both all my family. My mom and my father is well. We'd love to laugh. Earning means so huge part of how we communicate and how how do with pain and all of it. Yeah I'm with you now. So I watch high fidelity first and foremost movie right with. Yeah it was. Moving the junky second is also duck. John Cusack who was a kid he kinda represented all of us. Tall gangly guys. That weren't quarterback on the football team. So Paul White Dudes. That didn't have a voice. That's right that's right. Four excluded white males voice but so I haven't established for that movie. I was curious to see how the TV show would be. And the thing that I think they got beautifully or you guys got beautifully is as this like laid back pacing. It's more like slice of life. Easy I think specially in an era where I consume so much serialized content and I gotta see the next one and it's it's just like this great nostalgic reminder of like. Oh Yeah I love watching people fucking chill out and goes through life in like the little tiny specificities of just being alive growing up my favorite kinds of movies were those slice of life stories about nothing and everything at the same time I loved empire records in reality Bites and clerks in those. Were always kind of my favorite kinds of films singles singles. My so called life. Oh sure sure I just love. Watching people have conversations and I wanted to hang out with those people and that was I think a big part of the traction like creating an environment that people want to hang out. Yeah I think when I was younger when I was in my twenties I guess I was. I was really trying to figure out what identity I was going to hang my hat on. And those movies to me were providing these really interesting options for identity. Well this idea about like being a slacker. To which is a very nineties idea. But there's always been something really interesting about that like the slackers. They have something to say but they don't want to be part of society and they're stuck and it's you know we all identify with that and I think that's part of the reason why the pacing in the show is what it is is because you know it isn't about having a cliffhanger that you know you have to come back and see. I think it's just about like caring about the people and the notion ships and if you carry you want you WanNa hang out with them again. You know yeah. This is neither here nor there and I debated whether or not to tell you this or not. But I'M GONNA I'm GonNa because here we are so. I had sold something to showtime like four years ago. It was called the fictitious life of Daryl Hall. So it was. GonNa be about Daryl Hall from hall notes in the Eighties but an entirely fake version of his life. But then each episode would culminate in one of the songs that you know. But you'd be like Whoa. That's what Sara Smile was about anyway. So I wrote this pilot. And the CO lead of this show was this Jamaican housekeeper. That Daryl Hall had that he has this affair with that. She's really just tricking him. And Sarah Smiles about her. You find out in the pilot anyways I wrote it for you and we had this long conversation. My wife and I was like I've written this role for Zoe. And what do you think about that? And she goes well. I think it's very dangerous but I would want you to do it. So you have my blessing. I love her. I love you guys. You guys are such a your co- couple wait what I did. I ever get it. What happened. No what happened was they loved it. I want to do it. And ultimately things unraveled with Daryl Hall and getting his life rights and I was having breakfast is with them and it was like one day it was good and then the next day he was getting scared and he's like well. What do people think? That's my real life and I'm like what? But it's called the false history of Daryl Hall Bubba. So it ended up unraveling for those reasons but well. I'm very flattered. I don't think I've ever interviewed someone. I just blindly roll. Well you write something else for me. Yes yes I mean that okay. When I was writing that David Nevins who runs showtime I was like? Yeah it's gotTa be Zoe Kravitz. He's like Oh my God. That would be great. Then we're like can we get Zoe Kravitz for a TV show Blah Blah Blah so? I've had this whole experience where I have sat with other people debating whether or not you would do a TV show. And so I only say that to say that I know you have a lot of options. So how did you decide eighty to do TV and then be that it would be this project? Well you know they. Little is broke the seal for the thing and I think obviously television has evolved in a massive way now that we have all these streaming services. So I'm also very wary of the reboot as I know. A lot of people are because it can go terribly terribly wrong and I think a lot of people you know the reboots especially when you have a gender swap and thank you know what is the fucking point. I read high fidelity as a kid I saw high fidelity obviously when I got a bit older but when my mom was in the movie and I loved the movie like it wasn't because my mom was in it I just loved the fucking movie and identified with these people and the person who is GonNa fight with the most was. The John Cusak character was the rob character and so when I heard that they were doing this it just it sparked my attention because I haven't really seen a female character like that and of course there's there's fleabag and stuff but it was also about her relationship with music and pop culture and we live in this world for for some reason those cinemas sports music. They've been like put into this box. Where like mango and women aren't supposed to be passionate about those kinds of things. And I also felt really protective over the property because had such a love for the film in for the book and met with Nick. Hornby me and him have become really good friends and it was really really important to me to do this. Show with a lot of love and respect and I really wanted to protect the original town and keep the kind of punk rock feeling that you think you know. It's it's a romantic comedy but it kind of has like punk vibe to it and so part of me did this show so. I could protect that. Yeah that that male female thing is interesting. Because you're right. It doesn't really exist in media yet. Also say there is some truth to it like growing up. Boys get obsessed with like stats of baseball players. And if they like music they gotta know who the fuck in sound engineer was and I believe that that ultimately is all grasping at control I think so many of the things we all do has some element of control. So it's like if you you completely understand every single little sliver of this thing you're interested in it gives the illusion of control and even though you're character she wants to bring everything back to music and she's only comfortable when she's spouting off these facts and to me. It does feel like an exercising control in some weird way. I think you're absolutely right thing that you love the most. You can't control because it's not a person right. It can't do anything to hurt you. I also think that men are able to have sex with your baseball cards. You're obsessed with dungeons and dragons or whatever the fuck you're obsessed with you like you talk about it. You're like this is my thing. I'm obsessed with this thing and women. It's not cool to be obsessed with those kinds of things like you're supposed to just be like into guys or into you know brushing your hair or whatever the fuck people that women are into you know what I mean. I don't think women feel comfortable. Girls feel comfortable saying I'm obsessed with this. I love this. This is my opinion. I'M NOT GONNA change my opinion. You know what I mean. I don't think that's really something that society says you can do. Y- yeah I would agree. I was really excited to explore a character and try and create a character that people would love for a long time. You know might one of my favorite shows to this day. Sex in the city. That was a huge inspiration and and that was another reason. I wanted to do the show and I wanted to write a love letter to New York in the way that I think sex in the city was a love letter to New York but the thing I loved about sex in the city so much that I really felt like a captured the city I lived in even I was younger. I was still like I know this place and I know these like walk and talks and I know like just the situations and so I really wanted to do that for a younger generation and you know obviously sex in the city is problematic in some ways now we look back and look at the way that people of Color and then when there was a little weird but it was exciting to try and bring that element to a new world with people who are different diversities in sexual orientations and talk about like a different kind of neighborhood but still just like bring this place to life. I think was something. I was excited to stay tuned for MORE ARMCHAIR EXPERT DARE. We are supported by best fiends. Look we all need a break now and again. But why not keep your brain active while you relax? That's why I love the Fun Puzzle Game Best Scenes it is an oasis a fun. You can take with you everywhere. Look when you need some me time. 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And a while and my friend met Carl and fully brought him to his friend's birthday party at a bar so I could have someone to hook up with. He's wonderful he's in town like I'm GonNa Bring Him. You're going to have fun. Like post mates. It was delivered. It was Palestinian. Repos means so it was. It was meant to be a really casual thing and then we just kind of never separated. He was just so damn good and bad. You were like no. That didn't hurt but I don't know he's just one of the kindest people I've ever met. He's one of the most honest people I've ever met and I feel like I've known him since I was a kid even though I haven't like there's this connection where it's just like we've always known each other. We've always lived together. We've always like it doesn't feel like this foreign thing like you rejoined. Yeah kind of or just like we have a history. Feels like you know how some you have like a weird partier personality that like only your friends know from when you were young young have that same part of our personalities if that makes sense and then being together right now in quarantine has been so fucking great you know at first. It was like okay. Let's see how this goes especially being in a relationship where were constantly traveling and stuff? But he's just awesome. Yeah put it. Put a real real magnifying glass on some things that we had not been discussing. Because when you're busy you can just kinda shove stuff like. Oh Jeez you but maybe we'll get to that I don't know yeah citing really awesome about it though pushing the restart button. Yeah why I got. I got assume that this whole thing's GonNa make a lot of people get divorced and a lot of people have better relationships. Iran and China. The divorce rate went like skyrocketed after really surprised like an insane amount. All these Chinese women were like no. No thank you yeah. I don't think that Krizan I have been around each other this uninterrupted since we met twelve thirteen years ago. Like this is a whole new mind now we had a real rocky couple of weeks there but now on the other side of it but yeah. I got a little dicey. It's rocky for us. Only because I was freaked out when this whole thing started I was like the world ending. Like is this just break down and cry and then I would say we. We have to disinfect. Everything and then I would order a pizza and then I would cry. Ate The pizza disinfect. The box properly like it was. I was such a maniac and one of the reasons he so great is that he put up with my psychotic behavior. Really beautifully yes we. It's really fertile ground for these like kind of historic evolutionary archetypes that genders. So like me is the guy is like fuck this. Bring it on. I'll kill this virus. My wife is appropriately responsible and worried and then my attempt to make her feel safer ultimately makes her feel more scared. You know it's just really ripe for all these weird kind of traditional gender things dudes like to fix things like they want to fix it exactly. That wasn't big thing in our relationship early on I was like stop trying to fix things set because it makes me more upset. Yes it's so hard as a guide to listen to your problem and just recognize. Oh you just wanted me to listen to it not to solve it. I I feel like my role is to solve whatever issue exists and then we get more mad like. Don't tell me what it is. Just I'm just telling you what I feel yes hard. It's really hard even even when you learn that and recognize that pattern is still discuss pops up every five seconds. I mean it comes from a place of love and also feeling uncomfortable. Let me fix it. This is not like the way this feels just waiting our and we find. Do you think you'll have a baby and don't know that's a triggering question. I know it's a triggering question. Well Yeah I used to find it very triggering especially because well one when you get married or engaged the first thing people ask you is when you're gonNA have a baby. I think it's what they ask. Women not men sharpshooter right. So that's a little annoying. Also a lot of people ask the question. When are you going to have a baby? We're seeing things like when when's the baby and I really get offended by people assuming that that's something I have to do because society says so yes so I don't know now I right now. I'm certainly not in a place where I think I'm able to do that. Yes because of work and also just man. I don't know I like my free time. Yeah as someone with two kids you know. Go to every country you know. See You all do all so I don't know we'll see. I know I have a lot of female friends who have always known. They want to have kids. And I'm jealous of women who just know right the certain now. It's kind of like people who know what they WANNA do for a living and people who don't you know it's a luxury to know what you WANNA do. Oh you're heading so I duNno. Okay Well Zoe we love you. We Adore you. Were big fans. Thank you your mom are tied so I'm just completed that it's a nice sleepy one. I don't know your mom's got angel. Heart gone for months like fully the winter like we. She's fully the one because when I read about your husband at one of the things that came up was that he had been in a controversial movie with unseen which had never even heard that term until what was the term on simulated sex sex. Exactly I don't know why. They called it unseemly just say sex but ANYWAYS WHEN. I read that I was like. Oh the longtime a Hollywood war is that Mickey Rourke in. Your Mom had sex in that movie. That's true I've never dared to ask. I didn't even see it until I was in my mid twenties because it was just like fitting that I was like what bringing up kids. I Dunno probably but but I just think good for everyone the world you've picked up these rumors on sets by now right the other famous one right is billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry out. Yeah you've heard that rumor right. I have heard that rumor. I also heard the rumor. When I was a Marilyn. Manson took out his ribs. We could seconds own remember ads. Yeah that was a big rumor in the nineties. That's great rumor. That's a fun podcast. Episode can do a whole just like rumor rulers. We could back when I was still a drug addict. I did a massive amount of cocaine with him so I do feel like I would be comfortable asking him. We'll do it in the fact. Check your ass okay. I'M GONNA have to reach out to another person. That's a connector that I'd rather not but I'll do it. I'll do it now in the show. I think you should do it. He knocked drug dealer for us. Here is the true so my best friend from childhood was just staying with us. We're all together by the way six of us. Can you have it? You have symptoms no no room or two that I had. I was quarantined. You were right. I know what happened because I had been in Texas and they were already quarantined. I came home in quarantined here in Monica's apartment for a week and then I was allowed to come back to my house so I think that's probably what's going on. The point is my childhood best friend. Aaron weekly was here who I've known since we were eleven and we were just last week. We were talking. I said well you did. Try to suck your own Dick Right. He goes a thousand times and I said. Yeah me too and it was so clear. It was never going to happen. Anatomically it just not gonNA happen. But it's like when someone tells you can't ever Lick your elbow on your fucking Ken and you just try. Yes can't try but it is. It's so weird for a guy 'cause I have to assume a high percentage of guys have tried that and yet you don't really think the whole thing through so it's like okay. What if I could get it in my mouth? And then what? Yeah my really enjoy that. I can't be so distracted aware of the feeling that Aquinas was in my mouth then that my penis was anymore. Yeah like if you're going to masturbate. It's it's the same thing in. Yes yes I think in that way. Who Cares you already? Jerkin yourself off saying who cares but also I just do think you'd be overwhelmed the sensation of Oh I have feel appeanas. You'd get over that quickly. Well IT TURNS OUT THAT MARILYN. Manson removed his ribs and it worked. I'm open to the procedure and then I can maybe can answer to questions. We've set up here. He removed his ribs just because he wanted to have a smaller cage and then realized after unintended benefit. Look at this check this out. Prey POKE collateral benefit. I liked that there. Aren't we adore? You save quarantining and I really hope you'll come to our attic in the future that thanks for having me. It's nice to see human faces. Yeah you can come and talk about the Batman. Batman will come talk about all right. Be well bye now. My favorite part of the show the fact check with my soulmate. Monica Batman. So you're having a glass of wine. Yes what time is it seventeen. Oh perfect perfect. Perfect six six seventeen in New York. I asked if I could and you said yes but it seemed like you were a little not excited about me have won those all in your head. Okay but generally. When I'm about to drink wine you get really excited Ado. Yeah excited for you. You didn't get excited this time so I got nervous. You said I'm going to have a drink and I said great but then you heard it's too early. That's what you heard right when I say great. Yeah I guess. Yeah. Let's reenact. Okay I'M GONNA wind okay. Yeah great is it too early. No you go. It's not too early. You have to respond as if I I actually said the thing you heard. I said wait makes sense. You said Okay Great. You said what you do so watch. I'll do it. I'll show you another version of this Do you like this t shirt. Yeah why do you hate it so much? You see what I'm saying. I heard I heard what I wanted to hear get. I don't think that's fair to me. Necessarily I didn't hear anything mean. I didn't hear that you said you hate it. I I just don't think he did. But let's pretend you heard it's too early okay to see how it goes okay. Okay I'm going to have some wine. Is that cool great? You think it's too early. Will you think it's too early? That's how I would respond. Stop telling me how Delta tries to tell people how to play house with her telling them what to say. I can't stand that wonder where she got it. I know I just wanted to see how funny it would sound. But you're not going to do it so that's fine. I'm going on see if it sounded really funny for you to respond. As if I said another thing. Okay fine okay. Are you sure know because this is peer pressure now? Now all do it okay. I'm going to have some wine. Is that cool? Oh great it's not too early in three moon. I said Great. No but you said great. Thank you for showing it to welcome. I did LIZ podcast today. Who I love. We Love we love. She's the coolest anyway. I got scared what people will hear it eventually. So they'll know but I had to do a little bit of a character you did. Why was part of it? Oh tell me more so I don't WanNa give too much away but it's called heart homework it's awesome. It's about the grief and I was in one of the episodes and so there's an exercise. She does with with each person. I think it's different. It's like tailored to each stage of grief and so anyway so for mine. She has a character called insecure Irene. Okay who when she feels insecure. She's like it's insecure Irene. Like giving it a voice so then we had to do that and then I started to panic so I was like. Oh my God I'm going to have to do a character do character right although you do you do. Metal Mike but yeah I do the the guy from blessed security and that's a euphemism there the guy who lets people drive onto the line of anyway. That's a nonverbal character do. It's all in the is re. Yes very physical. But this had to be verbal because it was the podcast so I started to get panicky but then I well with it because I'm cool as you are. Well you Jordan you rise to the occasion went like there's things you don't think you could do. But if duty calls you'll do them speaking yellow. Let's get into. Oh my well first of all I have to say a few episodes ago. I spoke at a turn. Okay is it a turn or out a term? Oh I don't know I got are both things. I thought it was out of turn as in like you win. Talked about sense. Would speaking out of term mean speaking out of turn. I'm wrong it's just it's turn it. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Okay okay phrase if you speak out of turn our talk out of turn you say something that you do not have the right or authority to say What had you said I stand by it a bit but I said that Chapelle. Oh is significantly more impressive than Michael Jordan. I don't think it says only but you said he's the Michael Jordan of comedy and I said well to me is even more impressive than Michael Jordan alright. Since that day we have started the last dance documentary on. Espn which is about the Bulls. The ninety seven ninety eight bulls season and mainly Michael Jordan. I just can't say anybody is. I just can't compare anybody to him. It's not fair. Well here's what a guy in the documentary said and I keep saying it my mind over and over again because it's the greatest sentence he said. Michael Jordan was as good at his job as anyone has ever been at their job in history. I just love that. It's the truth the truth. The truth is he. He's he just as the best. There's ever been at the job. Do you think I'm the Michael Jordan of podcast producers? Yeah sure because what could you say? Also you've been doing for two years and he did it for thirteen. And he got six championships. And what am I on Michael Jordan House? We also do say though that you had next to zero interest in watching a basketball documentary but that this basketball documents. So well done that. It's one of your favorite documentaries ever in assigning a topic you're interested. It's not accepted as soon as it started. I was like Oh this is like made for me because I love stories about champions. Yes winners in working. Hard and then achieving. I'm so drawn to those stories because Kristen missed the first episode with us and then we were talking about it and she was like what is it And then you're like well. It's a story about Michael Jordan and this and then I ran up nece that it's a story about winners and that is really what it is a story about an. I love it and I know you aren't GonNa like that. I'm saying this but I can relate of course. Yeah you've won state a state champion to two state championships. But I knew by the way there was one moment in the documentary and I said something I knew as it was coming out of my mouth that it was going to land differently on you than I intended. Which was he makes a game. Winning shot with two seconds left any jumps in the air in fucking pumps his fist. And I go God you and I will never know what it's like. We'll never know what it feels like to do. That and I know I won state championship but I was thinking there wasn't a was there. A singular moment state championship where the whole thing was on your shoulders singularly yes and no because in cheerleading and competitive shooting as your member from cheer. I hope if you fuck up you did fuck up for everyone. But everyone has that ability rats during the whole competition to fuck it up for every single person. That's what I'm saying. There was never a moment where you in the other team were tied and they sent Monica out there and said you have two seconds to win this for everybody. That's true that is true right like when you guys do perfect team. The team did perfect and you get a great score. It's funny because I'm watching him and I'm like Oh my God it's Mb Championship. It's it's a huge deal but whatever scale you're doing it it feels like the whole world of course it doesn't feel like this. Is the Georgia State Championship of cheerleading? It feels like this is my whole life and if we lose my life is over and it was for naught. Yeah it was like a big waste of time. That's what blows about sports in a Marxist. Point of view is that the vast majority of people lose. I know but not me. Yeah although obviously there's lots of the experience also worthy win everything. I remember the experience now. Yeah I don't I mean I do remember the feeling of winning but but the experiences where you gain all the lessons I would hope it's way more about the Sharing the experience with this group of people and having community in the trophies the trophy but even if you lost still had had that exact same experience with the community up until the moment where yeah. It's special sports are so important. Yeah I really do team sports specifically though we should have done it in high school. I was so into working. I wanted to be working every second I wasn't at school. I just want to be making money so he could buy a sweet car. All I cared about but now. In retrospect I wish had played football or something. I think you would like it. Why wouldn't she play basketball? Because I don't think it was good enough. I played in eighth grade. I was on the eighth grade team and I loved it but I was like are leading. Rebounder I was a good defender terrible shooter and because of the pressure panic now. It's not a good shooter. In fact one time I got a breakaway. I like got a rebound or block. Something and it was just meows out. Monica I was so far ahead of everyone. There is no reason I shouldn't have made this up. I would have never missed his lap and real life the because it was the game. Yeah I blew this fucking layer is the easiest so surprising to me. Well can in context. Yeah I never had played baseball. I didn't have a rim at my house. I didn't have a Dad taught me? I learned on that team like I try to. I had a desire to play but the other kids had been playing basketball for four or five. Just said you wouldn't have missed that shot otherwise you didn't have the ability second or third time. I had shot the ball game right. I'm not surprised you didn't get it in. I am surprised that you felt nervous. Under pressure doesn't seem to match with your personality will thank you and I do think I'm calm under fire but certain kinds of things I guess. If you want to hear sad part of it that I left the only thing my dad ever had come to see me. Do only going to add one. More layer against highland. Junior high are crosstown rival where I used to go to school. I started junior high at highland junior high. So sixers those returning to my song. My Dad came when she never ever came and I blew this so easy to make shot but it also is probably the reason it's not it wasn't just pressure in a basketball game. There was added pressure. Your Dad and then these other kids who made funny you well. Yeah well we don't do it any rate You know what's funny is if you would ask me that day. If I cared my dad was there. I would've said I would've really felt like I. I know but you did because I had long written him off in my mind but but now as an adult clearly I had to you of course did. There's one more element to the story. I believe what a big day. This was now that we're unpacking. It was also the day that I beat my brother up for the first time I was thirteen and he was eighteen and I fucking one pinned him. He conceded victory. Yeah so also. The most momentous thing happened on that same day. That's the most momentous absolutely if you've been fighting your brother for thirteen years and getting your fucking ass kicked and you finally win. Yeah that's a lot bigger of a deal than scoring appoint a basketball okay so this is probably why you didn't continue in sports. Why because you just said that statement. That was way more important to you to anybody who's now has been being. Who's been being physically controlled by another human being the day. They break out of their chains in their free. Are you kidding by yes and no I think some people channel a bunch of stuff into sports so for them making that basket movie they call it basket. That sounds that. Sounds like not someone who knows what they're talking about? So that feeling would be ways like for Michael Jordan. Yeah making that basket. How totally disagree totally? Because we saw we saw the documentary in the big flame under Michael Jordan's asses that he was super competitive with his older brother and he wanted his dad's attention ackley. So when I bet when he beat his brother in front of his dad I bet that moment might be as big or bigger than any game winning shots. That's my point it gets channeled. It's a different thing but it gets channeled into the sport and that that's the thing I'm gonNA accelerate. I'm going to be the best at. And if he beat his brother up that day and then he also made the winning shot. The winning shot is going. It is the same thing. It's just channeling power right but you can make any did. He made hundreds of game winning shots. There's only one moment where you finally victorious over your older brother. That's the one and done anyway. It's offend has documents. Couldn't be better. Okay Zoe Zoe crab. It's so he crafted. It's so at the beginning. We were talking about Kilian Murphy. Oh Yeah you figure sailing and we also have had this conversation before which is why. Can't we commit it to memory? 'cause the fucking see. I hate the English alphabet before we move on from last dance. I just want to say we were supposed to interview. Rodman a few months back and things fell apart. But it's one publicly say if anyone that's listening to be friends with Dennis Rodman. I desperately want to interview them. I do want to but also he owes me five hundred horse from what because I changed my flight remember? Oh I changed my flight and I left a wedding in Michigan at like four. Am Off and it cost me a lot of money to do that. And then he canceled about ten minutes before do it. You went to diarrhea or something. No Oh maybe because we've had diary over the last couple of suld that's true you just take a bunch of pets out. We do have a Attorney in the addict. That would be awesome if Dennis Rodman user toilet in emergency situations open door emergency. I'm so glad no one's had diary look forward to that. Because I feel like I would be able to comfort him like he'd be so embarrassed and I would just be able to cut right through that awkwardness and put a good spin on it. When I'd be up to bat that's I am game time now that we know that all he wants us to be liked and loved. I mean having diarrhea and the open door toilet was like the worst thing that could ever happen to him so I hope it doesn't but it could make a so close afterwards. Probably wouldn't selfish weight would have used. I hugged him while he was still sitting on the toilet. And I said this is awesome. Dude this weird fantasy allies okay anyway. Killing okay did hulk. Hogan's kids go to Miami Country Day. I don't believe so. Oh okay when I looked a Brooke Hogan his daughter. It said that she was on the cheerleading squad. So she gets it. She's very tall. Yes she's probably a back spot or base In clearwater clearwater Florida. Oh the scientology hub. It is. Yeah that's where the spiritual center of Scientology clearwater Florida. That's my God. That's insane. Well it's not when you think that l Ron Hubbard had been in the navy and that everything in scientology is based on a nautical maritime. Like that's why it's Ot this all. The ranks are naval rank. Wow and so. It's on the ocean. Wow Yeah it's a seafaring religion anyway. Sh- went to clearwater central Catholic. High School. Okay but it does say. She only saved school for the first half of freshman year. Now the sun the sun killed somebody in a vehicular manslaughter situation. I did see that in my research. Upsetting it is very upsetting. It's upsetting for the person who was killed. Obviously core and their family their family of for the son of a God yellow with that and then fucking the Hulk Sir because when you're famous and your kids fucked up boy. Everyone knows. It's already so embarrassing. That your kids fuck up but if you're famous then every interview is ever done since. Probably they're bringing up this this thing kid did. I don't know that it's more painful than any other parent is experiencing that. It's a different set of circumstance. Oh painful it's it's it's painful privately. I think any all these painful things are best done privately. When it's not private is relative right like the people in your community. No and then you feel like you're at the grocery store and you see the person and they know like it's that's why you want you want your kids to kill someone in New York City. There's so many people known but no one knows her neighbours. No one wants to no no one. It's no one wants their kids killing one. I'm just saying if you have to pick a city for it to happen. In privacy's your objective probably New York City or Mexico City or Beijing. These are the places. Small Town Rural. America you're right. Everyone Post Office knows that. Glenn's boy had a mishap really sad. Yeah anyway it does not seem like they went to Miami country. Days is my conclusion okay. There's like a whole bunch of country days you're Detroit Country Day Savannah Country Day. My aunt went their own. Really Yeah. I don't know what they're like elsewhere but in Detroit that was one of the premier private schools very fancy. So it's like weird. It's private but there. I guess all over are they all the same as a term like from the eighteen hundreds. I assume it's the schools have like it'd be weird. Yeah I don't know. I'm not an expert on fancy schools. Well we are into well. I am extra fancy colleges. I know nothing about fair. We're not experts on that. Were just a sycophants. Yeah Kiss asses okay. So you said a lot of facts in a row quickly said ninety nine point. Nine percent of actors don't work then of the point. Oh one percent work. The ninety nine percent of those never end up doing a sequel so hard hard numbers to compute. I think I might still be right even though Ospel impute here. Not because two percent of actress earn a living to ninety. Eight percent of actors are not earning a living. Well is that actors guild probably right so most of the actors in L. A. Aren't even in the guilt. I was an actor for nine years before it was in the guilt. I was going on auditions from backstage West. So is going NONOC or nonunion depends on like what do you qualify Wendy? You say that you're an actor when you're pursuing professional acting engagements all day long. I think you're an actor. You know mean you got in a conversation. I subsequently had this conversation with my dad because we were watching John Oliver. There was a guy on there. I forget what was happening. But he kept saying he was a geologist. Oh Yes yes yes yes. In the geology degree. He had a geology degree. He was not working in geology. She had another job whatever politician. I think that's what this must've been. Yes he was a politician he kept saying. I'm a geologist geologist geologist and I feel very adamantly that that person is not a geologist. Just because you have a geology degree does not make you a geologist and you were arguing with me and kristen was a little bit too and I just stand so firmly on that and then I brought that up to my dad because I wondered what his thought was because he has two master's degrees in he has one in engineering and one in Computer Science. Okay and he would never claim to be a computer scientist or a programmer or anything yet. He has a higher education degree in that. But let me ask you something if if you graduate from law school and passed the bar but you don't practice law. Are you not a lawyer now? And if you're a doctor WHO's passed the medical exam but you don't have patience or your doctor and your doctor now you're not. I know I guess you could say no. I would require so much qualification. I would say I studied medicine but never practiced like that is a practicing doctor in residency probably to get their medical degree as I had. I'm not a practicing doctor. Okay for me. Someone to me. That goes to medical school does a residency and then goes into the person's still a doctor Dr for life. They are yeah. I I don't if that person becomes a farmer they're a farmer who has a medical degree or doctor who doctor. I used to be a practicing doctor now. I'm not but I'm a Mea. I totally disagree. I'm a racer not currently racing. I am a stand up comedian. I am a sketch comedian. I'm an Improv comedian I'm not doing any of those things now but I am those things. I am an Improv comedian. I am a racecar driver. I am those things. They don't go away. 'cause I stop a cheerleader. I was a cheerleader. You're not doing something. I don't think you're that anymore. I have two degrees. I have a theater degree and one in PR. I would never say. I'm a publicist right. I just have an education. It's not the same thing anyway so it's an interesting. It's an interesting identity question. I think it is my friend. Duffy is a navy seal. He's not currently ABC. Oh but I'm on the things you do have for life because I think they're like stamps of like well. I don't know actually I don't know how navy seal I don't know anything about the navy seal which is crazy. You can take that away from someone like the Muslim possible thing to accomplish. But it's not taking away to say. He was a navy seal but he wasn't he is he went through a transformation. That will never go away. I I I. I don't understand the problem in saying I was like you have a problem with that. Because you can pursue all kinds of different things and you can put stuff down and pick them up and put them down to pick him up not racing now but my race again next year. I'm not not a race car driver currently racing car in. I'll do it next year. Not Not a stand up comedian. Because I haven't done stand up in a few years I might do it again. I just I don't understand why just like you can't understand why I think it's still relevant. I can't say how you think because you haven't done it in a few years that you're not that thing. I think it's different for hobbies but it's a profession. It requires that you spend a lot of time doing that or earn a living doing that. It's contributing to your welfare in some way if it's your profession hobbies do think that's a different scenario. But I I don't think I just like if I ever said. Yeah I'm a publicist and they'd be like would've you and be like done nothing. I've been absolutely nothing but I have a PR degree. Being a publicist as a very sliver of what people that major in PR would end up doing. So that went if you said I'm in Public Relations Yar no. I'm nine insane if I said that in that so offensive to those people who are who have dedicated their life or putting an effort who are interested in learning more about it. I couldn't tell you one thing about what's going on in the world of public relations will. I'm asking what public relations is made me. My definition is wrong. What's the definition of public relations? I think it's crafting I think. Public Relations is crafting the messaging in the brand tenants of a company public relations practice of deliberately managing the release and spread of information between an individual or organization and the public. So I mean quite literally you're in public relations. You are absolutely deciding what messaging makes it to the public on this podcast and you have a degree in that and it certainly things you learned in that degree are factoring in your decisions about what you do and do not released to the public and how you represent this brand armchair expert and how you represent. Kristen's brand you're managing prisons mainly you are hers. I would say more in public relations whether you want to say it and you have a degree in it. I don't know I mean I think it can work the opposite way. I think you can be a thing that you don't have a degree in one hundred percent. I think I think many people are things that they didn't have a degree in. That's how they spend their life but I don't think it works the opposite way where you don't spend your life doing the thing you just spent four years getting a degree in something and then you can just call yourself a biologist when you ended up being basketball player. Yeah I think a guy who Gets a degree in biology and goes into working on cars and a guy who gets degree in biology and goes and teaches at the high school and doesn't advance the field of biology. I think they both have the same knowledge. I don't think there's a difference. I don't think that's fair to the biology teacher learning on day every also these things evolve like the things I learned in two thousand eight are not the things are learning right. Now things have evolved. I'm just saying the degree of biology degree is biology degree. There's a core course that you have to take and you have to have a certain knowledge to walk out and say I have earned this degree now whether you take that knowledge and you go teach at high school or your mechanic. Both people at the exact same knowledge. What they've demonstrated is that. They have a full and comprehensive understanding of the topic. That's what makes them a biologist that my opinion then yeah don't agree that gives them a biology degree that gives them the ability to say. I graduated in biology. The high school teacher needs to say I'm a biology teacher. The mechanic needs mechanic the biologist who is learning every day who was researching every day. Who was putting this into practice can say I'm a biologist anyway. I wonder what people think. I think they're like who cares. Yeah Yeah maybe okay. So seinfeld's parking garage at the bottom of his house. It's a few blocks three blocks away. Oh his garage is three blocks from his house. Yes okay but it's a full building right. Full like multi story parking garage all these articles from two thousand which is when he started building. It It's twenty parking spaces. According to the articles I read all that may be sounds like just one floor and garage. Why do you know he sold most of those portions? So maybe it doesn't even need it anymore. Yeah did divorce. Rates in China's skyrocket after cove. It yeah lots of different articles said yes a record high in in business insider at set a record high number of divorce requests in recent weeks so with some districts even maxing out the number of appointments available at Local Government Offices. That's hilarious but health officials say. The increase could be explained by two factors. First offices have been closed for a month. Oh that makes sense will backlog. Yeah so are likely hit by a wave of delayed request now that they've reopened. Secondly many people have been quarantined. Close quarters creating and especially inflammatory environment for marital feuding as a result of the epidemic. Many couples have been bound with each other at home for over a month which evoked the underlying conflicts. It is kind of a little glimpse of what retirement will be like with your loved one. Yeah true another official told the Global Times that many couples regretted the procedure with many decided to remarry with an hour's. Oh I guess there it can happen like thirty to forty minutes the process. That's wow fasttrack. Yeah it provides an interesting conundrum for researchers who cannot decide on whether time spent together and close quarters is a good or bad thing for couples in two thousand eighteen. A study found couples who lived together before marriage had lower divorce rates in the first year but higher divorce rates in the five years after interesting. Another recent study found living together protected against divorce and found it made no difference Ultimately Balances Key Psychologists Rob Pascal and Lou Primavera. Phd said in the article for psychology. Today a mix of time with friends and family time together as a couple and separate time for each partner add to marital quality as does an equal split between our circle and activities and those of our partner Can we go back to the biologist conversation there if I had to put on a on a spectrum? How definitive I am about that opinion. We were just argue about. It's fifty three percent okay. You know there are some things that we you and I disagree about one hundred percent. Think that yeah is want to be clear that I think it's only a smidgen. I'm only smidgen in that category thinking that it's just I'm leaning a little over to the side. Where would you say you're at ninety nine? I don't feel strongly about it in the way that I'm like I think about it every day. And it's important to me. I just if that is the option on the table. I have like no wavering thoughts. It's very black and white to me and I'm not even passionate in that debate because I can see your point of view very clearly. I don't not see your point of view makes total sense. What you're saying. That's all zoe that was that was fun back. Yeah so it was fun to on so I got so excited about Kuku Rudy. Remember how excited they got a love? She loved it to miss. It was around still yeah never will well limited addition then my bringing back remember hoses went out of business and everyone freaked out in someone just bought. It's GonNa you. They they went under and they were. They were acquired. I assume in bankruptcy and the company should we buy armchair experts well? I don't think we don't have money. If they're dead in the water we oh Kuru we could probably distressed asset that for pennies on the dollar. Wow it's exciting to the rest of business our love you love you

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