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You listening to the cycling podcast in association with Rafeh the fastest clothing in the world tour the home name cycling with character Rydin Watch with rather in two thousand nineteen as they partner e F education fast and canyons throb. Where are we lionel. We will not surprise set every night. We're in a hotel the country Livingston Georgia's hotel in Harrogate pronouncing it wrong a week pinching harrogate somebody last night she well. Let's hear him nice. That's how you say. How are how do you get any EM Agatha. Christie relate stories Chee Computer Madonna Express here well th there's there's only one mystery for Agatha Christie. Tonight is what on Earth is doing here. Tourists the first time I've been doing well championships adding official role so enjoying the the twenty four hours thirty six thousand heavy. It might have been a bit longer. Travel arrangements had gone better yesterday claims I have no official role despite the massive parents favorite painting joining us roll hall tonight. We've also got front. Tom Izzo Hi there it Sam impacting credit. We only four microphone sorry about that front so you won't hear lots of me because I don't have Mike but never mind. I'll listen for once. Say Your Hand Up. If you've got something to say because of vert event tonight we're recording while the men's on the twenty three or four days is going on sublime mosquitoes. I will know the result and what's going on in it. Let's have live updates. There's been a few crashes. Last time I looked there was re- remnants of the breakaway steal away. It's thirty seconds fifty kilometers to go but the pillet on lockdown thirty or forty rod is pretty select group by the time we get into town here and for this sprint is sports rights are Mitchelson Scott for those New Year of Oh. Everybody knows you you know how much attention you pay to the junior road race and the other twenty days and is a more attention paid on the junior road race with so many young writers coming through in the last couple of years. The game certainly changed. There's no way in the world I would've looked paid any attention to a junior men's rice. I was watching the television as as fire scouting because until three or four years ago what you would think at the junior level is a long way removed from where we're at in the world tour and there's been a couple of gentlemen in the last to use that have certainly changed. I think a lot of people's perception of that given point freaks of the sport is the number one example but I did catch it a little bit of the men's Rice but at the end of twenty three race. I've got three Reuters in that race that that will be joining the team makes you so keen to keep it on the final but yeah I think we're paying more and more attention to the junior level ranks. Would you seventeen or eighteen year old him for testing if you thought that they could maybe we'll do whatever post look in the past because we had had had a development team and the national team before was very very connected with the team. There's probably no NEETU because if there was any talented young strands coming through we knew who they were Wrestlemania from the track program and there is some very very talented goes in the track team and the mom who often excuse Olympics we all locked have your tone but I think think because we haven't got a development team. I think we're starting to look a little bit younger and I think it's good to have relationships with their special. Coming through you find those guys properties. What is nineteen twenty year olds they have. They've already got more offers and there's more competition for them than the ones was even if they're struggling early two or three teams who approaching one hundred percent in one hundred percent. I think it was contacting juniors not that long ago. I think even two or three. Ucla you could wait till eleven ear and Cherry pick the best the best based on the two thousand three hundred eleven hundred everything with the with the raw democracy when it's when one table to start looking earlier actually forces other teams into doing the same thing we we we see the same thing happening with with countries don't we Columbia our Ecuador Ni- and then agents will go in and they will sign up riders on their boots is not having to regents and manages are signing up writers stimulating the market themselves and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy that as as one team does well them eighteen nineteen year old other the team feel they have to. I think it is I think everyone needs to South American car on a young one and the obviously producing a lot of talent out of South America especially the combines the carapace from from Ecuador but it's one part of the puzzle becoming professional cyclist and even get the Americans have produced some great athletes in Tom. Trolling ranks over the last couple of years but when was the last American really did something coming here in Europe. It's been a long term. That's been on me I think. What are some of the young Americans have found it difficult to assume like living Europe? I think I think the difference those because I still think America's and it's that between six and ten hours to get home and it's it's quite easy to get hunger. I think as far as the Anglos and from the Southern Hemisphere we want to he he for the season and I think it's been a mindset where we'd been benefited from that. Y- The heat for job to rice in Europe and the Colombians as well as I think they can go home especially if you come from the altitude areas they can go home when they and we have a season there so they can go home whenever they want in the season as if I season whether season and then God middle of the season spring autumn wherever that may be doing out free altitude campsite and try them familiar roads and I think that's also when Europe is so causes or went home is so close easy to get away from. I think that also changes how people look at what's happening here in Europe. I'd like views on there was a controversy I mean I had some disagreements with Daniel but in told the France two years ago but because the all school view was that when you were a young rider twenty like under twenty two hundred twenty three or probably under twenty five or twenty six it's too early to launch into the into the the big bath with the big boys and go for a major stage race and do you have the impression that Eggen Venar founder pool or Remco Pool. Now are kind of changing the rules. I mean are destroying this kind of certainties. The old school a cyclist cycling fans or cycling managers had doing the picture is changing a little bit yeah definitely and even myself question. I've the last couple of months oh being very very cautious over the last few years the not pushing young rod too much when they turned professional but still thinking back to Portugal even pool venables different story altogether but those guys they are the best of the best and I think he can treat those guys a little bit different but if you told me the start of the season Yeah Portugal was in two hundred thirteenth or something to it under and in September you stood Walter said it very very meteoric. Roy's in at a very very high level he won eleven Sheba. Levy is a rice of under twenty. Three's yes it's a very little race but finished third in the world and to finish off the wall to the way he did our coaching our coaches doing something different. I doing something different than we're doing. Just freaks ought to know what the answer is but it certainly has change the way I think we've looked at young boys. Maybe maybe their development. Maybe we can be a little bit more not pushy but a little bit less protective of some of the younger guys in the future is aristocrat someone who comes to that level eighteen nineteen and then gets into the professional system whether in a trade team more effectively living in racing racing like a pro but still being a teenager. DC The effects of kind of burnout or the effects of somebody getting twenty five twenty six years of age and everybody down six seven years at a pro and also do you think it will impinge on a opportunities for the light bloomers. Somebody who comes through and shows at twenty two twenty three sorry might be at a disadvantage of three or four years already yeah. I think what it does change for. The light is people certainly not looking for talented. twenty-three role to modify motive missed the boat and I think that's auto mistake. I think Gore's do develop a different rights and a lot of younger. I tried to tell them Ramon Duncan pace off to to the ice brothers at Dunkin self to these courses because I this at twenty one twenty two. Just do it just progress at your own speed. I think that ethos is going to stay the same but I think the behalf and the management sort of things I think you can probably throw those young talent especially the really talented ones I think into the depend a little bit more to see see how it goes single swim. The the main thing is don't let them in the pool on. I think it's good to give them a lot of exposure to deliver isis and then it's case by case if they're ready to handle it at the fastest clothing in the world tour the home of cycling with character ride. 'em Watch with rather in two thousand nineteen. AH THEY PARTNER E F education fast and canyons thrive play very much to our title sponsor RAF very grateful as ever to them for their support four and well guys all the cycling chance fine as is fair and good but we have to talk by high tea and Betty's aw we were we were treated to the full experience and it was very interesting to see the reaction Francois Francois's an old Honda thing high tea and Daniel never seen Daniel so uncomfortable high tea and what was it high tea and Lucy afternoon tape. What's the difference. This is it not just the same raw often t. we had a little glass of champagne and I t. h. And then the full selection of little sandwiches and scones and or scones or scones Daniels I of his depth was not mentioned in some macaroni and I find it very confusing L. Fink. I'm reeling if say if it'd be a similar kind of culinary cultural experience in Italy you he would've been choosing for eight in the currents in the wrong ninety as you said not nice. That was your verdict on. It wasn't that I was being polite. I was it was it was nice. Yeah I mean that's how it go off until I'm sure that was the gold standard. It seemed like the best when you've ever heard it was not enjoy it I did. I did the first time I've had sermon with macaroni medical but it is my first as well so it was a very sociable experience duty. Pick anything anything that might transfer race food. Stick them in music series. Let's be against most of the things that we especially that body. You showed me this perfect coffee cream. We need to get science sport to do a clotted cream. GEL CLOT CREAM MINNESOTA's only certain stages this year of major races and Dora when the hailstones came are the Jiro the more thorough the stage. I think Ah Coffee Creamer Deng guys a lot good. Some of them were written. Were too skinny for the you know. The reason why Richard Richard More survives a landslide was you know as a kid the cones and cream. I'm basically made made of coffee cream but a big thank you to Donna bettys for inviting really was it was it was a treat wasn't it was a it was a very well. I'm still I'm fits. Nearly six o'clock and I'm still hungry busiest place in Harrogate night isn't it. Betty's certainly is yeah and we met Lizzie banks afterwards the Great Britain writer who gave me some very interesting interesting gossip aren't we all share probably shouldn't but apparently F. Education I and any answer both saying women's teams. Apparently that is the case it really partly that's especially for any else because I think there's been some of the best women in the world over the last decade been British and it hasn't made a development team on their behalf and it'd be great to see one of the powerhouses. The sport have a have a women's team and I don't want to tell tales but you're right and was there as well at the next table. I did contemplate sending a cream has gone as will treat sabotage her road race toward Franz wants came to harrogate and the finish was the lost four hundred meters were the same in two thousand fourteen set mark cavendish because he laid out his strategy for the sprint way. We was GonNa Launch Sprint and he told me he was GONNA go plan to go with three hundred to three hundred three hundred meters tried the Olympic Audrey. What three hundred meters I was just outside? Betty's is wouldn't be the first time you accelerated outside the cake shop what your early impressions of Harrogate as a as a as a venue for the world championship good always stayed under Commodore he away from you the Tour de France but actually didn't look at town at all great venue and we'll see how the crowds it's filter in this letter on the southbound finish the under twenty three's. I'm sure I'm sure it's a busy day here on Sunday Saturday as well but the blue ribbon event on Sunday and I'm sure a lot of people coming into the weekend Kim from around Europe to shoot that I do cycling podcast team. Kart the back of the tax lease the voice of Radio tour the Tour de France Interrupting Interrupting Our World Championship coverage to remind me to tell you that this episode is sponsored by the Economists now Richard. We've been reading comic many months now. Haven't we didn't say being sponsoring the podcast him we've read on a range of different issues and found out that the magazine is about far more than just economics and finance and of light. The communist has been turning attention to the issue of climate change and a recent issue dedicated more or less to that one subject because climate change is not an isolated this year to effects absolutely every aspect of our life and work and we've even started to see the impact extreme weather events and things that have been caused by extreme weather events affecting bike racing this year. Haven't we notably the zero in the tour. Yeah I mean it's something we talked about a lot of the tour. Obviously we had stage nineteen. Cancel estimates ever happened. There was a landslide there were hailstones whereas ice on the road had as well in Daura at the wealthiest find find your recently stage wasn't canceled occasion but it certainly had an impact on the racing we solved via the Jiro and also the G. Rosa this year am 'em so we are we appear to be seeing more and more extreme weather events and here in Yorkshire. We've seen some pretty extreme weather to and with the time trials on Tuesday as the in particularly in particular badly affected by very very heavy rain well the economist is you would expect of taken very kind of holistic around view view of the subject and Richard when you're reading the climate change issue which came out a couple of weeks ago actually last week what Roy well. It's another subject kind of close to our hearts because as we traveled around Europe we like to sample the local food of course and this is a piece of let's call. Fade fade to Brian and it's about climate change destroying ancient olive groves in southern Europe it concentrates on and polio at right down in the South Italy where all of our being destroyed by a bacteria which are not describe all try actually. Zillah fasted deal so we need the pronunciation police on that one. Don't we do that for so it's by SAP. Sucking insects called spittle bugs. Climate change is not the article article says the root cause of this outbreak bought it does explain the VA rapid spread or partially explain the rapid spread and it's really threatening an olive groves throughout southern Europe and climate change says the articles destroying or contributing to the destruction of ancient olive olive groves across southern Europe unusually hot summers and heavy rains in Greece of produced surges and the olive fly populations harvest there is expected to be done thirty-five percent this year so it's a pretty bleak picture and AH trend phenomenon we're likely to see repeated and as you say it has an impact on obviously all all aspects live from what we to whether we can enjoy bike racing without without the threat of or the possibility or probability of interruptions because of extreme weather events indeed yeah well. The economists climate change coverage doesn't just stop with their specialists you that they did they going to be covering the unfolding story of climate change in that daily and Weekly Reporting Auditing in the magazine and online in that podcast films and their events as well and if you would like to see what the economist has to offer our and what they say a on a wide range of subjects because he economist is a small guide to the forty changing your world so if you're the type of person you never stops asking questions. You may want to get yourself a free copy delivered to your door by texting the word cycling two seven eight zero seven zero. That's the word cycling and text it to seven eight zero seven zero right for a free copy of the economist. Yeah how are certainly seems busier today than it has any point since we arrived on Sunday. Somebody was saying this morning that bit of an absence of international national fans but today I've seen the Belgians on in their red yellow and black high. There was some Irish fans all walking in a line up presumably heading into Betty's and it feels like well why not everyone is hitting Betis on yeah. It feels like the world championships for the first time this week really man walking past with a Yorkshire flag. I don't think Yorkshire I've got team in this year. Have they. People you know go to great sense of independence people from Yorkshire as Colonia. Matter of time junior women's road race was this morning. I watched quite a lot now and it was very well. It was a lot crashes. A topic of conversation's been the how few laps they're doing the finishing circuit here. They didn't really do a lot. They just came in to the finish. The race was won by Meghan Straub of the A USA. They're having a very good world championships. She got away in the closing few couple kilometers with Google Gruber open singer name correctly the Russian girl L. who won the time-trial a day and she finished outside the medals in fourth because he asked her. I've got just right. She waited and waited then when won the race and just as the the bunch were closing some rather went to Julie Deville Delve Belgium and the bronze medal to leaker Nghien of the Netherlands Eleanor back stead was fifth and then she's saying for trek segregated for the next three years. We had a question in from a listener Chrissy. Actually who said the in commentary ratio Gilmore when a few times juniors race restrictive gears and Chris was wondering what that means now. My understanding of that Matt you might know better is the maximum side gear that the juniors can ride it around about fifty to fourteen. I think Roy site works out at a bow used to be ninety three inches fifty fifteen when I was here so I basically one revolution of the pedals in box biggest gear modern exceed the distance ninety six inches. The regulation is clear and it's over walk gears you can call us and the reason for that my I understand is just to protect riders from into racing on just beginning and turning their development years into just a show of brute strength developing cardiovascular aspect as well. Is that right yeah. I think it favors that sort of aspect and biggies also need back problems when you're young growing athletes so restrict against it's more about the aerobics system than just brute force whereas now a big sixteen year old an unlimited gaze at a push then then smaller undeveloped seventeen year olds is fifty fifty two four thousand nine. I just looked up and but you can see that having an effect on some parts of the course obviously where it's fast. The writers are just spinning. I am and that will be the case with the junior. Sorry the geometries yesterday. We must really paying attention. We were away all day yesterday of course Jim. I'm Jim Andrey's about earlier. The you know the Colombian Colombian Latin left high and dry. Apparently he's still he's still so that Beth thera- think his name was one of the images will probably being the world championships so far crying side of the road and then there were the pin various explanations from the Columbia mechanics. Colombians Columbia team call yesterday shared a team called the Uruguayans Chilean's so the teen time when to stop for the Chilean writers Uruguay Colombian riders were very split to that point and I think they're any to Shimon and neutral service causing the race and and the wasn't one near the the young gentleman that was I think it Did you have a puncture that time anyway it removes them. Everything well look very sorrowful at the time and was you know and it was in flood of tears and was running up the right but apparently yeah. He was thrilled this one because he had four thousand new followers on instagram. What a shame you on that on your with your mechanics expert as you could have stood there and just sort of vaguely just pointing out because I ready's as well on twitter story finish the race in sixth place so many didn't he wasn't out of the race. He managed to finish which is what you know it away impressive that he didn't give up and you know and there was yeah. It was very sad to think of the distance he's traveled to compete and anticipate all the team cars to stream pasta. Nobody nobody helping him. I mean that was gestion probably city one that he was actually standing on the wrong side. I robot he was he was yeah yeah. That's a problem that the raiders have when they come to Britain. They start. What did the Filippo potato at the tour of Britain one year not just refused to cross from the right to last and you and there was a standoff until eventually had to go in and change the tapes and also with low people don't realize that actually the parents ended up paying. Thanks for the junior. World trips not too many federations on actually fully fund juniors so triple and some of these junior teams come over for two or three weeks and don't oh you talking about up to ten thousand dollars to have it. Yosano your door to come and prepare for a world so is an expensive exercise and now unlocks to see is bad luck with anybody commission with a genius who are running your equipment pioneering wipe probably come here and put a lot of effort as much as the cycling podcast is supported voted by science and Sport Science and sport fueled by science. Thank you very much to scientists sport for Support Cycling Podcast and offering twenty five percent off for your caught it cream sachets not really but lots of Jackson drinks and all sorts of sports nutrition products at science sport come into the could. SIS CPI TWENTY-FIVE SIS CPI twenty-five Scientists Sport Dot Com Matt Who's GonNa win and on Sunday who is a tree or look. If I was betting on the right switch on the led to do Pretty Ponte vendors who are distinct. He's going to have a ruled strong team around him. The courses technical our holiday. It's going to stay dry six and a half seven hours and it'd be anybody in this pillow adult on who will be happy to go to the long in sprint and we now have these technical abilities in the funnel and he's going to be I WANNA be. I think there's a few favorites but ah for me. He's the frigging thing is with him. He's poised on thirty. Five rest is is he on the road. We're talking about as the favorite in the men's Rod Rice twenty two twenty four twenty five year order going in his favorite with handful of soccer across rice as a handful of mountain bike races and thirty rod rises and he's going is one of the favorites how do you see it from an Australian perspective perspective then because the job presumably would be to try and get rid of undo an yet with the Ryder in Australian team would want to come down to some kind of group finish so how how do they go about eliminating vendor pool. You'll I think they got Buckley's Matthews for sure they'll use hike and clock walk in in the last hour. I would expect but our team will be quite happy. I currently Michael Matthews because he will probably run a dummy but Spain four him an appeal kick. Certainly five is a flat. Mark is be confident of too long with doubt but there's been worse finishes but there are there attaining that would be happy for for groups. I think they're pretty realistic. How do you how do you get rid of him. You're going to get rid of him. In in the crosswinds and you're not going to drop in on the Corm so cross the field I mean that would just play into the hands as a cyclocross world. Champion lost has been made of the distance along as championships. Have things can be pretty grabby roads as well. What what can you do do right is do winning. No the category into two hundred ninety two rice instead of two hundred sixty comes to rice how much extra work on that aspect of the rice goes in in the few weeks before a guy extending their training. You know that long long days for another hour. What would they be doing? I don't think so I think let's compare tomorrow with Monson. Remote Distance Distance Wise Tom on the block tomorrow. It will be a hard race as far as made his calming that's for sure but not too many guys trying above that six marketable and I've been looking. I'm trying to have some of that guys who were riding in this tool plugging away four to five hours. I think it'll be it's going to be three hundred kilometers nearly with with neutral but there it hasn't made any racist over to plight who's probably the longest rice anyone's had in the last in the last month or anything. Any Walter was six hours plus employer employer to fifty. They handle it. The handling and I think it'd be too much. I think the big thing if we got a foul weather here is staying warm especially early in that I three to four hours if you can stay warm stay protected from retain nights it makes a big difference and now the clothing that is available to go is a big difference from not that long ago the quality of calling Mexico's difference if you're in the saddle for sixty seven house which they're going to be on Sunday well we bet show over the road to the Roy Hall there to where we repairing hearing this evening all of us. If you're coming along well you'll already have seen us by the time. You've heard this hope. You had a nice time. We'll be back again tomorrow to recap the women's road race. Thank you very much for joining US Matt pleasure. Thank you for Bikes Daniel. Thank you Richard.

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