EP 203103: Garage Pass


According to Fat Brad. Careful to make sure that everybody's racing in the right place all cup drivers have to be really good I'd like to see system to except for future. Over the last month and a half we've had a lot better runs in our stats show Mark Carroll Prn's garage past. Attention homeowners do you have a house in need of serious repairs? Do you have tennis never seemed to make their monthly payments? How about code violations past due taxes or maintenance cost? You just can't afford. Then call my friends right now with quick cash offer one call and you can get rid of that home headache forever they by the ugliest houses with instant closings, instant cash and huge savings plus there no realtor fees no listing. Fees and no repair cost just cash in your hands for that painful property, they're buying a few more houses in your neighborhood this month. So take advantage of this cash offer and call quick cash offer now eight, hundred, four, three, five, zero, eight, three, three, eight, hundred, four, three, five, zero, eight, three, three, that's eight, hundred, four, three, five, oh eight, thirty, three getting his first taste of what it's like to drive in Indycar with. Chip Ganassi racing the other day on the Indie road course Jimmy Johnson's still wants to test with McLaren later, this year and is determined to race on a road or street course. Next season he's also softened his stance about not wanting to run ovals or the Indianapolis five hundred something he might be willing to do now in twenty twenty two following a wreck at Texas, triggered by an inexperienced driver Brad Keselowski created a little bit. Of controversy when he proposed NASCAR should have protocols in place to keep driver from running the cup series. If their skill level is below a specific standard, my dad wants told me the great thing about motorsports is there's a place for everybody whether that's short tracks that run across America or the National Series I. think that's very careful to make sure that everybody's racing in the right place to make the best racing fans enforce sports. and. When it comes to the top level I, think we've seen some changes there in the ability for drivers to gain access than adding the past and non fan of that sort of like to see you know a system installed terrific set for future and protect the interest of the series. Meanwhile feeling he was wrecked on purpose during the All star open at Bristol Bubble Wallace took his back and dumped. It behind the front row, Motor Sports Holler of Michael McDowell. They put it up for auction and the high bid was twenty thousand dollars with all the proceeds going to motor racing outreach, and now a game of commercial chicken brought to you by progressive where we see how long flow can go without talking about insurance ready go. So the the weather is just all over the place lately, right one day it's hot. Next Day it's. Windy for a while it's like make up your mind already drivers switched to. Progressive Save big. Okay you win we can't help but save customers money Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates. He's Fourteenth Cup series drivers standings forty two points above the cutoff line. But Clint Boyer has had only two top ten finishes in the last half dozen races hamper during that span by the random draw to set the field that has boyer starting on average in eighteenth place I'm kind of frustrated in the sense that I feel like over the last month and a half we've had a lot better runs than our stats show. But again, this constantly dig yourself out of a hole because of the way we start these races challenge very, very challenging as a matter of fact. Garage Pass sponsored by progressive drivers who save with progressive. Save. Over seven, hundred, fifty dollars on average.

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