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Hey this is Kirk herbstreet. Welcome back to this great college football rivalry earlier today we miked up the huddle. And here's what we heard. He didn't what town it is ready for this game. We're not say smoke. Say Sausage pins in Akron. Talk to fire up that grew intense home gate. ECKRICH do you. Comic football presented presented by Mazda. We're four days from the National Championship game so college football live. We have four four people on the show. Come on now Ryan Leaf Emmanuel Acho. Tom Luganville Jason Fitz. We had this great show planned. We're going to get into everything about the national championship and then all of a sudden breaking teaching news in College football for the second consecutive day. This time it's a coaching Coaching announcement Mississippi State has a new head coach. It's a Doozie. The always entertaining Mike Leach. Leaving Washington state to take over the bulldogs who fired coach. Joe Moorhead after only two years on the job leach has a huge track record of success in both the Texas Tech Back in Washington state. And now join T.. And the same. Status Ole miss and Lane Kiffin press conference is GonNa be epic for this absolutely great success for. You're talking about somebody. That's one one. Almost sixty one percent of his games fifty five and forty seven at Washington state one thirty nine and ninety overall had a ton of success and now he heads. It's over to the SEC so whenever we're talking about things that we need to know about the SEC. There's one person that tells us the best as very own Paul Finebaum. So we're going to get Paul Finebaum thoughts thoughts on Mike Leach. The new coach Mississippi State this is by far the most interesting higher of the off season. And that's saying a great deal Michael which is always been a really good coach but a lot of schools have stayed away from him remember. It wasn't all that long ago. Tennessee nearly hired him and they fired the ad instead but giving Mississippi Susuki state credit. They swum for the fences and they got the pirate who likes to swing the sword. And what's even more interesting is the rivalry that we will have almost immediately take between him and Lane Kiffin. Yes that's right lane kiffin and lead. Who went at it back in the pack twelve or going to do it again in the Egbo which is already a fascinating waiting game? It has ratcheted up even more so next Thanksgiving night market down. That's GONNA be one of the most interesting games of the season but for all of the conversation about Mike Sleet and what he says in his Amazing extemporaneous matter. He's a great football coach. He has ever won that big because he's been a lot of strange places assist but at Mississippi state you can be successful. Dan Mullen was number one in the country. Very briefly. Michael Tom Dot Com missing that but against Nick Sabin and coach show. I think he'll hold and his own and Mississippi State fans in college. Football fans are the winters today just heard mentioned the egg bowl. Kiffin tweeted and welcome to the state old pirate and friend. Oh God forgive Thanksgiving night. I want the press conferences again. The lead up to we have a rare opportunity though to get thoughts on this this move Obviously because we have somebody on this show that played for Washington state in the one the only Ryan Leaf so Ryan. We're GONNA start with you. What are your thoughts on this move? Well I have a difficult situation. You're an analyst at ESPN. But I'm also Washington state alum and what he'd been able to do for our program over the last six seven years years has been exceptional and for me when I heard this. I wasn't necessarily surprised and what I did. Realize that what he is set in place what he has put what in blazes there at Washington State. He's built the foundation. The facilities are better off a coach. We can go after get. That's the difference that he made at Washington state. Isn't that special. This is going to shake up all of college football and I cannot be more excited. I speak from experience. I've played Texas against Mike Leach when he was at Texas Tech Eh defending him and defending his air raid offense one of the toughest things to do remember he was tops in the FBI at Washington state in passing yards. Completion percentage passing touchdowns everything he had more yards passing per game last year that Mississippi State had total so. He's going to shake up. SEC defenses deepened. Even the coordinators are GonNa be scratching their head and have a ton of sleepless nights lubes because of this higher on geeked about it while we all should be excited about it. Because I'll tell you right now. The press press conferences alone are going to be outstanding. So we're all looking forward to that No doubt you know. I would have a couple of concerns. I think he's an outstanding football coach. But he's been an outlier out liar coach for outlier programs. And it's a perfect fit. And that's why I think this fit is good with Mississippi state to concerns for me. This is the first time he's had to coach. The head coach a league. That is a line of scrimmage league dominated by defensive personnel secondly his true version of the air raid does not feature a tight end. I I think it's awfully difficult to play in the SEC. Urban Meyer found this out when he left Utah went to Florida. He didn't have a tight in his part of his offense. Either in eventually evolved into that. I think we're GONNA see a new iteration of Mike Leach. I think he's so smart football guy that he's GonNa realize. I'm going to have to make some shifts because the environment arm around me and the level of competition has ratcheted up big time. I'll show I'M GONNA push back to you a little bit because you're excited to see this and you say it's going to put fear in the hearts of the but what's the ceiling. Look at how. Good the conference is a whole and when you talk about. Lsu Obama Florida Georgia. I mean even if he goes in crushes. What are they going to be the six best team in the conference see? I'll challenge. The ceiling is very high. Now the staying power. I don't know but again I was playing Texas Tech. When they were top five in the nation they beat us with Michael Crabtree in Lubbock? I was there I remember that Wazoo. They were number seven last year. November of two thousand eighteen. So I can't tell you how long long Mississippi state might be good for but what I can tell you beyond the shadow of a doubt. They will be good and to Luke's as point. I'm interested in Luke's because I don't know if I totally agree. Here's what I think that the SEC will have to adjust to leach more than leach will have to adjust to the SEC. Remember what happened when Texas am and even zoo. I got to the SEC. I was watching closely because they left the big twelve. There was an adjustment period. Yes they had Johnny Manziel but there were still like wait a second. What are all these receivers out here? This isn't the power this isn't calendar. This isn't trap. I think they might have to adjust. Yeah that's I tell you what right now the. SEC is not going to have to adjust. Mike we just going to have to adjust the problem at Washington state and the reason why they couldn't win the division is he simply wouldn't compromise. He wouldn't change. He couldn't find a way to beat Washington. which didn't allow them them to go to the PAC twelve championship? And if he isn't able to do that down there. This is going to be short-lived. He's a guy can win you. Seven eight nine games season. But he's not GonNa win you the division but at the fan basis. Okay with that that. He's a perfect fit. If that was Mississippi state I'd be over the moon if I'm Washington state right now. I think he did what he needed to do. When they're ready to hire a new Guy Ryan? I agree with you wholeheartedly. In that regard because what we really need to examine here is what's the expectation level Mississippi state amongst their fanbase. Did they become a bit spoiled with a success. At Dan Mullen one had during the the ten year that he was there because nobody has seen that sustained success at Mississippi State prior to Dan. mullins arrivals. So is this a seven in in five program that's capable of getting nine and three maybe every three or four years or they expecting him to be nine three ten and two every year in a division with Lsu Alabama Alabama Auburn and Ole. Miss Obviously is going to ratchet up the competition as well the expectation is the thing. I'm looking at well lose. You just mentioned that schedule if you saw it on the screen green there in a row. They've gotta go A. M. at Bam LSU Auburn and you're talking about consecutive games. It seems hard for me to see any path that leads to tremendous success out of the gates and expectation becomes the the difficult portion of this that we have to wrap our head around and Tom. We just don't know what that's going to be for for for Mississippi State. We don't and that's why he needs to come out of the gate fast so he can set a standard for what the program is going to be. It's just I think it's a good job but I also think it's a very tough job now. The point is Mississippi State is not supposed to contend at least not in the eyes of the nation nation for National Championships. I don't think that's what anybody's expecting right. Lee has touched on in Tom's touched on it but I do think they can knock off a team here and there I do. I think they could catch a maybe an Alabama slipping one year. They could catch it. LSU Slip in one year they can knock off at Texas am or are they going to be a big dog. That's not what I'm saying but do I think that Mike Leach could have them being splash player. Winning ten games in the first or second or third year absolutely and only. Because I've seen it way too many times you're also talking about a coach. Since one a lot of games we'll see what it means moving forward but his path to the playoff whatever that means just got much more difficult. We've been talking about the press coverage not much we should know the press conference will be tomorrow at one. PM and if there's anything we know all eyes will be on that press conference as it goes. Mississippi state by the way super excited to get his men tweeted. I like this. He said here we go. It's not used one or two. It's city used three exclamation points. So that is absolutely my my favorite way to tweet coming up next the LSU offense offense hasn't been good it's been spectacular. The question is why we'll break it down and we'll tell you if it can be slowed down all of that next College Football Kelly Age. Football live is is presented by the first-ever Mazda C x thirty the ally Jeeves me and a Little Bit Tigers win and we are headed to Orleans. Lsu was back on the practice field today getting ready. What's essentially a home game? Monday night players going through the game plan. The college football world is ready to converge on New Orleans. Monday nights coach. Oh spoke to the media yesterday. This is what he had to say. That everybody's get ready for the game of this was a ton of money and then we're going to go. Tomorrows will be competition. Tuesay's turnover Wednesday. No repeat Thursday Arzi focus Friday. We'll play the game you know. WE'RE NOT GONNA make this game bigger than it is to focuses on daily preparation. What would go on a daily basis and then to go win the game? This love most energetic Monday practically. Have these guys phenomenal. They're on a mission to Scottish left on a mission. We're going to welcome in Martin Smith. Marty you just finished. There's watching practice. What did you see from Lsu intensity Jason a lot of intensity? This was competition. Tuesday they. I know it's Thursday but Lsu treating it as a traditional Tuesday the players were in full pads and they got after it. It was really crisp really intense extremely precise much like what I saw yesterday in practice. Only the intensity was at a whole other level. And that's coach down. I was standing kind of between two of the practice fields outside here between sessions and the whistle blew and all of a sudden all of these large offensive Lineman and defensive Lineman Armand came running by me and coach was with him and he came over to me he and he goes studying ten smarter so he's not only hollering at his kids. It's he's also hollering at the onlookers. Did you get any sense of whatever pressure they feel. I mean this is essentially a home game. Are they playing any differently. None absolutely none. There's there's an intense calm is the way that I would. I would say it's obvious to me that there is so much confidence incidence. Because they feel like they've taken on and defeated all comers this season they feel like their offense can score against anyone at any time. It's like coach O.. Repeated to US something that he said to us all year long but he said it a bit more directly yesterday. Anyone anytime anywhere doesn't matter. We don't blink and every single one of them with involved in this program are living that mantra very obvious to me. I'm just saying it's it's here. Marty say it makes me makes fired up. Can't imagine coach Marty. Thanks to the time we appreciate it down. Strap fits let's go. Let's go all right. Let's get a little nugget here on Lsu. How about this bear? Chris leak letting US know from twenty twelve twenty eighteen. Lsu through sixty nine touchdown passes in sixty sixty nine games versus power five opponents this year Joe Burrow through forty three in eleven of those games this production. This offense is absolutely been epic but it brings up some questions questions. We wanted to take a look at what took so long for this offense to get on track. So let's start with auto entre. What took so long here? It's very simple. It's just the fact active teams. We're trying to imitate what led to success. Think about Alabama. They've won so many championships. But never because of the GLITZ. And Glamour airing out the ball. Nick Sabin I think he has eighty seven players drafted. If I'm not mistaken. Only six have been receivers guys like. Julio Jones most catches he ever had in the season was seventy eight so the Alabama way the national championship point said ground and pound ground and pound then. LSU looked left. They looked right and they said we ain't gotta do that. No more why. Why not just air it out so when everybody went left? Lsu went right. I think they've done a wonderful job of putting together the right mix of coaches with similar muller philosophies and styles to maximize the talent of the players that they have on the roster and mask the weaknesses when they won out in started clinic with the New Orleans. Saints Offensive Staff. And Sean Payton Pete Carmichael this. This other guy named Joe Brady came into the building and started getting on the board in front of Stevens meager and in front of of at and they said. Wait a minute this is the missing piece that we need to put this thing together. And it's all been about fit with people in my opinion on the staff all right so let me be a little hyper hyperbolic hyperbole. We'll speak in hyperbole. Is this then Ryan. Leave the greatest offense ever in college football it very well could be at least from the passing game perspective now. What he's been able to do from what they did a year ago to where they're at right now? Seventy eight percent. Completion percentage over five thousand yards. Listen to this only the third time ever. There's been a five thousand yard passer to one thousand yard receivers and one one thousand nine rusher only Tulsa and Hawaii back in two thousand seven two thousand and ten have been the same. They are pretty special and they've done it in the SEC. Like auto said when they saw what Alabama was doing an and they just couldn't beat them they had to do something else already. Oh was going to be gone. You know it's interesting too as you start to think back what were some of the offenses it. You can even try to compare air this offense to everything Ben effortless right it's been. It's been so efficient. The accuracy and the effectiveness has been off the charts and the only offense and has come to my mind is the nineteen eighteen eighty nine. HOUSTON cougars guys. Do you remember them yet. Manny Hazard right by me and beating. Read it Hey Mike so you had manny hazard right. Still owns the record for ten point five catches per game yet. Chuck Witherspoon at running back back still owns the FBI record. Nine point six yards per rush yet. Andre where would is been trophy. They scored over sixty points. Five Times scored ninety ninety five points on SMU. And that's really the only offense of Juggernaut that I look back and say Gosh it was so easy it was so effortless and that's kind of what. LSU's been here's what all say what's so impressive about Lsu it's not gimmicky when you look at some of the offensive put up so many big numbers it's because they're going tempo no huddle running plays right now putting up ninety one hundred play the game. I remember playing Oklahoma back when I was a Texas. We play ninety eight plays one game the average is typically around fifty three Lsu. They're just incredibly efficient officiant. Yeah all right so Ryan leave. Let me ask you then. How does Clemson stop this offense? I've been watching film for the past two weeks in I just. I simply can't find a way that they're going to be able to do that. I mean there are two explosive they go to too. Many guys are multiple and then I think back to the national championship a year ago to a Tunga bi-lo hello and that offense those receivers. They came in Josh Jacobs. They were ready to roll that. One of the most prolific offenses. You've ever seen either an Brent Venables with two weeks in preparation put it to them and put it to them early at all night long so that gives me a little bit of confidence what they can do and this is going to be the reason why why he is there. Swiss army knife. You can put them at free safety right. Here they bring a counter blitz a corner cat and they bring the safety over. We're to play corner just six. I got this right. He doesn't even see Isaiah coming from that spot he gets to. That place covers all that area. Look at that length. Thank the length arms of that man and watch Brent Venables. He knows what he's got here. He's going to play out. I would be too number. Eleven is special and he's GonNa be a big part of why they figure out a way to win that game if they do because he's the guy on defense it's going to be the variable for Clemson. Yeah I clemson has two options because their weaknesses. Defensively I feel like her coverage at one safety position and their linebackers and covered. You're not phenomenal. Therefore Insert Insert Isaiah Simmons. He can both play safety and he can play linebacker. It's going to be the most amazing chess match between venables and Joe Brady and Ed being around the offense aside for Lsu. Are You GONNA put Simmons at Linebacker and try to limit the run game and everyone's Hilar- assuming he's GonNa play or are you GonNa put Simmons in the slot and line him up against Justin Jefferson. That's the chestnuts the Brent Venables the defensive coordinator for Clemson is going to have to play all game. And he's going to have to win that test match if he wants to win the game. I'll tell you guys whatever they do stay out of one high where the slot gets isolated on the safety or the linebacker like we saw versus Oklahoma. I think one of the things is it makes Brent Venables in this defense so difficult to contend with is. You don't know where the pressure is coming from. You guys talked about Simmons and the variety of alignments defensively. They they do such a good job of creating some confusion upfront. For the opposition and alignment within their different front seven. Remember they were a four man front dean. The last few years this this year there are three man team because of their personnel five behind in a three team they gotta limit the isolation one on one place in get Joe Borough off-schedule. They've got a win on first and second down so you get Lsu an obvious third down passing situations in come after him. Gentleman is simple as that sounds executions. Houston is going to be key because you're talking about coaching staff that will have fantastic schemes. So can the players actually executed. We'll have our eyes on a Monday night. Let's take a look now at our Progressive Bowl Challenge Cup up with only one game to go the SEC dominated bowl season so far to the tune of seven and two record for the conference but there's still one item left to do on the list. That's win the National Snow Championship. LSU can bring that record to eight and two of the wind while Clemson looks to bring home the ACC fifth win this bowl season speaking of the ACC all trevor ever lawrence coming up. We've been talking about. Joe will deserve a fear. Not We haven't forgotten the greatness of Trevor Lawrence Man's undefeated. We'll take a look at him next. Trevor Lawrence is the best player in all of college football. Nobody even talks about it for the people that sleep trevor. I was keep sleeping any other. The quarterback that's faces adversity folds up and doesn't come back as good travis comeback. He's a thought the ads it anywhere on the field. He can run. The ball is really nothing interpret can't do we go because of what combat to Trombley football presented by Mazda the breaking news today only four days away from the the College Football playoff national championship comes in the form of a big coaching announcement. Mike Leach leaving Washington state to take the Mississippi State job. I'm going to get a breakdown on this we're joined now by. Espn College football reporter. Chris Lowe to give us all the latest Chris. Thanks for the time today. Why leave for this job? If you're Mike Leach you you know. I think Mike had been looking around a little bit. Not that he was gonNA Happy Washes David. Maybe he had sort of gun what he could there and I know he was in play. Arkansas this year was. It's really close to landing the Tennessee. Two years ago with Jeremy PRUITT got the job before John. Curry was fired as soon as these days I just felt like He. You know as Mike Moves. WHO's on in his career? He's on at places where face it. You're probably not supposed to win. I mean he's not supposed to be taxed tack or are you see or some of the seems you'd be Washington Lsu stay. He's off the wall places places that aren't mainstream college football USA and certainly Starkville Mississippi that bill well and and help us figure this out on the show. We've been trying to figure out. What are the expectations? Now if you're Mississippi state bringing them in well let's beyond. Dan Mullen Razer expectation years ago when he took off the number one in the country. Remember up one country in November not September October so the bulldog thanks got a taste of that so it can't be done your division of Have Lsu Texas A&M Alabama Auburn. Mike very desperately desperately needs to get into the surrounding stop guys who can recruit that state in that state have good connections in that state. I think expectations though to be one of those teams that every once in a while. You're at least swimming in the waters in November to have a chance to be in that division race across the other side of it is Washington state. What's next for them? You know I got some good options. I'll tell you to me guy that fits perfectly Jim. mcelwain gyms from that part of the country did a terrific job. The Colorado state went to former didn't end the way he wanted it to but let's be honest he took for the SEC championship game a couple of times. He did a terrific job at central Michigan turning having that job around Alex Cranston other one that these coordinated Oklahoma he was at Washington State under Mike Leach coordinator those tunings keep an eye out Chris. Thanks for the tremendous information on the breaking news. We appreciate you guys. The College Football Playoff National Championship game number number one. LSU number three clemson Monday at eight on ESPN Fizi. It was three years ago today. The Shawn Watson connected with Hunter Renfro famously to help Clemson win the Two Thousand Sixteen National Championship game and and a thirty five year title drought. Here clemson you know. They've only lost twice since then. And that's what you might call a proven record of success. Which is why in all the meetings leading up to Monday's national championship game? The message has been this. Be who we are. It's the idea that this team is built for this moment. And there's no reason to deviate from what has gotten them here. It is also why there's been an emphasis on normalcy and routine on Thursday. The guys had meetings in the afternoon own followed by about a two hour practice. That's their normal Wednesday routine on Friday. They'll gather around nine thirty in the morning for another walk through then have lunch. The guys will get changed and they'll be on those buses about one fifteen to head to the airport. It is very much a business trip. A business trip that Clemson has been on before and these players. I believe that that experience in this situation gives them the advantage. Monday night in New Orleans. Thanks Jen Trevor. Lawrence was spectacular. Tackler in the postseason last year against Notre Dame and Alabama he had a ninety five total. QBR In the last two College Football playoff games last year also threw six touchdowns to know oh picks in two games. He had a total of ten completions. It went for over. Twenty yards averaged three hundred and thirty seven yards in the two games and he delivered when it mattered. The most going fourteen for twenty two with three touchdowns on third down in the College Football Playoff for even more on trevor's numbers. Here's our Brad. Edwards took after dominating the playoffs in his true freshman season expectations. Trevor Lawrence were Skyhawk Guy Hot but for the first half of this season something was missing too few throws were on target to his receivers and way too many went into the hands of opposing players lawyers in the second half of the season Lawrence stop pressing so much for the big play and settled for the smarter play. There was an increased focus on the intermediate range inch five to twenty yards down. Lawrence's accuracy increased with these passes and the Tigers became more prolific on office. That meant fewer deep shots but the renewed confidence Lawrence became more efficient with the long ball and began to look like the QB. We saw at the end of last season since week. Nine Lawrence has the the second best total. QBR In college football fairly behind a guy named borough three months ago people were asking what's wrong with Trevor Lawrence now now with one game to go. He's exactly where we expect him to be as we just saw the tremendous season. The mid season turnaround. Tom Luganville why I think he started being himself once again. I think a year ago we became so conditioned to thinking it was easy right. I mean he just had this flawless season. And then you come into the year with all this hype and anticipation and a few bad throws now all of a sudden the entire narrative changes I. I think he was trying to be what everybody else was expecting him to be instead of. Just being Trevor Lawrence zone covered caused him some problems in the first four or five weeks of the season he was able to work through who some of that not take. As many chances on covered guys downfield and really just settled down. Our broadcast crew have the North Carolina game and he was frustrated he was pressing was pushing the ball wall in. He didn't need to. I think once he stepped away and said you know what I can't worry about all the clutter. I just need to be Trevor Lawrence. That's when everything started to settle down and I also think that maybe this was a little bit of a referendum on that wide receiver room when people were talking about this Pruitt wide receivers the best in the country and when he went down the football field form they. They weren't making the place. Look at Joe. Boroughs receivers. A lot of those passes he threw in the game against Oklahoma were contested and his receivers went up. made it so I think the onus goes on both not only the wide receivers but but the quarterback is well before the season started spoken like a true quarterback Ryan Leaf. I'm GonNa let you slide. Though for that that one to take things literally in a little more analytically players that have been in that position. I just think he started to slack off a little bit. I mean he's human. He's a sophomore in college. He's used to rolling out on the football field and winning every game. He's out there so I doubt he's putting as much time into the film room. Putting as much time in a practice you saw some games. He he just went out there and I was like. I'm GonNa just chuck it up and hope my guys make a play in situations. What he clearly shouldn't have then later on in the season he scaled back in he dialed back in and and he became the freak that we all know? He is one of the best. If not the best quarterback in college football that to me is what really occurred for all that success then. LSU has got to figure out where he's vulnerable loops where is that with L. Defense. I think they're vulnerable. Defending quarterback. Run if you look at the season for for Lsu on on defense they really struggled accounting for that extra gap if you look at the game versus old. Miss Ole miss put up six hundred yards of total offense four hundred yards on the ground. You'RE GONNA see a lot of concepts here with the fuller's upfront. A lot of misdirection and now all of a sudden you got I've violations on defense look at the state. He's he's looking the linebackers. Look at where they're flowing and nobody's accounting for the quarterback. Now Dave Aranda realized that they weren't so much out of position. Their problems were is is took them to where they were supposed to go. You're going to see the same thing here you're GONNA lose contain. You're going to have poor tackling. The whole and the quarterback makes plays with his legs. And if you watch not only the semi final versus Ohio State and you watch the last few games of the season for Clemson. They started to institute a designated run game for Trevor Lawrence. I think that's so important because it changes how you defend the field when you've got to count for that extra gap because the quarterback run the ball. Yeah it it definitely. It clearly. Early was something different that they showed that the end of the season and made Lsu have to prepare for something like this for me. It's the the cornerbacks both Fulton and Stanley against those great big wide receivers because last year and that national championship. It was those guys that failed them at the cornerback position. When those big wide receivers went up top and make plays so you see them playing a lot of men coverage they could be in for a long night? I'm expecting to see a Lotta zone. Make the linebackers do work get out to the flats and do the things they need to do. And be physical a lot lot of press and bail from Singley and a lot of opportunities for double moves against Fulton. And that's where I look for Clemson to attack attack this Lsu defense. Yeah I think right now. We'd all be kind of guessing if we were to say whereas Lsu's defense vulnerable and we'd be guessing because they haven't really shown vulnerabilities owner abilities as of late two point earlier on in the season against Ole miss they showed they were vulnerable to the. QB RUN QB ran as a defensive player. It's actually really easy to stop like. He showed him the second clip. If you were on your PS and QS Lsu is shown vulnerability at times through the passing game. But they're extinct right now. He's been balling so can then get going knowing. Can they find a way to exploit a weakness but again the trick is it. LSU vulnerable because we haven't seen the trick is can clemson find a way to exploit any of LSU potential vulnerabilities. That's what it comes down to Clemson good enough to make LSU crack under all that pressure well all of this conversation Mercedes about the offensive side of the ball remembers player on the defensive side of the ball that we also need to keep an eye on his name is is as Simmons. We'll we'll give you a little bit more than Isaiah Simmons coming up throughout the course of the show and what makes perfect. That's a big word. But he gets there also the College Alex. Football playoff foundation is the largest sports entities supporting education in America over the past five years. It's nationwide extra yard for teachers. Initiative has invested over thirty million in education in partnership with ESPN various conferences schools. And Bowl Games over two hundred and fifty thousand teachers and five point. Five million students have been directly. Impacted packed the program as we enter our six postseason. ESPN is proud to continue support for the College Football Playoff Foundation for more about extra yard for teachers celebrations taking place throughout the year end during bowl season follow it. CFP Extra Yard on behalf of Monday at eight eastern on ESPN and the ESPN APP. Of course we'll have the College Football playoff national championship game presented by. At and T.. At the Mercedes Benz superdome in New Orleans got LSU number one taking on Clemson number three your created player on Madden. That could play everything you create is as he was blitzing. One time and Renna based block. He ran right through the Renton Bay. May Say Oliver Happening Lights. Who is Ahah Simmons in the back field again? Boy Is he special Shaw Guy. He's very very long and I mean he could have been attracts. He's just a freak. I mean he's six five he'll d. n. playing linebacker and then he can cover overlook corner. It's not fair for all of the offensive firepower and stars. Monday night's championship game. It's possible the player on the defensive side of the ball is actually the most important and that is Clemson linebacker. isiah Simmons the wipe out the Middle Freak. The unique can't pilion as one thing. I'm bringing something into the game that no one else can bring to the game. Simmons is one of the country's most dynamic defenders the imposing physical presence the speed and athleticism. He developed the track. Say tracks definitely helped me I grew up having Jamaican coaches ages. You run the time that told me to run or do it again. They make me cry. Every Thursday had to run two seconds. Second off of what my pr was and my four hundred. And if anything more than that. I had built me town. Savagery worthy now growing up in Kansas his diverse get unrefined skill. Set made it difficult for college football programs to pinpoint persimmons fit best ask then weeks before signing j Simpson came along with an author. I remember walking to school in my high school head coach. I call me and he was like have you talked to venables. That is I had. No knowledge of Clemson was all Clemson. What some tigers have won the national championship against the Alabama Crimson Time? After that I started looking at him and I was okay. So that's his team is what we loved about him was we had this great range. He has a track background. But you turn the tape on always always very natural when it came to physical nature of the game. Some people offered him as a lot out. I didn't see him as that his future was going to be. It has a defensive player. Safety Simmons impact wasn't immediate red shirted. His first season was on the Clemson track team while he built his body for football and 2017. He showed flashes a defensive back but it wasn't until his sophomore season that he found a home as a hybrid linebacker. A physician tailor made for his blend of power and speed. He can go play. Safety can play in the box he can blitz the quarterback he can cover. It was just not a box. You can't can't check. I've never really had a quite like him. I constantly remind our teammates travis. Just because I'm bigger than you. I'm I'm still fascinating you I love to get out there. Everyone's like no I kind of I cannot say he won the first one we did race again. It's not on camera. I one that he might not admit it. But everybody knows I'm on that one after this season and we're going to have the final tiebreaker during track growing it just gave me all of my abilities that have like my explosiveness my quickness and just power. I'm a firm believer. That track is the reason that I was able to become become nasty than I am. David Hale the report. They're the numbers back. Up the height Simmons led the Tigers Thirteen tackles for loss. Six Saxton season remember. He only had thirteen and one and a half. In his first two years combined he will have to be at his best once again on Monday. Night for Clemson so the question now is his. What makes him great? Tom Luganville why is he so good. He's a Unicorn. There's nobody like him in in college. Football I think pound for pound. He's the best defensive player air because of the scheme versatility and because of the range in all of college football over two hundred snaps safety over two hundred snaps at linebacker over two hundred snaps at corner owner. And in today's game we are in a space UPTEMPO. Spread Horizontally spreadsheet vertically type game and what people want to do they want to catch you on the field with the wrong personnel. Clemson could literally do a ten play drive on defense and not have to change personnel regardless of what the offense is doing because of Isaiah. Simmons that allows allows Brent Venables a ton of flexibility in by the way youngsters recruiting. Don't over train and don't focus on one sport. Isaiah Simmons was a multi sport athlete. And it's is one of the reasons why he is a premier football player right now. Yeah I will not insult Isaiah Simmons by calling him a linebacker because gentleman. I was a linebacker and Simmons can do and what I can do or two completely different things. One of his team said if you were to create a player you create a Simmons you quite possibly couldn't because on men the rating stop from where I would take Isaiah Simmons the losers point. The dude is a complete terror and to talk a little details of how are we is. He's fast enough to guard receivers man-to-man so usually when you bring your linebacker out of the game and bring in your extra cornerback to guard the slot receiver the inside or I assume that says. Hey stay on the bench. I got this when usually when you would bring that linebacker into now. Play the run game if they're gonNA ground and pound you SAM and says don't worry about it. I got this so Isaiah. Simmons is so good because he can quite literally like Luke said. Do everything and with Brent Venables defense offense he gives you so much pre snap and then completely different posts nap. You can put Isaiah Simmons almost anywhere and he can be in a completely different spot in. The quarterback is looking down the field. We looked at play earlier. When that exactly happy lined up at free safety ended up over the top making the interception so he is a Unicorn? That's exactly why they call them. Mahabir linebacker many teams have different names for different kinds of players in their their back end. Why Not Unicorn the interesting things are going to be see how we used and then how? LSU accounts on every single snap. So we'll keep an eye on that in the meantime let's take a look at. What's what's in store this postseason brought to you by macy's well got one game left in its big one? Lsu Clemson for all the glory Levy covered from quite literally all the angles main telecast on Espn Field Pass on ESPN two film room on the you if you want it. We've got it a Monday night. Going to be an epic way to watch all of the action as it happens. The meantime on Monday some of the greatest players in college football football today will be on the field for coming next move reveal some of the greatest players of all time and all of us. Thank you to all teachers. You're watching college. Football live presented by. Don't miss out on the biggest weekend in College Football National Championship weekend in New Orleans whether your favorite team is in the game or not to learn about all of the events and festivities planned for College Football Playoff Championship campus. All you have to do is go to college. Football playoff dot com to get all your information in the meantime. We're working our way down to the best college football players ever and today we're reviewing number twenty six hundred and fifty plenty of great names in the group including putting the one and only Dion Sanders at twenty six jerry rice thirty two Charles Woodson. The only defensive player to win the Heisman at forty. One you can't have a list without having debate so Tom Luganville biggest surprise on the list. We're looking at well. If Dion Sanders is number twenty six I want to know who's in the top ten Charles Woodson. It's number twenty six. I want to know who's in the top ten who we miss it. Here Fellas Dion Sanders at twenty six. Now listen coming from somebody that had responsible for having to put together rankings rankings. I can tell you. It's an impossible task. Prime thing Lou. I feel take take beef with prime beef with Charles Woodson but this person. I'll take a whole bunch of beef with Vince. John how you got him at number eighty one eighty one. I mean the dude is arguably the Best College football player in college football history. He put the whole team on his back. And Not one. But two rose bowls as two-time rose bowl. MVP He ended. What could have been the Best Dynasty Greatest Dynasty in college football with the early two thousand? And you've got my man John that we bring it back to texted baby at eighty one. My head hurts. My whole head hurts. You know when I noticed this list there was a lot of. I think emphasis on a college list with pro attributes. John Elway John Elway at thirty thirty three right. I don't think they ever won. Over seven games he wasn't you know wasn't gonNA great stats. Thirty third spunk. That there were three individuals. Joel's I was heisman. Finalists with Randy. Moss Charles Woodson Peyton Manning. I notice that Peyton. Manning isn't on the list. How's that possible? Oh the top. Twenty Five hasn't been released yet. Did I get that part. So unless we're looking somewhere else. John elway was a little surprised for me. Tim Tebow a little high to Tim. Tebow for me was arguably one of the Greatest College College football players of all time. Leave a minute here. Voiding religious sentiments. Exactly Ted Ed. I'm not one to to my own horn. Okay do me Tim to to talk about talking about the Houston offense earlier than ninety seven Washington state offense five hundred and fifty yards per game forty nine points per game to Lsu elway. Elway didn't play in a rose bowl content. I'm here for we're going to start a campaign to get Ryan Leaf. Put on this list. uh-huh one thing is for sure. Remember the rest of the list is going to be out there It'll be revealed before the game itself and then a during the championship game on Monday there will be some players out on the field that are in the top off the top of this right Peyton manning we haven't seen yet I'm presuming. We will at some point coming up some college football players become cultural phenomenon. Domino's we'll tell you about one. The Next College Football Live Kelly Age. Football Li- is presented by the first-ever Mazda C the X.. Thirty feel by Saturday noon eastern ABC and the ESPN that we'll have the NFC championship game between fifteen and a number one. North Dakota state and number two James Madison and Toyota Stadium in Frisco Texas the Bison the defending Champs FCS record thirty six straight games including the title seven of the last eight years. That's what we'd like to call very very good. Speaking of very very good. This happened last night. Gentlemen pay attention. It was very very good back in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight football fans ends debated who was the NC Double A.'s. Best quarterback Peyton manning or this Washington State University Cougar. Their pro careers went opposite ways. James Lewis Ryan Lee Right O.. Rien leave what's it feel like. That's remarkable I didn't think they need that Lacerra Bro What's up with zero. I wrote down. How much practice did you have with that gentleman after hours like look when they ask you this question say Ryan Lee okay? It's Ryan Leaf. I I can't believe that that was especially with everybody. Watch unless like my mother even watched it and she texted me about it. So I you know for me that in itself being linked to Peyton manning and having the year that we had. I'm just really proud of that football team and what we accomplished. Don't talk that's not your screensaver. Yeah don't act like you wouldn't make it your screensaver though. I'm just saying jeopardy question. You make that your screensaver. All Day. Lewis they were GONNA ask you jeopardy question about Tom. Lujambio what would it be. What Current F. B. S. head coach? Did Tom Loganville. Throw an interception to on Thanksgiving Day in Nineteen ninety-four who is it was real must champ. Lui Look at that. We've got okay. We'll keep the theme going out. You give us the jeopardy question. Go with this win and it's because I still take beef with the man to my left right. Whatever side of the screen dollar on? WHO DID Tom? Tom Logan bill severely under rate and. ESPN two thousand eight. Three hundred okay. So severely underrated. This man had me ranked like the thirty thousand words linebacker. But it's all good. I'm over it now. I promise he doesn't feel like it's all good. The stormers mad still hanging on the stars Louisville's holden that with to constantly. Hey just a reminder for everybody watching college football. I've obviously the national championship impeach. Him Game is Monday. We've told you that over and over again but you can also watch college. Football live coming from New Orleans live. They'll be down there and the guys that get you all set for the game right before it happens. There's a ton pre-game action to shameless plug check out the digital show that we'll be doing seven. PM on the ESPN APP twitter. Wherever he gets a livestream you can hang out with me? My Goal Junior. Look at that. I got to Plug Plug in their two gentlemen championship. y'All have a good weekend. Thanks for hanging out with this. It's actually only Thursday so have the rest of the week and do all of that.

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