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In two thousand eighteen we didn't win raise. But aunt second six times. Kyle Larson was good. Not great. You know, there was times. I felt like we were really close to be in, you know, where we needed to be considerate championships. And don't think there's anybody that's better for rookie than Jamie was for me. Mark Garo NPR ins garage pass back taxes to the IRS. Newsflash the president has changed the tax laws and now you may be able to pay the IRS less. If you owe ten thousand dollars or more in back taxes, the tax doctor can help you pay the IRS as little as possible allowed by law. There are new tax laws for business owners, the self-employed even W two workers if you have a bacteria problem or a few years of unfiled returns, new help us save you money as now here. Call right now to see how the new tax laws can help you. Plus right now, we'll waive the consultation fee and give you a free tech savings report. Attention. Business owners, the self employed and W two workers make this free call to the tax doctor now and learn how to take advantage of a new tax laws that may help you pay the IRS less eight hundred two eight one seven oh, four eight eight hundred two eight one seven oh, four eight eight hundred two eight one seven oh, four eight that's eight hundred two eight one seventy forty eight bridesmaid a half dozen times. Kyle Larson never went to victory lane in two thousand eighteen that left him to make the monster energy Cup series playoff on points. But he never made it past the second round and wound up ninth in the final driver standings. We didn't wanna raise, but Karan seconds six times and probably three or four of those felt like we could have won. So you're those were I guess high and low points in a way, you know, not winning but being able to to have good runs. You know, I look at Chicago place that was exciting finish Donnington running third, but we know dominated the race. You know, there was times when I felt like we were really close to be in where we needed to be considerate championship. And then you know, we'd have a few weeks in a row rude kinda struggle. So I think when you look at the teams that win championships in content all the time, you know, they're upfront every race. So you think is a team we need to get better at all the shacks. But then knew a lot of that falls on me to you know, I I need to not go to martinsville and be the worst driver there. So there's a lot of tracks writing clean up. What I'm doing is. Well, so but will work hard on trying to get better and more consistent in less than things like that. So we can come back next year and be stronger in hopefully content. I guess low point was maybe the the second round of the playoffs were really bad, and that was pretty disappointing. But now the years over you, honestly, I don't think about them. You know, they're kind of hard to remember even the good ones the bad ones. So just move on next year and try and have all high moments just a nation. Once ball eleven great restaurants. Bingo. Bowling movies, Royce, sportsbook spa, live, entertainment, oversized, rooms the rates. Stay with a racer stay now. The south point Las Vegas online. Com or call eight six six seven nine one seventy six twenty six that's online at southpointcasino dot com or call eight six six nine one seventy six twenty six today. We're though racers day thought south point. In two thousand nineteen after a five-year run together. Jamie McMurray will no longer be Kyle Larson's teammate, but they'll still continue to have a close relationship. I don't think there's anybody that's better for rookie coming into stockcar racing. Really been Jamie was for me. So always been very grateful and thankful for everything. He's always taught me on the track in probably more than anything off the racetrack. Especially when you and I became a father with Owen, your there's always a lot of things that Jamie would night could talk about and felt like becoming a father probably brought us closer than we were Garo NPR ins garage pass brought to you by less. Biggest Motor Speedway.

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