Episode 36 How To Get More Time Back In Your Business!


Growing, their beauty business doesn't have to be neat overwhelming. It's all about mastering a few key strategies and systems to save you time. Welcome to beauty marketing simplified podcast dedicated to helping you on your entrepreneurial journey. I'm your host April Niece I'm a permanent cosmetic artists that built my six year business while only working three days a week and raising twin toddlers. I'm here to tell you. The is possible for you to with a background in SPA marketing. It's my mission to help women worldwide debt more prophets while pursuing their passion and purpose. Let's transform your beauty business for more income and less stress starting right now. Low there today. We're going to talk about how you can outsource and get your life back. So this is a topic that I feel is super needed in our industry, because so many beauty professionals. We feel like we need to do it all. We are trying to me the marketing we are trying to be a service provider. The front desk customer service, and sometimes even cleaning crew or our business. We do everything and that's awesome as which you have to do when you're first starting, but as you grow a business, you need to start outsourcing. Outsourcing and you need to know that there's a better way to operate a business. Oh, this is about when you start to hire team I'm so. We're GONNA talk about setting up systems so that you can scale your business and grow your business properly in, so you don't get out right? This is what's really key is knowing how to grow and how to start that outsourcing at the beginning, and it might be somebody that's part time it might be fulltime. It might be somebody in house, and it might be a virtual assistant about that so. You may be thinking, but April I don't have time, or how will afford to hire somebody? And if you do it the right way, it will actually save you time of course, and it will save you money because you create systems in your one time, so you don't have to keep doing it over and over again any may be thinking will only I can do what I do and I'm sure that you're fantastic what you do. and. You may be thinking that nobody knows how I do it, but the reality is that you can actually hire competent professionals that understand your business, and that can emulate your systems with the proper training right, so it's very easy to actually document the process of what you do and have other people to it. I like to say that. In our business, really the only thing that we are needed for is something that requires face like a video lead him to him right now, or maybe if you are the service provider that requires you know your face and your hands, because they are hiring just you. Everything else can be outsourced so I'm sure you have a unique way that you talk to your clients, and all of that can be taught might have unique way to set up your room, and all of that can be taught, but for now I'm which you think about two things. The first is what kind of business to have. You WanNa. Have a business where you are stressed and worried because you have to do. All of the things is going to be where you are constantly that hamster on the wheel proverbial wheel, trying to just keep up with doing it all, or do you WanNa have a business that has freedom and some ease to it. I'm guessing if you're in this for the long haul that you picked a freedom in ease, because the reality is, that is sourcing brings to you. So. That is what will actually happen. When you have the right systems to delegate now for today's task I want you to think about all of the things that you do in your business like everything. You do every day system so for example. Checking email making phone calls. Talking to clients in customer service, maybe posting on social media, so make this checklist make this list of all the tasks that you do doing the services and so forth jetting around cleaning up your room anything you do in the salon spy an area that you work think of everything that you do on a daily basis to run your business. Ride all that down then we'll see on the checklist you're going. Going to ask yourself. Is this making you money? Right and Canet be delegated right. Those are going to be some key questions also GONNA start to ask some other key questions like should I really be doing this? Is this a good use of my time? Is it directly making money and can somebody else do this for me and then here's another key question? Is there something I should be delegating now? Or can it wait for something and to be delegated later I think oftentimes we think all delegated later and later turns to next year, and then five years down the road, and you're still in that same sex situation so again. If you really WANNA, grow and scale Your Business I'm glad you're here. For, now, Thank you for listening to another episode of the Beauty Marketing Simplify podcasts. And if you enjoyed today's episode, we would love to hear from you. Make sure you subscribe download and also to review. Let us know any topics that you would like to hear about and all differently. Refer it to a friend. Thank you again for joining us on signing off this April with Britain grace, hugs and high fine. Next week.

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