400 - Movies They Don't Make Anymore


I folks in today's episode there is some language, some salty language. So if you're in the car with your children, go ahead and stop playing it or put the muffs on them you talking about. Wow. Hello and welcome. My name is John August. My name is Craig Mazin. And this is upset four hundred of script notes. Wow, podcast about screenwriting and things that are interesting to screenwriters God today on this our quarter century, we are going to be talking about movie genres and sub genres that aren't getting made anymore and how we can fix. This tells us out we are joined by guests from exactly one hundred episodes ago. Kristie Corey is a writer director whose credits include usual suspects Vaccari, Jack Reacher, the last two mission impossible's the next two as well Kristie. Cory welcome back. Thank you very much. So the deal is every one hundred episodes. We have worked up enough tolerance to have mcquarry back. You know, Craig here, we go you were in here for the last you want. That's why wasn't very good. And. I missed that. Christopher querying. I have been engaged in a what fifteen year long argument about everything about everything literally think, it's even much. It's not so much an argument is it's a love story. This the dualist. Yes. I think that's describe wake up in the morning, you go to work fighting this man, you must. Three hundred. I was talking to you. We were both living in Paris because you were yet recognition mission impossible. It hadn't come out yet. You're in the middle of shooting, it it turned out. Really? Well, so congratulations on that. Amazing. You very much and two more to come to more to come. So the idea is you'll make these until they kill you. Meaning the movies are going to kill you. It's more likely that they will kill me than they will kill Tom. No, nothing kills Tom Cruise. See you've proven that by by the way, openly attempting to murder him through film. I mean, everyone knows I have been described as his enabler. He describes me as his name. I'm not actually trying to kill him. I'm just trying to could've fooled me. I'm trying to just know. He would he would be doing most of the let's drown him moving training plane tried to done. Let's drown him. Then let's make him hurdle from roof up broke up on too bad. Keep going. Yeah. That's true. Wow. You're you're killing him in front of us. I'm I'm wiggling him away. I here, but when you see him in top gun. Topgun younger topgun deuce topgun maverick maverick is he looks younger in topgun than he did in fallout, and I can tell you it's not surgical because there is absolutely no time in between for him to do that. So Madge is match of no eat owed. It is. It's it's incredible. It's it's diet and exercise I don't like God doesn't drink doesn't Trink booze. It's you know, what the ages are. Drink alcohol down smoke cigarettes. Love what you do love. What you doing exactly where? And there's a book you can read. Called a younger next year. And it's all about I'm not reading that shit. You should definitely read not gonna because guys our age we all have to read it. And essentially what the book says is once you start rounding the horn into your fifties. Right. You just start dying to not dying because there's it's decay, and this as we were you exercise can sweet the more you exercise, the more you hold off that decay. Tom has been on a regimen for three years. Now, that's gonna argue that none of us are going to do that bad. We will be here sitting you. It's right guy his table who don't work out, but recommended in one hour day chance days now. But you know, what we know words, we do know the words I mean, the vocabulary between the three of us a lot that all those all its words, Craig. Yes is episode is a milestone, not only in that it's four hundred. But it's also the first the recording after noble has which the air. Yes, christ. We're post-chernobyl. We are poster noble has it reached the air. Yes. Night. Night on Tuesday, Monday was the first night that I not wait to see. You don't have to wait. It's on the air. It's on demand. And now, I know I mean, I from where we're sitting rice now will run home and watch this evening. Big big backer of the show. I have deep personal feelings of resentment about. Yes this. I wanted to make the show. Here's what Chris said. And Chris said, I would like to direct her noble, and I said, but Chris you're making mission impossible, and he said, no problem. And I said, I think a problem, but actually before that though, I wasn't making mission. And then you were again. And then, but you kept saying in the window where I wasn't making. I went to HBO and said, I'll make it an HBO. They were very polite, but I could see in their eyes. They were thinking, well, if he wants to direct it who else can I don't think. So sure I think maybe what they were saying was so in post he's gonna be prepping a mission impossible movie, I would have been when it was is this why I can't get a job doing anything else is when nobody else will offer me movies. They all think I'm just going to be imposed on mission of. No, it's because I've gone around town, just killing you. So you're noble on the air at long last five years. I looked on in my little folder GS. Keep like a folder of all your Old Trafford. Yeah. Oh, yeah. In so the oldest document I have in my turnover folder was from like may twelfth two thousand fourteen almost exactly five years ago. And it was it was actually very comforting. Because it was the header was stuff to figure out. And it was it was just like what's this about who's in it? What would the episodes? It was just a bunch of questions that any idiot could ask I guess. I'll start that way. Don't they know I need to do that more often? I don't ask myself questions, which is probably why I get into that yet. I will say this. I the other thing I said, you remember you sent me the script. I was on the east coast getting on a plane. Yes, you read them on a plane. I need you. You texted them to me just before the plane took off so I had to scripts to read and I landed and I called you up. And I said I would cut one word I would change one word. That why did not get the job those? Yeah. Exactly. I got hired didn't cut that word or chain. Do not to do those things by the way. I tried to change. I word on many many times and could never do it. I couldn't come up with anything better. Just couldn't come up. They. No, yeah. No. I could've made suggests probably, but more importantly, that's that's a damn good script. Well, I read to so now, it's it's a show. And I don't know like what ratings are. But the response has been very positive part of the reason why you've been gone for some episodes as you were talking at the UN, you're at the Tribeca film festival. You guys do all these amazing things reported a whole other podcast series of Peter Sega startles into which is great. Yes. Yes. Yeah. So the idea there was that. Because so much of what the show is about is the cost of lies and narrative and the narrative distorts truth, I felt that it was important that we hold ourselves accountable for the ways we change things to be able to tell the story so Peter Sega l- of NPR's. Wait, wait, don't tell me. And I. Recorded a companion piece. Oh after each episode airs on HBO or on sky lantern over there in the UK. Then there's this little companion piece that comes along the you can download Thrum Stitcher or apple or any of those podcast places. I've learned by the way that stitchers had to learn that for this. And we just have a discussion about what we changed him. Why? And and and eliminate other various topics of interest. We did something like that on Valkyrie actually Nathan, and I did a second commentary track where we went through and said, here's all the things we changed. And what really do you think people? I think it was incredibly. I thought very satisfying to do it a felt honest and good, and I didn't sense that an in John you you listen to it. So I'm gonna ask you did you feel like maybe by learning that some things had been changed that I had in any way undermined the experience of watching the show. No in the first episode, you talk defect at Chernobyl didn't really happen places culture novel. It's it's all it's. All made up and fairyland, for example, that a key character actually had a family. You portray him. It's not having a family that is a big distinction in a characters life, but it doesn't change the fundamental data of the events that happened. Correct. And that kind of was the rule that we tried to follow. Which is I really do not want to change anything that would fundamentally make things more dramatic didn't want to cheat because the events surrounding Chernobyl need punching. Muck. Let's just let the truth. I just on. I remember calling you and saying, okay. What of this having done at update of what is true. What did you gin up, and we had a conversation very early on for started writing it? Yes. As you you were in London, we all went out to dinner. And then I think you were on a plane to Alaska or something like that. And I yes, I was going to the ice cap which didn't have has one does what that's going research, and I was on my way to the ice cap and the from London to get to the ice cap you have to fly from London to Las Vegas, Las Vegas to Seattle. Seattle to Alaska where you get off the plane and go across the airport to where the military C one thirty with skis on it. New is waiting to take you to this ice station us don't do this. I ever the ice cap. I got to Vegas and turn my phone on all these text messages saying the ice cap. Has breaking up they had to evacuate the ice station in you're not going this year, and I have never made it. So the very least it was a short flight from London to Las Vegas. Well, I got spend the night Vegas. Oh, hey, which is better than an ice cap. This podcast is absolutely out of control. John is I live must be twitching by now. Vaguely on the apple and still the ice. Diversion? But yes, I see on the outline. It says lose the plot clients quick to get back on plot. I wish also say that we actually have a live show coming up every year, we do a benefit for Hollywood heart, which degrade charity that provides services to homeless youth and youth with HIV. We always have great guests this year. We will have great guests our live show on June thirteenth, the big change. This time is we are trying to sell out the ace hotel, which is a much bigger venue. It's gonna be great big venue. It's a great venue. Definitely please come see us buy tickets. We will as we always deliver on the guests. Don't worry about that. But really aren't we enough which should be enough? But we should guests are really the topping on the ice cream sundae. Guests are the top. It's Thursday June thirteenth at the hotel. Tickets are available now and the building in the show notes for those charity for charity. This is a charity that our good friend could mutual friend. John Gayton is is on the board o love. This is all this is all part of Geoghegan's world, we love John Giddens. We also in celebration of four hundred episodes. We have new script note shirts. Oh, yes. I'm sure. These two Craig and Chris right now. So this is so great. The light version of the shirt. This is scripted four hundred has a sort of a blank VHS videotape was the field. I was going for you nailed it. You nailed it. That's amazing. I love it. The dark version of short dark as dark kind of gives me a little bit of an Atari vibe. Yeah. Yeah. Love it. That's a little bit breakout. I love it. This is a good shirt chirp. So in has always percentage of proceeds that go to me on our our non contained consistently zero episodes, still not make it any on any money. But at you don't have to pay money early on. I like fifty episodes like Craig would have to write a check to sort to run a shout for pain on hosting fees kind of stuff. So now, John drives a Rolls, Royce. That's tacked on top of a Maserati Asia. Is it sponsored the punt guest to ask is nothing. Now, we are free in every frigging way in every recommen- every frigging do this side of the goodness of your heart weird. This is the only thing I do first of all I don't have a heart as you know, or goodness. I was late. Fi stimulate humanity. Yes. So these shirts which credits no money for are available in black and white and navy. We also have hoodies this time. So I'm getting ready hoodie. You know, I love all hoodie. Now, we finally get back on outlined to talk about the feature topic. And so every once in a while on the show, we do this kind of movie where we took a look at a genre sub-genre of movie that is not currently popular. And we discuss how we make that movie in twenty nineteen really twenty twenty or twenty twenty one realistically as we're recording. This dizzy just put out a list of all their upcoming movies through twenty twenty three which are all Star Wars there. They're all Star Wars or Princess movies. But if we wanted to try to make one of these movies, what would we need to do to get those on the Disney schedule so onto under the Disney SCA schedule and graft at this point, so not true. Oh, I are we go. Well, okay. Oh, look, I'm having an argument with Christmas. Corey arguments argument would be. Be doing. But you're not enough. We're not having an argument. This is not an argument. Dare you please. That's good. See an argument would be you had an opinion. I had a, but you're not allowed to have an opinion anymore. Not introduce opinions if you just devoid opinions and stick to facts facts. Yes. New trouble. Listen, don't have an opinion. And that's why we are not arguing the truth matters. Because I'm let's get back. Right. It's turning into the morning zoo in previous installments of the segment we have saved romantic comedies. I mean. I think we can all agree there AMAN accommodates were dead. And then we brought them back alighted. We did we also did some work on westerns. So we're back now he pitches. A different I went on Twitter on aspirin for other genres or sub genres saving that have been sort of under served. So I have a long suffering script scripts and Findus sitting around for years and years news. I I don't own it. I was commissioned to write it by producer. You would put it in the category of you know, it's that it's it's a redemption. Story game personal drama put it in that kind of verdict sorta, but what is the genre? Genre drama just sort of just people. It is a female driven drama woman goes to prison. Okay. Prison comes out Noche, not she gets she beginning of the story. She goes to prison to scenes later. She gets out of prison fourteen years later in trying to reconnect with her sister who was four years old when she went into prison and has been lost in the system. Okay. Okay. So the kind of movie that in nineteen Seventy-three would have been released now only other weekly. Yes. And netflix. Close-knit mission impossible. Netflix said we wanna do this. We'd really what Netflix is after. Now, they're fairly genre. Agnostic really looking for a content just there frantically trying to that aligns every content floored. Disney. Fires up the. Yeah. Whatever they're doing. But also building relationships with talent. And they looked at this thing and said, this is imminently castle there is now I can't say who there is a great actress interested in the role, and Netflix is just standing by. And they're going to do it. That's awesome. But kind of movie that even two three years ago would have been inconceivable another project that I was briefly attached to I'm attached to it. Now's a producer was World War Two movie, but it World War Two drama. It's not a World War, Two shoot. Shoot isn't saving private Ryan. Right. It's a guy behind enemy lines. Personal drama BIA. Again, the kind of thing you hear World War Two, and it's already were explosions. It would be hard. So yes, it's dead in the water. And so you have with with that mechanism. If you can attach the right elements to a piece of material, you can get yourself on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or HBO and each of these categories, I wanna talk about venue, basically, still big screen idea. Or is it something that is more designed for smaller screen bitstream may be at some other way to do it. But also, I wanna talk about what is the essence of this kind of movie. What's the biggest difference between making this movie now versus when I was originally popular who the characters and then with those characters who cast in this kind of movie who writes it who directs it, and what are the big obstacles getting away of making this kind of movie again? So all right. Let's start with sports comedy comedy. So this do shelter readily. Yeah. Incredibly popular so Ron Shelton had Bilger. I what you can't jump. But we also have things like dodgeball, happy. Gilmore major league Caddyshack bad news, bears a league of their own Craig start with you. What is the essence of sports comedy to you? Underdogs generally speaking, we have underdogs, and usually there's somebody struggling with a, you know, there's a term in baseball. I don't know. If carries other sports the. Yep. Oh, yeah. Actually in golf to the czar when you just psychologically are struggling with something. And so your game falls apart. So typically in these movies somebody with an eighth skill is struggling with something. And so in Cup. Tin Cup is the best example because it's literally about a therapist helping a guy with the hips older bowl Durham, I mean, all of them. I mean, all them. There's there's a a row a romance falling apart in white men can't jump in Caddyshack, which is like is probably the broadest of these. They're still a romance at the heart of it that goes bad and has to be put back together. So it's really about the essence of these things is an athlete's personal life is disrupting their game, and they have to fix the personal life to fix their game. I that that's a fair assessment. I I hate to say this Craig is right. All that pain is me. Put it me to say. But it on a look so interesting is that the sport itself is not is incredibly important for the marketing, and sort of what the visual language of the movie will be, but it's probably not very important for what the actual story will be at the sport rarely has a very direct connection to which the characters journey is the unique thing about that sport is probably not a big factor. I guess whether it's an individual sport for team sport. That's a big factor. But you know, it can't rely on the sport. Right. Somebody who doesn't know anything about the sport. Ideally would be able to absolutely which means generally teach them the rules of the sport in one of the stock characters in these movies is somebody that doesn't know the sport. So they're the people that are asking questions or just looking around going. Well, none of this matters. But that personal matters. Yes. So looking at the biggest Trajan doing it now versus doing it. Then one of the things as we list these movies is they're almost all male characters driving this. And so the next question. So I think honestly senators around a female character is gonna probably be. Best way in whether the whole team is women, or it's unusual for women to be in that sport, something about a female athlete. Feels more promising is that going to alienate the men as well, aren't you? Are you trying to make a four quadrant move? That's a great question. I mean, I think we always used to think about big screen comedies into be not four quieter than sort of broadly successful. But if you're making it for not for a big screen booby. Maybe it's even better that it's not kind of for everyone leaves their own was pretty much for quantum? Yeah. Without question this list. Yeah. Image for Tom Hanks is a yes, he's part of a hugely important character in the movie quite wisely. Not the dominant. Characterize also movie director by woman it is. And so you can obviously if you're if you're centering your new sports comedy on. Let's say a females Mike bend it like Beckham, which is a female sports comedy, which I think a lot of male footie fans enjoyed you will have male characters. But the the fascinating thing about this list to me is is how white it is. I mean, super wise sports are one of the areas in American culture where people have colored dominate in terms of numbers. They're they're far over represented and yet in this list. They're almost nowhere with the exception of white men. Can't jump there kind. I mean, it's crazy now that I'm looking at it pretty white. I'm racking my brain. It's it's kind of nuts. I mean, and and you and if you keep going you'll see it more and more and more you'll see it a lot. A baseball movies. Take place in the distant past when? Roy Hobbs out there in the natural. It's sort of like. They all the the the nine white guys. You know, I mean and dodge ball is is just sort of lily white. I mean, it's not lily white. That's not true. But Chris it, but but still it's it's it's these are largely white casts, and it seems like they're largely for white guys. So I think we're talking sort of women non white characters centering also, you know. Is a chance to be this sport. You're picking his not a sport that is currently popular in the US. So if you were to make an American cricket movie about a cricket team that it's sort of like you down that was party, absolutely overcomes. Like, they don't know what crooked is sort of. Right. That that aspect? So that's like the it's kind of like the what's the Jamaican bobsledding team cool running running so Americans try and go to cricket. But there are basically in India-Pakistan getting there s Adam sandlers working on this movie is yes, he's where. But now, so when you're when you're pinpointing these about women and diversity are you suggesting the way to make an outlier or to get it made? Because I have to imagine I'd go get it made on that one for me because I actually feel like I mean, it's not that you can't make a movie like this again in the same mould, but it will be in the same mould. There's something so familiar about it. And it's of course, and this list, barely even scrapes. The surface of what there is. So it seems like something new would be great in some way or another new is good. And I think in this category. So the bad news bears. But well, I mean, they tried to remake it, but they tried to remake it. They did they remade it. They they remade it. And then they remade it kind of in the same mould. But with none of the things you do. Well, that's the thing so fear it of it. This is one of those interesting areas where over time we've gotten less permissive, you could not make the actual bad. News bears was rated R. There was alcohol. There was smoking. There was racism, and they were children the that's not doable now in any way, shape or form. No because it Inouye reflected reality movies have to reflect reality sold on some let's wheel the soapbox in didn't use. No, no, hold on. What I read. This is what I got the this. But here's what I'll say, I feel like a sports comedy is still a movie, and it's more of a movie than it is a TV show. Yeah. In a series because I feel like a game of sport. Whatever sport you wanna pick. Yeah. I knew you're gonna laugh at a game sport you remember? There was a TV show your. Remember ball four. I do not remember about about based on what's his name. Jim Bowden's book about his book lasted for about. Yeah. Seven episodes. Yeah. Turns out that in sports. There is this built in ticking clock. Yeah. You're gonna win or not. I mean, there's a big game in the beginning. There's a big game at the end. There's big fight in the beginning. This big fight at the end. It's kinda like and Friday night lights is isn't exception. But it's not a comedy. It's on drama that Senator around football family life is about and the culture the culture and its high school. Oh, and it's, but it started as a movie started his. Next category ensemble drama days. So we used to make things like cinemas fire the big chill breakfast club. Wow. Fish terms of endearment. We used to make things that had big tasks, whereas a bunch of folks came together where characters did grow and change. But it was an unstoppable, it wasn't sort of one. Character story is that a thing we're going to be making on the big screen sooner. Or we'll start with what is the essence of that kind of start. What is the essence of an ensemble drama de? Let's make mcquarry ticket shot that one. It seems to me as I'm running through the list that you just nostalgia is a big part of it. I mean, it's my understanding that somebody did a breakdown of why people go to see movies, and the number one reason was to have a nostalgic experience an emotional nostalgic experience. I think that probably plays into sports as well. Especially plays into why a lot of sports movies seemed to go back in time act that the that at and you look at the big chill, the big chill is very much a nostalgic movie. It's a reunion of friends who has sought predator, right? Saito most fire while it wasn't an aesthetic movie. They were at a specific turning point in their life. That would come back to me. That's it. It's we have a group of people that represent some kind of contemporary arrangement. Whether we're catching them later, or they were contemporary or in their contemporary us like for instance, the breakfast club. But they are any moment where things are changing. And we watch that happen. That to me is the essence of these things. But the love of God, I cannot imagine anyone putting this on a screen anymore. It just doesn't seem like they will so bummer. That's challenging. I mean on a big screen. I think you can't stand these four streaming no question. But it is in so many ways though, the one hour series have taken even a short series of sort of taking the place of these where you can see those characters groceries this, and yeah, this is this is. As a family and interestingly, Dan, Fogelman, tried to movie sort of tried to do it as you tried. This is us as a movie and it didn't connect with audiences. But he's obviously incredibly good at it. Because tens of millions of people watch. This is us in doubt. It's all these awards. There is something. I don't know we used to be able to go and watch the sun. Maybe it's just that we used to expect less, you know, we would go to the movie theater, and we weren't asking to have our brains blown out the back of our skulls. I I went to see Hiller high water. Oh, which is fantastic. And which I loved and I was talking to Tim Talbot. Shortly thereafter, and you see how would I what I said. Yes. Which think about it? And he goes that was a great movie in nineteen eighty seven that would have been a good movie. And but he's right in that that sort of stuff I remember going to the movies every weekend. I did not. It was not an event right now. When when you ask when you ask anybody under the age of twenty five why they go to the movies, right? They they will say in one form or another because I have to go. They want to be part of a discussion. Right. I I tried to get to see avengers which I finally saw yesterday as quickly as I could because I was tired of right to self imposed media bubble. There were things that movie. I really didn't want ruined getting to that state. Whereas the stories that we're talking about what television does. So. Well, now, especially is there is a collective history. If you try to tune into game of thrones. Now, you don't understand it wouldn't the number of people who were saying three years in a madman gun. Yeah. I tried to get into that show. And I just couldn't flick, of course, not return middle of season three. None of this makes aren't at the beginning. That's true. But I do think that one of the the problems for like, I remember going to see Saint almost fire, and my expectation was that I was gonna see a group of people that were somewhat older than me. Dealing with problems. And I knew at some point somebody was going to like do I think Rob Lowe is going to light a torch on fire with some hair, spray or something and to me more was in a corner super dramatic. And and I thought okay, I'm gonna see some sort of human drama. Nobody would that would not do it anymore. Now, people go to the movie theater. It's like well. This is going to pin me back, and it's gonna blow my mind, and I'm gonna see stuff, and it's going to be an event and event an event, I just think people go to the movies for different reasons. But don't you think also what you can get from television is very different than what we can go television. Absolutely, no question. You could not make game of thrones. As feature film, any of the content game of thrones. Right. Would be NC seventeen nor could you have made it for television prior to this kind of strange change. Yes. You know, it is it's the it's the networks that as soon as basic cable met the British model. Of television, which wrench model you make a good television show when it stops being good. You've when it reaches the end, you stop isn't that. Nice. Yes. No this. This is gonna be accepts oath long great yet or six episodes this season instead of twenty two every season. Which is why I take my hat off to people like to cast who are still doing it not just on one show. But multiple shows. I mean, the amount of story that has to be generated by those guys is bananas. Yeah. But yes, the the format has become not just flexible, but there is no format. It doesn't matter. Yeah. Let's get back to movies. All right next. Let's say the legal thriller or the courtroom thriller momentous things together. So obviously, we have all the John Grisham based ones. The pelican brief the firm client a time to kill the rainmaker. If Michael Clayton, we have primal fear of primal fear presumed innocent disclosure, a few good men in the verdict. The verdict. How often do you all title in twelve angry men? Yes. The or courtroom drama, twelve angry men and. And Justice for all and Justice for all we can probably go on. Yes. I think we asked what is the essence of these kind of thrillers? So traditionally, I think you have an authority figure who's generally the prosecutor or could be working for the defense who is very smart at the law who has to intercede in specific situation. The generally did commit the situation there. They're to solve a problem in trying to solve the problem. They uncover something remarkable that puts themselves either in moral jeopardy or literal jeopardy. We don't make these we haven't made them for awhile. No, well, if you were talking it when we retired about twelve hundred men in the verdict. Those lumet movies twelve angry men is morality tale sort of study of and it feels like apply and yes, very much touched by the verdict is a redemptions. The verdict is in a lotta ways a boxing movie. It's the the Paluku who gets who comes back for an I think that that's that's a good distinction. Because some of these. Like a few good men. Also feels like a boxing movie where basically a guy whose dad was a great boxer and who's decided to throw fights. Instead for living is going to come back and take on the all time champ. Yes. And and go down dying. If he has to there are those. And then there are these movies that are they turn on grand questions of Justice. What is Justice that's injustice for all just for all or? What's a time to kill very much like that? Yeah. So those are two different. I mean, they always have fireworks. They always have the certain venues that we know. And there is a verdict that is like a little bit like the game in the sports movies verdict actually ended without the without the verdict ordering. But here's a distinction is that like like a sports movie, they want to be a single movie because it's not a thing that could continue well over time. And so like burder one was attempted to take one Kelly sink over the course of whole season. It just didn't work. It could wanted to be part of one thing. They don't wanna mystery now to last that long. It's it's, you know, first of all struggling television. They they referred to it for years as the twin peaks problem, you can only lose audience couldn't gain on this. And that moving when that show was on unless you videotaped it. Yes. You couldn't go. You couldn't catch up on Netflix couldn't bit exactly. And there was something fascinating about that. To think about it. Now. Television actually just spilled out into the universe. And that was it, and you either caught it with your hands or you missed it on the floor. Yes. It comes back to urgency. The urgency how and why one watches a television show or or a movie as very different I think people should write a legal thriller. I mean, I feel like the kind of movie that you could still imagine making today where I mean, what do you need to make a great deal thriller? So you need you need a star. I feel like it's actually a star vehicle that person who cast as the central lawyer is great. You look at you know, I think you could make primal fear at any point where you have also have a great supporting care, if you thriller in like that and jetted off course. Oh, yes. And if you watch it recently. Yeah, it's amazing. I've been going back and watching the it's also the innocent. Yes. And the other one I went back and watched recently, which was fascinating artifact is artifact place against. Oh, yeah. We're gonna get to sexual era. Thrillers. Do all right. Good. I think I think that there is some space for it. The problem is it is the most trod upon ground because we have four thousand episodes of law and order, and it will stop neither. We'll see us. I now will NCIS the the that arena as the courtroom procedural aspects of it have been just beaten to death. So the question is how can you do it? I think like it could go back all the way to twelve angry men and not yet have idea. If you ask what they all have in common as I'm sitting here. I'm internal is the the discovery. Yeah. There is some reveal there is there is a hidden secret to sort of turns the case those are hard to do. What's the the the Dershowitz one with classroom Bulow close? The reversal of fortune now one shook sunny, yes, that's my friend that what I love about. That is the reversal is the last line the reversal is the last line in the movie, you have no idea. And then weirdly, Alan Dershowitz has had his own fascinating reversal that. That's not that's for other podcasts. Absolutely. I think we can make a legal thriller. So did you make illegal thriller for the big screen, maybe and I really good legal thriller. You could also be an awards contender the same way that the post was journalism thriller. That's got. Got it has to be asked to be specifically crafted for the kademi awards. I would think you'd need to huge stars. I can see about who those huge stars are street. But regardless of our John of our narrow street versus Denzel Washington to lawyers going head to head over something that is actually legitimately relevant to our society. Now. Well, you'd be going after you'd be talking about abortion gun control, really hot topic issues, please tally at least pre-taliban and the trick of that making that movie is making a movie that is for both halves of the audience, not one. Now, I don't know the central issue. I don't need needed a marquee issue. So it was about sort of corporate control. Because. Yeah. Because you wanna thriller you still want to throw. The truth is the thing at the heart of a few good men is not a hot button issue. There's an interesting theme to it crew. But it isn't a hot button issue, and maybe actually be better without one. Maybe I just want to people, you know, and also talk Tom Cruise Tom Cruise can. Well, he's done. It though is that I can do it again. I think well, I would love to see Tom do aversion verdict. I'd love to see him do the broken down. You know, he's it's his Jerry Maguire is his addict German, we talk German guar forever and began I got huge love for that script. Talk about a weird. What's the pitch to Jerry? Maguire wanna make a movie about a sports agent is having an emotional crisis. I the on my pitch for German guar is imagine a man whose life is deeply flawed who has a moment of clarity where he describes exactly who should be. And that's the beginning of the movie. And then the entire movie is him trying to become that guy. But would you have picked a sports agent. No. But that's fun. That's what I mean. It's such a they are not works. There's scumbags. Well, that that helps yet finding a scumbag econo- job like sports agent. I don't know any sports agency. They're just blanket called them all comeback. But sorry, it's the whole agent to we go to the erotic thrillers. Fatal attraction basic status thriller need. What's the central elements of an erotic? I believe boobs are high on the list as color of night killing me, softly, American gigolo, gone girl. I would say it's an Rana thriller has aspects of that. Thriller. There's a sexual aspect to it gets an erotic as your Roddick through moronic pulpy in the way that we sort of you wanted to run it through to be. Yes. Yes. Yes. So sea of love. Nice. Nice poll. I got to go back and watch that one good so running tillers at the time, it was sexual content on screen that you just couldn't see other places. You certainly couldn't see it on TV. And now, you can't see it anywhere eaters. And there's nothing, but on television true, you can see it on your phone. It should be a list of myth fright website that has a list of perfectly reasonable civil Google searches. That will absolutely blow your mind with the images that come up. I just feel like old people are always, you know, like, there's there's no parental controls are like, I'm just searching for something normal. Yeah. And then look what just came up. Yes. Yeah. So what does thing which is an erotic thriller from just poem for porn or from just or from things that have sexual obsession obsession are factual obsession. So jagged edge, you the it's the it's the forbidden nature of the sexual relationship. There is an inappropriate boundary. That's being crossed. There is Michael Douglas is investigating Sharon Stone. So he should not be having sex with Sharon Stone, and Glenn Close is representing jeopardy. So she should not be having sex with. No, we left off. This list, though is fifty shades of grey, which really would fit underneath this general categories, those romance. But I mean, he actually has thriller elements. Okay. There's there's bad people doing bad stuff in a to her life is in danger. So so I think it would onto this general category. So clearly is our market for making that kind of movie, we just don't make it. Yeah. I mean, look this this kind of old school classic nineties or early nineties late eighties Roddick thrillers. Were weirdly in their own way, puritan Nistiuk because they would basically reinforce that transgressive sexual behavior would automatically lead to blood on the floor. It's all basically a lesson in staying monogamous and don't get out of your lane. And don't give into temptation and people who were overtly sexual are equated with evil, and you see come up over and over and over. I if there's any reason why we don't make these now beyond the obvious, which is that kind of market for them. It's probably that are sexual mores have kind of come further than anything else. Can I point out one common thread, there are these these erotic thrillers that are starring men as the protagonist and erotic thrillers? They're starting starring women is the protagonist. Yes. The ones starring men. The men are kind of bastards there if fatal attraction Michael Douglas is sort of perfect in that role. You have. A character who is violating the audiences trust. Yes. Julian has Tom Hanks was fatal attraction and made the decision that quickly to have sex with Glenn Close, you'd be like, what's Tom. Whereas Michael Douglas. You kinda believed it a little lizard. Yes. An I'm looking at Richard Gere who next career loved playing an abrasive bastard. There was almost something where he was in tag ising, the audience cruel intentions, Ryan Philipe in that movie is playing a version of Valmont tennis enjoying being a bastard out Pacino and sea of love he's that. That's like the verdict meets erotic thriller drunken messed up cop and an element that I'm seeing in. This is the casting in the writing of the male character there, they all seem to end, by the way Douglas comes back in Basic Instinct, it a little bit of it seems to be the audience enjoying watching this guy. Get his come up for having broken rules. Right. And morale has thing the right actor in. Morality play is. But they also in some way start to turn these men into passive movers. Right because these women come along and tempt them and turn their heads and confuse them. And you know, it's a little I don't know. I just think it's all there was nothing confused in Michael Douglas's performance in fatal attraction, they're out having a drink after having had a war and he makes a decision. Yes. In Chania sleep does. But then the movie basically says okay fine that happened. But look how crazy she is. No, have you watched it recently. No, go back and watch arm. It's really there's the whole thing that she's pregnant, and he all he's trying to do is shut it down. Right. She's definitely got issues. She won't be Lord. But Michael Douglas is not he handles it. The way a panicking male would not the way the hero of a movie would other great thing about that movie is in Archer Archer is this. Do remember her being like she was the ideal? Yes. And for Glenn Close, it's kind that's kind of an unconventional role for Glenn Close. Ed. It's interesting that she is in almost back tobacco thrillers. If you go back and watch look at the look at those two movies, which shot within a few years of each other. And by the way, the natural was right in there to see look at Glenn Close rights re this like luminous angel. She's yes, she's kind of she's the Madonna. Yes. She was this tough lawyer who literally corrupt kind of compromise making us, and then playing that woman in the traction sort of on. Yeah. J- mentally has erotic thriller is a big win closest pretty pretty good at her job. I mean, I mean, I can all agree on those were probably in the next Arado throat. I don't think we're we're going to be seeing the likes of those. I commissioned gonna head to something that, you know, especially well, spoofs and parodies spoofs and parodies, though, some parodies fluids like airplanes baseball. It's not another teen movie scary movie series. He has McGrew epoch. Episodes astronaut superhero movie tropic, thunder, Shaun of the dead vampires suck Austin powers blazing saddles a we're not making many of these movies. Now, I have a theory why? But I'm curious what your theory is by. We don't make these movies as David Zucker would repeatedly say spoof is dead. And he his thing was that he would say spoof is dead. He said it before spooked came back. Spoof was dead. I remember Jim Abrams saying that he was a mixing. He was mixing mafia Jane Austen movie, Jane Austen's, mafia, Jane Austen's, and he walked down the hall where they were mixing on another mixing stage. They were mixing there's something about Mary. And he just sort of watched a few minutes of it. And then went back and said, yeah, we're fucked. It was our art. Our time is over and it was over. And then the Wayne's brothers. Brought it back with scary movie. But following the success of scary movie and two and three and four. There was this sudden, suddenly they were everywhere. And they were all there were just a lot. The marketplace was flooded with a lot of cheap stuff. And honestly as one of the people that wrote scary movie three and four. I mean, the pressure that we were under from the Weinstein's to make those movies as quickly as possible was brutal. And we couldn't do them as well as we wanted to do them, and we did them with David Sukkur, and Pat proft and may rooms so by the time all that unraveled. It was mostly I think killed at the moment by just the marketplace being flooded. But also, you got the sense pretty quickly that the internet was essentially mooting the entire point of this guy. Now is my joke. I mean, it used we like, okay, you want to make fun of this movie. Well for five nights from now is going to do the joke. Well, now, they're doing the jokes while they're watching things there is no there's no more time. It's very trace over. Yeah. It's over everything is had the internet is down. Internet is essentially machine. There's no way the movie quick enough to to do it and even on YouTube. They can do the the crappy effects version of that joke anyway. So, but is blazing saddles is on this list. Yes, it is a spoof. But it's a spoof with a higher purpose. So it's not a spoof anyone movie, it's a spoof of sort of undertaking, John kitchen. And so I think you can still do Shauna. The job is is a great example of like taking the Johner conventions and up ending them in in a way. That's that's well, that's a mash up. Yeah. And graphic. It's still I would say really hard. Now. I mean airplane was a direct spoof of a movie called zero hour from nineteen fifty six or something and ninety five which scene that was sort of the oddity of of airplane that they just did this random thing. But somewhere along the line spoofs became connected to either genres as a whole or when it got really bad, pop culture. And that's when it just all to me. Yeah. Absolutely fell apart. There's. Room for somebody to make a spoof of some weird movie that has been forgotten, but an Austin powers is taking shots at movies along with bond, Matt helm Yana and some really flimsy here in like Flint the Butte that the little when the phone rings that's directly taken some in lake floods. You look at the ones of these that we feel like you've could still make is that this films actually have individualized characters who sort of haven't Arkan have appointed view, and the movie doesn't exist to just make fun of the movie that came before I like the character is existing within world and sort of is consistent within worlds. Austin powers is a spoof of another kind of character. But it's also character himself, Dr a character himself, so this and it's time travel comet. Yeah, they both. They both are at least two of the three are the people that kinda come the closest now to doing spoof and parody in their own ways. Chris Miller Lord Miller in a weird way to I mean, LEGO has certain spoof. Aspects to it. They're Spiderman also has aspects. Like, it's it's a an awareness of where this is fitting inside the culture, it's their their jump street movies are Powell jump street. I mean, they're like, it's a self spoof. Self spoof. And but it it's different. It's not like I mean, thank God, by the way, because honestly, nothing is harder than writing those things. I will never work harder in my life than I did writing scary movie. Three in scary movie four it was just it's one of the reasons. Chernobyl's not as fun it. Yeah. No. I know that took all the all the jokes on let's say the jokes out of biblical epics and or sword and sandals movies. Oh, so things like gladiator. Ben heard Noah passionate writing heaven Spartak his ten commandments Braveheart to some degree while Lawrence of Arabia. Like, we used to make these that was actually a staple of original. Hollywood is no we have the giant ranches here because we used to make these these epochs giant movies giant movies. We don't make them anymore. And so here's the thing. I don't win awards anymore. They don't awards anymore. Even though game of thrones being shown on smaller screens is that kind of stored in Santa writing. And so when we're making them, but we're just making us more team small screen. No question. But is TV I have a very large television not terribly expensive. Imagine a lot of people. Well, their credit cards, a large TV. You're you're comparing your large TV too. The TV you grew up with which was like the TV. I grew up with. Yes, we bet nine inch black and white thing in the kitchen with the with the single intentive letterbox, correct? But my kids only know those TV's, but those TV's are still not. Yeah. I mean, they're not movies. No, it's not a movie screen. No. But most people the way their viewing habits are now. We're making a mission impossible. We have an AmEx segmented it. Yep. And people are saying, well, why don't you just shoot the whole thing? And I max because no one's going to watch. It's never going to be seen again. It's this weird. You're making this balance in there are times all be framing shot and crows walk up to me and go, you know, when this is on the big screen, and I pull my phone out of my pocket, knowing your screen Nuff, not not that. It's not that it will only. Be watched on television. But for the life of the film for the life of prime minister, life's theatrical lifespan of a movie is twelve weeks. Whoa. Twelve what is this hit movie? You got talking like, but I mean, the Taibbi. It's in eighth theaters. Yes, I'm giving like I'm giving a really innovative. It's four weeks is what it is. They used to be months. Yes. It is now about four weeks. So what what is the essence of these biblical up ex were talking about so ever talking about a gladiator, Ben her it is a character in a long ago time, generally a Roman time who is coming up against thority system. He is leading. It's almost always it's always a he these movies is leading. It's a crush figur- against room trying to figure out what it is every single time. Christ figure against Rome doesn't matter. What you do? It's Rome or not. Rave art is. That's what ten commandments is. That's even when it's jus it's still it's the Christ figure gets Rome. Somebody's going to some hero will rise in any kind of faded destiny way out usually out of nothing and they have special powers special abilities. They are spat on tortured hurt their families killed. They are persecuted. And ultimately, they do some incredibly self-sacrificial thing. And the world is saved. And the last scene is people sitting around going God, he was less to man. He was a great, man. It's always a man. And it's always a man patriarch. As a matter of fact, there's a biblical epic with a woman Mary Magdalene is coming. Yes. Really Rooney Montinaro plays. It wasn't there. Already one of those that like, Mario bones company. Did didn't he do? Oh, I thought he didn't own it at art. Maybe that we're talking to the same. No. No. No. Yes. I saw trailer. Joaquin Phoenix is Jesus. Oh, yeah. So I'm down that is an interesting Jesus. Yeah. So I guess that's the question is is this hype of movie really about the setting or is it 'bout specifically that sort of Jesus against Rome kind of thing because even Braveheart you could look as Jesus against Rome just directly yet. And so, yeah, it's the same concept. No, pension, which what degree do they need to be big screen movies. I are in a weird way to defend time. So time and distance time when you wanna talk epoch scale Lawrence of Arabia is and giant events, but isn't a miniseries a better suited up for this kind of epic storytelling. I think it could have been kind of a fluke that the only thing we had were movies. And so we had to channel the ten commandments at very long movie, very long. I mean, the better horn for him would have been you know, as a series with you. I think that there is these things will generally work better live better series. It's probably where they're generally going to happen. But one of the few segments of audience that still reliable goes to movies are faith-based audience. Yes. And I'm not a faith-based person. I don't even really know what faith is the definition. I've just never felt it before. But regardless they will go to these things. And so you have this other weird segment of movie where every now, and then you look at like on deadline, the top five moves we can number four is wait what the what it's a prayer for for Jimmy. And what what is why they made that last make offend her. No, yes. Yes. Direct calculated aimed, you know, it was it was very much targeted at that. At that group. I mean, nothing. Passionate the Christ caught everybody. Yes, nobody expected and that was kind of the thing. And remember came at a weird time of years. Ask January January was a coal. That's a place where movies went to die on your February. Yes. By the way. Is there any month? Now, we're movies go to die. I don't think there is. Yes. Back to school week. That's the first week. Still somebody's going to do it. But that is actually great idea for just a a movie is week. Let's go see every month. One horrible movie all the junkets dumped. Yes. All right. Let's be wrap up with buddy cop, which was a frequent suggestion money. The money. Movies. Twenty one jump street. The other guys hot fuzz the heat bad boy's been black canine lethal weapon white chicks, Shanghai noon. That idea that you have to miss Nash people who often work together to solve a crime or just to do things. It's a classic paradigm Abbott and Costello we've always seen these to die at go through things. But we're not doing a lot of them now. So what's well? I think the too fast too furious. I give Derek has credit for that end. Let's also say RIP, John singleton, the director two thousand fears, but the fast and furious franchise is kind of a buddy cop writ large, a true with anger cross country is coming out with. Yeah. I think they still do these. I don't know that that's a comedy. Well, but he's got the Central Intelligence is better cop movie. That's right. Yep. That's buddy cop. And there was just one. There was just a movie. Listener moved Regina hall just out. And I think that they keep making the the Sandra Bullock. Oh, the geniality. Oh, that's way back. But then there's the handicap the heat most McCarthy in center. Yeah. I think they still make buddy cop movies. I think we made it to step away from the idea that of cop. So in response to people who are passed it in a professional job doing some kind of polic- thing with guns and a couple of gun with guns. That's pretty much what it is wheels down, and they they become each other's family. And so yes as long as you can make them for the big screen that you have to have a certain production value of certain size to the screen. They are weirdly don't see as many of them in TV shows any more. So I guess right now on the air. We have macgyver. We have magnum PI, which is top shows on TV are definitely more drawn seasonals. Well, because the essence of the buddy cop is that. They don't start his buddies in the end up his buddies. But. You can't end up as anything on a serialized show. You have to keep going. So it kind of has to be a movie. Yes. A lot of this conversation seems to be about how technology has disrupted. What we imagined that plaintiffs have been made there seems to be a really clear shift and just wait from no home-video to home video to home video again. Now, it's a theater now. It's home, it's content. That's where I think the line is boring. It's big screen small screen than the amount. That's available. Now is is and the resources that are being poured into it. I mean, better or worse. However, you wanna chop up the money. There was just way less money. I mean there were five studios and gave you some money in there were three networks, and they give you some money. But now, we've got just billions and billions rushing into make more and more stuff it is transforming things. And, but there aren't that many more screens fact, it'd probably argue there fewer screens in there used to be well does up more time there. There's not much time for people to view thing. So even though we have new people coming in and new distribution outlets. We have new money chasing new things time is a flat circle. Yes. And so we don't have the ability to watch more things swift choice. I'm looking at the two I skipped over some things. Or is this your John or there you want to catch? Let's talk about westerns westerns on this show. We've talked about unforgiven we've talked about three ten Huma. We've talked about sir westerns. But what is it about westerns that you think can be suited towards the big screen because also had Scott Franken talked about his grape defec- show. Yes. Godless, which was sort of exploding normal amend to be a movie we struggled with for years. Right. Trying to get it down to something movie size. And well, he does it with all his movies. But he was all I mean, look, it was movie size is just what he was struggling was to get somebody to pay for it as a movie because essentially people kept saying while the westerns dead, the western side, the westerns, and it which is the World War Two movies. Did you hear about this all the time in the number of times? I've seen a de John. Everything's dead until it's not done. Kirk was a really great example of a dead drowned or that people don't get to see my favorite example is nothing could have been a debtor genre than pirates movies. Yes. Movies. Hiring. Yes, god. But we had like by before they made pirates of the Caribbean. We had cutthroat island which had sank in entire like a head on. Carolco entire company was before careers careers Renny Harlin, and then an and the thought of making a pirates movie was considered almost obscene. Yes. And then I just then there was that. It didn't start a new genre. They weren't like other pirates news coming after that. It was just exact only the one pirate movie everybody. Let him have it. We're still having. We're still not making movies. Well, and and it's so specifically hinges around it kind of storytelling at a character on brand. Yeah. Brand I mean, just build it was also supernatural so that you have natural kind of vibe different stuff, but the western unforgiven represented a shift towards deconstructionist's from which the John Ryan never seemed like every three ten to Yuma was tone darker, western godless was what I miss what I'd love to see. She is Shane the magnificent seven, Shane Silverado the big country, you know, movies that they're more of an adventure and more of a morality tale as opposed to. I west you never going to happen. It's gone. It's over I think there's the the I will fight you. Well, look, I think as a country in the culture, we have lost the ability to go back to the kind of idealized west. We just know too much. I don't think it's idealized. I think you look at the big country. It's not idealized that the country is rough. But a man walks into it who refuses to play by those rules. And I think that if you take westerns there are two kinds. There's they're kind of western new ours where the west just choose you up and spits you out, and there's the place where one can prove oneself. Sure. And that's it's the it's it's this rough and lawless place where somebody, you know, maybe a book would do it a book my Jewett? I mean, I think it comes back to this had almost days with what is that? You know, we used to go to see those movies that didn't have a lot of high stakes in the because that was fine. Like, we did go see a movie. The hell else where you're going to do on a Saturday. And so is wonder that this non deconstructed western that it's just truly a western whether it's ashen and get people to go out to see it on a screen or daughter wanted to temporary. But it's a western told his type robbing the pickup truck western I loved it for what it was able to do. But that was not a breakout smash hit. It was a good performance. But it was not picketed. Okay. Financially nominated for best picture did absolute which is for movies of that size is kind of at your lifeblood to keep it in the theaters for John John Lee, Hancock kind of made a a western in a sense with the door. But again Netflix. I mean, it's and that's where John Li lives. Now, you know like he's made those movies. These can be making now because and here's a guy who made I don't know fourteen billion dollars for Warner Brothers and outcome with blindside which was an today. I don't think they make the blindside for for theatrical. That's that's what's happened. I just I fear that we have lost something. Kind of permanently in the economics of of making these moves in and may have made literally just come down to the cost of marketing because that's everything. Right. I mean, Netflix the way they market their movies. They don't it's just they're not Netflix. They're like, hey, do you wanna watch this Iraq absolute by every billboard in Los Angeles. But that's just for us. Here's the upside to that. Here's the less than dystopia way of looking at okay in the current culture, where the business is suddenly waking up to the fact that they have to diversify. This is something I experienced a lot on the movies that I get called in to come in who fix us on the the business was predicated on a male director makes a five million dollar movie that makes fifty million dollars. Let's give him two hundred million dollars in hopes that makes billion women were not afforded those same undeserved opportunities. Correct, which they are now and we're punished Andhra punished. Exactly if he didn't do the impossible where. As the way to look at Netflix is Netflix could be the farm system. Now, there's many more. Yes. Movies being made for lower budgets, creating an icy. Lots of women directing television now way Marla to the the director lists that are now being handed for the TV shows on working on our fifty fifty and you're actually looking at oh that person is being hired for the quality of their work in an which is very encouraging that is it possible that what we end up with his the, you know, how the Oscars have sort of divided into. Yes, there's Oscar movies in there's money making now could there be there's Netflix movies, and there's feature films and the feature films because of marketing requirements need to be bigger movies that make more money, and the Netflix becomes the farm system that teaches people how to do stuff you can you could make you could live within the next. Flick's bubble and make a fourteen twenty five at a sixty million dollar movie. I think we're there. That's where we are. Yeah. The the real question is is there any kind of not only while questionable. One is their mobility from net. Flicks type of movies or other TV movies to the big ones or due to be even wanna go. Because here's the thing. I think a lot of filmmakers, don't, you know, we were talking to Mari Heller about this Emaar made this incredible movie diary of teenage girls, amazing and people came to her in. They're like, here's this huge superhero movie. You wanna do it? And she was like, I feel like I'm supposed to because you know, we're trying to advance the cause of female directors, and we're trying to get into those big seats. I don't want to I want to do this. There's no point in making it if you look at you look at her in that dilemma knowing that having nothing to do with who's directing the movie how those movies get made scripts not ready. Movie is going in three week -rupt. You've never done anything like the is kind of in charge of the producer whose name is on a bunch of giant movies will not be there. And this is all going to be your fault. It is really want to do her fine. Correct. And I see and again, it takes a special kind of director. Yes. To get into that kind of trouble. And then accept the help when they bring it in right because you are essentially now, it's very embarrassing. You're at a point where you're in way over your head. You were an and not because this is not hubris their promised support. And then it's just not there. And so now, suddenly, you lose control of your movie, and you're being held by it takes a lot having never been through the process to know that it's all gonna be okay. At the in the end when the movie works, you'll still get credit. That's a lot to have faith in her. It's very wounding. Yeah. So I can see somebody looking at that and saying, no. But there's the other side of that is the grass is always greener. You're going to have people making big giant movies? Michael bay made painting gain because he really wanted to make. Yes, Michael bay some part of Michael bay. I don't care any any filmmaker you can name at that level. Some part of them wants to make their little will be about their their podium. Voting make your podium and the same thing. I would imagine is just you know, the the duffer brothers have some big feature. They wanna guess move as they got some big ass. You know, I get of brothers are a great example because stranger things had an effect on popular culture, which was terrific, you know, it because it was a really popular series. But if that had just been a one off movie, I don't think it would have had that effect on popular culture the way that Noah movie that's released on big screens. Could Ashley bend cultural window hendricken? Ben kung have proof of that. Because even though I admired it super eight is stranger things it is. And it just doesn't work as a movie the way stranger things weren't says a series. And that was a case where Abrahams wanted to make the smaller the. Well, what do you say we we wrap this up by heading into one cool thing Craig thing this week do have one cool thing. I hope for you. I will one call him to cool things. Well, it's called one cool thing Chris Klein with the four hundred to one of my cool things in the other cool thing. Okay. They they may neither of them. Maybe they're nested hanger. Who's my one thing this week is a recommendation from a grand crossword nerd trip pain, and it is an app called one clue crossword very clever, so you get a little it looks like vaguely across where it's not like a proper crossword? But there are no clues except for a picture and all the answers or things that are contained in that photo. Come on, you gotta figure out. What goes where in the interlocking genius starts off easy gets harder and harder nearby, by the way to everyone listening. This is the guy who does the New York Times crossword puzzle in two and a half minutes on every Monday. Yes. You are like Mr. crossword Notre pain. Could this dude literally was once the actual champion of all cross? He's amazing. But there's a whole issue and Megan Amraam, David Kwong Johnson, Christina. I like I was a fly on the wall. Watching you guys looking at my time. I can't type that now. I try to I can't if you gave me all the answers. I couldn't fill it in. If you were standing over my shoulder going just type this. I couldn't I couldn't do the Wednesday in two minutes. There was a great one of the great great crossword constructors while times Henry hook. He would make crosswords for the Boston Globe. I think and he was notoriously fast and one guy. Wants raced him with a crossword except the the twist was that the guy had written the crossword it was his cross Hugh loss. That's amazing. So don't you think there is some sort of physical hand? I come on. There's you'd get faster as you got. What say I. Well, I definitely because you're able to track it on the app. Yep. My times of improved, but I've hit a wall. There's no, yeah. I started too late, man. That's the problem. I gotta get any kid Russ steak. Right. Have done it. So I won't go thing. This winter. I had a cold inside my humidifier out humidifier worked. Great. And I found that I was still using the humidifier because I kind of liked the noise it may just like white noise. I'd always. But like, I don't need to be having to stay out my room and this fans spinning so I ended up finding a really good white noise machine. I went onto wire cutter pit their best white noise machine and your what they were right. It's a really good little white noise machine. It's called the electro fan high fidelity, white noise. Sound machine forty six bucks on Amazon? It's a small little hockey puck the mix really did sound. And the thing I learned is that some of these machines. They just have a sample that they're playing a sample. This one. Generated algorithmic late. So always completely random important because I use a use an app. Chat is a is on a loop. Yeah. And what will happen is if you're having a bad night here the loop you start hearing the loop. And now you're now you're apt. That's that's gotta be like delirium yet. No, it's super bad oracle. Yeah. Do you have trouble sleeping, not the way? I used to not the way I used to as I get older. I find it. Actually, I'm looking forward to going to sleep read it and now my with ninety eight to give up. Get to quit on life. And just unplug. I never realized that insomnia was just refusing to buy renter. Not for me in new was always just like to not die. In your sleep. And usually, what are your nested cool things might mystical things are I brought this computer bag. Back. It is a black. It's made by a company called banks conc-, there's one stretchers actually too. But this you can undo the tuck it in and it becomes a look brief like briefcase an usually the two in one kind of thing really turns me off. This is great internal all of its many pockets that had have my favorite one being this rather large pocket at the bottom or or well, it comes the case itself comes with a hard shell c- can store all of your cables. A hero. I took it out. And this is where I put my toiletries when I travel because you have to take all of your pull out that stupid clear bag. Yes. And this bag just please you right through security at great. You know, what it's a great back there. There's a topic by the way, traveling for writers that we're gonna have to cover when it goes God knows enough this. Oh, yes. And I got I got I got travel wired up. Yeah. Much better because I've done all the book tours. And so right, exactly. You just told this from this? So what does this you had a battery? This is not a battery. This is a laptop stand. Oh, because I writing flat on a desk when I travel, it'll screw your wrist it scripts. This is made by a company called. I hope I'm pronouncing it correctly, AVI. Av. I q that's just how one would spell naturally AVI in Q end for people. Not watching it. It looks like that's everyone. It looks like a ruler right while I'm talking. That's not you guys are here. I'm not looking and then and it's like, Oregon compatable unfold. Wow. That's great at okay can feel the weight of it. God I got it's it's like a few sheets of paper. And this. I assume is made to fit say a MAC book pro it'll I've had every laptop from a pro to air on my God on it. You don't even know what's in your bag. That's great. That's great, AVI. Avi. Everybody just go in looking at online because there's no way to describe it where it makes him by sense. I'm buying that. Nice. That's brilliant. Okay. Good. I'm glad you know. Worth the tubes. Spag this computer bag is like a hundred and thirty bucks. It's not that's not a hypocrite. But it's not cheap. But it's not made of a panda skin. Correct way. One would expect Chris MacQuarie to roll. And the thing is like twenty bucks. I like that on a while since I bought I hear artists ten thousand dollars. It's time across it. It's made of conflict medals from. Conflict metal. As we wrap up the show. We should remind people that they should buy t shirts the script runs. Four hundred episode t shirts are available. They should also buy tickets to our live show coming up at the ace hotel or hundred we'll have links to both of those like things eight years of podcasting. A lot of mastic God does I've encountered special episodes, of course. So the things that aren't part of the number sequence. Can't believe it. Yeah. Well, script houses produced by making a row is edited by Matthew slowly are after this week. It's beverage gestion Rothe even out show, you can send a link to ask John dot com. That's also the place where you can send log or questions for shorter questions on Twitter. Craig is at seal Mazen, I am at John August Christmas corner, you are cryptically enough at Chris MacQuarie at crystal Harari on you can find shed its midst of it Twitter moratorium. It's a good thing. Tweet atom anyway. Yeah. I answer questions in Indiana's. Now be disagreeable with him. He loves it. Yeah. I like being you can find the show or this episode in all upset that John SICOM. It's also find transcripts. We try to get them up about four days. After the episode airs some folks have started doing week hats in discussion on the screenwriting sub Reddit on infusing this Craig. No if that continues, that's great. But basically, there's recapping what happens on the show. I hope they recap this moment, you can find all the backups is the show at scripts dot net or download fifty episodes seasons at store John dot com. And if you're doing that, you should probably check out the script and listener's guide at Johnson com slash guide to find out which episodes, our listeners recommend most. You are an absurd three hundred we already penciled intrepid five hundred. Yes. No question. I'm there. No. I mean, that's our diamond jubilee. Okay. Great. Oh, yeah. They're all right. Thank you very much. What john? Thank you. Thank you. Or hundred episodes, the nice, thanks, man. From.

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