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Talkin' The Draft: Mississippi State DB Brian Cole II


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Works and why it matters at your favorite bookseller. Thanks what's up guys. This is Connor. Livesey. I'm here at the very special guest today. Joining us on the talking to draft podcast tonight. We're joined by Mississippi State Safety. Brian cold a second. What's going on Brian? How are you doing great? How're you doing? Awesome man you gotTa Really Story From High School to Junior College. A big program at Mississippi State. We're going to get all into that a little later but man I wanted to start off asking you a where you currently training at right now and can you kind of take us through a day in the life of Brian Cole leading up to the NFL. Combine in Pensacola Florida. Am I here China facility does And the day for me is we got two sessions a day we receivers in DVD's and we worked together as a group and we all have moved in some running some type of L. Drill five ten five some type of drug that we're going to be doing it to combine and then we'll have a lower body lift for everybody after that and then acting in the afternoon and come back around three thirty and do the Saturday. So you're at excellence in Florida. I talked to Quinta Safest A couple days ago he's at Xhosa Arizona growing up in Mississippi. How's it? How's it like being have been? I mean I know? You've traveled a lot playing college football but that that's the state of Florida's a lot different than the state of Mississippi. Isn't it Y- well? I'm originally from Michigan. So I'm really from the North but Yeah being in Mississippi. And they're coming to the floor like scipion definitely odd like Mississippi Heat especially being from the North but yeah Florida's nice though. I mean they gotta stand in a nice little condo spot. Though is that it's not the really complain about right on the beach. Life is good. You know what I'm saying. I'm just grateful for the opportunity. Of course of course. I am curious to get your answer to the split. Obviously you get into this preparation. You're you're training every day. They Kinda. I'm sure Xhosa has you on some kind of diet routine correct and your sir. What's the what's that one thing that you missed just being able to eat or do you can't do nowadays? I know you you know your fast food. You might have a fast food habit or something like that. But what's the one thing that you you aren't able to do now that you could have done a couple of months ago when you were still at Mississippi State Exactly I just eat whatever I wanted to. You know what I mean. I can eat my fast food. I E my snacks like fruit snacks. All the time like did it really didn't matter so now because now it's like I'm trying to get in shape so I actually just run fast But yeah that's really the main thing I would say. I'm addicted to cinnabon. I love cinnamon roll so I feel like that. I ate that all the time to wear now I really. I'm eating green all all actually agreeing right now and every every meal is just green. Sure sure they gotta get you your body right ready to run forties and jump the verticals and everything but a man. I wanted to get into a little bit of your high school career. You grew up in Michigan. You just you just told us that you played wide receiver in high school when you were a highly rated wide receiver in high school. What was what. What's have you taken your career as a wide receiver from the high school days to a defence a bag now in college and going into the NFL draft. Have you have you ever kind of compared those two positions and do you use stuff that you knew as a receiver Into what you know now was a defensive back Yeah I mean for the most part The only thing that you moving backwards. That's the only thing that makes it harder for As far as like just covering and doing different things like that you kind of know how guys released either. GonNa sake say like this like really just a releases. I say really. Here's how guys are coming off the ball doing different things and size. I mean you know some guys. GonNa body you up or they're going to try and for next you out the way and get around you that way but for the most bothell like 'cause I play running back when it was really my main for this and I got moved to receive. I played receiver here and there and I did see right camps So that's how I really just learned how to play receiver and get better at that position. But as far as defense I still feel like defense is just really all adapting I feel like everything that you do on defense. Yeah to dad like an offense defense we know whereas owners we know where we know for in Banda man but as far as that. I feel like we're still only adapting like adapting in doing doing exactly what the trying to play often so I feel like either a step behind or from film studying Being prepared you'll know you'll know certain plays I kind. Of course yeah in you know coming out of high school you were a highly rated office of recruit. You sign with Michigan coming out of high school in I want to talk a little bit about your career. Art there and then what happened after that but that's kind of what makes your story so unique and so interesting that you you didn't you know it's not like you start at Michigan State. There you kind of had to jump around a little bit and I think that. That's kind of molded you probably. Maybe I WANNA get your opinion on it but it might have mold you into the tough player that you are today So you come out of high school. You sign with Michigan kind of take us through that whole process what what happened from that point on. I mean I graduated high school early. I went to Michigan and then I played receiver there for a while and then towards the end of the season. So it's like the ball game season. That's when I actually made my transition defense and I remember I. I just played like that whole week. I just play safety for the first time at the college level so where I just got some good reps and Emmy Michigan was hunting. I mean it was a great experience. That's that's what made me sure At the same time I was just I was just too close to home. I had to get out of there so I just know when I was making that transition the code I just knew it was gonna be humble and it's not going to be the scholarship. Money IS NOT GONNA be the meal plan. It's not gonNA be none of that so they slaughter exactly the Nice uniform act like easily fifty is probably the best cold when it comes to uniform scutts Yeah wasn't to say we weren't getting paid. I didn't take my car down there so not having a car was different. Sos It was real humbling experience. I mean I feel like Jupiter exactly. It did mow mean to the person. I am today because without those trials and tribulations. I don't feel like I would be where I met today. Young people who listen to this might not really understand the U. Chorale or you know growing up playing football and then then getting. I Cook a lot of baseball nowadays and like junior college and baseball's like they say it's like man like if you WANNA see Competitive Baseball. Wash Junior College Baseball. Like those guys are dogs gritty like they work for everything and it's the same thing in football for the reasons you just kind of said she just you. You're out to prove everybody that point. You know like you don't have the scholarship money. You don't really have the you know. He was high recruit at this point. It's like I gotta earn everything that I can so I can make it to the next level and that's what you did and then obviously you spent that time at Yuko. Developed your game developed into the guy you are today and then you get to Mississippi state and just gotTa talk about that. Transition from going from Michigan did UKO and then back to a big Kareem like Mississippi state like it had been a role for you had been a crazy couple of years for you but as we keep saying it kind of molded you into the player that you are today. I'm just thankful now I really just thank God I think from my fan. You know what I'm saying. Keeping me motivated to keep pushing me to you on that So from Michigan Juku I would just say Juku was really like Michigan was like my up and then Jacobus like my like mellow out like that was just like the relaxed like focus on. What's what do you really want like? What's what's what's really going to happen in your life. And what are you GonNa do with this football thing I? Are you gonNa take you serious or are you GonNa let it slip. Like what do you want to do with Your Life Going again being out in Mississippi being around people from Mississippi and just being around down south it really just made me get a feeling of people from the south like people in Mississippi how how they grind and how how much more they won. Because I just feel like being in Mississippi for a lot of people that don't have the heart. Don't have the grit that the that Mississippi guys have an. I really don't know how to explain that for you. Just have to be around them. But then that's made my decision to stay in Mississippi Mississippi State and then I love. I love coach noting in this stuff. I fell in love with their staff Coach English on those guys. They just made me feel like I was at home and I just felt like being far away from home is what helped me stay uncomfortable. It helped me to work that harder. It helped me to not get comfortable ever because today I'm not at home. I can't drive our home and be and be comfortable. You know understand so it just felt like it just felt like Mississippi state with the place to be because just a great just a grinding. The heat like I've never experienced that in my life. I thought I was dying. Sometimes like it's just it was just a major transition but a good one like like again. I'm just grateful. I'm grateful to be here. Great for the see more days. Is this Guy Really Jess Guy? Really looked out at sat me down but then building me right back up. Of course of course it and you know the the interesting thing that a lot of people always ask myself and then they want to know is you know I feel like you watch you. Watch an offense and football and college football in a lot of the offense that you see is a lot of the same things. The same routes the same schemes. She's running a little bit different way but defense is a lot more in depth. There's a lot Different coverages there's a lot of different schemes. There's a lot of different. You know covers all that talk a little bit about the between Michigan the difference between Jew Co and the different. Like you have to. That has to be a selling point for you that I've learned so many different concepts and coverages and schemes going from Michigan to Jakoda now Mississippi State. You've seen a lot. You've done a lot as a defender You know and I know you said that Michigan. It W- you didn't spend a Lotta time on the defense side of the ball but you had to have known a lot from playing offense. They're so kind of talk about how versatile of defender you can be because of the knowledge that you have of the schemes and concepts. Oh yeah I mean really just Michigan play straight safety and then when I went to college I played. I played like the strong and free like we switch. We do both so I mean I got that. I got that piece of coming down filling in holes and doing things from fifteen yards back but then when I went to Mississippi State. That's what I play corner harasser year and then I play safety and then I went to the nickel and that's like my base position. Was Nikolai. Play fulltime coupe and Yeah the nickel was different. Just because I had to play in the box is basically a linebacker at times and then playing coroner helped me through. Just cooperate coordinate. Helped me was covering man coverage different things like that. It says you have a different set of eyes when you play corners safety and the nickel so really just playing all those different positions really are the same almost in a way. But you just you just on a different part of the field but honestly things. Don't change as a defensive back really besides the fact that you're moving backwards and you're on the different part of the field but how zones work how. Manda man working always got help somewhere you know and if you know your business and your defense because it's all the teams eleven guys on the field for a reason and you all you learn to play leverages you learn the You learned to make life easier on yourself by knowing where your health is and knowing how you can attack office hi. I'm Jessie David Fox. Senior editor vulture and host of the PODCAST. Goodwin a podcast about jokes. Every week I interview comedian writer performer. About one of their jokes the joke income from their stand up special Saturday night live sketch or song or even a book. Re- breakdown the joke and figure out how it works. What inspired it and what it says about their sense of humor for comedy fans. It's a serious discussion about the craft of jokes and for interview fans. It's really funny. Conversation between two people who have a lot to say about comedy profanities sect advice. Podcast might not be exactly what you're looking for something to talk about. After all that sex your habit new episodes of good one come on every Tuesday. Starting Feb twenty fifth. Subscribe for free on Apple podcasts. Or in your favorite podcast APP from culture and the VOX media podcast network. Have a good one. I don't want you to give away too much of Mississippi State's defense but can you talk about some of the coverages that you guys ran Mississippi State. Did you play a lot of match man or match zone or was it a lot? I know you've played a lot of press. They're nickel and is a boundary corner as well. But can you talk a little? Bit about the coverage. Is You guys played at Mississippi State and kind of which you kind of see yourself play at the next level? I mean we play. We play quite a bit of cover for we play man and then we have some cover three in And we had a lot of empty checks where we go man or will own it off but honestly for the next level though. I really don't care I'm just like I just feel like with good coach. And if you put me in the right position I'll be able to excel at it and I'll be successful at it. I just I don't like to limit myself because I've been bouncing around my whole life anyway because I feel like I can play office if you give me give. The Guy could do that so I don't know I really just I leave it up to the coaches wherever they need me. I can do it. You know what I'm saying safety if it's corner if it's a nickel a dime. I feel like if a coach needs me to play position. I can do this special teams of course but as far as I can. I feel like I can do most anything any position that you put me a and that's got to be such a great so important as well just that versatility to be able to practically lineup anywhere in the secondary. I know you said you've been played a little bit in the box. You know felt like linebacker so there might be there. Might be situations where coaches WanNa play you in that you know will Samuel where your physical linebackers well and I think that gives us a good segue you you just recently went to the senior bowl and they probably played you all over the place the senior bowl as well talk a little bit about that experience. I know that's a pretty big eye-opening you know media everything everything there that can kinda shock. You can shock you and it's it's always a roll of a trip there but how. How was that week for you? Did you know you had a lot of fun? But how was the learning curve? And how was just being around all the media and all the cameras was. That was a little shocking to you. It's humbling like it's all it's all humble and like I'm just grateful because like a lot of people can't beat their. You know what I'm saying so I just I just thank God because he chose me. You know what I'm saying but it was. It was a hectic you know what I'm saying. I was actually a little frustrated that we because it's my first time really in like two years ago. Two three years playing in the middle of the field like I play the middle of the fear of safety and I played the Donald Safety and I played the nick every once in a while but at the end of the day I knew I was playing safety to learn. So roll into the post and Just doing different things like that and covering tie. I'm covering for the first time like a lot of stuff was new to me but it was all a good experience in a great learning experience to where I know. That's something not to the League. Because then I felt comfortable as the week went on. I got better and better and then when it came time I felt like I was on top of it like how I should be so it was. It was definitely hectic auto cameras all that. You can't walk through the lobby. You can't walk through the hotel without gas stop. There grabbed by somebody for like like again though like it's hectic mentally but at the same time spiritually deep inside. I'm just thankful for the opportunity. And that's Kinda that's a great little segue as well too. 'cause you mentioned just playing a position that you weren't really natural at a natural but just one you haven't worked familiar with. That's probably the better way too wordy and that always seems to be a common theme with the Senior Bowl as they move you around so much because they want to see what you can do they want to put you in different positions I talking to you a little bit here. You know it just sounds like that. Versatility is so important but in your opinion where do you kinda see yourself playing in the NFL? I know I know the easy answer. Is You know play me anywhere but is there a spot where you think you will be at your best in on a defense in the NFL? See as far as defense. I felt like I'd be best as either stronger. Free safety playing a pulse or or coming down on a tied in something like that but if I had in my I put myself awesome definitely. I like that free strong safety. Destroy say I can do and I I would agree with you there because I I love your ability when you around the football. You're just you're such a physical good tackler which is something that a lot of the safeties in this draft class are good at. There's a lot there's some guys in the strath class who aren't great tacklers and you're one of the few guys that you turn on the tape and you don't miss many tackles. You're you're around the ball. You can take the football away. So that's obviously a big thing. That teams are looking for as well not gonNA keep you too much longer. I I did. I did want to ask a little bit. You know coming coming into the draft you know last year. Mississippi state was well represented in the draft. Which Jeffrey Simmons Pontus Sweat Jonathan Abram? Obviously you kind of took over. I Guess Jonathan. Abrams role a little bit in that defense when he went and got drafted last year. Do you have a relationship with those guys and have you kept up with them over the last year of course I mean I talked to John the most I haven't talked to him lately but Yeah most definitely keep up. I'm watching Jeff for us this. You know what I'm saying in the playoff run and so I'm always keeping up with those guys Say to social media. I just talked to him the other day. But yeah don't guys Big Big brothers to me because at the end of the day they do something that I wanna do. You know what I'm saying so I I can look up to them and then when I when I can just I can just turn them on Sunday. See how they're doing. You know what I'm saying and that really seeks for so I'd say if I need to 'cause I know hit me back but yeah John is probably the one I talked to the most. I haven't talked to those guys in the wild because I like they're busy. You know what I'm saying. They got their own like trying to take care of. Yeah exactly so. Yeah because they know what I'm doing and I know what they so we really just. Yeah but but definitely the end goal is to get to where the of course of course and you got the COMBI coming up here in minutes about two weeks. I know that sounds insane. But how how do you know we talked about training? We talked about kind of what you're doing day in and day out but give us a little insight. What you're expecting or I don't want you to give away too much information. But what are you? What are you kind of? Expect them to run and jump at the combine here in a few weeks. Then you're GonNa Happen. Wait and see okay. Yeah I don't know I mean I fast. I somehow to jump fine a exactly because at the end of the day we are here working for a reason so whatever. God blesses me where I'm going to be satisfied with because I put the time in work into it so it should be good from A. I'm switching the roles for a little bit but you you get to the combine. You get in apple as you go through your medicals. It starts the interview process. What's the one question that you're that you're hoping you get asked these questions because you just feel like you got the answer that's going to it's going to sell yourself to these teams? I mean really is if that that same question like they always asking. Where do you see yourself but not hitting the it doesn't matter like I feel like I can play this play and most teams agree with me on that and then they they say we have a spot for your? We can put you in Israel. I can see you playing this role so when I hear that like we can put you in Israel or like I know you can play in this game or could you play in this game or could you play this role. I The answer is always yes so I'm just I'm just thankful like I just know I'll I'll be able to Help team in some way and they special teams like I'll do everything especially team like. It does not matter what specialty you want me to do. I'm GonNa do it so I just feel like that's always a plus too. I gotta ask this question as well we always ask it this is the NFL draft. Podcast I but we do have a little bit of the Dallas Cowboys Flavor in here I'm sure you're probably talk to the cowboys. Some of the senior bowl in some form or fashion. But I'm hoping that that is a meeting that you have here at the combine in a few weeks because they are in desperate need of some safety and I think that you fit their defense really well. Would it mean for for you to be drafted by team in organizations so prestigious the CAL The Dallas cowboys man? Just a blessing I can't even put into words because at the end of the day none of this feels real so I just know my name called especially by team like that. Dak Prescott there you know. He came from Mississippi State. It would just be a blessing. A great blessing the opportunity to change my life. It changed my family's allies so I just I'd be thankful you know what I'm saying I'd be overwhelmed and I'll be. I have to sit on it for a second. They'd be able to explain myself. Pinscher self moments which that's going to be that's going to be that way with any team the drafts you just realizing that made it this far through everything you've been through and just come in come in from Michigan Jakoda Mississippi State and then earned this the spot that you're about to put yourself in. It's got to be a an exciting nervous nerve wracking time but man. I'm sure you're you're waiting to get the Indianapolis here in a few weeks and then get to the draft here Just around the corner as well so man I really appreciate your time coming on and chat with us for a little bit now. We wish you the best here these next few months. Thank you I appreciate. You got of course. This was Brian Cole. The Second Mississippi State Defensive Back. That's probably the best way to describe it because he can play nickel weak and play corner. He can play strong. You can play free do it. All so if you're looking hopefully the Dallas cowboys are looking for versatile. Safety Guy that they can find plug and play on defense. He's that Guy Special teamers ball hockey can do it all so Brian Cole. Thanks so much for coming on man. This is connor lives. You're talking to draft guys next

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