387: My Mentor Taught Me How to Uncover What You Can Teach


You just need to have what she calls a ten percent edge meaning. You've got results for yourself or for someone else, and you're just a little bit further in your journey than others and you can teach them how you did it. Hey My name is Jennifer and I am obsessed with all things, business marketing numbers, and helping you to navigate both the musty and the magical seasons. This thing called life I'm a small town mama who to three hundred dollars camera grew is successful photo. Biz And now I work from home in remiss seven figure online business I teach you the tried and true secrets to. Building a career, you adore shy away from the real talk no way money hardship, growth loss, and marketing are all topics we discussed here. Think of this is your one stop shop for happy hour with a GAL mixed with business school of pull up a seat. Make sure your cozy and get ready to be challenged and encouraged while you learn. This is the gold digger podcast. Creativity and beer interior design basics, artful florals, creative hand embroidery designing life. You want ethically earings everyday minimalism Spanish for beginners learn anything with FLASH CARDS EASY TO GROW vegetables. Make, dumplings from scratch complete guide to eyebrow makeup. Yes. These are all online courses in just a tiny sampling of what's trending right now in the world let me take a wild guess about you. I'd be willing to bet that you might not consider yourself an educator that is unless you're actually a teacher or an online. Course Creator right we assign that title educated very specific types of people in the world those whose jobs it is to teach other something valuable those who likely make a living off of leading students through a curriculum of materials or activities to learn something new you may run a business or maybe work at a more traditional nine to five office job educator know that probably wouldn't go up on your linked in profile. Now, the funny thing we all have little educator inside of us and we're. All capable of teaching others what we know just this weekend we with our neighbors though one couple that we quarantined with since March and Andrew our neighbor was teaching drew how to sail on his sailboat Simona was teaching US Portuguese words and I was teaching how to make the perfect spicy grapefruit. Margarita. And drew is showing Andrew All the dad tricks for carrying a baby in various baby carriers I mean between the four of us, we could have hosted a seminar where someone would show up. And leave a baby wearing sailor who can zip the most delicious Margaritas and speak Portuguese. But really reminded me that we all have these gifts and his knowledge that life has taught us or experience has yielded and we all have this chance to teach what we know. Two people who are interested in learning when I think back to my first quote big girl job out of college, and then transitioning into entrepreneurship is a wedding photographer I never would have assumed my next career would have been. Going into online education, I majored in communication and Business Administration, and for the longest time I believe my work goals could be fulfilled by climbing that ladder into corporate America. When that wasn't the case I figured that hustling my butt off shooting weddings was my avenue towards success. But a funny thing happened when I was growing and gaining some successes and entrepreneur people began coming to me and asked me how it had happened. How did I regularly get clients? How did I curate a social media? Presence that brought in new ones how did I market myself to actually create consistent income in this unpredictable competitive service industry so much of what I was learning about entrepreneurship and marketing wasn't necessarily from my college degree or someone teaching me it was from actually doing it from trying new things for messing up from running with what worked it was from obsessively researching my dream clients and how to reach them and serve them so well, and of course, experiencing so much trial and error on the. Way Once I began sharing my approach with a few people and realizing I was repeating the same advice again, and again, I started to realize not everyone knows what I know what comes easily to me. My actually be life changing for someone else my experiences and research and practice is uniquely qualified to teach specific approach to growing service based businesses online, and it naturally led into building courses around the practices that I was experiencing success in doing what I'm completely certain of is that you have. something. Like this inside of you a certain life experience or Yup even an obsession you've been pouring over for months or years that uniquely qualifies you as an expert in that area. That's what I want to talk about with you today how to uncover that gift and turn it into something teachable for others because we all have these experiences unique to our own walks of life that we can tap into and package into something that we can share with the world. Are you ready? Let's dive on. Ready to start or grow your email list with a female founded email service provider doing email marketing right start a free thirty day trial plus get fifty percent off your monthly subscription at Janika Jer dot com slash flow desk that's Jessica dot com slash f. l.. O. D., E., S., K.. If you're still mailing contracts via snail mail and tracking payments with a pen and paper and managing your business with anything other than a seamless project management system, it is time for honey book start your free trial plus get fifty percent off your annual subscription at Jena catcher dot com slash honey book. I wanted to kick the show off sharing about something that I learned from my good friend Amy Porterfield. Amy You should she's been on this show a few times and she'll be in an upcoming episode but Amy was actually my first virtual mentor way back in the day I came across her over five years ago and tuned into her podcast every single week, and then became a student of her paid programs in learned so much from her in fact, I was just digging through emails in my inbox the other day, and I found this email that I'd sent amy back in two thousand sixteen asking her to personally mentor me this is. What my email said, it said, Hey, amy my name is Jennifer and I'm a wedding photographer based in Wisconsin I started listening to your podcast and I'm a student of both of your paid programs I want to take my education to the next level and in order to do so I know I need to invest in Knowledge I. Would Love to work with you but I know you're busy Gal. So if you don't offer one on One business coaching, would you please recommend someone who you trust your the Best Janika germ now while? It took a few years for our friendship to truly blossom this one little e mail was what started that snowball rolling down its Little Hill and all fully claim that this was a manifestation of what I had hoped would become of me, my business and my relationship with the person who taught me online courses while I listened to her podcast in the shower. anyways. In Amy Signature Course, the Digital Course Academy which is opening soon, amy walks you through how to pick a course topic that will actually sell so to do this she. Explains how to actually find what she likes to call your sweet spot. Basically, your sweet spot is the intersection between your skills and knowledge your audiences, struggles and challenges your potential to profit and what you're totally wildly passionate about intercourse. She walks you through this process to find your sweet spot that takes your inspiration for what you think might make a good course and evaluates the idea from several angles. So let's walk through five different angles. We can evaluate from number one, what the audience you serve or want to serve in the future. Pain, points and challenges are so amy explains at the best way to do this is by actually asking that Mike going directly to the source that you WANNA serve and eventually sell to we uses as a strategy in my facebook groups on an almost weekly basis validate or direct ideas for content that we're about to create any calls this the magic wand question, and it goes something like this. If you had a magic wand and you could make one challenge disappear what would it be? Just asking this question to people will give you invaluable information about where your audience is at the language that they use what they're struggling with and don't worry like even if your audiences small, you're going to learn where you might be able to help them number two crowdsourcing your idea to validate it this strategy for those of you that might have more than one idea and you're trying to determine which one would be the best one to pursue. Now again, this strategy involves you asking your. Audience what they want from you we use this in my business to and how we do it is we actually will create a Freebie on a specific topic and maybe even write blog posts and then pay attention to which ones resonate the most like we use the data to help us define which ones are going to be the best. So we'll test different ideas, titles, headlines, topics, and we'll see which one people are clicking on the most but beyond that will see which one people are. Willing to opt in for that to me. It shows more active participation from a viewer meaning. People are actually willing to exchange email address for what you've got showing that value and communicating the demand in a more direct way than just a click. You could also do something like a poll on instagram stories or in a facebook group to gain feedback on which topic makes the most sense for you to pursue creating, and those can often help guide your creation process when you're just getting started. Any also offers the idea to find facebook groups where your dream audience or the kinds of people that you hope to serve are likely already hanging out and just use a search bar to search your topic and keywords to see what questions or comments have come up in there to help you figure out if this is a viable option for you and where you can help create value or serve. Number three the next method that Amy Teachers is to explore your transformations that you've been through in life I'll share mine in just a minute but looking at your own transformation on the topic can be super helpful because your target audience might just be like you were a few years ago or even just a year ago in that process whatever process. You're in and any teaches that you don't have to be super far ahead from your students in order to teach him, you just need to have what she calls a ten percent edge meaning. You've got results for yourself or for someone else, and you're just a little bit further in your journey than others and you can teach them how you did it. Number four look at what's already working in your business as a gauge for yielding the biggest results. For example, you're currently doing one on one coaching or consulting what topics are working the best what questions you get asked about all the time what steps you find yourself repeating for more than one of your clients what course topics are already being taught about in your Nishi. You could put your own spin or your own experience on i. always say just because someone else is already teaching what you want to create a course on does not mean that you should not pursue. It can actually mean there's this demand for it in an. Opportunity for you to bring a fresh or unique perspective, and lastly, number five. Another way to find your own expert areas is by evaluating what people come to you with questions about the most I mentioned earlier that I began to realize my wedding photography business was different in the way that I marketed. Myself was different because I kept getting asked these questions about the way that I did things and how I sustain my business even through harsh midwestern winters when weddings basically don't even happen and I began to understand that my way wasn't necessarily normal or the most well known way and other people wanted in on what I was doing because. They thought it was different and they saw that it was effective which led me down the path of creating courses to teach my methods to the masses. What do people come to you about or ask you about what do they want your advice on? This is a massive indicator that you could be leading and teaching others through your processes in that Area I love how amy teaches like this is just the tip of the iceberg of how she guides through the entire process of discovering what you should teach on but I think a lot of times we over think this step or sure that we've got a jump through eight million. Hurdles. Are Meet our ferry course mother who will tell us we're finally ready to teach, and the reality is we likely already know what we teach on. In fact, Avian I teamed up to create a brand new Freebie it's the ultimate roadmap for taking what you already know and turning it into a mini course in just seven days. Literally, we put our brains and our methods together for this guide and it is so good. You can get it at Jennaquirk dot com slash create a course that's Jennifer pitcher dot com slash creative course for a seven day road roadmap for how to take what you already know and create a mini course. If you need help creating in sending contracts, getting signatures on said contracts, managing project timelines and more. TRY IT HONEY BOOK GO TO JESSICA DOT COM slash honey book for a free trial plus fifty percents off your subscription. 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You can create forms pop ups for Ogden's. A website yet plus behind the scenes insights to track your progress and your e mails success, you'll have unlimited everything. There's no subscription to your. It's all yours from day one. So you can learn, grow, implement, and market to your list for just nineteen dollars a month no limits, no lock templates all of the features you need to grow and serve your email list. Your monthly subscription is nineteen dollars a month. If you sign up at Janika Dot com slash flow desk that's genyk dot com slash F. L. O. D. E. S. K.. So maybe you're thinking okay. Well, how do I actually uncover this talent or extensive knowledge within you that you can eventually teach to others? So much of it is personal work that involves investigating your interests in your passions and your straight up obsessions. So for example, when I experienced miscarriage, I devoted all of my extra time and energy to digging into everything that I could possibly learn about loss like ice scoured the forums I hit the medical books I got on the phone I. Asked the questions I saw the doctors and even though I am not at all a doctor or a tilleke specialists I've learned so much about my body hormones, clean products, diet adrenals, cortisol, thyroid's genetic mutations, these things that fact or are related to miscarriage you name it. I've become pretty well versed in that like I've become this sort of expert based on just my own experience because I was so deeply and personally invested in learning every single thing that I cut however this is. Also a unique area of expertise that I hold because it was also one of the darkest most difficult seasons for myself and for my family, and truthfully, I'd never turn around and charge anyone for advice on handling miscarry just not what I'm saying. But what I am saying is that I have this ability to help others that have experienced lost like I have like right now I am walking alongside a few friends who have experience recurrent loss because I know the pain that it. Causes and I know that it's better to not experience it alone or inside this lonely vacuum with just you and your partner. So what I don't want for you to think that you have to go out and take the deepest darkest most painful thing that you've gone through and turn around and make it into a coarser business while that can be what you end up doing is not the only option on that note though I've a friend's mom who is doing that and doing. It super gracefully she went through a brutal nasty years long divorce complete with custody battles and alimony debates in years of court dates like you've all heard of that kind. But she experience and walk through that several years ago she is healed and come out so much better and stronger on the other side and so she had this idea to lead almost coach other women like her through painful divorces women who are just like she was a stay at home mom who suddenly have. To, figure out single parenting and getting a job in obviously not losing their minds are spiraling into a depression while their family life is completely shifting. This is hard stuff but my friend's mom who's been through it. She knows there's a light at the end of the tunnel and she is the perfect person to lead other women who are in her same shoes through something impossibly devastating. So it might in fact, be something hard that you've healed from, but maybe not like when I. Look at our families waiting season as we tried to grow our family I shifted. So many things in my lifestyle as a result and I became completely obsessed with those offshoots of something hard that we were going through for example, I learned during that time and all the testing that I was doing that I had gluten intolerance like severe and I wound up going fully gluten-free. This is a whole new world that I previously known nothing about I learned what gluten allergy testing is. Like what the symptoms are, what the signs are, what are gluten free alternatives, what you beyond your grocery shopping list what you need to avoid what products contain gluten that you might be shocked by like it was a deep dive and I quickly became experienced and knowledgeable in this gluten free way of living and how to do it without a ton of stress and hassle guys. I was the MAC and cheese queen and I recently, just celebrated four years of being fully gluten free. Another thing I dug into hard during that season was natural beauty and clean personal products and toiletries I learned how so many harsh chemicals and mainstream products even our shampoo and deodorant how does can affect our hormones and hence our fertility. So as soon as I finish a bottle of anything that wasn't clean nontoxic, I would replace it all with natural options I learned which chemicals effect, what areas of our health, what kinds of products you can use instead how to re labels. Where to find the best natural products, even how cleaner products can benefit our environment to? So while my biggest personal education experience in recent years has to do with all things. Loss miscarriage also become an expert in other semi related areas as a result that I could totally teach to others plus over the years I've picked up other interests and hobbies and skills that I leaned into and learned as much as I possibly could about and I've become well versed as a result. Just for me, this is for you I want to use my silly examples in the things that I've experienced to help you understand that you know so many different things that others can benefit from like here's a quick little list to give you a few examples of what I've learned through experience in self education and could teach others and walling saying these I. Just want for you to start exploring what you could potentially teach teach how to go totally gluten-free cold Turkey after having. A lifetime love affair with gluten, how to clean up your home and personal care products to improve your overall health, how to do an arm pick detox and start using natural deodorant how to start your own AIRBNB andbranch successfully. So People WanNa book again and again, how to outsource well in run remote team had a batch record a months worth of podcasts in a day how to run your own mastermind how to take a thirty day sabbatical off of work how Joanna Gaines your home. Even, if you're not Joanna Gaines herself. Okay. Maybe that last one is a little bit of a stretch but you get what I mean. These are the spaces I've delved into in life. I've researched them I've played with them I've messed up and learn more deeply about them because of those mess ups and ultimately I've become a sort of experienced expert in these little departments of lives. So let's talk about how you can discover your own pockets of expertise and how to turn those. Into something that's teachable. First of all, you might be wondering why it's even important to turn your own experiences into something you can share with and lead others through. Here's the thing I've seen. So many courses I mean remember at the top of this episode where I listed all of the crazy courses that are trending right now and I've seen courses, masterminds and resources online since I joined this digital education world and let me tell you it's why easy to spot the ones who are. Just in it trying to make a quick buck versus those who are in it because they're genuinely passionate about what they're teaching. When you have a genuine vested interest in a subject, you want to get other people to fabulous results you've gotten for yourself and save them a lot of time or money or energy or heartache in the process plus it's likely something you spent hours and days researching and learning about just because primarily you probably learn for your own benefit and then you. Likely became so into whatever it is that you can't help but share your process or experience or results with everyone you know you dig into learn for your own purposes and to get your own experience in it not because you think it'll be the next big thing like that is the magic sweet spot in creating online education resources for others you need to be so interested in invested in the topic that you eat sleep breathe it before ever trying to teach it or sell it. To anyone else, and yet we have this hard time pinpointing those areas of expertise within ourselves because we're often. So wrapped up in close that we can't clearly see how much we actually do know about it like I see this all the time people are so close to their own genius that what they know is so obvious to them, they can't comprehend how other people just don't know that. So let me run through a few questions that I want for you to think about and. Then I urge you to scribble down a list of everything that comes to mind seriously even the smallest or seemingly silliest things that you become a self-proclaimed expert in. Okay. Here the questions for you to consider I what have you taught yourself and gone results in out of some sort of necessity, it could be search engine optimization photo editing the best way to frame bodos gardening homeschooling organizing closets, Hashtag strategy literally anything you've researched vigorously implemented in your own life professional personal and gotten results. Then, I want to know what topics are you obsessed with learning more about you can't get enough of these things and you always want more details. It's like sometimes it keeps you up at night or distracts you from the work during the day or you're subscribed to every single podcast in reading every book like that's how much you love it. Maybe it's horoscopes or energy work maybe it's ethical fashion, your birthland, your pets weird allergy affiliate marketing, our whole thirty list anything and everything that you never tire of looking up more information about or digging deeper into. Finally what experiences in your life have forced you to shift your way of living or working ultimately for the better for example, this is like my miscarriages while I would never in a million years wish that experience on anyone in the world it did have so many things at top me about my overall health and the female body and products for use in so much more for you. Maybe it's dealing with a loved one that has an addiction or getting laid off from your job or raising your kids as a single parent. We all have these transformative moments that shift our lives make more. Resilient knowledgeable than we would have been otherwise if everything were a hundred percent perfect one hundred percent of the time and not all of them need to be difficult or devastating experiences though these are often some of our most transformational maybe years is figuring out how to pay off all your debt in a year or quitting alcohol not because it's a problem but because it makes you feel better or starting a nonprofit for 'cause at your passionate about there are so many pieces of our life stories that forces to become quick learners and experts in areas that are formal education just can't teach us. Get those pieces down on paper and had also encourage you to list offshoots of some of those bigger learning curves really tap into all the avenues and then see which of them excite you the most and which you'd feel confident enough to share with others. I bet you have a solid list going already about the topics in areas you've taught yourself. But now what well now comes the fun my friend there are so many fantastic. You take your experience in run with and one of my all time Babes online courses now amy, my friend Amy that I told you about any and I actually. Created a brand new free resource that walks you through how to take your sweet spot of knowledge and turn it into a mini course in just seven days so that you can begin testing your idea and seeing if you can get others the same results you've experienced, you can grab the entire many course step by step Walkthrough, Janika Jer dot com slash create a course, and will also be sure to pop that link for you to easily find in today's show notes again, that's Janika dot com slash created course for your seven-day roadmap to take what you already know and create a mini course. What you do with all that goodness in your brain I just hope that you know your knowledge and experiences in life path are also valuable. They're worth sharing with others and they can help more people than you can even begin to realize I. Hope Today's show has helped you to see those bright spots of giftedness and how you can turn them into something teachable because you are so capable and worthy of leading and educating others so well until next time, gold diggers keep on digging your biggest goals. I'm over here giving you a virtual high five because you just finished another episode of the Gold Digger podcast. Did that go by way too fast for anyone else if you want more head over to Golddigger PODCASTS DOT com for show notes and all the discount codes from today's sponsors, and if you're looking for a new crew of movers and shakers like you to bounce ideas and ask questions be sure to join my exclusive community for gold diggers on facebook the links waiting for you at Golddigger PODCAST DOT com.

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