Billikens Basketball Update with Travis Ford December 10, 2019


Welcome into scoops with Danny Mac dot com and my visit with the head coach of the Saint. Louis University Billiton's Travis Ford. The bill Akins are now eight and one on coming off their most impressive victory of the season on Sunday in Arizona against Tulane upcoming. They've got Auburn. Lots to get into with the head coach. Travis Ford. This is presented exclusively by Royal Bank's Missouri. They remained locally owned offer a full range of banking services to individuals. Angels and business clients in the Saint Louis Metropolitan area. They operate eleven locations in the Saint Louis area and Saint Charles provide a full range of products and services online designed to meet your individual needs their mission efficient accurate confidential and personalized service to their clients. Also they give back to the community. They have their annual boo bear. Drive again this year. They're asking for new or gently used stuff animals to be dropped off but any royal bank's location now. 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Eight one after maybe the most impressive win over the two lane club in an Arizona and coach. You're just flat out shooting the basketball so well. These had to be one of the most complete victories had this year it is Dan By a wide margin. Far as how we played for forty minutes. it's the most consistent. We've played on both ends as far as offense defensive the most consistent we've been from one half to the next and it couldn't couldn't come at a better time because the two lane team that we played. I think as a really really good basketball team. They came into the game. Seven and one at some really good wins under through their belt. Only loss was to Mississippi state. So you know from that standpoint We played really well. Guess Fair. Very Good Competition I. I thought we passed the ball really well. We took care of the ball and it was easy to you. Know to really look at all the threes we made up. That was a big reason. We we were able able to have success but we also defended. We held them to thirty nine percent from the field which They have four offensive players. That are as good as anyway point when you bring a kid into the program coach. I'm curious like with You know your guard that goes out and just gets it and and and rebounds and you say well that could be you you be Marcus smart with Gibson Jefferson D. Say Hey could be this type of player this type of shooter do you. You ever do that kind of thing to not to put pressure on a kid but to tell them. Hey this is how good you can be. Oh we go we all the time in the in in one man or we do it. We usually try to pick an NBA player. Either present or even pass that They might know and we tell them you know Patty. You're game after this guy and then we'll go get a bunch of film film and show this particular player You know a guy like Gibson Jameson we've used. Jj As a kind of a a player that he could you know be like to an extent a guy that can really shoot it there on the floor one or two or three times shot. Fake Nick Scott. Good Body. Both you know good size Jj's Annalong NBA career In but we do that a lot in terms herbs of trying to compare guys to MBA guys and have them study Those players as much as possible. How about then with a guy like assign French? Who'd he tried to compare him to a son? We've used Kenneth Farid and as an example I think You know he may not shoot threes as much as draymond green does but draymond green a guy that brings the ball up. Assam brings of all up for us a lot You know an undersized athletic attic physical player But those are two guys that we've used You know for us on what this week coach because it's It's not all basketball when you're at this level it's also in the classroom making sure guys get their work done You've got the Christmas holiday coming up. So what what is this number one been like this week and really the the two weeks where you've got only two games in about you know fourteen fifteen days. Yeah IT'S A. It's an interesting time. I'm to ballots Your schedule As far as Academics CATACOMB I. You know the finals are very difficult. It's very three Mentally draining time. A lot of stressful time for our players for is in the classroom. Not only that. They're taking their finals but not only their finals finals. But they're getting caught up on you know we might have been traveling and they missed a test or we have been traveling and they missed a quiz that they might have to make up or whatever it may be. So they're getting caught it up here in this last week and taking their final so that's gotta take precedence right now. And for US coaches. We fit in practice We gave them off off on Monday And then you just Kinda fit practice when you can. And then as coaches were getting out recruiting a lot during this time high schools around Saint Louis have started up Most everybody started this week So it's a it's a great time for us to get out and see some SASON players see some young guys is But it's a really busy time but it's a very hectic As far as trying to just your schedule's not very fluid. There's not a specific not every day that we're practicing It could be different times because of finals so You helps you get a lot done but really really you. Don't get a lot done on the court. It's it's a little more difficult. You are relentless recruiter your gym rat. You love this game. You grew up around this game with your father her which I'm going to ask you about here in just a moment. But what is the recruiting. Liked Travis for it I mean. Are you writing you know all of a sudden you know notes in emails emails in tax and calls and what you can do with the NC double A.. Regulations all those things. What is it like this time of year to try to recruit? Well it's all the the above as you just mentioned it's the phone calls. It's texting You know The players that you're allowed to text in Col- It's trying to get player especially especially local players in for unofficial visits. Bring them over. Spent some time Here on campus with us Have a watch practice Come to gain some. We are at home And then obviously were out Right now pretty much. There's much whether it be hitting getting a local practice or games which I'll be doing tonight. going to a couple of different games you try to hit. Maybe a half of each game. I'm just to let you know certain players know you're there. You're there supporting them That's a great thing about the only time in my coaching career. That I've been able to do that in a city where you don't have to go dry two three hours four hours To Watch great basketball I can catch multiple games in one night And say some really good players. You see some really good teams which makes it very convenient? What's been your impression coach of the talent alad in the surrounding area? I mean you're familiar with Missouri. You're familiar with the mid West but in particular Saint Louis now that you're you're headquartered here. What what what do you think of the Highschool Talat? Why did spin disposal that you've seen so far and some of those kids you being able to get highly impressed highly always knew saint? Louis Develop felt great players You grew up knowing you know watching a lot of great Saint Louis players whether it be college or the NBA But even Lourdes press wants. I've been living here now for three four years not only with the individual talent but been very impressed with the coaching at the high school level. A level it's really good in it really is Very impressive The other thing I enjoy about high school basketball here is I. I miss this is not. This doesn't happen everywhere. They still get great crowds at every game. There are still great rivalries in Saint Louis People Care about high school basketball and they still support high school basketball That's not the case everywhere anymore. Probably there's very few places in the country That support high school basketball with the fans support. The crowd support As much as Saint Louis Does your dad sits behind you and and I'm curious when you're coaching a game. How often do you look at Dadan? You gave that look at each other like are you kidding me or hey that was a nice player. That surprise fries me how. How often does it happen in a game? Not Very alternate. I'm not saying it never has but not very often You know I'm so locked into the game aimed usually but you know he does try to make it he and my mom try to make as many games as possible They live about two and a half hours From here in Kentucky They try to travel when they can't so that's always nice they've always been very involved in You Know My dad taught me agape basketball Always give him all the credit He taught me as a player. The fundamentals how to play correctly he was a college player and went on to be a very successful high school coach And you know. He taught me the Game Basketball Plain. Simple I've taken a lot from coach Pitino and Coach through it from Missouri for system. Type things practice days but as somebody who taught me the game I give my dad all the credit finally coach. So you've got a tough one coming up. Don't you with Auburn. Yes I mean I don't know if it can lead gets any cover Right now I think there's fourth or fifth in the country. RPI So there's not many teams above them. I think the ranked twelfth in America the AP poll was of today You know watching them on film they. I don't have many weaknesses. This is a team that went to the final four last year in lost a couple of players but they might be even better than they were last year. Here They can score. They got inside outside game We think we're good rebound team. They out rebound their opponents by ten a game we rebound hours by eight a game They got probably border five impudent will be an NBA the next one chimp. Two three years on their eighteen Very impressive team undefeated right now. They haven't lost a game. You know we we've got our hands full no doubt But it's a great eight opportunity for our team. It's a great challenge for our team but we have a lot of respect for Auburn and we understand just how good a basketball team. They are always great to catch chap coach will We'll do this again next week. And Good luck in the upcoming game.

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