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Combat Diva stomp your left combat the no sugar coating G. U. Shipping and we are back for another warranting edition of the combat back. Yeah and onto the world's needs to be you. Must you take your phone? So what was discussed said Because we do a lot of Shandon between you know keeping our communication going on and keeping our social distance which is because we're best easy so we gotta emission play to the rules but what we've been noticing it is the is influence so a lot of my influence is common from a lot of social media coming from the news and we can it's unavoidable because with intelligence to do stay at home only go out when it's absolutely necessary so we find ourselves. Doing a lot of grocery store runs we far as we go to the curb get mail and went to the door so he goes to the grocery store for fun now. Is this social outing base. Sometimes I put on faces down. I also think the lip you know when I amass down like a mask back on getting people in Provo section all safety blue blocker. You blocks your booth. Glad he got to risk wells. Got Red Lines you know he best distance but if I know that I'm going and I'm like really keep my mask on. Make sure you know below Mascaro all because the hasty map. You always look amazing. I can't tell you this. We all have criteria associate. I have babies. Maybe he said according Sensitive I don't know I think we all get a low of getting a little sensitive little more sensitive. I think that This quarantine it allows you to downtown so you do a lot of thinking you really connect in which mental space Some people is taking it in a way of going on a more positive note thinking of New Strategies if they already entrepreneur on thinking of different strategies to be more essential in towns like this They're thinking of other ways to grow the money when the when when Elsa opens back up some people need a little bit more of a a check in because they fall on the latter part of it Long some news loneliness A lot of people are really quarantining completely along so not having a lot have not real interaction speaking to people so some feeling a little bit depressive. I get it in time following a veteran. Ptsd sometime you know skate on the land of it but Nina bring myself out of it to video chat or quarantine with my mom a son so you know. I'm I'm considered. Bless yes I think. Being with other people in quarantine does hell. I also know that it can make. All docs creep wanted to go back to over metric relationships. You know failed. Relationships maybe friendships. Big Nation just That lonely and so You know necessarily Kinda had a try to keep a positive Attitude about everything. It is especially alone because even even for myself. I have a addictive personality. I think we've talked about this yesterday in easily. Hooked on things like you know it can be anything. Games accord drugs but like I pretty addictive to me. Like I'm easily also and I have to keep the island with the coroner thankfully husband my daughters but back sometime and you're like okay. I don't I don't need to do this. You know I'll have to go back this way but those people you know cocaine twice so you know it's okay being you know being transparent and just understanding that like these are the things that you notice about yourself in things that you have to pay attention to because you don't WanNa fall victim to any of that stuff. I Know People Picking Up Smoking Habits Drinking Habits on a wet. We want people to kind of fall into more of a positive habits. Not Not no this. No this you can keep at wine. You can keep which is by no reassume of people. We just don't want somebody coming out of this team with would any newfound habits war on expanding to have a like the way what was not a habitable four name a habit avenue. Because you do more I mean it could be. You'll have a. You'll have a a a meter like ten o'clock in the morning last one while this is food. My industry balloonist a addition. It is and it's hard because I don't WanNa controls the food on. I'm the one that you know. I'm I'm making the income because thankfully enough. I'm still able to you know I'm able to work from home and make a living still so I'm the but then also more less vulnerable nothing. I'm not not saying that I can't get the you know the virus or whatever is just a compared to my son my son. He's eleven he's not GonNa get wound and I don't take him with me and my mom is You know in range of the elderly or whatever she sixty five so that's the main thing on. Tv is one acrobats immune system in elderly sixty five right as sixty five and older. Absolutely I might definitely want her out so I gotta take one for. The family can be action. What have you that? You've been able to navigate the waters them now only be apparent. But now you're saying thank you so I good to know where your your left right boundaries a letter Eliza right boundaries a and where your influence is live in. We've talked about this recently. How research a need for cotton that we're going social media of course and six offers all time. Have you never made it? I have a tic account I will say that but I have I got that countdown as follows associated. You know six and I mean it's a round hole you roy that I need cotton happy to thank for my tick tock account. Okay so even leave. A post videos. Probably allied to videos posted on my separate tic TAC account Tunisia be every video is likely. Just scroll this girl is is w Scott and they share it. 'cause it's like all my dad you die in so you gotta share 'cause you WanNa be able to have to. It's it's so much but then we also get influenced by the content from celebrities. The ones that's also with a we're all in this together. We got to fight this alone together. We'RE GONNA make it out this long but gather in this like Oh shot with us a lot of the lot of you because Oh my gone the ones that subject to a lot of like with the virus a Lotta Vulnerable. People are inconvenienced areas where it's like apartment buildings heavy dense populated areas and here. They are holed up in bear pit houses at the top of the biggest city or they apple in the mountains. Right next to get down Oprah next today on a we'll slipping Jada next to the Karbaschi. Ism calabasses right with. This is what she needs to do. And this is what this this other thing that you need to do this link. Y'All have basketball courts cintas courts in vide- pools? Okay going underground. Who's paying basically now movie? I'LL TAX SIG on. Your house is bad personal chefs. So it'd be tackled Tuesday Sundays. We don't even know what the it is. When when is Tuesday what would they? Is it today who knows we only got yesterday today tomorrow right? We don't even matter no days. All of these things and I are easy for you now. What about the people that got a two bedroom apartment is like fat people? How be small may thank hongling thing that we do have long? The biggest fast balls have bigger spaces where that's separate from rest of the house. We can't do that but yes once bare a week. Renounce mean. Ross Perot because you have no word. You can't rate have bad weather snow or rain or snow or year the Blizzard Small. Toco back though you release so I appreciate some of the celebrities that accurately acknowledged like heck. I believe I mean it's been inside but I will. I mean how was your interview all known like affected your life. She's like any less over so that for me and after media the biggest seemed likely they are really drinks and they are not struggles. Not Say we're not is sipped ever on TV in their eighteen hundred square foot pool. The House is like we're together dollar pool. Hey Hey guys staying on hand out down. What are they gonNA Camera Guy Camera Guy with Keeney on they got their pool is ship you. Are we really in this together? That in this fear of influence was a unfortunately our social influence or our celebrities. Tom This has been a thing forever. But now social media with everything being so instant in that access that we see more now than ever that that our social influences in our celebrities really set the tone for how we deal with emergencies and I think celebrities were not like taking fourteen seriously. Then a lot of people wouldn't now granted keeps of. No THEY WANNA do Michigan. Fool fucking overall right now but you know it is and I do WanNa know if that if you if you see any pictures of Michigan and everybody of roar at. He says I'm not racist. But it's all white people on the roles in whatever in a group of people with rifles on the at the capital of any state. We would have been shot but is wiping Michigan Years Lake as you let to save from the Jim Crow. You'd be like that's what it is crazy. But I believe on Balenciaga Nope that's twenty twenty. No say what I saw at the office today and it was all I'd be but the capital of Saumur Michigan will will capture missing is and they were just like like eight hundred savings posters. Should free us now right now site around nevertheless because it would go offline have rights. I mean people of Color. We also have rights now with that views it are. They always acknowledged all along. Okay we're we're all created equal until we're not like that with with with no way we same black lives matter. Protesters get arrested in a just got the signs left just young goalies they gets at the the rating at the low ready here right outside and Trittin Wheel Liberals Today. Nobody they have a right that have rights. You like okay. Yeah so anyway we the Blackhawks. They like all last eight in Hancock. July that aside John State moment just like we know what we can do but we also know what we can do. Yeah that's true and we'll we'll talk a little bit but that savage. So what enough celebres? Okay so tarries I. He can be patronizing soon so like he can't do these videos it. You Got Short attention Spain. Just don't don't come here because this will be released video of post. He said the last five million people. The real issue is more real than he's giving tips and tools on to stay healthy during the pandemic arises. Appreciate it I was able to push through all the Blah Blah Blah pay attention BLAH BLAH BLAH. Release the rulers years to get to the meat and potatoes of it. I tried it was. It was a eight minute video so you know my my impatience put together. Though he was in a lot of fluids on vegetables get ginger. Ginger shots tumor rag and and the whole time. I mean you had a nice little personal chef in the background. I was like we make sure we take our shots every day. I mean we will prepare it lost To get this. I remember when when his other Videos either got a post. He was like he was storage unique. Make sure your storage unit is filled with all the nonperishable rules and make sure your stars like we don't have a like into keep it cool You keep a cold so make sure you get your storage unit with air conditioning. A Yoga I gotta spit on that. So that's a barely. Fill up a whole pantry. If they got a street filled up their refrigerator fill up their freezers. They only get as much as they can put in store without wasting their food while Without wasting money will go out and get you. Some people got a storage unit right now just two houses or two ago and can't even afford to keep that shit together without them back to auction off base shit absolutely hit on storage wars. Some shit a night don't suggested like that. We are packaged citing. All people not working right now is insane is so we are not Simon at arena and unemployment goes you know. Sometimes we tend made insperity and I want to be sure not to do the Iniguez town far removed from from things acid. Yada things I mean just maybe as I grow older. I tried to consider. Every thing is going on people and of course it will fall short of it but I really do track really make the effort concerning to similar states taxes income tax on all kinds of things. I mean cathedral rather well we gotta pay back next year. Not Human all can now. Now I mean let's be eating. Food is crazy right. Make your maker information. Universal made it on the universal. I May I is baseline at the very very bottom essential as possible. Like hey if you can't make sure you get enough canned goods. I mean a lot of can goods are places all the or whatever other you know Barbara Store where you can get a can of corn without fifty cents for the United States wherever you buy groceries on it stuff like on Pasta you. Can you know bodily make like stuff like that but Jong have people make it as like we are? Bank accounts. Aren't saying you can't count was my pocket. I can't count wasn't here which was showing me that on his other. Guerrillas video just went out and got one of these e so fucking like five person fucking sauna. That's non-regular like we can't. That's everything my bank account to go ahead and you know I got a sauna. We go be nice and hot would be booth in a nice little cool. Lights won't be bored US OUT OF THE FRONT E- exactly and that's what I would. I want to be able to know help people without. Hey I know rock has done to to help because you know that that takes away from the help but we do. We can to help the community reach out again off season race. And so that's taken away from that amazing amazing things. I've seen as far as community coming together helping small businesses the arrest roads US businesses. Are the Chicago Mirror recently on today I mean the daily shows are Trevor Noah. Talking about the great thing that she's done Chicago you've been on a lot of Russian. I mean even with all the we make but she has gone through a lot of adversity shoppers. Through saying last year the Mare for using humor to reach net our social media age. You know 'cause that's where we are so she recent demo social media she got tossed on the lowest liberty now because because a means like I love the job. I'm uses to save lives. I'M GONNA use it to keep you in the House and she has done this and I've deleted have her face on everything closing night pictures of the leg and close. The Guy Admits Laurie life with own in front of the big Ad Lori lightfoot at the park in front of the bars why did you just aim uses eight also Saddam's solicited so far but that's a instance and using your influence at that point in time to try to give good information difference between information and influence and scale the right direction? The realized was was influencing you in west is trying his invention as far as people prey on crisis and situations like those people on in stocks. Yesterday I was cannot stand with you do this. I can find no transition vinyl. You made me in Iraqi area relationship wise and I say to you you you deserve in czar. `Bout Greg Williams with of my mind you on the social media social media life coaches. Yeah these social lead. We were one away at another mistrial. I think the immigration in the end that people make their disease. Everybody can be influenced. Somehow I turn on the TV. And so I won't task. Might one back games about again but at the same time please be responsible which will influence may. I said the ones. That's the shut in madame cells in had her like a friend in like a day and a half a rangeland up kids they could be on a conference. A video conference at work teleworking. Would he be really busy? What everybody is believed that? Everybody's everybody should else to do or have nothing but time but a lot of people really don't have that same level of time what you do while they're busy doing stuff that you really not knowing what's going on you look at these videos like all your friends age of free and you look alike fuck down. Yeah they're not friends gave or a dude share or you know homegirl. Ain't shit you know. All these things is some stuff like relationships of all facets is not perfect whether it be marriages friendships You know just cross aboard all the ships but basically yeah and if it's going to be some type of trying times each bowl with this isolation is isolating new is isolating your mind. You clean focused in age. Are you hearing those words coming? From whatever device. She missed it to an aunt. Who got you fired up? Exactly why I even have to watch myself too because I was watching the oldest guy them. We'll be like it's not the oldest but it's twenty five years old is it is just so crazy to think of something made in nineteen ninety five and we're looking at twenty twenty new damn years ago. Exhale wait wait okay. Please tell us what happened because I love. We will be right back after this best word from our sponsor right was looking for wellness line. That cares about you. Look no further wholeness oasis. Is My one stop shop for athletic? Wear daily planners motivation much. More shock with wholeness aces at wholeness. Ace's DOT COM and use Promo Code Combat Divas at checkout for special savings. You won't be sorry again. That's WHOLENESS OASIS DOT com and Combat de Esta Promo Code at the checkout. Talk to you soon bye so I was watching Talking about influence all watching and waiting takes out today in the movie so I was like ten I am. I get all my Sean my age. I don't care thirty five fabulous. I don't give a day are a banana. I realized how all the women were in. The movie is up and it's just like I still looked good. I still look good to great. I was Li- remember like when I seen this movie. My Momma let me see when I was since I a little bit later. I like to get down. Oh now I was like whatever I still would be why I'm still alive but what I'm saying is like the influence of that really made me think about over ships almost making me WanNa dal up. Some people say was all my mind is also kind of making me. Think of like current things will be our. You know he'll never leave. Why other Girls House on ebay wives all types of just craziness ninety China getting personal like that? But it's just you know had to bring myself back because it had me low key round up action then you got to models influencing you to be these terrible as people gathered around a. My mom was watching with me over here at like he all the data from the her mom incurred to be. This terrible asked me. This man does which are Mama's do Ha- about why cps it gets in now got to keep all. What did you got some time? Morrison say it does being Iraqi movie. It was all about a person's then I'll look at the location. I was like Huh next Adds get up at our location location location. I had to get up. Get up how good stuff had to get out. You'RE GONNA song far but I do dead that Can make a difference. But that's why was there anything? That's alright transitional transitional brooches I called transition of people praying gone through west standing glass another circumstance. Because you say almost anything in a related I are rocky. Ram May message is already. But I mean I'd say zeal see their friends Blah Blah and. That's what now people these can offer is now of rain Boat I need you because I'm better nece deserve the greatest brands of like we just had a little spat Rocco so now now that not that it's a head is just like they haven't and I didn't feel like give more you take more in. Oh God this big about you being over something and get triggered something in watches scene in the movie we see a clip or see a name you that over though if I can. I can article. You unearth things. You think you pass something at the Assam. Come up their soul. Oddly familiar to your situation then I knew I should see our to ease the Manashian. I knew I suggest you know 'cause they think I just walk all over me. All cake got nothing. And he hosted you like missiles potatoes. You like steel. The steel granted bitch. I wanted my shirt back between GAC. That shirt normal you like would trigger factory. Sorry back I whole situation so I said I say I mean you just have to be careful about what we influence that during these vulnerable towns. Because all we're doing is looking at content this nat- down by anybody with professional in the D. Or anything by behind your name your social media preaches. That's what it is. Social media preaches social media. Life coaches on chatting a resume with us. Here should here hopefully in the near future some things that's going on a lot of people are going through me so much. I know friends of mine. That's going through depression. Anxiety is creeping on during this time is that whole unknown with is going to eat in going to go back to work make more money. I mean that induces anxiety and so I am on edge Washington News in the news. Don't be good information anyway. I mean so. I'm so I'm like I know it's out there but at this point I'm like I'm all corona doubt me a lot. Here's coronal thanks Mike. If I'm getting it from getting it from the TV. I'm getting it from social media in the end you have people call you and they want to sit on the phone and they WanNa talk about it in if you have you know other adults or whatever Shannon space with you in the Navy WanNa talk about it in this just like there is a such thing as kind of like a like overkill without Steph and his legacy surrounding US outside in his also surrounding you inside only after found a way to stay like this mentally healthy yet. Absolute mentally healthy is a is a good word because again with influences as to be pushed into a direction where they feel like they didn't come out of this with some amazing grand plan idea. They wasted their time. Time with your family lit at Nashville town with their families all year. Really or in the let. I'm sorry. Let like six months eight months and are now down in. Catch up amazing to me. You know that's being mentally healthy. That's knowing I think it gave people a chance to know what matters most. Now you know that your job is your everything is GonNa be shaky family is which going to have. The ever are noticing. That and I'm actually applaud father. This happening in shame who combined this amazing amazing whatever that may not be everybody's playing dream. What would want parents in a chance to see? How kids really doing school. Absolutely I say then they see in wet like what's really going on with the kid. What's what's really going on with. Their spouses was on with you. Know parents like all types of things they get a chance to get like a fat row seats alive stuff. They really didn't pay attention to during the hustle and bustle of every day. Because as you know taking stock is that town was really. You don't even realize it because you just because this autopilot you just going going going going you go to work comeback Work you help kids with homework or you. You know you know another cameras car or whatever type of Jackie Guide. You still taking the work home. Still working doing the actual most app live is just going like so now. Everybody chance to take a moment and take a rub. It is like I had the have LX LLC. Get Out of this. I'M GONNA have audience stocks and shares an online guy in the seven dollars. Jahmai Muslim Rudy.

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