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We're doing a live show up on stage. It'll beat the vine improv Thursday, January twenty four th tickets available and Pearl dot com, and we'll be doing basic cable commentary, and we'll be breaking down some of the movies that inspired airplane while zero hour, which was the big one. And and some of his work as well. So come say, hi, good. See again, my friend nice to be here. Good to see you. I was for me. I think we all had everyone had movies growing up. When's when VHS came out when we had the ability to repeat things used to be just wait till the Grinch who stole Christmas came on September thirteenth. While you probably weren't old enough to see it. When it was in theaters didn't see it in the theater pot. It blue because you're too young or because you really missed it. Like, I missed the Beatles. Live in Milwaukee. Because I thought I think they they they got big in right? The beginning there. And then they by the time they played Milwaukee. I thought they'd be over with. So I didn't. Yeah. Well, well, the Kentucky Fried movie had couple things had had some great tits in it. Which was a big deal that's been hot. And he back then. And also, it was probably are rated, and I probably what year did Kentucky Fried seventy seven seventy seven. I I was not old enough to see an R rated movie, and I was probably thirteen or something. And I couldn't get somebody to take me to the to this theater. But later on I had a friend who had VHS cassette of it. And we could just watch it over and over again and some of the just funny. You know, there's this stuff where you go like, oh, yeah. It was funny back in the day. But it doesn't really hold up anymore. Some of that stuff. Just as funny today's it was the first time I thought like Cleopatra Schwartz. Thanks. Yes. That was. You know, we we shop that at our old theater at our old Kentucky Fried theater on PICO blank. Nobody remembers this. But we had a theater from nineteen seventy to nineteen seventy six on PICO boulevard, and we did shows Thursday to Sunday born seventy eight this was yeah. And it was packed. We it was a comedy review and remember the the air controller in airplane. Johnny Steve stuck was piano player. Wow. Yeah. When it came time to airplane. We definitely wanted to cast him in something. So we want to say we wrote that role for him. But we actually could not right for him. He all the lines that he said were his own. I can make it to. Yeah. He actually did that one St. how how tough a sell was airplane before that John Ross sort of existed. But it was it was impossible. We wrote it in nineteen seventy five and we could not find any backing for it. And so. We invited John Landis who had directed a movie called schlock, and that bombed he used family, the family money, and they lost all of that. So and he came to invited them to come to see our show on PICO. And he said, essentially, why don't you do a movie of your show? And so that's kind of gave up on airplane for the time being ended Kentucky Fried movie. I will play a little snippet of Cleopatra Schwartz. Well, the whole thing only minute eighteen seconds long. But it cracks me up every time. She was six feet of black dynamite. He was a short seating. Ju she on a savage battle to stay alive in the ghetto. He studied the Talmud at night. While she burned to the ground. He kindled the Sabbath candles. Was a love of. Let sensual lust fueled by those who said, no. Samuel L Bronco presents Cleo, Patras, watts alone. Dead triumph in a hellish inferno of unrelenting desire never before has the screen unleash touch violent Curie. Never get one, man. One woman defies such incredible. No, one stop them. Who would do the who did the voice over for that? There's a guy named shadow Stevens. Stevens. Where somehow we got to know him, you know, early on. And so our producer Bob weis knew him. So he did all the all the voice overs for the whole thing. Now the. The actress in that who played Cleopatra shorts was Maryland. Joy and her boyfriend who I think was Jim Kelly who was in enter the dragon. Oh, really as one of the this is, you know, there's a whole there is a whole enter the dragon. Yeah. With Bruce Lee. So and I may be wrong about that. But send out. This fully came to try. And Detroit gags in every movie after that. But she so we gave it a we cast her in. And she didn't understand that. This was a spoof on a trailer and had her lawyer come in and her agent, and we had to put it in writing that when we did the feature of Cleopatra Schwartz. She would be right Cleopatra. Whenever right. So we said, okay, we'll sign it. I remember super clearly God, I must have seen. I must have been watching Kentucky Fried movie before I was outta high school because it's some point one of the prominent guys who is in fistful of yen, which is probably the longest vignette. They well. Yeah, it was a movie within a movie, it was only movie within a movie, what are the guys who was in that one of the third guy. Whatever was the unpire one of my high school. It was high school baseball game playing and sill mar and as walked up to the plate, and he's like, all right. Take your fist fully. All right here. We go. I couldn't get over it. He was one of the Asian guys in one of the Asian guys. In was the empire in my high school baseball game small world, laughing at the part where they say if I were sleeping and you're an alarm clock. How would you wake me, and what are the guys with very, well, I wouldn't I'm no digging. I don't know. Why? It's so funny. It's not. But I actually thought of that when I was a have to as I mentioned before I I happen to be watching one of your movies and the credits were really really long at the end. And then I realized wait a minute. This is a gag there's it's just goes on and on and on and on it was crowd at all the people of paid for the. That one. I wish it was like gang jokes on them. But we did. In in the in the credits to Kentucky Fried movie, it said clowns army, and so we gave everyone of these guys all the extras credits. That's I thought well one of them was an empire trying to figure out which one lots of. That whole that whole scene was so great that whole movie that old movie was great people ask me what your favorite comedy. I'll always saying. They could gun saying that because you're here. It's a wonderful wonderful. I love there's so many great. Not here. Please. I always I love when it gets back to the airport. He's gets behind the microphone spilling people know. They're here to see weird. Al and weird. Al big Kentucky Fried theatre fan. He had been to the theater many times. So yeah, that always made me laugh it always made me laugh when he was trying to get them Pires pyre suit off him and the other guy woken the doors. Still many great laughs. So the first cell was tough. But yeah, but police squad was before that, right? No, please. God was after airplane after right. Yeah. As in nineteen eighty-two, we actually tried to do it as a feature we had an idea. Why don't we do a police show? And we wanted to to do kind of a spoof on 'em squad, which was a nineteen fifty eight black and white s- television series. Starring Lee Marvin and so- Leslie was to play Lee Marvin in this. And so, but we didn't know what a plot was or structure or characters. So and we'll prove that in top secret. But anyways, so Mike talk about. Talk about Michael Eisner, who's the head of paramount at the time said, well, I can get you six on the air on ABC. And so we said, okay. Yeah. Hey, how about a TV show and the way I remember it? We thought about we failed to give that the twenty four hour test. We thought about it. And then the next morning, we call them up. And he said, no, we don't want to do. We don't want to do a TV show because you know, we we wanna do features. And he said, well, I already pitched it to him. And they said, yes. So you you have to do it. And we believed him so. You know, Craig today's you think about all these moments pass in your head. I I loved it. When Leslie Nielsen was talking to the guy down on the dock you want to get information from him, and he started like, maybe this member. Member of money back though, seems make me laugh that. In that routine? We did on stage. I saw also that a version of that. Which made me laugh outlining the water in the. Made me laugh in the TV version of that is the guy who's same guy like the shoeshine guy who had all who had all the information at some point. The guy needs information leaves and then Tommy Lasorda pulls up, and he wants to know who to start the six game and the World Series, or whatever it is. Right in each episode. We had somebody come on one time. It was dick Clark. Right. He asked him. How do you? How do you looks still young? And I have this special cream, and he gave them. Yeah. There were always a little guest cameo. So the Kentucky Fried movie how much of that cost. You remember the budget was for that? It was about six hundred fifty thousand do you know how much made or how it even work back then probably made about twenty or twenty five million and so return. Yeah. They and they weren't you know, it was United Artists theater circuit who, you know, put it out they distributed they put it in their own. Eaters. And so we made a lot of we had a lot of profit participation because they couldn't hide it fast enough. Same thing on airplane paramount didn't expect it to be speak it, and it was put into production as a what they call a programmer and villa distribution pipeline. And and so it's first week. Well, that was that budget was three point two million and it made its money back the first weekend at one hundred thirty on my screen. I mean overall who knows profit keeps growing, but three point two and one hundred thirty million that you you have the this'll help your memory seen. Always cracks me. A Frank driven is going to get them information down right now near do. Well. Well. Oh, I remember, Hugh. What do you want to ask you questions familiar with that face? I don't know. I remember eight so great. Maybe this over pressure member still kinda haze. I remember my used to see him around where do you want to know? Maybe this'll help. Still don't think so. His name is no cop. He was dealing h telling you was dirty. Runyon right now. All right. All right. We're Ludwig shipping. He tried to push something one of my boys. I swear it. So what are you going to do about it? Copper was to maybe. I should tell you. He's not a twenty. How about now? Out if you're telling the truth. I love that. I love all the scenes, and that's all the crazy. Oh stuff. No nordberg. Oh god. All right. I should tell do business this half of the show. Brought to you by butcher box dot com. Truecar and Ben online dot AG. I butcher box delivers healthy one hundred percent grass-fed and finish peop- free range organic chicken. Heritage breed pork directly to your door on a monthly basis and they got a new protein, they're adding while Alaskan sockeye salmon, everybody sustainably harvested from Bristol bay Alaska. The color tells you it's fresh not factory farm all products or humanely raised never given antibiotics or hormones taste is unbelievable. We've been talking about the protein we've been talking about Vinnie toward her. It's genus been coaching. You guys up time to make it easy. Have it brought straight your door? This stuff's all believable and much. Unbelievable. Much higher quality than you'd think it would need to be. Free shipping anywhere in the US. No commitment. Cancel anytime. Special offer new subscribers get twenty bucks off plus two pounds of salmon two pounds of salmon and free just by going to butcher box dot com. Entering the code, Adam butcher box dot com. All right. So David sucker brought you and your son by to take a look at some cars because your son loves cars. He's really into it. Which is a good thing. We spoke off the air you had questions for me about movies. I made. Yeah. Well, I had you know about the about the credits. Remind me of rows funded then that's what we did. We had clones army at the end of Kentucky Fried movie, and that credit we actually credited everyone of, you know, three hundred extras we version. So I saw yours. Those comics were like, those comics that you put in in the to help pass the time while they'll the thing blows over thing. You know, if you're going to crowd fund, something you have to offer a bunch of like incentive, and that's all you had to do is. I could do that. Yeah. You maybe get a movie made. They would well, you know, like hats t shirts posters, you know, outgoing voice messages on people's phones and all that kind of stuff. Questions about twenty four hour war or whatever car movie, you saw the portion of the show where guests interviews the host. Yes, you might not have been coached up. No, I was I watched. There was the the boxing movie. And then there was the the movie where you were a standup up. So I'm watching rode hard, and I absolutely laughed out loud. When you got the guy heckling you when you were doing the warm up stuff, and he he took you through you over a table. Yes. And I thought that was hilarious. But I was thinking what I was thinking in my mind was why doesn't why doesn't Kroll at just take this guy because he's a boxer. But then I got the movies. That movie you're in an ace fighter meetings. Can't hunt. Yeah. All I remember from that scene. You probably have had this. If you times what will just according to my wiring. What drives me the most nuts are the prompt masters and the set KYW's guys doing like the set prompt stuff because when you're writing the jokes, you do it really specifically because you have sort of seen that you want in you need certain things to happen. And this was the talk show of a big time late night talk show host. And the guy was dressing. The guy's desk any add to ceramic coffee, mugs. One was sort of just sort of weird diamond checkered multicolored and the other was just like beige and there. And I was like what are you doing? He's like, I'm doing the set, you know. And I was like Where'd you get the coffee mugs? He's like I rented them which is weird because the dollar store down the street and coffee mug it. But I was like no you needed one with the show's low on it. And he's like, yeah. We didn't get those. And I'm like have you ever seen a late night show where this mugs like from from the kitchen or at your mom's friends house, and she poured you some post them, and it's just that just random mugs, two, different mugs. And they're like we rented days. Why did you rent? Why would you need to rent random, coffee, mugs? But then Secondly, it always have the show's logo on it. And they're like, yeah. And I'm like have you can you think of as show nighttime? Daytime anytime that had provided coffee mugs, but the mugs were just random random mugs from a random kitchen, and they're like, no the microphone was like miniature and weird too. I was like, oh, no, it's so are you familiar with this American institution for decades? It's so weird the scene where the guy had the floor buffer. He had this miniature little. Little swiffer thing. And it's like guys have picked brother, and we're in a big big hotel and keep doing a commercial. And so it was like, well, this is the one we got it was miniature thing and said to the guy who managed the actual hotels like you guys have a floor buffer like somewhere like go get it and win gotten the actual it'll drive you nuts. That drive you nuts. Just the well. You know, what drove me nuts, but it was years later in airplane. I wanted we wanted all the costumes to be of the fifties. Not of the ninety seventy nine when we did it right because it was all that stupid, seventies fashion. And we wanted to make first of all we wanted to on a prop plane, but Mike Elisa says, no, it's got to be a jet plane. He was right. But we still put in the piston engine it always had to sound, and but the the constellation somehow. They just a few things kind of squeaked in there. Like the the little kid who talks. Kareem. His you can see it's a huge collar for some reason not of the fifties at all, right? And I didn't notice it at the time because you're trying to think of a million things share directing. So I love that scene. When he's talking about dragging linear up and down the court. And Kareem didn't you know, he wasn't an actor? So we have to piece that together if you watch it it's kind of cut together a little bit. And and and but Kareem was he didn't want. He didn't he wasn't comfortable with memorizing lines kind of like me in high school. I wasn't in the drama club. Because I couldn't remember is any lines anyways. This was not his first, you know, calling. But so, but fortunately, they were all sitting in pilot seats facing forward and cream is reading the of teleprinter. Yeah. Yeah. The thing about not being fund of memorizing lines. Nobody's find of memorizing lines like. Like, I don't know. How Mark do. It it sucks. Mark, it sucks. It sucks. It sucks. You're having when you are doing a sitcom or something like that. And you get a big stack of pages, and you go home with it. It's literally like you're in the ninth grade again that's feeling of red and misery and like Monday's coming. It's horrible. No one wants to do it. Yeah. Kareem doesn't have to do. He doesn't want to. Thank god. He was just, you know, right? Just right. So a few years ago at the TM festival, which I go to every year out here. They we were at the and it was so unbelievable to see airplane in a giant theater. Chinese leader. It was packed house. People going crazy. And I remember somebody asking because I think we all soom this this movie had to be just chock full of improv. And he said, no, this these were painstakingly written as right if you could talk a little bit went wrote it over a couple of years, and we fight over everywhere. There's a certain rhythm to the lines. And since I discovered final draft. Then I see the speeches on a page is a picture, and they can't be any more than six lines. But you know, we just everything is a setup or a punchline, and we just and there's no improv. It's just it's we we use we use an old nineteen Fifty-seven black and white movie called zero hour as our template. The plot is exactly zero hour. Have you ever heard of this? You must have to go to YouTube put in airplane zero it shows scene for scene. Same thing. I just I thought it was airport. Yeah. Some of it was from airport. So you know, when Peter graves is by the magazine rack, that's exactly from I think Charlton Heston in the terminal I love when he's walking into the terminal and the got the hurry Krishna. Flowers and stuff like that. And he just beating the crap makes me laugh switching gears Davy Crockett. Yeah. Well, sure. David duckers big Davy Crockett guy, which I I knew about. So what happened was is? I was talking to Dylan, and he was talking Certa given me that official particulars. And he said always a big Davy Crockett guy. And I said, oh, yeah. He's got like some of original David Crockett original stuff, four letters, including the one where Davy Crockett says tomorrow, I leave for Texas. Wow. Yeah. It's the last letter he ever wrote, tell us everything we need to know about Davy Crockett. Well, you know, I'll give you the shorthand thing. He was he was a congressman and he was a wreck on tour and and comedian of his day. So. In the days before TV and everything what what around the campfire in the in the taverns. He was so funny and popular that he would attract a crowd, and you know, people would recruit them to come to the tavern. And then he parlayed that into running for office died at the Alamo age forty nine forty nine. Yes. Nineteen eighteen thirty four eighteen thirty six thirty six so born in seventeen eighty six where was so he was a rack on tour, and he was sort of used that as as a gateway to to politics, but what what what was his politics. Well, his politics was it started out. He was a Jackson, man. And when in on the whole tide of everybody was excited about Andrew Jackson. And that was the story about Andrew Jackson ahead of the huge inaugural party. Where it got an overflow crowd. And they. Started trashing the White House and Crockett's, and you know, Andrew Jackson as the story goes ask crock at to help and so- Crockett's idea was to take the huge Caig of whiskey and drag it out on the White House lawn. And so every lured everyone's yeah. Sure. And then they tried to lock the doors. I guess, but so then, but then he when Jackson had cooked up the scheme to remove all the Indians from east of miss, the Mississippi and move them west Crockett oppose that so we had some kind of moral stand, and he had initially fought in the Indian war on the side of the white guys. You know in in eighteen twelve did because the good guys. Yes. I didn't call him the good. Yeah. Did he what some of the lore with him? I don't know. If it's all provable are not. Well, he was a really he's like the biggest athlete of his day as well, as you know, Kevin Hart of his day. So he was a real mouth on him. And he would and he was a crack rifle shot, and he could shoot a, you know, a target from you know, whatever it was hundred feet away a hundred yards away. And he in one this is all not good in twenty nineteen. But was great. Then he shot a record number of bears. So he would shoot he would kill all the wildlife, and then he would move onto. He would keep moving west. It's not like cancer. This is my I wanna do a movie about this. And by the time, I was really able to make a movie at became not. So great. Killed indians. And why did he go? Did he go from Washington to the Alamo? Yes, he was. So because he opposed Jackson in this in this Indian Bill, then all his enemies in Tennessee, Adam defeated through dirty tricks very much like they do today. And so he he lost the election of eighteen thirty five and said to his constituents. Well, my the people in my district Sofit to re vote me out of office. So I told them they could go to hell and I'd go to Texas. And that was basically, you know, he wasn't afraid to say, what was on his mind. What do you figure his last letters worth? His last let it will. I don't know. I'm I I don't know. But there was there was something that they thought was going to be the last they thought it was the last letter, but it turned out to be a forgery. And that was bought by the university of Texas. I think for five hundred thousand so yeah, we'll trade your Walter paintings fire suit. So as many people can hear that story. Maybe the price will go up, but you were interested in the stuff and buying this memorabilia years ago years ago. I mean, I started collecting. About twenty five years ago. Wow. I mean, that's super interesting subject, but still, but they'll scare you don't it's obscured. And although I just knows the name from childhood song. Yeah. Well, frontier, right? And of course, we all idolized fess Parker. So I'm I'm busy writing naked gun two and a half. I think Kasparkova the line play. Dave, no, Davy Crockett. I thought played game. You'll Boone he did Daniel Boone also. All right fess. Parker was the actor who had a TV Daniel Boone the right areas and face same role. But without getting killed, and so I got a phone call fess. Parker is calling me. Oh my God. It's fess Parker. So he he was also the winemaker. He was also the winemaker. I didn't know. These are famous for wine news rack Santa Barbara Titus podcast right now type best Parker. Autocorrect ten result. Really just type infest Parker. No just enough to result. Those those been the auto complete suggest. In every night gone movie. I put a picture in the background on the wall of Marcus Davy, Crockett or David or the real Davy Crockett. And so that's why he called he wanted. So. All right fast Parker. Yeah. What comes up? Winery in short name. Wine club. He became a real estate developer in Santa Barbara. Yeah. His daughter so winemaker Tessema, they still have Parker. Wines is world famous hall. I knew him and Daniel booed. Very very high end. I don't think I don't want. I can't I don't I don't know what to be middle of the road. It's respected high expense probably invited me up to his hotel in Santa Barbara. And we had lunch and gave me a script. This is another thing. I've learned over the years when you meet your heroes. They will give you a screen, and this I actually went to. I was a huge mad magazine fan the fifties. That's where you know, we kind of kind our teeth on that. And so I happened to be walking down Madison Avenue, and this was the mad offices. So I went up there and met all these guys. And and and they gave me a script. The bio pic of Alfred. He knew what crushing correct myself fess Parker's wines range from about twenty bucks like up to like sixty. So they're good wended fest park or die and thousand ten and did he got into this after acting or his family was into making wines before he was like a Disney actor guy never known him as a wind guy. He weird after the wine later became a real estate developer and winemaker in Santa ynez lot of range. All right, same guy. Well, I confess I did not know that part of his life. Also, the guy wears a Coon skin hat weird. So this is why he moves so easily from Davy Crockett today. New Boone they both wore Coon skin hats. All right. 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The news with gene grad Kevin Spacey was in court in Massachusetts Monday and his lawyer entered a not guilty plea on his behalf for allegedly groping teenage boy Spacey is accused of fondling then sixteen year old busboy in a restaurant Nantucket in previous court documents. He said he'd planned to plead not guilty. His next court date is on March fourth. He doesn't have to be there as long as he can be reached by phone. Meanwhile. Far as part of it is like, and you also can't go hang out with the lad part of the thing. But we'll any chance of that happening or do you say that? So he doesn't offer money gets more of like a. Yeah. Like a threat thing or a bribe or blackmail how much fun. Okay. I got two questions. It's both directions. One is how much fondling can be done while you're like sitting down in a guys wearing jeans, and he's giving you Calamar you'd be surprised. And then Secondly, does it ever work. Why does it real how hood like I I mean, I'm looking at a lot of it depends on the context. I mean, if can be made a lot worse by if you funnel a guy in black face. Oh, yeah. Not that you cannot really get this climate point. But how do you? I know you get off on weird things if you're a weirdo, but how much can you get off on Graham on outside of the genes that are like dropping off at your table. Sad. Reality must be that. It must work some of the time. Otherwise, why would this be done? What does work mean mean later on in some sort of second as thinking, right? And I'm all for that. But what I'm saying? Why not have to hear? You're trying to get laid fine. You're at a table good. Looking young pieces. Sixteen year old ask comes over to drop off your tapas. Why not say to them? Hey, here's where I'm staying. You wanna come by for a nightcap whites grabbing of the junk is part of it. I don't feel like that's a bridge to get the person into my room, and like we've said about other sort of proclivities. I don't think this is something we're going to be able to suss out. I what funneling is this a butt cheeks squeeze like what are we middle? Come out on March fourth in the meanwhile, we didn't talk about this. Because it was so weird. It happened on Christmas Eve, we were gone. But did you see Kevin Spacey's YouTube video that he put up when he was kind of playing the character of Frank Underwood from house of cards. He did this on his his own Kevin Spacey YouTube channel, and it was very bizarre. He he released it, you know, it was right around Christmas. And I brought a clip of it because we. We didn't talk about it here. He is as the character pretty much a Frank Underwood going back and forth between talking about his character on the show and its controversy in real life. And it's just bizarre, of course, believed everything and it just been waiting with baited breath to him. He confessed all the just dying to have me declared that everything said is true in that. I got what I deserved win the bees. It was all so simple. Only you and I both know it's never that simple. Not in politics and non live, but you wouldn't believe the worst without evidence. Would you wouldn't rush the judgments without facts? Would you? Did you? No, not you you're smarter than that. What's it gonna show us how to do Dutchman? Yeah. You probably do a one man show of Mark Twain, Davy Crockett, David. That's a oh he may be losing it. Well, and then he kind of goes on to say, it starts to sort of bleed into his character on the show and saying you never really saw me die. I might be back. And then it goes back and forth into reality and not reality. So it and this was his big Christmas Eve. Yeah. Now is the let's see if you're fondling a guy at a restaurant. Yes. And the guy. Can you at a restaurant? Can we assume that that guy is of age because he's working at this restaurant on the you can I don't think you can serve at a restaurant. If you're under eighteen this guy to be sixteen that seems reasonable. But I'm saying if you're defending Spacey can he go where to restaurant at a bar? I didn't think the kid was sixteen. Does he get to is he excuse where you can presume the person was of age because they're working there. I was assuming I'd be eighteen to serve alcohol. Yeah. That's all right to your to your point two pronged because people are gonna go. Okay, fine. He was eighteen he was nineteen. Why did this guy? Point. I've been hitting the dick a thousand times by Jimmy Kimmel. But that's that's back finger that doesn't really count that limp. Finger kind of. Yeah. Yeah. All right. This is only thing right now. No far from it. I mean, I've heard a bunch allegations. But is he going to court other charges now, I think you're right? But but accusations I mean, they're in the what thirties or something. I guess the Anthony Rapp famous actor even had a story about him. I mean, these just came out rapid fire for a while. So I think Weinstein, by the way, according to Garriga Weinstein is going to go full OJ on us like he's going to go from all of us. Like, oh, my God is going gonna be in prison for the rest of his life to always out. Like, that's that's Garriga is take on it inside info. Well, speaking of prison, Kim, Kardashian strikes again, man, she is really she's doing some good work. Apparently DMZ reports that Kim is making a huge difference in prison reform again playing a key role in helping to get clemency for Tennessee in Mason Toya Brown that name. It might sound familiar. She's definitely been in the news. She was imprisoned for fifteen years for killing a man who was allegedly using her as a sex slave when she was sixteen. So she was a young prostitute basically being held against her. Will this guy was you know, whatever he was doing, and you know, attacking her and she killed him in self defense. She went to prison and she set to be released on parole. August seventh Kim recruited her attorney, Sean Holly to helps in toys clemency campaign. And this is not the first time she's done this. This is I think this is the third Kim went to the White House last summer to meet with Trump and taught clemency reform, and she played a major role in freeing Alice Mary Johnson and Matthew Charles. Why believe that was recent that was like in the last couple of weeks? I think both people she mentioned to Trump during their meeting. So weird life. You know, what I mean, you get rich older little bored. Princess di's. Like, I gotta clean up landmine. She's like black folk out of prison. We're past brings you probably wouldn't have thought. About seventeen. Right. No. And I don't think any of us all this for her. But this is fantastic. I think mex- paddock and check this story little bit. But this one may not be quite as cut and dried as some of the other ones. I don't I don't think it was like she. I don't think it's like her pin pad or cornered with a knife. And she pulled out a gun. I think this is a little more like showed up someone's house and killed him kind of thing. But it we'll get some get a couple of details on it. But either way. My thing with everyone who kills somebody. It's my Menendez brothers thing. Which is if you're not gonna kill me. If all you're doing is killing your parents and your pants got. I'm not I'm not your parent, and I'm probably not going to be your pimp, your sex labor, right? That on a daily speaking of the Menendez brothers. We hadn't talked about this. And I'm sorry to to spring this on Chris Kaelin? But did you see where tweeted this thousand times? Did you see that basketball card that trading card that was going around was Mark Jackson from like? Okay. That it's a picture with the Menendez brothers sitting in court side. Yeah. I don't know if this is true. But the there they're the trading card now the rumor is that when this picture would have been taken would have been in between the murdering their parents and going to prison. So this is apparently allegedly post murdering their parents. North passes in there too. Waiver program while I didn't even see that. Yeah. This is tweeted a bunch of times, I forgot about nineteen Ninety-one card or whatever. Whatever what are your the would've been and there's certain things on his uniform that signify the exact date definitely in the short pants era shirt. Right. And I'm not just talking about the Menendez brothers. All right Mack to pet it. Find out about whoever. And I'll tell you guys about simply safe looking for a home security system could be a pain. I got SimpliSafe to is in there. You get exactly what you need. And it's exactly what it should be ridiculously easy to use. No, more hidden fees. No, pricey contracts. Get yours at SimpliSafe dot com slash Adam. All right. Let's do one more max, paddle, right? All right. I think you're gonna like this a man in Rio de Janeiro messed with the wrong woman when he tried to rob her of her cell phone, you have see fighter pollyanna Viana said she was waiting for an Uber on Saturday when a man approached her from behind and threatened her saying you had a gun and to give him the phone. And that's when Viana by the way, tend to Emma may record and a one one record in the you have C fighter her instincts kicked in. She told reporters she stood up and through two punches and a kick he fell, and then she got a rear naked, choke Viana went on to say that she then sat him down in the same place. They were so they could wait for the police though, she suspected that would be did not have a real gun which did end up being like a cardboard cutout. She still wasn't sure if he was armed with another weapon or anything. So she plays the mugger in MMA hold and kept him in complete control until the police arrived. Viana would later learned that yes, it was just a fake gun. But she had no problem kicking his ass. Good. Also, there's new. I these women are getting really good. Secondly, there's no reason why hundred and thirty pound woman. Couldn't just choke Jesus out of a full-sized dude athlete versus a probably a junkie. Yes. Probably easy fights that general just about getting that arm around that artery. -sition polling it in tight reason why they couldn't do that. All right back any updates on that story. So Brown with sixteen thousand four killed killed the guy shot him in the head while he was sleeping, stole money and guns took his truck and fled the scene. So everyone argued that the killing wasn't motivated by self defense. But by by robbery, well, she if she's being. All right. So she said she was scared for a life by Allen's behavior and took money for fear for turning empty-handed to her pimp nicknamed cutthroat, he's what was well. I I'm sure she was horribly traumatized, and I'm all for pimps being shot. But the fact that the dude was sleeping hurts the case a little bit. Well, she did serve time. Okay. Out woken by the gunshot. Yes. All right. But anyway, not quite as cut and dried in this particular case, they didn't both reach for the gun. You know, it wasn't. You're right. It wasn't. They weren't wrestling from each other's arms. But it does the story from what I understand was she she was being kept and abused. Let's hear it. What we're gonna be as well. They're saying that if she was tried today, they would be were as a child sex slave in victim. Good. And she shot was the guy the pimp, or is it a judge, John John? Bad back home don't want to return to handed. So she shot him and took all stuff a little more. Listen, I defend John's tack one shoot the pimp. I'm fine that John guys just a traveling salesman. Laid it doesn't know family. John janis. Actual name was meant to be shared. All right, anyway, I liked her more when I thought she shot her pimp, but either way. Is let God's sorted out. Let's bring it on. You got it. I'm Gina grad. And that's the news. Gene, the news with Gina grad. When closes over the move bet online dot AG, everyone sports net challenge so much fun. If you wanna get involved with one you can do it online dot AG pick him where you could win twenty five thousand dollars, use the code podcast. One. Receive fifty percent worth of welcome bonus. Need your help making my picks and send them in? Because every week. I win give five you one hundred bucks. Credited bet online that AG. What do you got? Brian Dillon ran me and the results from the final week of the regular season week seventeen you and I both went four and one this week. Could we both of us? So the final standings are in from the regular season first place. Not you and me Scott fish, the first place, rob Riggle, rob real. But it's the second place Ross Tucker. Former NFL player and third yours truly Brian in fifth place with fifty to correct points. It went sixty three and nineteen on the season. You're in eighth place going fifty eight and twenty seven. On the season. Check out online AG very playoff bedding for all the bedding. You want to do in game bedding is the best. You know, the games will like, oh, this is going to be a comeback hop on those Osmond bet online dot AG right live shows. Irvine improv mean, David sucker up on stage. Breaking down the basic cable commentary that'll be on the twenty fourth of this month. And then Connecticut Foxwoods February eighth and then Boston Wilbur feeder February nine that'll be me. Doing stand up over there. Tonight, the Tenney booze in book club that seven o'clock at Tenny downtown LA, great restaurant Dawson's going to be there is going to be reading chapter from left to boom, boom, boom and have some angry at cocktails there is well, so go out and say, hi, David sucker. You can shoot them at tweet at David soccer. If you like, thank you. Thank you very much. And I will see you in Irvine. We'll see. Friend and unit. Son, wanting more car movies will get them to. Thank you. Coming up next. Good sports with me and check until next time. I'm David Tucker. Gina grad and bald Ryan Saint Mahalo. Okay. All right. All right with the comedy. Right. That's the funny, man. He tells jokes. He's a funny, man. Cigarette. For today's episode of good sports with Dave damage. Doug and parole coming up with this. Let me tell you what Pete who loved hockey and always wanted to play in the NHL Pete played since he was three and begged his mom to let him stay on the ice by some nights. He even slept in his hockey skates. Pete practiced and practiced until one day when he was forty seven Pete realized he just wasn't that good. So he threw his gates in the trash, but then he heard how DIKO proud partner of NHL good save money on car insurance. So he switched and saved a bunch. So it all worked out. Broadcast warned sports network prisons. Good sports, high sports veins. Welcome to brand new episodes of good sports here podcast one Dave damage Shakir Adam Karol over there. Yes. We wanna talk about the NFL divisional round of the playoffs. If you want to beat dive on those check out the Dave machine football program, wherever you find your favorite podcasts ace, if we have time, I also want to update you on the twenty eight thousand shekel awards they were handed out. I'd love to know. Well, I do want to inform me of a couple of big ticket categories there. But we did leave off yesterday. I heard on Friday, you talk on the show about Kaelin who was your how you ask them to house it for you. And and he returned the favor by making love on your on your bed. He had sex on his lady on your on your on your very own bed. Yes. The bed in my home that I hug my children made love to made love on. Well, again, it's all so. Unnecessary. I've told everyone all the time. We got get off this made love jazz. I'm glad we moved on as a society in the seventies. And eighties. Every TV and movie was made love you can never say sex. I'm glad we've improved on that. At least they out. Sorry. We my feeling in life. I think I've been very clear about it around here, which is take whatever you want drink might beer have sex on my bed. Just don't let me find out route. You don't have to tell me, and it's a simple as throwing away a beer can or tucking away undergarment, and I will not know, but you have to at least get to that threshold, and I've gone nuts on these guys multiple times because I've left this this podcasting studio four five in the afternoon on a Wednesday and then come home on Thursday to find half drunk Tallboy beer, just sitting. Right where my microphone is. And I go you guys been drinking in what we doing last night. We had after show party whatever, and I go well, just clean up after yourself. And then I won't know. And they go we checked and I'll go all right. I don't know how you checked. But anyway, like the push back. I love. Well, Chris what I did a sweep sweep. You and the guy from night at the Apollo need a new brew. Q miss sixteen ounce or sitting next to the boss. So much acreage here. It was an endangered beach bag the studios. Sweep so my most of my concern is twofold. It's not that somebody drank beer in my studio or that someone made love on my bed, which I'm not thrilled about but that's not really where my concern lies. My concern lies is that you're not good enough or thoughtful enough or thinking of me have enough respect for me is the boss to actually clean up after yourself. I hey, do this thing all the time where they go. Oh, yeah. Believe me. We're scared. You believe me? We don't wanna hear you know. Let me ask. Let me tell you what people do when they're scared. They acted different way. Do you think during any arcade? If you look at any of the stories of. World War Two and when Poland was occupied. And the Jews were in the ghetto. They tell stories in the stories were like, well, we weren't allowed to have bread, but somebody would smuggle it in. And then somebody would pass a piece off, and we had a system everything they did every piece of food every morsel food everything they did was like, we we'd go up and Frank. This is like if an Frank with sunning herself on the porch and fucking throwing every Nazi pass by fuck you ate. All fuck you and somebody went eight or you're scared of that terrified terrified when you're fucking fucking attic, and you blow out the candle and then when the cop when the Nazis come in the beginning. I don't like this story for you though because you positioned yourself as as the NASDAQ scared. I am. It's like inglorious by you, gotta die your hair, flax. When the two hundred comes in their they everyone is silent beneath the floorboards. That's that's how it works. So this thing where like simultaneously leave undergarments on top of my bureau and leave beer cans everywhere and our simultaneously scared that where we're going to have a confrontation talked to any fucking child therapist. No. There is no fear. I knew it when I was a kid the people that were like scared of their step dad because all boy, they pulled up and their bike was in the driveway, or whatever they were going to get a woman they fucking go running like if there were sitting kitchen, and like someone's like, okay Hon, you'll be home in ten minutes. Dad stepdad's going to fucking do a shoulder roll and dive out the front window to move the huffy before. That's what scared of not, oh, you left your bike in the driveway. Did a sweep. Blocking the set. Trying to trying to watch over here. Like there were no there is no fear. So my whole thing with everyone has been insanely consistent. And I would say Gary and Bill and just so you're aware you're the concentration camp inhabitants. I would say insanely I don't like to use to wear generous or hero. So not your not my that's not your way. But I would say very fair. And then I go consume as much of my beer or snacks, or whatever it is you like, overly generous, whatever it is. You would like simply remove the empty beer cans from the studio when you're done drinking in my studio. And when it comes to the macadamia nuts or the pretzels or whatever simply fold the lid over put the chip clip on top. I'm not counting them eat as many you like just don't have me walk in and have a gaping bag of pretzels that are hanging open and getting stale in the night air. This those are the only rules, by the way. A bridge too far for many employees way too far for many let me say this as a as a infrequent visitor occasional visitor here. I would say that the the standards that you just laid out are mad about two thirds of the time seems weird. It's time. Now, the first full the pretzels over doesn't seem like well six years ago. We're at about twenty one percent, and we're moving in the right direction. This is basically like saying I have a special needs child. He's nineteen. He was reading a second grade level when he was fifteen and now he's seventh grade level, but it's still way below who what a normal person would be. Okay, baranov. So I get closer to the target with Dylan back there. I said do whatever you like, please don't have me notice immediately. When I come back into the studio or into the kitchen or into the facility, that's all undo whatever it is. You do in joy. And you're under no obligation to tell me about anything. So Kaelin was watching my house when I was in Hawaii, and he picked us up from the airport, which was nice, and he was there with his dog and. It ran through my mind, it sort of ran to Mallika. He's bringing his lady friend over what's going on there. But I had no thoughts about it. And but I was thinking as I was driving back from the airport. I thought how long is it going to take me to trip over a telltale sign that he was up to something that I didn't want him up to in this house. And I thought as a guy who's done a lot of house sitting and as a guy who's done a lot of babysitting where I've eaten everything in the pantry and then faced the labels all the right direction and put the lids back on. And that kind of stuff also is a guy who just got done leaving his two thousand dollar night Maui. Sweet. And who did a little straightening up before he left threw away some of the cops. I don't like it. Like, I go to Lynette side of the sink and there's like some tissues balled up like on the floor. And why does somebody have to pick that up? I I do not to get too pious about it. I really I'm with you about that. They agree. Gis filth and up. A hotel room someone else's gonna get it is so gross. I get that you get that. You're going to get a clear filth. You're gonna make the bad. You're going to put a fresh set of towels in there. But I don't take the town like balled up and thrown on the ground. I kind of stretch it out if there's any Kleenex or anything like that. I just throw it in the wastepaper thing. And if there's any cups with Cafo, whatever I'll just dump them in the sink. I do I like walk around and straighten the place out because I don't like the idea of these people clean up myself that that's what I'm saying. But that's me. So I thought. Well, how long when I walk into my house. How long before I find a towel? Now first thing I did was I just walked in the house, and there's just I have a kitchen the kitchen sort of the center the house, we have these two big kind of bar type island. He things that come out for the top. And the first thing was just a large pizza box. We. Completely empty and just sitting on top of the counter. Like, you're presenting it to that is that may be the most agreed part of. Happy to means. Box. Bigger sweep. It's just a large payback. It was funny. It was sitting on the corner where the island sort of meets the wall, or whatever it was just sitting and wasn't on the counter was on the top part where the bars it was like hanging over on one side and the other and it was just place there. And I was like, oh, we got some pizza and open it up, and it was empty. I was like why would you present me with an empty pizza box? Go ahead Kaelin. Okay. So I put the beats in the fridge so pizza for you. But what happened was what I was planning to do. Your trash cans. We're already being taken out after its vigorous lovemaking session. Put a little food after dropping down my pillow time to carb load. So I was planning to take the pizza box out with my other stuff when I went to the car to put it in the trash cans outside bishops, but you couldn't do it. Because you realize that you acted no close policy for all visitors to the Corolla home while he was away. You just lounged around in the new didn't you everywhere? So I'm curious what happened with your your elaborate plan about removing the pizza? I forgot about it. Oh after oh. After that fire helicopter went down in the neighboring building in the flames spread to our yard got out with just your life and your dog or you just forget about it. I do love out. Everyone gets your plan. Oh, what happened the piece box? I good answer. No, no to hear me out. I went out to the car. Okay. Yeah. Well, what are you going to do that? Caitlyn? I don't know of atom. Even once a hear this stuff color. Intrigued how many times? Yeah. We won't go into it. I just I just put a one in front of whatever number. I have. Of of of accent, such no how many rooms it was just it was just one room just Rysley just. All right, in a way, the pizza box in a way the pizza box. Even more grease literally takes up the size of. Harvey then you're sitting on top of the thing. Like, and you want to choose that want to be the mortgage just one then that's that's fine. On me. There's an argument to be made that the other item was not necessarily something. He would be concerned with. That's true. We'll get into that other item tomorrow show. We're saying he's infertile or something. I don't even know. All right. Well, we'll get into more of pro football, talk and some of this stuff and the Mars good sports until them for him, curl, damn checkout. Girl. She went Twitter it Adam Corolla show on Twitter at parole voicemail at eight seven four four. To take an e for weekly dose of inspiration of motivations click on the link, Adam Corolla dot com up the tonight at ten for debut of ten Hebrews and fuck book club. I'll be reading left at boom, and we'll have author Doug Louks, former CIA special agent to infiltrate at the Taliban and al-qaeda answering your questions after the presentation, plus the left her narrow band. Cocktail tickets and inform on live podcasts. Mangrove ants books, movies and good, Adam Corolla dot com. And now stay tuned for eighteen years. -nology truth. Brought to you buddy. Geico. Truth. You will certainly send any text about your supervisor to your supervisor. Janet, fangs did she lose a that? With weed whacker. Oh, sent wait. No, no, no truth. It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. Janet, I think my phone was hacked or something Goco, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more. I can't believe it that Gerald is presenting the quarterly budget report with finger puppets. Here comes a one point seven percent decrease in fixed overhead I know everybody. No, I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on car insurance guy. Go. Projected increase in organic two-three revenue. Believe it. Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Dump the wall and shutdown. I'm Tim Maguire within AP news minute. With no breakthrough inside President Trump argued tomorrow night in TV speech that a crisis at the US Mexico border requires the wall, he's demanding before ending the partial government shutdown. This passenger at the Atlanta airport agrees. President Trump castle stick to his guns. The Trump travels to the border with Mexico on Thursday, a California parolee who spent seventeen years in prison faces charges the shooting into a crowd during a brawl Friday night at a Los Angeles area. Bowling alley and bar killing three people injuring four others. Reginald? Wallace was arrested yesterday and remains in jail without bail a twelve year old girl and her fourteen year old sister are cute fatally stabbing and shooting their thirty two year old mother early Saturday morning and magnolia Mississippi. The fourteen year old is charged with murder as an adult remaining in jail. The twelve year old is being held in juvenile detention. I'm Tim Maguire.

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