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Hi Friends Welcome to another episode of that Sounds Fun I'm your host Anne F. Down so happy to be here with you today. The music in the background is from our good buddy torrent wells. His album is called citizen of Heaven. He's been so kind to let us use his music for the first part of this year and we'll be switching it. It up in July, but we're really grateful. Tour and make sure you grab a copy of that album today that that sounds fun. Network continues to grow or so so excited to announce that Dad Ville from John McLaughlin and Dave Barnes releases starting today. Here's how it actually works. It's already up everywhere. You love to listen to podcasts. Go ahead and subscribe. Subscribe and you'll get to hear a couple of things they have in the first episode comes next Monday. June twenty seconds. I think you are going to love this show. You're going to love it the buddies in your life. We're GONNA love it the women in your life. We're GONNA love it. This is one of those shows that everyone in the family is going to love and I sat down with our buddies. John and Dave and kind of talked about where the show came from, and what the ideas and a bunch of other weird stuff. You know how we are, so here's my conversation with the host. Of Dad Ville. Our newest podcast on that sounds fun. Network Dave Barnes and John McLaughlin. David John Welcome to the. podcast thanks for having US well. It's just exciting. You've both independently been a part of this show. And now we join together, Bentley, we're here now. And here we are. We are independently of course first of all. How's Your Day going your? We're recording this on A. Thursday comes out on Monday a like how hard it was for you to figure out what was. Has that been part of the pandemic for you? Do you know what? was already a challenge for? Any. Of Me knowing what they was gone, why with that wasn't true when you were in school? That's a tour life problem. Yeah, yeah! When I was in school. It was your built around Monday through Friday. Yeah, but then touring sort of built around. Thursday through. Thursday. Thank God. Life is Thursday of one of the most fascinating, but being on the road with me is when you get up and you genuinely gun to your head like lie detector. So my ass. Do you know where you are? And you literally say Oh, I don't know I. Don't know what date is and I. Don't know I'm not even trying to no date is, but I wanNA. Know where? That would happen to me some reason in in hotel workout rooms. I don't know if it was the massive amount of weight that was lifting. Those making me Dizzy But I would. It would always happen once every couple of months I would just have a moment. Yes, and for some reason the moment was terrifying. Yeah, but I don't even know I would be telling myself that last like five seconds I'd be like I. Don't have to I'm GonNa find out like we don't have odom. Like. We don't have a meter in us. It's like all right you're. Like. Mine quit years ago can be somewhere and be like I. Don't know I don't know where I am right now because you can look outside you, wake up in the you. Wake up and you can look outside and figure out whether you woke up in the middle of the night or whether you woke up in the morning or whether it's own. Gosh, why is it so bright? You have this. There's those clock in us. There's not a map in us. That goes like. Yeah, that's Oklahoma. Tour life that gets thrown at the window from the very beginning, because you wake up sometimes in a bus bunk where it could be nine am. Young? or You could wake up at three PM, or it could be midnight, and you've only been asleep for an hour. Develop an APP. That just like it quiet. City when you? Just like wherever you are, you wake up! I. Mean don't tell you that I'm buses. Though whenever I wake up on a bus, I opened the maps and I find my life and I'm like Oh here. We are where the free version of the APP only says. CLEVELAND, no matter where. You have to pay start. Cleveland could. Only tell you the state Texas Oh. Man, I am in Texas I do not know what. Out Confusion. Here's what you're going to feel today. Here's take out the state that you're currently Dave is confusion. Solution disillusionment. All the usual. I WANNA. Ask Ya terrible question that comes to mind. There's this thing I saw. On the Internet, a couple of weeks said, would you rather know? How you dire when you die, oh! Win You know wink? I I. Don't know I got to think about. Here's the trick about how. If it says like. The AP says what if the appetizers? Just says how I'm never. By Cleveland. Because I'm there too long and I just a body atrophies thing. That's her. We all are. The best that we're going to be like hating on us because. I. Think the trick about knowing. How is if it's like great white shark attack and I'm like well I'm just never going to the ocean, but then it's going to be that weird thing where like I forget or like I I wake up on a bus and I step into the ocean without you know it's it's. Which? Tour. He turned down all those cruise requests. That this thing, if I knew how, but the thing that would sneak like heart attack well, the golden becks anywhere. Yeah I want to know when I'll say that. He would want to know win John, if I had to choose between those two. Yeah, yeah I would want to know win. Okay so the. Downside. Well. Out. gave. You didn't give you the year. It only gave you the month. Oh My. Every. One and Then make twenty six you like we got. Everybody. Makes v what you just sit at home and be like okay. Are we just sit at home, drinking, water and POUNDING VITAMINS I think probably doing. But I put some vitamins in the. Last meal you get to pick a last meal. What is it cheeseburgers? No. y'All seen the disgust. That they'd kill my family. You said that. Do. You say she's very presence hamburgers. Mine would be probably to your donnas pizza just for days. Yes, same won't two or three of those slices in Timmy on down the river. You're going to say two or three of those pizzas and I was GONNA be like. You, said slices okay Mary Kate Nash. For Donald is that one slice is a pizza. And what it does to my body is three slices is death and they'd be like. This isn't how you're supposed to die, but you've done it. You've done. Yeah hat on the wrong was wrong. I think pizzas mine tail Ruin Oh just I. Want I love Pizza. What kind though I? Just like cheese? But I liked jeered honors more than I like luminaries, but I'm saying like what brand if you had to go down, what's the Selassie like? We can order you anytime I'm probably going to go to city house and do their own. But if it's like A. Giordano's is available to me. Yeah. That that that amount of cheese is so good. It's just a so pilot. What's your choice? There is a salad AAH. I think Chili's. Chili's to in the Minneapolis airport. Terminal F. It's not technically part of the airport. No External F. F Flat. Now I would go with. Avocado. Toast with eggs. Anna coffee is so underwhelming because you can make it. Yeah I WANNA hear. The best things in life God gives everyone. Okay, here we go, okay, we. Special. Kills you. It is. Isn't it? We've been saying that for years. John Avocado Toast. What how do you do your eggs? Over a hardboiled egg. And slice it up. I'm actually doing really run over to yourself I'm not leave him outside, but I like inching art boiling on Avocado Toast. See Salt, yes. On there and then just a real thin slice of pizza. Wrapped around right. Acting as though I have never done a horrible to egg on. Avocado toast I always do a little bit. I do another over medium. I do some some of that. Run any any egg on anything is. Avocado and egg are involved your Ed. What do you frothy monkey all eat breakfast, a frothy monkey, or do you just get coffee you got? We don't eat breakfast very often. Probably. Monkey Bill. If I do. I would get like scone. Discount every time. Yes go nice. It was designed by her earlier. I didn't. Pay If this was the ellen degeneres show and I was in your ear. Next time you went and ordered I'd make you order. John would kill the. By the way you you, you would crush that like my count you could do. You could stay straight just the dead you wouldn't. Kill that I, don't I? Don't know I've seen some of those and I can't keep a straight face watching it. Yeah, I don't know I just I i. agree that if he scripted like if we send them right now, and he had time to process conversation before he got the frothy monkey, and then video him asking for an. That could work my fingers if we. Wouldn't be able to GET ANYTHING NEW YORK. Over Run to the restroom over the hilarity of. Said then. Come back back in order again, could you? I couldn't do it. No, no I. Don't like all part I can't handle making someone uncomfortable. So. That to for. Ex girlfriend. Yeah I. I enjoy watching other people. Do It far more than whatever like doing it. I think it's very funny wins incredible. So, good I love music. Good thoroughly enjoyed her music after watching that I was like Oh. This makes me have so much more effective. I just a Sassan. On James Corden, her Carpool Karaoke that. I haven't watched it and I'm surprised. I haven't because Youtube is bombarding me to watch that video. It's always up anytime. It come the. Benefit of the of the thing Dave talking about because you see her personality and it is brilliant. Yes, she's amazing. She's an when she dressed up. You gotta make makeup done to try out for doing the Adele Cover Song Yeah. It is incredible. Changes are face like they do. They do significant like this. Place or something you know, she just blisters it by like everybody's like, and then I think some people are. So we're here to announce that Adele is joining the guesswork, so come on in. Bill. You're very welcome here. Bringing so having me, Oh my gosh. Such a high voice. Dave that does make me pause here and ask you to just talk about your corn teeny minutes for just a second. You built. How `bout like that built. Home. Nothing. Yes? They have been I. think like anything. That's that sort of continuously. It's really fun when you start in about halfway and you kind of realize like Oh what have I done. Yeah, but then you back to. That's pretty funny. I did I did how many have you done? You know said how many. Seventy, five I counted the other day, and it's a video posted seventy five. So you've record? All I've done one hundred fifty to two hundred. Yeah, because you have like you have some banked up ready Oh. That I'm saying takes takes just done. Are you gonNA do like outtakes. Didn't him because away snapchat. Because you know you have to do it well, and I could have saved him, but I was going so fast. I was like I. Don't WanNa. Take the time to say this when it keep going. Yeah, whatever messed up I know how to fix and I want to get it done posted on snapchat after you make him or not. To your phone. Yeah, you don't do anything on snapchat except us. The filters you. Know we don't talk. It was I was Kinda. Glad to sort had that moment was like. How do we end? What's the not because I'M GONNA? Keep doing the characters, but. How do you sort of gracefully? Bow Out and say. which was weird? It coincided with everything's happening. Nationally right now, because everybody's doing the freeze, know media. Kinda anyway. Yeah, just to honor. Everything is happening in the world and give space to think about it so I was it was? It was kind of a good chance for me to be like? This is a good time to pause anyway. So I was you. I plan on stop him, but that was even more. Like okay, that's a good reason, so you're taking a break for a little bit, and just for the I just feel like an ice kind of taking them. Out For the week, so yeah, but it's I think the funniest thing that I learned about it. was you kind of have to have? You have to build storylines for these people because by the third year the first time you. Did Matt. You're just doing it. And then by the second time you can like okay, third and fourth time you like. I have to have an a story ARC. Be, I'm going to refer to things that I have to remember what are referred to or who I called somebody. Yeah, yeah, you're not just starting over right. Take these notes. Ridiculous. You take notes. While you're doing. It because I'm like what's her husband's name? Another thing that does that. He works so I respect you for doing this. He will sleep as that character the night before. Fully in full makeup, these aren't actually filters. This is. Noses and stuff like that and I respect that. You've had a team of doctors. On I'm in so much, that's true, but that's mostly because of coronavirus. They were around anyway around anyway. They went ahead and did medical. Thing I face John Witch of the corn. Teeny ones is your for. Korn tiny. Character. Do you have a favorite actually haven't seen any. That's not true. Internet serves them up that does. Is! Pastor. Pastor. KIMMO. US. To get there. I didn't sleep in his garbage. He'll need an hour and a half and get ready. He's. Hotspur the pastor elubode I'm for. I can't tell you he so so out. Of all of them. He's the only one that I can just go I. Don't yeah, and I have some stuff. But I just feel like I could do that character. Yeah, the thing that I love about two things at one. I know that Guy Yeah. Yeah Yeah, yeah, and to you it almost doesn't there a couple little. Things in their transitions do every time that are funny enough. It doesn't even matter what you say when you say. Pastor Mike. The hard stop is so often church. It's so my gosh. Way that he loses his eyes. I will. Is are sort of like a brain breaks like. Him, so, in his thoughts down when that is. In the more abrupt that transition. Funnier yeah out of the blue. You know one of the things that I. Mean I have a friend who every time he does is still to this day. CACKLE with laughter, but we'll. We'll all be having 'cause. We all grew up in the church and south and we'll like. Somebody will say something really fun at a picnic slash. Hang out in everybody's laughing and he will immediately grab the two people's hands next go. Thank. You, Lord for laughter. And I'm like it can be. I will I can't control. How hard I laugh! Because he's really sincere when he does. Use Okay. Oh, I mean. I mean he's being funny, but. He plays it so serious and he'll. Lord Thank You And I'm like I'm out. I WANNA see a series of video of people's reaction to all my God. Off immediately goes up. Captured a blessing. That's I think that's a lot of people's favorites. I can't quit the chickens. That has no surprise you every time. The chickens pop up and surprise the main chicken I cry I laugh so hard and That was kind of a bummer for me because I guess it. The same and then I saw the people because you know just how much people commented that one just took a real sharp dive like I. Feel like people responded. I suppose. Dicey with animal rights. That's very true Aso. Chicken, singers is really they are union contract. Here and we had to. We had to let them all go. Bigger! In The sky? Wow. Wow. I just couldn't. Handle him anymore well I. Get it I get it that one has more of A. Allies of all of the ones I ever did. It's the hardest. Doing? Yeah, like I could not get it together like I. I posted a couple of instagram stories me laughing and myself, yeah, because it was like they would and I. Don't know what that why. That was so funny to me. Yeah, but like a guy who's leading abandoned. He can't get his background singers to listen and up at the right time. And to. Filter activates by when you open your mouth, so that's how they pop up. I would open it and they wouldn't pop up and then that would make me less than they would pop. So it isn't right okay? I didn't know that that's good finding. Hey Francis interrupting this conversation with Dave and John to tell you about our partners over at this whole farms y'all know this is one of my very favorite stops in Nashville was asked me where they should go when they are here I. Always say you gotTa go to this'll farms tea shop and restaurant over in West National? It's one of my very favorite places. They are local, but they're also national and global fizzle farms is a social justice enterprise that's providing healing and Housing and employment for women, survivors of trafficking, prostitution and addiction. I told you bottom a couple of weeks ago. They've sent me one of their candles from the new healing collection, and it smells so good you. Is Oh good lighting candles, incredibly symbolic for thistle farms. They've lit a candle every day. y'All for over twenty years to symbolically light the way home for the next woman coming off the street. Why does that make me feel that's so beautiful? You can like the way home to by getting a candle at this'll farms dot org and if you use the code that sounds fun you. You get fifteen percent off so that two candles one for you and wanted to give away. You get fifteen percent off using the code that sounds fun at thistle farms dot. Org We always have it linked in the show notes as well. If you don't remember this'll farms dot org and use the code that sounds fun for fifteen percent off and now back to the show. Okay. We actually have a goal here today, gentlemen. We. Can't to haven't. I need you to know I don't know if you saw dave did email general last night and say. What are we doing number? Of, meetings! Took confused. It'd be fair. We've had a lot of meetings because you guys are starting a new podcast. Yes. It's been long in your hearts long in your box. Is finally to the world. ADVIL advil. I am so excited. Are you somebody excited? As Pastor. John John was my gateway drug guy into podcasting young. For one the signing bonus that you gave. That help, small liquid IV. You could ever want. You've always wanted to kite surf. Then, it's true I. Do know there is a join the network. There's a little network gift you get for joining the network. Yours is coming. It is just on backward. Let's right. We talked about the Mary sorrow. Were so hard. It's part of demand right now is through no I'm so excited because this is probably been two years in the making now. Yeah I mean Dave. Texted me. Hey can chat I came over to his studio and he was like. Had this idea for podcasts called advil? Would you want to do yeah? And I mean I was like hundred percent. Yeah, that sounds great. Doing Then, he talked me into it and again there was a signing bonus and so. But I wanted to do it for two reasons one. Dave and I are super close. We even if we weren't close relationship, we're close physically across the street from each other. And so, it would just be fun to do anything with Dave share and two. I had really gotten to the point. Two years ago where I'm like all I WANNA DO Social Media Wise. Is Just talk about my and my family. Yeah, I I don't Wanna I don't have anything else to say right away and so it came at a time. It was like dad bill. That's all I wanNA talk about. Yes, Dave, tell me about being a dad. I don't know yet. A. Lot of this is speculation we don't. Say. We're nine years in right. That's a great question I. Mean that that that it's. It's there's things about it that are certainly the same you know, but there's so much that changes and I think that's something that we get to dive into so much on the podcast. Because obviously you're. You're always dad. but man just the phases of what your kids go through, and how they change in in what they need from you all stays. The same can change so much to you know and how you relate to. Your kids changes a lot, and so it's great, and I think that's one of the things that's been really helpful. I mean that I mean. We talked about this lot John But I. I, think one of the biggest surprises of the podcast is we literally originally our conversations? You would laugh so hard at an shows a little. We knew about what it was going to become, but you know we initially were like look. Let's have like a fun. It'll be like a fun dad. Get together. We talk about broken lawn mowers, and how knowing it is to have to wash your are. Fine like Dad's stuff like the dazzling doing laugh, whatever and or We. Often. We'll be dogging in the ladies of left us to watch the kids. We generally don't know where they are. Humorously like there's a real moment of terror, we're John. I don't know where Sam went and I'm like I. Was A kid. And I'm like no, we both, and then we have to do a very spirited search because we know, the ladies are hovering, and if they walk out and go honey where Sam and he asks say I don't know. If, they bring Sam to. Right which happened numerous cameras downtown. Yeah. There's five kids between the two of us. Yeah Yeah, and so anyway I think something that we that's been such surprised that the podcast as we originally thought it would be more kind of light, and there are some very light moments fund moments a lot. I think but. It just sort of turned into this really profound journey of like heaven enemy. Anybody smarter than me would know. Hey, if you have really wise people on, they're gonNA you're gonNA have really in depth conversation tax. Transparent very challenging, but sort of life changing advice and thoughts in in you know as we kind of got into it. We both laughed so hard because it was like we would leave and think holy cow like that. Yeah, I didn't know half of the things that I just that he was talking about until it went from like this like yet, not yet cottee yet, but fun Kinda to like you know like crying. I, mean we. We need. We need to be intentional about getting some serious moments in the right, and that's not how yeah! No. Listening they should know you already recorded what you're good at some of the episodes as we're actively recording as we go as well that we've. You've recorded some so right now when we start releasing them every other week. Is that right? Yeah? When! We start releasing them every other Monday I think that's true. Yeah, yeah, you start releasing them every other Monday. We you've done of, but you're still actively recording right. Yeah, and I think our friend at me. Some of them are are musician, friends of ours, and then some are learned authors and counselors. The people in that very much, so know what they're talking. About being a dad. And child psychology in. Like, may like how men's brains works, and how that works with having a child you know, and so it's very and I. Think I think the best thing I can say about it is this. It's a podcast I would recommend to people and I can't think of a better and I think what I love about that is. We are so tertiary to the whole thing I mean. We're hosting it. I feel like we really are as much sort of like observing in learning as anybody that listens will will be for a lot of them, and so I think it's fun to me because I really wholeheartedly if I was sitting next to a stranger on the train. I'm on. Yeah, what would happen next sitting next to a stranger on a train in Brussels, and so far this story is. A train and writing mongering, and now if I was sitting next to a stranger, and they asked what I did you know and it came around to tell them about the podcast I would say usually I think as a dad or mom would ever like I think you'd really enjoy it and I think what's great about that is it just shows how little you know like the how how much we're able to. Sort of be the sidelines. These people had just such challenging encouraging things to say and adly. Really necessary. To both I think moms and Dads yes and. So it's, it's I think that's that's what I'm especially excited. About is being able to be a part of something that I'm I I WANNA promote. Yeah for people here more than just like chicken Nia Jenny right not that we don't you know. We both have songs that we've written that. We feel like Oh this has a. Bigger message or a meaningful message of course, but it feels so good to work on something that has more people involved. It's not just me in a room by myself a melody or Dave in the room by himself like it's always a collaboration. We're always bringing people in that. We know that we don't know that we're all fascinated with, and we're talking about something. That is always important. and has different. Different angles and different experiences, and and and just like me as a dad I mean it's fun to do it as a creative person, because it's just another art form of of getting information, but as a Dad I am also the dads out of my brain is learning. That was going be questioned y'all is a lot of times. The podcast we make and won the big deals for the network is helping create and release shows that solve problems. Oh, and they're and one of the problems. It is hard to be a dad. Tell me why I i. will never be one. Tell me why it's hard to be a dad right now. Kids are hard. There's a lot of answers that question. It's hard to be a dad. because. You are I I grew up with a great dead like my dad is awesome, and I'm trying to be a good dad, but I'm going to give my kids. A you know a basket of advantages and. Disadvantages, there's no way around that. Like, my dad is the greatest, and he's my hero, but he gave me some disadvantages like. Be there all the time. He maybe didn't say the right thing all the time just like. You know I'm doing so. It's challenging because it is so important, so it could not be challenging. It's so important that. I lay in bed at night. You know the time and I'm like. I gotTa do better today. Wasn't you know I could have done that thing that I I didn't have to do that. You know finish that email could've whatever with you know when Luke comes and knocks on the door and my little studio. You know stuff like that So I, think that that's one of the daily challenges that I think of all the time is. You know which voice in in my head do I Do I listen to my doing this right, you know. And then on top of that just. What is happening in our world right now and you're? We are shepherding our our kids through the world that they live in so that you know one day they can do it on their own, and then shepherd their kids through and I want to do that in a way that you know teaches them justice, and and teaches them Jesus and all that kind of stuff and everybody has an opinion on it. Everyone passionate about their kids, and you know indirectly or directly they're passionate about how you're treating your kids, and how your parenting etcetera, so it's. It's not a passive topic. I think to something that I agree with that I. Think I think it's also something that matters and I think that's something. We both got really excited about when we thought about Dad Ville is always thinking about the Brian Regan joke about like how dad's in the media, or you know like the one commercial with the DADS caught and. Oh Dad. He's gotten the sheet that Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah! And Lord knows there's truth that which is why it's funny, but I think for John in both. It's really exciting to feel like there's a spotlight I mean. It's funny. Because when I talked to we I talked to a friend. Who knows a lot about the space? And she was saying there's just not a lot of shows, but dads, and so, when I was kinda thinking of a space to try to think about and. and she was kind of saying like what are things. You're Pash muscle I love my family. She's like Oh. You should think about that and I remember. Thinking will surely and she's like. I'm telling you. There's just not a lot there. It really grieved me because I thought. You know that's to John's point. It's one of the most important things in the world you know and so I think you know to to be able to speak to the importance of it to have space for that. You know where men can talk about that and how hard it is and. In the challenges, but also just the wonderful part of getting to. Be So important. You know to your kids like what you do is one of the most vital things your kid will always feel and express that relationship, and I think that it gets a lot of attention and when it does usually it can be not great, you know it's I think for for both of us that something that is really exciting I in your question about how the things that are so hard. I think having a space to talk about why it's hard. What makes it hard and had it in? How do you get? Get better at those things. And how how can we be more present and more attentive, and or whatever the struggles are? is really exciting and I am and I'm hopeful that people will find that I just liked it. It's talked about I liked that. We're kind of trying to get it out there and I mean you know it's not that it's not gonNa be another voice for Kinda, the importance of being dad being able to laugh at it, but also really celebrating it and trying to encourage other dads. They sort of you know. Dad You to to do it best. We can and be mindful of and it's not a podcast just for dad's. We talk about. All all things. Parenting just life, but I also. Love that we're doing something that encourages other DADS to be good. and. I think that this is this can be not to take anything away from MOMS and women and the challenges there. but I think dads, and sometimes you guys were bad. Encouraging each other sometimes to do the right thing and sometimes. You know sometimes the nurturing, sometimes the more thoughtful etc, whatever you WanNa, call that can be. Can Be Seen A. You know at worst as a weakness. Or be, it's just not talked about. It's not acknowledged you know, and so so I wanNA. Give I want to be part, and we want to be part of moving the ball forward and progressing so that that's that's just more part of the conversation. At anytime anytime, we're thinking about how to do better so good. That's A. Bottom line it all thinking. I today I didn't that didn't go like I. That's a great place to to be I mean. That's across the board and racial. Relationships in your spiritual walk. If you're thinking about how to do it better, you're on the right path. And so I think for us with Dad. Dad's especially, it's just. Because, I, just don't know that. That's I mean it's not that bad. That's have been hasn't struggle with that, but to John's point out that there's been as much of a conversation around it as there is now, I love that than in my community of friends that's. On you know rewind. That's really a lot of why John. And I want his first place, because we literally said to each other means by cast like we talk about this most of the time, anyway, why not record it and have friends on the same? So I think it's encouraging me because you know I. Don't know a lot of DADS that are friends of mine who don't like to talk about that. I don't want to go see. How are you doing this or? If. You figure out how to do this better. You know whatever so yeah, so most of the episodes will be y'all interviewing other dads. But today what we're going to have here as well over on the Dad Ville feed, which everybody should go subscribe to that now. What will be on the Dad Vail? Feed today in what's here? Today is the two of you kind of having a conversation around why you're starting to podcast and what you WanNa do so let everybody listened to that now. Hey guys! This is Dave Barn. This is Joe mcglaughlin and welcomed the Danville. Dump them from. Dad Villa's a podcast where we talk about life, love and the pursuit of awesome. Don't don't and this is the very first episode of Dad Vail. Dodgy want so. It's going to be quick. We want to give you a little lay of the land. It's a fiver. Yeah, tell you what advil is. Why you're here, and you know what it's not, and what does not, we don't. We should add that'd be good. Yeah, really, it'll be apparent when it's not yeah, parent. Good at this guys, thanks so much for coming. We are thrilled that you were here. Most importantly enjoy your time and Danville Dome then. The Dad Ville podcast. I'm Dave. Barnes here with Mahoney John. McLaughlin Jay Mac. We're excited to L. Here works you listening? We don't know who's yeah. It's definitely our parents if they can get the podcast up listening. Let's say it's definitely are mom. And maybe if my wonderful wife can figure out how to use an activated podcasts, she may. Gentlemen give this which there's hope for my wife. 'CAUSE as we speak, she has a brand new iphone eight. ooh, straight out of the box and she's trying to fig- right now. She's yeah. What happened they on? The bottom of the screen wouldn't work all the sudden. So I was out of town this weekend and she couldn't text me, nor could she answer my call though that's a fun game or emails, so I had to download the Marco Polo APP. No way that's how y'all just to the videos. That's what we had to do. That's genius yeah. Hey Can. We give our first Ed award away right right? Well. It wasn't my idea. Matter, you exit download. This isn't can I. WANNA I WANNA become bold, real hot at the top of this. Nothing is original and advil. Okay, it's all iterations everything. All the original ideas are terrible. Filtered through our wives. And then most of them don't come back yet. You, it was really good having yes. Now that's great, yes, so. With new phone she able to. More space on it now can download the podcast. So so, what are we doing here? advil John like what what's our? What's our? Let's explain that's explain so first of all. We're DAD's. We Are Dad's. We are dead been dead for five and a half years. Now you've been a dad for. Six. Six and a half, yeah! So, we're maybe we're not experts. No, no, no, no, we know a few not to do, and maybe that's what this is. We're here to help you. Were dads. We also live across the street each otherwise that pertinent John. Here's why that's Pertinent Dad Ville has been burst out of a million conversations that Dave and I have had. A on our front porch yet, very. So we in enemy, we literally live I. Mean You guys? It's not like. Oh. You know John Lives down the road. It's it's. Like, IT'S A. Without I don't have shoes on I walked here. And I'm not wearing. You're not worried that not only. Can I walk over today's house but I don't have to wear shoes over today's yeah. It's really cross, and so we spend a lot of time together our families. There's just kind of a well worn path across coexists coexist. We've started sort of a Colt. Colt, it is see the kids are. You know whether they want to. They don't have a choice. But we do see each other Latin to something. We've talked a lot about over the over the time we've hung is how much we love being dads. We were both musicians, so we talk a lot about that, but I would say the dad. Part of our lives takes up a lot of conversations and relating and questions and how you doing. And how did you figure this out well, even if we're not talking about being Dad's? If we're talking about music. We're trying to have that conversation in the midst of a US. Yeah, another it's like trying to have a conversation and one thousand nine hundred seventy s Ozzy Osbourne concert on the front row. while. People are shooting at you with paintball guns after they've just snorted line of cocaine. Yeah, it's like an insane clown posse. Co Headlining. defeated. The fine, which probably happen at some of for ninety. Yeah, that happened. Just getting FAGO sprayed in your face off. You know that's like they're saying. It's the fatal. What is that you know the no, that sounds like a bad gown ghostbusters. FAGER figures no. It's a soft drink. Oh okay that's much less insane than I thought. Yeah! Fake call themselves the insane clown posse in it such a not insane. I'm like if you're gonNa tell me bats blood. Yeah which might be a flavor of. It's probably the ICP. Brand. I only know this because side note. I was playing a show in Columbus Ohio years ago. Yeah, at this place called the basement. And I've been there. Have you played Dixon? Play show the basement. Yeah, that's a weird room. It is a weird room, but shit outside. Shed for those of you who are aren't in in the music Biz. Is a is like an outdoor amphitheater, so they've got that outdoor amphitheater outside. So at the same same night we are playing abandoned I in insane clown posse is also playing. So we Kinda win over and watch a little bit of show, and I didn't know this, but they have like. Semi is writing. Just for the FAGO, wow, I mean and they spray the Fago guys spraying Fago over the crowd. All the whole show. The whole. Get to that when when? Will you know we love to make music but something we're really passionate about. Is the mass. Mass, look, the music is of Liz, available. The music really. Dream be genius. If they were fake, they owned Fago and literally the ICP is just a vehicle to your figure out to the masses I. Mean They have to be responsible for good bit of figures market share anyway. What were we talking oh? We're talking about kids, oh. Yes, we live across the street. We should have the incident clown posse goes. On. They have to be. They have they may not know. They're probably like the kindness outweighed. That would be the best story ever like those guys are like the most gentle like when I'm drinking figure out of like a wine glass Oh. Yeah, he's an elder at his church, one of the guys. So, we do this, we have this conversation that, so we both had had. We sort of the origin of this whole thing is we'd cut a both had conversations about you know John is a great purveyor of podcasts. You listen to like you. Kinda got me into that whole scene a love Pie. The puck. Yeah I give that to you I'm crediting that with you. I didn't know that. Yeah. I didn't think I'd be into it but I'm I love it. It's been. It's been well again. Dylan Williams Dylan. Dylan and I grew up in the same town. He played guitar with me for years and years and years, so if anyone listening. Is a fan of me and you've been to a bunch of shows. You probably seen Dylan He. He's gotTa be like the first guy on the planet that was listening to podcasts well, and he would always tell us it's. Super, it's so dylan. Yeah, he. Dylan is very re-rule. Yoga since infancy yeah. Infant Yoga infant yoga yet, tiny little mats. Literally. On tiny little. Devil. Killing it. Anyway Dylan would tell us all about these podcasts he's listening to, and you'd always listen to these like real obscure like. Random podcasts about how someone. The mathematical equation behind the Oak, trees or something I don't know yeah, and we would always make fun of the six part series. Six I hear. Of Oak Mathematics. But then once I started listening to podcasts, I became addicted to them to the point where. Last year I had to boycott. Yeah, this. Yeah you you this. We talked about this a lot because I wasn't writing songs anymore. You writing podcast. I was reading podcast albums of Pike I was just having dreams of just conversation. Whereas I used to dream of melodies. SORTA translate to hear people talk about. Anything carburetors on nineteen eighty five Honda accord. Yeah, yeah, just do a deep dive now. Which side? No one of my favorite shows of all time right now is comedians in cars getting coughing, because it's sort of like, it's a visual podcast now. We've talked about this. Yeah, we have. Different we have. We have differing opinions on this. Which since since we've talked about it I do I. See it through your Lens a little bit. Seinfeld is not the warmest guy you know. It's not like watching the Ellen Show Yep Yep, but it's just so funny. I love cars, and he is all about I love coffee, and you'll have comedian that is literally a show you. Are There Democrat I late? When they sat at Netflix's and we're like Jerry who you going for. He's like there's a guy in Nashville named. Jump Cough. Up If we can pair it down to just one humans the Guy. I I am so passionate about coffee I mean. I'm not passionate about. Stand up comedy necessarily, but everyone loves to laugh, right. And and I love cars, maybe our tagline. Everyone loves to law. We one if Dad Wien everyone loves to don't over think. Anyway! So I had to. I had to boycott podcasts so that I could listen to music again and you know. Start writing some songs, but I'm an avid podcast listener. Yeah, you've definitely and so I started get into I. Thought man that sounds like something that would be fun. which if anyone who should have a podcast? It would be you think. It's just a matter of you're just trying to figure out what. What is you want it to be? The story long of the longer story, how do you say that? Long Story Short. And seen the irony that you're going if anybody should have a by me and I, don't know how to talk like a human. But I had thought about it and I'd sat with my management. We talked about it and then, but I just couldn't. These things are tricky, because I think to the naked eye. They look like we just sit and talk about stuff, but it's. You gotTa Make It. Let's let's. Can we tell them? Leave did. Ready we did episode that was seventy two minutes. Don't be scared. I don't think they're all going to be there. And got them with it and it like we kind of had that moment. So like after a first kiss, you know where you're kind of like. That was that was great. Right Oh, yeah, I love that we should yeah. That's such a great analogy. It's the first kiss. Of podcasts. Yeah we got done and we're sort of like. I'm a little out of breath. I don't know why I'm sweating. I didn't like shirt on has good right yes? Then let ten seconds. We should do that again. I'm so relieved, so it seems like something that's going to be easy to pull off, but I think. I just knew. This is gonNA. Take some this avenue, and so yeah, we're talking. I was talking a friend of mine and I had the title. I knew it'd be fun to do something kind of that's done. Some research said it a bunch of podcast to promote my last record. Does like every time I do a podcast had kinda go? Hey, what do you think about this you know and you know by was like you can just sit down and talk to people about stuff and do the QNA thing, but it helps if you kind of have a line on something, so the more specific the most. As long as you are passionate about it, that was the big thing is is that it has to be something that you're not gonna like Wayne on. Three episodes in or something. And so, which is kind of a metaphor for just being dead, anyway it. Okay didn't know you were going to drop them. Well, that's that's what I do. but I just couldn't I. Thought Dad was fun. It'd be fun to talk about being a dad which is. We're not just going to do that. And that I should say we want everybody listeners. Our hope is that Moms, dads single and look. We have no allusions that. If we if we take our demographics right, and we transfer them at least in the beginning over to our podcast. Yeah, based on what we're seeing when we're standing on stage these five year, old athletic males. I'm excited if I have three thousand. And I'll take. Excited Literally A. A athletic now a athletic man, so we're listening. We have a lot of. Women Listening Yeah Right now. This is harassed by DAD's not exclusively for de. Thank you right right. It's just by just by that. It's for whoever wants to listen. So Seth was our friends at Philpott was sitting room, and it's kind of a catch to do what the angle is what? You should do. which he's always good idea guy and he said she could Johnny with you and it was like everything it was like all the tetris pieces perfectly fit. I had like my little mermaid moment. Oh, and it was like that's exactly what we should do. And we talked about it. We were both super excited about it. And so, and then that leads is here well I had been thinking about social media. And you and I are both artists, so we. We sort of have to do that unless you're billy Joel you. You have to social media. And unlike you somebody who, just just somebody could just put a camera on you and it's it's entertaining. Right for me. It's just it doesn't come as easily. I twitter was fun for. Two or three years for me and then I'm like. I don't have anything to say anymore. Yeah, what am I? I'm still doing the same thing. What am I? What am I supposed to say? So then I became a dad. And then my girls are my life. It's the greatest thing in the world, and so I was thinking. You know I could post about my girls when I post a picture of. My girls are walking to get coffee. Whatever I remember one time when Luca, who's our my oldest? She's five now. She was probably two or something. She's sitting in her high chair and she's eating like toast or something like that. And she asked for some Jelly. It is just the two of us in the room and I said. I don't think you're ready for this jelly. And I'm going to tweet that now. I'm excited to tweet that yeah! Is it going to go viral I duNno, should it. Maybe that's a different story for you to judge, but I'm thinking stuff dad's stuff yet. I'm excited about that, so I was thinking about. Do I set up like a blog for DADS or something. That's probably something. There are a million mommy blogs. Yeah, are their dad blogs out there I don't know and then I was over here, chatting with you and you were like hey, would you want to do a podcast called? De Ville was. Can we get podcast married? Like I will one hundred percent to a advil, yes. I'll tell you the other why to. We talked about this mitigate before we started recording. I think the other thing too is. I love to be a dad. I think being a dad, and hopefully we'll talk about this a lot on spike cast, but I think it's one of the most important things in the world I really do. I saw quote today. That really blew my mind It's in the quotas. Tell me who your father is, and I'll tell you who you are and I think that's really true I. Think there aren't many more important relationships than their relationship. You have with your dad and I think seminal end. Backbone forming in your relationship especially with your other I mean mother and similar era as important different ways. I think that's one of the things always. I love so much about our friendship friendship with my other friends who were DADS is. That we all enjoy. It actually had this moment I was going to textual. This is totally forgot, but this weekend for Sam's birthday. A little dude who's to you know W- We had it at the gym. That the church we go to, and and I had a moment. I literally had a moment where I looked up and I was like. This is such a humongous blessing because in this room and this gym or You know what five of my closest guy friends. Who are so excited to be here like? All the kids are running around going crazy and I. Literally had a moment where I got a little emotional. Because I was like this has got to be what heaven sort of feels like you know that was one, but to was what a blessing that my friends! Love their kids so well and that Kirgyz me so much and Dad. Dad Isn't a bird. It's hard, but it's not a burden something. We all take so much joint because I would argue of all of the things that we give our kids is parents is one of the greatest gifts is the joy of being their parent. To celebrate them and for them to see. That, we love that that they're not something that derails our plans are your life was great until we had y'all you know, but but and so it was funny because I thought as I was thinking today about you know sort of the flavor for the podcast subset I thought. You know that that's a big deal I, not both of us that. That the. Dad, being a dad can be, so it's it's such a joy in its in its. You know where I think you know there is a lot of like we're idiots and we don't know what we're doing, but it's also something that I think is should be celebrated, and should really be championed and supported and because I think sometimes in our culture dads. Can really you know we can really Take the hit for things and a lot of is deservedly so but I think. But I think that's another thing I get excited about doing. This podcast is having a forum for Dads to really. I to to talk about what what a blessing this is! What a gift it is to to get to do! We do any importance of the humongous magnitude of what we are doing. in being, you know. Dad's Yeah I think that as I have gotten older and this is before I became a dad, but the older I get, the more I realize, everything that you just said you know how important DADS are. In. Everybody's life. I told I mean that quote that you just read a I believe that wholeheartedly and this like you said doesn't take anything away from MOMS. I mean when I was growing up my mom and I were Super Close and my dad and I are super close, and I have the greatest in the world, but I remember. This is probably ten years ago when my band and I, we were still touring. Crazy in my van. And we would watch the Tom Petty rundown. Throw you documentary yeah. I it's six hours long so but I highly. Recommend it if anyone who. Has Six hours of free time. Sit Down and you might WANNA. Think about why you have that much time, but. I digress, you could do worse things than to watch documentary, but at some point in that documentary. Someone who is quoting Bano about? A. Everyone every like Rockstar guy who's up on stage who it becomes like a mega star. Has Somebody in their life, and it's typically their dad who said they couldn't do it either by saying they couldn't do it or by not being there. You know what I mean. So I think that. Dad's even though we you know. In general we sort of can sometimes get that. We're all bumbling idiots. And if you're there, you've you've SORTA. One half won the battle. This is this is a good segue into This was maybe a year ago six months ago when I was I was walking down the street with my girls I'm meeting. Amy Like Yoga or something like that and we're meeting amy for coffee. which this is a common theme in our life, always walking to get coffee. That's basically what we do. It's not. It's parents. Pushing? Strollers getting cocoa. And instead of laughing, we're all crying and yell but. So I had got the girls ready by myself, which is a can be a nightmare I get him in the in the stroller this. It's cold outside, so I got them all worked up with blankets and hats and all that. And I'm pushing them down the street and this woman is walking toward me. She's smart beaming at me and she gets a little closer inches. Aren't you such a great dad? And then she keeps walking and. I was like thank you. I'm thinking what. What can I be doing this any less than? Any. Pushing down the street, she doesn't even know that I was screaming at them. Get their shoes on Yelich. I'm just there. Yeah, you're just so huge. I mean to take a light moment and really make dramatic. But it's so true. Yeah, half the battle is just by being there. And again, this is not to take. A moms and dads are equally as important in different ways. And, that's not to say that you know MOMS can't have dad like roles and you know but. There's something about there's just just a weight of your dad. That's great. It's a great way to put. Yeah, it's a huge deal is a huge deal. Yes. So that's that's kind of. That's a lot of our Y And, you know it gives us. Just also just give so much talk about any of diapers and I mean we have stories for days, so it was nice. Little record 'em. Yeah, thank you so. Finally I'll say it's going to wrap up this first episode we. We, really don't have a clue doing and. And that's global I'm not saying about the PODCAST. That's not just limited to podcast award. Adding you can apply. You can apply that in my life to literally everything music. My friendships. Marriage wardrobe wardrobe attire can. Can we talk quickly? Just we'll flavor on this. What What happ- what happened to me where I if it was okay? If I could I would I would. Rector Ben Rector are good. Yup, we had this discussion with. We talked with us here. If you're there just a uniform, so yes, yeah, yes. We had a very wonderful enlightening conversation about how he was very close to considering just wearing the same thing all the time. Totally who you don't think about that until you're a dad, well, Steve Jobs did it. Right Steve Jobs crush eric weather. Web Does enough late twenty years, yeah. But I mean there's there's there's just it's, too. I don't WanNa. Think about that like I mean any will. I'd just I think she I think she may think something's wrong with me. They go that. She said the is at the uniform on I was like. What does that mean totally? You just need to have someone with you when you pick out and you really push the red button on that uniform. Yeah, you just need a circle of friends around you. That sad, it's the first death toward the beginning of a lot of death. That's what scared about. It's like what you've given up on that. conquered. Right Tomato, tomato come on. So you know we're doing. We're we're. We're glad everybody's listen, or if anybody's anybody listen if you're listening, it's great we're if you are God. Bless you, thank you. Who Are you go to Dad Ville podcast I'll? Let, US know you, are we? Are we are? We do have social media stuff? It's Dad Ville. PODCAST is on Instagram High Yup. We should probably post something on there. There's going to be so much stuff by the time you guys listen this. You'd be in charge of that. I've already said I'm terrible. You gave up dipping. Tha, that's it. We're going to have some friends. Some guests and Chat about stuff going to interview. Some some friends who are debts, yeah, who are just dad in two thousand? And the question and we'll also have. Episodes where we talk about specific topics. Can we have an episode? It's just thermostats. I WANNA. Have I WANNA? Have a two and a half hour episode. Don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't. Don't don't Oh. You wonderful, beautiful kind people they so much for listening to the episode. If you have a second, please make sure to subscribe rate and write a review. Let's it's bad because that stuff really does matter and please follow us on. socials can find US everywhere at Dad Ville podcast also you can follow us each day music, and at John McLaughlin to find out more about her music. Thanks for listening. Guys that is exciting. I'm so stoked about the show. Thank you for making it so I think people are just GonNa love it I. I don't I think I've said this about the albeit. In real life to my dearest friends I love your family and your children so much and y'all so much, and but when y'all were working on this show was before the network was even a baby and our heads. And and you're one of the two reasons I started. The network is because of a conversation I had with Emily Freeman and because I thought if my friends make a show that is this good. How can I help? Get it out, and so you are the reason the network exists. Thank you, so I'm really grateful and excited about the show. One of the reasons we started, it was just a hope. That someday we, how can we get kind of like a building and she will build an if you build it, build it. Building she will build it. Yeah, yeah, that's that's. That's our new t shirts. Oh speaking of Dad Merch. Okay Great. That'll be so fun. Especially for people who are thinking father's day gifts or summer days or what we're close, or if for any of the humans listening that we're close, there will be Oriel Merch or WANNA. Start this win. Yeah Yeah Yeah for sure okay, so today if they dad Ville feed and wherever they loved to listen to podcasts, they can hear a little trailer. They can hear the piece that we just heard and then next Monday is your first interview. With Tyler Hubbard Georgia lines? That's no joke. Dave. What did you love about that one? You know first of all. I just love Tyler I. Don't know many people that have more respect for I think he may be one of the best sort of shining examples of. Being able to juggle success and fame at an incredible. His his ability to just be normal as pretty outstanding, and he's such a great debt. I I remember being so moved by how candy was. Remember how we talked about what it's like to be successful as dad like. You're actually making the kind of money he is. How do you? How do you do that with your kids? He didn't grow up like that. He talks about that in the podcast. Yeah, kind of You know not obviously like with the amount of money as An and I remember being so encouraged and challenged by how candidate was about that like how much struggle it is, and how do you do that? you know and just sort of processing, everybody's different challenges, but his being. You know when you've done really well in life, you sort of model, your kids normal life. I thought that was really cool. I think about it and we start the the episode as we do with. Kind of reading this, Brag sheet his this is. I mean the word billion was around a lot. And then to ask him I think the first question was just okay. How do you feel when you hear all that? Yeah, and for him just say like. I I'm the same guy that I. was you know when I before I started all this stuff. I feel exactly the same, but now he's a dad of three under about to be three under three, which is just no joke. That is a warrior. Halio, no jokes, having three hundred three I can't wait for people to hear that so today is. We can start subscribing show next week with Tyler Hubbard, and then it'll be every other week. y'All there's going to be fine from so excited. I should say, too. I mean for those who are going to listen. We're also excited John talked about like. You know to see what people WANNA. Hear you know to kind of get back on on what If there's questions or things that would be interesting to hear. people speak to So that's another thing I think we're really excited about its once. It's out there living in the wild. Responses are. That's the fun thing about this medium. IS WE JUST SHAPE? What the our friends listening want as we go. It makes it really really fun and we really mean that. We want to hear people's ideas and people's stories, and all that kind of stuff. To talk less, and that will be muted. We have a team of editors and doctors two. Doctors I. Listen I want to do one thing but I think we'll save it for youtube because we need some father's Day, gift ideas. So we'll do that next, but we'll save that for Youtube I can jump over to youtube and see that, but the last question. We always ask on the show. You've both done this rodeo before. Tell me. What sounds fun to you because the show is called, that sounds fun. Because the network you now are on, it's called. That sounds fine. Tell me what south Sunday I mean. Can I say releasing? PODCAST that I believe in. Friends Network Yeah that will be downloaded billions billions of times according to Tyler Hubbard. That's my answer, but also we're getting ready to. Take a little break. We've been say y'all can say it. It's so adorable and my promo. Is Ray aging well? I know. We're getting ready to take a break and go go down. And now it's just a break. It's not a vacation when you're bringing a computer and A. Midi keyboard they'll be. They'll be where. You're just relocating for a week. Yeah, yeah, exactly. That, that was going to be on your Barnes and mcglaughlin Florida Extravaganza. But I will say six families going. Back back a little bit. Answer now. No but I agree with John I am really excited one because this thing has been in the oven for so long. To I just don't know what the responses are going to be. Like I'm so fascinating. Excited just to have something that we've worked for so long to get out and just finally feel like okay, let's see. How people respond, because whereas you can stream together today, as can't wait, and so, but really the best way for people as they're hearing it today is they're excited. Today is to tag y'all in the Hashtag Dad Ville Yeah Yeah, and so just say John Dave. We aren't going to worry about anything else. John Tagging John, tagging Dave Hashtag advil. How excited people are. So okay y'all go subscribed today. Here we go, it's out. Real. It's so real out dad bill. Friends. Don't you love them? And I'd love to hear that little clip of their show in the middle, so you really get a taste of what Dad Ville is going to be like David. John or Baz make sure you have subscribed today, advil. You're going to want to be there by the time I show drops, so go ahead and subscribe and listen to what they've got there for you and then again next Monday Tyler Hubbard on June twenty second and And it'll be every other Monday. After that I think y'all are just gonNA. Love the show I love it I. Love it I love it I love it. That's the rule with that sounds fun network is it's only hosts and shows that we love and thank you guys love to, and so we're super excited to have Dad Ville join the ranks of next right thing. Be The bridge podcast. Eddie. Keep talking and this one obviously that that sounds fun podcast. Make sure you give David. Jonah followed welcome to the network and tell them thanks so much for being on the show I cannot wait for all. They have in store for us on their podcast. If you need anything else for me, you know I'm embarrassingly easy to find instagram twitter facebook all the places. You may need me. You can find me at any F downs and I think that's it for today. Friends go out or stay home and do something that sounds fun to you, and now do the same, and we'll see you back here on Thursday with Carlos Whitaker. y'All have a great week.

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