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Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast edition of Watch what happens live with me Andy Cohen and he brings his signature charm two. TV's latest shift and the shot ski brought me as the world's greatest gift is watch what happens I would Jimmy Valley in honor of Jimmy's late night lineas radio we're gonNA play let's get nautical I'm so first of all you were not happy with the ending of the show last season no I feel like it should be called below deck may the bar it's cardboard Johnny Carson Johnny can you tell Jimmy how excited can you tell our excited I am get into it later but I am sending him three grateful dead songs a week in preparation to see deadandcompany on Halloween I've never seen it I've never seen grateful dead and nothing author and host my guest is so filthy talented it makes me say you he's those to the tonight show starring Jimmy Valid and he's the author of this is baby here I tell you something you changed my life grateful dead do Jimmy and I are doing this thing Cohen in the rubble clubhouse with a total sweetheart except to be sending you a thank you know as a comedian each me how to be a dead Fan Gimme three songs a week yes I have them I have them on a playlist on spotify I've been studying them into the dead and company Yes John Now it's the cutest book you guys welcome he's cute to James our goodness have you ever you just want to get this over with so you can get back to the mall don't you yes we WANNA get back to the mall thanks Johnny I'm so excited Oh you are a big below Deck Med fan on some of the drama from the last season take this captain's hat and it was terrible you were saying would you promoted your third studio chef or was that a bad decision and it was interesting it was a good episode what did you make of June's inability to use her little I know you're not a dirty dirty yeah that she found love and they founded by Jack Asia's Romance I was a little bit I really loved the music I'm I'm really into it I loves me really happy and we're GONNA test your knowledge coming up in the show now Jimmy we're also unbelievable how night that's the night you're gonna go see the what we're GonNa do tell you that it honestly has changed my life because Jimmy you're coming in before we get to those here's what three things I'm obsessed with tonight first of all we all know that Jimmy is America's sweetheart and children's book from Captain Sandy Yes was designed you set up a table rock pebbles on the thing like garbage that's how you know Sir and I love the book it's called this is baby so I'm curious how lovable Jimmy really is now I'm telling you I know he's really lovable. Here's what Jimmy I'm going to against the ban I know this sounds but I just felt like oppose or if I went and got like I don't really know and it seems like a daunting task because the catalog is so big yeah can I just jump in and be what is the what's the audience supposed to have a good gig you got a TV you believe chef deserved to be fired yes unreal why I didn't like that everyone wanted to lead they all the all the people on the show were like hopefully our last trip we move we only got to charter was over ahead and be a fan I go and so you you invited me go see a concert I don't want to bum you out you're not going to buy no but then I go here's the challenge use some savvy personal questions side for Jimmy Fallon in love love okay Jimmy what's the biggest way is back come on don't make me do that was Asia wrong to tell Captain Sandy that the students didn't get the praise they deserve Joanna was offended you allow the little the nickname for you when you were growing up the baby oh thank you so here's what tonight we're going to have a late night boast off I'm GonNa put forty seconds on the clock you and I are going to go back and forth bragging about who's better to our St Radio on June come on tune pick up your radio dunes you in reaction to Asia's potty mouth a little dirty for me okay do you WanNa start yeah I'll sort okay good I'm so good in my staff I give them the best Christmas present ever jackets like leather jackets drake jacket I know I know almost Dan you have people being travis hadn't messed things up by drinking too much you think he and Hannah would've made a good couple no absolutely now do you think Hannah and her stews deserve the criticism ask who treats our staff let's do the last one boasting when the clock runs out blows up okay let's play boasting while hosting okay here we have brand laser he was a little offended like what would you say that to sandy but no I choose to got for Hanukkah for her were you excited to see and they'll be alum Johnny Damon on the show I did love that was great I know of a little bit from when we did fever pitch Johnson he's a good dude him and his wife thank you very much and just scare her and she was not cute but yeah but it was very weird but I was like I can't hear you're saying are you serious yeah it's not Cuban it just I don't I you know I did get myself once I got them all Rosetta Stone Mandarin Oh that's got my staff author who is changed you as a person I think it makes me care about other children I just care about kids 'cause I don't want anyone being bullied and I really care about eighteen from Texas could be Jimmy Hey Martine Andy your obey the Jimmy Hey we're amazing thank you Martin you fell thanks the Album Jenny one thing that I love when you're in the clubhouse is that you and I get to turn our chairs around ask each other rapid fire questions birds mood when you were sick I like pizza where the eight were you ever afraid of the dark and so I was never afraid of the dog really was once pretended I was I pretended to my sister I went deaf I animal I I had little domain beanie was a little boy the when you were little what was your that's gift you've ever gotten for father's Day this year my kids got me stuff for them they got like toys catch him and they got bubbles either showing that footage of her post surgery and did she really have no idea she really had no idea and I wasn't really I've known him for a long time so I don't think she'll ever get mad at me or Jimmy Fallon High Nda love you love you know opinion okay award shows what do you think I think like a host yeah I think you need to host it gets funded to do that I think it makes the whole world class year and fun I mean the whole thing is but I think she would laugh at that thing which we had Taylor on her she had surgery she took some pills to relax everybody on my staff named and a lot of last name yes almost almost I get a pizza every Friday I clean up after myself in the the Gulf War KRISTA which question hey guys hey jimmy were you nervous at all that was going to be pissed at the same time Jimmy now did you did you date and either those girls not remember you're up with your kids very early every day if five o'clock it's rough wow but it's going there's no way they can last rights you know would would you say anyhow my question is for Jimmy didn't you hosted the EMMYS and the Golden Globe what's your opinion on this trend of Hoesslin the rumors to that you dated Jennifer Hewett and Winona Ryder back in the day did you date Jennifer Love Hewitt Andhra Winona Ryder I love this book so much thank and I'm trying to teach ben like these are your toes these are your this body happening or come back out and comment about something happened right there's room for so much comedy and make it more fun for everybody yeah he takes the fun away Okay Maria from New York what's your question so room just to entertain why but my staff Rolls Royces Zoo yes I did matchbox yes you I oh Jimmy I was getting to that hi hi I'm a big Fan of both of you oh my God yeah we know love Andy by the come on their kids are reading to back to their parents and then teacher started sending me things on twitter saying hey you're you're actually teaching kids confidence in reading and in showing them show is a dedicated below duck fan look here he is in his sirocco uniform absolute or chocolate goes to the fact that Jimmy Yeah over the banana start crying appealing banana Larry and it's a really funny video so no I I wasn't scared at all but I she's a good sports you guys are very fun together and you always played everyone's gotTa Hey let's do this together three have a very light okay jelly what was the name of your favorite stuffed animal growing up Kinda day it out of you chain proud of Jimmy for studying the music yeah I know I know how much it means to you because we talked about this and I don't Never WanNa just Li- like Oh yeah grateful dead you do hasn't been introduced to any of the below deck crew which I absent all my God who did roll room sometimes I massage just two people you can't do that okay I rehearse in the fun games with her we had we've been really lucky on our show like people just want to play when they come like your show onto one have a good time yeah your kids baby body boost your baby and play at them and then they get more interactive feels funny I put these books out I'm really proud of them because the first one I did is goof they Jordan what's your question hey guys take any both my question is for Jimmy yes so Jimmy can you name I have so much fun Jimmy of course stars on the tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon and the new book is called this is baby out of dumb wars to each other anyway but it's like it makes it more fun event there's a host ready you know who's easing controller she's troll the show together to make fun of what for stealing a segment or a game of yours no it happens all the time get used to it there's actually a whole show that's in Spanish that is they steal the exact has done and I'm like you're not really saying that okay it is time for my muzzle of the day goes to my guest Jimmy Fallon who as I mentioned earlier aim one time really got pissed at another talk show for feeling a segment or a game of yours say it again did you ever get pissed in another talk show assignment every week I studied them over and over again let's go into work after work and I just wanted to make you proud I cannot believe that it was amazing. Hey Buddy so much cocoa your spirit animal on a scale from one to ten how would you honestly rate the movie taxi everything about our show right except the host clown and it's like How do you say banana in Spanish yeah it's called las plantains her nose touch of Grey Renzo I go I just can't be that guy so I wanna learn and so I know how much it means you it's here's the Andy loves the dead yeah and so give me every just your babies I where it'd be data so it was like Dad that mood dad that quack that's really basically a text message it's not really a book so but anyways people loved it and then yes by the way it'll salt you the other night watching your show and seeing been de Irwin's brother I used to have the record for the most tonight show appearances but yes thank you for children's in next question is for Jimmy recently had both of them on the tonight show who was the bigger backstage share or Madonna and they do they do every they steal every one of our nurses Serbian version of watch what happens live we showed a clip on your show once when I was on all right let's get to the president one let's go back to the phones caller what's your name and from where are you calling hey I'm Jordan Klein from Maryland about my movie I'm like took away to the updated score on rotten tomatoes hillary from Ohio ellery Hey I remember one critic said you might believe me out but he said I'd rather drab DVD player on my nut sack ver? I'll give it a six I did see I mean there because I just saw on rotten tomatoes nine percent run no I mean Winnie my first baby anything I had if I give her a bottle you went down that data I didn't care I didn't care too stupid but by the way data for every so often like the very psychedelic song yes like Saint Stephen Yes pretty right it's great and then you know what's great it's John Mayer's version of when you come back to Natalie from Texas Natalie what your question for the Star of the tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon Ah that's good well you've had everybody neither neither was shared it was great okay she was we were doing a bit where I had broke down Palestine if you played it a little bit later everyone's yes you did good with that also cream into this world at how fun reading so I'm like really like I started feeling like wow I'm really smart I lost and then I put these other books out so this one is more like it goes with the well I was in it okay how would I honestly read movie taxi I was in it so I I'll give it a you and Queen Latifah ah I see Andy thank you so much for your generous donation for art lemonade stand in Cincinnati and welcome for the hospital you're very welcome the mom and dad but everyone you know I've been reading him data at two because I want him to say data reports exactly yes it works yeah I did includes Tomlin's yes it's really good the way the Doodoo shows good he's got a great voice jamming I'm so excited about Halloween are you going to slap me she goes I'm GonNa do whatever I want I'm share swear to God I'm GonNa do ever WanNa share I was like wow what's so funny these women so know who they are because Madonna sang her song which is the equivalent of I'm going to do what I want it and Joe is doing something different I love her mentioned it was killer what a great show let's go to Tammy from Nebraska last call tonight Tammy what's your question hi Andy Jammie Hey do you mean like question is who were you more impressed with by their slow jam news delivery Mayor Pete or Comma Harris Walkout with with shareholding hand Sonny and Cher came out swinging your arms and and then at one point I think I had to say snap out of it and slap across the face how does she wasn't a great checking your phone and everything and cool yeah no phones no photographs Yup and then she does that type yes yes um who who slow jam the news better Kamala Harris or mayor Pete Komo's pretty good you had a good billy allies joke but Buddha Judges Aaron Warren yes you to just get that'd Be Fun Elizabeth Warren Slow Jam the thousand percents Can you guys are are you gonNA come on now I'm GonNa Forget his name Pitcher for the Yankees Not GonNa remember it now see Sabbath No yes thank you it's amazing how good was like a prayers and was when you come out as a vogue was great yeah I was just so good tonight and he was saying that she was there rehearsing all day all day over and over I need I saw her show Brooklyn oh I did too it was fantastic we know that it's so funny he those guys in that it's such a funny thing to do with the have I mean we gotta get we gotta get Biden and US and she didn't want to do that because I like you I don't want to slap you go it's fine you can just do it's comedy everyone gets it done well maybe we'll slap you in the kiss you I go you just used his beat living those allies I don't do that anymore I have a good story about I've probably told you already but sorry clear my throat share because her son was bitch on Madonna's great saying that on your show Nick Who's one of our camera guys he's not here tonight but he runs steady Cam and he did steady Saturday night live at all this season they just started their season I love it when you drop by yeah I probably will I mean it depends you know when they need me the floor away but also you are listening to the podcast everybody now cool when you're in high school in he's taking a school bus no I would I would either drive or I would drive did you ever chase after car because to get driven are you kidding wow until five is incredible it's a rare thing to pitch a perfect game but we're we learn ratio well you got the got it for everybody let's learn mandarin how would that be very hard to learn I stopped let's go probably five thirty guy morning I left at five thirty still there okay I left me Lorn Lorne Horatio and David Wells drink and so I have a talent I can tell if you catch mustard okay I do want to do it yeah that's Kinda somehow great that's you want to do that's fine so then we're ready for the show we're about to go out entered we're behind the curtain and I go about to go like ten seconds I hate by the way are you gonna kiss me the offer Johnny Carson hours or so different now I'm such an old man Yeah I used to be Sarah live you used to go into work at one o'clock or two o'clock and stay till three in the morning yeah and that was enjoyed the show remember new episodes live Monday through Friday at four PM Eastern time make sure you're subscribed have a great rest of your night sorry about a life so I went to the after party and David Wells who's a friend of mine wells so he he's at the drinking and I was probably drinking feel like I had a protective academy ahead okay look at me looking okay interesting go take care of had enough man so in home I wake up the next day in the afternoon I turn on the TV that's the Yankee Game David Wells is pitching Oh my God dirty nasty I'm reading here why are you calling me so so you turn on channel eleven you've got to see wells these pitch used a wet I swear he's pitching right now yeah and that was when

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