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So I was telling you I'd be going to Tanaka Vars to the Tom compatriots for, I don't know. The twins are about to be fifteen. So I'm going to tell you been going there for thirteen years. I know so many people that work there is that ridiculous and by day I know wherever the is the pumpkin patch. And do you go any other time of year or just pumpkin season? We used to go skews me. You might recognize this out. They re go because really, mommy needs juiston we used to do every season. So the they recently added like a christmassy right kind of season yet used to just beat three right was like the spring was strawberries yet, and the summertime is Mellon yet watermelons and then the fall is pumpkins. Yeah. And we would go three times a year for like the first ten years. Yeah. And then. Maybe like sopped anterior to Terry used to go in the beginning? Yeah, there you go Durfee Terry used to go in the beginning, but not in recent years. He he, he. As they do as they do. But it's funny because I was say this ju it's like, I watch you with your kids and because your oldest is my youngest age, I, I used to do all that stuff too. Like for Halloween, we used to go to four or five Halloween events right year. Right. Crazy. Like one of the country club in one at the temple and one at the orange would foundation and wanted to knock a farm like just everywhere do you? Are you still doing that? Well, we've just started the whole new thing. It's fun again because it's Parker's first time doing everything. Cheers. Cheers. Thanks for being. Oh yes, of course. Thanks for having me thirsty Thursday. We are very thirsty. It's so funny how kid things can go from super fun and totally tolerable to like. Like today today we were almost rounding up and then four tourists who did us being all of a sudden or taking off with our wheel barrel full of eight pumpkin by the way, the wheelbarrow because he was holding the baby. I wield. With my bump ankle all the way up and we would talk about my ankle. Your by the way, poor Natalie. Yes, we're so sick. She's got like the flu. We were such a mess last week in aren't going to tell you about the event. We're going to talk about all of that. But yes, these people, they tried to usurp our. Are we'll there. I finally kid events often are like, show fun, and this isn't that bad. This isn't that hot. And then at the drop of a dime could turn. I literally was like, I need a drink. I would like I need to leave all of a sudden. I'm like, I have no had on my face as frying. I've been here for three hours. All I taste is Jess and is now time to go. It was very well because it's a farm, yes, always sat at the front of the wagon tractor ride. What were we Bismarck right now, it's a big higher, but what was so funny was so it used to be like me and max Nikki in the mea maxima Mickey and then max Niki cat, and then add cocoa within the twins, dropped out. And then they're like, just get me upon gin and like, sure. And then cat said today, she's like, I think I might be too old for this. Oh, and how did that make you feel? It's funny. I mean, I think you would think I'd be like, oh, that's so sad. We've, I'm honestly, I was good. Yeah, I think. I'm good with it. Yeah, I've done it so many years that I'm ready for. You know, whatever's next. Yeah, whatever's next. Yes. I found that with CoCo not with cat, and I don't know because I kind of thought it was my last one. Right? But with cocoa I knew it was my last child rate tubes retied. Yes, we were done healthy for kids call it. Right. And so with every stage with her, I feel I really embraced it right. I enjoy even like the getting up in the middle of the night. Right eating and all that stuff. I feel like I just really, I did it. I enjoyed every moment when it was gone. Yes, it was gone. You're very good like that. You enjoy the present. You take the picture. You live in the moment. You sit on the floor and do it with them, and then you're not missed all GIC that it's over, which is great because you remember it so much better if you're not sad about it, passing what you can't control anyways. Yeah, total. You're very good like that. It's like I sat in this moment. I enjoyed this moment and now I'm ready for the. Turnoff that Bing, Bong noise bomb, but John of the Bing, Bong is still hearing us. I'm sure that's just the l. Carolina Roddy I'm I'm not good technologically so don't like to touch anything because I don't know when I touched it in the whole thing. I don't. They each other. Which would be an easy catch out. It's okay. I'm totally okay with that. It's been such aren't. So I have to tell you what's been going on and how crazy my game was, and how much I hate and love all my children. So you're saying this is good. I think we're good. It's still it's still like a brainwave on it. Should I ask Natalie here if we meant call Natalie, if we mute, didn't any call Natalie see, I don't know how to do these kinds of things. It's very scary when the minutes late. Okay, we're back. We just called Natalie who can't figure who don't speak just half the phone. I'm like, so if we turn off the Bing, Bong noises. Callisto apparently they do. Okay. So here's what happened. So last week at school at high school, they were doing a teacher appreciation thing, and they asked to volunteers to bring in scones muffins, whatever, k-. Chef, Amanda makes a the. You had. Yes. Like the best in the world ever ever. Yes. So I said, would you mind making some scones for me to bring in? I really wanted to be honest with you to put my name on them to get not that credit for me, like as if I made them, but we had brought these wonderful scones because there's really not a lot of volunteering options in high school, and I wanted to be like we are doing something, yes, because I don't know if I told you what they do trunk or treat at high school. Oh, you know what trunk or treat is issue. They do it here in our community, and everyone pulls her cars up and they opened the trunk and you'd like decorate your trunk and they go trick or treating Trump Trump. Right. So I thought this is going to be great. I'm going to go to high school. I'm going to get the escalate. I'm going to open the trunk. I'm going to have this. Cool. Thank no, they were not interested the twins in me doing this at all. Okay. And you still and you say, okay? Yeah, we'll of course. I'm not gonna. Harass them, and I appreciate it. And I'm like, okay, if you don't want me to come, you don't wanna come. But this was like anonymous, so I'm thinking, well, they wouldn't let me put my name on what they didn't. Let me I didn't ask because that would be. But anyway, so I was bringing the scones and it was a day that I was driving cat and cocoa by the way, show many of your asking me to post my laminated schedule and swear me to do it. And so I had this go into being. They're sitting there and I had them put on disposable trays so we didn't have to pick anything up. I was driving the little kids. Max had gone to swim already. Right. And I said to Nicolette, can you take the scones for me to those center westrom. Right. Which is like the main area. Okay. And he was so irritated que did why did up. This is so dumb. Why don't have to do this. This is so stupid. It's not stupid. It's for your teachers and by the way I'm asking you to do it, just do it fine. So he takes this cones and our housekeeper was driving him because I was taking cat and KoKo separate direction, same time. And then as I'm driving the little ones, he's texting me like one hundred times. I don't know where the room is. I don't know where to go. I'm going to give them to my friends. He didn't. I called him and I go, Joe. Jair give them to your friends and he's laughing at me and like, oh, calmed down. And you know when someone tells you to calm down, calm down, mom, I'm like, no, I will not come out. I went nuclear newsy wake serious or just taunting you about giving to us, right? Oh, he was being serious, totally, totally serious. You better go find that room. Oh, I was calling him names. Like you are not going here, you're not going there. It's been a ground you for month. You're not gonna go to homecoming. He's like calm down. Don't you tell on your everything I do for you and I need this and I need to go. You're right. So then finally he sound the room. Okay. So he says, by the way, I really should check up on this, but I can't imagine he'd lied to, but you never know. He brought the scones and I sign and I and Furthermore, if you because it was caterina's family birthday dinner that night. I said further and we were doing a little filming for the house tour which is starting by the way, October tons. So excited, very exciting. You can go subscribe to YouTube channel Heather's closet. I'm gonna put a link in the bio, my Instagram, or you can go to Heather Dubrow dot com and find anything there will be a link there. I hope I'm gonna make that happen anyway. So I said, we have to this little filming thing, not a big deal, and then we're going to do cats birthday. And if your not nice, you're not going anywhere. Art well, cut to the cats birthday dinner thing, and I had them film like the tiniest little things, not a big deal, just like whatever. So he was great. He was okay during the filming? Not great. He was okay. Max was okay. They were kind of teenager, but the important part, which was cats birthday dinner. Yes, they were amazing, great. Both of them, both of them, no one was on their phones. Great. Zeh were engaged. They spoke. They were so sweet to Katharina. They wrote her amazing cards, so cool. And they sat for the whole dinner and they weren't like, can we go? Can we run they jettison now? They were amazing. That's great. And then like a miracle happen. So I drove Nikki to school on Friday and Mexico's already. It's swim. So it was just the two of us in the car. Usually grunts at me, it was like a Christmas miracle. He talked to me the whole way. Nope, your air pods. No air huts talked. That's so nice. But he started the conversation and he talked to me the whole time and I was. Like a girl having a boy call me Getty, and I was trying to be cruel, you know, in a car. Over talking? No, no, no. I was trying not to be too overeager. He's talking. I was responding trying to engage, but not be monosylabic and not like over ask or over. I answer, oh, I was trying to be very cool. Nonchalant. It's a lot of work. I was very tired when he got out of the it was so happy and it was Friday, and I thought I want no one else to call me today because I'm good. Yes, this is great. A boy likes me and it's. How sweet do you think that it was all your threats? And do you think that him seeing you have a nuclear moment made him or he was just happy, and I would love to say that that's the story, but I had to be one hundred percent honest. Yeah. He did really well on his biota. Okay. And he needed to write and sometimes he lacks confidence when he's such a smart kid. Right? But look, unfortunately, he's not like max for max school is very easy for MAC. Right? And even though she has to work at certain things, she's just that catch more like Terry. He's more like me. He's Mark, but he's got to work at it. Right. And I think sometimes I don't know, but I would assume watching your twin sister frustrating. Right? But he is so smart and when he actually does the work, he gets the grades and he got an a on his bio TASR. Awesome. And it was a big deal, and I think he was so happy about it said he was just in a good road, just happy and confident. Yeah, I don't think you here is that all about the rant right about this. Right, but I don't care. 'cause he talked to me, that's right away what a win. I'm so happy. Call dairy afterwards. Tearing ever answers his own for once. He guess what. Mickey talk to me the whole way car is a no. That's great. That's and he had a good response like this is a Christmas miracle. He was so nice. That's so funny. See, what's so interesting for you is that so Parker is like a little over a year old and when does birthday June second, he's he's like a year. Yeah. They, there's nothing like the way a boy loves his mom. I mean, it's like the greatest hugs they give you an crisis, and I think we should them a little bit more because we know at some point right there leaving us right. I still have an accepted that we don't have to 'cause he's only sixteen months old. She by the way. Okay. But you haven't really accepted it? No, I hit my girlfriend juries to say, I just hopefully marry orphans. Boys ended up marrying very lovely girls. So not orphans by the way, but no, you just want there to be happy, of course. But let's be honest. It goes with the girl's family when you're in a heterosexual relationship because the girl's family. So you know, I do think about those things anyway. So he talked to me in the car, which was great, and then it was the Katharina birthday extravaganza weekend. Right? So we took every night Thursday night was the family night Friday night was the bending HANA, extravaganza and Sunday was reporting. So let me take. So we go to bending HANA. Yeah. How how many years have you been going on forever forever. We've been going like literally thirteen years. I think since the twins were two years old. So we went through a period of time where Nikki's to have this weird aghast response to Benny honner and he loves, he loved it so much that he would like eat the soup and be in the bathroom, the entire type which meant I was in the bathroom the entire time. And after a few years I had call it and then he stopped eating the soup. We've been like. Back and forth with Benny hana's. Okay. But we used to go a lot in the last few years. You've only been a couple of times because you notice they put the calories. No, I'm HANA. They do. How do you feel like restaurants go in and out of that? Is that a law? Is it not a law? I think that thing is, is that when you have it's over a certain amount of restaurants in your chain, you have to put the calories. And I don't know if that's just a California thing, but I was surprised how decent calories were really. Yeah, I think that you know the fried rice, they do their, it's like four hundred twenty calories it whole portion. Yeah, that's awesome. That's wouldn't you expect it to be like fifteen hundred calories? Here's the thing though. When you go to any HANA part of it's the food and part of it's the show and it's mostly the show, right? Our chef sucked. They have. They do. It went through a period of time where I wanted to open one after it went to a couple of on it. I was like, everyone loves it for a birthday thing. I'm opening one. I bet you know how these ideas and a week. Yeah, I was like Iran spectrum. I, the thing this I'm going to be the biggest remember when we went to Turks and k goes, and we had the best. It was like it was like a Ben Honda, but rock and roll and they the played music fun. It was fun. Awesome. They dress up or do different things. And then of course, I squashed that idea because listen, what do I know about running restaurant a pack every night because they're pack no matter what every night. So I feel like they don't have to be great anymore. I feel like they're not. They're just not, you know what sucks about it is that art? So it's cats birthday and we're sitting how the tables face each other. Right? So we're watching this other table and the guy is a made good one, and he's putting on the best show ever and the guy that's is a young guy right standing on our table and. Okay. Again, we've been going for how many years I could do to show myself at this point and he didn't do anything they'd do the. He didn't put the shrimp in that really didn't do a volcano. He didn't do any possible. I mean, that's the point I now. And so at the end I said to the server, I'm like when he was done cooking, I have to tell you that was the lamest show ever. He did nothing. It was. Oh, sorry, I'll let the manager now. So what are you supposed to do in that moment? Because it's over right. And you can't switch chefs. In the middle of the show. Right. I mean, what do you do? What would you do? Let it go. Right. You have to because what are you gonna do have someone else come and do it again? No, because they've already eaten that voting thing, but I felt so bad for because that's all she wanted to do is go to bed him too. And I saw her looking over the other table being like, why? Right? And actually it wasn't even cat that noticed it was cocoa because I think that was just happy to be there with her friends because it's birthday cocoa is like, why aren't they doing the volcano, right. Why aren't they doing the in? Why aren't they doing the heartbeat? Right. And I think in that moment it's hard to know win to fight and win just to accept it is what it is. You know, sometimes in those situations, though, if I could tell there something that they've talked about, I would find a manager in a, hey, we didn't get this this, and this. Can you have someone come out and do those things? Yeah, it wasn't that bad. It wasn't that, but it was that that cat didn't care God it. It was her birthday. She shared said yen. You would have gone and said, hey, listen, it at least. Could someone come out here and do these couple of things throw the. Shrimp. So what I've heard from people that own restaurants as they say the worst kind of customers because the don't say anything because they just don't come back. Right. But I think the problem with bending on is that everyone loves it so much impact every night. They they don't care at all. No one time we the baby was just born and I made a reservation and I didn't realize because literally the baby was just born that I needed to have a reservation for the baby and they were packed. It was like a Friday night, had reservations a long time and they turned us away completely all ten of us because I actually had a lead it and they're like, I don't even put them on my body, but for some reason, they're so busy. They don't care. I was like, this is insane. Wow, s because we had a baby, they said it counts as a person. You didn't make enough reservation. So we either have to like, you know, set one person in the bar or go somewhere else that is any went somewhere else. Morale's how she didn't? Yeah, where the kids upset? Yes. But then at that point I was like, we just got a call it. I mean, I can only argue with the guy for so much explaining the baby should not count as a person, but I feel like it's the same way about the show, like they're busy every night. They know resume. Our full. It's just so I just thought it was lame. Yeah, so I don't like that. Benny Hano. Yeah, I have to say like, especially if you know it's birthday, right? It's the good guy out there. Right? Gives them energy in your brain a whole crew. It's not like it's, you know, super expensive, but it's not cheap by that. Everybody I knew is extend was it. I mean, I didn't pay this Bill Terry pay, but I paid the Bill before. It's not inexpensive, right? It's not fast food, right? It's it's pricey. I want to start having a cocktail for sure. Issue brought friends. You fill up the whole. It's a lot of people to a lot of. Sure. I just feel like I don't know it's part of your deal. You should always give one hundred percent, one hundred percent. Where else is there? Like the fund birthday showing that we've taken them in l. a. we've taken them to what's the name of the place that we go with the cotton up Barton g s so Borden Jesus, so fun and I've talked about it before they bring the popcorn chicken. They put it actually in a popcorn machine yet us corn. The everything is like a theme. Theme and it's fun and yes. What? Why are there not more places? There's nothing like that. That's why everyone has been on it. It's only somewhat fun birthday that kind of inexperienced and experience was in York has so many funneled lease buy, but l. a. doesn't. I mean, I can't think of many other places other than jeez and Benny hana's I've ever been to lay oak. No. Do you like Korean barbecue in love, Korean, barbecue the there's one in LA. I don't think there's one down here. There's one in LA and the only thing is you have to cook it yourself. Okay. But the on the ground, very emphasis food is spectacular. Do smell I get after. Is it like Benny hana's ish. Not as bad. Okay. Because when you go to bed hungry, you basically have to burn all your you sound like Benny Hoff. I'm you just you weren't or you're wearing the stuff that can go in the washer and dryer right. Not the hanged draw out? No, no. 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If you like my show, you're going to love the first degree. I'm podcast one join lady gangs, Jack Vanik along with her best friend and TV producer, Alexis linkletter and crime journalists, Billie Johnson as they explore the most shocking crimes mysteries and cult with the people closest to the cases and who knows you may be there next guest. So check out the first degree every Wednesday on podcast one or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Now back to Heather do Bros. world. Okay. So let's talk about our incredible move at that. So Natalie poor little Natalie who's so sick, you Natalie love you, Natalie miss you, my girl, so she got his tickets through Lido house to go to the Veuve Clicquot polo classic. Yes, that we thought was in Malibu, but it was actually in the Palisades which we better because it wasn't so far right. And the day before I rolled my ankle, you broke your toe and Natalie got the flu. Our group text, you should see our group Tech's was hilarious, hilarious. I mean, my right ankle is so swollen. I look like I've elephant dyers and Lindsay's tow is tied taped together to the next and it's black black with sparkly pink nail polish on it. It's so funny in the Natalie got the flu, and then now I got the flu and I was like, Goeller. She was at the house. I was going my closet. I've tamiflu just take ten of them yourselves fine. You can't miss you move of it by the way, how gorgeous was it? It was gorgeous against the hill, and the weather was perfect. Nice breeze. It was degraded, horrid. His. Colo player Nacho? I didn't. Then I didn't. There AB did it was so fun running around. I couldn't tell him versus other. No one's on could tell because at the end they were shaking hands with everyone. And I looked over and I go my God who's that? Antares like that's not Joe. You know. So that's a Terry? Yes. Well, have you seen him? He's laying on dark hair, and I think he's blue is a great tells what I hope he does, whereas standing far away and he just he's so gorgeous so gorgeous, I love it. You would say that Terry, who's to these naked women every day, really. I cannot go points. She ate the specimen good point anyway. So this whole event, and we're going to post pictures, but it was so gorgeous. It was like it was as if it was set up for a party with these beautiful linens and the chairs not folding chairs, like restoration, hardware, joys to linen and wood, and all mismatched. And you could buy merch and they end you'd get this little ticket and they would give you a buffalo of Rosetta, the cutest pink holder pink in orange. I got you an extra ones, right? We know and then the little orange glasses and read so many friends, but what was so crazy was later when we were driving home, I saw so many of my girlfriend. Yeah, posting photos from them, like texting them, you were there totally. How did we miss everyone? But then again, after whatever sixty percent of it, I didn't see you again. The rest of it was just so big. I think it was so big. The cell service was spotty. Yeah, but you're right. There's only one way in one way out how did we miss so many people? How much polo did you actually watch a lot of polo you Ted, maybe that's why I didn't see you towards e. Yeah, I didn't. I was like, I need to. I want to watch it because I always feel, you know, I would will Lakers game last week and then afterwards I was like, that was so great. They went crazy. Oh, it's preseason anyways, who cares? I was like, what? It doesn't tally knowing things later, it feels like I'm watching polo and yes. Do you didn't watch much of it? I did not watch that much. I have to say that we ran into a lot of people that watch our shows you. You're a fan bombarded, but you know what was ever was so lovely, and we let so many nice people and and as people kept drinking, like even as it goes. Later, say in the end, it we, we let we screwed it out before you guys because it's when people were drinking lot. That was getting a little crazy. But at the beginning in the middle, we met so many lovely people. We met scowl that actually works for the that knows Dominy. We met at the Lido house dinner and she's going to us up for our trip. So only go to champagne in June. So I'm so excited about that. And we met one of the guys who's putting together the new Bram stadium and and oh, and I met this gal who is making which she texted me. I have to read this to you because it's really the coolest thing air. Yeah, I met her there. One of the girls that came up to you? Yes. I need to tell you about this. You are so sweet to be to take pictures of everyone and because of course you know, of course you're sweet like that anyways, but you're also there with your friends and your husband at your pulled tender actions. It's nice of you to take so much time to talk with everyone. Well, you know what? Just like so sweet. I, you know what? I can't. Oh, because I switched phones, but it'd be gone. You told me the update, did the switchover Mary as happened. But anyway, the point being that l. find out the name makes these little covers that you put over your glass so that Dirk doesn't get in there like a bog or anything like that or Ruthie. Right? Yeah, I'm gonna find out the name of it, but she was horrible anyway. So we ended up meeting many, many people. Right? So many people that listen to the podcast. Thank you, and it was so nice meeting all of you and wasn't fun. Just to be like in this note, reminded me of it reminded me of being an Aspen. Yup, in, I mean, obviously different climate, but when you're sitting in aspirin in the snow is falling in half, they have the beautiful little orange of clico glasses, and there's DJ playing and it's like the air was crisp. Everyone was happy and it was so beautifully dress. Everyone was fancy very fancy. Yeah. I want to go next year. I know we have to ask me annual thing. Absolutely. Annual did you did you seem Natalie's pun. Ones? Yes to so season. So clever. The poor thing was so sick. She was wearing glasses yet. I had a chunk he'll on you were buddy taped together was so funny. Yeah. But what are you to happen? I just loved the event. I just thought it was a mazing. Yeah, it was really well done all every detail. They really did a great job of having fun decor items that, of course, everyone used as Instagram backdrops, but it made it funded. There were so many different areas that almost felt like a different experience. You know, like the big flower arches and there would be cool. You know, like a green walls, I grasp Ivy walls and then they'd be like, big, pink mirrors. Just, you know yet they made it a very Instagram -able event which obviously they want to do. So it's, you know, it trends total, and it was also such a pretty environment of felt like you were at a a wedding, right? Dreidel shower or something. I don't know just throwing legit unless being events that and they did a good job with with controlling. Like the rent, never lines to get drainings or thing. Was good except for the wind for the merch which was slightly painful, but everything else, I felt like they did a good job. Sometimes you pay a good amount for these tickets, and then there's lines to get everything, but it was only do you think it was worth the money over? Sure. What are we? What? How much the tickets was under five hundred a person. So it's under five hundred percent. And what did you get? You get a bottle of youth and then a boxed lunch, which I didn't really eat the boss lunch. I think that they should have done like that's my own. The only thing that I would change it could have been better. I would have liked to see some past germs and send somebody off. The kind of just gave you a boxed meal, which friends had said that it was a good, so I didn't even try kettle chips in. That's it. I kettle chips to and only thing is the shuttle. The shuttle was so painful. You guys got out of the shuttle on the way back, but it just never understand why they can't. And I understand it's up on the hill, but those only thing do things. I would change the the shuttle's situation and the food's the disease. I actually thought the shuttle was fine, right? Yes. When I've liked to been dropped off, yes, but I didn't mind it because it worked very quickly right. Had we had to wait. It on a line. Right? Wouldn't like that. But you got dropped off in a special area on right, or you parked and then shuttle took you right up to the event and drop to you needed to go. I thought that was okay because you didn't have sake the bus home with the drunk people. Oh, was that bad? Well, you don't weird is in my old age. I feel like I feel I feel it sends a bad situation much sooner than I normally would. So we pile into a boss everyone sitting and we have like, I think all the buses were rowdy, right? Like everyone's been drinking for six hours and the someone gets the Mike someone singing on the Mike. And I see the driver who's probably, you know, seventy getting like frustrated rights. He's not impressed. He's getting frustrated and he gets out. So now we have no driver in everyone's like yelling on the Mike. Right? And so then he that I could see the driver getting heated. He's talking to someone else and he's like, I'm out of here. So my great. We're going to have literally no driver in there. There's not that there's extra drivers, so then I went out and like, what's the problem like. Let me just try to here and then he's like, they took my Mike. I'm not okay with that. And like if I go unscrew the Mike, will you please drive the shuttle? He's like, no, no, no. And then I go inside and like we all be calm. I feel like I've sobered up instantly because now we have a show that still Auteuil and no driver he's refusing to drive and there's no extra driver. I mean, like I was the bus. I mean, we could get out, but now there's a whole lines. I mean, just a mess. Right? So then I'm like, I literally go, quiet everyone down. I unscrew the mic the whole wall chain, and I go and I give him his mic on my. Here's your mic. No one can talk on your phone. Will you please drive down the hill? And then he drove us down the hill but was very angry about it. But it was one of those things where we've everyone Mattie us. Well, I don't if they were just mad like, what? Why are we stopping? You know, like one of those things where I'm just like, oh man, this is just bad all the way around it just wanna get out of here and I didn't know if I didn't. If they're mad at me, I didn't even really care. I was just kind of like you guys are going to be quiet. He's got an start driving. That's just the bottom line. So it was one of those things at the end of the night. Like that's the last thing. You know what I mean? Yeah, he's. People started getting rowdy and a bus like no one was like, I don't like when adults do stuff like that when we were at the eagles concert with the twins. So we're sitting there and the people behind us had a another couple visit them in their seats. They weren't their seats. They came to visit them right because then they left. And Nikki told me later, he heard them say that. And this couple was sitting behind us while Zac Brown was playing k. and clearly they were there for the eagles. I don't know that the guy news act Brown, right? But he starts going. He was like saying things like, oh, do you smell that? I need some of that my glaucoma, glaucoma, like being funny as if someone smoking pot because people used to smoke pot for glaucoma or whatever. But like too loud and right yelling, we'll guy singing, and I so wanted to turn on and be like, shut up, totally. But you don't want to start something the guy's already drawn and those weren't even their seats. Right? So finally they left. Yeah, it's hard to know when to step in and I feel like now I worry, you know before it's even a something, but I don't know anytime you're in an enclosed space, people start getting rowdy. I feel like I'm doing something then or get out of the situation rather than just like sit and let it escalate and get worse. So next year I want it was such a long drive up. Right? I felt like exhausted by the time we got there right next year. I wanna like go up the night before. Have dinner day. Stay wake up, fresh Pontiac. All right. So we draw. We went all the way to driver. We drank a lot. Thank God. They had the riche for Terry, right? Yeah, he was happy with you loved. So we got home and to watch fight. So we had like just like quick little dinner and we went downstairs in the movie theater, watch fight and cocaine to sit with us. So coca sit with us, she's can. I sit in the champion, of course. So she's sitting with me in because she does taekwondo like it doesn't bug her, right. I mean, the blood is weird, but she's I dunno, she's not freaked out by it at all right. And so we did you watch the fight just talking about this just the clip. It's not just I didn't see the live real time. No, no. Just give us. We had dinner. Like on the way as we dropped off friends, we went home. You dinner with him? Yes. That fish would die may have you have fishing with dynamite in Manhattan beach, right by the beach is kind of like a Nobu. Very small, just a couple of tables. Very, Greg, didn't watch the fight? No. Was he pets? No. 'cause he watched it like whatever summary online lie. I don't know if you watch it live. I. Yeah, okay. You watch whole thing life. Oh, yeah. We watched the whole thing live cash. So we we watched some of the under cards because they were girls fighting wanna at home in time for that. Oh, yeah. Okay. Yeah. So we eight, we watch somebody under cards and then came and joined us in the theater for the main event sushi sitting with Manji goes something something, something candy, corn and go. Which say, candy, corn, hook, she's like, oh, yeah, because Victoria took me to blah, blah, blah. And we got some candy corn state while we were at the thing and I'm like show is there can like, oh yeah, cooking. So she runs against it comes back and we watch whole fight and guess who eats all the candy corn you? That'd be me. We watch a little fight net. Did you watch what happened at the end of the Feis. All right. So you do you know the back story of the fight. Oh, all right. So what happened basically in a nutshell, is that Connor and could be like hate each other, and there was an incident, was it like a year ago year and a half ago, we're Connor took like a Dolly and threw it in the window of kebabs bus injuring, like two people. Oh, start his huge hate thing, gotten a whole deal. And so they've been like at odds and so they have this fight planned the crap talk each other and counter. Let's part of his thing. Right. And let's face it. It's what sells tickets, hone and builds up the by the whole thing. So they. Do the fight and the odds were totally against Connor, right? And the they do the fight and could be chokes him out in the third round, which I thought it was good fight. I have to say, and I only got into mixed martial arts because Terry used to love it and still does. I thought he did great. It was really good fight. So he doesn't rear naked choke thing on he taps out which taps twice and fights over right. Could be stands up climbs out of the octagon and goes and attacks one of Connor's trainers in the audience. Okay. Who's obviously been like? We yelling something to Connors, one of his corner guys, right? Was in the audience sought it yelling stuff could be probably because that's what they do to leave. The right could be jumps out of the octagon. Right, right after right after the other guy taps out, yes. Instantly instantly k. doesn't say gay me. Nothing jumps out of the gun and goes beat sack up at the same time to of be guys jump into the octagon and start hitting. Conor and Connors just been joked out the guy's not even like half conscious and they're hitting him. So they arrested those guys. Really the two guys, two guys that jump Connor and what I've heard now. So I don't know if anything's going to change between now when you guys listen to this, right? He didn't press charges, how which I think is great, but you know, it sucks is that it was a good fight and it's not good for the sport. Right to have that happen, right. So you had to keep the fighting in the ring, but then Craig says they didn't give him the built, didn't give them the belt. Dana white was like, you got to get out of your. He was. He said, if I handed the belt, the crowds gonna go insane. You gotta get out of here right now. The question is this suspend him right will ever get the belt, right? I mean, he just blew it right. You don't do that and you just one toe celebrated shake hands. And what I hope Connor does is I don't the comes out and says, Corzine press charges. We've all been to heated. This fight stays in the octagon Renat. That's what I hope happens. Interesting. Hopefully he's got a good crisis PR goon. Right. You just can't lose your cool. No, but it's hard to say because when you're so passionate about this and I think is at terrible things about religion and is you know where he's from and all, you know, all this kind of stuff. And so it's deeply. I think it's deported. I think there's a lot more kind of being a little surfacing about this, but right, it's probably easier for us to be like big sport, right, shake hands. Everyone gets a trophy rights agreed. Who is a good. It was a good anyway. I ate all the candy corn, and I got so sick and not to be too my. But here I am with my swollen hideous Angola wake up on the thing and all of a sudden I am OB. Do you want that means? Oh, out both ends. I mean, no, no, no. No way. No, I was from the candy corn. It must hidden when. Mix. I don't know is no. No, it was violent. It was like food poisoning. It was so bad. Oh my God. It was so bad terrible way to end such a fabulous. I, of course, Terry goes, are you little happy? Do you feel like to feel like your stomach's, let it might know Israel goods? Awful. Pluto? TV is the leading free streaming television service watch over a hundred TV channels and thousands of movies, on demand, all completely free. Pluto. TV never asks for a credit card. You don't even need to sign up to watch free. Pluto. TV is the easy and completely legal way to watch your favorite TV shows and hit movies for free. So what are you waiting for? Never pay for TV. Again, come on, go download, Pluto, TV. You can download Pluto TV, four free on all of your favorite devices today, including your phone, Roku, Amazon, fire, TV, apple TV, smart TVs. PlayStation and anywhere else you stream Pluto? TV is the leading free streaming television service watch over one hundred TV channels and thousands of movies, on demand, all for free. No credit card needed. No sign up. Pluto. TV's the easy and completely legal way to watch your favorite TV shows and hit movies. So what are you waiting for? Never pay for TV again, download Pluto for free on all of your favorite devices today. And then on Sunday, we had Katharina his birthday party, her actual party. And of course I took a few days off the Jim because of my poor little England has you haven't been doing fitness with tone arms? I put the put the foot up and to arm so good. I do about teary box you. She's like, maybe you should take time off your ankle. Then he sent me pictures with Pahara and Marissa from the gym, you're going some of us workout. He's such a douche when he does that, but it's funny makes you. And then so we did cats hardy on Sunday, her little wizard of Oz theater. Party, which was super cute should a great time and then went out to dinner. All right. So you tell me, okay, here we go. Now, this is since been resolved, but I'm just going to throw it out there. Here's a little moment. I was talking to a mom at the party who I really like, but she was like, we're talking about how many people you know have gotten divorced and that kind of thing. Choose her husband and how they are and how they relate to each other. And she's like, you and Terry seem really good. I'm like, we are every time I say something nice about us. You can always get into a fight. Why does that happen? I don't know. He just can't put up there if someone says you guys are really. Yeah, you know, material up and down ebbs applause. You know goes, he's do. I don't maybe make people think it's terrible. It's not because then you don't fight. So we went to, we were going to go two years with all the kids, but one by one, each one drops out. Okay. And access to be up at five, amber swim Uquillas. This casuarinas exhausted from party wants to go home and FaceTime over friends and John Rutter presence, whatever you. So it's me interior and Chris, the other and coca. Okay. That's just the porpoise by the way, last man standing. Yes, Cocos. So funny. She says. To Terry sacked about you. You have a crush on yourself and he goes home. She was meaning you're a fan of yourself, like as if he didn't understand. Right. So funny quip over the explain it. She's so funny anyway. So we go to dinner and we're sitting there at out and so I had to drop everyone off. I dropped Terry and Chris at the restaurant took the other kids home. He unloaded everything from the party and put everything away, and then went back with me and Cody join them. Okay. Was there a drink for be on the table? No. There was not. So he had already had a drink, and so I get into the booth with him and we're sitting there and he was like, one drink in. So really like in a very good mode and starts kissing me in three. Sweet. He's like, I love you too casino at your. My everything. Sweet is associate, and I'm thinking now shut up now saying nothing more now don't say anything else. It's like Nikki talk to me just no-one no-one. Everyone should who said you're my everything. I love you because we've been really excited about going to New York first of all, because I think we both need a break and second of all, because we're very, very excited about the book yet. We're really excited about this book tone. I think out of all of our collapse the other book or podcast or skin care line like everything. For some reason, this is like a baby to us. We just feel like we're bringing something to everyone that's so useful and people are just gonna love. So we're really excited about the launch of the book, do bro diet. And then. Wondering Glaister. He starts saying to chrisny, you just tell me how you'd feel about this standing starts talking about his Instagram feed. Okay. You know, when you go to that section that shows you basically things that you search for. Right. What does it show you is that you're like discover shop now? Fitness, healthy food and baby stuff. Right. Okay. Mine is a lot of fashion. Yup. Make up yet housewives. Yeah, reality television and celebrity k. Terry starts going. Mine is all cats. And football. Okay. Which is random. Okay. Because he doesn't watch football, right? Right. So he starts talking about cats, cats cats. Okay. And then he's talking about football and he goes, he knew would Heather does for me. That's so amazing because you know what's cool about a quarterback. He started talking about quarterbacks, Tom Brady, and like how teams handle quarterbacks. I is like they take everything else off the plate for them so they can be the best. They can possibly be like, they don't have to worry about food. They don't have. They make sure they have everything. They need food wise like they don't eat. They don't have to worry about where they're living is just everything's like handled, right? They don't have to worry about their trainer. Everything scheduled the charges, the p. t. like whatever it is they need, it became. It's just they are handled handed so that they can be best they can be. Yes. And he starts launching into this whole thing about me and how that's what I am for him and how I handle every element of his life. He can. In be him right. I think that's a huge compliment. You do. Right? Did it rub you wrong dead because but listen, he doesn't have to think about anything. No, it was super nice, but there was an element and look. I know I can get overly sensitive sometimes and maybe it's because I've got the big birthday looming, but you do think about things and he was like this a few weeks ago, so I'm sure you can understand it, but you'd think about things that you've done right in your life and you think about things that you have not accomplished. Right. And I don't believe it's ever too late to accomplish those things. So I'm not in that space or anything. But what I'm saying is it was a little like your the woman behind the man. Diedhiou does that resonate with you at all? And by the way I love doing for him, it makes me happy to do this. I never think I'm going to do this for you so that you'll do something for me. I do it because I want to do it. And in one way I love the fact that he recognized said I do that, but I don't know. There was a piece of me that felt like I wanted to vomit a little bit. Right. And I know it wasn't just me because interior went to the bathroom, and Chris looked at me and goes, you know, he doesn't mean it like that. So if that was his reaction to the way he says it right there was there was an element of like my purpose right is to do this for him. And that's my only purpose. I think that's probably how you interpret it. We'll Chris interpreted it the same way. Well, yes. I mean, I didn't say anything to Chris. I didn't even give him a long to give them a matter of fact. While Terry was saying Chris actually interjected and said, well. Well, she also and like tried to interject a few of my credits if you will. Right. Thanks, Chris. Yeah, that was like puzzles me sought, right. I mean that Terry feel so lucky that he doesn't have to think about any of the any of the minutia doesn't totally. But there is an element of narcissism that goes along with this, that it is all about him, and I mentally had to say to myself, like don't make a comment like will if that's true, then you know what I mean, right? But although he knew what he did say that I also thought was good. He's it's funny. I don't know why it took his sixtieth birthday to become this way right, but and I do appreciate him saying that. But I also had a moment of, I'm being on it. I had a moment of life for sure. I would feel the same from the outside. I only knowing him I only see the compliment side just because he's so grateful that you support him in every way. He's not. He's not thinking of it. He's only thinking about it in how it involves him, not you as a whole. That's a whole different. Thing, right? But of Craig, gave you a speech about how you're the woman behind the man's, for sure. When there'd be a piece that he's felt like, wow, is that all I am? It's it's very hard for sure for sure right issue with that old. And and I think especially when we talk about and I think especially with with, I won't even just say women like people Ryan give up so much throw their partners in for their kids and their families and their lifestyle and young you want to be valued at, but there is a piece you that feels like. Right, right. Does that or does that by the way, if you don't agree with you going to? I think knowing Terry, I think he meant it in for him the highest possible compliment you provide everything that he could need and makes him happy. I feel like he was saying as a reflection of what you give to him, I agree, but being a strong woman who's accomplished and do all these things and feel like you are the woman behind the man doing all these things is very crazy concept to it's Roger wrap your brain, right, for sure. And in the in the way that you give up so much sacrifice for your kids, you also have to sacrifice so much when his schedule is crazy all over the place because there's nobody who boasts could be doing all these things. Right, right. Well, I mean, that's why I mean, we were talking about on Dr MRs Guinea pig, like on Saturday, I got so many people telling me you have to go to homecoming, don't go to New York day or programming, and I said a couple of weeks roaming. Totally right. Right max needs me right on. So she didn't really care before now. She does. Okay. So I never actually made the plans go to New York. I was just thinking, why don't I go? That was totally right. That's why I love talking about things on the show. Right. But he's off on g four right with Bob and Mike and all these guys going to this charity thing right in Zona wherever they were going, and I'm home doing rights to homecoming. Yep, giving giving, but I wanna be there for that. I wouldn't wanna be on the plane right yet. No, I wouldn't feel so Phil. You wouldn't feel happy being somewhere else? No, I honestly would it right. So why is it? Is this a man woman thing in my life would say here missing the homecoming thing? No, like if the kids were okay, like the kids out? Yeah. No, like he doesn't need to see it. Tears thing is like their freshman, right. This isn't a big deal when they're juniors and seniors. It's like a big deal. This is beginning stuff right? I had l. but I. I think I think mostly it's a man woman thing like Anna's mobs, we don't want to miss it whether it's freshman year senior year. Yeah, no, you don't wanna miss those things and still trying to figure out how I'm gonna. See both. 'cause the last time I talked to you, you were going to do max and he was going to Nikki, right? So that's happening because he's so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna call Nicky's dates, mom and racy. 'cause they're, we're got a room at the Ritz Carlton. Okay. For maximum friends to get ready at have the makeup artist coming there and startled, so they'll get ready together and then we get to be part of it with them. And yeah, they'll to and the boys are gonna come there and they're gonna have dinner there. Take pictures and then go, right because it's close. It's like ten minutes away. Smart from the explosive event, closest school plus aware. A lot of people live our houses like twenty five minutes away and it didn't make sense. I do it at my house which I would've loved to have done this. This worked out really nicely. Right? So I'm hoping that Nikki's dates mom will drive them to the hotel because it's on the way to the school and let them take pictures together, fun. But it was like, I was like, should I get you flatten, you guys flower? Because half of them don't have dates. They're kind of going as a group like, no, don't feel like don't get it anyway, just in case, maybe just in case things because sometimes they say no. And then if you just have it like, oh yeah, yeah, let's do that. You know when when she says no, and if you kind of do something or have something that is, she's like, I told, you know. That's never happened before the only going to acquaint it too. Is that for graduation? I got her a leg. Because at Nikki school they gave them flowers and at her school they didn't. But I know a lot of kids in California they get lays for graduation. Right? So I bought it and I thought I'll give it to her after. Right. And while we were walking in for the graduation, she texted me and said, she said, did you get away? And I said, yeah, I have you. Ted McCall, can I have it now because they were all wearing them crazy the ceremony, right? And I was like, Phew, thank goodness. I got the learning. Can you imagine if I had just gotten regular flowers rhino flowers in as a mom, it's they text you that you wanna be able to say, yes, especially on a big day in their nervous, but that's what is gone was thinking to myself, you know, she a bunch of the girls don't have dates would if I got them all. Yeah, on Serge's Superfund just like that. But I don't know if she's going to be mad on what? No, it's hard to say. I asked her and she said, no. So then what do you do? You go against their wishes, right. Could you ever ask her again, like show I will pictures and say, hey, of. Thinking about getting him for everyone. I will another us. Yeah, I'm gonna take Maxon Icke shopping tomorrow night because she needs shoes. He has nothing. He's grown out of everything. And then you have such a busy week. This is your only window of time, right? I ever gonna hack calzone into this week. It's insane. So I'm going to be back at e news, right? Wednesday, right, and another this will I think that will have aired by the time when you have on. Yeah, but we're recording on Monday. Is it Monday? Today's Monday is when. And so tomorrow I'm taking them shopping Wednesday to be up in LA and then Thursday, we're doing family pictures, family pictures in two years. You need it to doing it for holiday or just, I don't sit holiday cards. Yeah. Is that weird now? It's weird. I'm kind of over to. I haven't done it. I did it once ever. Really? Yeah. I posted on my love roundabout. You, you know, I don't care if everyone else does it. You don't feel like it. So what we used to have this tradition where ever ear we would, I would take everyone's Christmas cards. Hellenic cards are and put them in a stack. And then on Christmas day after we opened presents always make biscuits and eggs and bacon whenever and we go through them, we pass them around and we talk about France. Yeah. Is this person grade? Oh, this is so fun. That's my best friend look how they aren't. So we used to do that. But I noticed in the last two years, we've been very. Like involved in each other will last year. Remember Christmas was no point, so that wasn't a good moment to do that. But we did it the year before. I think maybe willing to do it last year because of that. I don't know. Maybe we'll do it again this year. Like you get less cards, like less people are doing it. I think people do it. Yes, everyone's on social media when season. I think everyone posts them, right. I think that sending out cards is very expensive and stamps are expensive yards. I do like them. I think it's very pretty. I mean, I miss invitation, you and I, I've always been such invitation people that are you still doing well, I've realized that you have to do the online for the RSVP's and stuff like that. So what I have done the last couple of times, I guess it was only the very last party I gave in to do the paperless post or the fight or one of those. But I also did like a real one to like a real limitation. Yeah, it was. I can't remember when I called it. I want to say it was like six years ago, and I got to the point where I said, you know, what is the only way to manage our SEP's? It didn't and to find everyone's addresses and some people don't like mail coming to their house or they don't get it and then you don't know. And then they didn't receive the invite retinas. Like, why wasn't I invited in the party's already happened, but it's mostly the RSVP because people are so bad at doing the RSVP that unless they can just click on languidly they don't always be pay, and then you have to go chase everyone. And then what was the point of that? Totally. And honestly, when I get a birthday party invitation for one of the kids, I take the invitation, I. Put it the information, my phone and I throw it west true because otherwise I know it's only the old days where you put on the bulletin board and you'd look at it, whatever. Right, right anyone night and just so you know, my husband, yes. Just texted me and sent me a picture of a wallet. Dangle dapper not kidding. Will you order me? Dang, dapper e. d. c. wallet. Really? He goes. Can you order this for me? So by the way he doesn't even like a wallet is that so where will he see this? Don't know, but he wanted in black. How does he know comes in black? Where does he see the wallet or at sixty? Nine dollars dangle dapper e DC while jet black. Oh, it's very cool though. Done. So let's see what it is is this you allowing him to be the quarterback today. Apparently the DO one. Deborah while it was designed for the sophisticated individual with an edge clean lines, contrasting materials, blah, blah, blah. Okay. Here you go dear to clicks and Mary a gun, and you know what I have to say touched. Oh my gosh. Thank God for face ide-. All right, you guys. Thank you so much for listening. A couple of things. I just want to go over before we go. I'm going to be on. Watch what happens. Live on Monday. I'm so excited. I would get off to you. Just you come. I'm so excited to see it. Yeah, it's going to be a Monday on Tober fifteenth. I'll be on. Watch what happens live. We have a book signing on Saturday, October twenty. Seventh at the mall of America. Minneapolis one thirty to three PM and check us out on e news go to Heather Dubrow dot up. Oh, and the house tour starting October tanking. Not wait. I cannot wait. I hope you guys like. It because the house, it's just not like touring any other house, all the details in. So interesting, hope it all comes through in the video. It will. You guys are going to love it every time I'm here. I'm like, have you always had that? That is fabulous. Just noticed it still populists. Come back, please, especially Natalie can't be or all right. We're gonna be talking about so much more fun thing. Thank you guys, all so much for being such great supporters, and we will see you Montana. Thanks for listening to Heather do rose world, download new episodes, every Tuesday at podcast, one dot com. That's podcast. Oh, any dot com? I'm Rita Foley with an AP news minute today. The focus will be on finding survivors after category four hurricane, Michael slammed into the Mexico Beach, Florida area. Yesterday it's now a tropical storm moving over Georgia and headed toward the Carolinas famous Brock long says, search and rescue is already underway in the storm zone focused, hyper focused on search and rescue, and and obtaining access to some of the hardest hit areas. He tells the today show concerned about Mexico beach in that area in the areas between Appalachia colon, Panama City beach. So we were able to get some teams in last night, but because of nightfall, it's limited as to what we can do. He says there air-dropping search and rescue teams into devastated areas. The smoking a Russian medical expert says in American and a Russian space. Man are feeling good after an emergency landing that force them to aboard a flight to the international space station. They landed safely in Kazakhstan this morning. I'm Rita Foley lay.

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