Cowboy Butts Drive Me Nuts (with Matt Apodaca)


Hello oh that's andrew. Doing fireworks noises weeks straight up forgot last time but it was the fourth of july. I'll give a shit about that. Hot holiday too hot too hot no matter where you are in america. That holidays too hot date you. You're too hot to mother's day. You barely make it barely make it in their shit gets unbearable outside. Barbecues cool downside as the summer haters the house. The subir haters back on american soil. I'm sick of it. I'm born and raised californian and i'm sick of the heat. How about you matt matt here. That's right yeah. I i'm a so cal kid and you know what to hell. Yeah it's too hard on a c. Frequent earth yeah it is. There's a i feel like this might not be earth's fault. Strictly speaking i earth. I'm watching you okay andrew. Okay pita we have that. We might have done this one. Fireworks are helping the environment every kevin. I'm tony that's the strength. The ozone layer. What a wild energy to start with we. We are all or all wearing black white or grey marination right. Now yeah right. No we look like we look like. Here's what we look like. We tried to coordinate but the text threat was vague. We all like took a stab at like a black and white party kind of i. We look like it's one thousand nine hundred eighty three eighty four and david byrne said. We're going to do a show together. Everyone wear neutrals and what he meant. Was everyone wear gray. But then a bunch of people messed up and like charcoal and black and stuff anyway. That was his stomach and he's going to wear baby blue. That's chris france. Because france is gonna wear a blue polo. This and he didn't tell anybody else about his giant suit. This is us doing jokes about the concert. Film stop making sense director by jonathan demme. Is that turn into this. Show for know what this show. Is this racist the show where we listen to your voicemail questions about racism with the help of a special guest or matt this map wars. He the unscrupulous guest of them all. Yeah it's not even in case of emergency break glass. It's just sort of like in case of emergency. Just give that class tap. Don't even you don't break. yeah the low lizard. He's he's already on the other side of the glass. Yeah yeah i was. I was always lifting it up just the case. I'm ready in the class. A little head handle a door just a little glass door breaks. But you're fred durst in the house point point point speaking of you being a so cal kid. You're talking about this off. Mike and then we were like why are we talking about this off mike. This is what the show is. So i ran across a news story about some children in southern california being racist question. Mark shocking indra. Did you see what school it was. Or what city. Oh i did not. I thought kevin might have was in san diego. In the school was koran nadeau it sounds like coronado coronado thank you okay. So at the school they started throwing tortillas asked. An opposing team made up primarily of lat next students and they were stripped of their whatever. Bullshit high school basketball title. Whatever shit that matter to them was taken away and important part. Amazing actually yeah. It's pretty good. Pretty good turnaround for for san diego. I'll say this is the thing i don't want i'm not trying to come for san diego. I i know that. I think you're allowed. I think i just know that there are people. There are good people from san diego who take issue with me saying this about and this is the thing. I'll say it's not you. It's everybody else. At san diego san diego's bad. I'm sorry to be and say if i'm not talking about you i'm not talking about you. That's good i like that. I'm going to start saying that. That's that's i like that. Look at kevin and his little cup. I'm i'm froth and milk over here gang. We this is. This coffees hitting different. Sorry sorry we're we're no we're everyone. This is a transitional ios this racist tawny tani's traveling we're recording on a holiday monday. Yeah on holiday. I suppose we this podcast. It's not recognize according to regular monday. Yes well yes that can segue us into the next item but just to put a button on the high school. That was exactly going to be my point. Matt was that the fact that by the time i had heard about the story that was already happening. Yeah yeah thank you. I was sad that the thing had happened. I was mad that those little shits were racist at fucking basketball game like surprise. You're all going to grow up to be realtors and your basketball trophies matter. Yeah yeah nothing wrong with realtors. I'm just like you're not going to be pro basketball players so this shit doesn't matter and you're going to do a racism unto other people over some shit that won't matter in literally four years i. I'm always thinking like that to me is like it's very base level stupid. Let's like a stupid thing to do. Because like i always wonder if like white people star stuart truly just stop for one second thought about the thing that they were doing if it happened to them how stupid. It would be like what he was throwing the most. Sorry kevin bland food at these people. Kevin matt my coal kevin's very proud of his white culture spaghetti with butter on it grilled cheese. Yeah exactly and that. I know we're having a good time. But that is kind of the point is that there is nothing so racially coded about white people that anyone could throw. That would be like throwing a tortilla at lat. Next person is such a specific targeted yet if aggression little tells you exactly what they think of you that's why we say it's nearly impossible to actually be racist against white people because there isn't what what could you can throw at you where you would go. This is white the book. Yeah theory book are. Yeah i mean well. It's also though as we talked. I've talked so much about san diego over the years because it is like two things. I guess it's like such a like segregated city like when you see it was just like oh like this is like there are many latino people there but is like so segregated from the rich white parts. Yes that's gross and then also there's the thing it's like. Do you feel like we hear so often like leaving. We're moving in the right direction that the kids are kids are okay right. And it's like the kids are like ok by like one percent in some areas. These like san diego high school kids kind of remind you that. It's not like california's like amazing. Alex southern california's necessarily amazing. It's just like like some marginalized kids in some racist. Places are slightly opening their eyes because of listed on tick tock yes which is good but it's not that good all of a sudden i will. Yeah i wanted to. I to the pessimism trade. Sorry slow. we're having a lot of fun. We gotta have the balance andrews here to to bring it down and that's what we need. I was just going to say. I i when i even though i get annoyed. Sometimes at the smug little tick tock here. Here's what racism is activism on the balance. I'm grateful for it because it's reaching an audience that you know. I mean they're not listening to this show too long too long. It's got to be quicker and more like more just our face. They stopped listening nine minutes and thirty seconds ago. Yeah have you guys tried doing the show like to talk to sort of like waiting having word up here. That would take a long time. I feel like the shows like forty minutes. Yeah i did not realize i. Someone showed me how to do that. On the tick-tock that's like it's much more production intensive than i realized because it is time intensive. You can't there's no edit. There's no live at if you fuck it up just simply have to go around the loop again. It's so i don't understand how it works but good good lord. It is one of the few things that have sort of made me feel old. Because i just seems like a young man's game like i really can't because there's an here i i just like i can't get in. I'll sit and look at it and it'd be like i can't believe they're making this stuff and well. There's like not figure out how to do it. I think i've reached this healthy thought in my brain where i'm like you know when instagram came out. I was overwhelmed. But i was like i want to do it. I'll figure it out. Yeah same thing with twitter. I mean i guess. I was around the same time but i got on twitter later with tick talk. I truly feel like if i get into this. I'm sure i'll be fine. But this take time away from my actual career. And i kinda at a thing. That's actually going to take time away from the thing that pays me money. Yeah there's such a bizarrely high learning curve. yeah and also. It's like just get avid kids. Just get it advocates. Really here to say kids avid. Just get get an avid and send the send the tape down to your editor at half a whip up a nice little video for you all this stuff. Yesterday was america's birthday. Or as i like to call it america's father's day what did you mean and you're on father's day. I think i said happy birthday to all dad's that's funny and very are usually most big holidays. I say. hp number two and then whatever the you know so whether it's all moms or grandmoms or shore whatever got to the irish shirt and then if if it's if it's an award show i'll in all caps tweet. Did i win. A for instance. Did i went to oscars that. This is how you stay topical. Everyone wants to know. Yeah my process that what is what is father's day third sunday in. Yeah jeeze june. Somebody loves their dad. I mean july. I wrote h d two dads. That's what i do well. This is all a tangent. Because i was going to try to do andrews joke for the fourth of july but it actually makes sense. It is happy disregard the last minute and a half everyone. My my old boss on mixed ish tweeted happy racist june teens like that. Wow i like that heater. Stodgy aka mr june. Eighteenth the man who in some ways is responsible for popularizing. June teens with large america wrote. He wrote the black shepherd said about june teeth. Anyway mr june eighteenth that hashtag. He tried to get to get him on the show. Yeah tag trindon. So all. I wanna say about yesterday's holidays the only holiday. I was celebrating. Even though i was far away. I celebrated the text was the fourth of july and that is lacey. Moseley's burke the only reason to care about that day for me it's such a does feel like a bigger event. Because i feel like i see more posts about it than i see about like honoring the the fourth of july. I just want to post their little cute red white and blue outfits people just want themselves swimsuit and all. I hear about thrilling. I reeled up some burgers yesterday for my girlfriend and her parents. And that's all we did it. And i felt like a god. They were all so happy that i was it was really really great and i think why. Like dads to bring it back to dads. I know kevin love them. But off. I grilling was like wow like. Everyone is kind waiting on me to really pull this off. I hope. I don't mess this up and i didn't really good get man. I didn't have any choice though. I no cheese. If i could go into this more on the premium show yo. Can we live subscribed to at sub pods dot com. It's the show where we talk about not racism anyway. Little little tip for the seafood people out there and actually i have a question for kevin after i make the suggestion. I grilled oysters yesterday. In let me throw this other. It's super easy. You just wanted oyster on the grill. Okay but where do you get them. The ocean knows you. Can't i put a yuzu shallot butter on it by you. Don't have to and they you can shut them beforehand but they also if you let them grow long enough they just kind of die and open up and much much easier. But i tried to do the thing where i chucked them on the grill as they were out and let me tell you a one pro tip. That is the most dangerous thing i've ever done. A million really put it on for you in the pants shoe. A hot oyster. That oughta flame. Jesus here's my question that maybe for the other show for kevin. I don't. i'm being annoying. Asca vegan person. I had a co worker in two thousand ten who was sort of vegan but his exception was oysters because he had read something or had some argument that was like they have like no central nervous system kind of the closest to a plant that an animal can be and they are like completely farmable and in fact like when their farms like take pollution out of the water the show. Yo is this vegan. Kevin bartell answer the question vegan. He otherwise i believe he was vegan and he was just like this is my accession. This is my like vary rationalized. Version of this kevin does that seem compelling to you in any way. No thank you this. Show call back next week next week. Seven tackles regular milk. kevin. Miller can't think i did. I did have a coworker mix. Who was like. I admittedly just a person who may be loved fad diets or whatever but was like hold up butters vegan. And i. oh yeah. I'm some people just want to eat. Certain things don't eat other things like love to get rid of the rigidity of labels when people are just like eat bacon. But i'm vegetarian. Just go off. Yeah that's that seems. I'm not ever going to be like a you can't do that. You can't say that you're that and he that no stranger jail with you i think. Hold on i. I you should be more like a friend of mine. He is like sort of like makes it very known that she's a vegetarian but one time was like that's what i ate today. Fried chicken and i was like this is awesome. I love this is wild. Like i just wanted fried chicken. It's smells so good. That i had a piece of it and i was like that's great. Yeah that's exactly the my experience with eating fried chicken sell it. I gotta have it right. Why wouldn't you want it. Everyone should have what they want. You know what else people should have. If they want is fucking marijuana people in fucking twenty states. It should be legal federally conan. O'brien just smoked weed on tv on it at night show every everyone went nuts. Everyone's like great. We love this. We love this for him. Everyone's so happy about it and then feels like two minutes later. Sha richardson who we are so excited about last last week. Especially in the premium show. We're talking about all the black woman going to the olympics. Chiquet richardson gets. What disqualified kicked out. What do we say excommunicated from the cult of the outdated ridiculous olympic committee for ingesting marijuana like don't twelve hours prior to her race. It's it's like. I think kevin kevin brought up. How people were commenting like. It's so deeply ironic. How excited we are at like that. News came out as recorded. Probably like was a day of or or the next day. Yes something like and this is why i have had a longstanding policy of. I don't celebrate anything because of course it could all be taken away from us but that is what we turtles get is editorial. We express anything positive. Yeah we this how the world is racist. I mean the olympics. Yeah obviously are racist. Faulk as like every sporting body but at the same time it is that double edged sword. Yeah that's both ways. Yeah that it is like a place where like people of color have been allowed to excel do excel because this just like a lot of the entanglement is never as simple as like yea or boo and and that's what we get for. Try to have them fines. And yes and this doesn't even on the women who are being disqualified for having higher levels of testosterone. Pardon me the solely black women who are tied for having testosterone levels that are too high naturally not their natural bodies are being disqualified. This is also a separate conversation about the unnecessary 'gendering of really of all things but specifically here the olympics. But yeah these. I'm just so tired of these double standards of you know. Michael phelps getting to like smoke weed and become kind of like a hometown hero again. And then this woman and also are. Are we supposed to be disqualifying people who are taking performance. Enhancing drugs like you should sooner disqualify someone who drinks way too much caffeine. 'cause that could make you fast. One hundred she can smoke weed and be that fast is she should get the metal already. That's insanity a friend of mine. Tweeted jews like if i smoked weed and tried to do anything afterward i would die like i like the idea of trying to even run. I'm like trying to run at all for me. Not even high as a challenge. If i rise high. I would have to start digging my grave. It'd be awful. Just such arbitrary. I firmly believe that people's people who don't smoke weed their arbitrary hatred of it or disagreement with it is rooted in racism. If they also don't drink or they don't do other substances those things are quote unquote legal. So they can be okay with people doing them like mentally. They're like oh well. She had ten beers the night before she ran. But not my choice. But that's okay like they're not going to have a moral objection to it. And the only reason they have a moral objection. Marijuana is because it was so heavily coated as being a black people thing the seventies and eighties it was so it was a way to separate a further way to separate out black people in communities and say look at these lazy people look at these people who are doing something illegal and bad and even now when it's legal it's still thought of that way i mean and the like i mean i think if i recall correctly actually from a previous episode of this show abdul with dulles i eat it is even just like calling it. Marijuana is like that's how they were trying to tack like you know associated cannabis with mexican people as all of it like. Yeah it's end. It is like because booze is so like eurocentric like how. How could you not like out while this thing that fucks people. We should go back to prohibition of alcohol. Now we're not were going. But i i'm interested in seven seventeenth amendment. What what amendment did i say you guys. How ignorant am i. Don't give a damn here. He goes again doing the to two senators from each state. Not even close yes close. The track nailed it. That's all i have to talk about. I'm mad at everything. Fuck fuck the olympics. Fuck i mean. I guess it's like fuck the ioc specifically fuck the american like like organizing owners of the olympics while at the same time celebrating individual athletes of color but not assholes like michael phelps or like like ryan locked e what like peed on some shit like in brazil. And it's like whatever. Yeah he was just like you can like doing a bunch of shit out late at night which like also i don't give a shit about i don't care if he could fucking go on a bender and tear the town and then the next day. What was his event swimming swim. Good great congrats. That's why i don't like let's leave her the fuck alone at. It's also just the in ten years or fifteen years. Hopefully sooner. we're gonna look back on stuff like this and be hopefully so embarrassed because it'll be federally legalized and regulated. And everyone will be like well. They kicked you out for that i. It's a little though. The people who are mad about it now will be the ones who are quote embarrassed and the people who are not mad about it now are unbearable racists. Yeah that's yeah desk. I'm just like skateboarding. Is an event this in this upcoming olympics. Like what is going to be the rule for those guys. What are you what are they. I'm sure there'll be a whopping double standard because of the way. Skateboarding skews racially evident double standard. Sure are we. We've we've we've gone too long without trying to sell you. Guys some take a break therapy or or milk it the. I don't know we'll see in a minute. We'll be right back. Episode is brought to you by green chef. what's green shaft. Green chaff is the first. 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It's just it's like okay. i'm here it's like it's comforting sort of hanging out. You don't have to make just hanging out with friends or do you wish. We made a slightly bigger deal about you being here. I mean i asked kevin to say something about it before we started he. Yeah oh should. I read this now. Wow big haircut my man. Thank you for for you big haircut. We need somebody to say something. And i didn't wanna make an insane. But i was about to make a joke about how we had a whole fireworks display plan for you and then we set it off accidentally and that reminded every day for a few days to talk about. Do we talk about the lapd last week but mungai neighborhood in our really quick. Just 'cause fucked lapd especially by the lapd set off like a like busted someone for like selling fireworks and so they had like five thousand pounds of fire or something like that in south la and because they're racist and incompetent they like blew them up in it. Like destroy buildings injured like seventeen eighteen people. Something like that like and to me. The ios this racist element of it is by far. Apparently people like felt it. It by me why it's like. Yeah from like if you think about five thousand pounds of explosives is like some shit you drop out of the truck the truck also up with the stuff so there you know but to me the just like oh south. La you decide that this isn't this. Yeah try blowing up a if that truck were in you. Know silver would yeah. They sure as fuck wouldn't just be like. Let's just see what happens if we blow this up. I do have a racist fireworks story. I when i lived in lakewood with my family just like near long beach street does area. My grandpa like i mean truly was doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing. I guess he did go and get fireworks that we shouldn't have had who say who my grandpa. Yeah exactly grandpa's social security number. Yeah my grandpa real quick. Look it got if anyone to ever find him he would talk to your off and you'd be like you know what was but other people on our street are also doing the same thing and the cops his house. The cops came to only house with brown people at it and they wrote us a nice nice ticket and it was just. It was awesome. It was great. Especially when everybody. I mean i grew up with all kinds of people. Set it off fireworks so to think of it. As a brown people thing is bad yes comic in front of the show. Moshe cash had a tweet that i'll paraphrase and bastardize but go look for it where he said. Hey guys. i've just moved into a neighborhood. That was setting off fireworks long long before i ever showed up any suggestions for what i should do sit down. Yeah that's real. We punch through some voicemails couple punch high. I am a pretty new listener. But i haven't binging this podcast. Because i'm black man and i'm very curious what questions people have about racism but i want to ask the question which is From my professional experience from actually a job that i had for a long time no longer half but I had an interview years ago. And the interviewer asked me again as a black man How i felt about race in the workplace. And how i work alongside large groups of white people and you know at the time. I appreciate the question. I was Obviously like five years younger very my career. But i appreciate the question but i've kind of always wonder joe is racist I'm kind of on the fence. Because i'm not sure if this is a good question to ask or if it's a discriminatory question to ask and then there's the aspect of the fact that this would not be a question that's probably two white people at all But yeah i wanna know your thoughts on this in all the different angles of it. Not only from like them asking it. And i'm sure selectively asking if that even just from the usefulness of asking that question and giving the heads up that like hey this might not be the most welcoming environment for you Which that'd be very welcoming environment. But it was that they at least get that up. And i'm going to stop talking collar green. Yeah yeah yeah. My first thought was just like if this was truly them giving you a heads up. It's then it's not a question of how you do in that. It's it's instead saying like okay. Just you know. This isn't like a super diverse place. We have a lot of white people up like. That's the culture here. Maybe we're trying to change it or whatever comes after that but not. How do you function when surrounded by whites. Yeah well and and i guess there is like the the other side of the hypothetical if the caller had been like i don't like it. I prefer more diverse workplace perform a more representative workplace. What would that disqualify him from job. Because that is like racist. Yeah sure why. What are you going to be like. No i love it. That's great that's my preference. I love to be the only one. Yeah and the caller is right. There's i mean in my mind. There's absolutely no way they're asking this question to white people. There's no way unless it's jet magazine and they're hiring white graphic designer on they're like hey this is real black. Well what are you going to be. I you're also to. I mean it's like if you why people like how are you. Do you handle working around. Lots of white people all lives matter version of that. It's like it's okay because this associate matt ear wolf. Did they give you a warning. I don't think so. Because i don't know if if people clocked it right away i and that's shade to to them or anybody i just. I don't. I don't know if it's top of mind when i enter most spaces. I think i'm less that i. Yeah i unless they're bad. They were bad whites. There's this one's not right. Bad way you gotta you gotta warn people. Yeah yeah but i. Yeah i mean i guess it's i know it's different because what my job before that. A big thing of that was like a worked at a grocery store. It down that was primarily latin next people and then i worked at a restaurant here in la at mozart. And i would say that. That was a pretty diverse staff mostly white people in the office. I guess and i was in. I was in the office but i. I guess that questions ever been asked to me. Because i think it's a bad question i don't know. I think it's just a question that it's like. I mean if you're asking that question as a someone who's hiring people i think he need to maybe asked i mean look at the questionnaire self rated mirrors. Yeah yeah also. There's a world where it was if the were. The idea was to give the caller a warning bad way to give a warning. Also probably ill straight up illegal question. I think waiver lawyer. But i like that feels like the type of shit that other people have been like. Yeah obviously we can't legally ask you this but or legally tell you probably you probably can't even say like hey we're a bunch of whites just a lot of it. Seems like there's there's an even if that person wound up being just like a sort of hand-wringing nice but clueless liberal white liberal. That's one of the best case scenario and it does matter a certain to a to a certain degree that the caller did say that they liked working there. It was a pleasant environment. Maybe it was just a poorly worded question. Maybe was a nervous manager being like hey like we are really really trying to ni- only have people here. Yeah because like asking a person of color. How do they do with. How do they do with race. I would assume the answer is pretty well and it's not a it's just a bad it's just a bad. Yeah yeah exactly. I've been doing this. Since the day i was born. I'm pretty good at i. Guess it's like if it actually was a good work place you should be able to say all this shit to their face. Sort of i bet you could it. Yeah like there are many places that i've worked like even at your will for like we in in meetings. They i mean they. Maybe i don't know if it should be saying this like they tell you. They people people in corporate america. That are trying to be good and do better by you know. Everyone are actively being like we are trying to change how we hire people and like the diversity of that process and like really interested going as far as like removing names from like resume. You know what. I mean like blind submissions or things like that so i think maybe this this caller did say this was a few years ago. Maybe they haven't caught up to like how hiring is is now you know so like a few years ago. I could see that being a question. That somebody i asked. Yeah well now. I think there's more ways to make it better exactly. There's there's more there's better ways to do it. That doesn't put that person on the spot and for anyone listening who may be considering working this into their interviews. Maybe don't because it also it's real easy to make it sound like now. Are you going to be good. We got a lot of whites out a lot of you. Are you going to cause trouble. Yeah which is how my paranoid brain would take it. And i. It sounds like a threat. Like indisputably sounds like a threat. Yeah thus ten practices. Yeah don't i would love it in the black prospective employees. Just throw that out there. I would love it if people were listening to this and hurt us going off on this question for a while and still were like. I might ask this question. You never know what people you never know the world. Yeah we got a punch us next voicemail. Hi i'm calling. I am a a white passing hispanic man. I work at an elementary school. And something just happened. That i just kind of wanted you guys opinion on. I'm feeling a little a little frustrated. So there's our attendance secretary is also a a white passing or white a white presenting hispanic woman have a staunch republican and trump supporters and just sent out a pretty standard regular kind of tendency email to the entire school building I should mention that. I worked in a predominantly People of color. Are you know throughout the staff. And the students black and hispanic and other people of color and she sends out just a regular but at the end of her signature. She puts in big bold letters. We all matter. And this is just a couple of days after the george floyd Anniversary of his death. And i just. I really wanted to kind of put her on blast and i kind of want to tell her off and and and send her along Emails her how wrong and how offensive. That was she. We worked with predominantly. Like i said black and hispanic and whatnot. Students and and most of our staff is in that same category i. I don't understand why she would think that is okay but it also just feels intentionally provocative but as as a man Speaking to a woman. I also feel like i have a little bit of privilege over her so i don't wanna be i wanna be too. I don't know why. But i just thought maybe i could get your guys stake. So thanks love. The show won a classic way to take a stand in your fucking attendance email yet. That really changed the minds. I bet somebody read that in the end like. Oh you know what. I considered this. Oh what donna said this. So i think yeah. Is there a way to just be like. Hey you can't push it like that in school. I don't know sometimes it's nice to hide behind the like separation of church and state of it all with schools like you can't really shit like that in school. I couldn't wear a t shirt and school. That's a cowboy butts. Drive me nuts. But they were casper's in cowboy hats and my teacher maybe turn it inside out. Wow shirt that's all you see real hamsters or were they mice. They were some little animal and they were not outweigh hats yet. The thing about that. i mean. That's a good point tiny. You can sort of hide behind the bureaucracy of hey like there's things that we can't just go to somebody above her. You know. I just be like this. I think is inappropriate. Hopefully they have the same values as you. And i'm really presenting this because i know andrew's gonna be like go to that ladies home and yell in her face so i'm giving the cowards answer is the warriors answer it was just gonna say. There is a shocking amount of cowboy boots. Drive me nuts apparel on that. See just little. Hamster's are unbelievable. I'm looking others. there's a corgi wide. Okay that's pretty good a lot of a lot of stuff that skews over two guests a little right-wing particular. Oh okay i would. Of course town this tracks post one to the chat right. Now that is maybe the most confusing messaging vis-a-vis cowboy butts. But maybe not. Maybe i'm wrong. What is the description is cowboy. Syrupy leopard-print how cowboy certainly a lot going on here. But it's only five dollars. Cactus in it to just a lot of shit okay. Andrew burnt down. Where was i. Oh well so. I mean i don't know if there's any the inability to burn is because this is like that this is like the i guess the power of like right wing rhetoric is that it's like what like as long as you're ignorant of current events past history. Yes and knowledge of how the world works we all matter sounds very reasonable. Annotation versus de notation. Yeah so it's like it's that's it's exactly the like you know. Obviously they white lives matter of it. The all the all lives matter of it like the like you know. Teach both sides of like any controversy. The i'm just asking questions it's just always like again. Sounds reasonable as long as you're the dumbest fucking piece of shit on earth and that's typically the type of person you're going to be responding to you know it's the i'm not touching you. I'm not touching you of flooding. Yeah yeah so. The thing is it's like you're gonna you're gonna complain and the thing that right wing people do do well is that like to debunk this. You know she used what is four words we all met are three words. Three words to say something that we'll take you like links and articles and arguments to like refute. And that's why and that's that's when like at no point. Will you be wrong except in the the tone the tolan make you sound wrong. Yeah and it is easy for this person to point and say how can you say that. We don't all matter when you're like that's not what i'm saying. I think every person matters. That's not what this is about. This is about the three words that you chose. Because you didn't say you didn't write everybody's important you didn't right. We're all russia's beings on the earth you could have gotten your point across if you weren't specifically trying to take away from black lives matter from any of these movements that have used these words. It's branding its branding. It's why coke and pepsi. They don't say the same shit as each other because there anybody and so. Yeah as a little counterpoint. I it is not true that all lives matter because the racist who post that shit definitely matter and it's like now i mean you know this this racist lady or the sorry this white supremacists. Supporting lady doesn't matter her opinions. Don't matter like fuck her. Like and i think unfortunately all you can do is like i mean. I don't know. I mean i think if you're willing to put in the time it's just that like they they win by the exhaustiveness of dealing with them. It's exhausting to be like. Here's why this is racist right because and they go well. You can't say anything anymore. And they throw up their hands and it's like no no no no no if you wanna if you want to throw out a provocative statement like this then we're gonna talk about that you actually are doing and why that's not correct so maybe you do have to be the pain in the ass. Yeah because i mean. I i had. I have people in my family who probably looked like this woman and you know sort of like light. Skin like latino ladies who have similar opinions to this lady who don't know what the fuck they're talking about and so. They just regurgitate stuff that they would see on tv and it took a lot of work like from like me and like my brothers and like other family members to be like what you're saying is this and they're like no no no no look listen and like having to really just do a lot of labor to explain to them and then they like stopped like they just dropped it because they didn't believe it really you know what i mean is like it was just easy to say yeah. It's easy so regurgitate able information. So maybe i'm not saying that she doesn't believe this. You probably absolutely does but know it took a lot of being a pain in the ass you to get it. Maybe like the i guess. Consequent weakness in the right wing's is because one has to be such a pain in the ass. Yeah occasionally people are going to be a pain in the ass to you and hopefully we can keep that up. I don't know i'll have a coffee. Thought enhancing drug. Yeah got him so mad. Everybody have a coffee beverage. Have some cannabis. Whatever you need to get the day we are going to go. Do our little premium show now. 'cause we got matt and we want to. We wanted to skill him and keep him forever in a little box. My glass little box. Don't break in. yeah it's a really small box. He looked tiny unbelievably uncomfortable. Yeah it's like when people put their face against glass but it's by dire being the whole and allowed to do from. There is podcast so go and do that. Honestly thank you all my dream thing. Thanks for being here. Thanks for having of course anytime anytime note thanks to the racists. No thanks to the race three race. Totti's a delay. I'm sorry and everybody's great. I met randy newman. He's at andrew. T we got at kevin bartelt kevin j. Bartells what did you have. You got it. Yep at kevin. J. bartells on twitter at for exam at matt apodaca on both. You just got your name. That's right. Yeah i got it. They let me have it now. Oh wow yeah you yeah took it right. The we did a show by.

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