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Metahuman: Perception


Today's daily breath supported by perfect bar. In addition to tasting good these bars will help you feel good hello my friends thank you for joining me well actually has their own experience of that upon close examination once again no external world independent about perceptions that should be very simple to understand without your perception of it your perception and your interpretation of perception the regularities experience that we call natural laws but each of us each species each individual think that Israel everything else is molly expression of it and this consciousness unfolds as one reality up today's insight upon close examination no external world of physical body can be found depths of the ocean maybe affected by the Moon in this biological cycles thank you and I are biological rhythms independent of our experience of it if you try and find a word independent of your experience of it is everything that we call everyday reality the mind is an interpretation of that that is no world to be found it is not to be found this is so obvious and yet we think of the world as independent of is a human moon it's not a crocodile moon in fact a crocodile may not even have an idea that there is a moon a horseshoe crab living in the naive realist a naive realists believes that the world exists even if there's no conscious being experiencing it which we called Mind Body Universe knowing this you have a firm ground to stand on and that firm ground is what is the Ezekiel body can be found independent of our perceptions we are so used to living with divided south that it become air which we call the physical world and included body is part of the physical world realities one single activity there is no would to be experienced without our perception of it that is no body to be experienced thus in fact it's the basis of science that the world exists independent a whether you're perceiving it or not then this view is mistaken there's no in here and there's no out their consciousness is the one thing the but we know that different species of consciousness experience the world differently you know I've said this many times before the moon that we see there's a big step to see beyond it the device itself tells you that you live in two worlds one in your which we call the mental world and one out there constrain is very famous for having said the moon would still be dead if no one was looking at it like my friends he was wrong so Einstein was common element in all these experiences mind buddy universe and that is your own awareness find a photo of yourself just look at it dove yourself it could be your driver's license or some old photo saved up as healthy and your iphone a handheld device whole the photo in your hand and look at yourself in the mirror so now you're looking at your photo maybe on your hand held south in the photo and then kills your eyes and look at yourself looking at the photo and as you move from seeing a physical body reflected in a mirror captured on FM captured inside your mind as in with the eyes closed imagine looking at just have looking at the photo looking at a mirror has you tried that you'll see ice oh just a regular photo and you're also looking at yourself looking at the photo in a mirror now look at your image each was inexperienced in consciousness whether you were looking at the photo or whether you were looking at yourself in the mirror on that basis these different experiences were not different experiences there was one experience being modified and looking at yourself the one common element in all these experiences was consciousness what else was there you were looking at yourself in the mirror looking at the photo or looking at the image in your mind looking at the photo looking at the mirror three days as the image in the mirror as the image in the photo as the image in the eye as the image which recall perceptual activity which is the physical world and the physical body if you understand this totally then I think a little deeper and you'll realize the principle that I have articulated at the beginning of this exercise from the fridge protein bars and flavors like dark chocolate peanut butter almond butter coconut peanut butter right now and that is upon close examination there's no external world no physical body that is independent of your experience of it before we continue I'd like to tell you about a sponsor perfect bar with fresh shop the refrigerated snacks at birth dot bar slash daily bread today to get fifteen percent off your order whether it's an image or up sensation perception are an interpretation of that perfect bar is offering you fifteen percent of your online order just go to Perth dot bar slash daily breath make your day a little more perfect at birth dot bar slash daily Brett so upon close examination no external world of physical body can be found actually upon examination no mind can be you as a human the creator of mind body and the experience of the universe found he died but we'll go there in the next few sessions this week we continue our journey to meet a human we continue to understand principles and practices that help us.

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