Midday News Brief for Tuesday, August 6th


Are you hiring with indeed. You can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your short list of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today. Ed indeed dot com slash w. j. That's indeed dot com slash w. s. j. I'm j._r. waylon in the newsroom at the wall street journal in new york u._s. Stocks recovered somewhat in tuesday morning trading following monday's broad sell off which was triggered by heightened trade rhetoric with china the three major u._s. exchanges each each had risen about half a percent by midday. The trump administration imposed a total economic embargo against the government of venezuela this week. The move freezes all government assets and prohibits transactions with venezuela and it's the first action of its kind against the government in the western hemisphere in more than thirty years the u._s. Currently has similar alert embargoes in place against north korea iran syria and cuba an author and nobel laureate. Toni morrison has died at age eighty eight. She's perhaps best known for her works such as beloved and song of solomon which dramatized the pursuit of freedom within the boundaries of race in nineteen ninety-three morrison became the first black woman to win the nobel prize for literature. We more details on these stories and other news of the day at wsj.com and the w._s._j. App indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring post a job today at indeed dot com slash higher.

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