Dec 2, 2019


Hello and welcome to sort and scale daily. I'm your host Ryan Williams. It's Monday December. Second and and this is your daily true crime report coming up on sort and scale daily a Hawaii man. WE'LL BE EXTRADITED TO UTAH to face charges. Ages in a case of what law enforcement is calling extreme cyber stalking in South Korea. Former K pop stars junk June young in Troy Jong Hoon were found guilty of gang rape and both have been sentenced to five in six years in prison finally the former CEO of of Amazon Mexico. Juan Carlos Garcia is wanted for questioning by the Mexican police in connection with the killing of his estranged wife April Peres. SA- gone on all this and more coming up on sword in scale daily Forty four year old Lauryn Okamura. The suspect in an extreme stalking case in Utah was arrested on November twenty. Second in Honolulu Hawaii Okamura was indicted in Utah Hall last month on charges of cyber stalking interstate threats and transporting people for the purpose of prostitution the charges stem from a harassment campaign. Okamura launched in November two thousand eighteen against Walk Gilmore and his adult daughter both Gilmore's reside on the same property. Pretty quiet neighborhood in Salt Lake. City Utah over the course of a year. Okamura sit more than five hundred strangers to the Gilmore's address including food deliveries tow trucks plumbers locksmiths prostitutes and drug buyers. Salt Lake City. Police responded to the House more than eighty times between November two thousand eighteen and February two thousand nineteen eventually a patrol car was permanently. Posted stood on the block. Walt Gilmore was driven to post a large sign in front of his house reading alert. If you've been asked to provide any services to to this address please call the Salt Lake City Police. We are all victims of this scam. In January. The Gilmore's received an order of protection action against Okamura. However according to the Salt Lake Tribune this did not stop the harassment? Visitors and March included to Idaho proteins. Who communicated with quote? Walt Gilmore Online. The teens drove to Utah to deliver fishing equipment. They believed he had agreed to buy another victim of this online. Scam was a handicapped man who has gone into believing Gilmore drive with him to Portland. In addition Okamura sent waltz daughter hundreds of tax taunting her and threatening her life although Okamura has been the main suspect since January his use of sophisticated encryption and multiple APPs meant that it took months to collect sufficient evidence to indict him even after for. The indictment was issued on October second. It took nearly two months to arrest Okamura because he does not have a permanent address or a job. The Honolulu Star advertiser reports that on November twenty first team of Utah. Police officers accompanied by F. B. I.. Agents arrived in Honolulu Honolulu to arrest Okamura. After a fifteen hour search he was finally located and arrested in Honolulu. Supermarket Okamura Okamura has waived extradition to Utah Information regarding the connection between Okamura and the victims is being withheld but police have stated needed that some prior relationship does exist and they were not chosen at random. Okamura's lawyer told the Star advertiser. The her clients wife died earlier this year and he is suffering from grief. Our next story brings us to South Korea. K Pop stars ars thirty year old junk. June young and twenty nine year old Choi Jong Hoon were convicted of gang rape this Friday reports the Japan Times Jiang a solo singer songwriter. Who launched his career on the television show superstar K and Choi a former member of Korean boy band N. F. T. Island were both found guilty of gang raping to victims on two separate occasions in two thousand sixteen? In addition John was convicted of recording encounters without his partners consent and sharing the videos with other singers on a mobile phone chat room in two thousand fifteen so the Telegraph quotes the verdict stating that junk and Choi took part in gang rape of victims. who were intoxicated and unable to resist junk? jun-young is being portrayed as the gang leader in a scandal that has implicated multiple other young Korean pop stars including not only Choi but also lead jong-yon from seeing blue and see younger from the Band Big Bang which made forty four million. US dollars in two two thousand sixteen. The crime of making porn using spy cameras has become widespread in South Korea where it is called Mocha this. This includes cases where spike cameras are installed in bathrooms or changing rooms and also cases where sexual intercourse is taped without the consent of one or more of the participants per the South China morning. Post since two thousand seventeen there have been more than sixty five one hundred cases of hidden hidden camera crimes reported. It's become so widespread that a special police taskforce has been created to respond to hidden camera crimes. The vast majority of these offenders are male. The victims are sometimes subjected to blackmail with the offender threatening to release the video and undamaged their reputation. The case of Junk jun-young is merely a very visible example of general epidemic. And not the first of such crimes crimes in November K pop star Goo Hara is believed to have taken her own life last year. An ex blackmailed view threatening to ruin her career by leaking intimate footage of her. He has since been convicted of blackmail shortly before being arrested in in March. Jiang made a tearful public apology for his crimes. Meaning the spike ham recordings and accusations of rape were not yet made public and announced announced his retirement from entertainment. Choi did the same sangre retired after admitting among other things to watching the videos on a chat room in two thousand fifteen and is due to join the military instead Jong enjoy were sentenced to six and five years in prison. The sentences are being criticized as being too lenient despite being about twice as long as the minimum penalty for rape in South Korea. which is three a years? The two will also have to attend eighty hours of sexual violence rehabilitation and are banned from working with children in the future you after the break the former. CEO of Amazon Mexico is said to be the main suspect in the killing of his estranged wife. UH-HUH now for our final story. The a former CEO of Amazon Mexico Kwan. Carlos Garcia has been named as the main suspect in the Monday killing of his estranged wife. ECOMMERCE ECOMMERCE executive April Peres. Gone Garcia was the CEO of Amazon Mexico from two thousand fourteen to two thousand seventeen eighteen and has more recently worked for other e commerce ventures April Peres Saigon was killed in Mexico City on the afternoon of November twenty fifth. She was sitting in a car with her attorney and two teenage sons. When a motorcyclist pulled up to the passenger side and shot April twice through the window doc? She was struck in the head and neck area and died in the hospital. Later that night Abra Peres gone and Garcia were in the middle of an acrimonious Monja. Divorce able press gone was also assisting in the prosecution of Juan Carlos Garcia for allegedly assaulting and attempting to kill her in January of two thousand nineteen according to April. Her husband attacked her with a baseball bat. While she slept in her bed he continued to beat her and was holding a knife to her throat. When one of their sons walked into the room? This interruption stopped the attack and per April saved in her life Garcia was ultimately charged with attempted femicide which is the crime of murdering a woman because of her sex in Mexico. Those accused of femicide are not eligible for pretrial release. Accordingly Garcia spent the year being held in custody pending his trial which has not been scheduled however in November two judges determined that the charges against Garcia should be downgraded to domestic assault and Garcia was subsequently released on November eighth following the January attack Abras cigane filed for divorce from Garcia Zia. Gain custody of the couple's three children and moved from Mexico City to Monterey almost one thousand miles to the north. She was in Mexico Exco City on the twenty fifth for custody hearings and was heading to the airport when she was attacked. A relative of the victims told Alpi that the family certain that Garcia is behind the murder quote. He had the money to pay a hitman. The attack was directed solely at her and she had no other enemy me in the World Peres. Saigon was in Mexico City for legal hearings. meaning that Garcia's lawyers would have known about her presence. It is speculated acculumated that Garcia could have gained this info from his attorneys per the Telegraph. The couple's daughter Ana Cecilia has posted images of her father to her twitter account with the caption the face of a murderer and also wrote that her mother died after years of fighting against the violence inflicted flicked on her by her father. The Mexican media is also treating Garcia as the main suspect although the Mexican police have not named him mm-hmm because they do not release names during active criminal investigations. Garcia was not at his house when police arrived to question him and his whereabouts. It's are still unknown. Amnesty International reports that there are more cases of femicide in Mexico than in any other country in in Latin America per the U. N.. Ten women are murdered in Mexico every day in grim irony. A large protest against violence against women was being held in Mexico City on the same day as the murder on Friday November. Twenty ninth. The two judges who were we're involved in reducing the charges against Garcia were suspended following the murder in a news conference Mexican President Oscar door promised the the chief justice of the Supreme Court will review April Peres. SAGAWA case. That's Today we'll see you tomorrow and until l. then stay safe soared and scaled. Daily is an incongruity media production. Your host was Ryan Ryan Williams Research and writing by Gar Iraq executive producer. Mike Buddha if you like the show subscribe and leave us a review. If you'd like to write us with feedback or suggestions use the email address daily at sword and scale DOT COM

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